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tv   Today  NBC  January 7, 2014 7:00am-11:01am PST

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>> join me for news at 11:00. breaking news. lindsay vonn announces she will not compete in sochi. her injured knee is too unstable. what does it mean for team uks sa's prospects at the winter olympic games. the big freeze. much of the nation locked in historically low temperatures. in new york city, a 43-degree plunge into the single digits overnight. outside chicago, crowded amtrak trains stranded in snow, and at the chicago zoo, even the polar bear is being kept inside. caught on tape, a driver slams into a gas station attendant and pump spark a dangerous fire. >> an instant classic. florida state scores with just
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football's national championship. tuesday, january 7, 2014. from nbc news, this is "today." with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and good morning, everyone. welcome to "today." it's 7:00 a.m. on the west coast. i'm savannah guthrie. i'm matt lauer. 41 states. everyone, but hawaii will have freezing temperatures. we'll have more on that in a couple of minutes. let's get to today's top story. lindsay vonn announcing she will not compete in the winter olympic games in sochi. natalie, you have the latest on that. >> she had the injury since her bad crash last year.
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she suffered a setback last month and now vonn said she'll be cheering on the olympian, sadly, from home. the most recognizable winter olympic superstar is out. lindsay vonn announced she'll not be competing next month in sochi saying in a statement, i did everything i possibly could to somehow get strong enough to overcome having no acl, but the reality has sunk in that my knee is just too unstable to compete at this level. a brutal crash on the slopes came at last feb's world championship. and now has dropped back and over the top and she is down heavily. it left vonn with a fractured tibia as well as a torn acl and ncl. her determination had her back in training month ahead in schedule which she spoke about in october. >> how would you describe your focus going into these olympic games? >> i'm smarter because of everything i've been through an.
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>> cg training in november vonn fell yet again seeing one photo being helped off the slopes by two others she suffered a partial tear to the same acl and four weeks later at the four-cup downhill, that knee gave out during a run, forcing her to withdraw from the competition. sochi was going to be vonn's fourth olympic games and her chance to defend her medal in the downhill, the only american woman to do so. vonn still has her eyes on competing at next year's world championships. >> when you're younger you just want to go down the mountain as fast as you can and now that i'm older it's more about tactics and being smarter about the situation. it will prolong my career. >> in her statement vonn does say she does see one positive, there will be an additional spot that one of her teammates can go for gold. what a great attitude to have.
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>> thank you very much. mike lupuca is an award-winning sports journalist. one of the marquee names, what was your first reaction? >> we have lost what was going to be the main event. this is the greatest alpine skier we've ever had. her trip down the mountain, the buildup to it and the excitement level of it, we lost the biggest star of these games. >> you're not saying that she had a chance to win the gold medal, you're saying just watching her come out of the starting gate in sochi would have been a story in itself. >> to come out of the injury, and matt, the downhill to me is my favorite olympic event. fastest one down the hill, mens, womens, it's always a great, great event. we love stories at the olympics and we love stars and that's what she was going to be. >> putting it into perspective in vancouver, the u.s. ski team won 37 medals and lindsay vonn won two of them. we still have a ski team. it will be like the first army showing up in sochi.
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listen, andrew luck winning that game last saturday, why is that going to last? because we had a leading man. she was going to be the leading woman and it would have given people a chance to remember, she's a little bit more than tiger woods' girlfriend. >> if you look at the statement, there is no surrender. this is live to ski another day. she really thinks she can come back and compete in the championships in vail next year. >> when athletes believe -- matt, this is the first turn of the olympics. you watch them fly down those mountains and you can't believe it and you think she would do it on the damaged knee and maybe this extra time will give her a chance for us to see her at her best. >> a lot of the pundits will say is she finished at 29? it makes you feel old, doesn't it? >> a little bit. >> thanks, matt. let's go over to savannah. the other big story we're following, that cold snap. we have the nation covered from
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the midwest to the deep south. nbc's dylan dreier is in minneapolis where it is minus 12. she's got how the people are coping. good morning to you. >> reporter: it is very cold out here right now, but it is ten degrees wammer than it was just 24 hours ago so that's an improvement, but this extreme cold has a vice grip on the upper midwest and at this point even temperatures around zero would be welcome relief. bitter, brutal, bone-chilling, a deep freeze making for big-time misery for millions. >> i think it's kind of ridiculous. i'm totally not used to it. >> reporter: but who wants to get used to this? in the midwest, many schools are closing again today. authorities want folks to stay indoors unless it's an emergency. >> take the severity of this weather seriously. >> reporter: in chicago motorists are calling aaa 650 times an hour.
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>> we have never seen anything like it. >> reporter: across the country, record low temperatures from 16 below in chicago, minus 14 in burlington, iowa and negative 13 in fort wayne, indiana. it was 10 degrees in little rock, arkansas and 22 in austin, texas. air travel is one big headache, too. one in ten plane departure, more than 3700 flights canceled monday. >> i've been at this airport for about 12 hours. i'm exhausted. >> reporter: still, these frigid conditions can bring out some of the best in the human spirit. here in minneapolis at the youth drop-in center we saw staffers like carly working 24/7 to help out. >> we have safe and warm space for our youth to be. for many homeless teens it's a place to find people who care. >> it's a safe environment
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especially when it's cold outside. >> reporter: warm hearts making the cold just a little less tough to take. seeing how dangerous it is to be outside and i'm telling you that while i'm outside and just so you know, my crew and i are totally prepared for this cold. i have three fleece layers of pants on, three shirts and on top of that i have ski pants. i have this ridiculously warm down coat. i don't have any skin showing, in fact, i keep this pulled up to my eyes until right before i come on and if that's not enough my car is parked over there and it's jacked up to 90 degrees so we're taking all will precautions and we're being very safe out here, matt. >> keeping in mind, this is minneapolis. they're used have very cold weather in the winter and i'm looking at the street either you're standing on a closed street because there isn't traffic behind you. is the city somewhat deserted this morning because of the cold? >> reporter: there's not a lot going. you certainly don't see foot traffic, that's for sure. there's been a couple of cars. the roads are so icet and good cars, that are going down the
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street the wheels are still spinning every time they turn. the city is pretty shut down right now. >> dylan dreier in minneapolis for us this morning. thank you very much. so when will things begin to warm up. al has made his way outside. al? >> hey, matt, thank you so much. right now it's 9 degrees in new york city. the record, we set the record this morning and the record was 6 in 1896. look at the temperature change in the last 24 hours. this time yesterday it was 43 degrees warmer in new york city. 37 degrees warmer in boston. we've got 20 states with windchill warnings, 32 states with windchill watches or advisories so it is bitterly cold. the polar vortex, what everyone has been talking about, it is right along the u.s.-canadian border and that has pushed this dangerously cold airway south and way east. so we're used to it feeling like
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40 below in green bay and 35 below in detroit and it feels like 8 below in boston, 9 below in d.c., 2 below in atlanta and 21 in jacksonville. well, the good news is tomorrow morning temperatures start to moderate in the south. here in the northeast, as well. the windchill is not quite so bad and also as you get into the midwest and even better news by the time we get to the latter part of the week this thing retreats back to where it belongs up along the north pole and a zonal flow coming across from west to east and temperatures warming up to where they should be by sunday and we'll actually see temperatures about 5 to 10 degrees above normal in some spots. that's what's going on now. let's go back inside to natalie. >> thanks so much, al. in the news this morning a federal judge has cancelled a hearing canceled for today in the case of the 13-year-old california girl brain dead after tonsil surgery.
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jahai mcmath, the girl is being given nutritional support, hormones and antibiotics at an undisclosed facility. janet yellen has been confirmed as the first woman to chair the federal reserve, maching history. there was a 56 to 26 vote. yellen replaces ben bernanke who served as chairman for eight years. the 67-year-old yellen has been vice chair of the nation's central bank since 2010 and she'll talk over the top job on february 1st when she begins a four had of year term. the florida congressman who admitted to buying cocaine from an undercover federal agent will return to congress today. republican trey radel pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor cocaine possession charge. several republicans have called for his resignation. a gas station attendant is recovering after a wild and fiery crash. all of this caught on camera. take a look. the security camera video shows
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an elderly driver pull into a gas station, he hits the gas instead of the brakes lifting the attendant on to the hood of his car and throws him on to the ground. the car also wiped out a gas pump bursting into flames. the 83-year-old driver was not injured. the florida state seminoles are celebrating their first national championship in 14 years after beating auburn monday night in the bcs title game. this one certainly lives up it all of the hype. the seminoles were down by four late in the fourth quarter when lavonte whitfield returned a kickoff 100 yards. auburn had the lead in the last two minutes and it was that touchdown pass with just 13 seconds to go that sealed the deal for the seminoles. they win it 34-31 and the party
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is on from pasadena to tallahassee. congratulations. super game. well played. it is now 7:12 pacific time and let's send it back over to al with more of your weather. >> thanks so much, natalie. and it's cold. anyway, let's go out west. we have a system making its way into the pacific northwest. this thing will start pushing its way to the east. seattle you will have showers and 46. los angeles, 69 degrees, partly cloudy in phoenix. look for some snow showers in billings and 34 degrees. all in all, not a bad day out west. the rest of the country we will be looking at snow showers making its way across the plains and look for lots of sunshine here in the east, just really, really cold. we're looking at light snow making its way through the great ♪ [ female announcer ] now your most dazzling accessory can be your smile. with colgate optic white dual action toothpaste. its dual action formula
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shines and whitens over two shades more than a leading whitening toothpaste. ♪ so with colgate optic white dual action the only accessory you need to shine is your smile. colgate optic white dual action. whiter teeth in one week. try optic white mouthwash. to whiten more, use the whole line from colgate optic white. 7:14. good tuesday morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. full blanket of low clouds over the greater bay area. 45 degrees in san jose, 51 in san francisco, overall running milder by about 5 to 8 degrees in this time yesterday. you can see all of those clouds moving in, part of an area of low pressure that's going to bring our temperatures out of the 60s and back down to the 50s as we head throughout the next couple days. expecting showers thursday morning, we get the best chance. showers early thursday. and that's your latest weather. >> all right, al. thank you very much. now to an infamous break-in.
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the unsolved theft of government documents from an fbi office just outside of philadelphia. more than 40 years later, the burglars are coming forward for the first time in a new book and documentary, and they're speaking out to nbc news. here's our national investigative correspondent michael isikoff. ♪ >> reporter: a mystery for 43 years. the night of the nation was gripped by the fight of the century, ali-frazier at madison square garden. burglars broke into this fbi office outside philadelphia in march 1971 and stole 1,000 secret documents. the culprits, never found. >> somebody had to do it. >> now a surprise confession. >> we just took all the files. we didn't sort anything. >> in an exclusive nbc news interview, the burglars anti-vietnam war activists admit they committed the crime to expose what they believed were illegal activities by the fbi.
7:16 am
>> massive illegal surveillance and intimidation. >> bonnie raines cased the office posing as a college student, leaving no fingerprints. >> i never took my gloves off. >> her husband john raines, a retired religion professor drove the getaway car. >> i was sitting by myself in the station wagon and i was getting very, very scared. >> the documents exposed fbi effort to expose paranoia and cointelpro, a program started by then director j. edgar hoover. betty metzger was the first to get the the do you means in her mailbox and she wrote "the are abouting lary" and how it led to political snooping. >> it's safe to say that the fbi was never the same again. >> the statute of limitation says has long expired, but patrick kelly, the ex-agent who investigated the case back then that the theft remains inexcusable. >> they're rationalizing a criminal act.
7:17 am
i don't believe such people have the right to take upon themselveses and make decisions. >> but the raines are proud of what they did and have a message for the man they see as their modern-day counterpart. >> from one whistle-blower to another whistle more. hi. >> for "today," michael isikoff, nbc news, washington. we'll move on to another interesting trial that revealed nigella lawson. they were acquitted of ringing up more than $1 million worth of expenses and this morning they're speak out on british television. michelle kosinski is live. good morning to you. >> reporter: a truly ugly, very personal legal battle. they're facing possibly years in prison. the grillo sisters first vilified in the british press and vindicated in court say they wish nigella well. >> this has been an unfortunate affair for everybody. >> yeah.
7:18 am
>> no win. no winners in this situation. >> you maintained you did nothing wrong. >> we did nothing wrong. no. >> francesca and elizabeth grillo worked for nigella lawson for more than a decade. >> it's not fun for her. it's not fun for us. it's not fun for anyone involved. >> after being accused of fraud of nigella and her husband of spending more than $1 million, in court they more than held their own. gave detailed information for virtually every single expense that nigella herself authorized and many of which, they testified were not for themselves. >> at any point that you bought anything on these credit cards that you possibly retrospectively think i shouldn't have maybe purchased that? >> no. >> what were the ground rules? >> there were no ground rules. >> the courtroom battles on nigella and her ex attacking each other and nigella forced to admit to the world that she used
7:19 am
cocaine on occasion and smoked marijuana with her children. >> she was very brave to do so and good for her for doing so, but i didn't feel guilty. >> reporter: it's been tough timing. nigella just launched a new cooking show in america as well as here in the uk with interesting promos. the grillo sisters may have been tried and found not guilty, but the headlines were always nigella and what unfortunate personal details emerged about her life. >> nigella has also since spoken out calling this whole experience a mort phiing, ridiculous sideshow in which she herself was on trial. >> i'm sure she she's glad to see that in the rear-view mirror. >> let's turn to carson. >> let's talk about the cold weather. there was a different type of freezing that occurred las vegas as michael bay was giving a presentation for samsung in the consumer electronics show. the teleprompter went a skew and here's what happened.
7:20 am
>> hollywood is a place that creates a viewer escape, and what i try to do as a director, i try to -- the type is all off, sorry, but i'll just wing this. >> tell us what you think. we'll wing it right now. >> the curve, how do you think it will impact how viewers experience your movies? >> excuse me. i'm sorry. i'm sorry. >> okay. ladies and gentlemen, let's thank michael bay for joining us. >> a bit of stage fright there. the director left, went to his blog and later posted this saying, wow! i just embear assed myself at ces, i got so excited to talk and then the teleprompter got lost. i guess live shows aren't my thing. that is buzzing this morning. we'll have more from mario armstrong this hour. >> what's good is that it's an
7:21 am
embarrassing moment and the video doesn't live on. >> that's trending at the top of carson's social rank there. the polar vortex. >> our favorite new term in the weather world. >> yeah, baby. >> nice, carson. thank you very much. >> i'm not sure you can make it up, polar vortex. >> coming up in these freezing temperature, information that could save your life. jeff rossum takes the the plunge on thin ice to show you how to survive. and the new controversy facing the so-called tiger mom. what she's saying in her new book about why she says some succeed in life. this is "today" on nbc.
