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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 23, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PST

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check in on santa. bob redell, keeping an eye on things there. >> and anthony slaughter in for christina loren. lots of 60s across the board. plenty of sun. we're sparing the air. we'll fill you in. >> we're looking to the south where there is an easy light volume of traffic but a new crash voxing a big rig. there may abtraffic break going on. i'll get the update and give it to you coming up. >> sounds good. a live look outside on this monday, december 23rd. that's right, two shopping days left until christmas. this is "today in the bay." >> a very good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm peggy bunker as we celebrate the end of the stick everybody talking about this, tonight we check in with the san francisco 49ers, they are going to play their final regular season home game. and also playing that at candlestick park.
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crews have been busy putting the finishing touches on the stadium. jodi hernandez is there this morning live from the stick with reaction from some long time employees who call the stick home. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it's a huge day here at candlestick park as fans, players, and employees prepare to say good-bye to this iconic structure here fondly known as the stick. tonight's game will be, as you mentioned, 49ers' final regular season home game here at candlestick park. and perhaps their last game here ever before the team picks up and moves to santa clara. it's going to cost fans to be here. ticket prices go from about $250 to over $1,000 a seat. a price many say they are willing to pay to watch the team play here perhaps one more time. we caught up with staff as they prepared the field and the stadium for tonight's game. it is a bittersweet day for
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everyone connected to the park, so many memories inside this 53-year-old stadium. memories folks are reflecting on today. >> it's the marquee field for the city. you know, this is where the 49ers played, where the giants played so we took pride in the appearance of it. we tried to prepare the field like it was a championship game. every time. >> reporter: we are back here live where you can see the sign that says welcome to candlestick pa park. tonight may be the last game that the 49ers host here. the 49ers are urging folks to get here early. the parking lot will open at 1:30, the gates open at 2:00, the 49ers saying that folks should plan to get here no later than 2:40 or they can't guarantee fans will be in their seats in time for all of the
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festivities and the kickoff and there will be plenty of festivities, lots of giveaways, banners, glow sticks, photographs. it will be a very exciting evening and day here at the stick. reporting live, jodi hernandez, "today in the bay." >> you can say that again. thanks so much. you know, today's game will be the first for a 6-year-old 9er fanatic. he and his dad won the tickets on line. they asked people to share their favorite memories of the stick. daniel submitted a picture with his son's drawings which resemble a coach's playbook. he promised to take his son to a game this year and today is their last chance. >> that will be fun. while fans in the south bay are excited to have their team closer to home a lot say it's bittersweet. it's leaving a lot of history. not just football but baseball as well.
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the first baseball game played there in 1960, 42,000 fans showed up. for the 49ers, they played there for 40-plus years. the first regular season game all the way back in 1971. some fans say it isn't right for the team to move now. >> san francisco, you are supposed to have the seating in the city, not in santa clara. >> this will likely be the final football game at candle stick. it won't be the final event there. san francisco in talks with sir paul mccartney to see if he will give the performance. >> we'll be covering the story all morning long on "today in the bay." you can get more details on our website, just search candlestick. >> this is amazing. investigators this morning looking for the person who threw a puppy into the trash and left to the die. that puppy survived and was
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found injured but alive on a conveyor belt at a recycling center. chase cain live in san francisco. what is next? >> reporter: some rest and recovery. the poor little dog needs it because it wound up here that the recycling center in the back of a truck. it was buried with recycling in the back of the truck, then dumped onto the conveyor belt where a recycling worker found this 10 week old apricot poodle puppy sitting on the conveyor belt. it was conscious. this was on saturday. the person was going through and pulling bottles and cans and sorting and found this dog on the belt. it was hurt and how it got there is still a mystery. >> she has some bite wounds and just wounds on her neck and on the back of her head that you know, were consistent with another animal, so and some in
