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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  February 27, 2014 11:00am-11:31am PST

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nbc bay area news begins with a microclimate weather alert. >> right now at 11:00 we're tracking the next big storm. it is expected to start tonight and last through tomorrow's commute. let's look outside. the rain from the last storm moved out providing a brief respite. >> thank you for joining us, i'm peggy bunker. we have our microclimate weather team in place. bob redell is in place, but let's stargt wit with anthony slaughter. >> a lot of folks picked up at least an inch of rain, especially in the south bay.
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the heaviest of stuff in the east bay. l losgatos had over three inches of rain. you can see heaven hayes valley just under an inch. as you saw that massive storm system spans the entire western coast. everyone from california, really the bay area south ward expecting to see a lot of heavy rain in the next 12 to 24 hours. you can see we're very quiet right now. not a whole lot on the radar, but you mean for us, sierra snow. and bob redell is live where they got a good jumping overnight. and just in time for the next measurement of the snow pack. bob, how are we doing? >> good morning, anthony.
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the state is conducting that snow survey as i speak. we heard from the department of water resources this morning and they said they did not expect great news. that is in spite of last night's snowstorm. this resort is happy because they didn't have to make their own snow to get the runs ready for customers this morning. and you can see the customers are excited as well because they got fresh bouder. a hand physical of skiers and snowboarders wanting to be the first on the freshly groomed runs. the general consensus is where was this weather at the beginning of the season? >> how did last night's dump help. >> so far i'm liking what i'm seeing. it's not great on visibility but
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the boupowder is there. >> we're at the end of february. >> i know, that's ridiculous. we'll have san diego weather in about ten years. >> how has this season's weather been? >> terrible. >> even with last night's snow. it's still terrible. yeah. yeah. around 10:00 a.m., it was too little too late. >> that's exactly what the department of water resources will tell you that the water is too little too late. the state started at 11:00 this morning with it's third snow survey of the year, taking place about 60 miles from here. they're measuring the snow pack which is crucial for the state's water supply. even with the latest storm, the state does not expect the snowfall to make a huge dent in the drought.
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as a matter of fact, the new data released says that a quarter of the state is in an exceptional drought, the worst category possible. and as far as the skiing and the snowboarding goes, people are happy they got fresh snow, just wish maybe it was four months earlier. reporting live here, bob redell, nbc bay area news. more snow in the forecast, winter storm watches are posted for the sierra. anthony, thank you so much. the nbc bay area weather team are keeping a close eye on the storms as they roll in. we'll have more coverage in our evening forecast. that starts tomorrow morning at 4:30 a.m. >> we're learning new details
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about that gas tanker crash. hundreds and thousands of gas went into a drain that went to a creak. that happened early in the morning on the southbound tide of tennant avenue. that's where we find christie smith. >> reporter: we, officials have been out here all morning because of some of the gasoline spilled. we finally have two of the three lanes open. what they're delling us is the third lane will stay closed for quite some time because they're dealing with all of that gas that leaked out. you can still smell it out here this morning. they have to do remediation and remove it after a tanger carrying 8500 gallons of gasoline turned over. for a time it shut down all southbound lane.
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first we heard that 4000 galloned filled and now we're hearing it's closer to 1700. a 23-year-old man was traveling too fast and lost control. it ran into a gas tanker that lost control and rolled off of the shoulder. 1700 galloned spilled. some of it went into the dirt and some went to the a storm drain. >> we're looking for sheen, impacts to wildlife. if there is any endangers wildli -- endangered wi endangered wildlife we want to take care of it. >> have you seen any? >> no. >> we're going to scoop up the dirt. anything con tam named we will take out of there and deal with that appropriately. we will have to keep one lane closed for unknown duration
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today until we get it all cleaned up completely. >> the lieutenant says the heavy rains are helping to flush this gas and they're grateful that more rain is on the way, and so far they have not seen any signs of environmental problems out here but they will be out here throughout the day keeping an eye on the creek. firefighters were able to cap that drain. the truck driver of that tanger was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. when asked how long the third lane might stay closed they said they just don't know. >> christie, thank you. investigators combing through what is left of a townhouse complexion after a overnight fire in san jose. the flames forced several families including eight children out of their homes. it broke out just before 12:30 this morning at a con protection of chynoweth avenue.
