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tv   Today  NBC  May 15, 2014 2:07am-3:01am PDT

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody, and that means you. it's winesday wednesday, may 14th. delighted that you're joining us today. what's up, hodi? >> hey, we have an update on a show that we gave you yesterday. you guys, if you saw our program yesterday, you couldn't have missed this. kathie lee and real estate guru barbara corcoran had this -- >> smackdown. >> it was awful, okay? they were each making over
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homes, and it got nasty. so i don't know what clip we have, but let's just take a little sneak peek of what happened yesterday. >> more than $10,000. >> about $35,000. at least i'm honest about what i say. >> i was told we could spend $10,000! >> that's kathie lee's house. >> i spent $10,000. because it was $10,000. not $35,000. >> definitely the wraparound porch. >> bad idea. mine is much nicer and neater, much better. >> more expensive. >> exactly. so one for barbara. >> yeah. hoda got involved. let's put it that way. >> i was just -- i was an innocent bystander while those two -- by the way, it just escalated. and it was tense on the set. it wasn't like a normal segment. we could feel it. so anyway, we decided we'd ask the viewers what they thought. and people really chimed in with facebook comments. okay. jan lang said, i'm sorry, but kathie was the automatic winner this morning on the redos of yards.
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christina taylor said kathie lee has much better taste in updating homes. jennifer rich said, i enjoyed the segment with barbara. it made me literally laugh out loud. and there were other comments that you can see for yourself on our facebook page that we didn't cherry pick. >> one person thought barbara should be sent to the big house. >> all right. so we decided -- we wanted to ask people whose house did you like better, kathie lee's or barbara's? here are the voting results. most of you thought that kathie lee's was better here. >> and i didn't spend $35,000. >> house number two, people voted for barbara's. >> yep, because she spent tons more money. >> kathie lee won number three hands down. >> isn't that cute? >> there you have it. >> what did she say, it looked like hansel and greatle lived there what did she say to me at the end, stay out of my pool -- >> stay out of my ballpark. and then she wasn't speaking much after it was over. >> frank and i, in the 28 years we've been married, have done
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almost 30 either real estate transactions, because we like to buy and fix and sell, or -- and well over that in terms of renovations. it's not something i make a living at, but it's something i enjoy. so thank you very much, everybody. >> all right. so there. anyway, we want to update you on a very important story. >> but i just want you to know, the next time we're doing this, it's with you and me. now, go on to the next story, hod. >> anyhoo. we have an update on the jay-z beyonce solange battle in the elevator. >> that was a smackdown. >> that was a smackdown. we have new information that's not been confirmed through anyone, but we got it from various papers. okay. anyway, the "new york daily news" claims that the brawl started because jay-z wanted to go to an after-party with rihanna with rihanna's people, and beyonce was not going to go. so i guess solange said to jay-z, why don't you just go home?
