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tv   Early Today  NBC  February 4, 2014 4:00am-4:31am PST

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and good tuesday morning. coming up on "early today," three-round storm. the first one may be done, but what's ahead will surely get your attention. captured. an escaped murderer is back in police custody after a tip from someone watching tv. heroin crisis. result s of philip seymour hoffman's autopsy expected today. the overdose possibl caused by a mix of heroin an synthetic morphine. embattled new jersey governor chris christie takes his case to the airwaves. cars that communicate with one another. and the super bowl set some records, defining the blowout going on at metlife. it is tuesday, february 4th. "early today" starts right now.
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and good morning. i'm richard lui. more than 80 million americans are in the path of a one, two, three punch of a winter blast. part one for you, dump be several inches of heavy and wet snow on the east coast. just the first of what could be one of the worst weather weeks in memory. forecasters saying two more powerful storm systems are on the way. monday's blast snarled commutes for super bowl fans on their way home from the game. boy, did it erase all the memories of the 50 degree game at metlife stadium. more than 4300 flights were delayed nationwide and more canceled on monday. today, around 500 flights already canceled, mostly out of o'hare, a major connection point for flights to or from the west. so far this winter, chicago has seen nearly 53 inches. philadelphia, 37 plus. boston recording 33 1/2. more than 28 inches in new york and it is hitting washington as well. the polar vortex last month put
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a $5 billion chill on the economy and that's on an estimated 60 million households that were affected. they'll see their heating bills jump 50%, a $4.5 billion hit. and flight disruptions cost another $2.5 billion in extra charges for passengers. nbc meteorologist bill karins joins us in a moment with your full forecast. now to the capture of a quadruple killer who brazenly escaped from a michigan prison. indiana state police caught 40-year-old michael elliott late last night, but not before police say he abducted a woman and stole her jeep. she escaped unharmed when elliott stopped for gas. police say he stole another car and that led to a police chase. >> i confirmed with him if he was the michael elliott that we heard about throughout the day. and he nodded his head it was him. and it was a sense of relief. i'm glad he's in custody and i'm glad that people can sleep better tonight knowing he's off the streets. >> indiana officials say yoelt
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is being charged with car theft and resisting law enforcement. officials also say he wore a white uniform to evade security and blend in with the snow. he snuck past guards and then made a hole in two electric fences. those fences equipped with motion sensors to alert guards. elliott is serving a life sentence for killing four people, and then setting their home on fire in 1993. autopsy results are expected today for philip seymour hoffman. 49 full bags of heroin were found at hoffman's new york apartment. at least 23 of them were empty. and four baggies of a white powder believed to contain cocaine were found in what appears to be in a massive overdose. his body was found sunday morning with a needle still in his arm. police searched the apartment monday. also finding prescription drugs and syringes. but it is the heroin investigators are now zeroing in on. some bags were marked ace of spades, what detectives say is a calling card for drug dealers. cops are hoping it will help them figure out who sold or gave
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him the drugs. tomorrow the lights on broadway will be dimmed in his honor. hoffman appeared on broadway three times, each time earning a tony nomination. most recently playing willie lohmann in the 2012 revival of "the death of a salesman". several new fronts to tell you about the bridge gate scandal engulfing new jersey governor chris christie. bridget anne kelly is taking the fifth. she wrote he e-mailed. this as the deadline to turn over documents has expired. governor christie is also making news, confirming his office received subpoenas from the u.s. attorney investigating the case and acknowledged he might have heard of the traffic jam while it was going on. >> i've been very clear about this. before these lanes were closed, i knew nothing about it. i didn't plan it. i didn't authorize it. i didn't approve it.
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i knew nothing about it. there were press accounts. you know, things could have been mentioned to me about traffic at any point in time. none of it was memorable to me, eric, because i didn't know there was any issue. >> the ongoing investigation also now impacting a potential presidential campaign. a new poll showing here christie trailing hillary clinton by 16 points. 55-39, just two months ago christie held a slight edge in that poll. super bowl xlix in arizona has a lot to live up to. more than 111 million americans tuned in for sunday's matchup between the seattle seahawks and denver broncos. that puts it in the record books for now as the most watched television event in american history. the halftime show headland by bruno mars also said a new high with 115 million viewers. that beat out last year's performance by beyonce and takes the top spot from madonna.
