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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 22, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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sight. unsuspecting neighbors shocked as a woman they've known for years claimed she's being held against her will. good thursday morning to you, you made it to the end of the week and we have changes to tell you about. low clouds and sun for today. temperatures will soar into that weekend and then we'll cool you off just in time for that memorial day, maybe have the day off. your full forecast, coming up. don't ease up yet if you're traveling through sunol slowing because dirt and gravel across all your lanes. when the sweepers are expected to arrive and that's when the real slowing begins. a live look this morning at downtown san jose. little bit of may gray, thursday, may 22nd. this is "today in the bay." and a very good morning to you, thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm scott mcgrew. thailand's army chief announcing a military takeover of the government and right now
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soldiers supposedly surrounding a military facility to block politicians from leaving the building. the military declaring martial law, but it waited for a formal takeover to announce it until the country's rival political leaders met for a series of face-to-face talks. after two days those talks failed. the military says it is acting to prevent violence and restore stability to the deeply divided country the chief of the army said the military will provide protection for foreigners. police officers patrolling the streets around the market where two people in suvs set off bombs earlier this morning. the attack killed 31, more than 90 others are hurt. news, photographers and vidographers were told not to take any pictures and many of them were forced to actually delete their images. the attack happened in the city not far from the country of kazakhstan. investigators say two suvs
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crashed through barriers and into crowds of people at a busy market and threw a bomb out the window. china had blamed recent knife and bomb attacks on separatist militants. new this morning, we're waiting to learn more about the condition of a woman stabbed on the san jose trail overnight. so far police haare not releasi any information about a motive of a suspect this happened overnight not far from downtown and we'll certainly continue to follow that story and bring you details as we get them. a southern california woman who alleges she was held captive for ten years is now telling her story about being abducted by her mother's boyfriend when she was just 15 years old. that boyfriend will appear in a santa ana courtroom today. peggy bunker joins us now and, peggy, it sounds like there are two sides to this story. >> details are still emerging, laura. we are hearing from this woman who is 25 years old and telling a harrowing telling about being
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drugged and kidnapped when she was 15 years old. two sides of this story are definitely emerging. some neighbors say they didn't think that anything was wrong. the victim has named garcia, now 41 years old as her abductor. garcia was arrested on tuesday and being held on $1 million bail. he's accused of false imprisonment and kidnap for rape. the victim said that she endured physical, mental and emotional assault for ten years. being forced to marry garcia and have a child with him. her family completely stopped looking for her and be deported to mexico if she left him. however, some neighbors said they never noticed anything was wrong. >> every weekend they would go out and do what a family would do. >> she could have drove to the police station and say, i don't feel safe. >> other neighbors, though, they say they thought the alleged victim was in distress.
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she knew she had to get back into the house and always appeared to listen to him very closely and kept a very close eye on her. the nanny for the pair said that she never suspected a thing, even going so far to say that she thought they were the perfect couple, however, police very much think that something was wrong. once again, garcia will be in court to stand up for those charges. back to you. >> wow, such a strange story, thanks, peggy. meanwhile, a bay area mom will make her first court appearance this morning for child abuse charges arrested for allegedly attacking a student she says was bullying her daughter. "today in the bay" christie smith joins us live at the courthouse in santa rosa. christie, a chance the mother may actually talk today. >> good morning to you, that's what we're hearing and also hearing through her attorney that the mom is telling a very different story than what was originally reported. she is saying she did go to the school and confront this 12-year-old that she thought was bullying her daughter. and she said she never put her hands on the boy's neck.
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but that's exactly what landed delia garcia-bratcher in jail. she's accused of touching and throttling this boy. the mom was arrested last weekend, she's accused of storming on to her daughter's campus at olivet elementary school and confronting a fifth grader that she thought was bullying her 12-year-old daughter and then grabbing his neck. but her attorney said that grabbing part never happened and her defense, if she's formally charged is going to be that she had to act. >> just for someone to walk in and do something like that, it's frightening. >> very understandable thing for a parent to do. if the school is not taking appropriate steps to protect her children from bullying, i think a lot of parents right now are saying, you go. >> we taulk to the superintendet
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who said she was not aware of bullying and the visitor policy says you need to check in but the mom did not do that. deputies have been looking into the bullying accusations and they haven't been able to establish that it happened either. she's due in court this morning at 8:30. reporting live in santa rosa, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thank you, christie. nice morning up in santa rosa where christie is. let's look at the golden gate bridge this morning. traffic appears to be moving smoothly. let's check that forecast now and meteorologist christina loren look at the microclimate forecast for the bay area. very different from where it is for the golden gate bridge. >> today will be one of those days. good thursday morning to you. so close to what could be a three-day weekend for you. we're still going to be here for you on monday. but i can tell you right now, if you want to make outdoor plans, go ahead and do so. everything you normally associate with the unofficial kickoff to summertime, water sports, golf, oh, yeah.