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and then explosion. now, there's another report that says earlier at the met ball, solange had a group of friends who were there uninvited who kept dropping jay-z's name. >> when they got to the after-party, i think. >> jay-z's, like, i don't know you. >> i don't blame him for that. you know, the good thing in life is to learn, don't go to parties you're not invited to. it never ends well. >> you try to sneak in, and it's terrible. >> it's so embarrassing. loser. >> but beyonce seemed to extend the olive branch on her instagram page, on her feed, she put old pictures of her and her sister, solange. just old pictures of them hanging out. she didn't put any comments. just posted photos. so fans started posting their own comments, blood is thicker than water. >> i'm so confused. >> a sister's bond cannot be broken. where were you when she was beating up your husband in an elevator? anyway. >> this is what we always have to say. we here at nbc reached out to
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the couple and solange for comment. >> what happened? >> guess what? >> nobody called us back. >> no. >> all right. so jimmy fallon, his show is on fire. and we do hear that our names came up again on his show. so let's see what he had to say this time. >> you know how they've been saying for years that drinking a glass of red wine every day is supposed to be good for you? not anymore. now they say a glass of red wine has no health benefits. kathie lee and hoda were, like, duh, you've got to drink the whole box. >> duh. >> you do. >> that is, like, so funny. okay. so if you've ever watched -- been watching your local news, you know how sometimes they interrupt your program that you're really into because there happens to be breaking news. there's a tornado or a storm or some breaking crime news, whatever. well, it happened in sioux falls, south dakota, and they had to break in because there were tornadoes coming. >> which is a serious, serious
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thing. >> well, there was a show that happened to be on at the time, "once upon a time." it was the finale, and everyone was all amped -- >> they're all expecting something from "frozen." >> "frozen" thing was happening. ♪ let it go, let it go >> they said be careful, there are tornadoes coming. and the viewers are livid. >> they don't want to live. they just want to see the show. >> the local anchor was very upset. her name is shawn cable. that's not her name. >> that's her co-anchor. shawn cable posted the clip on youtube. >> let's watch it. >> okay. >> i felt bad for having to interrupt folks' tv show, but i tell you what -- >> i tell you what, quit calling and ripping shawn for being on the air to save people's lives. that is proof right there that they heard it on kssy. no show is as important as someone's life. you aren't going to go on the air if it's not important. >> absolutely. >> and people just berated our station for him being on the air. but i tell you what, if it was your home and your neighbors, you would feel differently.
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so please, please don't do that. that's not nice. >> i like her. >> wow! she just went for it. >> i want her to have a smackdown with barbara, too. let's get the two of them in an elevator and see what happens. >> they did say that there was, i guess, a tornado did touch down. >> yes. yes, it did. >> anyway. >> it would have been all right -- sort of like donald sterling. you've just got to stop. >> you know what it is? >> you know, it got worse. >> well, it's all about tone. i think she had a point. >> she had a great point. >> just say look, here's the thing. we have to interrupt programming. but what they could also do and many shows do, you lead the show on and you do a squeeze box so you can see in the other box. >> scroll along the bottom. >> or scroll. there are other options. >> but you know what i think she was doing? >> venting? >> no. i think she really was standing up for her friend because he got all the brunt of it because he was the face of the announcement. >> yes. >> she was doing what i would do for you, hoda. not the other way around. >> what are you talking about?
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>> as we saw your true colors yesterday. >> with what? >> with barbara corcoran. >> no, i launched a couple of innocent grenades. i just wanted to see -- >> a firebomb happened when you put fire on the fire. >> last night, we have to get to this because it's so good, "the voice" was on, and they eliminated two of the five. so there are only three standing. so the two who made it were the kid with the cowboy hat. >> okay? >> okay? >> really? >> yes. and the other guy who you love so much who looks like jack from -- >> josh. >> the one who looks like jack osbourne. okay. so anyway. i like how we do our own show. >> allegedly. what do you want? >> here are the bottom three, and we're going to play them and you're going to guess who was saved by twitter. >> okay. ♪ blown away ♪ ♪ every brick ♪ every bone
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♪ every second all blown away ♪ why ♪ why you got to be so blind ♪ won't you open up your eyes ♪ it's just a matter of time ♪ till you find ♪ not got me ten feet off the ground ♪ >> okay. those three, kathie. i saw it, so i have to confess, but who would you choose? >> you mean you're telling the truth? >> wow! i saw it. >> i think i would have saved -- i think i would have saved the last girl. >> yeah. you would be in agreement with the other folks from twitter. but here's something interesting. her name's christina. good for her. she's very talented. i thought she was going to be one of the first couple picked.
