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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  January 28, 2014 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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nbc bay area news starts now. good evening. thanks for joining us. i'm raj mathai. >> and i'm jessica aguirre. we're in the middle of a drought emergency and after nearly two months without rain, it is making a comeback. a live look in san jose where there's a little light drizzle. jeff ranieri is here with more on the storm he's tracking. jeff, it's misty outside. >> not showing up on the radar
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too much. the drizzle is in the extreme lower level of the atmosphere, so that radar is having a hard time picking it up. so take it slow throughout tomorrow morning. we have our storm system out here in the pacific. that is going to be closer. if you saw us yesterday, there are some changes to the forecast. the first one being the timing, arriving a little earlier, wednesday night through thursday morning. and the heaviest will be away from the bay area. i still even think by tomorrow we'll likely have more changes on this storm system as it gets closer. as we wrap things up in the first look, this rainfall is very interesting. not in january or december did we see the highest rainfall but it was in september. the whole season has been out of whack, and that's why just a few raindrops in the next 24 hours
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is big news to us. >> if you've been around here for a while, we did this in the 1970s and '80s. tonight, a notable note in the south bay. about 2 million people will be asked by the water district to cut their usage. george kiriyama is in san jose with the details. george? >> reporter: the word tonight is cutback, as in cut back on your water use by 10%. the water district board approved that to set this in motion and the message is clear, do your part as we deal with this long drought. when you can see more land than water in certain parts of our reservoirs, that's a big issue. the water district has asked everyone to sacrifice. >> just be mindful that water is a scarce resource and nature has not provided it.
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>> when you're brushing your teeth, however you're using water, be very mindful of the times when the water is just faucets running. >> reporter: he hears the message loud and clear. instead of watering his lawn every day -- >> now hearing this, maybe i might do once in two days or three case. >> reporter: but not everyone thinks we're in dire straits. >> i don't want us to be in the position asking people to go through a lot of angst and behavior changes and then having a series of storms come in, in march, fill our reservoirs and say never mind. >> reporter: the district provides water to 2 million people. it's hoping people will cut back because it's the right thing to do. >> one of these days you'll go to the tap and the water is not going to be there for you. >> reporter: there will be
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financial incentives. rebate also be offered for those that buy water efficient devices. george kiriyama, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, george. marin county is asking residents to cut water usage by 25%. more details tonight on the severe water shortage we're experiencing here in california. 17 communities across the state will in danger of running out of water. anywhere between 60 and 120 days. the health department has compiled a list. state health officials are working to come up with solutions, which include trucking in water or providing emergency funds for drilling new wells. a bold tone from president
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obama. after five years of gridlock and sagging public approval ratings, he said he'll take matters into his own hands and bypass congress with his executive powers. >> so wherever and when ever i can take steps without legislation to expand opportunity for more american families, that's what i'm going to do. >> the president said corporate profits and wealthy americans are enjoying an economic boom, but the middle class continues to struggle. the key points tonight, raising minimum wage, income equality for women and immigration reform. jean elle is in san francisco this eving is more on how some local families are responding. jean? >> reporter: the president also urged lawmakers to extend emergency unemployment insurance for americans who don't have a job. people here in the bay area say losing that benefit is paralyzing. >> i want to work. i need to work. >> reporter: laid off six months ago, this single mother in the
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east bay is running out of options. her federal unemployment benefits end next week. >> i have depleted my savings account. i've withdrawn money from my 401(k). >> reporter: in his state of the union address, president obama asked congress to extend long-term unemployment insurance for millions of americans like sanders. >> congress, give these hard-working responsible americans that chance. >> reporter: a call that resonated with viewers at a crowded watch party in san francisco. >> it's a chance to get back on your feet, a chance to keep moving forward. >> reporter: the president laid out plans to help get americans back to work and to improve the financial stability of the employed and will use his executive power to raise the minimum wage for federal contract workers. political analysts say while he may deliver on that promise, he will need congressional
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approval. >> he asked congress rather strikingly, please, go ahead and return those unemployment benefits to those of extended delays. it's not fair to them. all part of that great american dream that he was talking about tonight. >> reporter: hoping to rebuild her american dream, she's hoping the president convinced members of congress to help her get back in the workforce. >> more time, more time to search for a job, to look for work. you know? as of now, it's like what do i do? like i say, i'm at a roadblock. >> reporter: the president is asking lawmakers to asks a three-month extension at a minimum. the white house tonight says that would help 2 million americans. reporting live in san francisco, jean elle, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, jean. the night's most emotional moment came when the president singled out cory remsburg. he's an army ranger and there as a guest of the first lady. >> sergeant first class cory remsburg never gives up and he
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does not quit. [ applause ] >> that ovation lasted nearly two minutes. he was nearly killed in afghanistan. president obama told his story and recognized his courage. >> day by day, he's learned to speak again and stand again and walk again. he's working toward the day when he can serve his country again. >> remsburg was injured by a roadside bomb during his 10th deployment. he was in a coma for three months and is partially paralyzed, and blind in one eye. hundreds of people turned out to a funeral home for a viewing of b.a.r.t. police sergeant thomas smith, killed by a fellow officer last week. tomorrow, several hundred members of law enforcement from around the country are expected at the funeral, including the officer who killed smith.
