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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  May 13, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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annual tour of california, they started in san jose and trek uphill to mt. diablo. the spectators are also braving the elements. if you spent the day in san francisco you just couldn't escape the heat. we have coverage on our alert. but we get started with jeff ranieri who's talking about the surge in temperature. >> it's one of the days that you open up the door and feel the air overriding u the hottest temperature is coming in at campbell with 100 degrees. some 20-plus degrees above average. and we're in store for a hotter day tomorrow. right now at 6:00 we're down about 6 degrees from the daytime high. but it's still very hot for this time of year, 94 in sunnyvale.
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93 in walnut creek. 94 in danville, also 94 currently in livermore. for san francisco we have widespread 70s at this hour, and it is going to continue to stay mild for the next couple of hours. with that said, our heat advisory continues to remain in effect through wednesday with temperatures that could top 100 degrees again across the bay. you need to make sure to drink plenty of water. 11:00, we're expecting 70s. and by 4:00 tomorrow we're pushing towards 100. we'll let you know who will be the hottest tomorrow coming up in the full forecast. >> thank you very much, jeff. we'll look forward to seeing you then. cyclists had to endure devilish heat pushing to mt.
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diablo. and the cooling center is doing double duty. >> reporter: you can see the breeze blowing over one shoulder and over the other shoulder, the air conditioner is cranking here at the gilroy senior center, one of the places where folks ducked out of the heat. it might take more than ice cream to cool off in the days to come as the forecast calls for temperatures high enough to topple records. these tots have the right idea splashing around in the fountain. carrie is trying to get her baby nora and her toddler to burn off their energy early so they won't fuss inside. >> i'm okay. we'll go out and do our play things in the morning and probably go in for nap time and quiet time in the afternoon, so. turn on the air conditioner. >> reporter: this teacher is planning on keeping her elementary schoolers cool inside the tech museum today. tomorrow back on campus she'll
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remind her class to find shade and stay hydrated. >> remind them to drink water. sometimes we don't even go outside if it's really, really hot. >> reporter: the gilroy senior center is ramping up its cooling center, one of dozens around the bay area that will be open to all ages. >> we have television, a pool table, ping-pong table, library. they can come and relax and be comfortable. >> reporter: so the heat can sapp our seniors and our children pretty quickly. if you see symptoms like dizziness, weakness, fatigue that last longer than an hour you might contact a medical professional. if you need a place to duck out of the heat yourself you can find one of the cooling centers around the bay area on our website. reporting live in gilroy, kris sanchez. from gilroy to san francisco to the beach. they got more than they bargained for. the baech pretty popular for a
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spring day in the city. in addition to catching rays, beachgoers got a view of a pod of whales off the coast. they sent blasts of water into the air, putting on quite the show. >> it's spectacular. if you're around and you get to see something or hear about something like that, it's really something to see, because i've lived here all my life, and that's the first time i've seen them that close. >> lots of people expected to turn out thomas well. temperatures are going to be hot. lifeguards are warning people to be very careful. a rip current has developed. and the ocean, which is always a little treacherous at ocean beach is very dangerous right now. we tcontinue our hot weather coverage on our website. scroll down to where you live and your neighborhood. check it out at we want to give you an update on the breaking news in southern california. more than 20,000 homes have been evacuated in san diego on a small portion of unincorporated
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san diego county. a wildfire has been burning out of control since just before 11:00 this morning. now firefighters have managed to keep the flames away from structures, though you can see there it's getting very close to those homes. they're nowhere near gaining the upper hand here. this has 700 acres and 5% contained. this is in north san diego county. we'll keep monitoring the situation and give you updates as it warrants. just into the nbc bay area newsroom. a san jose police officer accused of doing an on-dy rain is facing additional charges of domestic violence. the prosecutor added new charges against officer graves during a court appearance today. they say the domestic violence allegations stem from a struggle with his girlfriend when her hands were cut over a struggle over keys. several months later he bashed through a closed door and struck the woman. prosecutors say if convicted of all charges he could face up to