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her rear legs. >> reporter: again t dog is expected to survive. that is the good news. it will be up for adoption eventually here in san francisco but not for a few more weeks until after the dog has had time to recover from everything it's been through. animal control is looking to adopt this dog f. you are looking for a new member of your family, this dog is nicknamed gem. live in san francisco, chase cain. >> there will be a long line to adopt little gem. >> getting a look at the forecast, anthony slaughter is here. thank you for joining us. how is it looking? >> spectacular. once we see our sun we'll see plenty of sunshine all day. we are sparing the air today so keep that in mind if you want to change out by the fireplace. south bay expecting temperatures back in the low 60s by noon, eventually temperatures a little bit close to 60 by 2:00, 3:00. the peninsula low 60s by noon,
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mid-60s through the afternoon hours. and san francisco near 60 degrees by about noon. if you are making plans to eth head down to candlestick plenty of sunshine by 3:00, 60 degrees. upper 50s by 10:00, light jacket weather, low 50s expected there. the rest of your microclimate forecast shows the north bay expected to get warm, close to 70 by this afternoon. east bay the same and also for the tri-valley so wherever you are, beautiful conditions, the unfortunate thing we are sparing the air, that's going to continue through christmas so keep that in mind. how are the roads? >> looking all right except for the south bay. we have not changed. this is the northbound 101. you see the light volume that we'll show you. there we go. to the maps after this and we'll see that it's an easy flow through the area as well. we're going to zoom in. this is better news as far as the commute. northbound 101. the on ramp at old bay shore
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highway t crash and debris are there, 15,000 pounds of truck and scrap mettle have to be cleared but the on kromps. a quick look at live look here from palo alto, then we'll end with a smooth flow into san francisco for 101. back to you. >> 5:08. still ahead, the pair of glasses that apparently stopped a bullet. >> reporter: coming up we'll take you live to the north pole, we'll talk to santa, check in on the reindeer, might have an eventual or two as well. ♪ checkin' target off my list, ♪ ♪ last minute deals on toys and gifts. ♪ ♪ that's my holiday, ♪ that's my kind of holiday. ♪ wrap it up, pop, lock and shop, ♪ ♪ buyin' presents that i forgot. ♪ ♪ that's my holiday.
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a quarterback sneak. breaks to the outside.
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touchdown 49ers! >> looking back at the stick with a lot of fun. you know, it's two days until christmas and peggy, you may have not realized we have the big guy. >> i heard rumors. >> we take care of you. bob redell really takes care. making his annual trek to the north pole to check in on santa and his elves and maybe drop off a few letters from my triplets perhaps? >> reporter: i'll take care of them. good morning. merry christmas to you. unfortunately this year has been different as you are well awaring the naughty reporter that i am. it's been difficult getting a one-on-one with santa. i said look, i'm going to be really good boy, at least through wednesday, and in return he was gracious enough to offer us this one-on-one access. >> with transportation like this, just raring to take off, st. nick will have no problem racing around the globe christmas eve. >> go around the world with me.
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right? >> reporter: here is north pole's most famous citizen checking in on his eight reindeer in the moments before what seems to be an insurmountable task. >> hi, how you doing. >> reporter: he has one night to complete the wishes of every girl and boy on the entire planet. >> you cut down a little bit, didn't you. that's good. what do you want for christmas, hun sne >> i'm thankful for everything i have. >> that's nice. what would you like? >> ipad. >> ipad? what do you want for christmas? >> a new pair of shoes. >> how about a wedding? >> that would be nice too. >> we didn't hear a yes yet. >> reporter: the running shoe request wasn't for running away. she said yes.
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>> that's what it's all about, christmas. >> reporter: that bride-to-be assures us that that was a surprise. and hold on, speaking of surprises i got something in my ear. we got what? we got a direct link to santa come snin guys, we got a direct link to santa. check it out. that look like us getting the latest on santa. good, no. larry, looks like he's doing last minute check tracking rudolph on a test flight. there is dasher, dancer, prancer, vixen, comet, cupid, donlder, blitzen. i counted eight. i think we're all set. and every other year. he took my photographer. this is not good. every other year seems this happens. i thought we had this squared away. get away, whatever you are. >> come on. >> no. they make the toys, you be nice
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to them. >> i am so happy. >> go make some toys. >> i'm e-mailing you a list right now, bob. >> maybe he's the one that wants to be a dentist. or photographer. >> great to see you. good to know you have the direct line to santa and a cool engagement too. thanks, bob. >> we'll check back with you. thanks a lot, bob. 5:14 a. big victory for swiss watch maker in a battle with tiffany and company over a failed business venture. the new york based chain has been ordered to pay $449 million in damages to swatch. in 200 even the two struck a deal to make watches together under the tiffany brand. but a dispute started two years ago when swatch canceled saying tiffany was trying to block the venture. >> today marks a critical obamacare deadline. it's the final day to sign up to have coverage by january 1.