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they said that justin bieber tweeted, you know, let's save this girl. let's save christine. in order to save someone on twitter, you just have to retweet it. so he's got a gazillion followers. so all you does is have everyone tweet and then retweets. i think she should be because i think she's terrific. >> of the other two, you liked -- >> i like the ones they picked. >> when you get down to the last five, they're great singers. >> i know. >> hopefully they'll all have careers of some sort in the music business. >> we were talking about this, it's surprising that a twitter save saved the last one. i wonder who was the third one in terms of votes. >> i don't know. >> well, i care. shakira doesn't have any singers left, so she just sits there now and watches. >> is she the only one? >> everybody else has one. >> and you're just going to have to get over it. if i can get over barbara corcoran, you can get over that. >> you're still not over it. >> the finals start next monday. maybe you haven't seen this yet. it's cute. it's a mother/son wedding dance. >> we usually see brides with their dads, but now we get to see a groom with his mom, so
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let's take a look at this one. ♪ the season ♪ [ playing michael jackson's "billie jean" ] >> look at mom. wow! ♪ ♪ jump on it >> mom is hot. mom is adorable. >> julia and wes ryan. >> from san antonio. >> i imagine them practicing. come on, mom, let's do it again. >> they were apart. they had to do it that way. >> great. anyway, that was great. ryan said it was all his mom's idea. >> she looks like a fun mom. i wish my children thought i was fun. >> they do. they do. all right. alec baldwin was arrested yesterday. >> stop it! >> yes, he was.
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he was riding his bike. >> wrong way on fifth avenue. you can't do that. >> he was arrested because he didn't have i.d. they asked who he was. he didn't have it. they say he got belligerent. a photographer from "intouch weekly." >> happened to be there. >> how convenient. anyway, he was charged with disorderly conduct and has to go to court in july. he was mad. and he tweeted something. he tweeted this. "new york city is a mismanaged carnival of stupidity that is desperate for revenue and anxious to criminalize behavior once thought benign." >> he also tweeted the name and badge number of the female officer who arrested him, but he gave the wrong last name. >> but he has a habit of tweeting out -- like remember when he got -- >> he has to vent. >> he got into a tussle with a barista at starbucks and upset with a flight attendant because she told him to turn off his game and he tweeted out her. tweeting everyone. i just want to give a big thank-you to the north shore and
2:20 am
the katz institute for women's health. i went yesterday. >> i know. hodi gave a speech. >> i took a picture of all your fans. >> wow! you never rest. you're crazy. >> a great bunch of people. a quick shout-out to all the lovely ladies and gentlemen who were at this event. thank you. >> you know where i get to go today? >> where? >> i get to go spend an hour and a half with dolly parton. sirius radio. >> have fun. >> maybe you can come over with me. >> okay. their faces may be new to you, but their names have been famous in hollywood for decades. >> from the movie "palo alto," gia coppola and jack kilmer. sound familiar? >> yes. >> right after this.
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>> it's directed by gia coppola, granddaughter of legendary director francis ford coppola and niece of sofia coppola. a lot of coppolas out there, and they're all talented. it stars jack kilmer, son of val kilmer. >> jack plays teddy trying to navigate all the angst and awkward crushes that come with being a teen. take a look. >> you're crazy. >> no, i'm not. >> yeah, you are. >> why do you say that? >> because you just don't care about anything. >> i wish i didn't care about anything. but i do care. i care about everything too much. >> what do you mean? >> whatever, teddy. i think you're the one who doesn't care, not me. >> what do you mean? i care about you. >> hello.
2:24 am
>> hi, guys. welcome. what's it like -- are you comfortable watching yourself? this is your first acting job, right? >> yeah, yeah. >> and your first directing job. how do you feel? is it awkward? tell us the truth. >> it is a bit awkward. the first time i saw it, it was kind of like a little more paralyzing, the fear. but then, like, i guess after the third time, it really kind of, like, i was able to, like, attach, like, detach myself from -- i don't know. it was, like, not be embarrassed and actually enjoy the film, which was really cool. >> do you try to get the actors into character? he's a young man, 18 years old, but how did you get them in the head space you needed them in to hit the point? >> we just were a really small film and it felt like we were all collaborating and working together. 17, his senior year of high school, so he was a real teenager. >> did you make him do, like, writing exercises? >> we did the rehearsal period for, like, a week. we just really played games and got to know each other.