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12 years in prison. it could be a pivotal night for pot clubs. nbc bay area's marianne favro is at city hall. what are the options possible tonight and how many people are expected at this meeting? >> reporter: there are more than six options on the table tonight. and dozens of people are expected to be here from all sides and all viewpoints. but tonight the city council is most concerned that a lot of these pot clubs are popping up near schools. from blue dream to cherry pie. this medical marijuana dispensary in san jose has dozens of varieties of pot, but that could soon change. that's because tonight the san jose city council will
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considerpconsider consid consider this. >> we don't have the manpower for that. and it's not safe to have it all on site like that. to have people know hey, there's a lot of medicine being cultivated here. everyone's going to know that it's there. that's dangerous. >> reporter: a councilman says the cultivation requirement would improve safety. >> i agree request the police chief that we need to be able to trace the drug and trace the money that's transacted with the drug. otherwise we know there's been a lot of engagement from mexican cartels and from yil legitimate sources. >> reporter: the city council is also considering prohibiting the facilities from opening up within a thousand feet from day care centers and schools. >> we've seen suspensions go up in the high school district. it's 143%. while other types of suspensions
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are going down, the ones for marijuana is going up. we've seen it with the proliferation of dispensaries. >> reporter: they are also considering restricting them from opening within 150 feet of homes. there are more than 100 medical marijuana facilities in san jose. city council members say new restriction also go a long way to shrink that number by weeding out businesses that don't comply. if approved, new restrictions would likely go into effect here in san jose by august. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> let's turn your attention to a beach battle. a former congressman is the latest to testify in a battle over a beach near half moon bay. he told the court that his first visit to martin's beach was back in 1948 when he attended a party with some stanford classmates. he says the coastal act allows
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public access to all california beaches. some say this man has been blocking access to this beach and people will bleed their case. squirrels in danger. city leaders under fire for trying to clear out the animals in a certain park. no hands needed here. this is a self-driving car. coming up, an update from google and a warning from an auto expert. and revitalizing an east bay city. and i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. the hottest zone of weather at 6:09. right now, saratoga to campbell with 96 degrees. we'll have details on a hotter wednesday coming up in a few minutes.
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new at 6:00 tonight, the self-driving car getting closer
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to your driveway. and while it's not on the road yet, there are already worries about how it will alter your behavior while you're driving -- or not driving. scott budman spent time in the car and joins us live. it opens up a lot of possibilities. >> reporter: yeah, it's going to be an interesting future for these things, jessica. when key talk about self-driving cars, most of them on the road today come from google, and the company no longer just testing them on freeways. they're testing them on city streets like this one, even as the dmv says it's getting ready to some day start registering self-driving cars it seems too good to be true. as it rolls closer to being part of our daily lives, google is talking safety. >> we're more confident than ever that we think this technology is going to be able to go out there and save a lot of lives and make moving around in our cities better for everyone. >> reporter: but some, including the authors of the book
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freaknomics say cars that drive themselves could all but eliminate certain jobs, especially if you drive for a living. >> as soon as you process, you could replace at airports, you know, that's where they replace jobs in the sense of taxi drivers. >> reporter: and while you'll start to see cars like these driving themselves around city streets, using technology to avoid obstacles in their path, some wonder if they'll change our behavior, like, will we drink more in the car with drunk driving less of a worry? >> i also think the idea that if somebody does want to drink, this really allows them to drink safely. and get to their destination without affecting other individuals. >> reporter: whatever the effect, google admits self-driving cars will take some getting used to, but they say give it a chance.
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>> it's new. it's technology that you haven't seen before, and it's driving itself. but after about five minute us, everybody's like, is that all it does? as it's driving along. it's incredibly common once you get used to it. >> reporter: and soon, you might be able to leave the driving to them. now one of the professors on the panel today says we lose something like $2 trillion by actually driving our severs to work. who knows, maybe we can save money by having the cars do the driving for us. reporting live in san jose, scott budman, nbc bay area news. now to twitter. much more than 140 characters. twitter is helping train the homeless and their families. the social media website expecting to spend more than a million dollars to build a new learning center. this will be built near twitter head quarters on market street.
