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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 2, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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the south bay. we've got some big changes coming to your weather forecast. we'll tell you what's to come in just a few moments. it may include getting out that bathing suit, right, christina? enjoy this morning, though. nice, cool start to our morning, june 2nd. this is "today in the bay." well, let's get this week started. good morning to you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> a story still developing right now. the fbi searching for a san francisco man on the run accused of making explosives at his apartment. "today in the bay" kris sanchez joins us live from the hill neighborhood. quite an affect scene and. >> a lot going on behind this scene and people who know chamberlain say they are shocked to know he is part of a
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nationwide manhunt. best known, as we mentioned for high-profile political campaigns including that of gavin newsom and public relations and also known for his social media savvy. early saturday morning fbi agents, san francisco police and san francisco fire swarmed this russian hill apartment and found explosives and other hazardous materials inside that home. the fbi not yet saying what precipitated the search only that it is part of a criminal investigation. >> i have the explosives and all that, it's just totally mind boggling for me. well, i'm hoping that, you know, he turns himself in. i hope he doesn't get into any more trouble. i don't know why he's thinking. i don't know what he's been doing the last few years. what's going on in his head. but i'm just hoping this all comes out that nobody gets hurt. >> please, if you have any sort of sightings or you know him,
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please let us know so we can help apprehend him and, again, just bring him in so people are safe. >> here's a physical description of ryan chamberlain. he is 6'3", 225 pounds. blue hair, brown eyes and probably not going to blend into the crowd very easily. he was last seen south of san francisco yesterday driving a white nissan altima. the tricky thing here is that the license plate could have been a california plate or could have been a texas plate. by the way, if you see him, call 911 because he is considered armed and dangerous. reporting live in san francisco, kris sanchez, nbc bay area. >> thank you. 5:02. today students returning to one oakland elementary school will see police officers on campus. comes after a parent recently attacked a student with a hammer. "today in the bay" christie smith. it was a frequent volunteer and
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didn't raise any concerns when she walked on to campus. >> that's exactly right. this was a parent that was ordinarily here. now, the district is saying they think this was an isolated incident. they are going to go ahead and provide extra security and oakland police officer will be here today, as well. just to make families feel comfortable after really disturbing incident where a third grader was attacked with a hammer by a parent, according to police, and what the school district believes may have been a family feud that actually boiled over on campus here. authorities say this mom has her own 8-year-old and is a volunteer. friday morning led a 9-year-old from a play area to a bathroom and then she pulled out the hammer. >> it was a heinous event, really, where a parent betrayed the trust of the community. during a time when the students were at recess out on the play yard. >> now the girl was taken to a
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hospital. she was conscious and communicating at the time and is expected to recover. the mom was arrested at the scene and booked on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. we're told that counselors and extra administrators were also brought in just to make sure that everyone felt comfortable being back here. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> pretty amazing. thanks so much, christie. a long-time champion of civil rights died in her home in berkeley. died of natural causes yesterday morning. an image here on the csu website where she received an honorary degree. she was there when malcolm x was shot in 1965. rushed forward and cradled his head in her lap. led to this iconic "life" magazine photo. during her lifetime she also championed for japanese americans who were interned during the second wurorld war. stanford professor is out on
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$500,000 bail after he was caught with a hand grenade in his carry-on luggage. agents say they saw on an x-ray. it happened tuesday when the political science professor gary cox was boarding a flight at lax. cox told "l.a. times" it was an honest mistake. his father used it as a paper weight for decades and he was bringing the item home to palo. alto. he never thought it had capabilities. charges will likely be dropped. a new earthquake warning system installed at a bay area school will be tested today. students at milpitas christian school will get a five-second warning of a mock quake. a local version of a statewide system california wants to install. state lawmakers passed a bill to create the testing system last year. so far nobody has come up with the $80 million to pay for it. the system would alert people