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>> the homeowners and the other units were able to evacuate. we had 18 people living in this apartment building, and of the 18 there is ten adults and eight children that will be displaced. >> one townhouse was destroyed, two others badly damaged. no word yet on the cause. >> new at 11:00 eric holder just got home after spending three hours in the hospital. this after he experienced faintness and shortness of breath at the justice department this morning in a meeting with staff. he excused himself from a meeting and then went to the hospital. he is resting at home and is in good condition. the 63-year-old attorney general is alert and doing well. >> ukraine now has a new government that is in the capital in the north. russia meanwhile very concerned that in the south pro russia
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ukrainians have taken over some government buildings. richard engel has the latest from kiev. >> reporter: russian flags flying over the regional parliament this morning put there after pro russian gunman took control of the building overnight. they want this region, part of ukraine, near the russian border to go with russia. their huge black sea fleet is based there, and russia said they will react to defend their interests. russia put their air force on alert and began six days of war games near ukraine's border. 150,000 ground troops and heavy weapons. they said they're the biggest war gains since the soviet era. the u.s. is watching closely and warning russia not to seize
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ukraineian territory. >> they should listen carefully to ukrainians that have expressed a desire for change. >> the acting ukrainian government here warned russia against, quote, military aggression. and new details this morning about a pretty scary landing at a bay area airport. the air conditioner of a delta plane caused the cabin to fill with smoke. >> leave your belongings and get off of the aircraft. go. >> we're trying. we cannot breathe back here, go.
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>> i think i have been on a flight with that flight attendant. the dark video was taken by a passenger. in there you can hear the frustration as they try to get people off of the plane. the plane did not have to detour, but they did meat it on the runway. everyone made it off safely. they have not revealed an exact cause, but an airline spokes person say they think it came from an air-conditioning pack. >> now to breaking news, a federal grand jury in san francisco just indicted i've officers for civil rights and other corruption charges. they are charged to a series of raids on single occupancy hotels in 2011 where they are accused ofd threatening guests without legal justification. they will all face prison time if convicted. they will address the charges in a news conference in about 30
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minutes. we'll have his reaction and more tonight at 5:00 and 6:00. more than two years since the costa concordia crashed in ilt italy. >> od graffiti popping up.
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the san jose firefighter accused of having a sexual relationship with a teenager will not face a sex crime charges after all. prosecutors refused to file the charges guest mario cuestas and will not say with why. he has been charged with selling meth to an undercover officer. there was claims he sexually abused a 17-year-old boy. he was arrested on february
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13th. a campbell man is under arrest accused of trying to kill his family with his car. it happened in southwest campbell on westmont avenue down the street from westmont high. his two kids and kids's mother was in the car when he purposely slammed into a home. after the crash a driver got out and ran. others helped rescue the mother and kids, they were not seriously hurt. >> when i came around the corner here the car was in here, the hole in the bushes, and it was smoking and there was kids in the car screaming and crying. the mother was in there. >> two people in the home not injured. mcsherry is charged with attempted murder and driving under the influence. >> two years after the costa
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concordia accident, the captain has gone back on the ship. we have a report now from london. for the first time since he left a singing ship as a captain, he has returned to the costa concordia. even locals were surprised that the captain, called the most hated man in italy, would return. he is back, surveying the ship, that still sits off the coast. it is part of his trial where he faces charges of manslaughter and abandoning ship. he steers the costa concordia too close to shore back in 2012. more than 4,000 passengers were on board. 32 died as the ship hit a rock and began to capsize. he abandoned ship while
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passengers were still trying to stay alive. if convicted he could face 22 years in jail. he defended his actions saying that the rocks were not marked on the map and not detected by the navigation system. it has been one of the most expensive salvage operations ever. >> they're hoping to tug the boat away from the coast by this summer. no verdict is expected soon as both sides are still making their arguments. jeanette yellin made history today. she was supposed to make this address some time ago but bad weather got in the way. she will soon dial down some of that easy money that propped up the american economy during the recession. the question is when she'll do it and by how much. >> this morning friends and
