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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  February 23, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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>> a milestone for professional sports. the nba's first gay player took the court tonight. stanford grad jason collins just signed with the brooklyn nets. just the dalai lama is in the bay area. what he had to say to hundreds at a rally in berkeley, why others proper testing his visit. a death investigation at a popular south bay mall. what we know after police shut down part of the busy shopping center. >> good evening. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> i'm diane dwyer, on late tonight because of olympics coverage. we begin tonight with the dalai lama visiting bate area. they landed friday, today he spoke to a sold-out crowd in berkeley. it hasn't been all peaceful. dozens of people are protesting
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his visit. nbc bay area's chase cain is at santa clara university. the dalai lama will be there tomorrow? >> reporter: he sure will. they are already getting things ready. may see some barriers out here. inside they are rehearsing for tomorrow morning's talk. but this morning the dalai lama began at the tibetan community center in richmond bless blessing the community center that's been in the works for many years. then off to berkeley high school where the dalai lama gave a sold-out talk on how to achieve happiness. where he talked about love, compassion, selflessness. but while he was onstage inside, outside protesters had gathered. there were a large number of protesters. some upset about the lavish lifestyle they say the dalai lama leads. many years ago he banned a particular buddhist prayer, essentially a prayer to the buddha of wisdom or compassion, he said that prayer hurts them and shortens his life span. those protesters did not accept
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that, that's why they showed up in force to get the dalai lama's attention. >> this is an absolute outrage. the dalai lama has an opinion, he's free to have that opinion, he's free to teach anything he wants. once that opinion is imposed on other people, it becomes religious discrimination and that's why we're protesting. >> if you let meaningful life, compassionate life, then 100% sure go to heaven. >> reporter: you heard the dalai lama responding to a question from the audience about what happens to us after death. he did say he'd take several questions from the crowd at berkeley. next he'll be here at santa clara university. his talk in the morning is about business and ethics and much like this morning's talk at berkeley, this one is also sold out. and we are also expectationing protesters to show up here at santa clara university with essentially the same message they had this morning. then after his event here, tomorrow it will be off to los angeles for the dalai lama.
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police are investigating a death at a south san jose mall. officers closed off the parking lot at eke ridge mall for the investigation. viewers told our news room there was a big police presence at the mall about 2:30 this afternoon. the coroner was called to the scene shortly thereafter. right now it's not clear if there was any foul play involved. the family of a man shot and killed by alameda county sheriff's deputies have enlisted the help of a high-profile bay area attorney, john burress, best known for his work with the oscar grant case, says he will be filing a lawsuit on the family's behalf. he says deputies did not follow standard protocols during the shooting last week. and that is why david goins is now dead. last monday deputies say they were called to goins' home. they say the 61-year-old man hit them with a bat and deputies opened fire. burress says that is not the full story. >> the police rushed in, created
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a confrontation, and shot this man in his own house. >> no word today on when that federal lawsuit might be filed. hundreds of people formed a human chain across part of the golden gate bridge today, part of a nationwide protest against the violence in venezuela. it's one of more than 100 protests this weekend throughout the u.s. violence has escalated dramatically in venezuela over the last ten days as demonstrators took to the streets clashing with police. big issues include short ans of basic goods, high inflation, high crime levels across the country. >> the reason why we're here, venezuelans, we're asking for awareness, we ask people to find out and get involved on what's going on in venezuela right now. lest it become a syria, yugoslavia, all those countries that people got killed just because they want ed to express their opinions. according to a nongovernmental group that tracks violent crime in venezuela, almost 25,000 people were killed there just last year, almost double the number of homicides in the united states.