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covered california for this state is warning high demand could cause delays. you can register by phone. however, there are reports that it is a two-hour wait time during peak periods. if you call awe get a message saying 120 minutes to hang on the phone. to help out the obama administration brought in hundreds of people to work the call centers. more than one million signed up for health care nation wide. lawmakers continue the debate. >> obamacare right now causes people to spend more money, have less choice, have a higher deductible and have less freedom. >> the bottom line is there are a lot of good things in obama care that people like. the more people see that the more positive it's going to be. >> american who is do not sign up by today will not have coverage at the start of the new year but they do have until the end of march to sign up without facing a penalty. >> it appears investors are getting ready for the holiday.
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it's expected to be a quiet end to 2013. >> that's right. good morning to you, laura. the futures higher this morning but this quiet end coming after the markets had a strong week last week. stocks rallied after the fed decided to start cutting back on its economic stimulus programs, we found the dow and s&p 500 new all-time highs. but this week could be slow as we head into the christmas holiday. we'll good data on personal income and spending and consumer sentiment. we saw the dow rise, 16,221. the nasdaq up to 4,105. back to you. >> thanks so much. >> the first days of winter are feeling like spring here in the bay area. most of the country has been preparing for st. nick in a more traditional way with a lot of snow. in some cases extreme weather. there was fuding and wind, along the great lakes trees and
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branches snapped and many can imagine the power was cut in spots. more than 700 flights have been canceled. 7,000 delayed. so a lot of weather issues. >> we could approach 70 degrees i heard anthony say earlier in the south bay. >> incredible. being a boy from boston i love this kind of weather. especially in boston we're dealing with rain and snow this time of year. not here in the bay area. clear skies to start. 40s and 30s, it's going to remain nice through christmas. so take advantage of that. can't complain about a lot other than the spare the air for today. if you are doing any last minute shopping. you have to fight traffic. but nonetheless temperatures near 70 degrees, grab an ice cream cone out there. off to the shopping center, a few degrees cooler.
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plenty of sunshine. 65 by afternoon. union square expected to see 62 degrees. really this is one of the places you got to be if you want to enjoy christmas. a good sight see if you have not been down. this is really spectacular across the bay area. look at all of the sunshine from the south bay to the peninsula even toward san francisco. expecting a mix of 60s in san francisco to close to 70 in places like san jose, which we may actually break a record if we get to 68 in san jose. expecting a mix of mid to upper 60s with some of the warmest locations across mill valley toward santa rosa. the reason we're warm is we have an area of high pressure so our storm track is across portions of the pacific northwest toward seattle. you'll notice this dome of high pressure is going to stick
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around. what it's going to mean it's calm winds and going to meaning anant air. not only for today but every location expected to be back in the moderate healthy. this week each and every day we're talking about high areas of air quality. definitely take it easy. this comes on the heels of 12 consecutive days that we spared the air over the past couple of weeks. not something we need across the bay area. back to you. >> we'll take it here, guy, dude. toward the bay area a smooth flow, it is a pair the air day. the biggest deal is for fires. a lot of matter. here we have another deal on 101. that's just fine. the on ramp at old highway, that
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sounds like it's blocked by the big rig carrying 15,000 pounds of scrap metal debris. across the on ramp as well. use brokaw road or transition to 101, that is clear. we don't have any wor when they can leave that rig. here the tri-valley moves a tiny bit of traffic through livermore valley. we did have an issue, around mountain house road, the car on track i was worried, so no issues as far as the car being hit. >> moving toward the peninsula. we'll look at oakland, 880, volume, the freeway open here on the bay bridge toll plaza. we see a smooth flow here.
