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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  December 23, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PST

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a rally in support of jahi. the2íñ latest on the efforts to keep the teenager on life support. plus a puppy severely injured and found at a bay area dump. now the search is on for the person who actually hurt the dog. and a farewell to candlestick. fans and players reminisce as the 49ers get ready to play their final regular season game at the stick. good monday morning to you. thank you for joining us at 11:00. i'm peggy bunker. we begin with a story that's new at 11:00. friends and family of a 13-year-old girl being kept on life support are marching through the streets of oakland right now. nbc bay area's chase kain is
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live with the latest on the rally and also a new development from the court case. good morning, chase. >> reporter: good morning, peggy. the latest from the courtroom is the judge has extended the order to keep jahi on life support. he also appointed an independent doctor to examine jahi. that is dr. fischer. he's from stanford medicine. he's going to examine her later today and report back to the court tomorrow. dr. phifischer is a pediatric doctor. meantime, while that was going on in the courtroom, here behind me, let's give you a closer look, this is a march and rally outside children's hospital, which just took a lap here through the streets of oakland and returned to the front door there outside the children's hospital. they've been chanting things like "keep jahi alive," continuing to chant now, trying to send a message to the hospital about how they feel about the situation. many of those protesters also wearing the color purple because that is jahi's favorite color.
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so that's a show of support for jahi. now, this all goes back to that tonsillectomy this 13-year-old had on the 9th. shortly thereafter she went into cardiac arrest and was declared brain dead by december 12th. she's been on a ventilator ever since. this morning, that ventilator became a concern for jahi's mother. >> why is it that her ventilator's been at 15 this whole time and all of the sudden this morning when it's time to do the test, you want to turn her ventilator down to 13. >> and you haven't gotten an answer? >>, >> no, i haven't. that's why i'm going back in here. why would you do that? aren't you supposed to be helping my child? is this a research hospital? do some research on how to fix my child's brain. >> reporter: and jahi's mother walked away from the camera, went into the hospital immediately after sharing that with us. meantime, we did hear from the hospital this weekend, just yesterday. david durand, the chief of paid yatices, said, quote, as medical
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professionals, it's our responsibility to ensure we don't create hope where there is none. when one's brain ceases to function, it will not restart. the only thing maintaining this child is a ventilator machine, and it would be unfair to give false hope that jahi will come back to life. back here outside the hospital, this march, this protest continues because they, of course, want to keep jahi alive longer. the next steps are that dr. fischer from stanford medicine will examine jahi this afternoon. he will report back to the court tomorrow. the judge also said that he want wants the two other doctors who have examined this girl in court tomorrow morning. that's when the judge will make his next decision. the family's attorney has said if the judge ends this order to keep the girl on life support, the family attorney will immediately file a request to at least keep this girl u)áñalive through christmas. we'll have much more later today at 5:00 and 6:00. for now, we're live here outside
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children's hospital in oakland. >> all right, chase. thank you so much for the latest. police say that a man who was shot in the stomach in san francisco this morning is not cooperating with investigators. the shooting happened just before 2:00 this morning on howard street between 1st and 2nd streets. that's near the off-ramp from the bay bridge. police have not released any information about the victim other than he's 27 years old. he's in critical condition and is being uncooperative. no arrests have been made. no word on who the suspect might be. investigators are looking for the person who tossed a severely injured 10-week-old puppy into the trash. the dog was found on a conveyor belt at the san francisco dump on friday. the city's animal care and control took the tiny poodle in and nicknamed her gem. she was found in a truckload of bottles, cans and other recycleables. she's conscious and alert but severely injured. >> you know, she has some bite wounds and just some wounds on her neck and on the back of her head that, you know, were
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consistent with another animal. and some lameness in her rear legs. >> vets say the pup suffered most of her injuries before she was thrown away. the pup is expected to survive. today the 49ers are saying farewell to candlestick park, their home of 42 years. and tonight the niners will play their last regular-season home game at the stick. next yearok the wind-blown, dam and foggy concrete stadium will be reduced to dust. let's begin our coverage on this with jodi hernandez who joins us live at the stick. a bittersweet day for fans and the staff as they get ready for tonight's farewell game. >> reporter: peggy, it is going to be a very emotional day. it seems everybody has a favorite candlestick story or a memory. well, tonight may be the last night to make new candlestick memories. you can see the kree is getting the field prepped for tonight's big game. you can also see the cheerleaders, the gold rush cheerleaders are out on the
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faeld practicing their routine. in just a few short hours, the farewell festivities will begin. >> it's been a very special place for -- in a very special part of san francisco history. >> reporter: but tonight's the night to say good-bye to the stick. candlestick park will host its very last regular-season 49ers home game tonight. >> quarterbacks and stadiums all have a shelf life. this one has had its. and it is -- it has been a challenging venue, but it's also been our venue. it's san francisco's venue. >> reporter: for the staff that's maintained the park all these years, it's a bittersweet day. they say it's tough to believe the stadium's run is nearly over. >> we've kept this ageing stadium working well past its life. and it's an emotional day for my team. they've been out here day in and day out for decades.
