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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  December 23, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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stephanie, what happens now? i can't imagine the mayor will let this go. >> that's what both sides are saying right now, jessica. both sides believe they came out as winners today. the unions are saying this decision by the judge protects their vested rights in retirement benefits, protecting what was negotiated at the bargaining table before. but if you ask city hall, that side will say it protects the bottom line, saving about $68 million a year by taking that money out of paychecks instead of pensions. the division between city hall and the union is deeper than ever before. >> they have a history of playing nice on camera playing dirty when the cameras go off. >> they've taken such an aggressive and antagonistic tone with their own employees. >> reporter: the list is apparent in how each side is translating the tentative decision by judge lucas. it says san jose voters do not have the authority to cut city
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workers pensions, but for pete constant, a former director for the police officers union, that means he and his fellow city council members have the power to issue worker pay cuts. >> i believe judge lucas' decision is clear, the city council has authority given to it by the voters and now courts to implement those reductions. >> reporter: this case has eyes across the country looking at it. constant says san jose loses more than $250 million a year in costs. measure "b" was set to save about $68 million each year a mo move approved by about 7 70% of the voters. >> the judge has ruled the highway is not right way to do it. >> i hope the city doesn't appeal it knowing the mayor the way i know him, i would be shocked if they didn't. the rest of the politicians, we
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have five council members running for mayor. they painted themselves in a corner. >> reporter: the mayor says this is not political, it's about the money they cannot afford to lose and the city will likely file for an appeal. it's cost the city about $5 million so far for the lawsuit. >> thank you very much. more details now. you may recall when mayor chuck reed used this figure, 6$650 million as to how much san jose would be saving, he was trying to sell city council and the tax payers on plan "b." but we had found the 650 number didn't add up. about $320 million is what an independent state audit estimated when it looked into city pension costs, about half of what the mayor estimated.
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our coverage of the san jose pension story continues on our website. click on investigations, then look back questioning pensions. you will find a series of reports questioning the math that the mayor used in selling that pension reform. all of that on the mad rush to get into the stores a live look from our nbc chopper now. you're looking at the traffic that's winchester and stevens creek road by the best buy, across from the valley fair and santana row where it's crowded tonight. last-minute shoppers fighting traffic, long lines, trying to get inside. inside already is scott budman in the thick of it. i have a list for you before we hang up tonight. >> reporter: jessica, we can tell that you traffic has been bad at the malls all over the bay area. at westfield, valley fair, shoppers have been struggling to find sharping spaces all day long. they've been struggling to find bargains and maybe even a seat
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on santa's lap. if you came to shop, it helped if you had your walking shoes on because you walked a lot today, trying to find that iphone or surface or deeply discounted outfit. >> it looks like a good deal today. very excited. looking forward to buying more stuff. get it done today. >> reporter: if you waited until the last day and a half before christmas, you know who you are -- >> yes, we're trying to get our -- well, his sister, my daughter, my wife, we are trying to buy those last-minute deals, last-minute sales. kind of waiting for the last minute. here we are. >> reporter: they think you already have the gifts. >> they do. they think it's really there but it's a blank box. >> reporter: you know the pickings may be slimmer than last week. >> i always come out a few days before christmas to get my gifts.
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>> reporter: how does that strategy work? >> they're out of pretty much everything i'm looking for. >> reporter: you may start to doubt the deep discounts. did you find good deals or anything? >> you know, it's hard to say. i think they mark everything up and say it's marked down. so you feel you're getting a good deal. yo you know -- >> reporter: once your shopping is finished, at least your kids had a nice place to visit when they got through the line. all right. here live at 6:00, you can see there are a lot of shoppers here at westfield valley fair. if you are sitting at home thinking i've got more shopping to do, you can come here. this mall is staying open until 11:00 at night it will open tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. and not close until 6:00 p.m. on christmas eve. reporting live in san jose, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, scott. lines, lines, lines inside and outside.
