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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  December 24, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PST

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a jewelry store smash and grab just steps away from kids in line to see santa. new details about the suspect coming up. sdmrimplts and a fitting sendoff for candlestick park. the big play in the final minutes that had fans on their feet. plus, why that might not be the final day. thank you for joining us on this christmas eve.
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i'm peggy bunker. we begin with a story new at 11:00. the bay area teenager on life support's family -- >> good morning, peggy. right now inside the courthouse the judge, attorneys, as well as a medical expert in a closed session in the judge's chamber discussing specifics related to. meaning before any of these hearings this morning. we want to show you a brief extra from that hospital. he said "to be blunt, children's hospital is currently nearly preserving mismcmath's body. there's no legal, ethical, or moral requirement that it
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continued to do so or that the family consents in the decision to stop doing so. of course, the hospital there advocating that this teenage girl, the 13-year-old, should not be on life support anymore because the hospital in this position argues that jahi is effectively dead. the family refuses. that's what they've been battling all this time. their attorney is fighting against that. they want another doctor to examine jahi, but they have not gotten approval to do so yet. right now the hospital says that that would actually violent their license because the doctor that the family wants is from out of stale. those are the things that the judge is going to be sorting out in these proceedings today. the other thing we can tell you is that the judge did extend the order to keep jahi on life support to run through at least december 30th. meaning, that as of rain there would be no change before christmas. however, what happens inside the courthouse today could certainly change that. we are waiting again for them to return to open session and learn
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more about what the doctor found. he is the head of pediatric neurology at stanford medicine. that's who examined her yesterday, and that's who we hope to hear from in court sometime today. we before. >> thank you so much. the latest details there. in the meantime, san jose police are investigating a violent mall robbery just steps away from santa and a whole line of kids waiting to see him. it happened at a jewelry store in the middle of the east ridge mall last night. that's off capital expressway. they say a man grabbed a jewelry case and made off with several pieces of jewelry. the robbery happened right next to that line of parents and their kids waiting to greet santa. >> when this other man turned around, he had a light gray sweater and a nylon, black nylon over his face. as soon as i seen that, we just started running. >> witnesses tell us some stores shut their gates. they were told to shelter inside. other shoppers say they were
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ordered out of the mall. although the mall's operation manager says, the mall was never evacuated, san jose police say the suspect ran off and has not been identified or arrested. a new video just released of a car crashing into an east san jose wal-mart. san jose police posted this video on youtube. you can see that car just barrelling right among the shoppers. they're hoping this will help to lead them to victims or witnesses after the march 31st incident. that is the a red oldsmobile cutlass that went through the front door and nearly struck several shoppers there. people were hurt in the crash. witnesses say 33-year-old hamid got out of the car and began attacking customers with the metal club. he was tackled by several people in the store and subdued until police arrived. officers say he was under the influence of drugs. now, this is not the first run-in with the law. police say in december of last year he crashed his car here as well through the front window of a convenience store.
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that was attached to capital expressway car wash. a drunk tank at san francisco's county jail was filled to capacity overnight following the final regular season games. the 9ers at candlestick park. the san francisco police department says that 30 people were arrested last night for various things, including public drunkenness, property destruction, and also for reportedly trying to steal some stadium seats. in addition, 81 people were ejected from the games. seven were cited for various offense wrshz officials at the county jail said it usually only books up like this on new year's eve. saying good-bye to a bay area landmark as the 49ers play their final regular season game at the stick. fans had tears in their eyes. nbc bay area's jean elli was in the middle of it all. now, thousands bid farewell to candlestick. the 49ers leave candlestick park with a bang. fireworks and a victory on the field. the p faithful soaked up every
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second. >> playoff games, intoelz. >> reporter: fans like ann wra marie bright cried through the celebration. sad to say good-bye to candlestick. >> we've been crying all day long. i met my husband here 30 years ago. >> go, 9ers. >> with police keeping a close eye, fans let it all out for the farewell games. treasuring years of memories. >> tailgating, friends, making not only friends, but family. it's wonderful. it's wonderful. i'm going to miss this a lot. >> reporter: the fateful brought signs and dawned special uniforms. >> like joe montana, it's bittersweet. >> it feels like a family is being torn apart. >> it's very difficult. >> it's like a family now. we're all a family here now. >> not every family member plans to make the journey south. >> i don't have season tickets at santa clara, but we'll see what happens. >> the action on the field followed another candlestick tradition.