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through their cell phones, as well. today los gatos would limit leaf blowers. the council held a hearing last month on restrictions that include banning gas powered blowers. it comes after numerous noise complaints. according to "mercury news" ban leaf blowers on sunday and holidays. people could still use them the rest of the week under limited hours. the violators could be fined as much as $500. if approved, fines would likely start next year. let's check our noisy monday morning with meteorologist christina loren. good morning. >> good morning to you, 5:06. taking a live look at the south bay, which is looking very quiet this morning. as you can see, we don't have a lot of low clouds and no real wind to report here and pretty breezy right at the immediate coast and that's where you will find the clouds, as well. good morning to you. welcome to the new workweek and we get to bring you a brand-new forecast. temperatures today coolest of the week, 77 on the way to the
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south bay and 73 degrees for the peninsula today and 78 degrees in the east bay. so, this is what you can expect because we have significant changes to go over and june gloom for today. same for tomorrow and becoming sunny both days and get some drizzle in the evening hours and very early morning hours, as well. keep that in mind by the coast. that will keep hillsides nice and moist just in time for another warming trend. kick in wednesday, thursday, friday even into the weekend temperatures in the 90s. in the warmest cities across the bay. and then more changes to come. we have a 20% chance of actually accumulating some drizzle as we get into the next couple days looking pretty good for that. right now let's check your drive and say good morning to mike inouye. >> good morning, palo alto. commute towards san francisco and the commute and the construction area just south of university. no big problems and we'll look at the map and show you south bay itself folks coming off of
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101 heading into san jose. northbound 680. that's the issue. an earlier crash and now one lane closed and that crash took out a light pole and we're hearing the electrician has to do some work out there. we don't have an update but no slowing either. expect some slowing just up to the scene and then you're clear once you pass the off ramp. it remains open and has been overnight. 280 also cleared on the peninsula and an easy drive getting over there. north bay with no major problems but a major issue here a deadly crash westbound 80 as you pass by tennessee. completely off of the roadway and will continue to follow this because there is also in addition to this tragedy a human loss, a lot of drainage going on. whatever that truck was carrying spilled that over to the side of the road and they'll have to clean that up, too. dublin west 580 as you're getting into the area out of livermore and smooth so far and showing a little slow down and a stall in the area, as well. you guys are also talking about a possible slow down for folks in the city. right, scott?
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>> right. muni riders being told to expect a lot of delays this morning. the san francisco mta tweeted the warning, two riders just within the last 30 minutes is working to balance service. this comes following reports muni is receiving a higher number of sick calls this morning than normal. union members not happy with how contract talks are going saying the latest offer takes away from wages and benefits. muni workers, they're barred from striking, but they're not barred from calling in sick. 5:09. the new developments this morning in the health of radio disc jockey casey kasem. a u.s. soldier freed after five years in cap pivty. has some people criticizing the u.s. government this morning. nbc bay area honored with three national awards for excellence in breaking news coverage, feature reporting and public service and television journalism. all from the society of professional journalists. nbc bay area, we investigate.
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welcome back, everyone. good monday morning to you, 5:12. bowe bergdahl recovering in germany after five long years as a taliban hostage, however, not everyone is really happy about the prisoner swap that gave bergdahl his final freedom. peggy bunker is here with the story. >> five long years, that's how long sergeant bowe bergdahl was held by the taliban. he was traded for five taliban detainees from guantanamo creating a whole new political uproar, but his mother, as you might imagine, is overjoyed. >> a seemingly endless, but you've made it. >> now bergdahl was chaptured by
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the taliban in 2009 and his parent have never given up on his safe return. his health started to drastically decline creating unprecedented urgency to bring him home despite a 30-day law requiring that lawmakers be alerted of plans to do so. that didn't happen. >> we did not have 30 days to wait and had we waited and lost him, i don't think anybody would have forgiven the united states government. >> the hardest of the hard core. these are the highest high-risk people. >> the people john mccain are speaking of. the faces of the five detainees released from guantanamo. calling their release a victory and that they were released "from the hand of the enemy." some republicans say that this exchange could create a troubling precedent or encourage more kidnappings by the taliban. for bergdahl's family this release has been a long time coming. >> freedom is yours. i will see you soon my beloved
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son. >> very emotional moment there for his mother. you might also notice that bowe's father has that long, unruly baird he grew it while his son was in captivity. he will do whatever he needs to help his son adjust to life back home. >> i can't imagine the adjustment. >> he has a lot to get through. >> the happiness of that family. thanks a lot, peggy. bergdahl's release, the mural says free bowe. it was painted back in november of 2013. for the first time ever, college athletes will be getting paid when they appear in a video game. the $40 million settlement will pay college and football, basketball players, as well, if they appear in an ncaa branded video game. the payouts come from redwood city based electronic arts also known as ea. the settlement could pay near l
