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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 5, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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and good morning to you, it's 4:30. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's say good morning to christina loren. >> temperatures are going to be warm. you'll have to use your air conditioner, if you did not have to do so yesterday, except right at the immediate coast where we eare still getting a little of an onshore flow and that will get cut off as we get into the weekend. we'll take you through that weekend forecast just a few moments now. right now, let's welcome in mike
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inouye and see what we're working on on the roads. >> the north bay moves very smoothly and the light traffic flow and coming out of santa rosa area and right side of your screen as you approach the bencia bridge. light traffic through that portion of the north bay. the rest of the bay showing a smooth drive and a little slowing that shows up on our sensors for livermore. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. a developing story this hour. neighbors have been ordered to stay inside and to lock their doors while police try and pinpoint the man they say killed three officers overnight. the news brunswick police tweeted this picture of the suspect. dressed in camouflage and carrying two rifles. the town of moncton was blocked off so officers could search for
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him. the 24-year-old man shot and killed three officers, injuring two others who were responding to a call about somebody with a gun. the family of an 18-year-old woman killed by a sheriff's deputy has hired an attorney while several agencies investigate the shooting. yesterday what started as the prayer vigil for yanira serrano. a crowd of her friends and families gathered in front of the station demanding answers. her family says on tuesday night they called 911 when the mentally ill armed woman refused to take her medication. the deputy shot and killed her outside the home when she lunged at him with a knife. her friends don't believe she deserved to die. we were hoping to hear from the family there. the deputy who shot the woman is on standard paid administrative leave while the district
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attorney's office investigates. no word on whether the family plans to file a lawsuit. leaders of the v.a. hospital in palo alto are holding a meeting to make sure members know the facility is not like others across the country. just days after a scathing report found 1,700 veterans were kept on secret waiting lists, with the majority having to wait more than two weeks to be seen. cited similar problems at va hospitals nationwide. according to "palo alto weekly" patients have to wait five to six days to be seen. meanwhile the acting va secretary will visit the facility today, sloan gibson meeting with staff members at the hospital and talking about the allegations that numerous veterans died while waiting to get appointments. gibson who took over on friday after secretary eric shinseki resigned said his department has reached outto veterans who were placed on those secret waiting
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lists. some students at palo alto high school may take their al a algebra file. teachers discovered several text messages and pictures of answers to that test that were passed out been habeforehand. students could keep ethe grade they had before the test or retake it to try to improve their overall grade. until the end of the year to fix cracks on the carquinez bridge which connects to vallejo. a seismic joint on that bridge had cracked after ten years of use. that joint is similar to the dozen used on the new span of the bay bridge. it was intended to last for two decades, but instead the joint supports need to be replaced very soon. it is designed to keep the bridge together during an earthquake. san francisco city attorney is suing the transport workers unit in response to three days of mass sick calls.
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the union represents muni workers. since they're not allowed to strike, calling in sick is their form of protest. only about a third of muni fleet were in service. yesterday the fleet was back up to 70%. the cable cars were still out of service. no word yet on any service impacts for this morning, but that's something we're certainly keeping tabs on. >> we know the muni sickout has throttled traffic for a few days, will there be a fourth is the question. to hear the rest of the morning commute, let's check in with mike. >> we don't have any specific updates, like you said, laura, the governing group over muni and send out their notes and so far nothing official. we'll track that and get word for their spokesperson, as well. looking across the bay, a smooth drive here. san francisco freeways have been smooth because, well, this week a lighter volume of traffic around the bay and talking about that being the shift that happens typically as the
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summertime starts and people's schedules who commute their kids to school. the rest of the east bay and a smooth drive, as well. coming off the carquinez bridge, and the issues they have discovered there. as they look towards westbound 580 that little blip of yellow right around el charro a live shot here and we turn the camera over there and saw one caltrans right above the clock, they are moving a couple of trucks over on the shoulder and nothing in lanes. things are moving very smoothly and we'll send it back to you. good morning to you. low clouds this morning, but not widespread. and that means our natural coolant is getting cut off, my friend. it's going to be hot out there for parts of the bay area, even right here in the south bay, we're talking about temperatures close to 90 degrees later on today. so, let's tell the story of the day via your weather headlines. areas of fog to start and little bit of fog at the immediate