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we had road crews but they should be clearing. back to you guys. >> no hurry. the family of a seattle teen says that her eyeglasses of all things saved her life when someone fired multiple shots into the home. saturday night 16-year-old was asleep on the crowd. three adults and six young children were in the house with her. the shooter came by a second time. >> right under here and got lodged. it didn't go further. >> could have been dead. i grabbed -- >> aside from a few stitches no one else was hurt.
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police think that the shooting was gang related. the victim and her family are finding somewhere else to stay. >> coming up on saturday night life people are talking about this morning.
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on this monday morning wye continue to take a look back at all of the historic moments at candlestick park, september 1987, 70,000 people arrived to see pope john paul ii, the pope entered the mass through the same entrance used by the halftime entertainment during 49ers games. the scoreboard read welcome john paul ii. i'm sure a lot of people remember that vividly. >> it was an amazing time for him to visit. people are usually talking about "saturday night live" at the water cooler on monday and this skit what's getting a lot of attention this morning.
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>> speeches. i think it's vital. to rap. here we go. ♪ jots ♪ >> that was just the beginning of the show. justin timberlake, teaming up for the opening skixt they co-hosted the final "saturday night live" of 2013. i'm so glad i dvred it. >> a little too late for our ours. they can pull anything off.
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>> the two together, fantastic. >> did you see it? >> i saw some of it and then dozed off. you know of course like you guys i got up at 2:00 in the morning to get here. your weather today. we're looking at sunshine that will grace the bay area. temperatures now are cool, want to grab a jacket doing early christmas shopping or headed to work and school. 33 in santa rosa. 48 in san francisco, 42 in san jose. a live look across the rest of the country you'll find we don't have a lot happening. a few showers through the pacific northwest. so that's where we're going to see our trouble today. right now very comfortable, clear skies across the board. back to you. >> at the bay bridge toll plaza we have company. won't be zero commute but a lighter flow around the bay. we're seeing that over the last week. easy drive now, starting to bump up the volume. coming down the east shore freeway, all the way out of the
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maze, we look at the map a smooth flow down 80 and out of the caldecott. through oakland 880 and 580 smooth and we'll wend this look at the south bay, we saw the issue for old bay shore highway. back to you. 5:27. we continue to follow breaking news in san francisco. police investigating a shooting in the soma neighborhood. >> a puppy found at a bay area dump. the search is on for the person who hurt the dog. the latest on the investigation.
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days after finding pg&e hundreds of thousands for failing to monitor its gas pipe lines the public utilities commission returns the check. we'll tell you what's behind the refund. >> my childhood is in that stadium. i'm excited but sad. >> a farewell to candlestick. fans and players reminisce as the 49ers get ready to play their final regular season game at the stick.
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>> waking up to clear skies across the bay area. no fog to report. temperature this is afternoon back in the mid to upper 60s with plenty of sunshine. however, we do have to talk about sparing the air once again. >> looking for a lighter commute week. we have an issue, closure on a freeway in san jose. now an issue for east shore freeway. >> a live look outside this morning. it is monday, december 23rd, this is "today in the bay." good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm peggy bunker. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. an update to breaking news this morning. police in san francisco still looking for the person who shot a man in the sola neighborhood. it happened before 2:00 this morning on howard street between first and second streets near the off ramp from the bay bridge. police will not release information about the suspect or the victim this early in the investigation but we know the victim was shot in the stomach.