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coming up, we've got much more on the brutal cold that has every state but hawaii dealing with
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with the new toyota tundra. toyota. let's go places. good tuesday morning to you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. the two men accused of brutally beating bryan stow outside dodger stadium in 2011 return to court today a. preliminary hearing for marvin norwood and luis sanchez is expected this morning. in 2012 the men pleaded not guilty multiple counts, bryan stow a south bay paramedic suffered serious head injury in the attack and spent more than two years in the hospital and rehab and was only recently moved from a rehab facility into his parents' home. also back in court the man accused of setting a fire at the chinese consulate in san francisco. yan feng turned himself in after this video began circulating. in court a defense attorney will
7:27 am
likely be appointed for him. according to documents he said he targeted the consulate because he had been hearing voices in chinese. let's see what christina has to say. >> good morning to you. definitely a lot more comfortable on the west coast. 45 degrees in san jose. you're at 42 in livermore, 35 in kor cord. it's chilly out there. we have low clouds blanketing the bay area and high and mid level clouds. in this live picture, i want to show you the same beautiful sun rise from san francisco this morning. all these clouds are part of an area of low pressure moving in slated to bring us showers as we head throughout thursday morning. for today, temperatures ending up in the mid-60s, all across the bay area. we set your future cast in motion. wye meet back on thursday morning all the way down in the south bay. let's check the drive. >> we're seeing a good traffic flow coming back in, north 101 at 680. the map shows you the same
7:28 am
situation. top right corner there slowing for 85 and 280. not as severe but we have slowing north 101, an earlier crash caused a backup slowing all the way up to the scene. another crash may have followed but looks like it's on the shoulder as well. a slower drive south 880 south of san lorenzo. all lanes are now filling in. >> thank you. i'll be back with another local update for you in about a half hour.
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7:30 am
♪ 7:30 now on a tuesday morning, january 7th, 2014. lady antebellum has it right, baby, it's cold outside. one of the coldest days across the country in some 20 years. >> wow. i'm so tempted to say it's so cold that -- thank you. i knew you would have sm. so many jokes. >> i saw a chicken with a cape on. well, here's some of the headlines we've got this morning and they are tied to the cold, of course. three amtrak trains carrying more than 500 people were stranded in snow outside chicago overnight. crews are working to unload all of those passengers. and arrangements are being made to get them safely to chicago. public schools are closed in cities like minneapolis and
7:31 am
atlanta. many other school districts across the west are delayed opening. and temperatures in chicago are so low, yes, even the polar bear at the lincoln park zoo has been moved inside. >> they don't make polar bears like they used to. >> right? all right. well, just ahead, she is all right. well, just ahead, she is back and stirring up even more controversy. remember the so-called tiger mom? she caused all the controversy with her strict rules for raising her kids. once again, coming under fire. coming up, she's got claims she's making about certain cultural groups and how they may be better. so -- >> a lot of buzz. >> all right. well, our good buddy ryan seacrest making a return to studio 1a. how the new judges panel is getting along on "american idol." plus, ryan's big plans for the golden globes and the winter olympic games. let's begin this half hour
7:32 am
with a warning. with these subzero temperatures, there's danger lurking on lakes and ponds, we're talking about thin ice. today national investigative correspondent jeff rossen has more on that. good morning to you. >> good morning. with these crazy low temperatures, you may think the ice is thick and safe to walk out on, but don't be fooled. thin ice is everywhere, breaking without warning. kids playing on ponds, falling in, people chasing their pets on to the ice, crashing down, and once you're trapped under water, under that ice, the clock is ticking. this morning, i'm going in to show you how to get out alive. one minute i'm walking on a frozen pond, the next -- the ice cracks open, sucking me under, the water is bone-chilling. >> when the water touches your face, it's debilitating. >> reporter: it's a dangerous scene playing out every winter
7:33 am
from california -- >> give me the rope. >> reporter: -- to new jersey. from people to pets. >> come here. let me get it, okay. >> reporter: suzanne myer got trapped trying to save her dogs. they got loose and p ran on to this frozen pond out back. the ice cracked and they fell in. so suzanne ran on to the pond to save them. >> two seconds later, crack, boom, i'm in the water. 12 feet under. >> that fast? >> that fast. >> her husband saw it and called 911. it took rescuers to pull suzanne and the dogs out. >> you thought you were going to die here? >> well, i knew i was going to die here. i was so terrified. >> reporter: and i'm about to find out just how terrifying it is. we teamed up with certified rescuers to show you how to get out alive. we had an ambulance on standby and rescue trainer jerry by my
7:34 am
side. i walked out on to the frozen pond, and in an instant, i'm under. >> oh, that is cold. >> reporter: survival tip number one, put your hand over your mouth and nose the moment you go in. >> if you take a breath of cold water, it's going to shut down your airway and you're going to stop breathing, cardiac arrest will follow shortly after that. >> if i wasn't wearing this suit right now, what would be happening? >> if you had regular clothing, they would become heavy very quickly and it's going to suck you right under the ice. >> reporter: and once you're trapped under the ice, your chance of survival plummets. all this as your arms and legs go numb. >> i'm a good swimmer and this is harder than i thought. >> reporter: i can't get a grip on the ice. survival tip number two, carry ice picks if you're planning to play on a frozen lake or pond. the metal spikes dig in so you can pull yourself out. they cost only a few dollars at
7:35 am
outdoor stores. >> just short, choppy strokes. and once you're out, you need to roll away from the hole. >> yep. >> roll away because we're distributing our weight across the ice. good job. >> reporter: what do you do if your friend or relative falls in? here's what not to do. watch this dramatic video from california. that man falls through the ice, bystanders try to get him out, then they fall in, too. one after the other, after the other. survival tip number three, stay onshore and try a rescue from there. >> take a rope and can throw it to the victim. >> a rope or branch or anything. >> tell him to wrap it around his wrist and help pull him out. >> that way you're safe and i'm safe, too. >> that's correct. >> nice to be out of the water. here's the problem, lakes and ponds freeze in patches, even on
7:36 am
the same pond, one section may have thick ice, a few feet away, dangerous, thin ice. you can't tell. the best advice is to stay off the ice entirely. but if you have to go on it, for some reason your kids have to play on the ice, there are a couple of things you can do. seems very simple, but go out -- wake up. out with a whistle so you can call for help. >> and speaking of coats, this is a great one. >> you can buy this at outdoor stores, as well. it's not bad. it's sort of stylish, looks like a regular ski jacket, called a float coat. one of the most dangerous things, if you get sucked under the ice, this will keep you floating to the top and keep your head above water. very important. >> which can give you a few extra seconds to survive. great information. really appreciate it. there's your whistle. >> all right. let's turn to mr. roker right now. >> jeff, that was really impressive. great information. and this kind of weather makes that ice even more dangerous because we get that brutal cold, you get a sheet of ice on top.
7:37 am
then we get the fog that's going to come and that makes it more dangerous. you look at the brutally cold temperatures. the bottom of the world, the south pole right now, it is seven degrees, cloudy, ice crystals. who's worse than the south pole? how about minneapolis? it's minus 12. chicago, you're minus 10, you're colder than the south pole. cleveland, we've got mostly cloudy skies and a temperature of 8 degrees below zero. and another system's going to be making its way. right now, it's in the pacific northwest. but as we move through the week, you're going to see this thing spreading out snow ahead of it. and an icy mix as we get on into wednesday and thursday, as well. that's what's 7:37. all things in perspective. take a look at chicago, negative 8 degrees. san jose, 45 degrees to start the day. we do have changes headed our way. you'll notice plenty of clouds overhead. a blanket making it feel warmer.
7:38 am
throughout this afternoon still highs unseasonably mild for this time of year. ending up in the 60s. 65 for the north bay, 67 in the east bay and south bay 64 degrees. we are still tracking a slight chance for showers as we get into thursday morning. >> you mentioned the south pole? >> yes, exactly. >> everyone knows there are no polar bears in the south pole. why did i say that? >> well, the real estate is so much cheaper. >> yeah. it was a split-second decision, anything for a joke. >> that's a preemptive strike against twitter. >> exactly. >> tweeters, she knows. >> i know. thank you very much. coming up next, the new controversy that the tiger mom finds herself in this morning. we'll tell you about it right after this. ♪ ♪ ♪ ooh, la la
7:39 am
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7:43 am
weather. well, the so-called tiger mom is at it again. she started a fire storm in 2011 with her strict rules for raising successful children. and now, early word about claims she's making in her new book have people up in arms. here's kristen dahlgren with the story. >> reporter: she's the mother who created a global parenting debate and turned tiger mom into a cultural catch phrase. >> here are some things my daughters were never allowed to do. attend a sleepover, have a play date, watch tv or play computer games. >> reporter: so it's no surprise that her next book "the triple package: how three unlikely traits explain the rise and fall of cultural groups in america" is already causing an internet uproar. before it's even released. the jacket of the book states, despite americans' ideas about equality, some groups in this country do better than others. it goes on to say cultural
7:44 am
groups like cubans, nigerians, jews, mormons, and chinese-americans are successful based on three shared traits. a superiority complex, insecurity and impulse control. and early review in the "new york post" calls it an incendiary thesis. criticism quickly erupted online saying the 1920s called and want their theorys back. >> once you've had a book that's gotten so much press for being, you know, confrontational, for being divisive, then it's not surprising to me that you would answer -- you would sort of double down. >> reporter: in materials released by the publisher, the authors take on the criticism, asked if the book reinforces stereotypes, saying it debunks them saying success disappears after a few generations disproving biological differences between races. the book also describes the,
7:45 am
quote, dark underside of taking a trait like a superiority complex to an extreme. and more positive reviews adding, we look forward to a thoughtful discussion about the book in america. for "today," kristen dahlgren, nbc news, new york. >> well, starting a conversation. >> after the first little round with her, you figure she kind of had to figure out a way to top herself. and she apparently has done that. >> the book's not released until february 4th, but she'll be here along with her husband on monday, february 3rd, to talk about it. we'll ask her about the controversy. coming up on "trending," proof it may be impossible for a very attractive woman to create an online dating profile that doesn't land her dates. we'll explain that. all right. are you ready to wear your computer? carson has the hottest trends at this year's consumer electronics show. we're ready to geek out right
7:46 am
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7:50 am
i love the consumer electronics show that's happening right now, and carson's checking in on it. >> it's often referred to as the super bowl of technology. hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world, go to las vegas and officially gets kicked off today. our good buddy mario armstrong is in vegas now. one of the hot trends this year, they say, at ces are gadgets that you wear. who are you wearing, good friend? >> i'm on the red carpet here at ces, man. over 30 football fields of exhibit space here. i'm wearing cool technology. first things first, this is called the run phone. this is a headphones embedded into a head band. so it's great for cyclists, fitness, running, jogging, you can take the speakers out, wash this. that's really cool. the other thing that you might love, carson, golfing. this is a sensor made that goes
7:51 am
on to a golf club, swings, it'll instantly analyze that swing for me. i can look at it in 3d, i can also look at graphs and charts, check that information out. these things are replaceable, sensors on our back, all sorts of things. and of course, i'm wearing fitness band. new things like jawbone and others. smart watches are big, like the samsung gallery, i can take a picture with this connected to my phone. and something new and different is smart jewelry. this is blue tooth jewelry that can connect to your phone. women out there, making rings, bracelets, pendants that gives you a discreet way to leave the phone in your purse or bag, but see different images for those special callers. a lot of exciting stuff at ces. >> welm, thank you very much. you look ridiculous, mario, but that was fantastic information. you did it for us and the viewers, we know. >> i'm actually just getting a
7:52 am
call. >> i want the blue tooth jewelry. if you lose your jewelry, your phone finds it or something like that. >> there's an idea. >> hold on. i've got a fax coming in. >> carson, thank you. i don't want to know the rest of that. just ahead, ever imagine what alex trebeck would sound like as a rapper. imagine no more. plus, natalie and i share our passion projects for the year. and ryan seacrest is here and he'll hang with us for an entire half hour. i don't know how he has time because he has 18 jobs, but he's going to hang with us. ding!
7:53 am
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a very good tuesday morning to you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. this morning we're learning the priest who was beaten to death in his church on new year's day has ties to the bay area. reverend freed spent three years as a chaplain at st. francis high school in mountain view from fall 2002 to spring 2005. his body was found in the rectory on january 1. police arrested gary bullock for the murder but not revealed a motive. st. francis high school will hold a memorial mass on sunday. it will be at brothers' chapel at the high school starting at 11:00 a.m. father freed also served as a vicar at st. thomas church in cotati. let's check with forecast. >> good morning to you. temperatures are running milder at this hour. you'll probably notice that when
7:57 am
you walk out your door. 46 in san jose. 41 san martin. san francisco at 51 degrees. take a look at this from san bruno overlooking the city. lots of low clouds in the forecast. onshore flow has increased. you have the same cloudy sky. minus the low clouds over san jose. as we head throughout the day today, limited sunshine means a cooler afternoon, nonetheless we're still going to hit highs unseasonably mild for this time of year. 65 in the north bay. along the peninsula 63 with a chance of rain. you'll see it on the seven-day. here's mike. >> a chance at least of slowing because of all of the folks returning to the san mateo bridge here with the headlights off. westbound approaching 101. look at the map you see that volume of traffic translating to a slow drive for west 92 through the hills, south 101 slow out of san mateo and into san mateo i should say from the san francisco area. the other side of the bay jammed, an earlier crash, all
7:58 am
lanes are clear but a slower drive.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, a deep freeze blankets millions as 49 states hit the freezing mark today. al, natalie and willie reveal their projects near and dear to their hearts giving back to communities and people in need. what are the best and worst diets? we'll have the science behind the weight loss today, tuesday, january 7th, 2014. >> baby, it's cold outside. >> hi to my mom in minnesota. >> hey, y'all in alabama.