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and they've witnessed an incredible number of iconic sports moments and iconic special events. >> it is so important for everybody to be cool and classy tonight so that the entire country and every other team in the nfl can see how it's done. >> reporter: and we're back here live where you're looking at the gold rush cheerleaders. again, the san francisco police chief says there'll be more police officers here at candlestick tonight than at any other game. so if you're thinking of stealing a piece of this stadium, you might want to think again. but if you must have a piece of stadium memorabilia, you can buy one. the stadium -- or the 49ers are actually literally selling the seats for $649. you can buy a pair of seats. that price is going to go up starting january 2nd. so there is a way to keep a candlestick seat forever. reporting live from(a candlest% park, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc
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bay area news. >> good to know. sure there will be takers on that one. thanks so much. well, the park of course is filled with so many memories. some are good, some are bad. not all of them are even connected to football. candlestick is where the beatles played their final concert back in 1966. the stick also played host to the leader of the catholic church in 1987, pope john paul ii held a mass there for some 70,000 people. and of course, it was host to one of the most memorable world series games in history, 1989's game three battle of the bay between the a's and the giants. well, that's when northern california was hit by its biggest earthquake since 1906. in fact, the cheering was so loud it took a minute for fans to actually realize that they'd just experienced a 6.9-magnitude earthquake. joe montana says for all of his successes on the field, that night was most memorable because of his experience in the park. >> i actually was there for the world series when the earthquake happened. we felt the earthquake and the lights went out.
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my wife was going, no, we got to go, let's get out of here. i'm going, no, no, no, we got to stay and watch the game. we were stuck hours and hours in the parking lot. >> he was out there in the parking lot. well, montana says he will not be there for the final regular season game at candlestick. he is in louisiana over the weekend to watch his son play in the new orleans bowl. he will, however, be watching that game on tv. today's game will be the first for a 6-year-old niner fanatic. he and his dad won the tickets online. look at the pictures here they submitted to the san francisco recreation and park department's facebook contest. they asked people to share their favorite memories of the stick. they submitted a picture showing his son's drawings. he said he promised to take his son to a game this year, and today is, of course, their last chance. well, fans in the south bay are excited to have their favorite team a little closer to home. a lot of people say it is a bittersweet move. they have a history with the park, not just when it comes to
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football, but baseball too. the first game played there in 1960. that's when 42,000 fans showed up to watch the giants beat the st. louis cardinals. as for the 49ers, they've played there for 40-plus years. their first regular-season game all the way back in 1971. fans say it just doesn't seem right for the team to move. >> you know, it's san francisco. it's supposed to be the niners. you're supposed to have the stadium in the city limits. not in santa clara. >> while this will likely be the final football game at candlestick, it will not be the final event there. san francisco is in talks with sir paul mccartney to see if he'll give the farewell performance. we'll keep you posted on that. we'll be talking about this and their final regular-season game at candlestick because there's still a chance of a postseason game. it could happen. while it's unlikely, the 49ers still have a chance to clinch their division, which would mean at least one more playoff game. here's what would have to happen. niners fans have the arizona cardinals to thank for this. the cardinals were up by seven