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history in the making. the first openly gay nba player is on the court tonight. jason collins revealed his sexual orientation at the end of last season. the 35-year-old signed a 10-day contract with the brooklyn nets this morning. the nets coach, jason kidd, played for several years with colins and indicated collins would play tonight. in speaking at a crowded press conference, collins says he is aware of the magnitude of his signing but like college football star michael sam who just came out, he is focusing on playing. >> and i hope similar to what michael said, that it's about him being a football player, me being a basketball player. going out there and trying to help our respective teams win. >> collins is also a stanford grad and has become a hero for the gay and lesbian community. last month he attended the state of the union as a guest of the first lady. the winter olympics in sochi have come to a close. team usa added one more medal to
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its total today. a bronze in four-man bobsled. >> the russians added four medals today, making them the overall leader with 33. nbc bay area has been in sochi covering the guys the last three weeks. here's a look back at the games' most memorable moments. ♪ >> reporter: it didn't take long for team usa to begin its golden journey. kotsenburg grabbed glory in the first medal event of these games. the snowboard slope style. the u.s. dominated the so-called x game sports. jamie anderson took the women's slope style. two medals in women's snowboard halfpipe. halfpipe gold for david wise. and mattie bowman on skis. a sweep in the men's ski slope style. >> oh, wow. there's a lot of emotion there. >> reporter: sochi made new heroes, like mikaela shiffrin, the youngest athlete to win alpine gold. said good-bye to others like
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shaun white and bode miller. at times the competition resembled the postman's creed, athletes delivering performances in snow, rain, heat. the snow held for julia mancuso in the super combined. andrew weibrecht in the super g. and ted ligety in a precise run to giant slalom gold. >> awesome feeling. >> reporter: there were problems that became social media punch lines. the faulty snowflake. tricky bathroom doors. and water the color of a bronze medal. but one picture posted by silver medalist gus ken worthy started an outreach program to adopt some of sochi's stray dogs. >> i fell in love with them and felt if i could do anything to help them, i really wanted to try. >> reporter: we say good-bye to rosa couture and the coastal cluster, to hockey heartbreak, and ice dancing delight. we say hello to memories that will have to last four more years in the next winter games.
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>> the closing ceremony is coming up at 8:00 tonight on nbc bay area. san jose olympian paulina edmunds was there. she snapped this fellow with jason brown after they marched with team usa. paulina missed the opening ceremony because she was training in austria. today she tweeted about dancing in front of the cameras. another look at the closing ceremony union fors. paulina tweeted this from the airport. she is now flying back to the united states. unfortunately, it's become common practice. scammers stealing your personal information online. they're increasingly focusing on popular vacation rental websites, vrbo and home away. a lot of money can be exchanged. right now there are more than 500,000 rental homes worldwide listed on the sites. victims claim the sites have lack security. experts say that makes for sometimes easy pickings. >> those using phishing attacks
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are extremely sophisticated. they can actually replicate what real vendors can do and do subtle things to the links in e-mails and phone numbers so that the consumer has no idea they may be dealing with somebody who's intent on scamming them. >> home away and vrbo say the increase in phishing correlates to the growth of the company and phishing results in travel loss less than 1% of the time. tonight hear from several victims, both property owners and renters who have been targeted. after the olympics at 11:00 to learn what you can do to protect yourself. bart trains are running through the concord station after friday's train derailment. but there is more work to be done. train service was restored between the concord and pleasant hill stations this morning after bart crews worked around the clock to remove the derailed train cars and fix the tracks. bart riders we talked to, very pleased. >> i'm really happy that they
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have it back up and running like it should. because it really inconveniences a lot of us during the normal work week. >> one set of tracks still needs to be repaired and that might stop extra training from running during rush hour but most riders won't notice any difference in service. a small plane crashed in concord this afternoon. but this one has a happy ending. this is a photo of the world war i replica airplane tweeted by the contra costa county fire department. officials say the plane was taxiing at high speed when it flipped. happened about 12:30 this afternoon. the pilot was the only person on board and he refused medical treatment. >> lucky guy. next, remembering a football player. how the campus will honor the students who died suddenly during a teamworkout. and picking up the tab, the growing trend that may have san jose paying for hotel rooms for one group of people. temperatures right now 50s and 60s outside. tomorrow's highs soaring into the 70s.