5:31 am
police say he's in critical condition and is not cooperating with investigators. >> they call her a diamond in the rough, a tiny puppy 10 weeks old ask recovering after she was plucked from piles of garbage. investigators say someone threw the puppy away on purpose. chase cain is live in san francisco. you know, this story is tough for a lot of us who are dog lovers here. and this dog has serious injuries. >> reporter: she does have serious injuries. i was afraid to look at the pictures of the dog early this morning because i have a dog so this sort of tugs at my heart strings. the good news, the thing that makes this easier is the dog is going to be okay. let's look at this 10 week old poodle puppy. animal control nicknamed her gem because she is exactly that, she was found on a conveyor at this recycling center, there to be sorted essentially with the bottles and cans and everything else dumped out of a truck. that's where they say the dog came from. it was buried in the truck,
5:32 am
somehow it got there and wound up on this conveyor belt. badly hurt. but the animal control director told us in his 17 years of doing this he has never seen anything like this. >> she was like a diamond in the rough, something you don't find very often, then to be sorting trash and find this precious little gem is just like something that's rare, you know. >> reporter: again, this dog will be okay. that is the great news. she will be up for adoption in san francisco, but that will be in a few more weeks. she has a spend time recovering from these injuries. animal control says is consistent with being attacked by another animal though they are not sure what happened to her. they would tluv know what happened to her if someone out there does know. but if you looking for a new dog give animal control a call and gem should be read the find a new home. >> people wanting to adopt her i'm sure about that. thanks so much. >> people also saying good-bye
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to candlestick park. 49ers hours from playing their final regular season game at the stick. the park is filled with lots of memories. not all of them connected to football. beatles played their final concert in 1966. the stick played host to the leader of the catholic church at the time, 1987, pope john paul ii held a mass for 70,000 people. and there was host to one of the most memorable world series games, 1989's game, three battle of the bay between the a's and the giants when northern california hit by its largest earthquake since 1906. the cheering was so loud it took moment for fans to realize they experienced a 6.9 trembler. joe montana said that night was his most memorable in the park. >> actually was there for the world series when the earthquake happened. we felt the earthquake and the
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lights went out. my wife is going we got to go. we're out of here. i'm going, no we got to stay. i want to watch the game. we were stuck hours in the parking lot. >> what a day that was. he says he won't there be for the final regular season game. he will be in louisiana to watch his son play in the new orleans bowl. there will, however, be a lot of fans there to say good-bye. jenny hernandez is live at the stick with what is in store. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it will be a very emotional day for fans, players and workers as they prepare to say good-bye to this nearly 54-year-old stadium affectionately known as "the stick." tonight's game against the atlanta falcons will be the team's last regular season game and quite possibly could be the last game the team ever plays here before they make the big move to santa clara. the team is planning to make
5:35 am
continue's farewell game special. all kinds of festivities and freebies are planned. while tonight is planned as a celebration it's also a bit of a sad occasion for many. we caught up with the staff as they prepared the field and the stadium. for many it's going to be tough to say good-bye to the stick. >> i'm going to miss it. they can see it all over the world. they don't know me, they don't know who does it but now they do. >> reporter: we are back here live. you are looking at candlestick park. it is very early but there are workers here. again, a lot of them as the team prepares to host what could be their last game ever. the 49ers organization is urging folks to get here early. the parking lot opens at 1:30 t gates at 2:00 but we're told if you are not here by 2:40 you
5:36 am
cannot be guaranteed to be in your seat in time for kickoff. they are warning folks not to plan to take a piece of the stadium with you, security is going to be tight. police will be out in force but there will be plenty of memories to take home tonight. jodi hernandez, "today in the bay." >> don't think i didn't notice those colors. very nice. >> you like it? i got the gold earrings. >> look at that. there you go. thanks a lot. >> she went all out. >> yeah. we're all celebrating, plenty more to say farewell to candlestick. live updates all morning long, plus you can get all of the details on, search candlestick. >> for the lucky few going to the game hopefully looking at good temperatures. anthony is in the tell us about that. >> wire going to look at comfortable conditions. 60 degrees is where we'll be by
5:37 am
kickoff. let's start off overlooking across the sky camera network. 30s and 40s across the board. really sunshine is going to stick around all day long. look at these temperatures, headed to a record breaking day with temperatures that could top near 70 in some location, the warmest back off over toward the north and the east bays. the 12 hour, low 60s by noon, sunshine, the peninsula, same a few degrees cooler around 61 degrees right around game time in san francisco. plenty of sunshine and we're you go, your game time forecast looking very good. 60 by 3:00. mid to upper 50s toward the evening. clear sky tonight. no fog expected as we head through the forecast. if you are traveling, maybe headed out of town, a few showers. no delays. you'll find across the east
5:38 am
coast a mix of rain and snow. new york city down to florida dealing with showers, the good news is the only to report a blaze is pittsburgh. every other place expecting no delays. rain and snow out across the east coast. mike, how are the roads? >> looking pretty good. it's 5:38. the volume is starting to ease up. we're see the overcrossing. an issue at the off ramp. we do see the volume increasing. we're talking about a disabled vehicle. getting off the off ramp may be an issue as they clear the roadway. that volume is starting to kick in. we move to the south bay, northbound 101 moves past old bay shore highway. but in an area of the old on ramp blocked by the big rig with scrap metal.