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points over the seahawks. seahawks' quarterback russell wilson tried to tie things up but threw an interception instead. therefore, arizona won the game. even with that loss, seattle does hold the top spot in the nfc west division, but the niners are right behind them. if the niners win tonight and sunday against arizona and the seahawks lose to st. louis, then the 49ers would win the division and likely one more game at candlestick. so that's how it all has to line up. if the 49ers end up as a wild card, there's one more possibility that niners would play at home. a couple variables there. we'll see what shakes out. while we are saying good-bye to candlestick, we'll say hello to levi stadium next year. let's look at the stadium comparison. it wicost about $32 million to
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build the stick. $1.2 billion to build levi's. there will be 9,000 club seats at levi's. access to and out of the stadium. there will be seven more freeway entries available. alleviating some of that traffic. we'll cover this story all morning long on today in the bay. you can get more details on our website as well. that's just search candlestick. well, still waiting for that christmas present to come in the mail? we're going bqmu show you one company that is taking an eco friendly approach to tracking your packages. and christmas eve is just one day away. will santa and all those reindeer be ready? we'll go live to the north pole to try to find out. and temperatures warming through the 50s right now. expecting to see record heat across the bay area today. and also a spare the air alert in effect. we'll break down the forecast and get you into the final full week of december. and since we're talking about it so much, one more
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farewell to candlestick here with some of those memorable moments. >> a super bowl berth hangs in the balance. montana rolling out to right, throwing under pressure. throws his pass. caught by clark! touchdown! it's a touchdown! you know how much grandma wanted to be here for your fist christmas? you see grandma lives waaaay down here, and you live way up here. brian, your cousin, he's a little bit older than you, he lives here, in chicago. and your aunt lisa lives here, in baltimore. uncle earnie? waaay out in hawaii.
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but don't you worry, we will always be together for christmas. [ male announcer ] being together is the best part of the holidays and cheerios is happy to be part of the family. you just ate dallas!
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the last-minute crunch has begun in the north pole. santa and his elves are fighting the clock and the thermometer, of course, to ready themselves for christmas eve. our very own elf, bob rydell, is there to make sure every single last gift is loaded properly. you have access to the big guy there, bob, for an annual holiday tradition. you're there outside santa's workshop at the north pole. how cold is it? >> reporter:m.p it's actually n that bad, peggy. we're around zero degrees. not as cold as it's been in other years where it's minus 20, minus 40. this is sunrise in north pole. the sunset will be less than
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four hours from now, maybe around 2:30. i bring that up to point out the extreme conditions out here. not much sunlight. relative cold. you probably think, what could survive up here? it's amazing the magic that takes place here in north pole. with transportation like this just raring to take off, st. nick will have no problem racing around the globe christmas eve. >> you're going to go around the world with me. >> reporter: here is north pole's most famous citizen checking in on his eight teenyi tiny reindeer in the moments before what seems to be an insurmountable task. >> hi, cupid, sweetie. >> reporter: he has only one night to complete the wishes of every girl and boy on the entire plane planet. >> what do you want for christmas, honey? >> i'm thankful for everything i already have, so i'm going to let you choose. >> that's wonderful. that's nice. what would you like? >> impad.
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>> ipad! what do you want for christmas? >> i would like a new pair of running shoes. >> how about a wedding? >> oh, that would be nice too. >> will you marry me? >> we didn't hear a yes yet. >> reporter: turns out that running shoe request wasn't for running away. she said yes. >> that's what it's all about, christmas. >> reporter: and peggy, that bride-to-be, as we've been telling you all morning, she tells us that was the real deal. wasn't set up. she had no idea it was going to happen. complete surprise to her. hold on. i got a source inside who's giving me an update. you got what? we got a direct link to north pole air traffic control. did you hear me? we have a direct link to the north pole air traffic control. let's go to that. looks like steve. i believe he's tracking rudolph's last flight before christmas eve.