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tailgating. a final barbecue and beer in the parking lot. >> it means a lot. my dad brought me to my first game here, the first playoff game in 1971, and now it's going to the next generation. >> a generation!ul of mccathy family plans to continue this tradition. >> nbc bay area news. well, for their part the 49ers did what they could to get that final regular season win at the stick, and they're threatening to score in the final minutes of the game. take a look at this. made a key interception and ran that ball right there back 289 yards. it's not bad. now, all this is the final regular season game at the stick. it's also possible that the 49ers -- if the 49ers win on sunday against the cardinals, and the seahawks move to st. louis. now, if both of those events happen, they clinch the nfc west
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and fwan a first round bye. not bad. the 49ers new home is rapidly taking shape getting ready for its 2014 debut. let's take a look at levi stadium here in santa clara where, as you can see, the logo already there printed at the midfield mark. the monday night pregame broadcast was on the jumbotron for the workers to enjoy last night. the $1.2 billion stadium which will hold nearly 70,000 fans will open its doors for the first time for a soccer match between the earthquake and the founders. that will be in early august. the first game at the stadium will take place later that month and, of course, it will play host to super bowl in february 2015. sixth graders getting national attention after lebron james picked him to design his next nighy t-shirt. he submitted his design about -- he said it wasn't until yesterday that king james officially announced that the 11-year-old from the evergreen
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neighborhood was the contest's big winner. it took raul about 45 minutes to design the shirt and says there's a lot of thought that went into that. >> i started off not one, not two, but in these two championship rings. over here i put in the lebron logo and had his shoes retread, and it's earned not given. >> nike is already selling raul's t-shirts. it's on-line right now for $30. it will be in local stores soon. he also won new equipment for his school's p.e. program and an all expenses paid trip for him and his family to go see a miami heat home game. well done. well, there's no christmas eve break for astronauts aboard the international space station. they're in the midst of completing urgent repairs on the station. nbc bay area's sarah -- >> the hatch is open on the quest air lock. >> 260 miles above earth. a delicate operation this december 24th. the second christmas eve space
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walk in the history of nasa. u.s. astronaut rick and michael hopkins are installing a new ammonia -- that gives a critical cooling move back on-line. they've been conserving power for nearly two weeks as a result. >> i don't know if you believe in miracles, but -- >> on saturday the pair ventured out for a successful first day of repair. so successful that nasa planned the second of three planned space walks. there have been a few bumps in the road for repair. at the end of the day saturday he let a small amount of water into his suit. >> it was an accident. quickly within seconds they reset the switch. >> the next phase of repairs was pushed from monday to today to allow him to switch suits. in as wra is confident all repairs will be completed today. full power will be restored, and the astronauts back inside the space station just in time for christmas.
