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tv   Today  NBC  June 5, 2014 2:07am-3:01am PDT

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klgandhoda. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody. guess what sit? >> what is it? >> hoda's favorite day. wines day wednesday, june 4. >> also known as apology wednesday. >> we were just talking about this yesterday, that everybody seems to be saying something and then having to apologize for the something they said. >> yes. certain individuals or certain groups.
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the pc police were calling them. >> after we got off the air, what happened? another person had to apologize. jonah hill says he was walking down the street doing his shopping with friends and the paparazzi were hounding him and yelling things at him. >> apparently for what he was wearing. >> he was wearing flowers on shorts and they were making comments. >> goading him. i get a picture of you snarling or video of you snarling and then saying homo phobic or racial slurs, jackpot. >> he fired back with what he describes as a homophobic slur, and he felt terrible afterwards. we talked about apologies. this is what jonah hill said to jimmy fallon last night. >> the word i chose was grotesque, and you know, no one
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deserves to say or hear words like that. you know, i've been a supporter of the lbgt community my entire life, and i completely let the members of that community and everybody else down when i used a word like that this weekend. my heart's broken and i genuinely am deeply sorry to everyone who has been affected by that term in their life. and i'm sorry, and i don't deserve or expect your forgiveness, but what i ask is that at home, if you're watching this and you're a young person especially, if someone says something that hurts you orang r -- or angers you, use me as an example of me of what not to do. again, i'm so sorry.
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>> i appreciate you being sincere in saying that. >> this wasn't funny, it was stupid. >> boy, don't you just love him all the more now? you do. he sincerely regrets. you know what? everybody has their own fuse. some people have a short fuse, some people have a really long one, and sometimes they the most explosive because it takes so long to get there, but when they do, it's been building up. like you, hoda. but everybody is different. they do goad. they do goad you. >> they push and push you. we asked you on facebook yesterday what do you think of celebrity apologies. overall, we're not talking about specifics, but 38% of you said yes, the celebs should apologize for their comments, but 62% said no, an apology is not necessary.
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they're human and make mistakes. but the way jonah hill apologized. >> you could tell, he's really -- >> he was really great. i think the question is how people apologize. people do this in real life. forget about celebs, but in real life when someone hurts your feelings, sometimes they say, i'm sorry if i hurt you. and that's a crummy apology. >> sandy taylor said saying you're sorry doesn't mean anything. actions speak louder than words. >> apologies that use the word "if," there's no need for ifs in a sincere apology. karen said, i'm sick of society demanding apologies from everybody famous. celebrities are human. stop judging. >> what about the n word? i bet many more people would say yes, you have to apologize for that. >> definitely. >> okay. >> so the finale was last night.
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we'll catch you up. here's the big revelation. dean and torrey are still together, okay? >> off-season torrey has been looking for some grand gesture from dean. apparently he revealed a gift last night just for her. let's take a look. >> you have something for torrey, yes? >> yes, i do. >> let's see. >> oh, my god. >> tell us what that is dean. >> those are the wedding vows that tori wrote to me. she has hers on her left side that i wrote for her. >> oh, my god. >> do you like it? >> it's beautiful. >> tori, what does it say? >> i will fefr bring you solace when you're down hearted. i will wipe your tears with my tiny hands. i will comfort you with my body and embrace you my wings. i love you, my beautiful boy, for all of eternity. >> i'm uncomfortable. >> me, too. >> it's just all too private for me. i wish them the best, but i
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could never watch that on a daily basis. >> well, it's over. >> that's the good news. he also has another tattoo that is -- >> downstairs. >> right above the nether world that says tori's. >> that's right, okay, just so everybody knows. tori did want to ask dean a question, if he had cheated more than once. she decided not to ask that question, because she said she didn't want to know. i think that became kind of a little bit of a discussion point. like if your spouse, significant other cheated, would you want to know details, how many, where were they, what happened? or are you like me, when you go okay, let's not do that anymore, and then you want it over with. so everyone is different. she didn't want to ask that question. >> hopefully if he did with many, they were illiterate and could and read.