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100,000 players. >> see if you can get some retropay for all that ball work you did. seattle could bump its minimum wage to $15 an hour. minimum wage would increase over several years and would be the highest in the country. big businesses with more than 500 employees nationally would get three years to phase it in. small businesses would get a little more time. california working on its own minimum wage increase. right now the state assembly considering a bill that would set the minimum wage at $13 per hour by 2017. after that it would rise every year to keep pace with inflation. the senate has already approved that bill. well, for a quick look at the markets, let's turn to bertha coombs this morning. she is live at cnbc headquarters. good morning, bertha. >> good morning, scott. markets poised to open at a fresh record. seems like a broken record these days. stocks have been powering forward for the first four months of the year. the dow and the s&p both closed
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at record highs friday ending higher for the fourth straight month. this week we're going to get a lot of economic data that will set the tone and a report on manufacturing today and then, of course, at the end of the week, the big job's report for may comes on friday. the dow at 16,717 is where we'll start after closing up 18 points on friday. the nasdaq slipped five to 4242. it was up 3% for the month. hilton, meantime, set to launch a new hotel brand aimed at upscale travelers. "financial times" hilton will announce plans today to build four and five-star in the u.s. and europe. hilton plans to launch a lifestyle brand for tech savvy travelers later this year. no word on what that is called. hilton has waldorf so interesting to see how much swankier you can get. >> i look forward to finding out. >> me, too. let's all go. 5:16 right now and time to
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check the forecast. meteorologist christina loren. >> keep your temperatures down. really nice, great beach day and today we'll see overcast skies over your local beaches for most of the day. we call it june gloom. it's traditional here in the bay area. this time of year late spring, early summertime and that's what we're going to see for the first two days of the week. sometimes this pattern can go on for days and days. i've seen it go on upwards of 12 consecutive days before. so, today, we're looking at that june gloom and then that sunshine returns as we head through your wednesday. want to show you that live picture. beautiful, beautiful start from the bay bridge in san francisco and show you we're actually getting daylight here over the south bay, still about a half hour away from your official sunrise this morning and a really nice day shaping up for you. fog and drizzle at the immediate coast and thick, low clouds everywhere else. we'll let you know if any crop up. as we know, back to business monday for you. clouds cling to the coastline for today but sunshine in your inland valleys by noon today.
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temperatures will stay a little bit below average. as we hit this afternoon the warmest time of the day is about 4:00 p.m. and peninsula at 73 degrees and 78 for the east bay in san francisco today and just 61 degrees. we're talking warming trend in my next report, but, first, let's say good morning to mike inouye. >> talking a slowing trend right now for the tri-valley not the dublin interchange. that's the good news. the bad news a lot of slowing just kicking in as folks are passing by the off ramp that takes you down and also the interchange. no crash reported here but i do see a lot of sudden slowing. may possibly be an overnight construction crew and all the folks heading out of the altamont pass. i'm tracking that for you. meanwhile you travel southbound 680 out of the area move smoothly towards san jose and the earlier crash and the update we just heard from chp they opened all lanes northbound 680 and all clear from the earlier crash that took out a light pole and the rest of the traffic is very light as you travel
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northbound, you commute direction along the south bay. a drive from the east bay over towards the dumbarton and 280 and 101 at speed getting into and out of san francisco. still in the reports, i'm tracking that for you and no major issues getting into and out of san francisco right now. through the city talked about muni delays and delays about the entire system and drivers calling in sick today and look at the bay bridge toll plaza as you drive into the city yourself and coming in from the north bay, the golden gate bridge moves smoothly, as well. it is 5:19. washington park officials say it is too dangerous to search for six missing mountain climbers. those mountain climbers fell to their death after attempting to scale mt. ranier. over 14,000 feet tall. the six climbers fell in an area prone to avalanches and not safe
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for rescuers. they were supposed to return home last friday. famed deejay casey kasem is in a washington hospital. the daughter could take a doctor of her choosing to have him examined. part of an ongoing dispute between the kasem children and their stepmother. they claim kasem is not getting proper care. until now casey kasem and his wife were staying with friends near seattle. right now, president obama on his way to europe. during his four-day trip he'll stop in poland where he'll meet with ukraine's president and other eastern european leaders. president obama will attend the g-7 meeting in brussels and travel to paris to meet with the president of france. finally, later in the week, mr. obama will join russian president vladimir putin among others leaders to honor other leaders. now to an exclusive unit report doing business in unmarked cars with no permit and no valid license.
