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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 2, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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good morning, everyone. i'm scott mcgrew. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. good monday morning, christina. >> second day of june and we welcome in that june gloom. as we head throughout the day, keep your temperature in the 50s and only rise into the 70s. as we get into this afternoon and low 60s meanwhile in san francisco. for the next couple of days, it will be cloudy early and then a nice sunny finish both days. temperatures cooler than average before that heat cranks. your full forecast is moments away and right now let's say
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happy monday as happy as it can be with mike inouye. >> we'll have to meter that. looking at the south bay where we have a smooth flow of traffic and, unfortunately, a crash northbound. the off ramp is currently closed and you'll use the exit just before you get there and then just take capital avenue up past the scene. three out of your four lanes are blocked and what is going on a crash that took out a power pole or a light pole and waiting for an electrician. that could be quite some time. we don't know when the crews are going to get there. the light traffic keeps you moving smoothly around that. getting into san francisco, an earlier crash that blocked lanes and the off ramp at ninth street that has reopened in the last ten minutes there and westbound 80 all clear off the bay bridge and into san francisco, guys. crash to the north bay, guys. back to you. 4:31 a developing story right now. the fbi on a nationwide manhunt for a bay area man they say
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considered armed and dangerous. authorities are looking for this man, 42-year-old ryan chamberland of san francisco. police and hazmat crews swarmed his apartment over the weekend and found explosive materials and collected more than a dozen bags of evidence. crews also found a chemical in the apartment that could be deadly, if it is not handled correctly. investigators say that chemical is often used to assist in suicides and was likely purchased online. chamberlain worked as a social media consultant. he worked for several high-profile politicians including gavin nuewsom. >> i would say, ryan, turn yourself in. don't hurt anybody. don't hurt yourself. you know. let's get it all straightened out and you can move on. >> chamberlain's neighbors described him as quiet and polite.
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>> here's another look at him want by the fbi. 6'3", 225 pounds. last seen driving a white 2008 nissan altima with california or texas license plates. the fbi says he is armed and dangerous. more on this developing story online and to see more photos and videos head to our website, n n more officers an at east bay elementary school after a 9-year-old girl was attacked with a hammer last week. in oakland. school officials say a mother of another student lured that girl into the bathroom during recess last friday and then hit the girl with the hammer. police say the attack may be related to an ongoing family feud. the 9-year-old was taken to the hospital but she will be okay. the release of the army sergeant who was held captive in afghanistan is sparking a political firestorm. questions surround how and why he disappeared.
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tracie potts is in washington with the latest. >> i'm so looking forward to seeing your face after these last five and a half years. >> reporter: a mother's reaction to news that her son is free after five years in captivity in afghanistan. >> i'm proud. of how much you wanted to help the afghan people. >> reporter: freed in exchange for five of the most dangerous taliban commanders at guantanamo bay. >> these are the hardest of the hard core. >> reporter: there are questions this morning whether this exchange put the u.s. at risk. >> the number one way that al qaeda raises money is by ransom. kidnapping and ransom. we have now set a price. >> we didn't negotiate with terrorists. that's a normal process. in getting your prisoners back. >> reporter: and lawmakers want to know why they didn't get 30