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sarah, nbc news. still to come, this secret santa made the holidays extra bright for dozens of families in lieu ville, kentucky. plus, from the whacky to the wild. we look back at the most memorable videos of 2013. here we're looking at unhealthy air quality ruse the bay area. this is going to continue for some time. we will let you know when things will improve and get you into that holiday forecast coming up when nbc bay area news at 11:00 continues. [ female announcer ] here's to a whole world
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>> let's get down to business. we are following santa this morning getting a better idea of how he is dealing with this monumental task of delivering presents to all the good boys and girls around the world. he left the home in the north pole and has visited homes in the solomon islands. let's take a look at the santa tracker, courtesy of norad, of course. we know he has already delivered
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about 2.5 billion packages. he loaded up that sleigh. there was a final check to make sure that rudolph's nose was shining bright. he has already canvassed china, ahs rail wra. he just passed over kenya. we know he is working in different areas of africa right now. very, very busy day for santa as he makes his way to north america eventually. we are looking forward to that tomorrow. a christmas miracle courtesy of the not so secret santa. it means that dozens of kids in kentucky will have gifts under the tree this year. a well known louisville sports figure who wished to remain anonymous paid off thousands of dollars in layaway at a local wal-mart. store managers say almost 170 families have missed a deadline to pay for their items. that's when a local sports figure visited the store, wrote out a check for $13,000. >> it was more emotional than i expected it to be. >> well, the secret santa's only
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wish was for people to pay that gift forward. he told store managers he got the idea from a friend in florida. >> england's youngest royal is spending his first christmas at an estate owned by his great grandmother, queen elizabeth. prince george, who was born in july, will join the whole family as they eat and exchange presents in the church and also go on a hunt. he has not gotten any official word in which events the baby will be taking part in. according to the tradition within the family, the royal family only exchanges fall gifts or eveng6m gag gifts, and theyn them up on christmas eve, not christmas morning. prince william's in-laws will not be there since the royal couple spent last christmas with kate's family. well, it's time to take a look at the lighter side of 2013. here's rafael with an interview and an overview of what went wrong this past year. >> last year's new year's celebrations seem a little fuzzy? you got all dressed up jump odd your ride and went dancing with friends.
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someone steal a dumpster? all lit up for the holiday can make you feel like you've been trampled by cows and given awful home remedies. you regained eclib yum and had a normal 2013, like wonder dog who set a record. the saudi friends who learned to change a tire with audi and stopping the car, and then go who figured out swimming is for suckers. >> the republican party danced around the issues while many democrats laid low. now it's time for the made up game show who thinks this is a good idea? tiger acupuncture. who thinks this is a good idea? how about directing traffic with a stray bull on the loose? fishing from a kayak seems harmless. who thinks it's a good idea to
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play the lottery? what if the grand prize is toilet paper for life? 20813 was not without tension. japanese and chinese officials disputed tiny islands in the pacific. the parties talked medical they were blue m face. it warned population on both sides of the great wall. the winter olympics are coming soon, and there will be a few sports for fans to get familiar with, including snow twerking, the ladder dash, and interplanetary volleyball. as we prepare to mrip the calendar to 2014, a few resolutions. give yourself a more fuel-efficient vehicle and be sure to exercise more and take up a new hobby with a friend if you can. rafael, nbc news. >> the things they get caught on cam remark right? pretty amazing. >> well, here's the 2014, right? >> yes. cheers to that.
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let's get you to your forecast. we're looking right now, clear skies. look at the visibility. i mean, we're talking about a really dirty sky right now. we have so much air pollutant in the atmosphere, and weighs look at oakland, this is why we have the spare the air alert. temperatures will be warm. we're talking about highs that are back in the mid to upper 60s. south bay, san jose, 68 degrees. penicillin lark right around there as well. southwest at 66. san francisco, low 60s there. overall very comfortable. you'll notice as we get to the door space, this will be the barm warmest location near 69. santa rosa, 68. east bay, and tri-valley expecting mid 60s now. we are talking about record heat. these temperatures are going to be very close to breaking new records. in fact, san jose, if you get above 58 degrees, that breaks a record of 72 degrees. if we get to 72, and that record actually was set back in 1901. in fact, you can see some of the other records across the bay area. even napa expected to get to 66. breaking a record of 93. that's set back in 1999.