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because that would be -- [ laughter ] >> what is that? >> i don't like tattoos in general. you know i don't. but cody -- frank has one. he was 14 years old, his brother -- yes, yes, yes. >> what is it? >> shock from -- it's -- when he was 14 years old, his older brother got him drunk and took him -- >> 14? >> yes. this was back in the 1800s. took him to a tattoo parlor in california and he had giff done. he didn't even know it until he sobered up. now if you look at it, it goes, guff. pretty soon he's going to be an older man at some point and tori's is going to go -- and it's not pretty. i love his little -- but it's just little and cute. >> so here's -- just in case
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you're wondering, as soon as this show ended, the tori and dean show. >> this seems contrived to me. >> tori is starring in a new show on abc family, and it's called "mystery girl." she's the star and executive producer. >> it begins june 25th. >> now we're reacquainted with tori. hey, there she is. >> it seems a little manipulative. but you know what? we like tori and we wish her and her family the best. >> we do. here's something else that cheaters say. can bad in-laws hurt a marriage? some cheaters are saying the reason they cheated on their spouse is because their in-laws were driving them insane. so it drove them to cheat. >> i think they'll find any excuse. the dating survey done by victoria milan, not to be
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confused with ashley madison. dating site for cheaters. hey, they need help with it. apparently. >> so the survey came from the cheater website? >> yes, another one. >> let's go on to the next subject. >> i told you in the meeting we shouldn't have done it. >> do you remember what shanadeo connor looked like in the '90s. this was her. now let's see the new cover. >> i thought it was katy perry when i first thought it. >> i did, too. the new album is called "i'm not bossy, i'm the boss," and she's 47. mariah carrie decided to pose with her kids. this is what kathie lee and i do at the park, we wear a ball gown
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with a mermaid bottom. she's with her kids, because she was on the subway in another ball gown the other day. >> just trying to get attention for her new cd, which we heard from different sources was not doing as well as her cds often do. >> her new album is expected to debut at number three. >> i would kill for that. >> it's her lowest sales debut for a nonholiday studio album since 1991. >> but it would be her 17th top ten album. her fans adore her. we want her to be happy, as well. >> she looks great. she's on the cover of rolling stone, you guys. she has lost 25 pounds and she looks awesome. she was on cbs "sunday morning" and talks about her life.
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>> there was a line that said there was a $100 million divorce. >> so that hits news stands friday. >> her plane had to make an energy landing. there was an issue with the flight and it landed safely in west virginia. >> it's been a big week for fireman around here. >> this is a genius idea. if you're looking for clothes online and you see the model that they show you and they let you do the 360 and she's a size two, you think how would i look in that dress? well, they have now a website that changes that. you can actually see the exact outfit in your size. it's so smart, because a dress can look adorable on someone who
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is a size two. but when you get it, you go oh, that is not good for me. it's genius. so they hired different models so you get to choose your model. >> what's the website? >> i don't know. sizable. >> sunday is father's day. >> this sunday? >> no, next sunday. >> oh, thank goodness. >> next sunday. >> today is the 4th? >> i don't know. >> i obviously don't have anything yet. we want to know why you love your dad. so film yourself or your child finishing this sentence. i love my dad because -- put it on our facebook page and we may show it, maybe not, one day next week. >> if you don't have a video, put a picture up. so go on a date, should you call him or wait till he calls you? >> we have the new dating commandments to live by.
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>> and from golden globe winning actress laura dern is here. >> she's a sweet heart. but first these messages. save them. woolite detergents clean your jeans and won't torture your tanks. so clothes look like new even after 20 washes. sfx: car unlock beep. vo: david's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today his doctor has him on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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laura dern has been in the spotlight her entire life. first as the daughter of bruce dern. then as the actress who has been in more than 60 films and tv shows. >> her newest movie "the fault in other stars" is creating a lot of buzz. she plays the mother of franny who is battling cancer. take a look. >> oh, my god. look at the cars. >> you two are so adorable. >> we're just friends. >> well, she is.
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i'm not. >> so good to see you. we're excited about this movie. movies come and go, but this one we're even excited about. >> the trailer has so many clicks. were you surprised at the wave of attention already? >> i learned quickly worging on the film this great love and phenomena surrounding john green and his work. but once you read the book, you fall in love, as well. and you want to be this fierce protector of it. i think we felt like all the fans do to just pray the movie does justice. >> he said the other day that he's very, very happy. i guess he was onset and said it was very strange, very un-hollywood like, they actually listened to him. >> someone said, what was it like crying so much on the movie? i said john green was crying more than all of us every day. >> he seems like the nicest guy in the world. >> he was such a champion of everyone. he made you feel so safe to be
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taking on his character. >> when you see the clips for this, it seems like it's going to be heartbreaking and you're worried about going or for young people to go. what do you think? >> my 9-year-old daughter saw it, and she was on the set and has gotten to know everyone very well. but more importantly than that, 20 years ago, when the statistic wasn't 1 out of 3 people has cancer, i might have considered it differently. but my kids have friends with cancer. everybody knows about this story and we're all trying to find a way to have the conversation, which is how do we live each day with joy? how do weind gratitude as there also is crisis and loss as part of our story. it's so uplifting to me and joyful and irrev rant. it's just incredible. >> we couldn't believe when she was talking, she's like a real grownup.
