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tv   NBC Nightly News  NBC  May 12, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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90 forecast in san francisco. could be some of the hottest weather of the year. >> it is hot. thanks for the warning. on our broadcast tonight, proof of life. our first look at the girls being held hostage in nigeria. tonight, a chilling message to the world proposing a trade for the girls, and what investigators are studying on that video. battle lines. the billionaire owners of the l.a. clippers speak out, desperately trying to hang on to their team. and the nba has fired back. deadly virus. another case of mers has been identified in the u.s. tonight, what the cdc is saying about this mysterious illness and the chance of it spreading. and the moment a barrier fell in the nfl with millions watching live. but not everyone was happy about how it played out. "nightly news" begins now.
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good evening, the world today got its first glimpse of the teenage schoolgirls taken hostage by terrorists in nigeria. for starter, they no longer look the same as when they were in school. in the video, you can see they've been forced to wear the garb preferred by their captors, with their heads and bodies covered. tonight, a senior administration official has confirmed to nbc news, the u.s. military is flying manned surveillance flights over nigeria at the request of the government there and is sharing information, including imagery from satellites and aircraft that may help in figuring out their location. we sadly also learned the abducted girls are being used as a bargaining chip in a proposed trade. stephanie gosk is in neighboring cameroon. >> reporter: the world has seen hostage videos before, but never quite like this. more than 100 schoolgirls, most of them christian, held captive.
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all now wearing conservative muslim dress reciting the koran. the militant islamic group boka haram kidnapped these girls and hundreds others not seen in the video almost a month ago. we asked a terrorist analyst to take a look. >> what we do know is there's at least one large group of girls, but obviously it's not all of them. that means they're somewhat scattered. and trying to do a single rescue mission probably isn't a possibility. >> also in the video, militant leader, armed with an ak-47 delivering a rambling finger-wagging speech. >> the girls have been converted to iz islam and won't be released until boka haram fighters are released from prison. the president of nigeria reacted to the video with disgust.
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>> boka haram has terrorized the north for five years, kills thousands. hoping to establish an islamic state and end western-style education. boka haram's violent insurgency is already spreading across borders. kidnapping and attacks are common in neighboring countries and the group appears to be well armed. finding these schoolgirls and stopping boka haram are realry regional problems. today, other schoolgirls, not far from the town where the kidnapping took place still went to class. the desire to learn in a battle against fear, even as tfate of girls just like them hangs in the balance. stephanie gosk, nbc news, cameroon. in this country, the cdc
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tonight is investigating a second case in the u.s. of a mysterious virus we first reported on here a few weeks back that until creptly had been contained in the middle east. it's called mers. it's more lethal than the flu, though the first patient in the u.s., in indiana, has now sufficiently recovered and left the hospital. this new patient is in the state of florida. federal health officials are trying to calm any fears about the possible spread. we get late details tonight from our chief medical editor dr. nancy snyderman. >> reporter: the cdc said this second case of mers is unwelcomed but not unexpected. this patient, a 44-year-old male health care worker who lives and works in saudi arabia flew on may 1 to london when he began feeling ill. from london, he continued to boston, then atlanta, and from atlanta to orlando. after developing a fever, chills and a slight cough, the patient was admitted to dr. p. phillips
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hospital in orlando on may 9. he is now isolated and doing well. as investigators attempt to track down all the people who might have been exposed. >> we are contacting more than 500 people who were on the same flight as this individual. however, we think the risk is extremely low. >> there are 538 con virmed cases of mers worldwide with 145 deaths. the majority of cases remain in saudi arabia. this virus is more fatal than influenza but not as contagious. there is no specific treatment or vaccination for this emerging illness. u.s. health officials are taking these two cases very seriously and they want emergency room personnel to be on guard and to
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respond has quickly as the hospitals in indiana and florida have. thanks. weather is making news on several different fronts again tonight. the spring weather patterns, a tornado touched down near detroit this afternoon. there were warnings in some big cities in the risk yeah for severe storms including detroit, chicago, st. louis, kansas city, the twin cities and des moines. and they're cleaning up from severe storms and tornadoes that swept through nebraska all the way up to iowa over the weekend. thankfully, no reports of any serious injuries. in the rockies, three feet of snow shut down portions of i-80 and southern wyoming. in colorado, the storm is being blamed for at least one fatal traffic accident. >> donald and shelly sterile, the billionaire owners of the los angeles clippers are now speaking publicly, albeit both separately. both of them for the first time since the scandal that brought them national attention, all of it bad. and got him banned from the nba for life. they are desperately trying to hang on to the team while the
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league still intends to take it away from them. >> for h for the first time acknowledging the racist comments that got him banned from the nba, donald sterling apologized on cnn. >> i'm asking for forgiveness. am i entitled to one mistake? after 35 years? i love my league. am i entitled to one mistake? >> reporter: claiming he was baited in a private conversation with this woman that went public. >> don't bring black people or don't come. >> reporter: sterling did not steer clear of stepping into even more controversy. questioning magic johnson's community outreach. >> he's great. but i just don't think he is a good example for the children of los angeles. >> reporter: sterling's interview came after his estranged wife shelly spoke to