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nice everywhere across the bay area getting into this weekend. today pretty nice, as well. starting out in the 50s. overcast sky and low clouds to go all around. i can tell you right now, they're spanning all the way into the tri-valley and into the delta this morning and that means a little heat relief in the sacramento valley today as they accumulate that delta breeze. widespread low clouds and areas of fog and really reduced visibility only becoming a factor in the north bay. this is what you can expect as we get into that afternoon. the valleys will clear by about 9:00 a.m. and you'll clear at the coast meanwhile right at lunchtime and very nice out there today with some fog clinging to the coastal mountains and that's the only thing. temperatures much cooler on the oceanside of san francisco today than what we're expecting on the bay side. as we get into your afternoon, three to five degrees warmer. your highs come in at about 4:00 p.m. the hottest point of the day. temperatures right now pretty mild, upper 50s, not too bad. might need a light sweater but ditch it later on. 80 degrees for the south bay and
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74 degrees in the east bay today. o town looking good. i want to help you make those outdoor plans for this holiday weekend. stick around that forecast is coming up next. right now, back to you guys. >> thanks, christina. mike joins us with a look at the traffic, nice to have you here. >> thank you. good to be at the grownup table. at the kids table usually. >> still getting you a sippy cup. >> we're looking over here where there was another spill and we're worried about the folks tri-valley westbound 580 shows the build and concerned heading south off of there towards pleasanton and towards sunol gravel spill. gravel and dirt reported across all lanes there. no specifics but a sweeper truck. let's take a live look out there. a sweeper truck doesn't sound like they can get there closer to 7:00 and take another 20 minutes until they can clear out part of those lanes and add to the slow down over the next hour and this is a problem, you see the slower traffic already in our closed shot here but by the time you get around the bend and around that incline and the grade when you're okay heading towards fremont.
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that's a slow drive towards fremont and pleasanton. back to the maps and we show you the rest of the bay looking pretty typical. north 101 shows a little build here and transit through all the areas and no delays for the system and around the bay, there you go. bay bridge toll plaza has the backup and metering lights on and shows you all lanes are filled in, but the maze and the berkeley curve are moving smoothly and slow lanes as christina pointed out. just be careful out there. >> we'reler all traffic all the time. there will be a meeting tonight to talk about plans to expand light rail service. >> plans to add light rail tracks in 2015. now the extra tracks will allow vta to offer expanded service in it area and help better comidate people headed to levi stadium in santa clara. another meeting tonight, b.a.r.t. will hear from the public and staff about fares for
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its extension to the oakland airport this fall. we don't know how much it is going to cost yet, we do know the 3.2-mile ride will carry riders from the oakland coliseum to the airport. a set fare is expected to be finalized in the next few weeks. the meeting starts tonight at 5:00 at the kaiser center in oakland. it's 6:10. still ahead on "today in the bay" new details on the deadly attack that boston marathon. coming up, why the suspeblth used strand of christmas light to build their bomb. plus, boots on the ground bring back the girls. we'll tell you how many u.s. troops are being sent to africa. foggy start through the day in city by the bay. can you make out point tower? kind of like where's waldo? i can, right there. 6:10 right now. a look at the clearing forecast for memorial day weekend.
