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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 23, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>> a puppy found at a bay area dump. >> saying good-bye to a san francisco icon, we're going to tell you what's in store for fans as the 49ers take the field at candlestick. most likely for the last time. >> waking up to clear skies across the bay area now. no fog to report of and temperatures today are going to be close to setting a few new records. we're talking about highs in many locations topping out near 70 degrees. >> your commute has a dip in speed as you pass by a racetrack and a problem on the freeway in the south bay. which on ramp is the issue. >> also breaking news, a plane skids off the runway in detroit. taking a live look at pictures now. it's monday, december 23rd, this is "today in the bay." >> thank you for joining us. i'm peggy bunker. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. breaking news happening now in southern california. a tour bus crashed off the 10
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freeway in baldwin park area of los angeles. we learned there are 37 people on board the bus and at least three taken away on an ambulance. emergency crews are also on the scene. the crash comes after two tour bus crashes in southern california recently on interstate 15. >> we're also watching this breaking news this morning, take a look in detroit. a delta plane has skidded right off the runway at the detroit float airport. you can see crews are there on the runway. we'll bring you updates as soon as we get them. >> we do begin with this update to this breaking news locally, police say a man shot in the stomach in san francisco this morning is not cooperating with investigators. the shooting happened before 2:00 this morning on howard street between first and second streets. that's near the off ramp from the bay bridge in the city's soma neighborhood. he is in critical condition and also is being uncooperative.
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no word on who the suspect might be. >> a 10 week old puppy continues to recover after being found severely injured on a conveyor belt at a san francisco dump. investigators are trying to figure out who put the puppy there in the first place. who would throw it away. chase cain is live in san francisco. what's next for this little puppy? hopes to get better. >> reporter: it need as few weeks but the good news is that the puppy will get better after being buried in the back of a garbage truck or recycling truck that came to this recycling center. that is where a worker found this dog on a conveyor belt mixed win the bottles and cans. this 10 week old puppy is an apricot colored poodle and it does have some pretty serious injuries. animal control says they have no idea how it got there, they say really the whole thing is still a mystery. >> she has some bite wounds and
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some wounds on her neck and the back of her head that you know, were consistent with another animal, and lameness in her rear legs. >> reporter: animal control nicknamed the dog gem because she was that gem that was found on the conveyor belt and in his 17 years of doing this, animal control director says he has never seen anything like this. but again, after the few weeks of recovery, this little dog will be up for adoption. so if you are interested in a puppy come january, the san francisco animal control to call. chase cain, "today in the bay." >> it's going to be a long line. thanks a lot. >> the 49ers are saying farewell to candlestick park, their home of 42 years. the niners play their last regular season home game at the stick and as soon as next year the damp foggy stadium will be torn down. the niners will head for santa clara and the new levi stadium. let's begin this morning with
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our coverage with jodi hernandez live at candlestick park. lots of good memories, good and bad actually for 49ers fans and the staff as they prepare for tonight's game. >> reporter: that's right. we are actually inside candlestick park among the first allowed inside on this very big day. the lights are not even on yet. trust me, the field and the stadium are ready. tonight may be the last night that fans actually get to fill all of these seats here to root the 49ers on. tonight's game against the atlanta falcons will be the team's last regular season game and possibly could be the last game they ever play here before they make that big move to santa clara and the team is planning to make tonight's game special, all kinds of festivities and freebies. while tonight's game is planned as a celebration it is also a bit of a sad occasion.