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family are mourning the death of "the dating game's first ever hose. he died in his home of a heart attack. he hosted "the dating game" that began in 1965. he was 81 years old. >> the fbi is investigating several acts of anti-wealth graffiti. the fbi is investigating it. investigators are not sure if this is an attack on the wealthy or kids pulling a prank. >> a man picked the wrong convenience store to try and rob. the whole thing was caught on camera. he went to an a&m in richard monday and demanded cash. the clerk grabbed the gun and
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tried to take it, and a customer grabbed him from behind and wrestled him to the ground. they say on the suspect until police arrived. >> don't ever, ever, ever do that. >> the guy holding the gun looked drunk. he was like give me your money, what do you got? >> and the customer just jumped right in. >> let's talk about some weather. really impressive rain moved through this morning. the good news, not a lot of storm reports even though there was a few branchs here and there down. we didn't have a whole lot. the next storm system comes is going to pack quite a punch. today we stay dry for the rest of the day. temperatures cool back in the low to mid-60s. you can see a lot of structure within the storm behind the cold front, a lot of that pop up activity, that is thunderstorms popping up behind the main brunt
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of the storm. what we're going to see here over the next 24 hours is the radar will become more active and then the rain will really start to come down this evening. we're talking about the potential for very heavy rain and that coupled with gusty winds could result in trees down with all of the rain we saw this morning. the ground is very saturated. thes in the ground are a little weak right now. let's start you with the future cast. showers will start to push back into the coastline. look at this by midnight that yellow is really intense band of storms that move through right around midnight into about 2:00 to 3:00 in the morning. once we get into the morning drive, i say 4:00 to 6:00 storms will be around and the worst of it will begin to wind down after the morning rush hour. the other thing to make note of is winds are going to be very gusty. at midnight up to 50 miles per hour. not only at the coast but places like livermore, san jose, palo
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alto, santa rosa, and napa. winds could ex-seed 40 to 50 miles per hour by tomorrow morning and they subside throughout the afternoon hours. with all of the rain, we're going to get the ground very saturated. one to two inches across the north bay and in the south bay, we could see the most with this storm system about two inches in san jose and three to five additional inches in the santa cruz mountains. this will pack a punch, so be prepared before you head to bed this evening, back to you. >> changes coming to your local super market. we'll explain coming up after the break.
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welcome back, 11:23 on your thursday. the nutrition facting and labels on nearly every food package could get a new look. they announced proposed changes today that include bolder and bigger type. make serving sizes more realistic and measurements that are easier to understand. also, golden glover winner josh redick making grabs in the outfield. he made what he called his greatest catch ever. >> the second inning here, michael moore thinks oh, yeah, that is gone. not so fast, reddick over the fence, leans on the wall. it happens again. it is deja vu. he does it again to take away another home run from morris. he told him he owes him dinner.
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they win 10-5. to do it once is amazing, twice, with the same batter -- >> dinner is a fair there.
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well, new hope for one of the world's rarest species. three lion cubs made their debut at a zoo in france. >> they're being kept from their father until they're sure he won't hurt them. they are awfully sweet. >> they are adorable little kitten, up to a point. >> they will get bigger. >> thank you for joining us. our next newscast is at 5:00. >> have a great day.
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[cell phone vibrates] >> hello. >> lemon, good morning. wh--what is that sound? are you frying bacon? >> no, it's my new running shoes. >> [laughs] oh, come on. lemon, i'm going over the guest list for my 50th birthday party and you have not rsvp'd. >> oh, right, sorry. my mail's been piling up and i keep forgetting to buy toilet paper so... >> what is that supposed to mean? >> nothing. i'm coming. >> good. and don't wear that thing with the belt. >> what thing with the belt? don't hang up. i have a lot of belted outfit-- oh, what is this idiot doing? >> i will be brief. i have decided to fulfill my dream of going into space. if you have a spaceship and are looking for a hilarious astronaut with an irregular heartbeat and $30 million, i'm prepared to leave as soon as tomorrow. >> [sighs] >> i wrote that yesterday. i will not be taking questions.


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