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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  June 2, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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jodi hernandez joins us live with new details. jodi? >> reporter: the fbi tells me there indeed has been a sighting of ryan chamberlain at a place called the mad dog in the fog. that's a bar. we're told that sighting took place late this afternoon. tonight those who know chamberlain are hoping this all ends peacefully. >> it's heartbreaking. >> reporter: that's how those who know ryan chamberlain are feeling. after reading facebook posts this morning from someone logged in as chamberlain. >> nothing they're reporting is true. no stashes, not armed and dangerous. no car rigged to explode. >> reporter: mark moesher shared the messages posted on chamberlain's facebook page to friends this morning, an apparent attempt to explain what
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brought fbi agents to his san francisco apartment where they say they found explosives. >> i explored some ugly websites a year or so. >> reporter: also posted, a good-bye letter. describing loneliness, sparked by failed relationships and lost jobs. i got dark. i got real dark. time's up, it reads. >> i think, like a lot of other people in a real go-go time in our society, it sounds like he's somebody who is alienated and disaffected because some things haven't gone right for him. and that's true, i mean, that could be true of any of us. >> reporter: mosher along with other friends are posting messages of their own, urging chamberlain to turn himself in. >> i think that gives him the benefit of the doubt and see if
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they can work it out peacefully. i think this whole thing could have been a big misunderstanding. >> reporter: the fbi confirming tonight that there has been a sighting of ryan chamberlain this took place this afternoon. we are told that fbi agents are on the ground in that neighborhood talking to folks. they certainly hope that this will lead to a peaceful arrest. reporting live in san francisco, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. also happening at this hour, a long commute home for hundreds of thousands of people. our nbc chopper over the streets of san francisco. you see down below, a lot of people waiting in line for the bus. that's because most bus drivers and operators have called in sick. a sick-out to prove a point. annette miranda is in the city. how bad is it right now? and how long will the sick-out last? >> reporter: we have not heard yet how long this sick-out will last and whether it will continue tomorrow. but muni riders who are normally home by now probably aren't.
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that's how bad it is. and muni riders who are fed up with waiting are looking for alternatives, walking, and uber. one woman is wondering who's going to reimburse her for her $20 ride. and that's the kind of thing that sticks with people. >> being part of this is tough. >> reporter: evening commuters are in for another headache. the muni driver sick-out continues. it's all about a labor contract that transit union members are not happy with. and that's what upsets riders. >> your neighbors are the ones who have to go to work. you're not screwing the board of them ins or whatever. it's everybody else. >> reporter: work earns aers ar asked to kick in another 7.5% toward their pension.
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>> when you have to commute, what are you going to do? you're going to be pretty angry. >> i can't confirm that this is a sick-out except to say that more than normal have called in sick. >> reporter: bart riders don't have much sympathy for transit workers who will be the second highest paid transits workers in the country with the new contract. they'll be asked to approve a $500 million bond to improve muni. >> i think it's antagonized the voters of san francisco. >> reporter: meanwhile, the main goal was to get commuters out of town tonight. edg expresses won't be operating. the world famous cable cars are not operating, disappointing tourists. >> they talked about how great it was, that would have been a great attraction to see. the fact that it's not going on is kind of disappointing. >> reporter: again, it's unclear
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whether the cech-out will continue tomorrow. better to have a plan b. nannette miranda. >> now 400 of the 600 buses were not running or operating today. you see the bus lot down below. even the cable cars are not running. shuttle cars have replaced them. the agency has an estimated 700,000 boardings each weekday. no word on whether the sick-out will continue tomorrow. want to show you a photo of a wreck. the santa clara sheriff's office says the police turned on their lights when he was hit by another driver. he was taken to the hospital just steps away. he is expected to be released later today. the person who ran the red light, that person got away.
