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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  May 26, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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jinshuang liu's face. >> he was a very nice guy. he was a leader. everybody like him. he was kind of quiet but nice to everybody. very considerate. night to mom. >> his father, charlie wang, could not speak a word to us. she got a could from police in santa barbara that elliot's roommate, elliot rodger, stabbed him to death. weihan was a graduate opportunity who was once a camp student. cheng yuan hong volunteered at
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the cooper chinese school. he was studying computer engineering. the three friends dreamed of studying together. and rodger played loud muds nick the middle of the night and did not interact with them. and nothing makes since to the mother, who lost her child. >> sometimes, i ask why god didn't take me instead of my son. >> there was one incident between rodger and one of the roommates in january. he accused hong of stealing $2200 worth of candles. and he pleaded guilty to petty theft. chris sanchez, nbc bay area. let's bring in mark matthews at cottage hospital.
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a young man from alamo is recovering at the hospital. how is his condition? >> he is getting better. nick pasichuke was down here visiting a classmate from his high school days. the two water polo players were out skate boarding on friday night when the sheriff says mass murder suspect elliot rodger ran them down in his car. the family says they have been overwhelmed by the attention and support for nick pasichuke. the university of pacific water polo player is in good condition here at the pgs. on twitter, the #prayforcheeks, his nickname, has gone viral. he was rammed, breaking both his legs. he under went surgery saturday. today, he was asking when which he get back to water polo.
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his sister, katie pasichuke, seen here with her brother, told the news there is an outpouring of support for her brother. his father is here in alamo. his wife, jill, here in the hospital with his son. there is a memorial at the sorority hit when he killed cooper and weis. >> from what i can tell, he pounded on the door and ran around the corner in the face of the three girls and started firing on them. my guess is from close range. >> veronica's father said he spoke with his daughter on wednesday. and his mother said she was planning a charity event with her sorority sisters. >> i'm not angry.
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i'm sad. i'm sad for everyone, including the young man, rodger, and his parents. they have been through hell. >> today, burbank police are searching gun shops for information on his purchases. they had a search warrant in gun world in burbank. elliot rodger bought his weapons in three cities, including burbank. coming up at 6:00 tonight, we will be hearing again from veronica weis's father as he talks about gun control. tomorrow there is a big memorial at uc santa barbara. in santa barbara, mark matthews. >> it's difficult to digest for all of us. there are multiple crime scenes and many victims, we continue to
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hear information. here is an opportunity though who tried to save the life of a victim shot at a deli. >> he was rolled over and i tried cpr and i asked him friend. and i said, wait, is this chris? chris? and they are like, yeah. and i was just like, wait, what? no. >> unfortunately, she could not save the life of chris martinez. this is surveillance video from the horror riffic moments inside the deli when up bullets for flying in the store. chris martinez is from the santa barbara area. senator barbara boxer tweeted today about the strategy. i can not find words to express my sadness, ang interdetermination to stop this madness. she followed, for now, i send my deepest con doll lenses for the
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families touched by the brutal tragedy in santa barbara. the community in isla vista are joining today. people have launched facebook pages, and messages in chalk like this one are spotted around town. stay with us for continuing coverage on the story on air and tonight on "nightly news" a look at the warning signs and if investigators did all they could. we have headlines. breaking news internationally. hope and skepticism for the search for the nigerian schoolgirls. the leaders say they will not use force to get them back. they don't want to put them in any danger. the terrorist group kidnapped the girls more than a month ago. so for, the u.s. military says
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it's skeptical of the report. they are under a lot of pressure for progress in the search. hot weather this weekend took its toll on concert goers. in concord, 16 people in the hospital for heat and alcohol problems last night. and 16 nor in heat issues. temperatures reached in the 90s during the concert. the weather, toasty today. a live look over san jose. blue skies. one of the warmer spots on the map right now. jeff is check the temps. >> the weather we had this weekend was not the hottest weather we had so far this year. we had days with triple digit heat but it was warm. this is one of the warmer locations. 85 in campbell. and 89 in saratoga. the second location where we are tracking the heat, across the east bay.