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some problems airport officials find when they pull over ride service drivers from uber-x. investigative reporter found plenty of drivers ignoring the rules. >> you guys have it on your phone? >> ayou're willing to break the law if we get in right now? >> well, it's not really a gray zone. airport officials say ride service drivers who use their own vehicles and cell phone apps to connect with those in need of a ride should not operate at the airport without a valid permit. in just the last few weeks they identified more than 200 ride service drivers doing business illegally and it found even more issues. >> we've come up with an unlicensed driver and drivers that rent and borrow cars. we've come up with folks that give a phone that is the tmc, you know, app connected phone
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and giveten to someone else to drive. >> coming up tonight, why the heads of uber and lift say the airport is being unreasonable and that's why they resisted getting those permits. a full investigation tonight at 11:00. 5:22. kim kardashian and kanye west have in common with rapper psy.
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♪ how could this guy be back in the headlines? reached a youtube milestone. the first ever youtube video to surpass 2 billion views. the mark reached friday night and, of course, it is still increasing. hard to imagine.
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hard to imagine this, as well. the kim kardashian setting a record of her own. the photo of kardashian kissing kanye west on their wedding day set the record for the most likes on instagrams. just under 2 million likes making it the most popular on the site today. their dubbed kimye and got married just over a week ago in italy. a professional hockey team making good with its bet with "tonight show" host jimmy fallon. >> locked in the eastern conference finals to the new york rangers loosing a bet with fallon. this is payout. y wearing a rangers' jersey out there. taking pictures at every single one. let's check in with christina june already. >> june 2nd, already.
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for the second day of june. temperatures are going to feel very cool. averages usually bring us into the low 80s this time of year. we're talking about the upper 70s at best and just a few degrees below at the south bay and around the inner bay with some of the june gloom. 61 degrees for san francisco later on and 78 in the east bay and, yeah, comfortable day shaping up for you in wine country. 74 degrees out there. let's check your drive. couple issues on a monday morning. good thing we have mike to sort them through. >> the road crews to help them out. chp and emergency cal trans crews. one of the issues getting off that bay bridge and in towards san francisco. a smooth drive across the span and no backup at the toll plaza, but low clouds, christina, talking about hovering around. let's get to the map and show you we want to take you north. in the north bay 880 we have a deadly crash involving a big rig that went off the roadway. we do have, of course, the other
5:27 am
person that died we're tracking that story. end with one look at the dublin area 580 westbound that slows because a disabled vehicle there, guys. back to you. >> thanks a lot, mike. some bay area high school students take the new ap test again this morning finding out their initial scores were voided. the bay area collectors that plan to hand out weed to people who vote tomorrow.