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when we caught up with staff over the weekend as they prepared the field and the stadium for tonight's game, but for many it's going to be tough to say good-bye to the stick. >> it's the marquee field for the city, you know. this is where the 49ers play, where the giants played so we always took pride in the appearance of it. tried to prepare the field like it was a championship game. every time. >> reporter: again, tonight will be a very special night. the folks that get the privilege of sitting in these seats are paying a pretty penny to be here. the tickets are going from $250 to over $1,000 a seat. but that's a price many are willing to pay to sit in the stadium one last time possibly to see the 49ers play against the atlanta falcons. the kickoff is 5:40, but the
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49ers are urging folks to get here early. the parking lot opens at 1:30 t gates at 2:00. you are urged to get here no later than 2:40 if you want to be in your seat in time for kickoff. inside candlestick park, jodi hernandez, "today in the bay." >> that's going to be full and lit up. tonight it's not just about the nostalgia, it's an important game for the future in the balance. current players and staff tell us they focus on sending off the stadium with a big win. >> expect to the be pretty electric. like a playoff game. i told the guys earlier, it's a stadium that's pretty legendary and you know, we want to do everything we can to send it out the right way. >> so many incredible things happened at that stadium so. many great players played there. i think it's pretty -- going to be a pretty special night there, and we need to be on our p's and
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q's. >> we want to win no matter what. it will be a great win, last game candlestick, just knowing that, we could be the last guys to play in the stadium. and when they talk about that, so that would be a great night. >> taking a look at the playoff picture for the nfc west t zaux lose so that means the division title is still up for grabs. the 49ers have not clinched a playoff berth yet. the 49ers need to win tonight to earn a trip to the postseason. >> if the niners win tonight and next week and the seahawks lose to the rams on sunday, the niners would clinch the nfc west division title. but the niners would play at least one playoff game at home. to clinch the playoff berth they need to win or next week. >> we'll continue our coverage of the farewell throughout the morning. we'll hear from legendary 49ers
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quarterback joe montana. he's going to tell us why one of his vivid memories has to do with baseball, not football. that's in about 20 minutes. >> it can get cold at the stick. >> a little foggy. >> temperatures are decent. anthony has a look at the forecast. >> near 60 degrees by this afternoon. and you know that. it could be very cold this time of year. you have the fog and the breeze, doesn't make it better. we're not expecting that today. winds calm and we're waking up to clear skies across the bay area. we're talking about record heat and place likes san jose. close to 68 degrees. even in the north bay near 70 today. we're talking about record heat. we're used to being closer to 60, not 70. south bay t hour by hour forecast, by noon 63 degrees, clear skies expected by 5:00, so if you do have to do evening shopping here on this monday
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we're not talking a lot of cloud cover. even in san francisco as i was mentioning temperatures near 60 by game time, that's going to be spectacular at candlestick park. temperatures falling back in the jacket. we're not talking about fog and no wind and of course that could make it more -- make it feel even cooler than it would be. all expecting mid-60s by noon. these will be the warmest locations where we could top out near 70 in places like livermore so. very warm for today. it's because of this area of high pressure that slid into place. this is going to keep us dry but also going to decrease our air quality. it's expected to worsen. by christmas we're talking about wednesday and thursday being some of our worst air quality and this on the heels of 12 days of when we spared the air so keep it easy. >> minor flow.