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here's another look at the traffic. the red, yeah, the red is a lot of traffic. you can see some on 880. the busy spot we showed you earlier, winchester and stevens creek road. an unlikely turn of events. california regulators refunded more than $250,000 in penalties to pg&e this confirmed the fine could jeopardize a larger award for the pg&e pipeline explosion. officials say the money was returned to prevent confusion between the san bruno case and what led to the fine, pg&e is facing a multibillion dollar fine for the explosion that killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes. now to a follow-up, redwood city leaders laid out their plans to keep the community safe by keeping tabs on a peninsula recycling plant after two recent and smoky fires there. they must follow new requirements for the next 60
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days in order to remain operational. redwood city leaders say simms must have 24/7 staffing with a minimum of three people at the facility and several other requirements. >> zero inventory model, which is where they won't have any scraps and metal in stockpiles around the facility, which was the origin of the last two fires. and so they committed to doing that as well. they've also committed to reporting any injuries, accidents of any nature that occur at their facility during the course of the 60 days. >> simms released a statement saying they will comply with the safety requirements and realize actions speak louder than words and our primary goal is to earn back the respect of the city and community with our actions. the 49ers and fans are saying good-bye tonight to candlestick park. last game of the regular season
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before that stadium is demoli demolished sometime next year. gene elliott is outside candlestick where fans are celebrating four decades of memories. >> there is a buzz in the air and a big truck passing us by. it's a sea of activity back here. thousands of 49er fans are here and full of mixed emotions. you can't see the escalate iranymoi anymore, but earlier it was a sea of red and gold. nobody wants to miss a minute of this game. thousands of fans spent the afternoon tailgating here at candlestick a tradition passed on from generation to generation. once the 49ers started playing here in 1971. san francisco police are concerned that life long fan also try to grab a piece of the stick on the way out tonight. police are here in force asking fans to respect the stick. for many it's hard to say good-bye to what is a family tradition. there's a lot of fan pride and
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city pride as we say good-bye. >> means a lot. my dad brought me to my first game here. first playoff game in 19 1. now it's going on to the next generation. >> quarterbacks and stadiums have a shelf life. this one has had its. it's been a challenging venue, but also been our venue. san francisco's venue. >> as 49er fans have been known to say candlestick is a dump but it's our dump. the stadium looks ready for monday night football. it's pretty warm out here tonight, so fans can say farewell in comfort. now we just need a win to say fay well. expect fans to be waving this flag. everyone got a pennant coming in. it says the san francisco 49ers farewell season. >> that's a keeper for memorabilia. the park is filled with lots of memories from famous concerts to infamous earthquakes.
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candlestick is where the beatles played their final concert in 1966. the stick played host to the pontiff when pope john paul ii held mass there for 70,000 people. and host to one of the most memorable world series games in history. 1989's battle of the bay between the a's and giants. the earthquake struck, 56.9 stun their led to a ten-day disruption in play and millions of dollars in loss for the bay area. the 49ers new home is taking shape for its 2014 debut. look at levi stadium today. the espn monday night pregame broadcast was on the jumbotron for workers to enjoy. the $1.2 billion stadium which will hold nearly 70,000 fans will open its doors for a soccer match between the earthquakes and sounders august 2nd of next year. coming soon. first niners game at the stadium will take place later that month
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it will play host to super bowl l in february of 2016. >> if you want to do more reminiscing right now, visit our website, search candlestick. a treasure found in the trash. the men who discovered a puppy and the amazing journey the dog endured. we have hazy skies, 50s for now. numbers could be soaring close to 70 and some records. air quality getting progressively worse as we head towards the middle part of the week. spare the air alert ahead and a health warning for most of the bay area come wednesday. details coming up. a family fight to keep a 13-year-old on life support still hangs in the balance, i'm cheryl hurd, tomorrow the crucial day for jahi mcmath's family.