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welcome back. now, taking a live look at an overcast start over the south bay. those low clouds, though, are naturally keeping it cool here for today. this afternoon, temperatures are going to climb into the 80 nzland and we're talking about the mid-60s with foggy breeze in san francisco and beautiful shot of old glory there just in time for your memorial day weekend. that forecast in moments. and you want to keep it cool right here because you're slowing down. that's right. that southbound 680 you see the trucks moving but cars also very slow. gravel and dirt spilled all across all lanes and an update from chp saying they'll keep on scene until the sweeper trucks can arrive, probably not close
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until 7:00. we'll give you the update and show you the developing traffic coming into the area when we come back. here's a look at today's top stories. police in is a san jose on the hunt for whoever stabbed a woman on a trail that happened just after midnight close to downtown. no word on the woman's condition right now. thousands of people in sedona, arizona, preparing for potential evacuation. crews having a tough time controlling an out of control wildfire that's been burning for two days. it's burned nearly 4,500 acres so far. the military is officially taken over in thailand after six months of political deadlock. it's necessary to restore stability and order. it comes after two days of failed talks between the country rival political leaders. right now the united states is sending a team of 80 soldiers to help find those hundreds of kidnapped nigerian girls. they're going to go to chad, a
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country that borders nigeria. the team will assist with aircraft missions over northern nigeria covering large forested area wheres the girls are believed to be held. president obama says the force will remain there until it is no longer needed. last month more than 200 nigerian girls were kidnapped by islamist extremist group, boko haran. the boston bombing suspects used christmas lights in their rice cooker bomb. they used the lights to make fuses and they used remote control detonators made from model car parts. prosecutors say the brothers crashed an empty fireworks to make explosive fuel. the bombs killed three people, including a child at the boston marathon. dzhokahar admits but denies. he hid in a boat and prosecutors say he scrolled a message on that boat about his brother that
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died after a standoff with police. "i do not mourn because his soul is very much alive." god has a plan for each person and mine was to hide in this boat and shed some light on our actions. 6:16. investigators say the big rig that caused a bus to crash in southern california hit a car before it jackknifed and lost its load of steel pipes. brought it to you as breaking news yesterday morning. that bus flipped while trying to avoid hitting the pipes on interstate 10 yesterday morning. four passengers were killed and numerous others hurt. passenger ana perez said she was breastfeeding her 12-day-old baby when the bus started to roll. she clutched the newborn to her chest. she had bruises on her legs and backs, but otherwise is said to be okay and wonderfully the baby was not hurt, as well. >> i know yesterday morning way more than four, too. and it seems like the death
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toll, fortunately, has stayed at four, fortunately, but, sad. let's check your forecast. we give you a live look at san jose and san francisco this morning and some early morning fog and say hello to christina loren. good morning. >> good morning to you. you know you wake up and see the widespread low clouds and not too hot. >> that's the case for today. 6:17 now. thanks for waking up with us each and every day. you may have the next few days off for memorial day weekend. there's a lot happening across the bay area, including carnival in san francisco. a longboard contest in santa cruz the giants are here for a home stretch. come on, can you ask for anything more than living here in the bay area. a lot of events are free and take you through the forecast as we get through your thursday morning together. looking at san rafael and temperatures this morning mostly in the 50s and cool out there and we have widespread coastal clouds and that is our natural ac and it will burn off. by about noon today at the
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immediate kcoast, we'll end up three to five degrees warmer even with the overcast start. clear conditions, not as foggy for tomorrow and as a result, it will be warmer. so, for today, low 80s coming your way in the south bay and 80 degrees straight up there and 79 along the peninsula and foggy breeze for the first part of the day in san francisco and keep your temperatures down to 67 degrees and meanwhile you'll hit 83 degrees up the road in the north bay. let me show you the warming trend. we will peak on sunday at about 88 degrees. it will be warm out there as we get into the end of the weekend into memorial day and the south bay. but look at the difference, not too bad. perfect for your outdoor plans and even inland on monday. meanwhile hold on to the stretch of 70s friday through monday in san francisco. speaking of which, let's talk about that carnival. the festival is actually both saturday and sunday, but the parade happens at 9:30 a.m. 24th and bryant and it's a good thing it's going to be warm this year. wouldn't you agree, mike inouye.