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days notice of the exchange as required by law. >> we did not have 30 days to wait and had we waited and lost him, i don't think anybody would have forgiven the united states government. >> reporter: this morning, he's recovering in germany. the army says there's no word how long he'll be there, tracie potts, nbc news, washington. the family of a fremont man killed during that deadly rampage near uc santa barbara now talking about his grief. >> you know what his mother was like when she first heard the bad news. her hands were shaking and her body just curled up like a ball. she couldn't say a word. she only cried. >> this ishe most difficult time in my life. the hardest things for me is to be alive. i prayed to god that why this happen to me? >> they were looking forward to their son coming home for summer
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and celebrating his 21st birthday next month. now, two grieving fathers from that attack met for the first time this weekend. we're told that richard martinez, the father of one of the victims met privately with the father of the gunman, elliot roger. martinez 20-year-old son, christopher, was shot by rodger. martinez doesn't want to talk about the conversation but they're both grieving fathers who want to reach common ground and end the gun violence. lawyers for pg ande will be back in court after the deadly gasline explosion in san bruno. today will be a status hearing. they pleaded guilty to 12 criminal charges. pg&e is knowingly and willfully violating requirements when it comes to the san bruno gas line
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as well as two other pipes. the san bruno killed eight people, injuring dozens of others. 38 homes were destroyed. so far no trial date has been set. today we'll find out which san jose marijuana clubs are participating in t. tomorrow's ballot doesn't contain any marijuana-specific items but activists have created a cannabis friendly voter guide. leaders of the coalition say they're doing this to make sure all the right politicians will be elected. makeup ap tests will begin this morning. 400 students at the pleasanton school had just a week to cram for the makeup test. invalidated the scores because of seating irregularities. makeup testing will take place throughout the week. my goodness, it is monday morning and it is june. there have been several times people have said june and i
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thought to myself, what? fargo would like me to realize it's june. >> hey, we do have a good-looking day. we pay the big bucks to live here for the beautiful weather we can enjoy. save pocketbook money because you don't have to use your ac. natural ac on in full force. really comfortable degrees. 78 degrees comfortable in the east bay and peninsula mid-70s for ask you and upper 70s in the south bay and hit upper 70s in the south bay. cloudy just about all day long and keep that in mind. overcast start here in san francisco could also force flight delays for your back to business monday. we'll check on that for you and tell you what's to come for the rest of your week. have to tell you right now, mike, it will get hot around here quickly. send it over to you. >> it is june, as scott discovered. deal with that. looking over here towards the bay bridge. traffic flows very smoothly now. the folks who have heard about
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the crash over at ninth as you get off of the bridge all lanes are now cleared and you can see the span across, but we'll track the low clouds around the area. over here, smooth drive coming in across the golden gate bridge, as well. we'll look overall the north bay moves very smoothly. however, as you're coming towards the carquinez bridge a big rig rammed into something on the side of the road, a pole or a tree, it's completely off the roadway. we're sad to hear about the deadly crash. speaking pragmatically about the deadly flow it is at the limit past the scene and it's out of lanes and we'll track that in the newsroom. the rest of your bay looking pretty smooth and 4:39 as you expect and northbound 680 better news and now only the far right lane is closed and the slow lane because of the light pole that was taken out on an earlier crash and slowing at the scene, guys. we'll send it back to you. 4:39. new overnight a european royal
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we'll have details next. the president getting ready to make an announcement about global warming and how the u.s. plans to deal with it. new developments in the search for madeleine mccann. crews digging as we speak. nbc bay area honored with three national awards for excellence in breaking news coverage, feature reporting and public service and television journalism. all from the society of professional journalists. nbc bay area, we investigate.