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twitter employees will volunteer to teach basic tech skills, set to open in 2015. a new look for a new park. the 30 year old mall in newark is about to undergo a transformati transformation. it is located on prime real estate. the owner is investing $40 million. the goal is to create a leading destination for shopping, entertainment and dining they say, which includes a 12-screen movie theater and a sleek, new restaurant pavilion. they are providing economic incentives. construction begins this summer. the mall will stay open during the big remodel. dinner at home for the first time in months. 90 soldiers from the bay area are returning home from afghanistan tonight. they flew into oakland international late today. nbc bay area's mark matthews was there for this reunion. people were smiling and crying all in one. >> reporter: they r the soldiers
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are from the california army national guard, headquartered in vallejo. they have been gone since mid july. and from the looks of it, very happy to be home. hugs and kiss all around here at the southwest terminal and some very special moments for a half dozen members of the quartermaster core. this sergeant was one. he left before his son was born. never got a chance to see him except by skype. when he picked up the boy for the very first time, the youngster started crying. >> i started singing to him, it was a song that i sang over skype to him. so he started recognizing it and he calmed down, and he realizes it's daddy. >> reporter: sergeant gilliam and his soldiers operated heavy equipment as part of the quartermaster core. i asked what was the most significant thing they learned about the conflict, what they want the americans back home to understand. >> first thing they need to know, that yes, we are coming home. it is time for the end here.
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president obama said that he wanted everybody back home. >> reporter: scott higgins wanted everyone to know that what he feels doesn't always get reported. for you the most significant memory? >> every time i come home. a bond of brotherhood. >> reporter: what higgins said is what didn't always get reported is that he felt the americans over there were really doing some good. we report a lot on the mayhem and the killing, but he said what we're doing over there, trying to help out the afghanistan people, we are actually doing some good. well, they are home tonight, and happy to be home. they're going to relax for about a month and then get together at a marriott hotel in concord for a meal and a chance to talk with employers, kind of a job fair. so anyone tonight with people to hire, any employer, it's june 28 at the marriott in concord, and a whole lot of guys and women back home who know how to get a job done.
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reporting from oakland international, mark matthews. thank you, mark. scorching temperatures across the bay area had everyone looking for relief. this is what it looked like at tennessee valley, at the tennessee beach there. lots of people out in the water trying to get a little relief. our micro climate forecast from jeff ranieri. and it will be more macro as it's hot. >> exactly. all across the bay area we're looking at very warm to hot weather. and this first slide i'm going to show you is one of the records we had today. it's not really notable for an extreme temperature, yes, 90 is warm for san francisco this time of year. but the last time we saw temperatures this warm in this day in history was way back in 1927. so if you're heading to the beach to escape this kind of heat like we expect tomorrow, you do want to advise caution. there's a hidden danger with rip currents.
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the wave height's not very high, but a rip current can be deadly and pull you out in the water very quickly. you want to remember, if you do get pulled out by a rip current you're supposed to swim parallel to the shore and eventually you'll outrun the current which is the good news. we'll take you outside. and temperatures are all over the place. 70s in san francisco right now. it's going to be a mild game out at at&t park. 80s for first pitch for the coliseum in the east bay. the pollen's probably killing you outside, folks, right now. and in the south bay it's a dry heat with 89 degrees. as we get a look at tomorrow's forecast, yes, it is going to get hotter. check it out. 100 expected for your average for the east bay. also an average of 100 degrees right here in the south pay. we'll get closed to it in the peninsula. and you can see san francisco another day with low 90s. when it comes to the hot weather and you, we're expect egg the hottest weather on wednesday. here's a few things you want to
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keep in mind. the first signs of it include a dry mouth, fatigue and feeling overheated. water is crucial. you should drink up to eight grass glasses a day. take it ease and take some breaks if you work outside. we're following breaking news. crews battling a fire in pittsburg. there is some recurring damage here. a vehicle hit a power pole. this is on kirker pass road near the hess road, south of highway 4. power lines were knocked down sparking a small fire. the road has been shut down. that's what the nbc chopper is showing you there. you see the backup stretching more than a mile. this is on kirker pass road in pittsburg south of highway 4. coming up next, who's that notorious zodiac killer, new
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details about who could be behind that crime spree. and i'm janelle wang. the governor is happy about the state's budget. we're going to tell you about the extra money coming in, next.