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federal agents across the country on the lookout for this man after explosives are found in a san francisco home. we have the very latest on the search, coming up next. and a u.s. soldier held captive by the taliban for more than five years is now free. but not all of washington is thrilled. the political firestorm brewing, coming up in a live report. we have a pretty nice week coming your way. today a little bit of drizzle early. little bit of that fog starting to develop here in san jose at this point, as well. but temperatures only ramping up
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into the 70s. on our way to the 90s, though, later this week. your full forecast is just moments away. those low clouds christina is talking about just touching above the roadway here for the san mateo bridge. watching the slow down here, as well as livermore where there is a new issue blocking the lane. a live look outside. it's monday, june 2nd. this is "today in the y." well, good morning, everyone. happy monday morning. thanks for joining us, i'm scott mcgrew. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. day three of a nationwide manhunt. fbi agents are searching for a san francisco man accused of making bombs at his russian hill apartment. "today in the bay" kris sanchez joins us live from the neighborhood and unclear why this man had those chemicals inside his home. >> the fbi only saying the search of that apartment there
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behind me is part of an ongoing investigation. let's show you his picture, once again, because he is still at large. we're talking about 42-year-old ryan chamberlain. best known for public relations and social media savvy, as well as working on high-profile political campaigns, including that lieutenant governor gavin newsom. this is what it looked like saturday and sunday with fbi agents and san francisco police and fire swarmed the russian hill apartment and found explosives and other hazardous material inside the home. the search is only part of a larger criminal investigation. the former head of san francisco's republican party new chamberla chamberlain's work well before he switched parties and can't imagine what is going through his head but hopes he will turn himself in before anyone gets hurt. >> i have the explosives and all that, just totally mind boggle for me. well, i'm hoping that, you know,
5:32 am
he turns himself in. i hope he doesn't get into any more trouble. i don't know what he's thinking. i don't know what he's been doing the last few years. what's going on in his head. i am just hoping this all comes out that nobody gets hurt. >> so, please, if you have any sort of sightings or if you know him, please, just let us know so we can help apprehend him and, again, just bring him in so people are safe. >> now, the fbi does say that ryan chamberlain does not pose a public safety issue, but they are looking for him. he's 6'3", 225 pounds and blue eyes and brown hair. he was last seen south of san francisco yesterday driving a white nissan altima. the tricky thing is, it may have california plates or texas plates. he is considered armed and dangerous. in san francisco, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, kris. more on this developing story, to see more photos and
5:33 am
video, head to our website. this morning students heading to class at lafayette elementary school will see police officers on campus this after a student was attacked with a hammer allegedly by a parent. "today in the bay" christie smith joins us live at the school. the suspect worked as a volunteer. everybody would have reason to trust her on campus. >> yeah, that's right. the information we're getting is that the mom was volunteer here and her presence certainly wouldn't raise any eyebrows. her being on campus but in the aftermath of what happened here. oakland police say they plan to have an officer stationed at the school today. just sort of a precaution to make families feel comfortable as they return back to school. this after a report of an early morning assault friday on the 9-year-old girl at lafayette elementary school. the district spokesman said the mom attacked the girl with a hammer. the little girl hospitalized and exse expected to recover.
5:34 am
this mom's daughter is an 8-year-old, also a student at the school, the woman took advantage of the familiarity she had with the students and staff here and led the 9-year-old from a playyard into a bathroom where this alleged assault occurred. they believe it was an isolated incident, possibly a feud between two families. >> our speculation at this time and this is based on early investigation is that there was a feud between two families and this was an act of vengeance or to punish the rival family. >> now, a teacher and a security guard noticed that the little girl wasn't in class. they walked around and then called into the bathroom and that spokesman said the mom and the little girl came out. the district sent home a note and brought in extra counselors and administrator to try and help the students to deal with it. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thank you. 5:34. lawyers for pg&e will be back in court to talk about the criminal
5:35 am
charges about the deadly gas line explosion in san bruno. lawyers for the utility pleaded not guilty to 12 criminal charges stemming from the 2010 explosion. pg&e is accused of willingly san bruno explosion killed eight people and injured dozens of others. 38 homes were destroyed. so far no trial date has been set. today we'll find out which san jose marijuana clubs are participating in the weed for votes campaign. an effort to encourage voter turnout for tomorrow's primary elections. medical dispensaries will give out free marijuana to members who voted. tomorrow's ballot really doesn't contain any marijuana' specific items but activists have created a cannabis friendly guide. leaders of the coalition say they're doing this to make sure the right politicians will be elected. 5:35. makeup ap tests will begin at
5:36 am
valley high school. 400 students had just a week to cram for those makeup tests. last week the educational testing service invalidated their scores because of seating irregularities. makeup testing will take place throughout the week. as we get our back to school and back to work forecast from meteorologist christina loren. >> not this weekend but the following weekend, want to put this on your radar. father's day is just around the corner, keep that in mind. we always talk about dads and grads as we kick off the month of june and for today temperatures are going to be very representative of what we traditionally see this time of year. that's june gloom, just a touch below average. just 3 degrees below average. pockets of drizzle to start you off today. clouds will cling to the coastline and the westerly flow will bring cool ocean air inland and give your ac a break for today. below average high temps and these are your numbers as we head throughout the rest of the week, though, steadily climbing each and every day.