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bill karins has more on the snowy forecast, and, bill, you know, talking about the super bowl halftime show that probably may have been the highlight at that point of the game. >> easily the highlight. you and i should go to -- arizona would be beautiful for the super bowl. the jets, right? you and me. >> i would like that, yeah. >> my part would never happen. as far as the storm goes across the country, busy travel nightmare as far as the airport are going to go. more on the east coast wednesday. more in the midwest today. west coast, by the way, we're fine at the airports. ripple effect. 32 states impacted, one of the more far reaching winter storms. won't be as severe in terms of snow amounts or ice amounts. widespread across the country. storm exited the west two days ago, still left behind cold air. temperatures in the 30s and 20s in the pacific northwest. there is some chill out there. especially montana, look at billings at zero. little chilly in vegas, los angeles, phoenix too. as far as what we're going to deal with next, not a lot in the
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next two days. we're protected a little bit, as it heads to thursday, another chance of rain heading into the bay area and it looks like it could be -- maybe a decent accumulation, maybe a half inch or so. would like to get that up in the mountains too. couple of breaks here. tuesday, wednesday, dry days for all your travels in west and introduce rain again on thursday. that rainfall does not at this time, not like the last one, where it tracked down to the california coast this one will stay farther to the north. that's a look at your natio >> so, richard, rain chances, i guess san francisco thursday, maybe another one towards the end of the weekend. this is what we like. start to get storms coming in once every three days. >> you know, bill, hearing those headlines, starting to talk about it in west, i was there
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the past four days and they're talking about weather. good stuff for guys like you. thank you very much, bill karin. cars that talk to one another to prevent a crash. and the metrodome deflated. the president fires back at media bias in parts of the o'reilly interview that did not air during the super bowl. r ins? yeah. i heard about progressive's "name your price" tool? i guess you can tell them how much you want to pay and it gives you a range of options to choose from. huh? i'm looking at it right now. oh, yeah? yeah. what's the... guest room situation? the "name your price" tool, making the world a little more progressive.
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[ engine revving ] [ tires screech ] ♪ [ male announcer ] that was bold. real bold. ♪ welcome back. in an interview that aired last night, president obama and bill o'reilly sparred over various topics including the keystone pipeline, the 2012 benghazi attack and the president's portrayal in the media. >> do you think i'm unfair to you? do you think i'm -- >> absolutely, of course you are, bill. but i like you anyway, bill. >> give me how i'm unfair. give me how i'm unfair. come on. you can't make that accusation without telling me. >> we went through an interview where you asked about health care not working, irs was wholly corrupt, benghazi, right.
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so the list of issues that you talk about -- >> but these are my questions. >> but they're defined by you guys in a certain way. >> if i'm unfair, i want -- >> here's what you have to figure out, what are you going to do when i'm gone? >> a small twin engine plane crashed in nashville, tennessee, killing all four people on board. the plane crashing right outside a ymca filled with 300 children and parents. the fire chief saying it was a miracle the plane did not hit the building, adding, quote, the pilot did one hell of a job minimizing damage. joan mondale, the wife of walter mondale, died at age of 83. she was an advocate for cultural arts and worked to increase funding for public arts programs. in a statement, president obama said the nation will always be thankful for the service of joan of art. real life castaway here. a man who washed ashore on the martial islands says he has been adrift in the pacific ocean for more than one year. the man claims he left mexico on
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a fishing trip with a companion, but they became lost when the engine malfunctioned. the companion died of starvation while he survived on raw fish, birds, and rain water. authorities saying the man is still not fully coherent. cars that talk to one another. the government in the process of one day requiring new cars to come with technology to avoid a crash before it happens. vehicle to vehicle communications would enable cars to constantly transmit a 360 degree status report. taking you to minneapolis, the cables holding the iconic white roof at the metrodome were severed by a series of explosions. the stadium is being demolished to make way for the vikings brand-new $1 billion stadium. going to be a beauty. to business, and to cnbc's kayla talsh. >> stocks look to rebound after monday's sell-off sparked by weak reports on u.s. manufacturing and auto sales and worries about a slowdown in china. the worst start to february for