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a well-known national figure in the silicon valley today. jesse jackson in the valley urging tech companies to be more diverse. he attended ebay's meeting today. now earlier this year you might recall jackson and his non-profit rainbow coalition wrote highly publicized letters to companies including twitter, facebook and hp requesting they work more with minority-owned businesses. when it comes to the state budget, news is usually grim, but the governor is upbeat about the future. janelle wang joins us.
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>> he is calling it the good news budget. he released a revised budget proposal. it's a record high spending plan because the state stumbled on more money. $2 billion more than expected. the governor wants to use the extra money to extend medi-ca n medi-cal and spend more money on drought relief. the governor says the state already funds k through 12, 15 years in all. >> somebody was saying the real challenge with these 15 years is we don't have a 16th year. if we got that 16th year everything would be hunky-dory, if that's true, some reallocation has to be made. >> some republicans are happen eat governor was more conservative with his budge e but other republicans say he could have been even more tight
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with the money. state lawmakers have until june 15th to make any changes and pass the budget for the next fiscal year. the dark side of silicon valley. tonight our investigative unit uncovers hundreds of the toxic spill sites still lurking in our soil, and we map it all out so you can see if there's a toxic site near you. coming up. >> i don't agree with their decision for me. i wholly feel that i've done nothing wrong. she doesn't want to be judged. the wife of the embattled clippers owner explains why she feels she's being made the victim in the wake of her husband's racist comments. and the amgen tour just rolled through. i'll have a live report.
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cyclist sweating. you're looking at the most difficult stage of the amgen tour, and it all unfolded on one of the hottest days of the year sung-yue. . >> reporter: the trek up mt. diablo is really rough on any
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given day, but factor in the heat, and it's a real challenge and also for those who came out to watch them. >> hello, race fans. it won't be long now. >> reporter: and in a matter of minutes, the moment these fans spent hours waiting for raced by. >> it's exciting. >> these are guys from around the world that do the tour de france. and here they are in california climbing our beautiful mountains, it's so cool. >> reporter: most of the spectators rode up to get a look themselves. not an easy ride, especially in the heat >> it's not ideal biking wetherby any means. >> good water. have to stop and get more. >> i can't imagine the riders are going to do so many miles prior to this and then make it up this hill, especially this this temperature. 90-something degrees today. but that's what makes them pros.
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and what makes waiting in the sweltering heat welt worth it. >> it's nice to see them. >> it is extremely exciting. you watch these guys that have been training for like basically their whole life. and you get to watch them come up a mountain that i've been climbing since i was little. they're on my home turf. >> reporter: pro cyclists are monitored very carefully, especially this this heat. last year during the palm springs ride temperatures reached up to 110 degrees and some of the riders had to fall out because of heat exhaustion. it can be dangerous when it's that hot. let's take you to san francisco where the stubborn heat is still hanging on. you're looking at a live picture of ocean beach. let's turn things over to jeff ranieri. that beach looks cool, but probably not a good idea to go in the water right now. >> we have the rip currents making it very dangerous.