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>> she's a freak, let's be honest. >> she's such a wise grownup. people say, are you maternal towards her? no, she's my mom. >> she is just adorable. a little embarrassed by all the female attention he's getting. >> your daughters saw the film. do they want to go into this business? >> you know, they're very musical. the older one is actually a boy, and he's a musician, he's a skateboarder. but they're both very artistic. i don't know, in our family, their dad's a musician with musician parents and i'm an actor with actor parents. >> it's also what they're comfortable with, what they understand and know. both of my kids are doing the same thing. >> let's play the game. we're going to play a game called between two derns. we're going to say a line from a movie and you tell us yours or
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your dads. >> the whole world's wild at heart and weird on top. >> wild at heart, my movie. >> where's my -- >> my dad. >> mr. hammond, i think we're back in business. >> jurassic park! >> you won. you're the best. >> oh, my gosh. huge, huge hit. >> everybody see the movie. >> delicious game of who knew as we walk down memory lane. >> genevieve gourder right after this. vo: once upon a time there was a boy who traveled to a faraway place where villages floated on water and castles were houses dragons lurked giants stood tall
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a sweet game of who knew. here's the question to chew over. >> what is the best selling pez dispenser of all time? peter pez, superman, santa claus or the easter bunny? >> just think about it. >> we'll have the answer in just a few minutes. also, the dos and don'ts of modern dating. >> and the three best attractions for the summer. >> that aren't going to cost you a thing. did you want me to take over what you were supposed to say? and genevieve gourder is here. all of that after your local news.
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we're back with more of "today." since june is national candy month, we're about to show our
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affection for confection. kathie lee is across the street at the nbc experience store, ready to hand out $100 to those that get the answers right. to those that don't, poor things, they get a kathie lee cd. so everyone is a winner. here to help me out is dylan lauren, the ceo and founder of dylan's candy bar. can you just show your bracelets? remember dots? that's a real bracelet. that's genius. >> thank lgs. >> before the break, we asked what is the best selling pez dispenser of all time, peter pez, superman, santa claus or the easter bunny. what's the verdict? >> the answer is santa claus. and actually, most pez dispensers started with no characters. it was more for adults and toy characters came around in the 1950s. >> and it got hot. >> kath, over to you. >> this darling lady is from
2:34 am
manhattan, kansas. what is the top jelly belly bean flavor in america? >> berry cherry? yeah! >> very cherry is the most popular. but what came in second was buttered popcorn. >> oh! >> and some of the more popular ones are ear wax flavored ones and throw up flavor. it's a harry potter flavor. >> genius. okay. >> you're also going to win some candy. you're from georgia, right? >> yep. >> which of the following candy bars is the oldest? >> that would be the hershy's milk chocolate bar. >> no cds for you. >> debuted in 1900. it was actually given to
2:35 am
soldiers during the war for energy. it was considered one of the food groups. >> trish here is from colorado. what active ingredient creates the pop sensation of pop rocks? >> let's go with phosphoric acid. >> oh. >> so what is the secret ingredient? >> it's carbon dioxide. when the sugar is heated, it's mixed with that that causes bubbles. when you put it on your tongue, the sugar melts and the bubble pops. >> cotton candy and bubble gum, those are flavors? >> yeah. >> back across to kath.
2:36 am
>> from lexington, kentucky, what was the first individually wrapped penny candy sold in the u.s.? >> d, tootsie rolls. >> nicely done. >> i can't believe how smart everyone is. >> tootsie roll started in 1896. first penny candy and the name tootsie was f the founder's daughter's nickname, he called her tootsie. >> time for one more. >> from ohio, finish the lyric to this 1982 hit. ♪ >> i want candy. ♪ i want candy >> well, you got candy. >> you want it, you get it. great song.