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barbara walters. sterling saying she'll officially split from her puz. >> i signed the petition of divorce. >> a 50% co-owner of the clippers, shelly sterling said she won't give up her stake in the franchise. >> i've been with the team for 33 years. through the good times and the bad times. and it's my passion. >> reporter: but the league's response was emphatic. under the nba constitution, if a controlling owner's interest is terminated by a three-quarters vote, all other team owner interests are automatically terminated as well. keeping shelly and ousting donald is not something the league finds acceptable. the clippers won a dramatic game in the final seconds. with magic johnson back in the stands, moving forward with what new interim ceo richard parsons wants. >> obviously there's dangers and pitfalls in front of us, but
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there's tremendous opportunity, i think, for this franchise. >> reporter: parsons who will run the team's day to day operations thinks the league will prevail, and that the steriles will be forced to sell, but experts say this is no slam dunk. if there's a legal challenge, expect the process to take months. brian? >> miguel almaguer. thanks. ukraine moved a step closer to splitting apart. pro russian militants declared independence from kiev, following a lopsided 90% win in this week's referendum, a result that sure seemed rigged to a lot of ukrainians and governments around the world. russia welcomed the results but stopped short of granting the militants' wish to become part of russia, at least for now. on our website tonight, the latest reporting from richard engel in ukraine. it was almost a year ago to which we learned the extent to which the national security agency has been collecting data on american citizens in our post
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9/11 world. leaks by nsa contractor edward snowden broke open a major scandal and sent him into hiding. there are new disclosures out tonight in a book written by the journalist who first wrote the story. we get our report tonight from our national correspondent kate snow. a secret surveillance program -- >> an international manhunt is on tonight -- >> the most wanted man in the world. >> edward snowden may go down as the most famous whistleblower oof our time, and glenn greenwald has a new book. >> they are a system of ubiquitous, all forms of communication between everybody on the planet. >> reporter: this never-before-seen power point slide from the nsa says sniff it all, know it all, collect it all. and with this form, greenwald says any employee can search a giant database. >> all they need to do is enter
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an e-mail address, click a justification from a pulldown menu that allows them to do it even hit search. they've been able to get into skype video chats, even e-mails sent by people using wifi on an airplane. >> the mindset of the nsa is that there should never be a place on the planet that you can go where you are able to evade their surveillance net. >> reporter: president obama has said legal safeguards restrict surveillance against u.s. citizens without a warrant. but spying on foreign nationals is different. an internal nsa newsletter brags that shipments of computer rueters and servers headed all over the world are intercepted by the nsa and redirected to a secret location so they can implant surveillance devices. >> no way of knowing how widespread this is? >> we know that it's systematic. that there are divisions in the nsa and teams in the nsa devoted to doing this. >> reporter: the nsa says the implication that the foreign
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intelligence collection is arbitrary and unconstrained is false. nsa's activities are focused on valid foreign intelligence targets. greenwald says he has thousands of documents and plans to reveal more on the intercept, a digital magazine whose parent company has a collaboration agreement with nbc news. >> several of the top, say, 5 or 10 are stories that are left to be told. one s that will really shock th world. >> reporter: green wald spoke with snowden 24 hours ago, but germany or brazil may offer snowden asylum. there's a cloak and dagger deal on how these two men first met. >> kate snow with her conversation with glenn greenwald. what had been one of the most closely watched primary races in the country. former american idol contestant clay aiken was in a too close to call democratic primary
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congressional seat, but late today we learned his opponent keith chris co died today after a fall in his home. he was 71 years old. he died having not conceded the race. he was several hundred votes behind, pending a possible recount. still ahead for us tonight, michael sam, making history in the nfl, but he might face an even bigger challenge when he shows up if for work. and later, it's one of the most shared images of the day. what we have learned about a pair of twins holding hands.
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we are back now with a scene that played out on live television this weekend. one that continues to elicit widespread reaction, both positive and negative. michael sam in the draft and the embrace that followed. we get the story from katy tur. >> reporter: seven rounds in, when many had tuneded out, the nl envelope gave viewers a reason to tune back in. >> the st. louis rams select
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michael sam. >> a few tears, a thank you, and a kiss. >> number 52, michael sam! >> michael sam, the 249th pick by the st. louis rams, and now the first openly gay athlete in nfl history. >> the twitter sphere reacted negatively. you've got little kids looking at the draft. i can't believe espn even allowed that to happen. and miami doll vin don jones, later fined by the team who wrote omg and horrible. to the supportive, from ellen, so proud of the st. louis rams for showing there's nothing to be afraid of. in a phone interview, sam says he's ready. >> i am overwhelmed, i am excited, and i am proud to be a ram. >> i'm extremely proud that st. louis was the team to draft him. because i mean, i love this city and i love that we were the first ones.