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some of the records more longstanding than others, but overall, it looks like we are very los to setting new records. if are you doing any traveling, last minute travels up to seattle, over towards salt lake city, are you fwood to go. a few high clouds there. temperatures in the 40s. minneapolis had some snow on the ground. look at snowshowers in chicago. 13 degrees as you are headed there. off to the east coast, if you are headed anywhere, quite a different story from yesterday when we had rain and snow. it's cleared out with temperatures in the 40s across the region. again, spare the air for today. it is illegal to burn anything in your fireplace. definitely going to make sure that you resist the temptation if you can. you'll notice we head through the next couple of days, and that air quality does improve, but not until saturday. take it easy out there. thank you. >> all right. we need rain here too. thanks, anthony. still to come, the countdown to sochi is on. we'll introduce you to the bay area bobsledder going for gold. this after a traumatic crash during the vancouver games.
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>> the countdown to sochi is on. we are 44 days away from competition, and you may not think of the bay area as a hotbed for bobsledding, but consider this. three of the 14 u.s. men on the national team live here. today m bay shows us the story of one local team member that has plenty of other priorities. >> reporter: at first glance the california health club in pleasant hill may not look like a place where olympic athletes train. it's month nonsense and far away from the high-tech olympic training centers, but chuck burkely isn't your ordinary olympian. at 37 he is working harder than some of his younger competitors. using his age as an advantage. >> strength training, speed work, and those things that i've developed over the last 20 years, i just -- i do at work. i feel myself very fortunate to
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be able to do this at this level and still be competitive, still beat up on some young guys that live there full-time. >> named to the u.s. bobsled team in 2007, burkely competed in the four-man bobsled in the 2010 vancouver olympics. the games, though, ended in heart break when his sled flipped. >> first thing you think this is scary. really scary. and painful. then auz come to the realization what's happening, you realize, oh, man, this is my olympic games. it's probably over. it was. >> burkely left the sport for a couple of years, but then returned last season ready for redemption. >> it ended prematurely for me. that's a big reason why i'm coming back. i want a result next to my name. >> he is enduring rigorous training while still working full-time and helping to raise his two daughters. >> i miss you guys when i'm gone. >> i'm really proud of him because he has been training a lot, and he has been doing as hard as he can just to get the exercise that he would need.
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>> well, the final team will be named mechanics month. burkely says he is confident his name will be on that list. it's one of the plays you have to see to believe, and an nhl goalie ends up scoring on himself, and then losing the game. this is just painful. check it out. he tes to stop this puck going to sudden death overtime. the puck pops up in the air. you see right here, he doesn't realize it fell?cp into his pa. he moves back into the net to try to prevent a goal, but unwittingly, scores the winning goal on himself. yes, you can believe this. coyotes lost the game 2-1. that goalie is so mad, and i can only imagine that locker room afterwards as well. well, still to come, every, 11:24 right now. a firefighter plunges into an ice where i river, and also this guy, a golden etrooefr, who fell through the ice. the story behind this wrebl video coming up. you know how much grandma
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wanted to be here for your fist christmas? you see grandma lives waaaay down here,
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and you live way up here. brian, your cousin, he's a little bit older than you, he lives here, in chicago. and your aunt lisa lives here, in baltimore. uncle earnie? waaay out in hawaii. but don't you worry, we will always be together for christmas. [ male announcer ] being together is the best part of the holidays and cheerios is happy to be part of the family. you just ate dallas!
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>> we are dog lovers. we can't talk about them enough. most dogs are happy to fulfill their duty as man's best friend, but in massachusetts one golden retriever had to ask firefighters for a little help there. this firefighter risked his own life to save crosby. take a look at that golden retriever there. he fell through the ice in the charles river. he jumped in the river with a rope tied around his chest, the firefighter did. swaum towards crosby. and was trapped about 50 years there off shore. as you can see, they pulled him into safety. he had been swimming in certainingles trying to keep from going under. a second firefighter actually went out there to assist them both, and they all made it back to shore. great story there. rescued and doing a-okay. handsome guy there, too. crosby. yeah. >> the dog. >> thank you so much for joining us. our next newscast is at 5:00. can you also get your latest information at nbc bay did you get chips for the party? nope.
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