2:37 am
>> it was on the top ten bill board charts for seven years. >> dylan, thank you for coming to see us. good luck with your store. >> thank you. ♪ i want candy up next, paint expert genevieve gourder, right after this. huh, 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know that game show hosts should only host game shows? samantha, do you take kevin as your lawfully wedded husband... or would you rather have a new caaaaaar!!!! say hello to the season's hottest convertible... ohhh....and say goodbye to samantha. [ male announcer ] geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more.
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now what if i told youok a hotel you can save up to 60%,me first. but you couldn't know the name until after you book? did i say never? i didn't mean it. ♪
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most people don't know how to choose a new dentist. that's where we come in. we've helped over 8 million people find the right dentist, and we can do the same for you. call 1-800-dentist today. ♪ ♪ today's home. if you're looking to add life into your favorite rooms, a new coat of paint usually does the paint. >> what's tricky is choosing the
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right color. here with some tips is designer and payment color expert genevieve gourder. >> she does it all. >> with you guys i pretty much do it all. >> how do you know what to pick? usually you think basic white or beige. >> it's super overwhelming. so knowing what colors are trending, what's coming in in textiles is helpful. right here is a number of different options. we have a lot of charcoals and off blacks coming in. beige is pushed to the side. we have the pastels coming back, and you are wearing all of it right now. >> we did that on purpose. >> if we do it, you know, a little more subtly and not pastel on top of pastel, it can be really beautiful in the bedroom, on a ceiling. >> a couple of before and afters. we have a dining room here. this is the before. >> yes, this is very, very
2:42 am
bright white, very harsh. i am always one for color. bring it in when you can and pull back when you can't. let's go to the after. >> wow, warm. >> dining rooms need controversy and stimulation for conversation. this color does that. >> is that like a cranberry? >> it has a softer cranberry, so there's a little more white in it. >> that is so flattering for ladies. >> this is the bedroom. >> i mean, white can be very sharp, you know? the yellow gives it some warmth, energy, and some joy. and color can do that in not much money and in a couple of hours of time. this is an overlooked area. what a beautiful ceiling. bring a shade 50% lighter on the ceiling. this is a great dealy si y --
2:43 am
simple way to bring in more color. i'm a mom, your kids are older. >> they still write on the walls. >> friends sometimes do this, too. but this is all about durability, stain resis tent, fantastic, valpar reserve is a one-coat paint that stands up for life. >> no base coat? >> just one coat. >> wow. it's already coming off. this is a beautiful paint to use in high traffic areas. >> what is that? >> this is an all-purpose cleaner. what i really like about this, you guys, is when you traditionally clean a painted wall, what happens? the finish comes off.
2:44 am
this doesn't do that. >> a couple seconds left. you took items from our homes. this is yours. >> this is mine, and kathie's is the book on the end. >> this is all about color matching. so often we go to home improvement store with a sweater, a painting, something we want to match, and it's always kind of right but not totally. so when you bring it home, it's kind of wrong. this is a beautiful color matching system that we brought in and we have done -- we've just showed you exactly how it matches. >> are we painting? >> one coat and you will paint that chord and it will be exactly what i'm standing next to. it doesn't take five coats. >> that's a very thick coat there. >> wow. >> i don't know anything about painting. >> i love to paint. >> i see that. >> i do, because i'm sort of -- what am i, ocd? >> that's what i call it.
2:45 am
>> this is a zen practice. >> it's very soothing. >> and it immediately changes everything. you can paint in the morning and sleep it in at night. my friend has this gorgeous book "angels in our midst" and that's beautiful. it's just fun. >> we've got to go. don't miss great places to head to this summer. >> and the rules to live by with f you're single and ready to mingle, if you know what i mean.
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jim's hair is perfect. so's his serve, and his mandarin [speaking mandarin] xieúxieú, hou chiú but like up to 90% of americans, jim falls short in getting important nutrients from food alone. making jim more like us. add one a day multivitamins, rich in key nutrients you may need.
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just when you think you figured out the whole dating thing, it all changes. right, hoda woman? >> it sure does. should you call, text, what do you say or what?