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decision 2014. the election is tomorrow. but tonight, some last-minute sparks in the race for sheriff in santa clara county. laurie smith is trying to fend off kevin jenson. her can compaign hit a hit when a deputy's it union announced that the majority had a vote of no confidence against her. a political power play in many ways. >> reporter: the timing of this announcement is no accident. many are calling this a strategy eck move by the deputies. they did vote overwhelmingly 89% to say they have no confidence in laurie smith. the numbers are still on the dry erase board at the offices of the deputy sheriff's association. >> on sunday, we counted the votes. and overwhelmingly the membership came up with no confidence in laurie smith. >> reporter: her opponent is
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kevin jenson. she deferred comment. she said it is a voting process that could make vladimir putin proud. we all take it seriously. >> it's time for a change. i wish her no ill. i hope she finds peace, but it is time for a change in law enforcement. >> reporter: she declined our request for an interview, but her consultant told me in a text message that he thinks this has been dishonest and disgusting, that it has enhanced their keystone cop image. meanwhile, at the registrar of voters' office, the machines are already counting the mail-in ballots to determine who will be the next sheriff. one more note, the decision on who will be the next sheriff could be made by just a few voters. that's because experts estimate this election will attract the
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lowest voter turnout in 20 years. we were told that sheriff laurie smith spent most of today at her campaign office, and she denied repeated requests for an o on-camera interview. thank you, damien. an unexpected set back on the eve of the primary. rose herrera has been hospitalized. she felt dizzy and had high blood pressure yesterday. she was taken to the hospital, and she stayed overnight. the chief of staff says doctors think she may have an inner ear infection resulting in vertigo and nausea. it's unclear if she'll be able to campaign or return to work tomorrow. this afternoon we learned the d.o.j. will be monitoring elections in alameda and napa counties as well as a county in new mexico. federal observers will make sure election workers are complying with the voting rights act which
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prohibits discrimination based on race or language. larry gerston will take a look at the hottest races around the bay area. still ahead, tragedy on the mountain. new details about the hikers lost on mt. ranier. and the local tech executive believed to be with them. i'm in san francisco. health care, video games and apple, moving behind the gadgets. the controversial plan to add a little extra to the menu. and not a bad idea if you are outside. we're going to track more of the forecast coming up in details on the fog that's rolling in right now and what that's going to mean for your morning commute in just a few minutes. ♪
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tonight we're learning that one of the climbers presumed
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dead on mt. rainier was an intel executive. they are greatly saddened to report that they believe he fell to his death last week. he was managing director for intel southeast asia. it's not clear what led to the fall from liberty ridge, but searchers picked up pings from beacons buried under an avalanche. the group was last heard from wednesday night. they were due to return friday. park workers say they'll be watching as the snow melts to see whether six bodies can be safely recovered. the fight to move the a's to the south bay heads to court this summer. they will hear the antitrust case against major league baseball. the city of san jose argues the league is undermining the desire to move to san jose, but the mlb says it's considered giants territory.
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they are looking for ways to keep the team in the east bay. officers patrolled an oakland high school today where a girl was attacked with a hammer. leaders at the elementary school say the mother of another student lured the 9-year-old girl into the bathroom during recess. the woman allegedly hit the little girl with a hammer. this happened on friday the girl is expected to recover from that hammer attack. police say it may have been related to an ongoing family feud. women's privacy is the focus of a new lawsuit aimed at the sheriff. the lawsuit claims sheriff's department policy requires every woman in custody to submit to a pregnancy test. nancy man sia says she was forced to take that test while in custody. >> i was taken into police, held for eight hours. within that eight hours, i was
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intimidated. bullied. and humiliated and forced to take a pregnancy test. >> the alameda county sheriff's department says they have yet to receive or review that lawsuit. despite the lack of a watch or new iphone, apple is still crear creating a buzz this evening. our business reporter scott budman is in san francisco today. wwdc, this is a big deal. >> reporter: it really is. all day, the top eight trending topics on twitter nationwide were things that apple introduced today, a lot of buzz, you're absolutely right. nothing new to hold or wear but lots of things to use. >> hey, doctor, you're on speakerphone villa my mac with over 6,000 amazing developers here at wwdc.