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a man shot in the stomach this morning is not cooperating with investigators. the shooting happened at 2:00 in the morning. police have not released much information about the victim other than he's 27 years old, in critical condition at sf general. so far no arrests have been made. new details now in the legal battle over an oakland teen who was declared brain dead after tonsil removal surgery. cheryl hurd live at children's hospital with the ruling from a judge about how long the hospital needs to keep the girl on life support. cheryl? >> reporter: the judge decided to appoint a person from stanford children's hospital. his name is paul fisher. he's been here all day conducting tests on jahi mcmath. we are told they conducted brain scans, injected dye into her
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blood stream today, all a part of a test to see if jahi should remain on a ventilator. >> i feel like my daughter is on death row, i never know when they will pull the plug or make that decision. >> reporter: an eerie feeling for a family fighting to keep their daughter alive. >> i should be spending time getting ready to get her gifts ready, wrapping them, hiding them from her so she won't find them. it's like i can't even enjoy -- think about the holiday now i'm here. >> reporter: today was big day for jahi mcmath's family, the judge appointed another doctor to give an outside opinion on the 13-year-old's condition. >> we are looking forward to the review by dr. paul fisher which will occur later today. dr. fisher is a pediatric neurologist, head of pediatric neurology at patrick childrens. we look forward to his examination. >> reporter: children hospital oakland doctors declared her
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brain dead 12 days ago. she had tonsil surgery, hours after that surgery there were complications. the family has been pushing for an outside opinion on her condition. the community has been making their voices heard as well. today there was a march from the hospital to the courthouse. >> i really care. we want to keep jahi on life support. >> reporter: in court today, the family attorney asked the judge for a third evaluation by paul byrne, a pediatric professor at university of toledo and a past president of the catholic medical association. the judge has yet to make that decision. >> i think jahi will live through christmas. that is a major goal of this family, which was to have her be present on christmas day. >> reporter: now, late today the family attorney was able to get a stay from the judge, which means that jahi will remain on a ventilator until december 30th. meanwhile, dr. fisher will
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release his findings in court tomorrow at 9:30. reporting live in oakland, i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. bart's board of directors will hold a special meeting on january 2nd to decide whether to approve its tentative deal with its labor unions. the deal agreed upon over the weekend would avert a third strike. the two reached a compromise on a contract provision on six weeks of paid medical leave is gone, but b.a.r.t. will expand its bereavement leave policy to allow workers paid time off in the event in the death of a grandchild, step parent of a spouse or a domestic partner. follow-up to a story we brought you last week about the proposal to divide california into six separate states. today tim draper officially announced plans to file that ballot initiative. under his proposal california would be divided into six entities. silicon valley, west california, jefferson, south california,
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central california, and north california. silicon valley investor says california as one state is not getting the representation it deserves in sacramento or washington, d.c. giving back to the  community. san jose's family-owned m me pueblo collected thousands of dollars in donations only to give it back. this year they raised $88,000 in one month. they say it's part of their latino culture to share and help one another in this time of need. the money raised will be spread throughout various communities to help those who need it most. an update on the nbc bay area holiday food drive. as of today more than 125,000 bags of food have been donated. there's still time to help. who was that, jessica? >> don't know. >> i think it was you. each bag cost $10, you can purchase one at any safeway in the bay area.
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the food drive goes until december 25th. for a list of locations go to our website,, search holiday food drive. the brutal winter storm whipping across the u.s. has claimed 11 lives and will likely leave hundreds of thousands of people in the dark over christmas. the midwest is one of the hardest hit areas. crews are working around the clock to restore power. parts of michigan where some people have been suffering through cold weather for at least 24 hours now. more man 275 flights have been canceled just today. speaking of flying here and there, traveling at the holidays, let's check in with rob mayeda and see what it looks like. >> the west coast is good. 73 in los angeles tomorrow. 46 and clearing skies in seattle. the problems in the upper midwest, up towards mipnneapoli, 17 in chicago, improving conditions in the east coast. new york, 40 tomorrow. still seeing snow at times tonight causing delays heading up towards the north eastern
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corridor. the biggest travel headaches, this is probably tops. two to four inches of snow in minneapolis, windchill factor down to minus 30. detroit, snow showers, more delays there across michigan and miami. rain and thunderstorms, it's the east coast and all the destinations east out towards chicago up towards detroit and the northeast for tonight seeing the biggest travel delays now due to weather. around the bay area, no problems. hazy skies, temperatures right now in the 50s. was we're seeing is the lack of any wind and the lack of any storms. now this is a problem. instead of having the storms which can scour out the smoky skies, we're seeing the opposite of that pattern with high pressure locking in on us. it will help to warm up our temperatures enough so that by tuesday and by christmas day we could see record highs in the 70s. that high is bringing the ceiling down over the bay area adding up with the smoke
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pollution. spare the air day tomorrow and a widespread health alert for air quality problems on wednesday as everyone really sees unhealthy for all groups air quality. smoke pollution continues to build up. tomorrow's temperatures, getting close to 70 in san jose and parts of the peninsula. coming up, how long we expect this warm wave to list and what temperatures will be like on christmas day. back to you. coming up, target is targeted. how customers are responding in the wake of the massive data breach. and congress stuck in the dog house with americans. what's behind voter discontent. can anything be done to change it? a political analyst is here with that breakdown. off my list, ♪arget ♪ last minute deals on toys and gifts. ♪ ♪ that's my holiday, ♪ that's my kind of holiday. ♪ wrap it up, pop, lock and shop, ♪ ♪ buyin' presents that i forgot. ♪ ♪ that's my holiday.