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we have the dry winds coming out of the northwest at 17 miles per hour. humidity at 19%. some of the warmest weather continues to be across the south bay. you're currently at 89, but still in a zone of heat from saratoga to campbell with a pair of 96s. then over towards the tri valley, we're tracking mid-90s across dublin, livermore and danville. even though it's not 100, it is still dangerous. when you think about it, we've been this warm for several hours now. remember to drink plenty of water even after the sunsets. 91 in atherton, and in san francisco, so very rare upper 70s at 6:31. i'll have the full forecast coming up. we continue our weather coverage on our nbc weather page on facebook. you can post your own weather
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pictures. not just innovation and ipos. there's another side to the silicon valley. you could be living on or near a toxic waste site. our investigative reporter has been digging in to the sites. a map you can use to find these toxic areas. >> we found hundreds of sites that contain toxic chemicals. much of it dumped in the early days of silicon valley. you've probably heard about some of the higher profile toxic dump sites. but for the first time we've added up all the little sites as well and put them all on an interactive map for you to uncover what could be lurking in the ground in your neighborhood. from the 1960s to today it's hard to imagine a down side to silicon valley. high tech contributes 1.5 million jobs and $500 billion a year to america's gdp. >> it's a legacy. >> reporter: these are just some of the pictures and press
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clippings in mandy hall's collection after those early days after successfully representing workers in lawsuits she's come to realize that silicon valley's boom times also carries a less positive side. >> the dark side of the legacy is this stuff left behind. >> reporter: stuff as in hundreds of thousands of pounds of toxic chemicals. chemicals that her clients worked with every day in microchip clean rooms. chemicals her clients told her were often just dumped doubt drain or worse. >> early, early days, i think it wasn't unheard of for stuff to literally be poured out the back door. >> reporter: stephen hill is with california's water quality control board. >> these are unauthorized discharges from many years ago, people doing things at the time that were considered normal in industry practice but that we now know cause problems. >> reporter: while there are 23 official federal super fund
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sites in silicon valley with these chemicals in them, state and federal officials tell us hundreds of other unofacial sites are also scattered all over silicon valley. >> materials can end up in the water and be a problem with water quality. some of them have the capacity to come back up. >> reporter: now for the first time, nbc bay area has pieced together the locations, 518 different chemical spill sites in santa clara county alone. >> it's part of our history that shouldn't be swept under the rug. >> reporter: the idea of a map showing all these toxic spill sites at once was the brainchild of entrepreneur bob winslaw, a stanford-trained civil engineer who formed his open company to educate companies, governments and citizens about contaminated sites. >> it is a bit of the dark side of silicon valley. i do believe that. but for me it's also an
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opportunity to remind sill condition valley that even tough issues, they can make good. >> there's nobody who has responsibility for all of these sites. >> reporter: lenny siegel serves as executive director for center for public environmental oversight. >> what's important is the combination of the map, the fact that there are tens of thousands of people living and working above plumes or going to school above plumes. >> reporter: they shared their computer files with us using that along with government sources we mapped these toxic sites ourselves. take a look at what we found. when we put it all together, the purple plots all over silicon valley show the enormity of the problem. >> we can actually see how much of the valley has been impacted by these chemicals. >> reporter: on the map we also found more than a dozen day cares, elderly care homes and schools right on top of or very close to the sites where chemicals still lurk in the soil.
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>> people should be asking questions. there are some people who say i don't want to know about it because it will lower my property values. and i'm sympathetic, but i don't want to be the person buying that property not knowing. >> i think people don't realize the sheer number of open cases out there. >> reporter: vanessa, with the santa clara water district says all these chemical plumes in the ground are separate from drinking water supplies. >> weigh want to see them clean the up and make sure the contamination is contained and stable so that it doesn't impact other properties or deeper drinking water aquifers. but you shouldn't be concerned about your drinking water quality. >> reporter: should residents be concerned? >> no. i think the regulatory agencies are doing their job. >> reporter: but it's a dark legacy they will be living with for a long time. >> the consequences of putting other people in harm's way, you
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don't get a do over. >> reporter: here's how this map works. go to our website, click on the investigative page, find our story and this map. then you can maneuver, drag and click all around silicon valley. the purple shapes identify the sites. there's also a label that shows elderly care, day cares and old tech companies. you can zoom in or zoom out. find your neighborhood and find what spill sites are near you. raj, jessica? >> that's for that map. if you have a tip for stephen stock or anyone else in our investigative unit give us a call or send us an e-mail directly to the uni unit will, are squirrels ruining a south bay park? officials say yes and are taking some action. but the park goers want the squirrels left alone.
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officials say there are too many squirrels. they say the squirrels are damaging the park and making it unsafe for visitors. the city says it's humanely getting rid of the squirrels without creating a hazard to people or other animals. but some visitors say they just don't agree. >> the only areas that they went into to kill squirrels were in the hills where people don't go. they did not, there's no danger anywhere else. in the park. and who goes to a park and thinks they won't see wildlife? thinks they won't see squirrels? >> now the squirrel supporters say the city should at least poll people at the park to see if the little creatures are actually a nuisance. a contagious disease on the move. and the rules of the road changing for the bay area's whackiest race. what you need to know.