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>> reporter: they called dr. dre and then talked health care with a new app to monitor your health. >> everything from monitoring your heart rate, to your weight and high blood pressure and diabetes. >> reporter: apple holding off on any sexy new hardware in favor of a new california-themed operating system. >> we discovered os-10 yosemite. >> reporter: and new apps which will let you keep track of your home, a monitoring system, ale calls home kit to lockdown your in-house funks. >> you can say something like get ready for bed and be assured that your garage door is closed, the thermostat is lowered and your lights are dimmed. >> reporter: and one of the more popular things to do with your mobile devices, design and play games. >> i can paint the petals on the tree.
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and they start falling to the ground. there are about 5,000 petals here being physically simulated. and i can interact with them to blow wind. >> reporter: hinting at what you'll do on future projects without letting you see them just yet. you can come to the conference that runs all this week. reporting live in san francisco, scott budman, nbc bay area news. well, normally, you can taste fruit and veggies at the farmers market. soon you may be able to try some wine. a new bill would allow wine makers to hold tasting events. only one winery could do a tasting per market and the area needs to be cordoned offer with a rope or barriers. not everyone is on board. one group worries it could lead to a drunk and unruly crowd at farmers markets.
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>> that could be a game changer. a lot of different micro climates today. >> we had fog in some locations, full-on sunny skies in others. a little difference in what we normally have. hayward had 68 degrees. and livermore at 75. the reason why the difference, we've had the onshore wind the past 24 hours. check it out, san francisco, 18 to about 22 miles per hour now. a westerly wind in oakland, also in livermore, that's transporting that cool pacific air right across the bay. that's dropping temperatures dramatically from this time last night when we had 70s and 80s. down into the 60s across the north bay area. san francisco not only the fog but also areas of drizzle. fog building across the east bay, but the two sunniest locations, you can see it on the sky camera network are two of
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the warmest. of 68 is your average in the peninsula. now for tomorrow we are going to trend just a little bit warmer for the south bay with numbers averaging in the upper 70s. it's going to stay mild by the afternoon in the east bay with 83 degrees, sunshine in the noon hour, and we'll keep the fog and drizzle in san francisco with low 60s. we had the trough of low pressure today hoping to get that na reason layer going. but as this high pressure builds in tomorrow, it's going to compress the layer. so for any commuters tomorrow morning, we'll have areas of low clouds and drizzle as you get closer to the coastline is possible. but it looks like that fog line should clear as we head right into 11:00 for some sunny skies in your forecast. we'll have details on heat building into the forecast.
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you might like what's coming. news for the brown pelicans. the number of breeding pelicans has plunged drastically. they look at breeding areas from the gulf of california up to washington state. some areas that typically host hundreds or thousands of nesting pairs held none this year. the reason could range from food supply problems to changes in the ocean temperature. the california brown pelican was declared an endangered species back in 1970 but rebounded by 2009 before dwindling again last year. straight ahead, a reversal of fortune, the hiring spree coming to some state colleges. and the obama administration says it has unveiled a landmark new plan on cutting carbon emissions and slowing down climate change. but landmark for what? critics say it will crush jobs and serve as a weight on our
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economy. is that grounded in facts? reality check is coming up straight ahead. gridlock. teacher layoffs. and a 60 billion dollar budget deficit. that's what john perez faced when he became speaker of the california assembly. so he partnered with governor brown to pass three balanced budgets, on time. for the first time in thirty years. today, the deficits are gone and we've invested an additional 2 billion dollars in education. now john perez is running for controller, to keep fighting for balanced budgets. democrat john perez for controller.