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that 12 days of spare the air i think is a christmas song. in the cash lanes, smooth flow, no problem as far as the metering lights go. a slow drive past university avenue. after the earlier traffic break, cleared a car, out of the roadway and again, actually back up as far as off of the racetrack and past university avenue. that's an improvement but light volume around the bay. the south bay shows a light volume, the only issue is north 101. i told you about the disabled big rig, they had to remove it by a tow truck till about 6:45. yeech east brokaw. it's close. anything you'll have an easier drive getting through the area. a smooth flow along the peninsula. a look at the north bay. a nice volume increase
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southbound is your commute direction. no problems through san rafael and across the richmond/san rafael bridge. >> breaking news now in southern california. a tour bus crashed. these are live pictures, you see emergency personnel there. we learned there are 37 people on board that bus and at least three have been taken away on an ambulance. the crash comes after two tour bus crashes happened in southern california recently on interstate 15. one we continue to watch. >> time now on monday, still ahead, a special visit to santa's workshop during christmas crunch time. >> go around the world with me. right? >> bob redell is braving the cold at the north pole. >> as we say farewell to candlestick park let's look at
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here is a look at today's top stories. police in san francisco looking for a gunman. a man rushed to the hospital in critical condition after being shot in the stomach in the city south market neighborhood. the victim not cooperating with investigators. >> and the family of a 13-year-old oakland girl kept on life support will hold a march. jahi mcmath had surgery in oakland two weeks ago but was declared brain dead. a judge is expected to appoint an independent doctor to evalue what the girl's condition. >> the last regular season game at candlestick park. for the past 53 years it's home to many sporting events and
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concerts. kickoff schedule forward just after 5:30. >> the last minute crunch has begun in the north pole. santa and his elves fighting the clock and the thermometer to ready themselves. our own elf bob redell is there to make sure every last gift is loaded properly. >> he joins us now for the holiday tradition outside of santa's workshop. how cold is it this year? >> reporter: let's see. we're checking in around 8 above zero. so this is actually, i know it's cold but compared to years past, years it has been minus 40, 50. this is warm. i don't have to wear a scarf. one thing i'm not relishing is -- i get it he is super busy. we have a limited amount of time. here you go. our one-on-one time with the big man. >> with transportation like this, just raring to take off,
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st. nick will have no problem racing around the globe christmas eve. >> go around the world with me. right, cupid? >> reporter: here is north pole's famous citizen, checking in on his eight tiny reindeer in the moments before what seems to be an insurmountable task. >> hi, cupid, sweetie. >> reporter: he has one night to complete the wishes of every girl and boy on the entire planet. >> you have 19 things this year. you cut down, didn't you. good. what you want for christmas? >> i'm thank for everything so i'll let you choose. >> that's nice. >> ipad. >> what do you want for christmas? how about a wedding? >> that would be nice too. we didn't hear a yes yet.
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>> turns out the running shoe request wasn't for running away. she said yes. >> that's what it's all about. christmas. >> reporter: peggy and laura, i spoke to the bride-to-be. she had no idea. was a complete surprise. hold on. sorry. what is this. what? again? we got a direct link to santa command? guys, we got a direct link to santa command. let's go. it's mark. okay. better watch out. better not cry. i don't know about the third one. who is that. jeff. at north pole traffic control. tracking rudolph. a last minute test flixt is dasher. dancer, prancer, vixen, donder, blitzen and you probably didn't p there, his name is eve, the backup reindeer. you never hear about him.
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>> a pinch hitter. if one gets sick. i tluv see santa but i love to see the reindeer. the real deal. >> i love that proposal too. classic. very cool. >> glad it's a warming trend. >> not too cold for bob. >> 9 degrees. >> compared to that one year you had to stand on the heating mat. thanks, bob. >> merry christmas. >> same to you. >> certainly don't need that hat here, anthony. boy, i think bob is chillier than we are. >> i'm trying to figure out who rudolph's stand-in is. i don't know. see who you can come up with. put in applications. you know we've got clear skies across the bay area. we're not looking at fog so flew the day temperatures are going to warm. we're talking about record heat. places like san jose could get to 68. breaking the old record set in 1901. even san francisco going to be
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warm, low 60s there, not record heat but still, warm for this time of year. we get into the rest of the microclimate forecast, the north bay, east bay and tri-valley where most of the widespread warmth will be. napa to santa rosa to the mid to upper 60s, mill valley close to 70. tri-valley warm. livermore close to 68. a couple shy of 70. could put a few cities at record heat for today. if you are traveling out of town we've got showers up toward seattle, portland, mountain snow idaho, montana. to the east this is where you find most of your travel delays. even for tomorrow with a few lingering showers in new york city, looking at rain now. washington, d.c. and the showers extend all the way down toward florida where they see a lot of showers through jacksonville now and the panhandle there. the middle part of the country, not expecting delays. a few showers across the great lakes. you'll notice the green on the map as we look at the airports
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across the country. san francisco no delays all the way to washington, d.c. and chicago though it's cold with a few flakes flying there. back at home, i want to give you an idea. high pressure is going to continue to move in through the next couple of days. so that means unhealthy air quality because we're not going to have a lot of wind and with that sinking air you get down to the surface, smog or pollution that tries to vise going to be capped so unhealthy air quality expected not only for today but as we head through christmas, when we're talking about the worst air quality as temperatures continue to rise each day. it's going to be very long week for respiratory sufferers. take it easy, limit your time but again with temperatures near 70 i know it's hard. how are the roads? >> all right. we'll take care of the folks as far as that goes. around the bay a light volume. there are a couple of issues, fires where the color is other than green. that's the livermore valley and the altamont pass.