5:37 am
61 in san francisco today. let's check your drive, here's mike inouye. >> 580 near some of the low clouds and kind of hazy over here through 580 and livermore and livermore westbound moves very smoothly here, but look at the maps because folks are jammed up over here and our camera right there at the jam up right here and that's due to a one stall. that's all i find over there as you approach airway boulevard blocking one lane there. that's enough to also keep these folks held back coming out of the altamont pass. livermore and dublin west of that scene and you're catching a break because of all those folks held up. traffic towards the dublin interchange. rest of your bay looking pretty smoothly. pick your path, you're not seeing much drama. little slowing 101 and earlier crash which is completely cleared from the roadway. south bay commute right here and you're clear by the time you hit 880 and the airport, as well.
5:38 am
rest of the bay moves nicely and no metering lights just yet and we should see them hopefully in a few minutes because we're seeing that crowd starting to build. southbound 101 through the north bay and traffic flows nicely and watch it as you approach the split with 580. car off to the shoulder and maybe blocking your slow lane there. back to you. new developments in the overnight search for madelein mccann. new images from portugal. five taliban leaders released in the exchange for one u.s. soldier. political leaders coming out in support and against that prisoner exchange. a live report coming up next.
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army sergeant bowe bergdahl recovering at a u.s. medical center in germany after five long years as a taliban hostage. however, some politicians not happy about this prisoner swap. peggy bunker here with more on that story. >> some politicians think that trading with the taliban are one prisoner for five of theirs is a terrible idea. live to washington in a minute for more on that. as we wait for sergeant bergdahl to return home, no one could be happier about that than his mom. >> five years is a seemingly endless long time, but you've made it. >> now, bergdahl captured by the taliban in 2009. his parents have never given up hope that his safe return would eventually happen. recently his health started to drastically decline creating unprecedented urgency to bring him home. despite a 30-day law that
5:42 am
lawmakers be planned to do so that 30-day window did not happen. >> we did not have 30 days to wait. if we waited and lost him, i don't think anyone would have forgiven the united states government. >> the hardest of the hard core. these are the highest high-risk people. >> the faces of the five detainees are released. omar released a statement calling their release a victory and also released from the "hand of the enemy pe." this exchange could create a troubling precedent or encourage more kidnappings by the taliban. for more on this political situation, we will talk down the road here this morning to tracy in washington, d.c., she's covering that angle. some are saying, scott, this just really sets a dangerous pre tr precede precedent. normally they're notified so they know what is going to happen and you can see the urgency here. none of the politicians knew
5:43 am
this was going to happen so quickly. back to you. >> thank you very much, peggy. 5:42. new this morning images coming out of portugal where police have sealed off an area looking for madeleine mccann a little girl that disappeared while on vacation with her family seven years ago. they received permission to dig in several areas around the resort where the mccann family was staying when she disappeared. a british tourist in town said it could have been an accident because a lot of holes in the roads around the resort. he thinks a little girl could have fallen in one. mccann's parents at a nearby restaurant when she disappeared. in 2011 british police began a review of the case after appeals from her parents. the king of spain has advocated his throne. just hours ago spain's prime minister announced king juan carlos will give up the throne paving the way for his son, crown prince felipe to become the next king.
5:44 am
a constitutional amendment needed for the change to take place. the 76-year-old juan carlos has had a series of health problems in recent years. let's check in with meteorologist christina loren this morning on her busy monday morning. >> always. >> good morning to you. >> good morning. manic monday. that song, oh, yeah, she knew what she was talking about. it's one of those days, though, where we do have some weather to tell you about and it could impact your drive, especially if you're heading up the peninsula this morning as you get closer to half moon bay, some thick fog on your way to work. otherwise we're looking pretty clear at this point. that june gloom is starting to settle innkeep your temperatures down as we get into the day, right now mostly in the 50s and i want to show you satellite imagery. as we head throughout the day today, full deck of clouds at the immediate coast. we'll see a nice westerly flow, though. that beautiful ocean air transported all the way inland means your temperatures just below average for today.