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the dow since 1982. the nasdaq since 1972. and the s&p 500 since 1933. apple's long awaited tv device may be closer to reality. the wall street journal reports the company has been buying a lot of bandwidth fueling speculation it could be laying ground work for a new television product or an upgrade video streaming service. and it was ten years ago today that mark zuckerberg launched facebook from his harvard dorm room. the social networking site now boasts more than 1.2 billion users worldwide and is profitable thanks to a surge in online and mobile ads. very humble beginnings, richard. for now, back to you. >> kayla, also so 2000, facebook, isn't it? the restaurant diner who left three separate $5,000 tips for waitresses. plus, all your sports highlights next as "early today" continues for our tuesday morning. at farmers, we make you smarter about insurance. because what you don't know, can hurt you. what if you didn't know
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this morning on "today," hear from former "snl" cast member andy sandberg about his golden globe win and what's next for the "brooklyn nine-nine" star. latest in sports, the seahawks back home after winning the super bowl for the first time in franchise history. and out the plane window, 12th man flag being waved by the seahawks general manager. the parade is wednesday, so no fan areas were provided to welcome them, only airport workers as you saw there with
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their green pompons. malcolm smith was not with the team. he was at disney world, the third defensive player to win that super bowl mvp. smith riding shotgun with mickey. the last defensive player to win, by the way, was the ravens' ray lewis in 2001. all right. record $119.4 million were plunged down in las vegas bets this year. but because many were betting on manning and broncos, the losses were higher. as a result, casinos made a record profit of $20 million, more than the past three super bowls combined. so remember joe namath doing the super bowl coin toss in the massive fur coat? peta did not like that. the animal activist group tweeted asking the former jets quarterback to consider faux fur next time the 77-year-old decides to go broadway. waiting for the lights to turn green before celebrating
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the win, seattle. forget about it. jaywalking, they would have been in the streets once they won. syracuse rolls on against notre dame. cany propels syracuse with 33 points. he had an impressive nine three-pointers. that's one of them. they stay on top. a big 12 marathon in oklahoma to tell you about. three overtimes. 16th ranked iowa state against numbers 19, oklahoma state, and the second overtime, iowa state's long hits a three-pointer at the buzzer. triple overtime we go after that shot. iowa state finally wins it 98-97. their first there in over 25 years. i am tired. in the nba, what a night. an incredible finish by the milwaukee bucks over the knicks. game tide 98-98. seconds left. brandon knight throws the game-winning three-pointer right there. bucks take it 101-98. bubba watson got his
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1-year-old son there, caleb, on the greens. cute guy, huh? watson posted the video of his son hitting the golf ball for the first time. even put him in a tough spot there, a bunker shot. guy is only 1-year-old. well done. skirting the issue of hem lengths for kate, queen elizabeth lowers the boom. seinfeld's super bowl commercial was a huge hit. details next. that it's given me time toabout reflect on some of life'seen biggest questions. like, if you could save hundreds on car insurance by making one simple call, why wouldn't you make that call? see, the only thing i can think of is that you can't get any... bars. ah, that's better. it's a beautiful view. i wonder if i can see mt. rushmore from here. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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warmer for some of you to go to the beach, but not if it is raining. that's the case in hawaii. watching the storm system coming through with the front, moving through oahu as we go throughout the day today. there are showers and rain out there that will keep the temperatures down by hawaii standards. 75 in honolulu. big island, a little dryer. maybe around 82. we'll continue to watch a chilly morning out there. even this afternoon, some cold arctic air pushed down to the south, high today in portland, only 29 degrees. so little chilly out there in the northwest, but rainy in hawaii. want to go check it out with me? >> showing your east coast roots there. what is a little rain when it is 70 or 80 degrees on an island? >> it is -- another day in paradise. >> exactly right. thank you, bill. it turns out people really do want a seinfeld reunion. jerry and george's return to toms restaurant during the super bowl was tivo's most rewatched commercial of the entire game. the second most rewatched ad was budweiser featuring a puppy and
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a clydesdale. molly cyrus and her bleached eyebrows are back on march's cover of "w" magazine. she's wearing no clothes. miley talks about her style which she said is inspired by madonna, blondie and joan jett, all coming together. scandalous style, kate middleton's skirts perhaps a little too short for the queen's liking. according to the daily mail, queen elizabeth -- revised -- i don't know. she's doing the suggestions here. she is now suggesting that they feature lower hemlines and more tiaras. all part of a, quote, regal makeover. i bet you wouldn't mind getting pizza with these guys. lenny kravitz tweeting a selfie showing him with leonardo dicaprio and bradley cooper grabbing a slice together at joe's pizza in new york. that's what happens. every day. vanity fair is being applauded for its big hollywood issue which features six black movie stars on the cover. in years past, the mag has been critiqued for favoring white actors in the spread.