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>> more clothes for bay to breakers and a kids area, so, keep that in mind. check out the website, as well. carnaval in san francisco. the big alarm here for folks heading south through pleasanton and sunol. eyes on my gravel and dirt spill and backup out of pleasanton and highway 84 just south of there and right where our camera is where the spill is. our camera shows us a slower drive and can't see the activity, but just past this camera because everyone slows up approaching the scene. chp will stay there as we get back to the maps until the sweeper trucks arrive probably about 6:45, 7:00. another half hour until they can start to clear some of those lanes. they will have to close off a couple lanes at a time and 680 big delays and consider heading through castro valley and 680. 101 northbound which has a lighter flow of traffic throughout the rest of the south bay, as well. san jose up in towards the
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airport. that's the only slowing we see right now and a smoother drive around the rest of your bay. 880 and castro valley and why you might want to use that as the alternate and stick it out and head south and might plan for about an extra 15 to 20 minutes and be prepared for that right now. looking out here towards the bay bridge which also flows very nicely. talking about transit, as well. getting across the bay or under the bay. b.a.r.t. system no delays and should be 50 any second. muni, cal tran and live shots outside and pal opo alto and gon gate bridge where we see the fog coming in from the north bay and no unusual delays and just a little slowing that we advise. back to you. >> thanks so much, mike. it's 6:20. it is also controversial two drugs in one bottle and it's going on the market here in california. >> so this being build as marijuana syrup. syrup is a combination of soda
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and candy and cough medicine and while this doesn't contain any codei codeine, it does contain compounds and costs $45 for a two ounce bottle. so far it's being sold in marijuana clubs in san diego and los angeles. still ahead, president obama pays a visit to couper town. why he's making his stop at the baseball hall of fame. high fashion makeover in the works for bay area apple stores. taking a live look outside. metering lights are on at the toll plaza this morning. the clouds, as well. kind of making for a cloudy start and a little cooler and christina will have a look at the forecast and keeping tabs on the road, including that gravel spill. a lot more news ahead, 6:21.
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welcome back, you could soon see a major overhaul in apple's retail stores. former burberry ceo angela aarons officially took over as apple's retail and online sales division head this month. she reportedly visited a number of sores already in the last couple weeks talking to employees about operations. talked about overhauling a number of areas, including the whole shopping experience and opening more stores in china. the stores have really been the same since the very first one opened in the washington, d.c., area 13 years ago. it's 6:24.
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a postage stamp honoring gay rights activist harvey milk dedicated at the white house today. today will be the first day the stamp will be issued. take a look at it, a commemorative stamp featuring a smiling black and white smile of milk. he was actually assassinated less than a year after taking office. another dedication ceremony will take place in san francisco next wednesday. today president obama will visit the national baseball hall of fame museum celebrating his 75th anniversary this summer. he'll be the first sitting president to visit the museum in cooperstown, new york. the trip a move to promote more tourism in the u.s. this one may be tough to watch if you're a 49ers fan. the seahawks meeting president obama at the white house to celebrate their supper bowl win. >> well, one high-profile seahawk decided to skip the
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event. who's missing is mar shawn lynch from oakland who tends to avoid the press at almost any cost. so, why didn't he want to go to the white house? "seattle times" asked his mother who said he didn't want to go. president obama acknowledged lynch during the events. >> i want to say how much i admire his approach to the press. i wanted to get some tips from him. >> the president also called the seahawks out for their notoriously loud stadium hinting that it was kind of cheating. >> he must be pretty shy to not go to the white house, right? >> that is shy. 6:26 right now. still ahead, 4,500 acres still burning and it's about to get worse. coming up, we're live in arizona
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as firefighters try to get a handle on out of control flames. meanwhile back at home, we take you out live to the san mateo bridge and mike will be checking your traffic here in just a minute.
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massive flames cutting a path towards an arizona resort town. a live with a look at the evacuations under way right now. meanwhile, our hillsides will stay nice and moist with onshore flow firmly in place. however, it will be warmer today. low clouds and a lot of sunshine getting into the weekend. temperatures soar and then we have a good-looking memorial day coming your way. your forecast in moment through the hills of sunol slowing southbound. all lanes have dirt and gravel and give you the report from chp and try to show you an option for you if you want to get around it. we'll take you out to the live bell here on the nyse. we had a really good day yesterday after those fed minutes came out showing that easy money would continue for a while. so, we have a live bell on the nyse and futures pointing to a
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higher open over on the nasdaq, as well. there we go with yet another chinese company with an ipo. this one was heavily subscribed. today is thursday, may 22nd. this is "today in the bay." well, good morning to you, i'm scott mcgrew. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. a pro-russian commander who calls himself demon says he's possible for an attack at an eastern ukraine attack point. it happened 20 miles south of densk near the ukraine/russia border. in addition to the 11 killed, 30 hurt in that attack some of them reportedly in grave condition. after the attack the commander reportedly bragged about destroying the checkpoint and stealing weapons off of the dead and the wounded. meantime, north korea fired two rounds at a south korea