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diners at multi state restaurant chains in san jose will no longer receive soups,
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beverages or leftovers in foam containers. it's part of san jose's two-phase foam container ordinance. in 2015 all other san jose restaurants including food trucks, street vendors even must eliminate foam food ware from operations. san jose is the largest city in the nation to adopt a foam fo food ware ordinance. a puppy found in a trash recycle i recycling company is showing an outpouring of support from community. >> reporter: every jay this done at recology recycling yard, he watches the cast-offs. >> you name it, we see it. >> reporter: as a trash sorter he looks at the conveyor belt to look for things to save. >> our job is to try to save things from going into the landfill. >> reporter: before friday,
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foster has never been called ton save a living thing. >> this is where i saw the puppy coming down the line. it was in the bag. >> reporter: among the trash a small poodle. foster pulled his emergency cord to stop the belt. >> it was bleeding, cut, in bad condition. >> reporter: workers cared for the dog until animal control could arrive. someone appropriately named it gem. >> the dog had some bite wounds, conjunctivitis, she is under treatment by a veterinarian and is expected to make a full recovery. >> reporter: the puppy's sad story is prompting hundreds of calls from people hoping to adopt it this cup drove from martinez to add their name to the list. >> she deserves it. >> reporter: those most moved by the dog's survival are the trash sorters. she say the puppy was hauled by a trash truck, scooped up, and
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sorted by a shaker before plunging nine feet on the belt. >> it's a miracle dog. >> reporter: animal control is hoping to find the owner who will have some questions to answer. investigators want to know which of the dog's injuries happened before his journey. it if no one comes forward a new opener will be picked by lottery. >> i think for the rest of his life he'll have a good home and be with some good people. still ahead at 6:00, the clock is ticking to meet the health care deadline. there could ab last-minute loophole. plus -- >> i'm scott budman in the south bay. a huge day at the mall and there's still a lot of shopping left to come. and could women have a natural advantage? the reason men may be more likely to get sick over women.
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the last-minute rush to get those presents under the tree. procrastinates or just jolly shoppers? scott budman is live at valley fair with the crowd. >> reporter: yes, the crowds, and they are still here. the mall is going to still be open for your last-minute shoppers until 11:00. let me take you back in time and show you the scene at westfield valley fair this afternoon with
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stores, walkways and the stores packed with people as last-minute shoppers negotiated crowds and discounts. >> i always come out a few days before christmas to get most of my gifts. >> reporter: how does that strategy work out for you? >> they're out of pretty much everything i'm looking for. but i end up finding something that works. >> reporter: we found lots of people finding something that works today like this santa l e line. smart shoppers could make an appointment to see santa which would leave you more time to shop. for those of who have more shopping to do, the mall opens up again tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. it will stay open christmas eve until 6:00 p.m. reporting live in san jose, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> unless you want to be santa's helper and get us some stuff. thanks, scott. stocks were up on wall street today.