2:25 am
it was really fun. >> james franco is very much involved. the whole thing is based on short stories that he wrote. he plays a coach. >> yes. >> in this. but how did he choose you to be the director, and how did you choose jack in it? because you never directed, and you've never acted. so tell that little story. please. >> i met james in a very, like, by chance kind of random way. >> don't we all? everybody meets james that way. >> yeah. but i had just finished college as a photography major, and i sent him my photograph. he was looking for a director for his movie. >> had had you do a little test, right? 45-minute test? >> i did a test after i did separate screenplays. i did it with my friends, and i got to, like, figure out what was working and not working. >> wow, it just runs in the family. >> no kidding. so you took short stories that he did. and did you pick and choose the ones you wanted, or did he say to you, these are the ones i'd
2:26 am
like for you to run with? >> no, he just said pick what you're drawn to, and he gave me a lot of liberty but was very supportive at the same time. >> we don't have much time, but i'd love to know what your grandfather said about the film and what your mom and dad said to you. did your dad see it yet? >> yes, he saw it. he really enjoyed it. he's always supported it. from like the first time he heard about it. >> did he give you tips or did he say, son, you're doing it right? >> he just told me to, like -- he's just, like, breathe. >> that helps. >> tell the truth. >> good. >> has your grandfather seen it? >> yeah, my family's super excited. >> well, you guys are well, well on your way. congratulations. we're happy for you. "palo alto" is in select theaters right now. we're celebrating graduation with a fun game called "who knew?" and how to finally get that mildew out of your bathroom. i'm so excited about that one. >> counting seconds. we're going to be cleaning shortcuts after this. as a kid, i made a list of all the places i wanted to visit.
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it's college graduation season, so why not put those degrees to good use with a game of "who knew?" >> here is the question to get you started. what was the name of the college in "animal house"? very important. was it farnsworth college? faber college? "c," fieldstein college, or "d," fellows college? >> you know who i was talking about that with yesterday? >> who? >> patricia heaton was doing my podcast. and she said the same thing, that that was a good frat kind of a movie. they've gotten so, so raunchy now. by the way, her new movie, i love it, you guys! it's so fun. it's called "mom's night out." >> "mom's night out." >> it's a great pg-rated, take your family to see it. >> go. >> and donnie osmond.
2:31 am
>> you're very lucky. >> some people love me, hodi.
2:32 am
2:33 am
we are back with more of "today" on this winesday wednesday, ready to play our weekly trivia game we like to call "who knew" because that's what it is and because it's the season for college graduations. we're about to test your knowledge of fun collegiate facts. hoda has been sweet enough because of my knee to go across the street ready to hand out 100 bucks to anyone who gets the answers right because she feels guilty because she was so awful to me yesterday with barbara corcoran. and to those who don't, they get one of my fantastic, unbelievable cds. yes. so here to help me is kat cohen, ceo and founder of the education consulting company called ivy wise. nice to see you, sweetie. before the break we asked this question. what was the name of the college in the movie "animal house"? farnsworth? faber? fieldstein or fellows college? kat, what's the answer? >> faber college. the screenplay was based on short stories written by chris
2:34 am
miller that were published in "national lampoon" magazine. those stories were based on his fraternity experiences at dartmouth college. >> at dartmouth. amateurs compared to kids these days, right? okay. all right, hoda. if that's your real name. >> it is my real name. are you ready? where are you graduating from? >> bank street college of education on the upper west side. >> so she's very smart. here's the first question. which country superstar graduated from east tennessee state university with a degree in advertising? shania twine? "b," blake shelton? "c," kenny chesney or "d," faith hill? >> can i see those again? >> uh-huh. >> i'm going to go with -- blake shelton. >> blake shelton. >> oh, what a bummer. she gets a kathie lee cd. >> if you're trying to make up to me, hoda, it's not working. okay. what's the real answer? >> it's kenny chesney. and he was actually part of a blue grass program at school. and he self-released a demo
2:35 am
album a year before he graduated. >> wow. he is talented. very talented guy. okay, hoda. >> another graduate. what's your name and where you from? >> brianna, and i'm from millersville university in pennsylvania. >> see all the smart people here? second question, more than half of full-time undergraduates will complete their four-year degrees in how much time? >> i'm going to say "b," four years. >> oh! stop it, stop it. >> what is the correct answer? >> the correct answer -- yeah. it's actually six years. and according to the department of education, fewer than 40% of full-time first-time undergraduates starting a four-year degree will graduate within four years. and it's actually almost 60% who graduate in six years. >> okay, i think we'll go back to hoda but not if she continues with her behavior. >> by the way, this girl graduated from 3 1/2 years.