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terry mcsweeney joins us from the east bay with more on those funeral plans. >> reporter: if you've ever seen a funeral for an officer killed in the line of duty. tonight, a police officer from the bay area who never heard of sergeant smith last week, were mingling with people who had known sergeant smith since he was a kid. at the chapel in hayward tonight, a large turnout from pay area law enforcement agencies to offer their condolences. the family of sergeant thomas smith, including his widow, who is also a b.a.r.t. police officer, arrived with a police motorcade. also here, the former b.a.r.t. police chief. >> i think everyone is still overwhelmed and in disbelief that this happened.
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we'll get through tonight and tomorrow. >> reporter: from the other side of the country, there were members of the massachusetts bay transit authority here. they never met sergeant smith, but felt like they were among family tonight. >> a lot of our conversations are very similar as far as how we operate in massachusetts, completely on the other side of the country, to how they operate hear in california. >> reporter: also here tonight, a woman who knew sergeant smith long before he was a sergeant, way back when he was a little boy. >> my husband went to high school with their mother and our children went to school with their children, tommy and patrick. so it's just a very empty feeling. >> reporter: we do not know if the b.a.r.t. who shot sergeant smith was here tonight, but michael may's brother john says michael will be at the funeral tomorrow. and that will be just the beginning of a long road of
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healing. >> how can you possibly minimize this tragic event? you can't. how can you forget it? you can't. >> reporter: it appears that officer mays mistook sergeant smith for an armed intruder last week. tomorrow's funeral begins at 10:00 a.m. terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. >> more details now. the memorial will be held at that church, the neighborhood church of castro valley. it start at 9:30 with bagpipes leading the casket into the church. three chp helicopters will perform a flyover after the service. we'll have complete coverage on still ahead, firefighters in the south bay filing to get to the fires fast enough while one county leader wants to make them pay. >> she was going too fast in a different direction. >> a teach fell more than 3,000 feet from an airplane but
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survived. the sky diving birthday gift that went wrong. hospitals scrambling to deal with a commonly used medication. good evening. i'm jeff ranieri. we are tracking drizzle across the bay area. and yes, this storm system offshore. we'll that coming up.
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a stern message for san jose firefighters. respond faster for your funding will be cut. san jose fire is required to respond to lights and sirens calls within eight minutes 90%
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of the time. they even receive a bonus for meeting that mark. but since september of 2012, their ontime rate has dropped to 88%. >> we have a system that's designed to reward and encourage on-time arrival. it appears to be having the opposite effect. >> the county is now threatening to yank more than $2 million in incentive pay. that's only a small percentage of the fire department's $164 million annual budget, but the county wants to send a message. police in hillsboro are warning people to be own the lookout for a man who robbed a home pretending to be a utility worker. they went to a home and said he worked for the water company. this is a sketch. clean shaven white male in his early 40s. approximately six feet tall and 220 pounds. he was wearing a blue long sleeve shirt and running shoes.
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some concern and frightened people in a quiet east bay neighborhood. a home invasion ended in the shooting of an elderly woman. a man shot the woman and then took off. the bullet went through her shoulder and through a wall and a neighboring fence before hitting a neighbor's house. the woman is listed in able condition. a silicon valley group is giving away $1 million for any high tech innovation that will stop gun violence. some of the ideas being lobbied right now include using fingerprint scanning technology and radio frequency that would require the gun to be within ten inches of a paired watch before it would shoot. she's been called a miracle child. a 16-year-old girl survives
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falling 3500 feet without a working parachute. her name is mckenzie. she was sky diving for the first time in oklahoma. when the family arrived at the sky diving center, they learned she would be jumping alone. when she got out of the plane, her father says only half of the parachute opened. >> she's going too fast and different directions, she can't reach up and grab it any way. when she goes into the spin, he keeps telling her to cut away, cut away, to release the chute and pull the reserve. >> here's the encouraging part. she does have several broken bones, but is expected to fully recover. the owner of the sky diving center says that mckenzie may be responsible by not listening to the training she received before the jump.
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developing weather right now. at least 50 children are still stuck on school bulses in atlana overnight. hundreds of children will be waking up in their classrooms after spending the night there. an unusual winter storm is crippling the southeast. the national guard is now working to clear the roads and attempt to rescue drivers. today alone, there were at least 1,000 car accidents during the storm. atlanta's mayor is warning people to just stay home. take a look at the snow coming down in washington, d.c. we have live pictures from the nation's capital. a beautiful shot there in what's been an eventful night in weather and politics regarding president obama. >> let's check in with chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. it's weird to look at this and see so much snow and rain on the east coast and in the south and yet here we're so dry. >> sit that inverted pattern. that is a large part of why we're not getting anything.