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the markets responded favorably to apple's big deal with china. apple announced that china mobile would start selling iphones. china mobile is the world's biggest phone company with 750 million customers. the iphones will go on sale next month but apple is expected to face challenges in china where other brands are popular. fallout from that massive data breach from target there are calls for a government investigation and sales dipped slightly over the weekend. handful of lawsuits seeking millions in damages have been filed against the retailer. target is offering discounts, apologies and says there is zero liability for charges they did not make. >> target has spent a lot of money on payment card security. they were compliant with all the latest security standards. chief suspects would be
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sophisticated organized criminals that studied target or insiders with privileged access that know where exactly to go. >> jp morgan the issuer of roughly 2 million debit cards, says they have limited debit withdrawals to 100 a day. more than a dozen people were hurt when a tour bus veered off a freeway this morning. the driver lost control of the bus on i 10 east of l.a. the bus slid down an embankment hitting a light poland fence before getting stuck in a drainage ditch. this accident happened four days after three other bus crashes on rain-slicked southern california spree ways killed two people and injured dozens. a scary moment for passengers on a delta flight bound for atlanta.
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the plane slid off the runway. it may have hit some black ice. same-sex marriage will continue in utah after a federal judge denied the state's appeal to put a temporary hole hod on unions. some were waiting all night to get their marriage licenses. same sex weddings have been take place since friday when a federal judge struck down utah's gay marriage ban saying it was unconstitutional. enrollment has been extended for americans trying to sign up for health insurance under the affordable care act. the official deadline to sign up for coverage starting january 1st is tonight at mid night, but most of the country is getting a 24-hour grace period. the covered california website seems to be handling the rush, enrolling pore than 400,000 californians in health care plans. officials warn not to wait until
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the last minute to sign up since the extension won't apply to everybody. >> it you made your application and started it, you can finish it tomorrow. >> people who miss the deadline can still sign up, they will have to wait a few weeks longer to get insurance. enrollment under the affordable care act will continue until march. the most recent nbc "wall street journal" poll finds that 12% of americans approving of congress. lar lar lar larry gerstin joins us now. >> these are low numbers but they have been that way before. actually a number of times over the last ten years. go one step further, since 2005 congress has seen that approval rate stay that low. down in the bottom, just no sign of it going anywhere.
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>> larry, there are also many things people don't like about this discontent. what's behind the anger? whether it's the economy, what is it? >> that's a good place to start. start with the economy. unemployment is down to 7% now. that's the lowest in the last six years. but, in fact, purchasing power of americans is less than it's been in the last six years so we're work harder and buying less. you look at the political situation, if you look at what is going on in congress, this congress has passed 64 bills this year. that's about half of what congress passed in 2011, 2009, 2007 or 2005. those are comparable periods. so you look at that along with the stalemate going on on the budget. on all kinds of yishs such as the farm bills, on unemployment insurance extensions. you name t all these things happening all over the place. you know what? nobody likes what's going on in
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washington and nobody likes what's going on out here watching what's going on in washington. >> that wall street poll talks about 60% of americans saying they should replace everybody in congress. is that likely? >> you know, a lot of people say that. there's no question about it don't count on it. americans are really angry with congress in general. of course we are. if you ask them how they individual feel about their own representatives, overwhelming majority express approval. we call that the halo effect. my guy is the exception to the rule. in fact, according to recent data, 87% of all the members of coming, 87% are in absolutely safe districts, virtually guaranteed re-election next year. looking at the other side, only 29 of those 435 seats are actually considered true toss-ups. bottom line, if you don't like
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wh what you've been seeing this year, you'll see a lot more next year. still ahead, could the secret to weight loss lie in your plate? what to look for when you sit down to dinner. the countdown on for one of the most anticipated trips in the world. bob has the final prep for santa's workshop. >> 50s outside now. hazy skies not due to moisture in the air but smoke pollution leading to air quality issues and concerns for the week. your forecast coming up.
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in health matters, if you want to avoid gaining extra holiday pounds maybe use a specific colored plate. a study published in the journal "appetite" find that people tend to eat less when food is on a red plate. jessica is losing it over this. italian researchers tested how much food a group of people took when placed on a red, white or blue plate. on average the participants consumed less food when they ate off a red plate. >> just put less on any plate. a new study shows men are more likely to get the flu than women. an international team of researchers found that men have weaker immune systems making them more vulnerable to infection. the report released by the national academy of sciences links men to higher levels of testosterone to little or no response to the flu vaccine.