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86 in walnut creek. 82 in danville and temperatures are dropping. we have 56 right know and that is right now dramatically different temperatures in nevada, you can still see it's warm to hot in santa rosa with 89. plenty of 60s here across san francisco. it's going to be a cool evening and more about the fog pattern building in and how much temperatures can drop this upcoming saturday. >> jeff, see you shortly. >> it's been an active memorial day weekend for president obama. he was in afghanistan yesterday. >> today, he is back on u.s. soil, honoring those who served hur country. >> the president was joined by the first lady and the vice preponderate. he honored those who risk their lives and thanked the men and women serving overseas. >> because of the progress they have made, we are in a pivotal
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moment. our troops are coming home. by the end of this year, our war in afghanistan will finally come to an end. >> president obama also laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier. and san francisco, a tribute to the veterans from vietnam. the 50 ott anniversary of the escalation of this conflict. more than 60,000 troops killed in vietnam. oak hill park, another memorial for pat tillman. here is more. damien? >> the colors behind me tell the colors of patriotism here. young and old today stopped by to say thank you. ♪
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>> killed and ambushed by ten marines. the ten-year anniversary. >> he was lance corporal killed in action, anbar province, iraq. >> today is his birthday. and i want to honor travis layfield told by letting him know that we're here because we're a living memorial and we are here to let him know, we are not forgotten. the tribute is for lance corporal layfield and others who made the ultimate sacrifice. a few miles south of the memorial, flags on the road, a tribute to pat tillman. the tillman monument is at the base of the quiksilver mine. >> they have the flags up year round. and the billboard at the end
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talks about him. that is cool they honor him year round. >> the associates of the vietnam veterans of america presented the 21-gun salute. a solemn remembrance for those that didn't make it home. >> this year is called a memorial chamber. given to me today by the marine art meddina. he said, in it, sand from the anbar province, the place where his buddy was killed. nbc bay area news. >> thank you so much. we thank them for their sacrifice. on the run with his passport. police stop this man in his tracks in connection to a drew broou tall crime in freemont. boating season is under way. but the drought may have a
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unique impact. i will explain coming up. >> also, stolen from a baseball star. cha giants star hunter pence is missing and what he is offering as a reward for its safe return.
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>> well, it might be the most talked about scooter in the bay area. it was stolen from hunter pence. all he wants is his motorized scooter no questions asked. he parked it outside the epic roast house and when he came out of the restaurant, it was gone. instead of filing a police report, he tweeted a picture of the scooter, there it is right there. asking people to keep an eye out for it. his reward he is offering, a signed hunter pence bobblehead. which shows him riding the scooter. the start of boating season
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but the drought is housing hazardous conditions. the boats can run aground. and many are heading to the belt ta. jodi hernandez is live at the pittsburg marina. >> reporter: people are disappointed by the drought conditions of area lakes and find their way here. but they may get more than they bargained for. >> i came out here for today. just to do free style jet skiing. it's been a great day for that. best day of the year so far. >> reporter: and hundreds of water lovers are spending the holiday weekend out of the delta, where the drought hasn't had the same impact as area lakes. >> the tide level from the ocean is what keeps the water up here. it's not like a lake where they will get the mountain run off.
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>> reporter: but the changing tide creates other problems. >> the delta through the river here vary greatly. there is a lot of areas here around pittsburg, when the tide changes, you are run aground easily. >> reporter: that is what happened this week. the water rescue team got called out not once, but twice, when boats ran aground. >> they responded to an area with both boats became stranded due to low water. the boats. >> reporter: stranded and the boater wrs trapped and becoming hypothermic. >> reporter: debbie spent her life on the water ways. the newcomers make her nervous. >> i grew up on this water.