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they've been stuck in the freezer for the past four to six weeks and we've been stuck with all the hot, warm air. the rain line will be dropping a little lower throughout tomorrow, eventually signaling some rainier changes. what you're experiencing right now outside is some drizzle in the lower atmosphere. again, if you're doing any traveling through the morning hours, watch out for the slick roadways. in the see riera, a winter tomorrow watch through thursday night. snow 6 to 10 inches. we'll get a live look outside right now. it's what you can't see that's part of the story. san francisco, also the east way, completely fogged in. i decided to leave that. that's what commuters are facing. 60 right now in san francisco.
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areas of drizzle being reported in san jose. currently 59 with wet roadways. it's all this low-level moisture out ahead of the storm system. our storm system is still about 1,000 miles out in the pacific, and this sting is stubborn. the slower this has gotten, the more erratic the forecast models have been. the cold front is still going to pass over throughout the next 24 hours but it gets less impressive every time we see these model runs come in. yes, i think we're going to get that rainfall, but not as much as we want here across the bay area. we've been so dry. tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m., areas of drizzle continuing, but by 5:00 and 6:00 tomorrow, we still have the rainfall off to the north. so you're probably asking when is the rain going to arrive? around 10:00 p.m., raindrops in santa rosa and napa.
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a lot of us could be sleeping when that rain arrives, so you may not experience it. but it looks like lit get the ground wet and moves out on thursday. so the bottom line with this one, not a big storm but could be the most significant rainfall we've seen since december 6 and 7. totals range .5 of an inch, and we could have further changes tomorrow. a live look at the microclimate forecast. cooler with clouds in place. temperatures in the 60s. san jose at 65. palo alto at 64. notice the rain icons on san francisco. that's where we think the drizzle chance will stay the highest throughout the day. we'll see the same scenario in the north bay with 64 in napa, 65 in santa rosa.
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sierra snow is on the way. only of the heavier rainfall as we looked at this storm system this past weekend, that's heading up towards the sierra. so from 2 to 8 inches of snow there. that's great news for the drought. a lot of the water comes from the sierra. if you're doing any traveling, we've got this storm system in the southeast. we saw that video. check it out. panama city, tallahassee, a rain-snow mix and possibly freezing snow accumulations. if you're heading to the airports, expect delays. >> back in a moment with a shortage at hospitals due to the flu outbreak.
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hospitals are scramling tonight because they're running out of saline. emergency rooms are seeing a high demand of iv fluids. many patients come in
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dehydratedened need iv saline. the fda says it's working with three manufacturers to address the shortage and is looking for alternative sources overseas. a scathing new report criticizes californian's health plans. the annual report by the state office of patient advocates says that most hmos make it hard for patients to get care easily. kaiser was the only one to earn a top four rating. anthem blue cross received three stars for its hmo plan. an oakland product is making headlines at the super bowl.
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this was not a good night for the warriors. dave feldman is here. dave? >> thank you, raj. no, it wasn't. the warriors owned the wizards.
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history would bear it out. six straight wins. wizz had not won in oakland since december of 2009. but as they say in the nba, on any given tuesday. warriors hosting the wizards on the 30th birthday of andre igadala. warriors up four at the half. but third quarter, john wall dishes to nene and the wizards down by three. fourth quarter, bradley beale knocks down a three. the warriors come up short 88-85. >> right now we're a team that, if a championship caliber team comes in here or elite team comes in here, we play at that level. if an average team comes in, we play at that level. we are not good enough to allow who comes in here to determine
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how hard we play. >> plenty of headlines in super bowl media day. before we treating into the background in silence, it was oakland native and seahawks running back martian lynch who spoke to dion sanders. >> you look good. >> [ bleep ], you do too. >> are you all right? >> hey, i'm smooth. >> i like when you got off the plane. you look like you're ready to play. >> that's what time it is. >> you kind of shy? >> no. >> you just don't want to talk? >> i'm just about that action. >> you just like to do snit >> that's what it is. i ain't never seen no talking win me nothing. i'm ready to go get it. ain't no need to talk about it. >> a man of few words. you cannot stop pitchers from
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being hit by line drives but you can reduce the risk. a padded cap has been approved for pitchers. to start, they will be optional. any player who wants one, will need to contact the company making them. that's it for sports. raj and jessica back with more news after the break.
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you know what that means. the olympics begin next week. and one of our own is getting ready for sochi. on friday, this coming friday, a high school in san jose is giving the figure skater a fendoff. and sharks ice is hosting a lot of events in edmonds honors. do i have my models with me here?
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>> go, paulina. >> usa! usa! >> she'll be having a big sendoff. we wish her the best. >> this is awesome.
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