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a health alert from the tsa and the cdc. signs like this are now up at major u.s. airports, including here in the bay area at sfo. it warns about middle east respiratory syndrome or mers. it made the jump from camels to humans. here's the map of the affected countries. you see it highlighted in yellow. the cdc says the risk of getting mers is pretty low. but experts are warning people going to this region to wash their hands often, avoid touching their face and close contact with anyone who's sick. should she pay the price for her husband's transgressions? caught in the firestorm of
6:42 pm
donald sterling's racial remarks is mrs. sterling. she has been vocal about her desire to take over ownership of the clippers. she says the things her husband has said are so horrible she suspects he has dementia, especially when it comes to comments he made about magic johnson. >> i even cried listening to that. because i just feel bad. and then i feel bad, why am i the victim, when he's perpetrator? if somebody kills somebody, does the wife have to stand trial too? >> as for johnson, he's responding to sterling's attacks saying he is proud of his record of hipping minorities and that sterling needs to get help. i believe i saw haagen-dazs ice cream is giving away fry
6:43 pm
cones from 4:00 to 8:00. >> why are we here? >> we know where we're going to be in about 15 minutes. >> i have something that's going to great with ice cream. >> free ice cream. >> you can see fog-free conditions in san francisco. we'll talk more about these conditions and a hotter day on wednesday coming up in a few minutes.
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it happens regularly. someone comes forward claiming they know who the notorious zodiac killer is. it happened again today. the 40 year old bay area murders are still unsolved. today's claim comes from a louisiana man who was adopted. he says a 12 year search for his
6:46 pm
biological father led him to conclude he, that father, was the zodiac. the lawyers vetted the story and found it legally sound. the author's father died in 1984. the author wants san francisco police to test his dna against samples they have on file for the zodiac killer. new sponsor means more toilets, more security, more rules. more than 100,000 runners and spectators are expected this sunday in san francisco. and it's time for the zany beta breakers to start. this marks the 130th year of the race. they say booze continues to be banned. >> people are going to come and drink. that's reality. but when the tone is this is a family friendly event, people get it.
6:47 pm
>> now nudity is officially banned. police say enforcement of that one particular rule will not be their top priority. they're looking for other violations. >> there'll be some other violations. >> looking is the main word. >> take us away here. save us from that. if you're here for beta breakers, you're going ah, some forecast. we're going to crab your party temperatures are going to rise. it hasn't changed. the official numbers coming in. the hottest is now gilroy. just in the last hour had a huge jump up there with some dry winds. 102 degrees. your average high this time of the year is 79. cupertino hit 100 degrees. south san jose, 95 san francisco
6:48 pm
at 99. the next map i want to show you is probably not a map you would expect on a hot weather day. that is our fog map. it's all getting held at bay though. high pressure is so strong and so hot that any kind of moisture that tries to get close to it, it's evaporating. but eventually, the fog story is going to win out and we will get cooler weather in the next couple days. not going to be happening tomorrow. heat advisory continues in effect through wednesday at 8:00. temperatures could range up to 105 across the bay area. make sure you drink plenty of water and take care of the pets too. they tend to suffer from heat conditions as well. get a live look outside at the sky camera network. 80s in the south bay. 70s expected at first pitch. the a's have a game, and it looks like they'll be staying at the 80s in the coliseum. 25% humidity. but the fire danger continues to
6:49 pm
be up especially in the south bay. 89 degrees, winds out of the northwest at 17. and the area of high pressure that's bringing the heat, the dry air and also these very hot temperatures is sitting basically right on top of california. it's going to stay there for one more day. that's why it's so hot. it's all because of high pressure. you can talk about that at the water cooler tomorrow. fire danger is going to stay at about 20%. wednesday is going to be the hottest day of the week. and a spare the air day is in effect. here are the spots we think will hit 100 degrees or hotter, which could make it the hottest day of 2014. gilroy, 102, possibly 103, 104. we may edit that later on. morgan hill, 101. it's going to be sunny. if you can get away with shorts
6:50 pm
at work tomorrow, that's the day for it. put the coffee on ice. 101 in morgan hill. and for the peninsula, we've got a little bit of an offshore wind vent. when palo alto's expecting 100 degrees. san francisco at 90 degrees. and the marina slightly cooler at 85. but still not that cool. santa rosa close to the century mark. oakland low 90s. 101 expected in dublin. the trend over the next five days does have the hottest weather for wednesday. then you can see it gradually going down. by saturday, 70s expected in san jose. and upper 70s in san francisco. raj and jess, something to make you feel a little better, the hottest day ever was gilroy 115 degrees back on july of 1972. look at san francisco's hottest day ever. 102, october of 1987.