5:45 am
what's happening is a little disturbance will come through and that means cooler temperatures for today as that ocean air is transported inland all day long. same deal for tomorrow and then those temperatures start to soar. these are your numbers for today 77 in the south bay and 73 around the peninsula. here's mike and your drive. >> here is your slow down for the tri-valley, guys. not the dublin interchange. that's moving smoothly. these folks held up right around airway boulevard and single vehicle blocking part of that slow lane and causes all the folks to jam up as they burst out of the altamont pass. that might be the reason why we're starting to see traffic flow over towards that dublin interchange and watch it approaching highway 84 which is not an escape route for you right now. attack that tri-valley. slowing 680 south and crow canyon road and reports of multiple vehicle crash over there blocking your slow lanes southbound as the commute builds here coming off of danville and walnut creek interchange.
5:46 am
south 680 with early slowing. a smooth drive into san francisco across that bay bridge and we'll talk about that in a second. i want to warn you in san francisco itself, reports of some major muni delays and reporting longer than normal delays and some gaps in service we're talking about muni issues this morning. a lot of folks are calling in sick and we'll talk more about that in the newscast. south bay looking northbound 101 slowing from 680 up towards 880 and not a lot of other traffic but gentle build as we travel up the peninsula and smooth flow of traffic, as well. talk about the bay bridge toll plaza. a crowd gathering here. metering lights turned on any second and cash lanes over on your left approach are actually very light. we'll check out this pattern and the maze does move smoothly. you have to contend with this. low clouds kind of hovering around and you can see the deck all the way across and visibility not a concern right now. watch the coast, an issue there and we'll track these and christina will track them and tell me what to tell you, coming
5:47 am
up, guys, back to you. 5:46. the fight continues on the ukraine/russia border this morning. some 400 insurgents clashed with ukrainian border guards at a camp in eastern ukraine. according to the border control, seven guards were injured and five insurgents were killed. the fighting comes on the heels of this clash between ukrainian soldiers and pro-russian separatists. you can hear gunfire and see the explosion. the family of the fremont man killed during that deadly rampage near uc santa barbara now talk about his grief. >> do you know what his mother was like when she first heard the bad news? her hands were shaking and her body curled up like a ball. she couldn't say a word. she only cried.
5:48 am
>> this is the most difficult time of my life. the hardest thing to be alive. i pray to god that why this happen to me? >> they were looking forward to their son coming home for the summer. wang and his two friends were killed inside the apartment they shared with the suspect, elliot rodger. meanwhile, two grieving fathers from that attack met for the first time this weekend. richard martinez, one of the fathers of the victims met privately with the father of the gunman, elliot rodger. martinez's 20-year-old son, christopher, was shot by elliot roger inside a deli. within the past 15 minutes, martinez released a statement saying the conversation was a private conversation between two grieving parents, but he says the two men planned to come together to end gun violence. today the environmental protection agency wildlife how it plans to cut carbon dioxide
5:49 am
emission from power plants. the main part of president obama's action plan agenda. aim to cut power plant emissions by 30%. based on levels from nine years ago. the climate chief praised the new plan while those against it says it will cost jobs and drive up costs for family. the woman who became the country's most famous housekeeper on "the brady bunch" has died. annb. davis died after a fall in her home in san antonio, texas. she played alice for five seasons starting in 1969 known for her trademark blue dress and apron and giving advice to the kids and the parents. her agent says she fell saturday, hit her head. davis was 88 years old. that was such a part of my childhood. >> such a classic show. i've seen every single episode. >> you could name every episode based on the first few minutes, or second. 5:49 right now.
5:50 am
a san jose man getting ready to play in the world cup but not playing for team usa. we'll explain, next. live to sunol and another beautiful day in the bay area. the nbc bay area ipad app get breaking news, weather reports and video of the day's big stories. download the nbc bay area app right now. gridlock. teacher layoffs. and a 60 billion dollar budget deficit. that's what john perez faced when he became speaker of the california assembly.
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and we can do the same for you. call 1-800-dentist today. ♪ welcome back, everyone. look at the sky out there. live look outside this morning. starting a cool monday morning, but things certainly going to heat up by the end of the week. christina has a look at that forecast for us coming up in just a bit.