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580, typical pattern. as far as the volume of traffic it's lighter and why we're not seeing so much of the red. we see orange down to the mid 50s through this portion of the freeway. we did have a crash as you get over to the dumbarton bridge. it was reported as a hit and run so if anybody saw anything or see anything that might be a clue call that in because they want to know about that. there is a new crash, sounds like everything is out of lanes. no slowing. another crash 280, that was not an issue. no injuries reported there. old bayshore highway on 101 north. the big rig and all of the debris there blocking part of the on ramp yooxt brokaw. and the loop off 880 to 101. a look toward palo alto. no problems northbound.
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easy flow past the university avenue. all the way up through san ma o mateo. to the east bay, 880 northbound, high street t high rise, no problems at the limit, you have the cash lanes, starting to stack up. after an earlier problem. you get straight away and the slowdown. back to you. >> thanks so much. 6:22. still ahead on "today in the bay." a look back at candlestick park. >> plus, 49ers legend, his memories at the stick happened during a baseball game instead of on the gridiron. >> as we say farewell to candlestick park a look at one of the memorable 49ers flash backs. >> another bad snap.
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they have to try to go for it. he's going to throw it into the end zone. game is over, 49ers win!
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we're saying farewell to candlestick park. legendary 49ers quarterback joe montana has a lot of memorable moments on the gridiron at the stick. but he says one of his most vivid memories at the park came during a baseball game.
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on october 17, 1989, the giants and the a's were playing game 3 of the world series at the stick when a 6.9 quake shook the bay area. montana was in the stands at candlestick when the shaking started. >> we felt the earthquake and the lights went out. my swif going week got to go, let's get out of here. i'm going no, we got to stay and watch the game. we were hours and hours in the parking lot. >> wow. the quake caused deaths and of course incredible damage as we know all over the bay area. also it delayed the world series ten days. the oakland a's went on to win, sweeping the giants in four games. >> the park is filled with a lot of memories that have nothing even to do with sports. the stadium played host to the leader of the catholic church, 1987, pope john paul ii held a mass for 70,000 people. the park is where the beatles played their final full concert in 1966.
6:27 am
pretty memorable. >> still ahead, health care deadline coming up. what you need to get done today to ensure you'll be covered at the start of the year. >> as we get you going on this monday morning, about 6:27. take a look at the sunrise over san jose. two shopping days if you still have that.
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>>. >> health care crunch time. what you need to do by today to make sure you have health insurance at the start of the year. >> plus, a final farewell for our concreed icon as we take you live over the stick. we listen to some of the 49ers great moments as we have the last home game ever played. >> memorable for a lot of folks. let's take you live to new york this morning as we await the opening bell at the nyse.