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>> we weren't anchoring the 1972 summer, were we? >> stop. >> the heat's getting to you -- no. >> let's bring in gerard moncure from our sports net studios. no head coach as of yet. >> this thing might end up at plan c or d honestly. that's where it could be headed. while the warriors gave no official timetable on hiring a new coach, they realized their time to land steve kerr was getting limited. the management team is where he is tonight. csn bay believes there is no front runner for kerr's services. a deal also been made for the
6:52 pm
pistons. of it was reported earlier today van gundy told the warriors he wanted complete control of basketball decisions and golden state declined. ryan vogelsong ohas been at the top of his game recently. giving up just two earned runs. >> it's good to see the way timmy threw last night, the way voguey's been throwing. these are guys that were slotted in the four-five slots there on the rotation, and they throw the ball like this. it can be a lot of fun. >> we've always been known as a pitching first team. i think we've kind of broken out of that mold a little bit this year. and our offense and defense has been playing well too. but obviously pitching is still huge for us. and they've really been throwing well lately. well, he was forced to wait until the very end of the
6:53 pm
seventh round. michael sams received the phone call he was looking for from the st. louis rams as a draft pick. now the real work of making the team starts. part of the process is eliminating the distraction of his sexuality once and for all. >> whatever team that does pick me, they know about my sexuality. they know everything about my past. and that's team i want to play for. >> they see good potential in people. and they're ready to win a championship, and i hope i'll be a part of this team to help them win a championship. >> and finally, barry bonds participated in btig's commission for charity day, helping raise money for children's charities by becoming traders for a day. the event has raised over $28 million for hundreds of children's charitable organizations. >> we realize teaming with celebrities and their foundations got the ball rolling
6:54 pm
and got people excited about the event. and out here we have people like barry bonds here today, ron eye lott. ronnie's been here since day one. it's a great charity in the bay area. they've been in existence for 25 years. it's a great partnership with some of the celebrities. >> great to see all those legends in charity work. more news after the break.
6:55 pm
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start exploring at [ woman ] and i love new orleans! > we have an update now on our breaking news. the kwield fire and evacuations in dag. san diego's mayor has just wrapped up a news conference saying he's going to declare a local state of emergency. it has now torched 800 acres and
6:57 pm
is less than 10% contained. an intense heat wave and santa ana winds are fueling these flames. more than 20,000 homes, 20,000 homes have been evacuated in north san diego and a portion of unincorporated san diego county. still no structures have been damaged and thankfully no injuries. fire officials have no idea how this started. crews will continue working through the night. we'll stay on the story and bring you the latest at 11:00. >> we're really fortunate we didn't see a lot of wildfires ourselves because of the heat. >> we had humidity down to about 8%. fire concern. it's going to be a mild night. temperatures in the 70s. coming up at 11:00, we're going to be talking about how long this trend is going to be lasting. >> stay cool. >> hope to see you at 11:00, bye-bye.
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>> a stunned jay z moments after the elevator attack. did the wild cheating rumors spark the fight with beyonce's sister now on "extra." new photos jay z and beyonce putting on a brave face as the crazy fight video went viral. new clues into her meltdown. why beyonce stood by and watched as her sister went berserk. >> i that i jay z has done something really foul in this marriage. >> tori's new sex war with dean. did you think it was tmi before? just wait. >> we did things that i've never done before. >> george clooney shedding for


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