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soy know it. but you have to use depth finders and be safe and have fun. >> reporter: we are back here live at the pittsburg marina. now, if you plan to boat on the delta, you have strongly urged to study up on the region before heading out here. and on search the other safety measures. don't drink and drive and also always, always wear a life swrakt. jodi hernandez. >> thank you, jodi. we have a developing story now in colorado. rescue teams are searching for three men following a major mud slight, in a remote part of western colorado. heavy rain led to a small slide earlier in the morning. a rancher said it affected their irrigation and three men went to check on it and that is when the
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second slide it. in alaska, a fire has burned 340 square miles since last week. 1,000 homes have been evacuated. the other in northern arizona in a canyon between canyon in flagstaff. crews have it about 25% conta contained. no injuries in either fire. back home, it was warm. hopefully a cool down on the way. i don't like the het weather. i'm sure lots of you. >> do your wlish be granted. two hoot this weekend. low 90s inland. today, it was a down a little cooler. 91 in walnut creek, bub lynn, 91, palo alto, 88. on this memorial day, you can see plenty of sunshine. and some of the warmest temperatures, in the north day,
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averaging 82. and the stunning view at this hour, 5:18 tonight. it here, the brilliant blue skies, unlimited visibility and we will see that continue tonight. if you still have dinner plans and you will be eating outside, looks like it's a-okay for that. as we have monday coming, heading back to work tuesday and the hot region of high pressure, the search in heat the past two days, we will see that fade. it's going push to the south and weaken. it's going to be out of the picture here for us. the jet stream, the storm track across northern california. and usually part of the south this time of the year that is going to bring us morning clouds and plenty of afternoon sunshine. the key component here is three to six degrees of cooling. the next thing you are probably wondering, how much cloud cover is it going to mean when we wake up. most of the clouds should be
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right along the coastline in the area of fog. and by the afternoon, check it out. sunny skies back to the tuesday forecast. and to the coastline. again, clouds and by the afternoon, a great forecast. and numbers will be going down. still awesome. san jose, awesome skies. and most of the overnight lows in the 50s. for the peninsula, the largest challenges here in san matteo, 70. and palo alto, like it out of the 80s. and mild to warm. and san francisco, we will drop to 67 degrees and mainly sunny skies match bit of cloud cover in the marina close to the golden gate bridge. and napa one of the warmest, low to mid 80s and a stunner of a day in oakland. sunny skies and walnut creek, up
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to 82 and the tri valley, 81 in pleasanton and danville at 83. and you have probably seen it on the seven-day ticker and we start to get in the may gray, by the end of the week, the pattern at the coastline. and it will drop will he will glen and san hope za, and the marina in san francisco will have just 50s. as we wind things up, a category three hurricane in the pacific. you may have problems in cabo san lucas. but kind of unusual. >> the latest on a crash that sut down a bare area highway and sent a chp police officer to the
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hospital. >> and when will 280 reopen? update next. ♪ [ male announcer ] now get more of what you deserve. visit your local benjamin moore dealer today and get $50 off every $250 purchase.
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we have a nbc bay area follow up. a freemont man is accused of killing his wife, 42-year-old balvi rirks singh was accused of strangling his wife. he was gone with his passport. authorities were able to track him down. he is expected in court tomorrow. a cph officer is recovering after a woman crashed in his car. he made a traffic stop in 101 yesterday and went back to the squad car. that is when the driver crashed
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in the rear of his car. you see the damage here. the officer broke both of his legs. the woman was not hurt. the driver he initially pulled over came to his aid. the woman who him hit said she fell asleep at the wheel. she has not been arrested. we will bring you a live map around the shutdown section of 280. the right hand side. the giants game ended an hour ago. it's been closed since the three-day weekend began. it's south ground 6-3 to pennsylvania avenue few. if you look for another way to get around. it will detour to 101, and mariposa street. a rare occurrence in the animal kingdom, next.
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we'll be back with you in about 30 minutes from now. here is what we are working on. the santa barbara tragedy is played out online and social media sites. from the shooter's self-made youtube video to tweets about it. how technology is playing a role in the story. five rare white tiger cubs made their debut in austria
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today. the first time five white tiger cubs for born in europe. the names, lali, lay la, lou lou and obama. >> they are beautiful. >> there is another millionaire in the bare area. a lotto winner. >> the ticket was bought at the safeway. they are thrilled that one of their customers will have it. the safeway store will have $350,000 for the winning ticket. hire are the numbers, 13, 11, 23, 27, 29 and the mega number, 10. if they take the cash option, the lump sum a $41 million before taxes.
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>> holy smokes. >> thanks for joining us here. "nightly news" is next. follow us on twitter and facebook as well. >> see you at 6:00. on the broadcast tonight, warning signs before a young gunman carried out a massacre in california. new questions about whether he could have been stopped as we learn more about the lives he took. paying tribute. president obama at arlington addressing a growing scandal over caring for our veterans in the wake of a surprise visit to the troops, how did the white house unintentionally expose america's top spy in afghanistan? on a mission, pope francis on a historic visit to israel wading directly into the mine field of mideast peace. and sticker shock at the supermarket this holiday. a look at what is to blame for the spike in prices for so many of your favorite foods. "nightly news" begins


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