2:50 am
it's confusing. >> so relationship expert ciggie flicker has come up with her list of commandments and she's going to put us to the test. >> we are ready. >> okay. question number one, should single women go to a bar with other single women, do you agree with that or disagree with that? yes, agree? >> she said yes. it took her longer. >> wrong. if you're looking for a job, do you take all your friends with you on an interview? if you're single, why walk into a bar -- >> because you're embarrassed. >> you go with somebody who is married or in a healthy relationship. so if i'm there and you're single, i go, excuse me, are you single? i got a friend over here. kathie, joe, i know she's beautiful. and you mingle. >> single friends can do that for you. >> but they don't. >> okay. number two. should single women go out
2:51 am
alone, agree or disagree with that? >> i'm going to say to the movies. >> you mean to a bar? >> anywhere. >> hoda wins. >> yes, he who travels alone travels far. >> it's hard to do, very hard. >> today we're all about i don't want -- you walk it alone. it says i'm comfortable in my own skin. it's sexy. if i walk in with hoda and kathie lee, who is approaching us? i walk in and i smile -- >> old people. >> okay. should women who are waiting have sex on the first date? >> oh, please. >> agree or disagree? >> please. >> i agree, if you don't like the man. you're right, women have needs, too. and some women, to get out into the dating field, need somebody and guess what? they have it in their system.
2:52 am
it's not just men who want it. if you like the man, you wait at least three to six months or six to eight dates. but that's a tricky one, so i'm going to give you points for that one. >> we don't need your stinking points. >> should single women fake it? >> yes. >> no. >> kathie wins this one. >> what? >> you get nothing when you fake it. he's going to find out that you faked your age or -- >> listen, i'm talking about little things, like he says a joke that's mildly funny. >> that's how you got in trouble before, hoda. >> i'm allergic to lobster, but let's order it any way. next one -- >> i misunderstood. >> if you're single, should you avoid wearing black, agree or
2:53 am
disagree? >> wear anything you want. >> i'm going to tell you why. listen to me, you take a survey, men -- if you're going to a funeral or a black tie event, yes. >> we have time for our tiebreaker. it's 2-2. >> should you let the man take the lead? agree or disagree? ding, ding, ding. both of them win. men love the mystery. >> what if you're a control freak like you are, that's faking it. >> no, you calm down before you go out and have a glass of wine or you learn how to lean back. a man likes to be a man. what did you win? one, two, three, hugs and kisses. >> thank you.
2:54 am
we love you. take the kids to a fun attraction without spending $1. >> the land of the free. but first this is "today" on nbc.
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it's time for today's travel. you're probably already thinking about where to take the kids this summer. >> it's executive editor shandra turner. >> hey, girl. >> thanks for having me. >> the nation's capital is a hot spot for free bees, huh? >> it is a mecca of freeness. if you're broke this summer, go to washington, d.c. the smithsonian alone has 19 free museums. >> really? >> isn't that incredible. fantastic. >> let's move on down to north carolina. >> north carolina and raleigh has the natural science museum, and it's great for kids that are 3 and up. they have a butterfly conservatory, so the butterflies can come and land on you. >> i love that. >> they have a dinosaur exhibit. >> and no admission fee? >> no admission fee. none of these activities -- >> it's just amazing. there's a catch?
2:58 am
>> no catch. >> they're taxpayer funded? >> some of them are. i'm sure there are local donations. >> let's head over to michigan. in summertime, it's unbelieva e unbelievable. >> the university of michigan, there's the museum of archaeology. this is better for kids of school age, so 5 and 5. there are two human mummies and some animal mummies. so kind of disgusting and also fabulous. >> where in michigan? >> ann arbor. >> let's go to st. louis. >> st. louis zoo is one of the few enormous zoos in the country that is also free. >> that's amazing. >> the trick is you have to arrive within the first hour of the day for the whole family to get in for free. but it's a pretty good deal. >> it sure is. you get up and go. >> and there's 20 insect exhibits there, including a live
2:59 am
beehive that the children can interact with. >> what do you mean, interact? >> don't go if you ore allergic to bees. >> so california and los angeles is the science center. and it's 400,000 square feet of science exhibits. it's in l.a. >> where, though? >> i've never been myself. but i want to check out -- they have a marine tank where kids can touch and feel other little animals, slimy things, and they have a simulated earthquake machine, so the kids can feel what it's like. >> it's wild. >> real earthquakes are not so much. and the list is many, many more places, sfligt >> yes. >> tomorrow, kris jenner and a performance by pharrell. >> have an awesome wines day
3:00 am
wednesday, everybody. tomorrow is thirsty thursday. and you know how you get. >> i'm here to help. you and i will get through this together. ♪


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