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that said, a couple of opportunities for rain with some strong storms on the way.
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the uc berkeley football player who died at a teamworkout earlier this month will be honored monday night. this is video of a candlelight vigil held for 21-year-old ted agu a few days after his death, a public health major who planned to go to medical school. monday's service set for 6:30 at haas pavilion. san jose has a new plan to deal with the growing homeless situation. put them up at hotels and motels. tomorrow the city council will consider a plan to work with nonprofits to lease rooms and allow the homeless to stay there. the nonprofits would offer up rooms to homeless people for up to five years along with services to help them find job and permanent housing. the cost to san jose, about $1 million a year. and that would house 60 people. supporters say the number of affordable housing options is shrinking as the homeless population grows and shelters are often full. coming up next, netflix came up with a new deal that will
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help viewers experience it. the big difference comcast users might see. we're watching low clouds filling back in across san francisco tonight. and in addition to low clouds we're going to see some changes in the forecast that will go from morning fog and drizzle to heavy rain and strong winds as more powerful systems are coming from the west. latte or au lait? sunny or bubbly?
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we're seeing low to mid 60s. 59 in sunnyvale. livermore 67. notice the cooling on the west side of the dublin grade, hayward 57. 63 in dublin. as we take you over toward the peninsula, you'll see temperatures now cooling into the 50s as that marine air and ocean air conditioning spill down the peninsula. 61 in santa rosa. the cooler marine air in novato at 55. low clouds coming in will give you misty skies or drizzle tomorrow morning. the real action is still lining up offshore. high pressure still holding its ground for one more day before all this energy here breaks through that ridge and pushes it east as we go through the day on tuesday. so the pattern still expected to give us one more warm day tomorrow. 60s and 70s in the forecast there for monday. then tuesday and wednesday as the high moves on, we'll see this area of low pressure approach the coast. but unlike systems that have come before it we'll watch out for gusty winds. the area of low pressure itself
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closer to the bay area. so that pressure gradient increasing giving us strong, southerly winds. the timing hasn't changed a lot. we're expecting one of the two main events coming in during the day wednesday. you could see the heavier rain of that system in the north bay. friday the stronger punch of this system may be on the south bay side of things down the central coast into southern california for friday. as we head into next weekend, no 60s and 70s. but drying conditions as we head into saturday and sunday. the rain totals here, systems moving through quickly. first system, .5 for the north bay and areas north. the friday totals, 1 to 2 inches of rain total. the coastal hills around the santa cruz mountains, rain totals 3 to foreinches, good news as we go through the day on friday into saturday. winds a part of the story as well. we're going to see wind gusts at times wednesday up to 40 miles per hour. friday check this out, wind gusts above 45 miles per hour on the coast and around the hills.
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watch out for that come friday. tomorrow temperatures in the low 70s around the south bay. 60s for san francisco. north bay seeing numbers close to 70. tomorrow the warmest day we'll see over the next seven days is the three-day outlook showing you temperatures dropping from the 70s back into the low 60s as some much-needed raindrops back into the bay area. coming up next, google says they're getting close to knowing even more about you. when the tech giant says computers will outsmart humans. vacation rental websites can be a dream come true. scammers think so too. >> i was one of four people who had been scammed that weekend. >> we investigate how imposters represent out homes they don't own and the solution one victim thinks would stop the scammers. tonight at 11:00 on nbc bay area
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some netflix users will be getting a better experience. the los gatos streaming video service has agreed to pay comcast for direct access to the cable company's high-speed network. that means customers will get faster streaming speeds while watching movies and tv programs. no word on the terms of the deal. this comes just after comcast agreed to buy time warner cable for $45 billion. comcast is the parent company of nbc bay area. google will soon know you better than your spouse. that is the out rage just claim by top executives at the tech giant. google's director of engineering says he's working on a computer system that will know the answer to your question before you've asked it. google believes that understanding what language means is the key to teaching machines to think, predicting computers will outsmart humans by the year 2029. >> doesn't that sound crazy?