5:39 am
a wrecker is coming out, going to move that in the next few minutes. so far no progress at the seen. 880 southbound, the bottom of the screen, a disable vehicle there. >> santa is making the list and checking it twice. we'll go live to the north pole. >> he's there and all. plus, why the state fines pg&e and returns the company's check when it paid the fine.
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5:41 am
three-man rush. young stumbles on the way back. up the middle. pass is caught. owens made the catch. >> all of these cool moments of course talking about the stick. bringing in the final game,
5:42 am
perhaps not the final game. it could be. >> also preparing all year long for this other big moment. it's finally here. >> we're talking about santa of course. but we're also talking about our own bob redell who joins us live for our holiday tradition outside of santa's workshop. he is really at the north pole. how's the weather, bob? frightful? >> reporter: actually it is 9 degrees above zero, which for here is very warm. i kid you no. usually it's my news 2 o last year i think minus 50 so it's unseasonably warm. in spite of that you got to dress in layers. i have my snow pants, jean, jacket, pull over, my t-shirt and my spanks. >> keeping it all together for us. nice. >> love the hat. >> you like that visual? >> especially the bieber believer. what about santa? you think you'll get your wishes? >> hold on. i'm getting something in my ear.
5:43 am
we got to what? we got a direct link to the north pole traffic control. we got a direct link. let's take a look. it's larry again. tracking rudolph on his last test flight and to help, christmas eve, the calvary i kid you not they have new snowball launchers. they ordered the pilots to provide cover in case they come across an unexpected grinch. like that guy. the fire power, i'm telling you. the fire balls, traveling at least 10 miles an hour. >> you were there in the line of fire. i have to think that hat protected your head. >> or the spanks. >> reporter: i don't even remember that, the concussion was so dramatic. i was knocked out for at least, you know, a day. >> very cool. i know the temperatures are
5:44 am
chilly so you're bundled up. you had a run-in with santa. you think people's wishes will get granted? >> reporter: i've been talking to santa. we were in his house when a lot of the kids were going in and he was telling us most, emfascist, some are nice. he said if you can be nice before christmas eve you got about 24 hours you can get on the nice list. by the way, the milk and cookies and make sure the milk has not expired. >> 24 hours for redemption. thanks, bob. >> hoping that everybody gets what they want. anthony, what about you? looking forward to seeing santa >> oh, yes. with weather like this you can't complain. we're going to look at christmas day actually being our warmest this week. how is that for my gift to you. >> thank you. look at you. >> across the bay area you'll notice clear skies, we're not looking at fog, temperatures
5:45 am
today will be comfortable. we're talking about highs back in the mid to upper 60s, in fact san jose expecting a high of 68 today, and the old record for daytime high is 67, and wouldn't you guess, that the old record was set back in 1901. so we're talking about record heat not only for san jose but palo alto and los altos expecting mid-60s. san francisco not at record heat but low 60s expected there, the record in san francisco for this time of year is 64. so we're not going to be there. a few shy. the north bay could set a record across napa. we're forecasting 66. oakland 64, that's the old record. so lots ever places today could break some records across the bay area. we're talking long standing, not just a couple years ago. back to 1901 to talk about heat like this. across the time of year. it's because we have high pressure that is setting up across the bay area. and this is not something we typically see. our jet stream is across the bay
5:46 am