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patrol boat overnight. that island now being evacuated and south korea fired back two shells in retaliation and that boat was floating near the disputed border at sea. time to check the forecast as we give you a live look outside this morning. look at san francisco to make out the transamerica pyramid, but everything else shrouded in the clouds making for a cooler start to our day across the bay area. taking a peek at san jose, as well. we're going to check in with christina now. she's got a look at that forecast. >> hey, good morning to you. 6:31. beautiful day coming your way. hard to tell when you walk out your front door, you notice that overcast sky kind of murky out there. we are going to have abundant sunshine across the board today. we're looking really good as we get into your afternoon hours and those low clouds, they help us out. that's your natural coolant, my friends. that's what keeps us from having to turn on our ac and you might need it as we get into the
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weekend. temperatures in the 50s. if you're headed out and about this thursday, low clouds inland and areas of coastal fog really starting to settle in at this point and we're going to see clearing in our inland valleys by 9:00 a.m. and wait until about lunchtime. highs will come in at 4:00 p.m. and temperatures three to four degrees warmer and this is what we're looking at when it comes to the high today. 80 degrees in the south bay and 79 degrees along the peninsula and your holiday weekend forecast in moments. right now, back to you guys. >> thanks a lot, christina. let's check in with mike. good morning for folks traveling through sunol and here's your bay and pick your path, pretty good except for here south 680 really jams up and dirt and gravel still across all lanes of 680 southbound and your commute direction across the golf course and clearing by the time you get to fremont. off that dublin grade and seeing more folks coming in out of livermore and that is your
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commute direction through the tri-valley. an option for you can take west 580 over towards castro valley and slow down your typical pattern and bogging down also for southbound 880 and that could cause more . those sweeper trucks not coming in until 7:00. another half hour before they arrive and hope to clear some lanes. >> quite a mess there, okay, thank you very much. happening now, six plumes of smoke covering northern arizona this morning as crews battle this fire that has been burning now for two days. happening in the sedona area of slide rock state park. thousands are preparing for a potential evacuation. >> nbc miguel is live this morning. this fire, 4,500 acres now, growing? >> yeah, scott and laura. good morning to you. certainly a big wildfire. 4,500 acres is the last number we were given late last night and in 20 minutes here we expect updated numbers and no doubt that acreage number will certainly climb.
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this fire is feeding on forest land and much of it to burn here. the conditions here, like they are in the bay area, drought-stricken region. the fire here when it turns on for those hillsides it can quickly explode out of control. some 300 homes are in immediate threat of this fire but 3,000 homeowners have been warned, they may need to evacuate at a moment's notice. crews went door-to-door last night to get those evacuees prepared to leave when that call comes. a trigger point for that fire if it crosses a certain break, they're going to be forced to leave. the wind, the big concern. guys, back to you. >> all right, thanks miguel. this is according to a uc berkeley study. >> a natural satellite image of the fog. now, according to the study, the soupy, thick fog has been thinning out over the past three decades. possible reasons include global warming and a decrease in crop burning. the news very good for drivers
6:35 am
who are now able to see more than five feet in front of them, but bad news for crops like almonds, cheries, apricots, which need that winter chill that comes during dormant time. your orange and black update is still ahead. amy g. has a look at a couple giants that are black and blue. live look at at&t park. they're actually taking down the stage this morning. a big concert there last night. lenny cravts. the giants coming back and facing the colorado rockies. little banged up our team. come on, boys, get well. come on home. 6:35.
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giants baseball this morning, taking a live look at at&t park. home of the giants and g-men waking up in colorado starting pitcher matt cain right hamstring. cain left yesterday's game after three hitless innings and appears reliever santiago cusillo trying to get a ground ball when he went down in pain. he was helped off the field,
6:39 am
unable to put any weight on his right leg. the news not entirely bad because the team is expected to get back in the lineup. posy and tim hudson. >> the injury update from inside the dugout. >> good morning, everyone. your san francisco giants getting ready to take on their n.l. west foes the colorado rockies for a third and final game in colorado this afternoon. game 48 and your giants, they're a bit banged up but pushing through their injuries. let's start with tim hudson. he was scratched from his last start here at home against miami with a left hip strain. he threw a bull pen in colorado with no complications and is penciled in to get the start this afternoon. and buster posy listed as day-to-day dealing with some nerve irritation in his back. he's had a few days off, though. that's your sports for today in the bay.
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>> thanks, amy. new details about the search for a suspect. and new this morning, a military makeover in thailand. plus, unsuspecting neighbors just shocked as a woman they have known for years claim she is being held against her will. all across the bay area and this is insouth bay this morning and we're going to show you what it looks like in san francisco. taking a live look there, transamerica pyramid and third tallest building in california socked in with fog as we head through the next couple hours. a beautiful day ahead and a gorgeous weekend. your forecast is moments away. in half moon bay, a dead hump back whale out at sea.