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>> a little crazy. he as smart guy, though. >> he's a brilliant man. anyway. >> so is henry. >> yes, and he's a handsome man too. >> oh, well thank you. >> we like the glasses. >> you do? >> we voted, we love them. >> i will challenge google, no one knows me better than my wife, man. she knows i'm a liar and a whole bunch of other things. >> it's why we love her. baseball season is getting closer. coming up we'll hear from the giants skipper bruce bochy about injuries at the top of his lineup. and football news. constitute 49ers be close to locking up one of their key free agents?
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welcome back to nbc bay area. remember when you were little and you knew the school year had officially started when you had picture day? baseball season must be right
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around the corner because the giants took a brief break from baseball today to get their photos snapped. take a look at giants starter tim lincecum sporting that moustache in his photo. and while it was all smiles for photo day, giants manager bruce beech chee discussed the back injuries of two of his key players, angel pagan and marco scutaro. >> we had a little meeting. and locked up on them. we think -- it's a day-to-day thing. hopefully it will be all right for workouts tomorrow. he did some stuff on the back field today. he's doing most of his stuff in the training room and will continue that this next week. on to football news. the 49ers have said repeatedly that re-signing some of their own free agents is a top priority this offseason. now they're closer to locking up one of their stars. wide receiver anquan boldin and
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the 49ers are reportedly close to a deal that would keep the wideout in san francisco. head coach jim harbaugh told matt maiocco at the combine earlier this week "things are heading in a positive direction." women's hoops, fifth-ranked cardinal visiting ucla. second half, stanford up eight. thea lin berger blocked. five blocks in this one for her. the conduct and one, cardinal up 12 after the free throw. moments later, sha nae with the steal. 26 points, 15 rebounds, 4 steals. stanford wins 65-56 to clinch the pac-12 title. number 18 cal at usc. bears on a six-game winning streak. cal opens the second half on a 15-2 run led by rashanda gray. she scores eight to start the half, game high 22 points and 11
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rebounds. there's jennifer brandon making the floating lay-up. cal wins no problem for them. 76-67. championship match of the wgc match play. the aussie jason day taking on frenchman victor deb busson. 20th hole, sudden death. debusson's ball into the bush, an unlikely shot to survive. day says, are you kidding they fifth do or die hole, day's birdie putt for the win. sinks it on the 23rd hole. day wins his first world golf challenge, congratulations to him. daytona 500, super bowl of racing is under way. they experienced severe delay due to weather and it was delayed for six hours. we'll have results for you later tonight. one other note, jason collins, he's played four minutes so far, making nba history. he has one rebound, one steal. we'll have an update for you
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tonight. >> we'll have much more on that tonight at 11:00. coming up in the last night of our primetime olympic scorch at 7:00, a new documentary on the scandal that shocked the skating world, who could forget nancy and tanya. the fierce rivalry between nancy kerrigan and tonya harding. at 8:00, the closing ceremony in sochi on nbc bay area. >> can you believe that was 20 years ago? that is one of the most memorable moments in olympic history. >> amazing. dear future olympian, one day you will be standing on and here's exactly how you'll get there. you'll work hard and you'll fall hard. you'll lose sometimes when you really should have won. you'll win sometimes when no one thought you had a shot. and you'll never, ever stop. we know this. because you're one of us. at citi, we believe in everyone's potential,
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which is why citi and evan are giving back to community sports programs to help fiuture athletes every step of the way.
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16 dais ago, the xxii olympic winter games officially opened at fisht stadium in olympic park. tonight, the formal close of these games and a ceremony that promises the usual pageantry, a celebration for and of the athletes who competed here, culminating, of course, with the extinguishing of the olympic flame. hi again, everyone, bob costas on this, the final night, of the sochi olympics. as we said, coming up, the closing ceremony, but before we take you there, we take you back to a story that unfolded 20 years ago and remains, for better or worse, a


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