8:01 am
>> new york city! brr! >> where did everyone go? good morning, everyone, i'm savannah guthrie alongside matt lauer, carson daly. nobody! >> our senior producer -- >> where did he go? come over here. i want to let you in on something. we're going to stand out here for the next five minutes and introduce reports from around the country on the cold. we could do that from the inside, but tom, senior producer for the "today" show wanted us to do it out here. so i invited him out here to join us. >> you came out without a hat, no gloves, no nothing. >> normally he's not wearing pants. >> we did have a couple of brave souls out here a while ago, we moved them into the green room, the orange room. look at that with the fire going
8:02 am
and ryan seacrest keeping them warm. we'll be checking in with ryan in a second. >> 74 degrees inside. >> that's fabulous. >> it may be 72 by the time you get back. >> that's really nice, ryan. >> you know what all this cold weather has me longing for? >> what's that? >> los angeles. we're going out there. we're going to head out there for the golden globes this coming weekend. savann savannah, carson and i will be hosting the preview show on the red carpet starting at 7:00 eastern time, 4:00 pacific time. and you promised it's going to be warm. >> it's going to be warm. i hope they move it to hawaii. >> get you in the mood for the golden globes, a little trivia. >> i was about to apologize because i feel like my nose is running and i'm not going to be aware of it. >> it's your eye. >> carson's leaking. >> i miss you, mom. i miss you, california. >> let me give you quick trivia. >> make it fast. >> who won the most individual
8:03 am
globes. a, jack nicholson, oliver stone, meryl streep -- >> individual? >> nicholson or streep? >> i think meryl. matt? >> i'm going to go with meryl. >> that's right. she's won eight and nominated again this year for her performance in "august: osage county." >> if you want to find out if meryl breaks the record, don't forget our special begins 7:00 eastern and the golden globes at 8:00 eastern, 5:00 pacific. and savannah and i will be live in los angeles and carson for our coverage starting at 7:00 a.m. >> bright and early. >> all the winners for you. >> can we wrap this up now? >> can we wrap it up? >> let's go to natalie inside for a check of -- >> no, no. >> no. >> gabe in atlanta. >> trying to get us inside, guys, i'm sorry. >> what about me? >> he's in atlanta where, believe it or not, the temperatures have dipped way down low, as well, even though
8:04 am
they are down south. gabe, good morning to you. >> reporter: matt, good morning. we may not have it as bad as midwest, but those of us in the south aren't used to these cold temperatures. this thermometer hovering around six degrees right now. the windchill factor feels much colder than that. this morning, atlantic public schools are shut down. >> reporter: overnight, the bone-chilling temperatures prompting the city of atlanta to open this temporary warming center. >> it's just an issue of life and death, i think. >> reporter: today, windchills will make temperatures feel like the single digits or below all across the south. >> we're not used to it at all. >> reporter: citrus growers in florida appear to have dodged the worst of it, but growers in louisiana rush to pick their oranges ahead of the polar plunge. >> we've still got between 4,000 and 5,000 boxes of fruit. >> reporter: the water supply for the entire city of west memphis froze. in parts of georgia, snow.
8:05 am
this zoo in albany closed. not an easy time to be a lemur or landscaper. >> probably got about six or seven shirts, two jackets and two or three pairs of pants. >> reporter: call it southern discomfort. >> this is the first time i've felt like it's winter since i moved down here. >> reporter: our local affiliate wxia is reporting a few water main breaks already this morning. temperatures are expected to go into the 20s later today but aren't expected to crack the freezing mark until tomorrow afternoon, guys, back to you. >> gabe gutierrez, down in atlanta this morning, gabe, thank you very much. >> by the way, guess what, we just broke a record in new york city. it's five above, breaking the record of six back in 1896. way to go, new york! >> with the wind. >> now's a good time for me to pull my michael bay. >> we're right behind you. let's go to natalie with the top stories this morning. >> come on in, guys.
8:06 am
come on and get warmed up. a showdown in the senate today with a vote on extending jobless benefits for the long-term unemployed. democrats lined up behind the bill described as a top white house priority, but many republicans were reluctant to support it without changes that would offset the cost. the measure would extend benefits for three months. the vote was postponed monday night because of bad weather. a bus with nine passengers onboard was left dangling over a loading dock after crashing into an office building monday in boise, idaho. the driver says he lost control when his brakes failed and the bus also hit trees, light poles and street signs before coming to a stop. nobody was seriously injured. dozens of people were injured when the ferocious weather that has been pounding europe kicked up huge waves off the coast of portugal. and this home video shows people running for safety monday as the waves engulfed cars and seaside homes. a giant wave in france swept one woman out to sea. clouds of hot ash from a simmering volcano are now
8:07 am
destroying the homes and crops of those forced to evacuate. officials are on high alert if a major eruption. more than 22,000 people are staying in temporary shelters. there's new guidance today for anyone serious about healthier eating now in the new year. the so-called dash diet was chosen as the healthiest overall eating plan in the latest u.s. news and world report survey. it stresses eating more fruits, vegetables, whole grains while cutting down on salt. weight watchers got the top honors for best and easiest overall weight loss and the mediterranean diet was rated the best plant-based diet. there's a new man on campus in great britain. prince william traveled by train in london this morning to begin his ten-week course in agricultural management. it'll prepare him to run the vast estate he'll inherit. he'll make the commute most days but also a private residence in town.
8:08 am
it is 8:07 right now. let's get you caught up on the weather. once again, here's al inside. much warmer. >> much, much warmer. matt, look at this, 20 states with windchill warnings, 22 states with windchill watches. it is rough out there. and these are hazardous windchills. right now, new york, five degrees, you have a wind speed of 30, it's a windchill of 19, you can get frostbite in 30 minutes. we go to chicago, it's 14 below, a wind speed of 20, a windchill of 40 below, you can have exposed skin freeze in ten minutes. green bay, 19 below, a 25-mile-per-hour wind they have right now, it's a windchill of almost 50 below. you can have your skin freeze in five to ten minutes. and we've got, again, the polar vortex, this big cold core of air that's come down and it's bringing those winds right across the great lakes picking up the warmer water and dropping it down in tons of snow. and, in fact, look at these snowfall amounts in parts of
8:09 am
western new york. oswego, 6 to 9 inches, 5 feet of snow between watertown, richland over the next 24 hours. . at's what's goin 8:09, good tuesday morning. temperatures right now mostly in the 40s and 50s. we'll see a nice day today. temperatures will climb into the mid-60s. finally much needed rainfall. we see a shower or two throughout the afternoon. a better chance thursday. all the way through shoean jose santa rosa. ave a fantastic day. weather. and boy, it feels a lot toastier here. >> a little body heat this morning. thanks, guys. coming up next on "trending." the woman who created what may
8:10 am
be the worst online dating profile ever. and guess what, she got a date from it. and al, natalie, and willie will reveal their shine a light project for 2014. >> and this guy, ryan seacrest joins us this half hour. we'll talk to you about "american idol," your figure skating career and what you'll do at the golden globes this weekend. right after this. hey, i'm headed to mcdonald's -- how do you take your coffee? [ sarah ] with an egg white delight mcmuffin. okay. [ cellphone rings ] [ jill ] 1 cream, 1 sugar, 1 egg white delight mcmuffin. uh-huh. [ jon ] a little sugar and an egg mcmuffin. [ cellphone rings ] [ sighs ] welcome to mcdonald's, how can i help you? [ sam ] large mccafe coffee -- and an egg white delight mcmuffin. [ male announcer ] mcdonald's fresh-brewed mccafe coffee and the freshly-grilled egg white delight mcmuffin. great apart, but amazing together. so, how do you take yours? [ cellphone rings ] there's something for everyone to love at mcdonald's. ♪
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almond breeze. almondiciously good! all right. we're back at 8:15. cozy inside with what's trending today. have you seen the new issue of "vanity fair"? >> no, i have not. >> jimmy fallon with a few of his super model friends. you know he's going to be the host of the "tonight show" starting next month. he for this shoot took one for the team. parading around new york with super models scantily clad. >> if you're going to do a cover, do a cover. it has articles? in the articles, tina fey reveals his big secret that he actually likes talking to people. and now jimmy's new show has released the new promo. take a look. >> you ready for this?
8:16 am
>> this february, the tradition continues. >> it's going to be a party. >> and a new era begins. >> i like to call him -- >> jimmy told "vanity fair" if all goes well, the "tonight show" will be his last job. and if it doesn't go well, it'll be his last job, also. he set it up. >> can't wait for that. well, as you may know, january's a big month for finding love and online dating. one woman tried to try an experiment. she calls the worst online dating profile ever to see how many men would respond. here's what her profile said. first, she used a real photo of a beautiful friend who happens to be a super model or a model, but then littered her profile with obnoxious comments and spelling errors. >> she said she spends a lot of time thinking about designing a line of dog close with matching
8:17 am
iphone cases. how she spelled it, by the way. and she wrote, so glad they're making another "grown ups" movie. guys should message her if they're rich. how many do you think responded? >> a bunch. over 500. really? >> yeah. this does not shock me. >> and apparently she responded back with more obnoxious comments and they still kept coming back -- >> because guys think they can fix her. >> no. >> these are projects. >> she's a fixer upper, right? >> yeah. >> we love this next one, our friend alex trebeck usually playing it straight on "jeopardy," but recently he got jiggy with it on the show, one of them was a rap that forced him to rap famous lyrics. how many of these guys do you know? >> nothing but a gthang, this doctor rapped never let me slip because if i slip i'm slipping.
8:18 am
>> who was it? >> i was going to rap with you. this is a jam for all the fellas, do what those ladies tell us. >> all right. hold on, boys, one more. >> show off. >> i made change from a common thief to up close and personal with robin leach rapped this notorious guy. >> b.i.g. >> notorious. matt lauer. >> this next one's going to be interesting. alex? >> you go ooh and ahh when i jump in my car, people treat me like this hall of fame l.a. center. >> ooh and ahh? >> i don't know either. is that the public enemy? >> kareem abdul-jabbar.
8:19 am
trick question. >> not bad. that should be an app. >> you heard of that, tom? >> all right. that is what's trending today. >> that's what's trending today. right there. in the meantime, more this morning on our shine a light campaign where we pick and support a worthy cause throughout the year. >> matt and savannah got us started on monday with their mission to build a playground for kids with no safe place to play. now it is time for us to reveal what al, willy and i will be focusing on in 2014. >> i'd like to shine a light on the fact that we still have a lot of american troops in harm's way. and i want them to know they're remembered. you are the ones who are going to be the center point of this surge. >> reporter: a few years ago,
8:20 am
matt and i went to afghanistan. and you see it on tv, but nothing can prepare you for what these men and women are dealing with. your life is constantly dangerous. you don't know who you can trust. it's a really difficult life. the usa provides a lot of support to our nation's troops. and one of the offshoots has been the uso. >> i want you boys to see what you're fighting for. >> i always remember that iconic image of bob hope standing in front of usgis. and you watch the faces of those troops and how appreciative they were. i'd like to be part of a uso tour. doing the weather doesn't exactly -- i mean, hey, you can headline a uso tour. i don't think the troops really
8:21 am
want to see me do a forecast, but i would like to try to bring a little bit of home to these men and women who have been away. >> terror in boston. >> chaos, debris flying in their faces. >> the boston marathon bombings. that story really touched me to the core because it could have been any one of us standing there. i would like to make a difference in helping remember the victims. they have done so much in the last year to get their lives back together again. they've shown us their strength, their resilience, their courage. >> i know i have a ways to go, but i know i'm going to get there. >> i've gotten to know over the course of the year of one of the victims in the family -- >> everything kind of overwhelms you, but i have to -- i know in my heart that i'm going to be okay. >> i'm making it my goal to run the boston marathon in
8:22 am
solidarity but also raising money, helping raise awareness that the struggles continue. they've shown us not only how to be boston strong but america strong. >> when you have 1 in 5 american children living in poverty, you have a massive problem. you have an epidemic. homelessness is happening all over the country, of course, right here in our backyard in new york city, it's a great depression level, kids out on the street fending for themselves. that's happening right now. >> across the country, there are a lack of shelter beds with mattress to mattress or limited space, sometimes families are separated. >> i think what people don't realize is the condition a lot of children are living in. there are holes in the walls, leaks in faucets. not enough space for kids. we can do better than that. >> oh, that looks so good.
8:23 am
is that for me, destiny? is that for me? >> what we want to do is go into one of these homeless shelters and make it a good, happy, safe place for families and children that live there. that's what i want to do. >> shine a light. >> because we can. and so can you. >> those are all really good causes. >> yeah. >> it's going to be great. >> got to get working already. >> you've got to get working. >> i know. run, run, run. >> carson's over in the orange room with more on how other people can get involved. >> we hope people are inspired by our year's action. they can get involved b by #shinealight. and you can go to "today".com for all the information. >> thanks very much. now to one of the reasons ryan seacrest is with us. "american idol" kicks off the 13th season next week. >> after more than a decade's worth of auditions, judges, and yes, drama, he is still hunting
8:24 am
for the next big pop star. ryan, good morning to you. >> good morning. good to see you again. >> 13 years, you've got to wrap your head around that. >> it's incredible to think back to the first season where we had kelly clarkson. look at what she's accomplished and now go back and say this is "american idol" for the 13th year is cool. >> did you ever think about leaving? ever come close to leaving? >> never. not a chance. i'm so used to getting up each year and doing that show. and i love the process of going out and meeting somebody like that gentleman there and they've got the talent, seeing them become a star. >> every time you come, there's lots to talk about. you're the co-founder of a company that makes a gadget called the typo. >> yes, sir. >> real quickly, you can attach it to an iphone and get that tactile keyboard kind of like a blackberry and it's kind of like a blackberry part that's making headlines because the blackberry company, the company that owns blackberry is suing your company over this thing. it's a copyright or patent
8:25 am
infringement. >> i'm aware of that but obviously can't comment on that lawsuit. this buddy of mine named lawrence, we created this because we wanted a physical keyboard, wanted to type efficiently and quickly and you can slip it on as a case. >> answer this question. fight it or settle it? >> defend it. >> that sounds like fighting it. >> defend it. okay. >> speaking of defending. would you be defending your figure skating title in sochi? >> so i went to learn how to figure skate. it didn't go well, well, for her, but not me. she's a superstar, and she's got a real shot to come back with some nice medals. >> you're going to keep your day jobs, plural. >> i don't know if you guys have done this often or much, i assume you have tried to figure skate, but the balance thing and stopping thing, that was an issue thing. >> that's what the judges look
8:26 am
for. balance thing and stopping thing. >> ryan, it's great to catch up. coming . a very good tuesday morning to you, i'm laura garcia-cannon. the deep freeze ka causing flight delays around the country. while the delays are bad news for travelers, they're pretty good news for local business. hotels say they're enjoying extra guests. managers say the capacity flux waits with what's goes on at the airport. right now they're packed. that means more customers at local bars, restaurants, and using taxi services as well. compared to the other folks in the mid wets, no problem here. san jose looks pretty light, but slow spots sticking around.