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at 6:43. taking a live look at the big board this morning. down about eight points. 16,524. we've been watching the markets as they faired pretty well yesterday. announcing a military takeover of the government ask right now soldiers are supposedly surrounding a military facility in bangkok to block politicians from leaving. military declared martial law on tuesday but waited to announce a formal takeoff before they met for a series of face-to-face talks. after two days, those talks failed. the military is acting to prevent violence and restore stability to the deeply divided country. it has put a curfew in place.
6:44 am
the army chief says the military will provide protection for foreigners in thailand. a developing story, police officers patrolling the streets around the market where two people in suvs set off bombs earlier this morning. this is in china. more than 90 others hurt. news photographers and vid videoographers told not to take any pictures. this happened in the chinese city of urumqi. two suvs crashed through barriers into crowds of people at a busy market. people actually threw bombs out of the windows of those trucks. china has blamed recent knife and bomb attacks in the area on separatist militantmilitants. southern california woman who claimed she was held captive for ten years is now telling her story. she was abducted by her mother's boyfriend when she was just 15 years old. that boyfriend will appear in court today. >> "today in the bay" peggy
6:45 am
bunker joins us now. peggy, the neighbors that lived around this couple had a very different story. >> yeah, that's what is complicating this story. the neighbors are telling two different sides of the story. this could be a case of stockhom syndrome where you see those held captive actually bond with their abductors. they know this because the couple there have very different perceptions. the woman who is now 25 was 15 years old when she was abducted by this man. he drugged and kidnapped her and she's endured physical, mental assaults for more than a decade. created forged i.d.s for the pair and forced the girl to marry him. just three years ago, she gave birth to a baby fathered by garcia. the girl reported that she lost all hope after he told her that her family stopped looking for her. police say she did try to leave. >> my understanding is there was continued and repeated sexual assaults. on two occasions she tried to escape. he caught her. he beat her for her efforts.
6:46 am
>> but now that garcia has been arrested, neighbors are raising a lot of questions about this case. some say that the alleged victims seem to be incredibly fearful of him and others say, no, they were a happy couple that they saw often. we go to kate larsen who joins us now at bell gardens where this woman lives and i'm sure you're hearing the same thing. some people are saying this is very odd and they are a good family and others saying, no, something amiss here. >> absolutely, that's right. we're getting two very different stories from both neighbors and police. we know that garcia lived here with his wife, his alleged captor and some people who lived here thought they were a normal, happy couple as you mentioned. often seen playing outside here in the yard. but police are telling a very different story. they say garcia kidnapped his wife ten years ago. beat her, raped her and brain washed her. actually arranging for them to work together as a nighttime cleaning service so he could keep a watchful eye on her.
6:47 am
santa ana police say 42-year-old garcia allegedly forced his captor into marriage in 2007 and had a child with her in 2012 using fake documents to hide in plain sight less than a half mile from a police station. now, we are not showing the victim's face or naming her, but she is now 25 years old. she was reported missing in 2004 by her own mother, who suspected garcia, her live-in boyfriend at the time of sexually abusing her and abducting her daughter. the victim was born in mexico and arrived in the u.s. to live with her mother just six months before her abduction. kidnapping, garcia assaulted the victim's mother and drugged his victim before locking her in a garage. while holding her captive, garcia would threaten his alleged captor and wife with being deported. santa ana police say a decade
6:48 am
later she found her sister on facebook and gained the courage to come forward for help. right now garcia is booked on charges of kidnap for rape and lewd acts with a minor, as well as false imprisonment. he is being held right now at the santa ana jail and is scheduled to be arraigned today. that is the latest live in bell gardens, i'm kate larsen. >> thank you for those details, appreciate it one last night garcia told the girl that the mother was not looking for her and the family didn't care. not true, says police. the mother filed a missing person's report for the 15-year-old within hours of her disappearance. >> such a bizarre story, thank you very much. 6:48. a man was arrested overnight for a riot after a suspect shot and killed a suspect on the streets. he harassed a police dog and convinced others to join in. he and more than 100 others joined the streets last night in response to the police shooting