area. we are used to seeing showers this time of year. not this week, though. unfortunately because we're talking about high pressure again in control, lots of sinking air, you don't have a lot of air movement so we're going to look at calm winds so the unhealthy air quality expected today. even tomorrow we're talking about unhealthy levels. look what happens by christmas. even the day after that. we're talking about really unhealthy levels of air quality. really something we don't need because we have just spared the air for 12 days in a row t past couple weeks so if you have respiratory ailments take it easy if you want to be outside over the next couple of days. mike. >> you know it reminds me when i was a kid we used to burn the wrapping paper. now we're a different age. looking to the south bay we have a smooth drive now, easy northbound routes 101. the freeway, on 101 the big rig blocking the on rapp on north
5:47 am
101. a crew will arrive shortly. brokaw road, on the freeway as an alternate or the transition off 880 to north 101. taking you out to the tri-valley, a smooth flow. we have a gentle build for west 580. slowly building because traffic out of the altamont pass into livermore kicks up about this time of morning. not a problem here. we typically see a log jam there but it's moving, a little slower and no problems for 680. the corridor over to castro valley moving. a live look across the bay at the san mateo bridge. coming off of the high rise to the peninsula. at the limit between san francisco and the south bay. so we'll take a look at the bay bridge. we have the cash lanes start in the back. an easy drive over the city and then berkeley, university avenue off ramp, the freeway is getting company. back to you. >> thanks so much, mike. fire officials in los angeles
5:48 am
trying to find a better way to help people in mass shootings. the fire department wants to have paramedics and firefighters protected by armed police officers enter areas where there might be an active shooter in order to treat victims sooner. officials say they were considering changes but the shooting at l.a.x. that killed an agent accelerated plans. the paper reports rescuers had to wait 15 minutes before they were told it was safe to go in. to treat that victim. >> the former nfl player accused of murder scheduled to make a court appearance. aaron hernandez is charged with murder in the death of semipro football player odin lloyd. lloyd was dating the sister of hernandez' girlfriend at the time. hernandez has pleaded not guilty. last week t"the boston globe" reported that a judge pout hold on hernandez' house pending the outcome of the civil suit brought against him by lloyd's family. >> the temporary restraining order keeping 13-year-old jahi
5:49 am
mcmath on a ventilator expires today. she had tonsil surgery two weeks ago but suffered severe complications and ultimately declared brain dead. she has been on a ventilator since december 12 and her family put to prevent the hospital from removing life support a. group of faith leaders sent a letter to the d.a. demanding a formal investigation of the hospital. they are also accusing doctors and administrators of being insensitive to the family. >> whether he be or she be a doctor or any position in the hospital, saying she's dead, she's dead and we want the court to say no, no, no, it represent as lack of sensitivity. >> a hospital spokesman denies those words were ever spoken but said doctors did make it clear in their opinion that she is dead and there is no chance her
5:50 am
brain will restart. the family is planning a march and rally outside the hospital starting at 10:00 this morning. >> the state's public utilities commission who has fined pg&e more than a quarter million dollars following the san bruno pipeline explosion has give at any company its money back. the "san francisco chronicle" report as there the cpuc returned the $375,000 fine so it could try to impose bigger fines down the road. the original fine was imposed after an audit determined that pg&e had not monitored the san bruno pipeline closely enough. the commission determined that did play a part in the 2010 explosion that killed eight people. attorneys warn that early fine could prevent regulators imposing a bigger fine for other issues related to the disaster. the other fine could be as large as $2.5 billion. >> investigators are trying to figure out how a passenger plane sliced through a building in south africa in the middle of the night.
5:51 am
one passenger aboard the flight tweeted this photo yesterday. the plane was about to take off for london when it slammed into a building near the runway off the international airport in johannesburg. the airline says all 189 passengers did get off the plane safely. they are spending the night at a hotel. >> the mega deal that has apple investors smiling. >> saying goob ing good-bye to candlestick.