2:36 am
>> i'm alyssa and i went to allegheny college. >> which celebrity did not get into georgetown university as a freshman but was later accepted as a transfer student? michael jordan? ashley judd? bradley cooper? or wanda sykes? >> i want to say ashley judd. >> you may want to say it, but she's wrong. >> well, the answer is actually bradley cooper. who went on to graduate with honors from georgetown university where he became fluent in french. >> he sure did. >> and he later went on to get his msa in acting in new york. >> i love it when he speaks french. okay. all right, hoda. >> all right, let's see if we can give away some money. where are you from? what's your name? >> kalisha from south carolina. >> the members of hootie & the blowfish met while students at the university of south carolina. finish this lyric to one of their biggest hits. ♪ hold my hand
2:37 am
♪ wanna be because >> you can't hear it. >> yes. we're rocking out to it. ♪ we can't hear it ♪ hold my hand ♪ wanna be because ♪ hold my hand ♪ and i wanna be with you ♪ i'm gonna love you ♪ the best that, the best that i can ♪ >> i'm gonna kill her. i really am. what's the lyric? >> the lyric is i want to best that, the best that i can. it's a great story because mark bryan overheard darrius rucker singing in the shower at the dorm they shared. and that's how they got started. so many bands have actually met in college. the doors started at ucla and dave matthews band and public enemy just to name a few.
2:38 am
>> thanks to you and thanks to hoda. >> you're welcome. these are all the people that didn't get on. okay. they love your cd. >> right. talking about "who knew" how to remove pen ink from your favorite leather purse. that is important right after this. the comforting scent of snuggle fresh linen you love, again, he's sitting in my chair. uh-huh! anytime you want it. part of the air wick familiar favorites collection. also available in cinnabon classic cinnamon roll and baby magic clean baby. is it a bus? a bicycle? two chinchillas? a skateboard? fuzzy coconuts? it's a flower. air wick. the craft of fragrance. sfx: car unlock beep. vo: david's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today his doctor has him on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor
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are you tired of spending half your weekend cleaning up pet hair or scrubbing the bathroom tiles? >> well, we're about to make your life a whole lot easier with tips to get you outside enjoying the spring weather in no time. >> bruce has an entire book of them. it's called "who knew? household shortcuts." >> by the way, we're suing you, but anyway. >> thanks for that. plaintiff meet defendant. let's talk about getting rid of
2:42 am
water stains on wood, okay? so if you would dab this. you know what happens if you don't use a coaster, this is what happens. now, if one of you would take this rag and just rub over that. you saw that water stain. >> yeah. >> put a little elbow grease in there. look at that. >> takes it right out. >> it is gone. this is also great for -- >> i don't like this. i am a little -- >> you're going to make someone very happy one day. very nice. this is great for crayon stains, too. on walls. >> that's good to know. >> also if your kids get gum in their hair. you can use mayonnaise. let's talk also about wood stains. if you've got nail polish, you might want to use remover but you don't because it will take off the stain. >> what is this stuff? >> hair spray. >> why am i doing all the work? >> because you're standing there.