6:30 am
see how markets are going to end the year. close to the end of it. live at the nasdaq as well. the countdown. to the bell they have there. it's monday, december 23rd, this is "today in the bay." >> good morning to you. >> we begin with breaking news. at least three people taken away by ambulance after a bus careened off the 10 freeway in the baldwin park area of los angeles. there were 37 people on board at the time. emergency crews are still on the scene. these are live pictures. the crash comes just days after two tour pus crashes in southern california, those happened on interstate 15. >> let's get you updated on breaking news out of detroit where emergency crews are evaluating passengers after a delta plane skidded off the runway at the detroit metro airport. we learned that there were 183
6:31 am
passengers on board that delta flight 2283 bound for atlanta. no one was hurt. that flight has been rescheduled to take off in about 30 minutes. >> today marks a critical obamacare deadline. the final day to sign up for coverage for january 1. cover california is warning high demand could cause delays. danielle leigh joins us from washington, d.c. with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the administration says the website can handle the last minute demands but to be certain they hired hundreds of new employees to work in call centers and address problems that may come up. when it comes to covered california they too are experienci experiencing and expecting to see a surge of people. over the weekend call centers expanded hours to try to address that demand. last week there were still waits at the call centers of 20 to 30 minutes and in about three days more than 53,000 people signed
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up for the coverage. when it comes to the federal website more than a million signed up. that's a fraction what if the administration was hoping for. for those americans who have seen their insurance plans canceled, today is not a deadline for them because last week the administration announced they would be given an exemption but that change prompted new debate about the credibility of the law. for those american who is do not sign up by the end of today will not have health care starting january 1 but will have until the end of march to sign up and avoid the penalty for not getting care. live in washington, danielle leigh. back to you. >> thank you very much. >> utah same-sex marriage battle is back in court this morning on friday a federal judge ruled a constitutional amendment approved by utah voters in 2004 is unconstitutional. the ruling made same-sex marriage immediately legal in utah, with an estimated 100 marriage licenses issued on friday. today the same judge will consider a request from the
6:33 am
state to stay his own ruling during the appeals process. if comes after a federal appeals court yesterday rejected an emergency request from the state. >> signed, sealed and delivered, apple finished a major deal that will make invest terse happy. the company signed on with the world's largest phone carrier china mobile. the iphone 5s and 5c will go on sale in apple stores in china mobile stores starting january 17. customers can start registering with the phones on christmas day. it gives apple access to more than 750 million mobile accounts. >> a lot of customers there. we get a look at the forecast coming up over this important week. >> it's going to be nice. temperatures above average by about 10 degrees, talking record heat. let's start with a live look. the sun rides is about to happen at official time we're getting the beautiful colors along the horizon. clear skies in san francisco.
6:34 am
this is what we're looking at all day. not a lot of fog or cloud cover for that matter and highs again going to be near record setting heat. talking about low to mid-60s in the south bay by noon, and even though it's high expected close to 70 t peninsula is a few degree s cooler. not overly warm. if you make plans to head to the stick, you'll find temperatures back in the 60s. eventually falling back, low 50s by 10:00 so maybe a light jacket. but no fog and light wind that's going to make a world of a difference. to the north and the east bay, in the mid-60s by noon, the tri-valley, sunshine everywhere you go across the bay area today. we do have high pressure that is starting to push into place that's going to allow for winds to calm and the air to sink so. any type of air that tries to rise not going to i a lou to be
6:35 am
left out in the atmosphere. so we're looking at spare the air. all the way through the rest of the week. the potential for that does exist because we're talking about that area ever high pressure. across the bay area for christmas, temperatures very comfortable. look at this, 70 in san jose no. snow on the ground so if you are traveling between now and then you'll have good traveling. over to mike. >> we're seeing a nice smooth drive. the reason i turned this camera, this is southbound 880 with the taillights away from us. at the top of the screen this big rig crashes. the arrow pointing in the direction with the taillights. we saw slowing, ports of a big rig in the dirt on the side of the road. sounds like the tracker was fine. it's the trailer on its side.
6:36 am
that's a big distraction. it is out of lanes for the tim its. they try to right that trailer and clear it. no word. i'll give you those updates. northbound the real true commute direction moving fast coliseum. 580 also smooth toward the pay bridge toll plaza. the volume for the cash laneses that started to ease up at the area. part of that might be due to a crash westite at buchanan. reports of a smalled cheap. tenuous situation. i'll give you the updates as i det more from them apriving on the scene. we'll show you how things are shaping up for the south bay. up past alum rock watch it, there are reports of sheet metal in the roadway and the on ramp partly blocked by the disabled
6:37 am
big rig. >> thank you, mike. >> 6:36. still ahead a plane slices through a building in the mittle of the night. >> a seattle girl escaped serious injuries from a boy. why her glasses saved her life. >> live over candlestick park. the last game being played today. we'll be back. >> here is a look at one of the most memorable 49ers flash backs at home. >> he throws to the end zone. four touchdown.