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to help santa, rudolph, and the reindeer, the cavalry regiment out of ft. wainwright. they are showing off their new snowball launchers. >> all clear. test fire in progress. >> reporter: just in case some unexpected grinch, imbecile, whoever, gets in the way. you see how powerful those snowballs are. you're wondering, how could i withstand that pressure and force? >> yes. >> reporter: abs of steel. which happen to be the gift i got last christmas. i worked and there you are. if i didn't have that gift last christmas, i wouldn't be standing here right now. >> you would be bruised, i'm sure. we know you're a tough dude under those clothes there. well, thanks for taking one for the team, bob. well done. >> reporter: you too, peggy. mer merry christmas. well, when your holiday delivery arrives, you can bet it's been through a massive tracking system. fedex has designed a more
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environmentally friendly business that tri1-m data bettr than ever before. we find out how from colorado springs. >> reporter: this holiday season a purchase is never more than a click away. but before it gets to a hub like this for scanning and sorting, everything about the package, its size, origination, destination, the best way to get it there, moves through a complex information highway, a data center. >> this is the enterprise data center for fedex. >> reporter: a mother ship of information. hundreds of servers connected by miles of fiberoptics. and managing it all requires a unique approach. servers get hot and are costly to cool. of the company's 16 data centers around the world, this is the newest, described as a model for the future of efficiency. >> we're taking advantage of the latest technology, which means we're able to do a whole lot more for a whole lot less. >> reporter: the same process and capability as the data center it replaced but a quarter to a third less infrastructure, resulting in lower energy costs.
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>> almost all of the power and energy that this facility consumes was designed to provide power to the servers themselves. >> reporter: one of the reasons the data center is located here in colorado springs, the climate. it offers more than 270 days a year of free cooling. by building design, dry, cool air outside helps control the climate inside. >> these are our air cooling towers. >> reporter: the towers use ambient air to cool water used for air-conditioning in the building. they require three times less energy than traditional coolers. an elaborate system moves heat generated by the servers through a ventilation system and back outside. >> saving money and saving resources, they go hand in hand. if it's operating efficiently and sustainably, then we've hit the bull's eye. >> reporter: an important target when managing tens of millions of packages a day and billions of pieces of information. l leann gregg, nbc news.
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right now, getting a look at that forecast, it's a big holiday week around here. we want to see how temps are going to hold up with anthony slaughter. >> good morning. we are looking at comfortable conditions. we're in the 50s across the board. we have clear skies. unfortunately, we have lots of haze outside. we have a spare the air alert that's in effect for today. if you're going to be doing any traveling, if you're going to be outside at any point in time, you'll be able no notice that. you'll find those temperatures today are going to be the warmest in the south bay. we'll be at 68 in san jose. peninsula a little cooler. in san francisco, actually, very comfortable. low 60s expected there. in fact, what you're going to find as we get into your game day forecast at the candlestick -- maybe we won't, actually. let's try that again. all right. this is aáf÷ new thing here. maybe we won't actually show you that. all right, we won't show you. well, it was cool to actually make for the past hour or so. there we go. isn't that wonderful how that works? now we'll talk about the farewell to the stick. the game, of course, as you do some tailgating around 2:00, temperatures in the low 60s. 64 degrees by then.
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once we get to kick-off, temperatures will still be very comfortable, right at 5:30, 59 degrees. in the halftime area, and even towards the 49ers win, the drive home, we're talking about beautiful conditions. low 50s expected across the board. so really, a picture-perfect day expected as we say farewell to the stick. let's get the rest of your micro climates in here. all expecting mid-60s. a few upper 60s. again, that's what we're going to be looking at as we head through the day. we're talking about record warmth. in fact, this upcoming week in san jose, christmas day will be the warmest day. in fact, we're expected to see 70 on that day. wouldn't you know it, we're talking about record heat on christmas day. a high of 70. the old record, 70 set back in 1901. we're not only talking about warm conditions but we're talking about long-standing records that will be broke as we head through this upcoming week. and we're sparing the air not only for today, but the potential for unhealthy air quality will remain in place through thursday and friday. peggy, back over to you.
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>> something to think about, especially people who might want to do fires. not a good idea. thanks so much. a quick break here. we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] here's to a whole world of happier holidays. time to enchant, delight and amaze. safeway will help you gather everyone 'round. a smoked, shank half ham is only 99 cents a pound. starbucks is just $6.99, that's a cup of good cheer. get sweet clementines for $4.99,
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well, we've talked a lot about the candlestick's farewell, but did you see this good-bye? jacksonville jaguars center brad meister recently announced he was retiring at the end of the season, so the team gave him the best send-off they could think of. they threw the 14-year veteran a pass. it was his first reception in 0 208 career games. his family, of course, loved it. team box and applauding. the center, by the way, gained nine yards on that play. nice way to go out. a quick break, we'll be right back. ♪ ho ho ho
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