8:27 am
we're looking at north 87. it morted quickly to the shoulder. slowing past the scene heading up into downtown. slower for the eastbound south. nothing dramatic, but there was a crash earlier around the 92. oakland look here. slowing down. west 580 also slower. thank you for joining us. another local news update in half an hour. this a great tuesday morning.
8:28 am
i'm detecting increasing levels of happiness. ...and the speed readings are off the chart! paradise found! luscious locks. great glittering galaxies. the happiest place on earth keeps getting happier! explore more, and save up to 25% on select nights at a disneyland resort hotel. there's no end in sight. i'm going to need more time.
8:29 am
8:30 am
tonight, jay is all new with mark wahlberg and jeff foxworthy. and steph you didn't know you needed. >> hey, my eyes are up here. >> and gabrielle union. new leno and new fallon here on nbc. ♪ we're back now. 8:30 on a tuesday morning. there's a view of our plaza in rock fell rockefeller center. the temperature hit 5 degrees, hasn't done that before. and it feels much colder because there's a pretty strong breeze out there. >> that's right. 1896 it was 6 above, so it's been a while.
8:31 am
what was it like when that happened? >> oh. >> that's not nice. that's -- >> i'm sorry. >> i can't believe you said that. >> i know. i feel so badly. >> and savannah had to leave earlier for an assignment. >> she's headed out to los angeles. and we have weeknight recipes you could have on the table in 30 minutes or less. >> and jane pauley is back with the inspirational stories, and how they have actually helped her re-imagine her own life. >> yeah. that's going to be an interesting story because that series has really impacted her. >> but first, more on the breaking news from the world of sports. you have heard it by now, the defending gold medal itself from the women's downhill lindsey vonn announced she is undergoing a new surgery on her injured knee and will not compete in sochi. when team usa heads to sochi, it will be without one of its
8:32 am
fiercest and most famous competitors. lindsey vonn has four world titles and a gold medal from the vancouver games and many thought she'd repeat. but then came the brutal crash at the world championships last february. >> she is down! >> a torn acl and mcl along with a fractured tibia. major knee surgery followed. her surgeon called her recovery remarkable. we kaugd -- caught up with up at the training camp in chile. one of her first time back on skis since the crash. her sights set on sochi. when we sat down with her again in october, we asked why the >> the olympics aren't just about racing, not like a normal world cup race or a normal stop on the tour. you're actually representing your country, not just yourself. you definitely feel that. >> your physical shape you're in right now, how would you describe it?
8:33 am
>> physically, i'm very strong. it's hard to say if i'm the strongest that i have ever been or not. but i have had the longest preparation time i ever had in my career. >> her recovery overshadowed for a time when she went public with her relationship with tiger woods. what made you comfortable enough to people you're a couple? >> well, we wanted to stay under the radar lofor a long time ande as normal as we could. >> she reinjured her knee during a training run in colorado and again in france last month. and while her dreams for glory in sochi may have ended, her drive to compete is endless. >> i'm just not satisfied. i'm just -- i'm not going to sit back and say that's good enough. it's not good enough. i want more. >> you know, she really is one of the fiercest as we mentioned.
8:34 am
the -- competitors i ever met. if you talk to her about easing up or backing off or perhaps not skiing again, she bristles. you can see it in her face or eyes. >> she is determined to make it back. she told you that. don't count her out. unfortunately, in this situation i guess her body -- term healthy. we appreciate that. all right, let's show you what's going on as far as the weather. all in all not too -- watch it, old man. anyway, for today we have sunshine in the east, but awfully chilly. we have weather weather, a storm system into the pacific northwest. single digits, windchills awfully chilly. look at the temperature in san francisco, 58 today. 69 in los angeles. i'm forecasting 60 degrees in it san francisco, just a
8:35 am
couple degrees different from al's forecast, but i can show you now the reason why where. the increased clouds and lack of sunshine, it will be a cooler day. the reason for the increased clouds is an area of low pressure on the way. winter weather returns. look at wednesday and thursday, down in the low 60s to upper 50s. friday we'll climb out just a touch and a nice warm weekend. have a great day. and for more on the polar vortex and your forecast, turn to the weather channel and natalie? >> say that three times fast. thank you, al. well, let's say hello to matt hooper. they are the contestants from "the biggest loser." well, you started off at 356 pounds on the ranch, you lost 93 pounds. how has it been going since then? what have you lost since that? >> at this point, i've lost 120,
8:36 am
i'm at 236. >> good for you. >> and i still have about four, five weeks left before finale. i feel great. >> and half, let's talk about your weight loss. you lost 87 pounds on the ranch. now where are you? >> now i've lost 110 pounds at 293 pounds. >> what has this done in terms of changing your lives? matt, i know you're getting married soon and you wanted to do this for your bride to be. >> well for me, yeah, it was about going into -- being the king of the day. you know, being fit for my wife, my future wife. and now i get to do that. now i get to live that. >> a lot of trips to the tailor in the meantime. >> i've been back to men's wearhouse three times just to see the numbers. >> you've been traveling all the time. has it been hard to do the workouts regularly and keep on track with eating? >> it's definitely hard. i have to do it. i'm kind of in a place right now where i'm forced to eat well, forced to work out.
8:37 am
so the journey has begun on the biggest loser, i don't want it to end after the biggest loser. i want to continue to eat healthy. >> you keep working on that at home prize, as well. good luck to you both and continued success and congratulations on your marriage. >> thank you. >> you can catch "the biggest loser" tonight right here on nbc. coming up next, the power of reimagining the rest of your life. and later, how to heal your dry skin in this freezing winter weather with the polar vortex. but first, this is "today" on nbc. [ female announcer ] shop at safeway now through january 14th
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8:40 am
now jane has written a book based on the series produced in partnership with aarp. it's called "your life calling: reimagining the rest of your life." jane, good morning. nice to see you. >> good morning, matt. >> did you have any idea four years ago when you first started this series that it would touch a nerve with viewers and with you, as well? >> the nerve in me had been touched already. i thought there's a bigger message here. if i do 20 stories, there'll be a book because i think that it's not big enough 3 1/2 minute stories to tell the story we need to tell each other. >> you write in the book about a lot of personal things. and you tell some of the stories that you've told in this series. but then you use those stories to relate to your own personal life. and you've done some reimagining of your own life throughout the years. when you first got the job as co-host of "today" back in 1976. >> yeah. >> it took some reimagining, didn't it? >> i never imagined i would be
8:41 am
there. that's the way lives roll out. it just happened to me. and i did not plan nor was i raised to be barbara walters' successor at the age of 25, which seemed ridiculous to me. i stayed for 13 years, got over feeling too young. but i did feel too young, and it wasn't -- i had to grow into it. now what i'm doing now -- >> it's perfect for your life. it wasn't always perfect. you were pregnant with twins and host of the "today" show. that took some doing. >> well, that's a repeat cycle i think is important to draw attention to. baby boomers were the first to be working women having babies on camera. it wasn't done before joan london on the other one and me on the "today" show five days a week. baby boomers, as we move through the stages of life, change things. that's why i'm here talking. because now we're on a new stage of life and we're doing it again. we're changing things. >> you write in the book about
8:42 am
your career at nbc. you say it was always a success trend when one thing ended, something else was right there for you. >> yeah. >> but you say after your talk show -- >> yeah. >> that trajectory changed. >> yeah. i was kind of waiting for the phone to ring. yeah, jane pauley's available to do something. there were probably three, almost four years of actively searching for something. i didn't exactly know what that something was. >> which, by the way sounds like a line that one of the subjects in your stories would say. >> they were looking for something, yearning for something. i didn't know what it was. i totally related to that. do you remember betsy mccarthy was our first story. she was the knitter, which i thought was bold of us to lead off with a knitter. but betsy said she did a lot of floundering around. it's not obvious to people what they're yearning for what that
8:43 am
it is. >> one of the things that has called you in your life of late. you've become kind of vocal about bipolar disorder, something you were diagnosed with. and having known you for a lot of years, it surprised me you were so willing to talk about it because you're a very private person. >> there was no reason to share my private life until i had an illness for which i knew there weren't too many people volunteering to be, you know, i'll be the poster child. i came to that diagnosis when i was 50. had had a career, if it affected my career, i didn't have a great deal to lose. but, matt, this morning, before i got here, i saw i had received a note. it was from a young woman. she said, i work to believe that through this fog is the path back to myself. i'd love to talk to you about your experience with the rebelling mind some time.
8:44 am
i, by coming forward, have been kind of a beacon of hope for a lot of people that didn't have a beacon. so that advocacy has been a blessing in my life. >> isn't that nice? you're going to get in touch, i hope? >> absolutely. >> this is so great. i love the series. i've told you. >> you once told me, i get what you're doing. >> i completely get it and i'm hoping to reimagine my life at some future date, as well. jane pauley, always great to see you. we appreciate it. and, again, the book is called "your life's calling." up next, something many of us could use on a cold day like this. the best way to heal dry, itchy winter skin. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:45 am
8:46 am
back at 8:46, extreme cold gripping much of the country can
8:47 am
do a number on your skin. the associate professor of dermatology at mt. sinai here in new york. good morning. >> good morning. >> this is that time of year. we all suffer with the dry, itchy skin. let's talk about the first top five tips to avoid winter skin. >> don't want to get behind the eight ball when it comes to treating dry skin. stop it before it happens. shorten your showers. warmer showers will make it worse. decrease the heat. it pulls all the moisture out of your skin. drink a glass of water. that's really important. you want to decrease your alcohol intake. and most important thing is apply moisturizer the minute you get out of the shower on to wet skin. that will help a lot. >> you're going to walk us through different products. let's start first with the face. and specifically with different moisturizers and creams you think we should be using right now. >> for the face, what people don't realize is they need to change their routine quite a bit. it's not going to help you when it's 20 below. you really need to switch to a lotion if you're using oil-free.
8:48 am
you want to switch to a cream if you're using a lotion. something that's oil-based or has some vaseline in it. those products will make a huge difference. switch to a cleanser rather than a soap. get rid of those drying astringents. that'll make a huge difference. >> okay. and when you talk about looking for moisturizers, you say there's specific ingredients to look for, as well. >> not all moisturizers are the same. you want to use products that contain products that will seal the moisture into your skin. those are going to be things like aquafor or vaseline. if you want to feel hydrated, look for those that pull water on to the skin. and those are glycerin, glycolic acid, those types of products will make a huge difference. >> let's move over to the hands and feet. what should we be doing to protect our extremities? >> you need to wear gloves at all times. outdoors, you want to protect your hands from the elements.
8:49 am
indoors, you want to use gloves that contain cotton lining. >> so when you're doing housework? >> yeah, it's really important. and you want to apply moisturizer directly on to your skin, something that's going to feel more greasy than you're used to. hand moisturizers tend to have a dry sensation. for the feet, you want to remove the dead skin using a pumice stone. seal the moisture into the skin and eliminate the dry, cracking heels. >> okay. let's talk about lips over here. that's a part of the body that's very hard to protect. >> yeah. >> what should you do? >> lips don't have any oil glands. and as a result, people tend to lick their lips in order to reapply some moisture into their skin. you want to look for products that contain vaseline. products that contain an spf. people don't realize it's important. there are new products on the market that contain color,
8:50 am
products that will help to eliminate the chapped sensation and seal the moisture into your skin. glycerin makes a huge difference in the skin, the ingredients you want to look for. >> the last area, if we can. this is that time of year people suffer from dry, itchy scalp, as well. >> in shampoos, you want to look for something that will eat up the dry scales. it'll help massage, that'll make a big difference. and don't stop washing your hair. people think if you don't wash it, it'll hydrate itself. you need to shampoo, leave it on for three to five minutes and then using a hydrating conditioner. >> shampoo every day. >> every day, every other day will make a big difference rather than waiting four or five days thinking your scalp is going to be hydrated. >> thank you for great information as always. >> thank you. coming up next, weeknight wonders, healthy dinner options to have on the table in 30 minutes or less. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:51 am
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we're back now at 8:52 in "today's kitchen." if you want a healthy meal but you're short on time like a lot of people, have no fear. kelly has new ideas, her new book is called "weeknight wonders," delicious healthy meals in 30 minutes or less. really? 30 minutes? >> really.
8:53 am
i timed every single one, includes preheating the oven and chopping everything. >> a lot of people you have to spend a lot of time slaving in the kitchen to make a meal that is really good. >> you absolutely do not. i'm going to prove it today with these pizza strudels to start off. >> a new take on a calzone? >> yeah, sort of like that. very good. and one of the ingredients i take advantage of in the book, i make a lot of these pieces with the whole grain dough you can buy in the store. really using healthy convenience foods. we're just -- all you need to do for the calzone. >> you see. i got you. you're going to roll that out. >> roll this out and i want to give this little tip to people. because sometimes it feels like it springs back, you know, when you're working with it. let it rest for a few minutes and it'll stretch out and i use a combination of my hands as well as a rolling pin. >> you're going to make one here or here, either side. i'll make this one. and you put some ricotta cheese
8:54 am
on it. spread it out. and you can put some on and leave a little border, maybe a 2-inch border. and you're going to get your protein. >> right. >> and then i use another really great healthy convenience food, pre-washed spinach. pre-washed baby spinach. spread that on, sprinkle that on. and then two kinds of tomatoes. i always incorporate lots of vegetables, but no chopped vegetables. >> okay. >> a little bit of chopping. and that's going to save time. and by the way, all of this, you can prepare in the time it's taking to preheat the oven for the strudel. >> and then some cheese? >> some fresh tomatoes, basil and cheese. and brush the outside with some egg. >> okay. >> this is fun to do with kids. i have an 11-year-old and she loves this. >> and you're going to roll that over.