6:41 pm
the differences between the immune systems of men and women can have major impacts on health. >> rob is here to bring some order to this. >> maybe find some red plates. >> comments? >> no. >> the weather will be quite nice depending on what your plans are in the bay area. here is a view from emeryville. we could break records for high temperatures approaching christmas day, but another spare the air day as well. we'll talk about that in the forecast. >> the 49ers playing their final regular season game ever at the stick and needing a win to clinch a playoff spot. we'll tell you how they're doing so far against the falcons. the score might surprise you. and after five straight losses, the silver and black make it another major change under center. find out who will be the quarterback on sunday. that and more in sports.
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live look outside now. you're looking at palo alto. the air district has ruled tomorrow will be another spare the air day, so no wood burning on christmas eve. tomorrow is the 17th alert for the season so far. definitely hazy outside. >> something in the air here, something in the air at north pole, too. santa and his elves are fighting the clock and the thermometer to ready themselves for christmas eve. >> bob redell is kind of a bit like an elf and is there to make sure every gift is loaded properly. >> reporter: with transportation like this just raring to take off, st. nick will have no problem racing around the globe christmas eve. >> go around the world with me.
6:45 pm
right, cupid. >> reporter: he's checking in on his eight teeny tiny reindeer in the moments before what seems like an insurmountable task. he has only one night to complete the wishes of every girl and boy on the entire planet. >> you got 19 things this year. you cut down a bit, didn't you? that's good. what do you want for christmas, honey? >> i'm thankful for everything i have you choose. that's wonderful. that's nice. >> what would you like? >> ipad. >> ipad? what do you want for christmas. >> a new pair of running shoes. >> how about a wedding? >> that will be nice, too. >> will you marry me? >> we didn't hear yes yet. >> reporter: that running shoe request wasn't for running away. she said yes. >> that's what it's all about. christmas. >> reporter: as you can imagine santa, his elves really busy in
6:46 pm
the north pole. it's hard to find out where they stand as far as the readiness for christmas eve. but i have a source inside who is supposed to give me a status update at any moment. yes. this is it. yeah. what do you got? you got a direct link to north pole air traffic control? we got a district link to north pole air traffic control. that's steve. and it looks like, yes, it's tracking rudolph on a final test flight. to help rudolph, santa and the reindeer, the cavalry regiment out of ft. wayne showing off their brand new snowball launchers. that's for real. the army has ordered the pilots to provide cover on christmas eve in case they run into an unexpected grinch or imbecile or something like thatball
6:47 pm
launchers are powerful. those snowballs were traveling at least 10 miles per hour. glad we have them on our side for the big trip. at the north pole, i'm bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> bob survived. >> yes. >> that wasn't bob. >> huh? >> i'm kidding. he's doing fine. bob is good, right? santa will have clear forecasts in the bay area. >> nice, about 60, 70 degrees warmer right now than around the north pole. 50s outside. hazy skies. that's the big problem. we typically should see storms coming through every two, three days, winds picking up. without the winds, tomorrow another spare the air day. what will be different about christmas day is not unhealthy for sensitive groups but for the entire bay area for wednesday. regardless of issues like asthma, this applies to everyone, unhealthy air across the bay area on wednesday. so spare the air will continue
6:48 pm
through the middle part of the week. heading towards thursday and friday, air quality will be a problem. friday perhaps improvement as the wind should turn more onshore. hopefully that scoops up the smoke and moves it away. winds are slightly offshore. not only are we getting the smoke building up around the bay area but smoke pollution from the central valley drifting in air pollution is the problem. the culprit is a super sized ridge of high pressure for this time of year which looks more like july. when you see this build out over the north eastern pacific, in the summer it means 80s and 90s for high. over the next two days, we could see highs approach the 70s this is san jose for morgan hill. anyone who manages low 70s this year would be breaking records. that i had acting like a lid
6:49 pm
over the bay area will make quality worse. this inversion layer is acting like a ceiling. all the concentrations move underneath it until that high moves on. temperatures will continue rising until about wednesday, then cooling changes late in the week. as we look at this next system coming in later in the week, it will try to fight through the ridge of high pressure. but friday and sat, what you are seeing is some mid and high level clouds. most of the systems staying offshore. it's possible we could finish the year without more measurable rainfall. highs tomorrow, close to 70 in san jose, parts of the peninsula. san francisco should see those highs in the upper 60s. 64 in oakland and around the tri valley. numbers close to 70 in pleasanton. one more shopping day left. we'll see highs in the 60 but