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a new plan to reverse the years of class and staff reductions at cal state university. the csu system says they're going to hire 700 full-time faculty members. hiring could begin as early as this year. money will come primarily from an increase in state funding. governor brown's new budget proposes new money for the system. are you ready to vote tomorrow? there are more than a 100 contests. and some are drawing more interest than others. what are people talking about, let's say, san francisco. >> we can rule out local elections. those are on odd numbered years in san francisco. but we do have a couple of
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doozies. the 17th assembly district. two democratic board members are battling for primacprimacy. chiu is the more moderate member. david salaverry is in the race but doesn't seem to be a factor. another matter is regarding building subways and affordable housing. what about the east bay? >> the big race is in the 16th assembly district where two democrats, bart critic steve glazer and tony sbranti have garnered more than $2 million.
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this is in the top two races, you might expect both to prevail in a democratic district, but they may split the democratic vote, letting republican kathryn baker sneak in as one of the top two. further down we have the race of all races in the 17th congressional district where two democrats, mike honda and ro khana are battling. the exchanges between the two camps have been contentious. opening the possibility for a republican to sneak into the top two. >> what do you see in santa clara county? >> the big race here is for san jose mayor. you have five major candidates trying to get into a two-person runoff. someone's going to have to give. the issues are pension reform, escalating crime, and
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deterioration of infrastructure. lots of folks will be watching that one. there are so many other interesting races, but these will surely stand out among all the others. >> it will be interesting to see how that mayoral race plays out tomorrow when we start getting some of the numbers back in. speaking of the election, free marijuana in san jose tomorrow. nearly a dozen pot clubs will take part in the weed for votes campaign. ten dispensaries are planning to give out free or discounted pot to members who prove they voted. while critics continue to question the ethics of this. depending on how the offer is administered, it may violate california law. it's not how or if they will act on this information.
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you can check on election coverage on our website. and there is a link for results across the bay area counties. he deserted the army and left myself and my platoon and my company to clean up his mess. >> coming up, did he really abandon his own? the firestorm directed toward an american p.o.w. at the center of a prisoner swap. the new push to give families more power to prevent gun violence. what would you do if you had five seconds' warning before a quake hit? students here at this san jose school got to find out. i'll have that story coming up in a live report.
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seconds matter when an earthquake strikes, especially some of our most vulnerable locations like schools. what if you could get a few sends warning before an earthquake? that technology is being used as at a local school. marianne favro is standing by to tell us why other schools in the state are planning to invest in these early warning systems. >> reporter: even the state office of emergency services was keeping a close eye on this. a few hours ago, students got to
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go through a drill to find out what it would be like to have a five-second warning before the ground began shaking. students quickly went from reading to reacting. while some weren't sure what to do, most made it under their desks in seconds. if a quake hits the south bay, this school will likely know about it first. they use quake guard, a system used to sound the alarm of a magnitude 5 or higher before the ground starts shaking. seismic warning systems in scots valley developed the technology. >> we measure the primary waves. it is moving about one second for every five miles. >> reporter: they hope to give students 4 to 14 seconds
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warningle. >> we don't know what time the quake is going to hit. and with this special system we can know and protect ourselves from an earthquake. >> please evacuate the building. >> reporter: while no public schools in the area are using the system, 90 schools in the inland empire plan to install the technology, a few seconds warning that could save their lives. it costs about $1200 a year to have a system like this. cisco systems also have the same system. the cleanup of america's air was an effort today. >> the new proposal targets power plants which are the single largest source of