2:43 am
you've got to give a little more rough and tough. >> okay, not working. >> trust me. >> get hoda in her with her michelle obama guns here, and let's see this happen right now. >> oh, my word. >> in about five minutes, this will be gone, okay? >> yeah, hod. keep going. five minutes. >> if you've got mother's day flowers, you want to spray this underneath the petals or any flowers, cut flowers, this will keep them for about a week longer. how to keep your flowers fresh. >> underneath them. >> underneath them. >> are you going to write on that? >> i'm going to write on this with pen. again, hair spray. >> are you kidding? oh, my gosh. >> it's great on the shinier kind of leather. if it's distressed, it doesn't really work, but look at that. and believe me, this is going to work in a couple of minutes. >> who knew? >> let's talk about smells in your house. if you would take some of that vanilla extract, take some of these balls and put the vanilla with the cotton ball. >> dunk them in? >> dunk them in there, please, if you would and put them in our
2:44 am
vacuum cleaner bag. >> wet like that? >> what's going to happen is, we're going to put this on. if we can. and now when we turn this on, you are going to smell -- how do you turn it on? can you smell the vanilla coming out? >> if we get our nose down there, maybe. >> yeah. >> right? so think about this. now when you're cleaning your house, right? it's like the illusion of baking. you've been baking all day and really you're just cleaning. >> i'm taking your word for it. i've got allergies. do you smell it? >> yes. can you put any sort of a scent in there? >> any sort of scented oil. as you clean the house, you will be -- >> oh, my gosh. i like it. what now? >> we are spraying some fabric softener and water, about one-third fabric softener and water. on pet hair. this is the worst thing to vacuum up. this will eliminate the static electricity. >> let's do that same thing again. >> my thing again here. >> do you let it dry all the way before you vacuum it? >> about a minute or so. all you have to do now, it will come right up, okay? >> yeah. >> so think about, right? how about that? that's just fabric softener.
2:45 am
fabric softener, the sheets, get rid of stinkbugs. you know those disgusting stinkbugs? >> no. >> you don't know what stinkbugs are? god's most disgusting creature. if you put screens on inside and out, most of the stinkbugs will not come in. that is a tip for everyone. >> who knew? let's go here. what is that? >> let's talk about these bleach pens that are so popular. these are great. you know what they're best for? >> what? >> you just put this on your grout in the bathroom. you don't have to do anything else. in about an hour, it will all be gone. >> joanne. grout in her bathroom. >> disgusting bathroom in her house. >> formerly disgusting bathroom. now look how beautiful. >> that's great. >> it works. >> genius. by the way, all great ideas. >> who knew? >> who knew? >> thanks a lot. >> go to how one incredible woman got thousands of pets out of shelters and into loving homes. >> how you can take one to your
2:46 am
home right after this. look. aww!