6:50 pm
indoor mall shopping not a bad idea with the air quality problems around the bay area. livermore close to 70. dry here, dry in the sierra. highs there, upper 40s. maybe a stray snow shower or two into friday. that's about it. highs near 70 in san jose and walnut creek. at least mid to upper 60s around san francisco and oakland. so things continue to stay dry on the seven-day forecast. this will go down as one of the driest years on record for the bay area. no change. the weather is quite nice during the day. >> thank you very much. let's bring in henry wofford now, talking about a farewell to one of his favorite places in the bay area, candlestick park. >> absolutely. several stories developing in sports. after calling candlestick park home for more than four decades, the 49ers possibly saying good-bye for the final time
6:51 pm
tonight. playing their final regular season game at the stick against the falcons with the win tonight the 49ers will clinch a playoff spot. we have a score update. the falcons are leading the 49ers 7-3 with 57 seconds remaining in the second quarter. we'll have complete highlights tonight at 11:00. the raid ers will have a different quarterback on sunday as they play their final game of the season. mcgloin is out and terrell pryor is back in as the starters. matt mcgloin started the previous six games, but allen said the switch had nothing to do with mcgloin's recent performanc performance. >> we got a chance to see matt mcgloin for six games. i liked a lot of the things i saw in matt. it's been a while since we got to see terrell in a game. i want to get him in the game,
6:52 pm
get another opportunity to evaluate him. i've been pleased from matt mcgloin really the first moment he walked on campus here. i think we have a guy that, you know, can be in our plans for the future. i'm glad he's on this football team. >> it appears the cowboys could have a different quarterback as well starting sunday night against the philadelphia eagles. there are reports that tony romo is done for the season after suffering a herniated disc. romo is believed to need surgery to repair the injury but the coach is not ruling romo out yet saying romo is being treated for the injury and is now day-to-day. more injury news this time from the ice, tomas hurdle is going under the knife. hurdle who injured his right any against the kings last week, will have the operation on his
6:53 pm
knee next week. he will be out longer than a month and they'll have a better idea how serious the injury is after having surgery. hurdle, 15 goals, 10 assists this season and leads all rookies in points. >> the sharks back in action at s.a.p. center tonight hosting the avalanche. the sharks won their last game saturday night overcoming a 2-0 deficit to beat dallas in a shootout. coach todd mcclellan said his team will not overlook one of the season's surprise teams tonigh tonight. >> they started the season on fire and basically stayed that way. quick team. tremendous skill up front. very good one-on-one players. goaltending has been exceptional. that's not a secret for anybody in the league, never mind the sharks. they're a pretty good team. >> a very big night of sports with the 49ers, warriors and sharks playing. be back here at 11:00 for plenty
6:54 pm
of highlights and reaction. as we said earlier a major upset developi developing, 7-3 falcons with a few seconds remaining in the first half. >> thanks. for a full half hour of coverage, catch sports net central at 10:30. >> we'll be right back.
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technology on your table. you have seen the tablets and the ipads at restaurants, the impact new tech is having on dining and your wallet new at
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11:00. everyone knows a grinch, but this one at an office in canada has stolen the show. this is the winner at an office contest. it's a picture of a grinch using only post-it notes. 900 of the small sticky paper was used. it took a four-person crew about six hours to complete the project. >> one last check of weather with rob. >> hazy skies, heading into tomorrow a few spots close to 70 degrees. the problem with this pattern is another spare the air day tomorrow, it will continue likely until wednesday and thursday of this week. back to you. >> thank you very much. be safe out there driving as you get those last-minute gifts. >> see you tonight at 11:00. >> bye-bye.
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>> britney spears candid new interview about her infamous breakdown. now, on "extra." the two sides of britney. >> i turn into like a different person. seriously bipolar disorder. >> for the first time, she opens up about beating her demons and how she came out on top. >> you seem happier than ever right now. saturday night. surprise madonna and sir paul crash snl. new video from the afterparty. and madonna hours before her top secret camo. attention walmart


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