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pollution in the united states. in total, the plan calls for a 30% drop in emissions across the board. energy producers have until the year 2030 to do it. >> the epa is challenging the idea and says it will lead to a drag on the economy. >> good evening. supporters of this plan are saying it's really all about flexibility. it's up to the state to decide the approach to cutting emissions creating a more efficient market oriented approach. would it work without putting a vice on the economy. >> every time america has set clear rules and better standards for our air, our water and our children's health, the warnings of the cynics and nay sayers have been wrong. >> it's a claim that the president says is all smoke and no fire. >> all right, everybody, this is great. thank you. >> reporter: new carbon standards announced by the head of the epa have sparked push
6:33 pm
back from the coal industry. the new rules that would slash carbon pollution by 30% by 2030 say it will be burdens on families. >> is this true? >> there's not evidence of economic catastrophe from these types of programs. >> reporter: for a guideline, dr. mark thurber points to target pricing systems already in place like the northeast greenhouse gas initiative, called reggie for short. did carbon pricing lead to job loss? the numbers don't seem to bear it out. a report commission found the first three years led to 16,000 new jobs. and as for our european counterparts who have been operating a carbon pricing
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system for more than a decade, a world bank study said it could not substantiate job loss. it is claimed that $15 billion a year will be chopped out of the gdp from the legislation. >> many people are struck not by how high their cost predictions would be, but how modest these numbers were for like what they were saying. >> reporter: in 2012, the u.s. gdp was $16.2 trillion, making it to $51 billion, 0.3% of economic activity. what some economists have called a rounding error. as for the third claim, that energy prices could soo soar, h says that could happen. >> you do want consumers to have
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incentives to conserve more. >> reporter: in europe prices did tick up some. but policy had a hand in that as well. interestingly, the epa is forecasting a modest bump. but it says by 2030 the agency claims your bills will drop by about a percent. whatever happens there is little question that economic apocalypse is not a very likely consequence. these are more air than substance. the mass shooting near uc santa barbara has prompted new legislation to prevent gun violence. barbara boxer proposed the pause for safety measure. it would allow family and friends to go to court to seek a prevention order which would prevent that person from buying a gun.
6:36 pm
senator boxer says similar legislation is also being introduced in berkley and santa barbara. two grieving fathers are uniting. peter rodger whose son went on the deadly rampage met with martinez. martinez urged politicians to work together on stricter gun control. >> if i can do this and reach out to the father of the boy who killed my son, why can't the democrats and republicans in congress, if we can work together, then why can't they work together to get this done? >> six students were killed and 13 others wounded during that rampage. three of the men who died were from the bay area. he's not hero. that's what some soldiers are saying as controversy grows over bowe bergdahl. he's the american exchanged for five taliban prisoners. >> republicans continue to blast
6:37 pm
the prisoner swap because they say it sends the message that terrorists can get five of their prisoners back for one american. the 28 year old is reportedly very skinny after being held captive for five years in afghanistan but is in otherwise good condition. the five taliban leaders he was exchanged for are celebrating in quatar. >> they say he snuck away from his post. >> he deserted not only the army, but he left myself and my platoon and my company to clean up his mess. >> this was the right thing to do because we in the united states do not leave our men and women in uniform behind.
6:38 pm
>> reporter: the defense department will look into the circumstances regarding bergdahl's departure from his post. the hometown in idaho is asking america not to pre-judge him. want to bring you some breaking news. a nationwide man hunt is apparently over. the fbi thousand confirming that ryan chamberlain has been arrested. he is now in custody and being transmanufactur manufacturferred transferred. he was taken in to custody about 4 miles from where he was spotted earlier today at a bar. the tip came in that he was at a bar called the mad dog in the fog. that's about 3.9 miles from chrissy field. there's a large presence at chrissy field. they've located his car and his car is being checked for
6:39 pm
explosives. chamberlain's san francisco apartment was raided on saturday morning. fbi says they did find explosive materials there. and, again, they are now actively on the scene at chrissy field looking at his car as well. we are headed there as well to chrissy field. jodi hernandez is en route. as soon as she gets there, we'll get her on the air for you. still ahead at 6:00, a popular children's activity getting too dangerous. what the feds want to know about bouncy houses. an institution celebrating a huge milestone this week. the beginning of one of the show's biggest shows. and good evening. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. a cooler day today, but we still made it with plenty of sunshine. check out san jose right now. looking pretty good. but it's a different story in san francisco, fopged in right thousand with areas of drizzle. i'll have your full fog forecast coming up in just a few minutes.