4:24 am
this year, idris elba and more grace the cover there. good looking group. jimmy fallon stopping by "the tonight show" to write a special thank you note for jay. take a listen. ♪ >> thank you, jay leno, for carrying on the proud tradition of the tonight show host with such humor and class and for being nothing but gracious and generous to me over the past year. i will do my best to make you proud every single night. thank you. >> i think you'll do a great job. >> oh, man. little emotional both ways, right? >> i'm going to miss leno's skits. i love leno on the man on the street stuff was pretty funny. >> they're both great. thank you so much. i'm richard lui. this is "early today." we hope it is just your first stop of the day here on nbc. [ male announcer ] walgreens understands being at the corner of "looking for a good deal" and "sheesh, i should've looked some more."
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leading the news, the l.a. times, former teacher charged with 16 felonies in youtube sex abuse case. monday's arrest came after one of andrea cordosa's former students went public with accusations of childhood sexual abuse in an emotional youtube video. in illinois, from usa today, restaurant customer leaves $15,000 for three waitresses. the generous woman told them to use the money for school and, quote, everything else in life. now some stories we're watching for you here. tragedy off the coast of north carolina. a 4-year-old child died aboard a norwegian cruise line ship east of morehead city. the child was found unresponsive on the pool deck, but the u.s. coast guard was able to rescue a 6-year-old found unresponsive also. the fda is launching an anti-smoking campaign, the $115 million project is called the
4:27 am
real cost. it is aimed at stopping teens from smoking and encouraging them to quit. ads will run on television and magazines in the u.s. for at least one year beginning next week. will also capitalize on social media. the fda says nearly 90% of adult smokers start by age 18 and more than 700 kids under 18 become daily smokers each day. move over skiing. the new face of colorado tourism is all about that rocky mountain high. the emergence of legal pot has created a tour service to the envy of napa valley wineries. wine and pot. tourists are chauffeured by lemmo in a dense cloud of smoke to pot shops and even pot themed restaurants. surprisingly here, bill, an older less pot savvy crowd that made the tours such a success. now, in napa valley, they have the wine train. i wonder if they have the pot train there. what do you think? >> if they're going to make money, they'll come up with it. napa wasn't always as big as it was and colorado tourism is going up, huh? >> yeah.
4:28 am
up in smoke, right. >> yeah. >> that's where you're leading me. a look ahead and a look back. final senate vote on a long delayed farm bill could happen as early as today. the house will overwhelmingly pass a $1 trillion compromise bill last week, which will trim about $8 billion in food stamps over ten years. on this date in 1932, new york governor franklin d. roosevelt opened a winter olympic games at lake placid. >> parade of the nations for the winter meet of the 10th olympiad as governor roosevelt of new york takes the salute. crowd gets a big kick out of the grouping of the flags. representing 331 athletes from 17 different nations. celebrating birthdays today, oscar de la hoya, 41. football hall of famer lawrence taylor, 55. rocker alice cooper, 66. i'm richard lui with bill karins. thanks for watching "early today." have a great tuesday.
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>> i always thought to myself thank god i got away. >> she got away, nearly 20 years ago. this morning a local woman kidnapped by a convicted sex offender opens up to nbc bay area following his recent arrest. >> a violent home invasion on the peninsula prompts action, what the city of palo alto is doing to fight back against the spike in crime. >> plus, pieces of this meteorite turn to gold. a special ingredient making this year's gold in sochi one of a kind. >> a live look outside. it's tuesday, february 4th and this is "today in the bay." good morning to u.


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