6:49 am
tuesday. officers shot and killed a man because they say he lunged at them with garden shears. video of that shooting was posted to youtube leading to last night's protest. let's check your microclimate forecast this morning as we give you a live look at san francisco and i learned something today. that's the third tallest building in california. also a look at san jose this morning where i suspect it's a bit sunnier. maybe not. let's join christina this morning. good morning. >> the skyline not as impressive here in san jose. >> no. san jose a lot going for it. the skyline ain't one of them. >> at the airport is what i hear. we have those flames flying right over us. but you know what, san jose is a sprawling city and we got a lot of territory to cover when it comes to your forecast just for san jose alone, then you counter in the entire bay area and my work is cut out for me every single day. those microclimates giving me a run for my money. temperatures this morning are
6:50 am
comfortable. as we head throughout the day today, widespread low cloud cover and a sunny finish and right now mostly in the 50s and want to show you that shot one more time to give you an idea of how far inland those low clouds span this morning all the way to the tri-valley in san jose and overcast start to the day and it will wind up warmer than yesterday. clouds clear 9:00 a.m. inland valleys and at the coast wait until about lunchtime and highs come in at about 4:00 p.m. and your temperatures today will end up three to five degrees warmer than where we ended up yesterday. still have that dry heat going, though. 80 degrees from the south bay and 67 in san francisco and getting into that all-important holiday weekend and temperatures are going to climb and when we're talking about 88 degrees in the south bay, that will translate towards the mid-90s in the hottest cities across the bay area, for instance, gilroy and livermore, dublin and we're watching for the 90s. on sunday, but look at what happens as we take you into memorial day. maybe you have the day off and
6:51 am
temperatures will be comfortable for your outdoor plans and 82 degrees in the south bay and 82 degrees in san francisco and the jierants back at it. they're taking on a five-game home stretch starting on friday, 63 degrees out there at 7:15 and same for your saturday and then comfortable for your conditions for that day game. 73 degrees and i heard, i heard, mike, that scott mcgrew is going to be at that game. watch for him on the jumbotron. back over to you. >> did you just publicize that and now the crowds will be over there. traffic warning for the area, in addition to the closure for southbound 280 all the way down to 101. use 101 to get away from the ballpark or pennsylvania avenue. no way to get around this. a long reroute. here's what we're talking about. south 680 dirt and gravel continues to be a big problem through sunol south of highway 84 and now up the grade, things are clear, i want you to pass through the golf courses. this is the big backup we have.
6:52 am
i just got word from chp that they closed the slow end "for cleanup" five to ten minutes. that is the only lane they're closing for the cleanup and scattered away from lanes. let you know if one lane was enough to complete the rest of the cleanup. jammed from 580 through pleasanton and sunol. option for a reroute out of the tri-valley and castro valley no slowing on the grade yet. and an earlier crash there and that is cleared from the roadway and no major issues and more traffic for southbound 80 so keep that in mind as folks try to avoid sunol. south bay starts to build and 87 traditional and just gently builds for the south bay. your rails and roads we're looking at the mass transit systems and muni.
6:53 am
longer waits reported for these lines looking at folks 19, 48, 71 and your bonus number, 14x. meanwhile, we'll check the lottery across the san mateo bridge and that flows smoothly westbound and a lighter flow of traffic here, but notice the haze and low clouds christina is talking about fog and see that across the golden gate bridge. keep that in mind. back to you. >> thank you, mike. 6:53. this morning a bay area mother accused of attacking a school bully could enter a plea. "today in the bay" christie smith joins us live in the courthouse in santa rosa where the mother is making the first court appearance. good morning, christie. >> good morning. we may hear from the mom herself. but the mom's attorney has spoken and said, yes that his client did go to the school, did confront the boy that she thought was the bully and said stop bothering my daughter, stop calling her names and she's saying she never put her hands on this boy.