5:52 am
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5:54 am
>> >> welcome back everyone. 5:53. time running out to sign up for health insurance set to begin the first of the year. today is the last day. the deadline was originally october 15. more than a million signed up for coverage through f. have you insurance you don't have to sign up. meem do not have insurance next year may have to pay a fee. >> signed, sealed and delivered. apple finish add deal that will make investors happy. the company signed on with the largest phone carrier, china mobile. the iphone's 5 s and 5c go on sale in apple stores and china mobile on january 17. customers can register on christmas day. this deal gives apple access to more than 750 million mobile accounts. >> more fallout from the data breach at target consultants
5:55 am
estimate customer transactions 3% to 4% lower versus the final weekend before christmas last year. target offered a 10% discount to all customers in an effort to limit some of the damage. >> banks are taking steps to contain losses. jpmorgan chase capping spending limits used at target stores during the period when the hacking occurred between black friday and december 17. citigroup may lower spending limits blocking some transactions and reissuing cards if it sees suspicious activity. at least three class action suits have been filed against target. >> oh, boy. so checking in now with anthony slaughter. he's got his eye on the forecast. how things are going to pan out for the holidays. >> we're looking at a beautiful day across the bay area. a little cool, hard to believe we're going to look at records this afternoon across the bay area. 32 in santa rosa to start, 48 in san francisco right now. and 42 in the south bay san jose clocking in there at 42.
5:56 am
as i mentioned record heat is expected today. you'll notice the forecast temperatures for today. 68 in san jose, could break the old record of 67. even napa expected 66 today. could break the old record of 66 set in 2004. san francisco not as warm but 60 degrees, just 4 degrees shy of breaking a record. so a warm day expected across the bay area. take advantage but unfortunately we are sparing the air, more on that coming up. mike, how are the roads? >> pretty good. it's a vacation week for a lot of companies so we'll see a lighter volume. but look at the bay bridge. that doesn't mean you don't have a commute. you have backup in some of the cash lanes, especially off of the berkeley curve. look at the map as well we have slowing down the east shore freeway, the earlier a disabled vehicle after a flat tire. you have slowing at the top of the screen. toward university slows a bit. that should recover. a build out of richmond as well. no major drama. even antioch westbound highway 4
5:57 am
no real slowing out in toward pittsburg and bay point. a look at fremont, the vehicle cleared. no more problems for 880. back to you. >> picking up in volume. 5:57. saying farewell to candlestick, players talk about what they remember about the sometimes notorious stadium. >> plus, why the game may not be the final football game we ever see at the stick. >> also we take you north all the way to the north pole, in fact. where santa is checking his list under the watchful eye of our own bob redell. he's having a great time with santa. wouldn't it be nice if there was a wireless company
5:58 am
that put you on their gift list? well say hello to aio! at aio wireless you can get an android smartphone free with activation. free android phone?!?! yes please. plus, aio has a reliable nationwide network and no annual contracts. it's like the presents just keep coming! a wireless company that puts me at the top of their list? i'm in! stop by your neighborhood aio store or visit aio, a new way to wireless.
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[ ding ] cheese plate? cheese plate. no, i made something better. you used the oven? boom. [ male announcer ] pillsbury crescents. make the holidays pop. ♪ so i should probably get the last roll... yeah but i practiced my bassoon. [ mom ] and i listened. [ brother ] i can do this. [ imitates robot ] everyone deserves ooey, gooey, pillsbury cinnamon rolls. make the weekend pop. >> right now, breaking news a man shot in the stomach. >> a puppy found at a bay area
6:00 am
dump. >> saying good-bye to a san francisco icon, we're going to tell you what's in store for fans as the 49ers take the field at candlestick. most likely for the last time. >> waking up to clear skies across the bay area now. no fog to report of and temperatures today are going to be close to setting a few new records. we're talking about highs in many locations topping out near 70 degrees. >> your commute has a dip in speed as you pass by a racetrack and a problem on the freeway in the south bay. which on ramp is the issue. >> also breaking news, a plane skids off the runway in detroit. taking a live look at pictures now. it's monday, december 23rd, this is "today in the bay." >> thank you for joining us. i'm peggy bunker. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. breaking news happening now in southern california.


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