5:53 am
5:52. the hidden cash is coming back to the bay area. the twitter account read, san francisco, we're coming back home. big plans for next weekend. idhidden cash most recent stop was in bakersfield. not sure what it looked like there. but this is what it looked like on saturday. people frantically combing through the sand looking for money that was tucked into angry birds toys. still don't know how much, don't know much about the tweeting millionaire, only he made a killing in the real estate market and this is set to be his way of getting back. apple kicks off its worldwide developers' conference in san francisco. ceo tim cook expected to kick things off with a keynote address at 10:00 this morning. people lined up waiting to get inside and this is video fresh this morning about an hour ago. you can see that line. apple expected to announce it is getting into smart home devices which could allow your iphone to control your lights and security system. the company may announce a
5:54 am
health app that could eventually connect to a smart watch. an apple smartwatch expected to be unveiled later this year. ready to get out to lunch? the charity auction for a lunch with warren buffett now under way on ebay. all goes to benefit light foundation. the powered lunch already has 32 bids and reached over $350,000. that's going to go up before that auction closes, no doubt, on friday night. last year's winner paid just over $1 million. 2012 the top bid was $3.4 million. the most expensive charity item ever sold on ebay. a pair of olympians the latest champions in the escape from alcatraz triathlon. >> won the prestigious race for the sixth time. makes it look easy. he finished in 2 hours 4 minutes and 21 seconds. sarah haskins from florida won the women's race. she finished the 1 1/2 mile swim
5:55 am
and 8 mile run in 2 hours 18 minutes and 42 seconds. i think it could take me like 18 days. >> that boat, i could get across that on a boat easy. san jose man is going to play in the world cup, but representing iran. steven was named over the weekend and graduated from leyland and played at san diego state before becoming a member of the san jose earthquakes. he was traded to the vancouver white caps. iranian immigrants and that's what's qualifying him for the iranian team. >> nice big smile there. everybody smiles on a monday, right, christina? >> yeah. good morning to you. you know what, it's one of those days, though, it's going to be nice out there. give your ac a break and everybody smiles about saving a little money. temperatures right now are looking really comfortable. we're in the 50s. you can see this is imagery,
5:56 am
fog-finding imagery that we're looking at. the bay area from space. you can see right now the thickest pockets at the immediate coast and inner bay. let me show you what it looks like at the coast this morning versus what we have for you inland. nice and foggy this morning in san francisco and coastal drizzle, as well. meanwhile, a partly cloudy start here in the south bay. comfortable temperatures today and then the heat cranks. your full forecast in moments. right now, let's check your drive. happy monday, mike. >> the bay area celebrates. the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. the lanes off to your left, actually a little bit lighter for the cash lanes and the pattern here showing a little more movement than we typically see this. maybe a lighter monday. oakland with no problems here and northbound 880 past the coliseum and no issues around that bend heading towards that toll plaza. bay area wide we're looking at two key spots for your slow downs and the south and the tri-valley. look at the tri-valley and jammed up and all lanes are cleared from the earlier stall and a good volume of traffic
5:57 am
heading towards that dublin interchange and prepare for that and north 101 shows a little slowing starting the build for your morning commute from 680 to 88. no real drama. we'll send it back to you. new concerns this morning about monitoring by the nsa. how it's using your online photos, next. plus, the city shooting for the highest minimum wage in the country. the push for $15 per hour. coming up. and we continue to follow a developing story. a san francisco man making news after explosives found in his home. investigators trying to figure out where he is. the latest in a live report.
5:58 am
5:59 am
armed, dangerous and on the run. a public relations consultant now in san francisco the target of a nationwide manhunt.
6:00 am
a girl attacked with a hammer at school. we'll tell you how the intruder was allowed on campus and what police are doing today to keep students safe. and weed for votes. how south bay pot clubs are blazing new territory at the polls. good monday morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. temperatures upper 40s to low 50s and we're headed towards a spectacular day inland and june gloom at the coast and then that heat cranks. your full forecast is moments away. some of that gloom is called monday morning commute. bay bridge toll plaza getting over towards san francisco and san francisco and daly city. why you might be doing some fare swapping on transit this morning, as well. let's take a peek outside this morning. city by the bay, san francisco. that big escape from alcatraz triathlon this weekend. pretty amaze. it is 6:00 a.m. on monday, the 2nd of june. this is "today in the bay."


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