6:54 am
delia garcia-bratcher was arrested last weekend after storming on the school grounds at olivet elementary charter school on friday and getting into a dispute with that fifth grade boy, a 12-year-old. she is accused of grabbing him by the throat. as you can imagine, parents were stunned that it could go that far. >> just for someone to walk in like that and do something like that, it's frightening. >> it does bother me, but at the same time, i understand there's not a lot they can do. you know, they can't really the kids in. >> the school did send letters on monday about the incident and the visitor policy. they say she didn't stop at the office and check in, which is what they usually require of someone coming on to campus. they did say that they were not aware of any bullying complaint or problems between the two and deputies are saying that they looked into it and so far they have not been able to establish that any bullying happened. so, there's a question of whether possibly she went after
6:55 am
the wrong child. she's due in court this morning at 8:30. reporting live in santa rosa, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thank you, christie. lawyers for the 16-year-old boy accused of setting a mountain view house on fire will return to court this morning. brett dispoto is being tried as an adult police say on march 16th he started the fire in the bedroom of a home while the homeowner was out of town. the house was destroyed. the weekend before police say more than a dozen teens held a party inside the home and stole the homeowner's car. police have arrested almost two dozen people in connection with that party. 6:55. santa clara county has filed a lawsuit against the world's five largest drug companies. it claims the makers of drugs like oxycontin has manipulated doctors into prescribing more pain killers also alleges drug companies are encouraging patients to treat common conditions like arthritis,
6:56 am
headaches and back pain. the suit was filed in orange county. federal officials have recogni recommended the u.s. attorney's office file charged against a bay area tree trimming company. fish and wildlife investigators s sayernesto to cut even though knight herins were there. he did not think the birds were being hurt but a nearby bird rescue said they treated five who had injuries consistent with falls. the birds are protected by the federal government. 6:56. marine biologists will head out to a peninsula beach this morning to check out a dead hump back whale, although they may be too late. we've got a live look at half moon bay this morning where the whale is floating out to sea. it ruwashed up at the sea wall just off of highway 1 yesterday. this is new video in this morning as the carcass moves south because of the tides
6:57 am
carrying it out. a busy stretch of interstate 280 near at&t park will be closed starting tonight through memorial day weekend. that means traffic in the city is going to be worse than usual, especially if you plan on heading to a ball game. here's the area we're talking about. southbound 280 between sixth street and highway 101. the construction starts tonight at 9:00 and goes all the way through tuesday morning. final check of the day's top stories for you this morning at 6:57. a pro-russian commander claiming responsibility for an attack at the eastern ukraine checkpoint. 11 ukrainian troops wurb killed and 30 others hurt. the man accused of kidnapping a woman holding her against her will for ten years is due in a southern california courtroom today. the victim said she was 15 when she was taken by garcia, her mother's boyfriend at the time. the victim says she was forced to marry garcia and have his child. right now thousands in arizona packing up their belongings and getting ready to evacuate from the sedona area.
6:58 am
a wildfire burning out of control for two days has charred 4,500 acres. expected to get an update from fire officials now. in the meantime, an update from christina with your last check of weather. >> still foggy out there, but we'll see a nice, sunny finish to the day. 6:58 is the time and temperature 55 in the south bay and 56 degrees in the east bay as we get into your afternoon. warmest point of the day 3:30, 4:00. 74 in the east bay and 83 degrees in the north bay with warmer days ahead. looking at your seven-day forecast, no worries, every 15 minutes for you on the "today" show. >> as we take a look out for our sunol camera, i told you one lane was blocked and i thought, well, they might have to move it across the lanes but chp says, no, after we clear the lanes probably in the next five minute or so we'll clear the area and that will improve the situation. dirt and matter. look at the map how slow it is just south of 84 all the way
6:59 am
from pleasanton. allow another 10 to 15 minutes for that southbound drive and improve over the next five because of what chp told us. there is the south bay slowing. >> good news in all that travel. get ready to be surprised by a clown. >> oh, no. >> san jose girl headed to the world cup in brazil thanks to mcdonald's. >> 9-year-old carman walked into her neighborhood mcdonald's just having dinner with the family. no, ronald mcdonald was there to greet her. she found out she was one of 26 kids nationwide selected by the fast food chain to escort a member of team usa on to the field before they play a world cup match. carman and her dad will be in brazil for five days. >> next month. last almost a month, as well. >> ronald and chicken mcnuggets. >> watch for you at the ball game in san jose. >> education day. 1,400 south bay kids. >> fantastic.
7:00 am
wonderful. >> that's what's happening "today in the bay." back at 7:25, live local news update. >> join us for nbc bay area news at is 1: at 11:00. have a great day. ♪ good morning. raging out good morning. raging out of control. firefighters cannot get an upper hand on that dangerous wildfire in arizona. thousands 06 homeowners on alert, told to be evacuated at a moment's notice. new court documents shedding light on the new boston bombing case. the younger tsarnaev letter wrote while hiding out in that boat. it's happened again, a young woman find alive after her alleged kidnapping. overnight, chilling information on what she endured as police take the suspect into custody.


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