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and welcome back to you and happy, happy monday. a live look at the bay bridge this morning from our at&t park camera. the fight continues on the uk/russia border this morning. some 400 insurgents clashed with border guards. according to the ukrainian border five insurgents killed. now, this fighting comes on the heels of a clash between ukrainian soldiers and pro-russian separatists. you can certainly hear gunfire and hear an explosion there and this video just in. new this morning, images just coming out of portugal where police have sealed off an area looking for mad eleine
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mccann. a little girl that disappeared while on vacation with her family seven years ago. dig around the resort where the mccann family was staying when she went missing. a british tourist in town said it could have been an accident because there were a lot of holes in the roads and he thinks the little girl could have fallen into one. mccann's parents were at a nearby restaurant when she disappeared. also, new this morning, the king of spain has abdicated his throne. just hours ago, spain's prime minister announced he will give up the throne paving the way for his son, crowned prince felipe to become the next king. the constitutional amendment would be needed for that change to take place. he had a series of health problems in recent years. tens of thousands of people
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will converge on san francisco today for the worldwide developers conference. this video shot less than an hour ago. in just a few hours, apple ceo tim cook will take the stage for a look at what he might say. we turn to bertha coombs live at cnbc headquarters. good morning. >> good morning, scott. you know, generally apple doesn't unveil hardware at its developers' conference, nonetheless, it does attract thousands tim cook expected to give the key note address a little later this afternoon. the company expected to announce it will get into the smart home devices business which will allow your iphone to control your lights and security system. certainly be taking on google head-to-head. google bought next to do the same thing where you can control things in your home. they also expected to announce a health app that could connect to a smart watch. apple is expected to unveil
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later this afternoon. stocks closed out may on a mostly positive note. the dow and the s&p 500 both at record highs and look to start a fresh record this morning. it ended higher now for four straight months of gains and this week we'll get a lot of economic data starting today with a report on manufacturing ending at the end of the week, of course, with the monthly jobs report for may. the dow starts at 16,717. that's the record close after ending up 18 points on friday. the nasdaq slipped five to 4242 and the end of may was up 3%. if you're hungry and hungry for some investing advice from the best investor in the world, get out your checkbook. lunch with warren buffett is under way on e bay and runs through friday night. proceeds go to the glide foundation which help support homeless in san francisco. last year's winner topped out at just over $1 million. the last four or five years it's been $2 million tab for that
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lunch. that record right now, $3.4 million for 2012. i'm told we're at about 350,000 on ebay, but you know how that works, people wait until the last minute. scott, are you going to be in the business? >> i'm waiting. just monitoring and add an extra dollar, i'm in. bertha coombs. >> with a good doggy bag to go, too. let's check in with meteorologist christina loren. how are you doing? >> glad you had a good weekend and we're back to business today. temperatures nice and comfortable out there to kick off your new workweek. new temperatures for the first part of the month, looking cooler than average and then looks like we're going to crank up that heat as we get to the end of the week. coolest point of the day and in the 50s right now and coastal drizzle out there and want to show you the golden gate bridge here. this will continue to sock in as we head throughout the morning hours. that fog will develop and get thicker out there and looking
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towards partly cloudy conditions for now in the south bay. let me show you where we are headed my friend as we get into the day. pockets of fog and little drizzle out there for the first part of the day and becoming sunny by lunchtime for your valleys and you'll have to wait until 2:00 for the sunshine in san francisco and then get a couple hours before the fog rolls right back in and that leads to below average high temperatures for today. these are your numbers. 78 degrees in the east bay. 37 for the peninsula and 77 in the south bay and 61 degrees in san francisco. the 90s are just around the corner for the warmest cities across the bay area. we're only going to climb into upper 80s here in the south bay, but, still, probably have to use the ac towards the end of the week and thursday into friday, definitely see warm conditions. look at the difference from tuesday and wednesday and transition from the 70s to the 80s and talk about what's to come this weekend when the heat really cranks. stick around. right now, back to you, scott and laura. nsa reportedly capturing
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millions of faces from photos online according to "new york times" this computer-base program called facial recognition identifies a person and then releases it to a data base. obtained by edward snowden shows the agency has been growing reliance on this technology for years. the agency officials believe the technology could change how the nsa finds targets around the world. not exactly clear how many images have been taken. edward snowden has indicated he would love to live in brazil. his temporary asylum in russia expires and no word where he will go next. he has several countries for asylum but brazil's former, in an interview snowden said he would not offer any documents in exchange for asylum. outline how it plans to cut
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carbon dioxide emissions from power plants. the main part of the president's climate action plan agenda. the rules announced today will aim to cut power plant emissions by 30%. that goal is based on levels from nine years ago and reached by the year 2030. the united nations climate chief praised the new plan. those say it will cost drives and drive up power costs for families. the woman who became the country's most famous housekeeper on "the brady bunch" has died. she played alice, you see her there in the center for five seasons starting in 1969. she was known for that trademark blue dress and apron and for giving advice to the parents and the kids. her agent said she fell and hit her head on saturday. davis was 88 years old. for some time she lived in my small hometown. >> oh, what fun. we all have warm memories of certain generations.