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are these bouncy houses unsafe? a government safety organization launched an investigation into the bouncy houses after one blew away in denver over the weekend. this shows the whole bouncy house rolling along. two children were inside. both of them were hurt. investigators are checking to see if the bounce house was rorl tethered. this is the tenth time a house was blown away. what's in the name? apparently respect or lack thereof. new study says female-named hurricanes kill more people because people don't consider them as risky as storms with male names. researchers at the university of
6:43 pm
illinois looked at decades of information. male name storms kill about 23. they tested the high pypothesis a questionnaire. >> i kind of want to say something on that. >> say it. >> every storm is different. you never know what you're going to get. >> you're the meteorologist. >> we'll take your advice on that. >> the whole male, female thing. >> good point. >> you can see the fog line here across the peninsula. it's beginning to increase. we'll talk more about your fog forecast and some drizzle and how much we could pick up in just a few minutes.
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new at 6:00, those big hats, big hair and big laughs. have you seen it? america's longest-running musical review is right here in our own back yard. they will honor beach blanket babylon's anniversary. we take you behind the curtain. ♪ >> the long lexicon of bay area entertainment, any show that lasts a couple months is a pretty good run. but a show that lasts four decades is an icon. ♪ >> reporter: and so the campy musical humor, the wigs, the extravagant hats of beach blanket babylon have reached the show. it sprouted from a costumed
6:47 pm
troupe of performers. >> he said if you take the bar, i'll take the door, maybe we'll run six weeks. >> reporter: when he died in 1995, his widow, jo shuman silver took the reins. but in the show's warehouse where 40 years of props and costumes are restored and reworked, steve silver is far more than a memory. >> everything he used we still use. we just give them a tuneup every now and then. >> reporter: it is a time machine through beach blanket's history, but this is living history, simply waiting for its next time in the spotlight. >> when prince charles and camilla came in 2005, we re-did it. that's a sketch for the san francisco hat. >> reporter: piles of sketches
6:48 pm
steve silver made for his elaborate visions work as a blueprint for those who carry out his mission. >> how's that look? >> you get to create things that you could only dream of. 4-foot hairdos. afros that are 4-foot wide. things that move in the air. >> reporter: since 1975, beach blanket babylon has made its home in the north beach, in a former italian community center. >> beach blanket moved in here in june of '75, and it's been here ever since. >> reporter: and here, john has been the stage manger for the last 34 years. helping to maneuver the costumes. >> we give it that what would
6:49 pm
steve do? >> reporter: the famous show which has been performed for royalty, celebrities and visitors from around the globe isn't entirely set in the past. it often works in the day's big news. >> something happens in the news this morning that we think is relative and the audience is going to care, we can get it in that night. >> reporter: child she believes the constant evolution keeps it fresh, it's the hand of its founder that keeps it unique. >> they come to the show, they'll always say to us, it is like silver's still here. >> reporter: joe risotto junior, nbc bay area news. >> that's such a fun show. i haven't seen it in years though. time to revisit and see it again. >> we all think it's for tourists, but it's one of those stay cation things. >> we should go as a group.