8:55 am
because i want to make sure we get to this lentil stew, as well. >> it's super simple. i don't want anyone to be afraid of it. you literally roll it like a jelly roll. >> how long does that cook? >> 15 minutes. literally, half hour, it's done. >> can you make this ahead of time? slice it up and freeze it? >> you could. and you could make the whole thing ahead of time. >> i'm going to take one of those with me. and come over and talk to me about this stew. a red lentil and quinoa stew. >> yeah, the lentils and the quinoa cook at the same time. and it has these beautiful aromatic spices. and i like to garnish it with a little yogurt. >> you talk about the aromatic part, it has almost an indian food quality. >> yes, almost like indian chili. a little different, but not out of your comfort zone. >> hello. oh. >> that is really delicious. and this has to be so healthy for you. >> less than 30 minutes. during the week when it's crazy
8:56 am
busy, you can still make this. >> talk about those desserts. >> these are my mini pumpkin jar cakes, you put the batter in the jar and you put it in the microwave. >> that's where it cooks? in the jar? >> and it makes ice cream, too? >> frozen yogurt. >> thank you very much. good morning it's 8:56. the breaking news is going on right now in heyward. crews are working to contain a gas leak nur an elementary school. it is ensure 880 and 238. they're evacuating students and we're getting words that the leak has been capped and they're
8:57 am
getting back to session. let's check weather right now. here is christina loren. hey there. north bay is nice aquiet. 49 in the south bay. it should be comfortable out there this afternoon. 60 in san francisco. your seven-day in just moments.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales and willie geist live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> notice the streets are a little earnimptier today. i'm willie along with al and natalie. so about five degrees here today. >> yeah, the old record was six in 1896 in new york city. >> yay for us. not. >> we've got it good by the standards of the rest of the country. >> minneapolis right now. my goodness. >> temperatures across the country here. you go -- pick your city, they're setting a record, al. >> yeah. it's really tough. in fact, a lot of these temperatures in the upper midwest are challenging
9:01 am
temperatures in the north pole. some place in the north pole. >> my goodness. >> 13 below. you look at minneapolis, the windchills make it even worse. >> look at that. minus 34. >> our temperature here is five degrees, but with the windchill and everything, it's below. >> there was a pretty remarkable demonstration. i want to start by saying, do not try this at home. don't deal with hot water like this. but this is a meteorologist out of wisconsin demonstrating what happens when you toss a pot of boiling water into the record cold. >> minus 51 windchill, temperature 21 below. january 6th, 2014. 7:45 p.m. ready? >> it worked. >> it worked? >> and that worked. however -- >> they tossed it that way. >> but we've been seeing on twitter, there are many people who are burning themselves,
9:02 am
second third-degree burns because it's hot water. do not do this. it's not worth the risk to do that. we've seen a couple of videos where kids have taken super soakers outside and they just -- you get the same effect. it's not -- it's not boiling water, but you get the effect and it's a lot safer. >> it turns to ice and snow. >> it's vapor, that ice vapor on both. >> it's amazing. chicago, incredibly cold. residents referring to the storm as chiberia. >> that was the actually the low. the high -- the high was minus 2. >> the high was minus 2. >> the low was minus 11. >> even if the polar bears at the lincoln park zoo, they're putting in doors now. >> he's not used to this. well, he's -- >> chicago gets cold all the time. >> let's face it, he's like, this is great, you know.
9:03 am
whoa, hey, somebody get me a coat. oh, man. >> i thought i came here to be warmer. >> that's what it's like on the outside, polar bear, now you know what your buddies are dealing with. smithsonian magazine noted it's colder -- if you needed another measure, in some parts of the country than it is on the surface of mars. how do you like that? >> i don't believe that. marvin the martian, i don't believe that. >> oh, boy. should we move on to our next topic? this is a sad, heartbreaking -- >> on so many levels. >> this is a gut punch, first and foremost for lindsey vonn, and people who love winter olympics and winter sports, she's officially now out of the sochi games. skiing superstar lindsey vonn announced she will not compete in sochi. in her statement she said, i'm devastated to announce i will not be able to compete in sochi. i did everything i possibly could to somehow get strong enough to overcome having no acl. but my knee is too unstable to
9:04 am
compete at this level. i'm having surgery soon so i can be ready for the world championships at home next february. on a positive note, this means there'll be an additional spot so one of my teammates can go for gold. i'll be cheering for all the olympians and especially team usa. it kills you. a crash on the slope at last february's world championships. >> hard to see that video. you know that's a defining moment there. >> that's where the problem started. left vonn with a fractured tibia and torn acl, mcl during training in november, vonn fell again suffered a partial tear of the same acl. insisted she was going to be ready for sochi. she's a competitor. sh she wanted to be there. >> she did compete at another event in between and came in fifth at one point. but then four weeks later at the world cup downhill, that's when the knee finally gave out once again. and you saw her get off the hill and looked like she was in a lot
9:05 am
of pain. we're glad she's taking care of herself now and getting the surgery and everything she needs. our heart goes out to her. they tried so hard. and she tried so hard to come back from this devastating injury. i mean, unfortunately, you can only do so much. and the body can't heal entirely. >> for her to withdraw, it tells you how bad the injury is. she skied on a knee that couldn't do it for the olympics. >> an olympian effort. >> it was. that's the spirit right there. >> we wish lindsey all the best. hope she'll come over there and hang out with us a little bit. >> cheer on the other athletes. >> they're ramping up olympic ads. a first of a series we'll probably see. procter & gamble, shows the moms of athletes including lindsey vonn and evan lysacek, kids falling at a young age. >> it's a touching ad. it was so emotional. you see how hard they start out at that age as little kids. and we've edited some of the best of the highlights together
9:06 am
for you. so take a look. ♪ >> wow. ♪ >> that's a great ad. >> i love that. >> says thank you, mom, but thanks to the dads. >> dads, as well. >> it's a team effort. >> whole families support their athletes. >> and you know right now, lindsey vonn, her mom is helping pick her back up again. >> and when you see someone
9:07 am
standing on that medal podium, you know how much has gone into that. >> sacrifice lives, careers. >> that's right. there's a story in texas i want to tell you about. san antonio called bibliotec, the only bookless no books public library. >> it's not a library. it's a best buy. >> wait a second, here, all-digital library. you download what you want to an ipad, check out the ipad and bring it home. instead of bookshelves, there's rows and rows of ipads. >> i love nothing more than to still physically hold the book, to highlight things, dog ear the pages. >> which you shouldn't do to library books. >> not to library books, but my own books, i do. i like reading on my ipad, too. but there are certain things i want to read over and over again and i go back to them. >> many libraries have that aspect of it. but i think it's a mistake to -- because you then lose what makes
9:08 am
a library a library. >> when was the last time you went to a library? >> about a week ago. >> you did? >> yeah. >> you have to know a lot of this is nostalgia. >> when was the last time you checked out the card catalog? >> that you don't miss as much. pulling out that drawer. >> i purchased an old card catalog -- >> no. >> i have. the dewey decimal system. >> what do you keep in there? >> just decimals i used over the years. they're all sitting there. >> under the .001. >> something about getting lost in those rows of books. >> i'm telling you, the quiet, the quiet of a library and the book and anyway. >> kids these days don't -- >> kids -- >> how to do research. right? think about what you had to do to get a bibliographic citation.
9:09 am
>> oh, do i. how about micro -- lining it up on the screen. >> they're probably like, what are you talking about? >> we've never sounded older than we just did for the last two minutes. >> sounds like al. >> that's right. i remember back in the day, they had scrolls. parchment, they came out of a dead sea. >> abbacus. >> michael bay. >> speaking of technology. don't depend on technology too much. >> big-name director michael bay known for those movies, "transformers," "armageddon," yesterday at the consumer electronics show in las vegas making a big presentation for samsung about a new tv that's coming out. and he got a little rattled when the teleprompter went down, as i just did. >> hollywood is a place that creates a viewer escape.
9:10 am
and what i try to do as a director i try to -- oh, the type is all off, sorry, i'll just wing this. >> tell us what you think. >> we'll wing it right now. >> the curve? how do you think it's going to impact how viewers experience your movies? >> excuse me. i'm sorry. i'm sorry. >> okay. ladies and gentlemen, let's thank michael bay for joining us. >> that's the best part. nice job, michael bay, ladies and gentlemen. michael bay. >> i feel bad. i mean -- i feel bad. >> i feel bad. >> i feel so bad. how many of have had that moment? i remember doing a -- as a kid doing a presentation once and you just kind of freeze. >> sure. it happens. >> he's not an actor, not a guy used to -- >> but he directs actors. >> that doesn't make you an actor. >> you talk about your job and what you do. >> there are very few woody allenes. >> i feel bad for him.
9:11 am
i've got to tell you, we've been talking about it, look at the temperature change in these areas in the last 24 hours. it's 51 degrees colder in new york city than it was 24 hours ago. d.c., 39 degrees colder than it was. we've got 20 states with windchill warnings, 32 with windchill watches. and it's just going to continue. the polar vortex, the phrase that's been trending. this is not made up, friends, this something that's been around for a long time. it normally doesn't get down this low. that cold air has moved so far down into the country. for today right now, it's 50, feels like 52 in duluth, 37 in detroit, columbus, 25. look down south, atlanta, it feels like five below, 19 in jacksonville. the good news is, we will start to see some moderation before this is all over. you can see by tomorrow, the overnight lows not quite so bad. and then as we make our way into the latter part of the week, it heads its way up to the north and we get more of a zonal flow of the jet stream.
9:12 am
more of a moisture flow from the pacific. so by saturday, it's 44 in cleveland, new york city, 56, d.c., 60, and by sunday, temperatures are more normal where they should be for this time of year. in fact, some folks about five degrees above 9:12. good morning to you, bay area. what a pretty day we have shaping up. it will still be nice outside. we'll see a mix of sun and clouds similar to what you're seeing right now. as the day draws on, the clouds will increase, temperatures in the 60s, and once we hit this evening, fair game for a shower or two. tomorrow our temperatures tumble, that will be the case for thursday as well. showers on the way thursday morning. >> and that's your latest weather. >> al, thanks a lot. coming up next, never pay retail again. we've cracked the code on getting the things you want for less right after this.
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this morning on common sense, never pay retail again. stores are discounting more aggressively and frequently than ever before. >> unless you need something right now, you can pretty much always find a bargain. >> here with your strategies to get you the best deals in 2014 is jean. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> a lot of us are impulse shoppers. we want it right now. what are the chances to pay retail? >> well, chances are certainly higher if you actually need something right now. but if you can wait and if you can impose on yourself a few strategies, there's a really good chance you can get it at a discount. >> one of them is research price matching. you hear these ads where they say we'll match any price. bring us the receipt and we'll match it. >> we're talking about 20% of the big-box stores. sears, penney's, target, expedia, they all will price match.
9:17 am
generally you have to show them the ad for the price. >> okay. >> for the other place. and not all of them will match internet pricing, some will only match actual store pricing. >> anything you find they'll match? >> it has to be an exact match. so one example, you know, if you're talking about one brand of tires or one brand of mattress, it has to be the same one. >> what about couponing websites? >> it's a great source. we got a lot of information from deal science, there's a lot of information on retailmenot. and many couponers will actually reveal a new coupon code every month on these couponing websites. so if you're kohl's or bed, bath & beyond. you've got to go back to the website to get the new code. it's totally worth doing. >> how do you know, sometimes when you sign up for the sites, you feel like they're asking for
9:18 am
a lot of information that they're going to try to phish. >> there is a big business in couponing fraud. however, never pay for coupons. you should never be asked to pay. if it looks like it's too good to be true, it probably is. we saw a whole rash of $9 coupons for tide last year. those were fake. and they should be fake. they sound like they're fake. and if you go to several of these coupons sites and all have the same 15% coupon but another has a 50% off, that 50% is probably not so good. >> there's a whole strategy for using a coupon, right? and one of them is to stack them. what do you mean by that? >> well, you go to stores like kohl's and they not only give you a percentage off coupon, but they give you a dollars off coupon. some stores will let you use both. you want to use the percentage off coupon before you use the dollars off coupon. you actually save more money by doing it that way. and if they'll only take one
9:19 am
coupon and you have to make a choice, pull out your phone and just do a little quick retail math to figure out which is the best deal. >> you're shopping online and put things in your cart, make it a two-step process. you say abandon your cart. >> leave it, walk away. that site is tracking you and most of them do, they may send you an offer to entice you to actually pull the trigger. so just by leaving it alone for 24 hours, you save more money than you would have saved before. >> because they want you to pull that trigger. >> same reason you see the ads for all those products you were just looking for. >> thanks so much. coming up next, all the news you need before you leave the house this morning. >> plus a highly successful group of creative geniuses who exemplify the idea of paying it forward. an when you only have one hand, you're not doing anything as fast as you used to, which is funny, 'cause i still do it better than her.
9:20 am
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9:23 am
taking a look at the headlines if you're traveling this morning, planes, trains and automobiles all having a tough time moving around the country because of cold and snowy weather. more than 500 passengers were stranded on three amtrak trains in northern illinois after getting trapped by the snow. and airlines canceled more than 4,000 flights monday bringing the total to more than 18,000 that had been grounded since last thursday. well, daily meditation can help reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression. this is according to a new johns
9:24 am
hopkins study using patients with various physical and mental health issues. researchers found meditation worked as well as antidepressants in some cases. they say 30 to 40 minutes of mindful meditation each day also showed promise in controlling chronic pain and stress. the common sense dash diet is rated the healthiest overall in the latest rankings. the dash diet stresses a diet of fruits, vegetables and whole grains while cutting down on salt. weight watchers gets top honors as the best and easiest for overall weight loss. and tied for last place are the meat heavy diet and the high protein french diet. the annual consumer electronics show opens today in las vegas with the greatest gadgets and a glimpse at the latest in the world of high-tech. and one of it will highlights, appliances that can be controlled by text messages. and soon, you're going to be able to text back and forth with your fridge or washer. for example, when you're out of
9:25 am
milk, your fridge will then tell you before you come back home. with that, i'm going to -- we'll be right back after this. ♪ ♪ ♪ ooh, la la ♪ sing ooh, la la la la ♪ come on, y'all, ooh, la la [ female announcer ] set your success in motion with the special k challenge. lose up to six pounds in two weeks. with the cereal you love and so much more. what will you gain when you lose? with the cereal you love and so much more. you see the "mini" ion my chest? funny, yes? no. i'm huge. flavor? i'm bursting with it. creamy? i ooze it.
9:26 am
rich. creamy. and 100% natural cheese. mini babybel. snack a little bigger. good morning, it's 9:26. the two men accused of beating a man outside of damager stadium in 2007 are in in court today. it is scheduled right now. the men pleaded not guilty to multiple counts. the victim suffered a serious injury after the attack and spent more than two years in a hospital and was recently moved from a rehab facility into his parent's home. a man has turned himself into police after surveillance video started circulating. he is a chinese national, and
9:27 am
according to court documents he said he was hearing voices in chinese.