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>> announcer: amazing women on today is brought to you by cetaphil skin care. the gentle power achieves amazing results. we're back and we're highlighting an amazing woman making a powerful difference in a gentle way. >> chicago entrepreneur paula was shocked to learn tens of thousands of homeless pets were being euthanized in her own city every year, so she decided to do something about it. >> reporter: in 1997, paula took a handful of pets from chicago's city pound and paraded them up and down the city's busiest shopping district to raise awareness and find safe homes for them. ten years later, paws chicago opened its doors. its mission was to stop euthanizing homeless pets within the city. today that shelter is the
2:51 am
largest no-kill organization in the midwest. and at paws chicago, the animals are able to live in rooms instead of cages with music playing throughout the building. and since its inception, the number of homeless pets euthanized in the city has declined by nearly 70%. and paula has united more than 31,000 cats and dogs with new families. >> i pick him! >> including this little guy, my best friend, blake. >> so now he's your best friend. great. we're having a good day here. >> paula's here along with a few of her friends. >> she brought some friends. hi, paula. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> 31,000? >> yes, and that's just since we opened our adoption center in '07. >> were you shocked when you learned the numbers? >> absolutely. i love animals. and if i don't know, think of all the americans who have no clue what happens to animals. >> are you finding it more and more because people are in tough economic times, they just cannot
2:52 am
care for them because of the expense of a pet? >> yes. it has gotten much worse, but i will say because there's more awareness now, people are rallying and getting involved. and that was really why we started paws chicago, was to engage the community and solve the problem. >> and it's a unique facility, isn't it. tell us what makes it different from some of the other places. >> we have a whole comprehensive no-kill model, so it is the adoption center where the animals are not in cages. they're in rooms. they're given walks. they're given full medical treatment at our medical center which is separate from our adoption center. and then they get a guarantee. so any animal that's adopted out, god forbid something happens, we always will take the animal back and it will not be killed. >> you want to see this happen in every major city. >> yes. we're working with shelters all across the country to train and teach them and also with donors. if you live in a community and you want to know, you know, they say they're no-kill, but what should they be doing to really know these animals are protected? so we help the public and other shelters. >> and these guys that we have here --
2:53 am
>> bonnie & clyde. >> bonnie & clyde. so cute. >> and they're up for adoption? >> they are. and they're from a shelter on long island. >> somebody should take both so they're not separated. >> how about this guy who's shredding our cards? >> this little one, oh, my gosh, from a shelter, a little terrier. adorable. rin tin tin. just adorable. >> yes. >> what were you doing before this? >> well, my husband and i started a small community bank, and we grew the company from 15 employees to 1,100. we became the largest community bank in illinois. and then we sold it a year ago. but during the time we were growing our company, we found out about what was happening to animals. and we actually used some of the facilities in our company to do adoption events, to house animals because we just started from scratch. and then we started getting volunteers. and we really realized that you can leverage, you solve problems in a business, you can solve problems in the nonprofit world. and that was really what this is about, solutions. and this is a solvable problem.
2:54 am
>> so if people are experiencing problems around the country, they can get in touch with you and you'd be happy to help them? >> absolutely. to develop the no-kill model. >> what about the little kitty? >> this one's from chicago. oh, the best kitty, argo, available for adoption. >> so everybody in the nation contact chicago paws, right? >> paws chicago. >> paws chicago. >> also if you want to look into these guys, go to our website, for more information. >> and if you know an amazing woman like paula who's making a powerful difference in a gentle way, we want to hear about it together with our sponsor, cetaphil, we are hosting a contest called "gentle yet powerful." go to to nominate someone you know and we're going to select a winner to join us right here next month. and while we're talking about adorable pets, wait until you see these. >> more of those fun videos you send us. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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we want to let you know that bruce was able to get all of that nail polish off that wood from earlier. it just took a little bit more elbow grease. >> before and go. >> after. all done. >> nice. that's a new piece of wood. no. >> pretty useless, but it's good now. time to take a look at your adorable pets doing some pretty cool tricks. >> we asked us to send us videos of your perfect pooches or fearless felines and you did. >> if you want to put a smile on your face, take a look at this. >> hello. hello. dance. ♪ >> come on. close the door. ♪
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♪ stay. take it. jump. ♪ >> hello. hello. good boy. now say i love you. i love you. >> i love you, hodi. >> oh, my gosh! >> i love you, hodi. >> all right. tomorrow, how to get something for nothing. >> plus we're going to bake up some dump cakes. don't ask. one of the easiest, most delicious desserts you're ever -- that just sounds awful. and how to turn your child into a college graduate. don't worry. i'll take care of this. by 12. have an awesome wednesday, winesday. i'm off to be with dolly parton. hoda's going to come with me and make up to me all day long.
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have an awesome day. see you all tomorrow. >> i'm here to help. through this get together. ♪


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