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welcome back. 6:40. investigators are trying to figure out how a passenger plane sliced through a building in the middle of the night. one passenger aboard the flight tweeted this photo yesterday. the plane was about to take off for london when it slammed into a building near the runway of the international airport in johannesburg. the airline says all 189 passengers got off the plane safely. they are spending the night at a nearby hotel. >> the family of a seattle teen says that her eyeglasses saved her life on saturday night. 16-year-old was asleep on the
6:41 am
couch. she woke up when someone outside began shooting into the home. three adults and three kids were in the house. the shooter came by a second time. bullets through the walls. >> it got lodged. >> i could have been dead. i'm glad that the glasses saved me. >> aside from stitches on her face, no one else was hurt. seattle police think the shooting was gang related. the victim and her family are finding somewhere else to stay. >> 6:41. coming up saying goob to a concrete landmark before it turns to dust. we'll tell you about the tributes as we get ready for the final regular season home game at the stick. >> as we say farewell to candle stick park here is a look at one
6:42 am
of the most memorable 49ers flashbacks at home. super bowl berth hangs in the balance. looking to the right, to the end zone. caught by clark. it's a touchdown for the 49ers! off my list, ♪ t ♪ last minute deals on toys and gifts. ♪ ♪ that's my holiday, ♪ that's my kind of holiday. ♪ wrap it up, pop, lock and shop, ♪ ♪ buyin' presents that i forgot. ♪ ♪ that's my holiday.
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at 6:44 we continue to follow breaking news. three hurt, dozens shaken after a bus crashed off the 10 freeway in the baldwin park area of los angeles. it ended up stopping at a drainage ditch. emergency crews are now there on the scene as you can see from the pictures trying to clear it. 37 people were on board when
6:45 am
that bus went off the road. a few days ago two tour buses crashed in southern california. >> also a near disaster on the runway at the detroit float airport. look here at these pictures. a plane skids off the runway. flight 2283 was bound for atlanta this morning. luckily nobody on board was hurt. they have been placed on another flight to take off in about 15 minutes. >> this morning the 49ers saying farewell to candlestick park, their home of 42 years. today the niners play their last regular season home game at the stick. next year the concrete stadium will be reduced to dust. let's begin with jodi hernandez. she joins us live at the stick. a bittersweet day for the fans and also the staff. >> reporter: laura, it's so emotional. we are standing inside
6:46 am
candlestick park among the first allowed inside. the lights are off but trust me, the stadium and the seats are ready for tonight's big game. this might be the last night that fans get to sit in these seats to root on the 49ers. tonight's game will be the team's last regular season home game at candlestick. and perhaps the last game that the team ever plays here before they move on to santa clara. it's going to cost a pretty penny. tickets are going for $250 to up to over $1,000 a seat. we caught up with staff this weekend as they prepared the field for tonight's game. san francisco's recreation and park department has been managing the park for more than five decades. tonight's game is certainly bittersweet. >> it's a very emotional day for our staff and our staff are the ones that have taken care of what is one of the finest fields
6:47 am
in the nfl. we kept the stadium working well past. it's an emotional day. they have been out for decades. >> reporter: all 68,000 seats will be filled for tonight's big game, it could possibly be the last game that the 49ers played. tonight may be the last football game played, the stadium will still be open for eight months or so. there will be concerts and sporting events. if you don't get a chance to come for tonight, there will be one more opportunity to bid farewell to the stadium. i'm told there will be a fan fest for next summer. >> thank you. for 49ers fans it's tough to say good-bye to candlestick. even though plenty of people