9:28 am
welcome back now, the time is 9:28. the temperatures are climbing nicely in the 50s now? san francisco and 49 here in san jose. we like that number. go 49ers. temperatures looking good this afternoon. climbing into the upper 60s in the east bay. 64 in the south bay today, and you will notice plenty of low clouds in the next couple days. onshore flow with increase. we're expecting the low 60s as we head throughout tomorrow and a few light showers here in the south bay. check out your seven-day forecast at the bottom of your screen. or you can check out mike all the way throughout your screen right now. >> we have traffic all over your
9:29 am
screen now. it's not great. at least it's moving. trucks bogging down the roads here. in the orange right there, passes by mission boulevard, still slow on south 680 as well. the dunbar bridge has been slow. over on the be innocence la side, there is a crash causing disturbance and it's bogging things down in that area. slow on the 101 through pa palo alto as well. >> thank you, more local news in a half an hour.
9:30 am
♪ welcome back to "today" on this tuesday morning, january 7th, 2014. i'm willie geist along with al roker and natalie morales. those two young ladies behind us. we just turned and said you are crazy. you have no hat on. and they said, we're from minnesota. this is nothing. >> that's right. >> this is nothing. >> spring day for them. >> good to see minnesota in the building. >> good for you guys. >> i like this guy in the camo, too. >> he's well-dressed. >> that's a good look. >> too much now? >> yeah. >> oh, man, you've got to love it. >> natalie, we have really good news for you. >> for me? >> really good news.
9:31 am
working at harvard on a pill that will make your pitch a little better when you sing. >> really? >> a drug that might allow adults to learn perfect pitch. the drug creates a critical period in brain development prior to age 7 during which the brain can absorb new information very easily. >> increases the brain. >> right. the drug was given to a group of healthy young men who had no musical training as children. they were able to discriminate tone better than they were previously. >> sign me up for this study. i'll participate. >> we've got some -- harvard sent over some -- >> just like that, you're dropping all these pills on the floor. >> let's remind our viewers why natalie may need a little extra -- ♪ >> that's not fair to all those dogs out there. >> it sounded much better when i was there. >> not to any of us. >> the step touch is not as good.
9:32 am
maybe? clinical trial for you? >> i think what would be amazing is also perhaps the opportunity to learn a new language. if you can sort of reverse your brain's -- the age and kind of regain some of that when you were younger, that's the period to learn language, as well. so you all could speak a language. exactly. this could be huge. >> always wanted to learn. >> you can make it happen. >> let's do it. >> they're not cold outside, but most of the country is. >> they are. but the good news is, it will be changing. the other issue about this cold snap, this big area of low pressure that has developed as it sits right now over the u.s./canadian border. the counterclockwise flow bringing the cold winds across the warmer waters of lake ontario and lake erie. and so we're seeing lake effect snow bands starting to set up. and some of these bands could be -- oh, we froze there.
9:33 am
some of these bands could get up to 2 to 4 feet of snow before it's 9:33. we're going to see more clouds today than we have seen for most of the the week. better air quality, on shore flow means our temperatures will be cool today compared to where we have been. still better than average. it will be about 64 in the south bay, the north bay 65, and cooler weather tomorrow. low 60s across the the board and we're expecting light showers as we head into thursday morning. >> and that's your latest weather. you know, most will say in life success comes when somebody believes in you and gives you that first big break. i think we're all there. >> all of us triy ehave a mento or someone who tried to push us in the right direction. >> a young boy who learned the
9:34 am
valuable lesson about the importance of paying it forward. >> reporter: meet aron, a 12-year-old boy with a big heart and big ideas. >> i'm a boy that wants to make a change. >> he has cerebral palsy. >> we can do stuff. >> coming to america from antigua as a toddler, he endured multiple surgeries, spent time in a homeless surgery with his father. >> my wheelchair broke and he kept calling medicaid. they loaded him with paperwork, and it was the worst. >> reporter: but the toughest part was having to leave his mother behind. >> all we really needed was mom and that's what i'm hoping for the most. if mom is here, i bet that the stress that my dad has would be taken off. >> reporter: despite the hardships, aron's spirit has never been broken. he has so much he wants to tell the world. that's where david carp and fred siber come in. when david was just a 14-year-old budding computer
9:35 am
programmer, he found a mentor in fred. the creator of frederator studios. >> i said, david, come by as often as you want. you can come every day, once a week, doesn't matter. just keep coming until you get board. >> for david, it was a dream come true. >> it was an awesome experience. >> an experience that led him to much success. with fred's guidance, david eventually created tumblr, which boasts more than 164 million blogs and sold last year to yahoo for $1.1 billion. >> i'm what you can call a frederator junkie. it inspired me to be the wacky and weird person i am today. >> it was fate that the school-based occupational therapist debbie just happened to read a story about fred and david's relationship. and took matters into her own hands. >> she e-mailed you, told you about a young man named aron. what happened next in that story?
9:36 am
>> said, sure, come on over. we'll see what happens. i can't judge anyone's talent at 11 or 12 years old. what i can judge is the sparkle in their eyes and their excitement about what they think they want to do. >> and saying to aron, the same thing he said to david carp more than a decade ago. >> come over as often as you want. >> and aron does sharing his stories and drawings with the folks at frederator. and with that inspiration, aron's on tumblr was born. the story comes full circle. the opportunity to inspire the employees of tumblr. >> never ever give up on your dream because, trust me, i didn't and look at me now. started at the bottom, now i'm at the top. >> you have some of the top creative geniuses in this room. what do you think they get from a 12-year-old with clearly so much to say? >> he absolutely touches people
9:37 am
but also really inspires people to ask how can we help? this kid is unstoppable. >> i think i'm going to pay it forward. fred paid it forward to david and david's paying it forward to me. maybe some kid will come to my doorstep and say, hey, i want to do something. and i'll be like, sure. come on in. >> his quote is this ability not disability. he says the soul of his blog is that message. in addition to being wise and so amazing beyond his years, he is a very talented artist and wanted to share with you this image he created for us of the three of us. you can find out more about aron on tumblr, as well as on our website >> great kid. >> i fell in love with him and his story. coming up, joe and mika. >> i know them. >> that's right. they're going to tell you how to
9:38 am
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9:41 am
make the weekend pop. if you haven't experienced a layoff yourself, chances are in this economy, you know someone who has. it can come with denial, depression and frustration. >> and dwayne knows all too well. he's the author of "reset." mika brzezinski and joe
9:42 am
scarborough, the host of nbc's "morning joe." >> we're about to lose our job. >> not this segment. >> you guys have reinvented yourselves over the years many times. you and dwayne are friends. >> yeah. a conversation we had with the book is the result of it. because he was the last guy in the world, which is the story of this economy, that you would expect to be unemployed. little bit older, highly skilled and set for life. you know, totally talented. and then out. just out. and he would talk so articulately about what it was like to have the rug pulled out from under you and your family. and i thought, dwayne, write about it. you write about it. and that's what you've got to offer. >> look. the inspiration was we had dinner, our spouses, and i started to explain. we hadn't seen each other for about six months. and when i started to explain what i was going through, she was looking at me but almost had
9:43 am
like goosebumps because she was relating because she had gone through it. and the pain was so palpable. and people who are going through it, it's so painful. she said, write, write it. >> set the stage a little bit. how did you lose your job? and what's the frustration like trying to get back in the market? >> i was let go. >> what was the job? >> it was a communication executive. and i was let go. >> making good money. >> changes, corporate changes. and i -- i thought, okay, no problem. i had never been out of work ever in my life. had worked since i was in high school, had my own business. so i thought, this is going to not be too difficult. i have an excellent network of friends and i remember driving home that night thinking when i was going to talk to my wife that, look, we'll be okay. it'll take me a month, we'll get back on track. within six months of being out of work, i thought i was going to lose my mind. and there's really -- the take away of the book, i think, if anything, and i think mika drove this home. and i couldn't imagine it was
9:44 am
you will be successful. you will land. you may not land in a job that you had before, but you will find a job. and nine times out of ten, and she said it and it's true. you'll probably find something you're doing better than you did before. >> a lot of this book is about reinvention. you've gone from -- i can't even list them all. you were a high school football coach, a lawyer, a congressman. >> a lot of different things. >> have you been in the prison system? >> have you ever seen a -- >> i have. i get your questions, though. >> what did you do every time to reinvent yourself? >> i think like both of these guys, i just churned, nonstop. and it was, you know, i really lost my identity when i left congress and i had to go back to pensacola and work as a lawyer to raise my kids. i loved doing that. that was voluntary, unlike their situation. but still, you do lose your identity and you have to come back again.
9:45 am
the thing, though, that you guys have said is it happened to my dad. my dad was unemployed for a year and a half, he was an industrial engineer for lockheed. the greatest job he had his entire life. for a year and a half, he couldn't find a job. he ended up doing something that a lot of people said he was overqualified for. that's what mika did. >> definitely. >> my dad was 39 when he got fired, mika was 39 when she got fired. and they reinvented themselves. and i learned from my dad. >> but in this economy, you've got to think outside the box and you've got to be raw about it. for dwayne, it wasn't going to be that communications job. it was going to be what he had to offer. and what he had to offer was an incredible way of expressing what it feels like and what you can do to survive it. he has a job now. he has, a community building around this concept. and he's taken what he had and did something with it. >> mika as your mouthpiece.
9:46 am
>> and i'm going to use the website when i get fired. >> that was pretty good. >> dwayne, mika, joe. >> she also sells aluminum siding. >> oh, god. >> this isn't cable. we've got to go. get out your thumb tacks and pool noodles. do it yourself home decor right after this. [ male announcer ] this is jim. a man who doesn't stand still. but jim has afib, atrial fibrillation, an irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem. that puts jim at a greater risk of stroke. for years, jim's medicine tied him to a monthly trip to the clinic to get his blood tested. but now, with once-a-day xarelto jim's on the move. jim's doctor recommended xarelto. like warfarin, xarelto is proven effective to reduce afib-related stroke risk. but xarelto is the first and only once-a-day prescription blood thinner for patients with afib not caused by a heart valve problem
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9:50 am
if you are looking for some new looks at home but don't want to rack up more credit card debt, how about doing it yourself? >> founder and ceo of brit & company. good to see you as always. >> good to see you. >> let's jump into some of these thumb tacks right away. this nail head thing is very popular. >> items from around the home. thumb tacks, a nail head trim look, but done for a margin of the price. so easy. you can also do the same thing with artwork. this is a little motto we use in our home a lot, just poke it right through the canvas, paint your canvas whatever color you want and under $10. >> incredible. >> and moving on to sharpie markers. this is something great because you don't have to wait for it to dry. it's not like paint. and all i did was created an outline of a heart, used painter's tape to create the edges and used a straight-edge ruler to go over this with a sharpie marker.
9:51 am
>> i'm not creative, so. >> i don't know about natalie, but willie could do it. speaking of sharpie art, this is ceramic. you don't have to be an artist, just draw lines, dots, whatever you want. seal the design, bake it in the oven at 250 for 20 minutes. make sure to do that. >> you can find it anywhere for a few bucks. >> what's next on the list? making candles with crayons? >> yeah. another use for crayons. you can make your own color block candles. it's definitely still in as a trend. add a crayon into it as the dye. and then start pouring into these little glass votives, and you've got your candle. couple bucks each. >> cool. ice trays are a decorator's dream, right? >> so versatile. you can do so much with them. store your knickknacks, you can use them to actually create a paint palate with all of your
9:52 am
paints. if you have lack of a yard and want to grow herbs in your kitchen, you can poor your own herbs and soil into these and create your own garden which is really fun. all of us have used pool noodles before. don't lie to me, right? >> yeah. >> if you want to get rid of some. maybe they're old and taking up space, you can turn them into wreaths. >> that's cute. >> tape the end of them in a circle. what we've done here is added a little bit of velcro tape on the back so you can stick on whatever you want to and this makes it versatile. you can use it all yearlong, hearts for valentine's day, flowers for summer and spring. >> and it can be shabby chic. whatever you want to do, makes it super easy. >> maybe this one. you can keep it. >> fabulous. now this is something the kiz can do, right? >> another way to repurpose your noodle is to turn it into a racetrack. >> come on. >> yeah. split it down the middle,
9:53 am
toothpicks for your flags. you ready? >> ready. >> the checkered flag, you've got the fast car. >> mine's orange. >> on your mark, get set, go! >> i give the edge to willie. >> willie. yeah. i saw. >> cheated just a little bit. >> just a little bit. >> great ideas. always good to see you. go to to find these ideas on our pinterest board. we'll be back in a moment on nbc. ♪
9:54 am
[ man ] yo buzz! drop that beat! remix! ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ ♪ ♪ you got that medley crunch ♪ go! go! buzz! ♪ go! go! go! buzz! ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ ♪ clusters, flakes ♪ that medley crunch, crunch! ♪ clusters, flakes ♪ that medley crunch, crunch! go! ♪ ♪ ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ ♪ hey! you got that medley crunch ♪
9:55 am
♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ there's only one thing missing. >> has there be a coup? >> hoda. >> hoda woman!
9:56 am
>> good morning, it is 9:56. i'm terri mcsweeney. today, we're learning the priest that has beaten to death in his church on new year's day has ties to the the bay area.
9:57 am
eric freed was found on january 1st. police have ericeded gary bullock, but day have not revealed a motive. st. francis high school will hold a mass for freed on sunday. he served at st. catholic churned in cotati. let's check in now on what the weather looks like. it's looking good, terry. we're going to jump out of the 40s and 50s and into the 60s, and the upper 60s at that. 64 today in the south bay with changes just around the corner, 2 to 5 degrees difference. we will be in the upper 50s on wednesday, and we're talking about area bay area rain, much
9:58 am
needed precipitation coming. it looks like it will hit 4:00 a.m. on thursday. just in time for us to come into, wo. these folks still getting into work, a minor back up off to the light. we had a good back up starting about 6:00 this morning. we'll show you the over two bridges just to the south. the earlier crash on the palo alto side. we're starting to recover there. slow through the hills, a crash at alameda, a small brush fire off the 102 and 91. back to you. thanks, mike. a fire in the first week of january. more news for you in half an hour. [ female announcer ] shop at safeway now through january 14th
9:59 am
for a smart return to school box tops offer! buy ten participating box tops items in a single visit and earn sixty bonus box tops! that's six dollars for your school! plus, shop at safeway to collect double box tops on specially-marked packages. learn more at here's what's new at safeway from general mills! start the day off right with these delicious big g cereals! or try yoplait greek yogurt! power up with nature valley and fiber one snacks! and enjoy tasty progresso heart healthy soups. find these and other great general mills products at safeway today!
10:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> wow. hey, everybody. guess what? as if you haven't heard, it's a brisk booze day tuesday, january 7th, 2014. >> we have a jam packed -- >> i'm the only one that loves it, hod. >> you do love it. it is weird because there has been all this buildup of this polar vortex. >> vortex. >> usually the polar air is at the poles. and for some reason it twisted around and made it to where we are. >> and you can't take antibiotics for it. it is going to happen. >> it's coming. and it's here.
10:01 am
and -- >> i like it. >> yeah, well, i think the weird thing about being in new york is yesterday it was 55 degrees. >> yes, i know. >> and today it's 4. it's 4 right now. 4 degrees in new york city. >> this is the thing that worries me, it feels the same to me as yesterday. something that happens post menopausal, that it is just, you know, you're sort of in a post apocalyptic state or pre -- i don't know. i would love to know why i'm very comfortable. >> everyone -- everybody is doing experiments outside in the cold because we're always trying to find ways to illustrate. people who always hold up thermometers. we're going to try different things. chris jillette fired boiling water from a water gun in canada. >> doesn't everyone? >> let's see what happened. don't try this at home, please. this is a water gun. it turns into snow. look at it. >> look at that. >> it is supposedly needs to be
10:02 am
20 below for water to freeze. like that. >> well -- we're at 4. >> we're going to try. because we believe britney can make snow. >> okay, brit. >> britney is firing with 9. >> it is 9 now. >> look at that poor guy walking through without a hat. okay -- >> what's happening? is it working? >> no, nothing. >> you can't see against the blue. >> what's happening, brit? >> it is sort of working. it is trying to come down but it is coming down a little but it is turning into something in the air. >> okay, now, now we have alex to the left of britney who is blowing bubbles like he did when you were a kid and supposedly they freeze. >> the trouble is your lips freeze and you can't blow. >> let's see what happens. >> catch one. >> the wind is blowing them away. >> imagine that. somebody should have thought of that. >> britney, catch one. >> imagine that these two kids are actually getting paid. okay, we get it.
10:03 am
we're not cold enough. see. >> nothing is happening. >> it is not cold enough. >> britney and alex -- >> thanks, you guys. >> you have to be very, very careful with your car doors because they get so frozen, that you can't open them. when i used to work in illinois, the news director gave us a key warmer. you can put the key in the warmer, you had to put the key in the door back in the old days -- >> when you didn't have a -- to open them. >> it went right in the lock and you turned it and you got in. but shamane, one of our producers, was already in her car and she couldn't get out. >> why? >> because the door froze. it locked. the freeze locks, the click, click, frozen. >> are you kidding? >> so she was stuck. >> the windows don't work. she called the cops to get her out. >> did they have to get the jaws of life? >> where is shamane? >> she's on the train. >> she's on the train, okay. >> hopefully the train doors don't lock.
10:04 am
>> everything is electric now, so you see something freezes up you can't just pry it open or -- >> i can't solve all the world's problems, hoda. i tried. >> one time i covered a fire in that kind of weather and the firemen were spraying all the water and it was like an ice rink and i remember thinking -- >> i watched -- florida, watched that bad fire in chicago just and same thing. yeah. they have a tough job as it is. and then you introduce those kinds of elements, god bless them. >> you're going to make us feel better. >> i am? yeah, you know what, i'm going to -- again, because everybody needs something to laugh about. let's do some how cold is it jokes. >> okay, i'm ready. >> you ask me. >> okay. wait. >> how cold is it? >> it is not hard. >> how cold is it? >> it is so cold we had to chisel the dog off a lamppost. >> ew. that wasn't -- hey, kath, how cold is it? >> it is cold enough to freeze the nuts off the guy lombardo bridge. what's wrong with you people?
10:05 am
>> how cold is it? >> it is so cold that the local flasher was caught describing himself to women. >> hey, how cold is it? >> really cold. >> all right. now madonna is cold at madonna's house apparently. i don't think this kind of thing bothers her one bit. she's being criticized, imagine that, madonna being criticized for something. >> here's what she did. her 13-year-old son rocco is in a photograph, holding a liquor bottle with two friends, clearly, you know, he's 13, and she instagramed it with the writing, the party has just begun, bring it 2014. >> right. >> okay, so, of course, that brought a lot of criticism. the kid is 13. >> doesn't look like it is open. 's obviously not drinking it, but that didn't matter to some people, they were upset. madonna responded. >> she said no one was drinking, we were having fun. calm down and get a sense of humor. don't start the year off with judgment. >> people. >> here is the thing, madonna knows if she posts a picture of
10:06 am
her 13-year-old son with liquor in his hand, whether it is open or closed or in a glass or not, it is going to cause a problem. i think if any -- >> one thing if he posted it on his own facebook or instagram, like, you know, but the fact that it was on her official one, and we don't know who put the caption on. could have been anybody. >> she did. >> how do you know who does that, though? before i learned how to tweet, i admit that christie tweeted for me. >> whether -- >> see what i'm saying? somebody else could have done it. i'm just being fair. >> okaying. you're right. now you do your own tweeting. >> i do. there is still out there that don't think it's me. >> it is you. it's her. we want you to get more followers. go to -- this i is @kathielgifford. that's her twitter handle. go and -- >> i have a handle and everything. >> do it right now. okay, so -- >> i got to beat hoda. she got started way ahead of me, like four years, and -- >> come on. get on kathie's twitter. >> and be nice.
10:07 am
>> or you know -- >> i'll defriend you. i know that's facebook but i have my ways. >> you can block people. >> i've only done that twice. >> you have? >> yeah. most people are pretty darn nice. >> "snl" has some news. there is a new -- >> news for you. >> there is a new member on the cast. they got some diversity in the female department. >> they needed to. >> her name is sasheer zamata. >> she's beautiful. >> she is. she's the first black female cast member since maya rudolph left in 2007. >> it has been a while. who was playing you? when they did the skit of us? not a woman of color? it. >> mayim -- >> how soon we forget. >> i think there is a skit coming. >> as long as it is not keenan, i don't care who does it. she makes her debut on january 18th. everybody says she's funny. >> she has to be. you know how many people try -- that's like a comedian's absolute end all, end all dream.
10:08 am
good for her. this is hysterical. you know how the guys from norway made what does the fox say and made it as a joke, to be the world's worst song and the worst video and it became a huge, huge hit? well, there is this woman that created worst online dating profile ever. >> okay. so this is what she wrote. a reporter for named ali reid decided to post the worst online dating profile ever. she used -- she went on okay cupid and here is how she described herself. designing a line of dog clothes with matching iphone cases. >> i like that. >> and she claimed to have lived off child support of an ex, she said she faked a pregnancy. >> who hasn't? >> and she also told readers to message her only, quote, if you're rich. >> you got to love her. she received interest, she thought she would get nothing. first of all, her title -- the name she went by was aaron carter fan which is, you know,
10:09 am
funny, and then said -- unless you're aaron carter. it is -- i see what she was going for there. she received interest from more than 150 men in just 24 hours. >> they really want to date her. they think she's such a -- >> what do you think, date? >> maybe they thought she would be -- >> fun? >> no, i think easy was the word i was looking for. >> that's what i meant. >> okay. okay. anyway, she got a lot -- other people who make great profiles get very few responses. >> exactly. i think people don't believe them. >> i think you're right. i think you're right. >> can you imagine being like dean cain, dean cain over there looking very sophisticated, let's say dean is having trouble getting a date. has that ever happen fod yed to dean? >> no. >> he says i'm darn good looking good, i'm 6'2", i play superman on television, i'm a very good father, i like fine red wine,
10:10 am
i've grown a little facial hair just to prove how macho i am, and i am looking for the woman of my dreams. would anybody believe him? >> no. no. >> but if they -- if he put up his picture, they go it is not really dean cain. that's the problem. >> by the way, we do have dean cain with us. we have sophia bush -- >> that's dean cain? >> we have sophia bush with us. >> she's terrific. you know about sophia bush, her father, i believe his name is -- charles bush, not charles bush the actor, the screenwriter -- the playwright, her father is one of the finest photographers in all of hollywood. he took my picture -- the guy that all the top stars pay to have their picture taken. even if you can't afford it, it is worth it because he makes you look like that. we'll talk to her about that. he's a lovely, lovely man. okay. >> we told you we want to keep you active even though it is freezing cold outside. so every day this week we'll show you a move that will help you get fit. and today katrina hodgeson and
10:11 am
karina dawn, they're showing you how to work your core. so do that. anyway, do this -- >> dean has been on our show too many times. >> we love him. >> do this for the entire commercial break. >> you feel the burn. >> oh, yeah. oh, yeah. >> forget the resolutions, we're going to tell you how to make real lasting changes in your life. >> he's one super guy. dean cain is a super man, he helped us with -- he's done the hunt for something you may have heard of. >> look at that. >> here he is. fabulous dating profile. >> ss before you settle for another ordinary mattress, isn't it time you discovered the sleep number bed? the bed clinically proven to relieve back pain and improve sleep quality. and right now, it's our lowest prices of the season. save $300 to $800 on our newest innovations. plus, 18-month special financing on all sleep number beds.
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10:14 am
♪ you can start with the syrup, pour it on top, maybe not ♪ ♪ apple chunks and cinnamon and honey if you got ♪ ♪ bring on the chocolate spread ♪ ♪ somethin' green, somethin' blue, somethin' orange, somethin' red ♪ ♪ ham and egg, tomato sandwich ♪ cut it nice and do some damage ♪ ♪ cream cheese, pomegranate ♪ make it look like jack or janet ♪ ♪ x's and o's and a tic tac toe ♪ ♪ you can fill in the holes, let the syrup flow, yeah ♪ ♪ stack it, snack it, maybe you can bend it ♪ ♪ you can slice it up and dice it up ♪ ♪ and big it up and friend it [ female announcer ] there are millions of ways to eggo! try one of our fun recipes on facebook... and eggo your way! ♪ just l'eggo my eggo who wouldn't want the guy who flew faster than a speeding bullet as superman in the '90s hit tv series. co-do he could do it -- he flew all kinds of ways. >> actor dean cain in his latest
10:15 am
adventure is called "$10 million big foot bounty." he leads nine competing teams in an competent decision for proof that big foot really does exist. take a look. >> time for your first field test. field tests are designed to prove to us that you have the essential skills needed to track down big foot. today you'll need to show us that you can collect dna from wild animals. because a dna sample from big foot could win you $10 million. >> $10 million. >> $10 million. >> mm. >> welcome back, dean. >> thank you. >> by the way -- >> i'm color coordinated. i want to point out. >> you got a shotout on our show. carson was filling in on friday and he talked about how the show was loosely produced by joanne, one of our producer and thought it might be a good idea if somebody else was called upon to do the show. i think we have a little -- >> joanne -- >> our ace producing department. >> it is organized chaos.
10:16 am
>> she said you're -- you're not invited back. that's what was said from the sideline. >> dean cain, carson daly. they're going to need you soon. >> that's funny. >> uh-huh. >> sometimes truth and reality are -- it is right there. >> right there. >> he didn't call me, dang it. >> little jealous, were you watching? >> when carson is on, i don't watch so much because, you know -- >> tell us about this big foot series. is it realistic? somebody is going to win this 10 million? >> 100% so. >> really? >> the qualifications are dna and visual proof. the guns are dart guns. you can shoot them with a biopsy dart gun and prove through dna testing that this is an unknown nonhuman primate species. >> okay. >> 10 million bucks if you can do it.
10:17 am
it is a lot of money. we have full scientists on site with us. we really take it very seriously. high technology, flare binoculars, you name it. >> i dated a couple of guys that would -- if only i had known, i would be $10 million. it is amazing. >> we want to answer the question. and everybody talks about it, everybody thinks it is funny, but everybody wonders at the same time. i was in the same boat. so i can't say where i am now. >> where did you go to shoot this? hoda and i went -- >> we did. where did we go? ohio. >> somewhere in ohio, i don't know, but -- >> river valley. didn't go there. we were in four different states. we were in pacific northwest, washington state -- >> he's not there. we know. >> you looked. there are statutes on the books in washington state, washington state that says you cannot harass or hunt big foot. they're on the books, yeah. and we were in oregon and we were in way northern california and -- >> no, no, no. not there. he's in ohio.
10:18 am
>> there was an article that a guy in texas said he found and shot him and -- >> yeah. >> one of the contestants on our show has a story like that where he claims to have killed him -- he calls him big feet. so he claims to have done that as well. i can't say what happens on the show. but i started very skeptical, as all of us are and i'm a little less skeptical now. >> who are these people who are on the hunt? >> well, any reality show you have obviously the people who make up the show are the interesting parties and these are professional hunters, professional trackers, native american trackers, all sorts of different people, hunters, just regular hunters, big game hunters, wildlife photographers, everything. we got a big cross section. some of them are professional sasquatchers. >> our guide was a guy who had -- he had been looking for him longer than anybody in the history of the world. it was fun. >> we know some of those guys
10:19 am
too. and it is amazing the stories you hear and we want to get past the stories and see what really takes place. >> how long will the series last? >> eight episodes. >> eight episodes to find big foot and get 10 million bucks. >> i like it. >> anything to say you hung out with superman. >> nothing gets you going out there for real like $10 million. >> we love you, sweetie. >> we love you. >> visit us anytime. >> carson, forget it, buddy. >> yes! >> it premieres this friday night on spike. >> we got a good way to keep you warm. >> that's right. trainers katrina and karena bring you the exercises, the moves. do this all commercial break. >> bye, ladies. this is a cell tower from one of those major carriers. straight talk wireless uses the same cell towers they do. but we don't build or maintain them. so we can offer you the same great, nationwide coverage for half the cost. out here, and here, and here.
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[ male announcer ] can't take a sick day tomorrow. [ coughs ] [ male announcer ] so he can't let a cold keep him up tonight. vicks nyquil. powerful nighttime 6 symptom cold and flu relief. ♪ it is time for today moves of the day when we get you moving toward your new year's resolution. >> yesterday we worked your lower body.
10:23 am
today, katrina hodgson and karena dawn are here with moves for your core. >> they're personal trainers and stars of the new bravo show "toned up." >> hey, ladies. >> don't show off. we can see. >> show us what we need to do, ladies. >> we are so excited to be here. and we are -- i'll show you the first move called the tipsy star fish. >> we named it when we had a glass of wine and thought you would enjoy this move. >> why did you think that? what is it? >> we pick up one weight. don't hit anyone next to you, extend both arms out, so right arm out, with the weight, left toe pointed. >> what? >> now, tip to the side. we're making a star fish right now. we're tipping to the side. it tones your waistline, your booty, your shoulders, your lower abs, your inner thighs, and -- >> 15 to 20 on each side and then reset.