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>> alice, right? 4:50. the san jose man that is getting ready to play in the world cup, not for team usa, though. oh, usa! or 5 a580. look at all these lights and we're getting kicked up for the morning commute and give you the update and the lane closure in san jose, as well.
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welcome back, everyone. what a beautiful, live look
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outside. like a postcard this morning before the sun's arrival. looking across to the bay bridge this morning. 4:53. hidden cash coming back to the bay area. late last night the twitter account read san francisco we're coming back home. get ready for some epic fun. big plans for next weekend. hidden cash most recent stop was in bakersfield, not sure what it looked like there, but this is what it looked like in southern california on sunday. people frantically combing through the sand. don't know much about that person but did make a killing in the real estate market and this is said to be his way of giving back. but in so cal kind of going crazy. >> good they did it on the beach. you can't ruin sand. some of the people we saw people digging through bushes. a pair of olympians the latest champions in the escape from alcatraz.
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one set a new record. >> always amazing to see. andy pots of colorado won the race. he finished in six hours, 2 minutes and 21 seconds. she finished the 1 1/2 mile swim and 18 mile bike ride and 8 mile run in 2 hour, 18 minutes and 42 seconds. just amazing. a san jose man playing in the world cup representing iran. steven beitashour was named to the 24-player team over the weekend and graduated from leyland in san jose and played that san diego state team before becoming a member of the san jose earthquakes. in the off season traded to the vancouver white caps. that's where he plays now. his parents are iranian immigrants which then qualifies him to play for the iranian team. >> good for him. good luck to him, as well. good monday morning to mike. >> we're doing all right. take you to a crash in san jose.
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first, we'll look at the live traffic flow northbound 101 and a good volume of traffic and no slowing right here at 680. a look at the maps and take you to this over here this moves smoothly. 680 off of 101 northbound at ha halstead we have your far lane blocked. they might be waiting for an electrician. no live wires reported and one lane is blocked and if you want to avoid anything like that and take capital avenue. again, four out of your five lanes are moving smoothly past that scene and no word when that will clear, though. coming to the tri-valley an easy, light built out of t altamont pass. the rest of your approach to the bay bridge moves very smoothly, however, a deadly crash in vallejo right around tennessee street. again, completely out of lanes and track it from the human side, as well. looking over here towards san francisco and i'm just going to warn folks. prepare for major delays system
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wide. it sounds like, we'll explain why on that coming up after the next hour starts. send it back to you guys. that starts in four minutes. when we return, remembering the local civil rights activists that championed coming up next. enters an airport with a hand grenade in his suitcase. why he says it was all a big mistake.
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a nationwide manhunt under way for this man after federal agents find explosives in his san francisco home. the latest on the search in a live report. possible trouble for your commute. could make you late for work. the major freeways getting into san francisco. an earlier crash that already cleared and in san jose we have crashes blocking lanes right now. good monday morning to you. little drizzle on your way to work this morning in san francisco. partly cloudy meanwhile here in
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the south bay. we've got some big changes coming to your weather forecast. we'll tell you what's to come in just a few moments. it may include getting out that bathing suit, right, christina? enjoy this morning, though. nice, cool start to our morning, june 2nd. this is "today in the bay." well, let's get this week started. good morning to you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> a story still developing right now. the fbi searching for a san francisco man on the run accused of making explosives at his apartment. "today in the bay" kris sanchez joins us live from the hill neighborhood. quite an affect scene and. >> a lot going on behind this scene and people who know chamberlain say they are shocked to


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