6:48 am
think it's about time for a new stadium. that does include former players. a few days ago dwight clark told reporters quote it was a dump but it was our dump. we had a lot of history and success. joe montana also weighed in on the sticks saying opponents did not fear playing a much as they feared playing at the stadium. >> bittersweet probably the best way to put it. you want to be known for a good field not that we didn't go to candlestick. it was interesting at times. >>ly will not be attending today's game against the falcons but celebrating the holidays with his family and friends. >> candlestick park slated within demolition. the implosion itself should last 30 seconds. look at these rendersings of what the site could look like. the plans call for a new mall
6:49 am
and new residential and office complex. for the new stadium, the $1.2 billion stadium should be ready to go by the 49ers 2014 season. the stadium will host super bowl 50 in 26 team. >> als a small. >> can there be. a lot of people will head to a mall for last minute shoppers. great outdoor ones. great. >> it's going to be great to get out and enjoy the weather. headed to the maul i'm not that type of guy, i like to get my sopping done early so i can enjoy the ol days. you've got beautiful conditions even in the south bay. we expect record warmth, sunshine though haze will start to develop and air quality will suffer. talking about record heat. 68 in san jose, a new record, set back in 1901 of 67 so it hasn't been this warm in over
6:50 am
100 years in the silicon valley, at least around this time of year. peninsula expecting mid-60s, san francisco going to be warm but not overly warm. talking about low 60s not a lot of wind and that makes a world of a difference. santa rosa 68. livermore 68, sam for pleasan n pleasanton. an area of high pressure pushed the jet stream to the north. showers across the pacific northwest. if you are traveling out of town, say seattle, run into showers there or across the east coast where we have another system moving through. so rain expected really today from boston, new york, washington, d.c. all the way down toward the southeast. eastern seaboard you want to make sure you pack that patience g. idea to call ahead to make sure your flight is not delayed.
6:51 am
no airport delays with the exception of washington, d.c. and philadelphia. they are starting to see minor reports of delays. most airlines are reporting on time flights. if you are shopping as we mentioned maybe one of those last-minute folks. 68 degrees down to valley fare. shopping center, 65 degrees with plenty of sun. light winds expected by the city by the bay. 62 degrees. a beautiful place to check out. union square. mild across the area. we're going to be looking at air quality beginning to suffer every day this week we're looking at moderate to unhealthy levels even through christmas so you want to make sure take it easy. over to mike. >> we are looking at southbound 880, earlier issue south of the
6:52 am
coliseum. we don't see a lot of slowing after the initial crash. it is off of the roadway, and your main commute is will be which is moving from the coliseum all the way up into downtown. we're starting to see this dip down below 60 that's why we're seeing the start. westbound not a problem. let's get a live look and see t the toll plaza we had early backup and thinning they let up. getting into the office early, they probably want to get out early. businesses and schools around the area, why we're seeing a light volume of traffic. let's go to the north bay. san rafael, a smooth flow southbound no. problem into san francisco. i don't know if we can get back to the maps.