10:24 am
you have to join us at home. >> why do you have two? >> we'll do another move. >> the shoes i love, asics, those are the best shoes. >> just remember we're in heels. okay, thank you. >> this is also our -- >> lean. you can do our workouts in the living room, everything. >> now, we'll tone the strength of your legs and your shoulders. grab the other weight. you can do it in a dress. it's okay. >> i don't want to do it in a dress. >> what do you do? >> all right. >> go for it. >> okay. we're going to lean back and our thighs are what keep us stabilized and we come up and our abs are tight. back. it is called the hee-haw.
10:25 am
>> all right, kids. >> you guys keep on going. >> than chocolate, it's an invitation to stop and savor the unmistakable taste that reminds us that life is delicious. you give them the giggles. tylenol cold® helps relieve your worst cold and flu symptoms.
10:26 am
but for everything we do, we know you do so much more. tylenol cold®. [ female announcer ] no one says to wake up and touch or see or taste or hear the roses. they say to wake up and smell the roses. because scent makes us feel like nothing else can. inspired by the best feelings in the world. glade. sc johnson. a family company. good morning, it's 10:26, i'm terry mcsweeney. the deep freeze across much of the country is causing flight delays across the country. while that's bad news for travelers, it's good news for
10:27 am
local businesses. local hotels say they're packed. that means more customers for local bars, restaurants, and taxys. so far there have been 12 flight cancellations this morning.
10:28 am
welcome back, the the last unseasonally mild day before our temperatures drop like a rock. we're looking good for the mid
10:29 am
60s in the south bay. high clouds are increasing clout the day today. as we head through tomorrow, the fog and winter cold returns. then as we get into your thursday, we're tracking a chance for rain mostly between 2:00 a.m. and about 9:00 a.m. thursday morning. a little activity tonight and the bulk of the moisture later. a lot of folks coming back from the time they had off, but over here through the haze we had a back up. the back up was camera shy, they just cleared it. but slower drive as you pass by alameda you have a small fire on the shoulder. a crew is there. and all lanes have cleared on the peninsula tide of the
10:30 am
university avenue. thanks, mike. more news coming up in it half an hour at 11:00. hope you can join us for that. we're back on this tuesday with more of "today." and beautiful actress sophia bush who so getting used to fighting crime on the mean streets of chicago. >> on television. sophia plays the tough no nonsense detective on the new nbc drama "chicago pd" and doesn't take no for an answer. >> oh. >> yeah. yeah. i hate to jump to conclusions. you know, i got an idea. why don't we throw some bracelets on and we'll take him down to the station and run his prints and we'll make sure. >> i can pull some footage, get the picture of the guy who did it. best i can do. >> oh, great. >> there she is. >> i bet she always gets her man, hoda. >> of course she does. >> nice to see you, ladies. >> pretty cool. this show is a spin-off from "chicago fire," right?
10:31 am
tell us the concept of the show. >> so dick wolf, who we all fondly call the wizard, the magic man, had this idea of looking at all the arenas of service, chicago is the dichotomy of wealth and violence and this heart beat of the place. >> beauty and poverty. >> exactly. and so he started with "chicago fire" looking at the men and women who are responding to calls and the amazing emts and now we are launching pd and a couple of our characters were detectives on fire and lay of the land, if you were looking at an overhead map, their firehouse and our district office are two and a half blocks away from each other. >> so this came as a result of you being an episodic actress before? and it just -- or you said you had been on "chicago fire". >> this year i was working on "chicago fire," but first season of that show, jason and john,
10:32 am
our head detectives, were on fire. >> it was working. >> a lot of crime shows out there, this one seems a little grittier, doesn't it? >> very. we're sort of like a cable show on a big network. >> on the edge. we love those guys on "chicago fire." they're sweet. >> and handsome. >> they are. >> we have more handsome men on our show. >> you got hurt recently. you got a chance to get some tlc from those guys i hear. >> yeah. >> what happened? >> i had a minor situation. the equation of running, doing stunts on ice and me being clumsy was just not great. and i had -- they made me go get a cat scan. when i got to the er, they put a neck brace on me. i was, like, you guys, i have to go back to work. i can't stay here. so i went back to work at the end of the night and kind of did the rest of my scenes like this. >> is your character a clean cop, a good cop? who do you play? >> detective lindsey comes from
10:33 am
a very interesting background. and she has -- she has a lot of experience on the street. and so while i wouldn't say she's a dirty cop, she will do whatever it takes to make sure she's protecting people. >> uh-huh. >> she's a good and dirty cop. >> yes. i like that. >> more fun to play than heidi. >> yeah, she's not afraid to break the rules or someone's face. >> on another note, how are you coping -- the temperatures are just -- >> crazy. >> how are you dealing? you're from l.a. >> i'm not, yes. i'm from los angeles. and it's 35 below. i was home, i was taking my dogs on a hike and i got on a plane and came here and i have to go back. >> part of your job. >> they take the parkas off of us and we're like this trying to remember dialogue. >> we'll play a game with you. we're going to play a song and a theme song and see if you can
10:34 am
i.d. the show that goes with it. i think you might be good at this. let's try. ♪ >> "law & order". >> hello. >> which one? >> which one? they're all the same. >> all right, okay. are they? how did you know? i knew that. all right. >> next song. ♪ >> wait. >> said it out loud. >> i didn't hear it. >> "hawaii 5-0." >> that's what it is. >> really quick. you can do it. ♪ >> is this an '80s show? >> it is "miami vice". >> okay. i missed it. that one went right over my -- >> does your dad take all of your photos? >> he does. very convenient. >> good to see you, sweetheart. >> it premieres tomorrow night at 10:00, 9:00 central here on
10:35 am
nbc. >> okay. you are what you eat, apparently, from shiny hair to smooth skin. apparently, from shiny hair to smootrying to stay fit but miss real pleasure? the pleasure you crave just got real. light & fit greek nonfat yogurt. irresistible flavors, like toasted coconut vanilla, with a thick creamy texture. never have 80 calories tasted so satisfying. light & fit greek. taste satisfaction without sacrifice. ♪ dannon so, if you're sleeping in your contact lenses, what you wear to bed is your business. ask about the air optix® contacts so breathable they're approved for up to 30 nights of continuous wear. serious eye problems may occur. ask your doctor and visit for safety information and a free one-month trial. you would need like a bunch of those to clean this mess. [ counselor ] you're probably right. hi. cascade kitchen counselor. 1 pac of cascade complete cleans tough food better
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beauty comes from the inside out. it is time to eat your way to gorgeous. >> that sounds too good to be true. here to help you pack your diet with the best food enhancing for your beauty is chef candice kumai, editor at "shape" magazine and adorable. she's wearing leg warmers.
10:39 am
>> you can't see. how are you? >> great. >> good to see you all the way from san diego. >> thank you. >> we start with avocado. what is it about avocado. >> megabeauty food, good for you. it is a nutrient booster. it will help you absorb all the nutrients of these other foods so you get more bang for your buck when you eat avocado with different foods. >> we hear it is high in -- they say fat. good kind of fat and it is high in calories. >> good for you fat. and that means you can't be afraid of that anymore. in 2014, i'm telling people, fat is your friend. good fat. you want it. it is good for your face, your hair, your skin, your nails. that leads me to another good fat. >> hoda loves this. >> this is my favorite thing. tell me about the coconut oil. >> coconut oil can sliolidify le this. it gets to room temperature, it turns to a liquid. indian food is great with it.
10:40 am
it is great for your hair, skin and nails. put it right on. >> like at the beach. >> you're going to get a great tan. we're starting new trends here. want to go natural. i have this on my dresser at home. i also have it in my kitchen. >> do you break out if you put it on your face in. >> i put it right underneath my little lines here and then in the morning you're glistening. >> what lines? >> yeah. >> almond butter. >> vitamin e, i put it on my toast in the morning. a great substitute for people with peanut allergies. has protein, iron, calcium. it is nutritious and a new trend right now. >> nothing added to this. >> look for the natural stuff, no additives. >> we have about a minute. chia seed. >> okay, omega 3 fatty acids, hydration is key. >> where do you put those in your diet? >> throw them into one of these green drinks.
10:41 am
>> this looks like -- this looks like it has way too much healthy stuff in it. >> banana, spinach, superfoods, coconut oil, resveratrol, chia seeds. >> if you had another banana in there, mint. >> a little mint would be great to brighten it up. >> all right. resveratrol. this naturally dmurz r lly occu wine, which makes you looking and feeling fabulous. >> in the shot form. >> this is in shot form. these are dietary supplements. not regulated by the fda so be careful. you can take a shot of this to your health. it is delicious. >> it is. >> if you're taking other meds, check with your doctor. >> absolutely. absolutely. >> and dark chocolate. thank you so much. >> say hello to all the girls in san diego. and your mama. >> and mom. want to lose weight, find a new job, improve your relationship. >> how to make real changes in your life right after this. ♪ in touch with the ground ♪ i'm on the hunt, i'm after you ♪
10:42 am
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all right, let's face it, most of us have problems sticking with our new year's resolution. >> to put those behind you and to make lasting resolutions, you may need a life coach. >> you're in luck. laura pasada is here to help you achieve that hard to reach goal. last time you were here, you with your husband, yankee great jorge and now playing solo today. >> i'm a life coach now and doing my own thing and he's home, helping me with the kids and it is great. >> it is about time. >> you say one of the things people should do is visualize what you want. a lot of people can't define in words what they want. they're never really going to get it. >> exactly. i think it is really important to close your eyes, go to a relaxing place and i would like for you to do that with me. i want you to close your eyes. and then imagine where you want your life to be three years from now. >> i see beaches. >> tell me what you see. >> i see a beach. >> what do you hear? >> i hear waves. >> and who is around you?
10:47 am
>> i can't say that. i can't give everything away. >> you can tell yourself. and that's the important thing. you need to stay -- >> just me and hoda. >> that's all it is. >> that's all you need. you need to visualize what you want and then write it down in detail. >> how often should you do that? something you should revisit yearly? >> as often as you need to. it is very important to have it written down and read it often. but you can't put pressure on yourself not to change it. >> then you feel worse than you felt before. how do you take something that is a visualization and make it a reality? do you share it with other people? do you start networking to make it happen? what do you do then? >> i think it is important that you make a commitment with yourself, that this is what you want, and then you might need to make a plan on how you're going to achieve it. when i say a plan, it is not like, oh, yes, i want to lose weight. no. you need to make a detailed plan. >> monday, tuesday, wednesday. >> i'll eat this.
10:48 am
>> set an alarm on your phone, post it around the house, you need to make sure that you follow through on that plan. okay? >> a lot of people are saying if they have a profession, something else they want to do, but they're busy kind of stuck in another profession -- >> living because they have to. >> they say you should dedicate 10% of your time and 10% of your money toward that new goal so you're still doing what you're doing. you don't have to abandon where you are to get what you want, right? >> exactly. you need to always move towards your goal. and one thing that will help you is you need to write affirmations about it. like, for example, you need to write and post it notes, for example. i am healthy. i am strong. i am capable of change. and you put them somewhere around the house so you open a door and you see it. >> open the fridge. >> and you have your family play along with you and take the post its and move them around so when you open something, you remind yourself. >> how important is a buddy in this sort of a thing? another person outside of your own visualization, to make -- to help you along?
10:49 am
>> there is a couple of ideas. you can try to have your husband help you. or you can have a friend or you can have a life coach. if you feel like you can do it on your own -- >> laura, thank you so much. >> happy new year. >> thank you. british singer john newman will perform his hit "love me again". >> but first this is "today" on nbc.
10:50 am
10:51 am
10:52 am
♪ the toyota concert series on "today" brought to you by toyota. >> john newman has been burning up the charts in his native england for months with his hit single called "love me again." >> john is bringing his music stateside with his first ever u.s. television appearance. we're delighted to have you. his debut album "tribute" comes out today. he'll sing it for us. welcome to america. congratulations.
10:53 am
>> thank you. >> you've been burning up the charts across the pond and now you're here. how does it feel to be in the states? >> incredible. such a big thing for any musician and to see the response i'm getting here feels incredible. we looked on itunes before and the album is up to number five which is incredible. >> terrific. now, you've been called the male adele. you feel like a little tension because of that or is that just thrilling? >> i think people are silly. >> you can prove it right now. we're so excited to have you. john newman, everybody. >> thank you. ♪ know i've done wrong left your heart torn ♪ ♪ is that what devils do ♪ took you so long where only fools go ♪ ♪ i shook the angel in you ♪ now i'm rising from the ground ♪ ♪ rising up to you ♪ filled with all the strength i found ♪ ♪ there's nothing i can't do
10:54 am
♪ i need to know now know now ♪ ♪ can you love me again ♪ i need to know now know now can you love me again ♪ ♪ i need to know now ♪ it's unforgivable i stole and burnt your soul ♪ ♪ is that what demons do they rule the worst in me ♪ ♪ destroy everything they bring down angels like you ♪ ♪ now i'm rising from the ground rising up to you ♪ ♪ filled with all the strength i found ♪ ♪ there's nothing i can't do ♪
10:55 am
♪ i need to know now know now can you love me again ♪ ♪ i need to know now know now can you love me again ♪ ♪ oh, all right ♪ can you love me again ♪ i told you once i can't do this again ♪ ♪ do this again ♪ i told you once i can't do this again do this again, oh, no ♪
10:56 am
♪ i need to know now know now can you love me again ♪ ♪ i need to know now know now can you love me again ♪ ♪ i need to know now know now can you love me again ♪ ♪ i need to know now know now can you love me again ♪ >> john newman! thank you. >> nice job. >> congratulations. >> congrats. >> all right. >> tomorrow, marisa hargitay is here. >> and the legend of hercules.
10:57 am
>> and we're going to give you some moves for tomorrow's workout. and we take a swing oh!
10:58 am
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. right now at 11:00, charged with setting the chinese concentrate late on fire, the man that says he heard voices is in court. >> a big freeze crippling half of the nation. why some in the bay area don't mind all of the problems associated with the polar vortex. good morning, thank you for joining us, i'm terry mcsweeney. >> i'm peggy bunker. the man accused of dousing the chinese concentrate late in san francisco with gasoline and setting it on fire is back in court this morning. christieth


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