6:50 pm
>> a friday, let's go ahead and request it. our 24-hour temperature change is different. it's running 20 degrees cooler, that's from the san francisco fog and the cooling westerly winds that are currently moving in. we can see the sky camera network right now, it is fogged in, in san francisco right now. areas of drizzle. if you're headed that way, watch out for slick roads. you'll need the windshield wipers. even the south bay, which looks the best right now is going to have to contend with a little bit of cloud cover as we head throughout tomorrow morning. so let's take you into the fog forecast. and what you're going to see on this map is areas of gray. that constitutes the areas of cloud cover that we forecast. you can see at 10:00, low clouds. not too much expected for the south bay. as we head throughout tomorrow morning it will mainly be thickest at the coastline,
6:51 pm
which, again, clouds for the east bay and a little bit for the south bay as well. we think once that moves in throughout the morning hours we may see a little drizzle at the coastline accumulate from half moon bay to santa cruz, basically giving us the idea that we may see drizzle across portions of the east bay. do expect, as you'll see on our micro climate forecast sunny skies to break out through the noon hour. temperatures a little warmer in san jose. 78 for of in the peninsula. palo alto at 79. san mateo cooler with 71, closer to the fog and the colder wind. san francisco staying in the low 60s. if you're here visiting, you get that wind kicking up tomorrow. it will feel like the 50s. so at least have two layers on so you can stay warm. napa will be some of the hottest weather there with 788 degrees. and in the east bay, 68.
6:52 pm
some clouds holding on in oakland. the sunniest and best wetter is going to be right there across the tri valley, danville, 82. the trend over the next five days does start to heat up. you can see by friday and saturday, mid to upper 80s across san jose. and eventually, san francisco hitting 70 as we head throughout saturday's forecast. and then hold on. looks like by this weekend, some of the hottest try-v estest tri locations. we may even be tracking low 100s. coming up we'll update you on that social media expert nabbed by the feds. back in a moment.
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6:54 pm
gridlock. teacher layoffs. and a 60 billion dollar budget deficit. that's what john perez faced when he became speaker of the california assembly. so he partnered with governor brown to pass three balanced budgets, on time. for the first time in thirty years. today, the deficits are gone and we've invested an additional 2 billion dollars in education. now john perez is running for controller, to keep fighting for balanced budgets. democrat john perez for controller.
6:55 pm
good evening. i'm gerard moncure in the comcast sports net studios. training camps aren't that far off. when the raiders hit the camp in july they might hit oxnard also. a few days of scrimmage action in southern california. meanwhile, organized team activities continued today in alameda. d.j. in this video on the sidelines today after suffering a right ankle sprain last week. kevin burnett, number 94, enjoyed limited action during his first day at otas after missing all of last week.
6:56 pm
all right, according to, jonathan good win on his way back to the big easy. the 56 consecutive game starter in the red and gold has a principle to deal with the saints where he started from 2008 through 2010 before coming to san francisco. all right. die fence in the golden state warriors have not exactly been words that have gone hand in hand during the dubs' history. that is until today, andre ga dau la, becoming only the second player in franchise history to earn recognition. you have to go all the way back 43 years ago to the 1970-71 season. more news coming up after the break. let's pick up with that breaking news. a san francisco man has been apprehended by the feds at
6:57 pm
chrissy fields. can you hear me? >> reporter: we have one minute. >> jodi? >> reporter: yes. >> it's jessica. fill us in on what they said to you about chamberlain. >> reporter: he is in custody. he was arrested within the last 30 minutes. i'm going to have you push into the scene here. the bomb squad just went by. i did talk to a witness who saw chamberlain being arrested. and i saw the video that he took. chamberlain was on the ground. san francisco police officers were surrounding him. they took him into custody peacefully. again, this all took place in about 30 minutes ago. once again, after two days on the lam, ryan chamberlain is in custody. reporting live, jodi hernandez, back to you. >> we'll have more coverage of this at 11:00. he was about 3.9 miles from where he was initially spotted
6:58 pm
at that bar
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
brad pitt's red carpet attacker on the "extra" hot seat. >> what is wrong with you? >> is he sorry? >> are you ashamed at all? would you like to apologize? did you take the judge's ruling seriously? >> mario grills the prankster. who targeted pitt, cooper, and smith. >> what were you planning to do with brad? >> giuliana opening up about her surrogate's devastating miscarria miscarriage. >> i've been through a lot. >> how giuliana and bill are coping. and -- >> will you try again? >> and v. stiviano beaten up in new york? >> why police are questioning whether she was really assaulted.


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