6:53 am
thanks. smooth the flowp around the bay. i want to shu you, reports of sheet metal in the roadway. it sounds like a crew has gotten there or about there to clear that. brokaw, off 680, standard area. lighter flow. back to you. >> thank you, mike. breaking news in san francisco. police are investigating an early morning shooting in the south of market neighborhood. it sent a man. it's near the off ramp from the bay bridge. police will not release new information about the suspect or the victim. we do know the victim was shot in the stomach. police say he is in critical condition and is not cooperating with investigators. >> a tiny puppy 10 weeks old
6:54 am
earn add nickname after she was plucked from piles of garbage. someone threw the puppy away on purpose. chase, this puppy has serious injury. >> reporter: he does but the good news is the puppy is expected to be okay so dog lovers, i believe it has a happy ending. after the dog was found on a conveyor belt that the recycling center it was brought there in the back of a recycling truck. essenti essentially, and then it was on saturday that a worker here in the plant found this 10 week old apricot poodle puppy. the dog was conscious but severely hurt. animal control is trying to figure out how the dog got here. they do not have answers. one of the folks told us in 17 years of working there, they have never seen anything like
6:55 am
this. >> like a diamond in the rough. to be sorting trash and finding a precious gem, like something that's rare, you know. >> reporter: rare, that is why they nicknamed the dog gem. gem has a few weeks of recovery, after that the dog will be up for adoption. i'm sure that someone throughout that's watching this all right thinks that hey, that's a put to dog. give animal control a call. >> a lot of open oorms. 6:55. a temporary retraining order expires today. now a judge is expected to appoint an independent doctor. she had tonsil surgery at children's hospital two weeks ago but suffered severe complication and resulted in being brain dead. she has been on a ventilator
6:56 am
since december 12 and her family out that fight the hospital from removing life support. there is a rally at 10:00 this morning. >> time now 6:56. a final check of the top stories. >> at least three were taken away by ambulance after a bus crashed. there were 37 on board at the time. crews are still out on the scene. >> no one was hurt when a plane scheduled off the runway headed for atlanta, now expected to take cough in minutes. >> it's the last peg season game. it has been home to many sporting events and concerts. kick off between the 49ers and the falcons for just after 5:30. >> you are probably waking up but in the north pole plenty of santa helpers are pulling an all nighter. >> our jolliest of them all, bob
6:57 am
joins us live where santa is busy ooding up that play. >> reporter: we gotten update. he is about 87% complete regards to having his toys complete w. only over 24 hourz to go there's a lot of work that needs to be done. and i can't believe this, i'm getting something in my ear. just a minute. we got a what? we got a direct link to air traffic control? we got a direct link to air traffic control. let's take a look. looks like he's tracking rudolph on his test flight. to help the reindeer, the calvary out of ft. wayneright. would you believe they have brand new snowball launcher t the army ordered the pilots of the choppers to provide cover for santa. >> all clear. test fire in progress. >> reporter: in case they come across an unexpected cinch. or moron standing there.
6:58 am
i did a recalculation. those snowballs are traveling at least 9 miles an hour. >> you can feel them. >> reporter: very powerful. >> taking one for the team. >> reporter: that's me taking a hit for the team. exactly. i'll have bruises at least for months. >> we want to tell people to remind them to stick around as well. you'll be on the "today" show coming up after this newscast. we love it, bob. >> reporter: merry christmas. >> to you, bob. probably don't need the snowball launcher. a look at the temperatures. >> you don't need anything like that. we're talking about spring-like conditions across the bay area, we're waking up to clear skies across the entire bay. and clear skies will stick around all day long. we're talking highs approaching records in fact many locations are going to top out from 65 degrees to 70, and that does include san francisco right at 65 degrees. the airport expected to get there, downtown a few degrees shy, 63 degrees and on this
6:59 am
graphic the last number the forecast for today and the record on the right. we're going to be close in some locations for breaking records. take it easy and enjoy. mike. >> we'll look here, oakland 880 southbound away from the coliseum. light volume. you pass by south of 98, we have that big rig on the shoulder. look at the south bay, we see no real problems. the volume around 101 slugging down past 880. >> thank you very much. >> this morning much of canada slammed with an ice storm. one man turned his neighborhood into a skating rink. >> what deals you do. the man not afraid to hit the icy roads to make sure he brought his skates. major storm dumping freezing rain, chilly temperatures created all of the icy conditions. more than 4,000 people are without power so. you've got a pretty good the rain turned into freezing rain and flurries are forecast
7:00 am
for today. 'tis the season. >> we'll see you at 7:25 with a local news update. good morning, let it snow. is the website ready and will the government meet its own goals. targeting target, one bank makes a surprising move to deal with the problem. and "today" exclusive, ryan o'neal on the verdict that keeps a multimillion dollar portrait of farrah fawcett in his hands. was his fight about money or memory, today, monday, december 23rd, 2013.


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