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>> reporter: the 24-year-old was the first in his family to go to college. the university of missouri, and during his career at mizzou, he recorded 123 tackles, 21 sacks, six forced fumbles and two interceptions. notable, but no guarantee. >> if you were michael sam, how would you be handling this? >> it's not going to be easy for him in st. louis. you could make the argument it would have been better for michael sam to not be drafted at all so he could go pick his team, pick a team that doesn't have so many great defensive ends. >> reporter: and now the second most popular rookie jersey in the nfl store. >> i knew i was going to get picked somewhere. and every team that passed me, i was thinking how i'm going to sack their quarterback. >> reporter: michael sam isn't a ram quite yet. but he's got the confidence of one. >> katy tur, nbc news, new york. we are back in a moment with the dire warning tonight at the bottom of the world.
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live picture of the washington monument tonight while it remains hard to believe that an earthquake hit washington d.c. so hard that it almost crumbled the washington monument. the old icon was built to last, just not built to withstand that kind of swaying and shaking. it's been closed since august of 2011 and taken a lot of work to fix it, secure it, reopen it, a private citizen paid for half of the bill. while it was reopened today, how old is the washington monument? put it this way, construction was underway in the time of lincoln and it's been the tallest point in washington ever sense. lem johns has died. he was responsible for lyndon johnson's safety starting from the day we thought our nation had become unhinged after the assassination of jfk. that's him behind the president as he's sworn in on air force one.
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johns followed instruct and ran toward lbj when he heard gunfire and he played lbj in the man to man years after that. he was promoted to the chief of president security detail, then later still to assistant director of the secret service. lem johns was 88 years old. two groups scientists reported today based on close and constant examination, large parts of the the western antarctica ice sheet appears to have collapsed. the area shown here in red, scientists say further degradation is certainly unstoppable. they say global warming is accelerating the pace of disintegration. nasa researchers said quote, this is really happening. there's nothing to stop it now. the scientists say the ice sheet can add 13 feet to global sea levels slowly at first and more over the next 100 years or so. the picture and story that might be the most forwarded on all the web today has to do with a very rare set of so-called
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mono-mono twins born on mother's day. they shared a single amniotic sack. here's their birth 45 seconds apart, they appeared to find each other's hands and hold on. a sign perhaps they've become quite close in their month together before being exposed to the wider world. when we come back, one extraordinary young woman, bright idea attracting the attention of some big names.
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finally tonight, no pressure but a lot of us pinned and hoped dreams, hoping they will fix everything that needs fixing and cleanup the mess we left them. the final story is further proof, as long as there are science fairs and smart kids, we'll be the better for it, especially the young woman you're about to meet. we get her story from harry smith as mr. smith tonight goes to canada to chronicle the birth of a great idea. >> reporter: if you were up watching jimmy fallon last february, you might have seen the teenage inventor. >> i created a flashlight that runs on the heat of the human hand. >> an idea so good it was a winner at the google
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international science fair. so what kind of 16-year-old dreams up an invention to change people's lives, one who found out a friend in the philippines couldn't do homework at night because there was no electricity. >> when something happens to someone you know, it usually affects you more and opens your eyes to something like this could happen to people all around the world. >> i'm going to tell you about my inventions. >> reporter: ann's parents knew from an early age they had a very curious child. >> whatever we had around was taken apart. i consciously let her do that because when i was a boy, i was scolded for taking things apart. >> reporter: they also turned the television off. >> she pretty much had to make her toys and make them move. >> cut them off after teletubbies? >> yes. >> reporter: in the basement, right next to the family piano is a workbench.
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>> it's been there as far as i can remember. it's been a very go-to place. a lot of magic happens in this spot. >> reporter: like her new invention. this goes on my forehead? >> yes. >> reporter: which she is taking to the science fair in california. >> this has a solar panel and bigger panel. >> precharged and lighting up. >> reporter: a girl who loves science, not always the pathway to popularity. >> especially when you're younger, i think there is a lot of pressure to assimilate and be like all the other girls. >> reporter: you got to believe some of the other girls are wishing they were more like ann now. harry smith, nbc news, victoria british colombia. that is our broadcast as we start a new week. thank you for being with us. i'm brian williams. we hope to see you right back here tomorrow evening. good night.
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nbc bay area news starts now. right now at 6:00, record-setting heat, and it's just the beginning. >> i'm jessica aguirre. it is heating up across the bay area. and if you thought today was hot, wait until this time tomorrow. from san francisco to san jose we are talking 90s, even 100 on the way. a look at our ballpark camera where the giants are hosting the braves, and it's going to be a warm night at the ballpark. fire crews already bracing for the danger. marianne favro explains the new
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danger for fire crews. and jeff, you've been crunching these high numbers. >> it's going to be unreal the next two days. if you felt like, okay, how is it going to get hotter than today, it's going to happen, folks. palo alto, 93. south san jose also at 90. with the heat over the next two days, heat advisories in effect for 99% of the bay area. the one spot that's not under it, right at the immediate coastline. temperature also likely range 90 to 105 for all the areas you see in orange. you want to drink plenty of water, take the bpets indoors ad check on the elderly. the number one hottest zone is for the south bay and east bay. one example of how quick temperatures are going to rise rr