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coast by 9:00 a.m. all cleared out. sunny skies before noon. widespread even at the coast and then our evening temperatures will be nice and comfortable, but this afternoon, it's going to be hot out there just make sure you're ready for that. al 86 in the south bay and 91 degrees out in the east bay. wait until you see what we're cooking up for this weekend. right now back to you, laura and sam. nice to have you, sam. right now breaking news out of the south bay this morning. police have blocked off several streets in south san jose to figure out how a man ended up dead. his body was found in the middle of the road. "today in the bay" bob redell is live in san jose near that area where police are looking for clues. what's the latest, bob? >> within the past half hour the homicide unit with the san jose police department has arrived out here to this location to try to figure out what happened to this man. what they know or at least what
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they're telling us appears to be very limited. they do tell us that someone saw his body down the road from where we're standing. officers arrived around 1:20. they found the man unconscious, not breathing with obvious injuries. the fire department declared him dead on the scene. whether this was a hit or run or something else. if you're not familiar with this road, this is a two-lane road that runs right up against the foot hills of san jose. as you can see, it's not lit and any street lights and it is very dark and it's our understanding that pd will have this road shut down for quite some time well into the daylight is what one officer told us. this is not a road that is going to be opening up any time soon. but, fortunately, this is a local road and not a road that will have a tremendous, if any, impact on the morning commute. a man found dead down the street from where i'm standing right now and pd is trying to figure out what happened. reporting live here in san jose,
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bob redell, "today in the bay." it is now 4:38. the president is in europe this morning talking to other top world leaders about the crisis in the ukraine. the latest from overseas, coming up next. a military jet crashes right in the middle of a southern california neighborhood. the latest details on that. plus, what we just learned about a second navy jet crash near that same area. plus, nearly two dozen firefighters hurt in a massive fire in new york. we'll have details, next. nbc bay area honored with three national awards for excellence in breaking news coverage, feature reporting and public service and television journalism all from the society of professional journalists. nbc bay area, we investigate.
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a very good now thursday morning to you as we take a live look outside waiting the sun's arrival overlooking the south bay in san jose. pretty look outside. 4:42 right now. new this morning, president obama is meeting with two of his most important european allies as they try to navigate shifting conditions in the ukraine crisis. later today he'll meet with david cameron in brussels before flying to dinner.
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european leaders are planning private meetings with russian president vladimir putin who was frozen out of the summit. unclear if president obama will meet with putin, as well. new video just into our newsroom of a devastating fire on staten island. 23 hurt were firefighters but the department says everyone should be okay. about 200 firefighters spent much of the night putting water on those flames, which consumed two residential buildings. a man screaming from a window tossed two small children down to a couple below. the kids were shaken up, but said to be okay. the military is in the process of investigating two separate crashes involving military jets. the latest happened overnight off the coast of san diego. a u.s. navy jet was reportedly trying to land on to an aircraft carrier, but, instead, crashed into the water. the pilot managed to eject but was not hurt. a marine carrier jet crashed into a neighborhood in the city of imperial east of san diego. you see the images right there,
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that's cell phone video of the aftermath. it looks bad. in it you could hear people yelling to get away afraid the wrecked jet could explode. smashed into one home and set another two on fire. as we said, that scene looked horrible but the pilot of the plane also was able to safely eeject himself before the jet went down. he landed down the street from the wreckage. the cell phone video, again, shows people tending to him with his parachute still attached. no one on the ground, amazingly, was hurt. the jet was stationed at the marine corps air station in yuma, arizona, about 70 miles from the crash site. the home town of army sergeant bowe bergdahl canceled a celebration after he was captured for five years. he was freed in the release of five taliban detainees held at guantana guantanamo bay. organizers in his hometown had
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planned the celebration but now they say they don't have the intrastructure to support all the people who might turn up. plus, they've been bombarded with hateful calls from people who don't think bergdahl should be honored. internal investigation to faulty ignition switches that were linked to 13 deaths. bertha coombs is live with the details. good morning, bertha, any sense of what gm plans to say. >> >> well, good morning, sam. the expectation is ceo mary barre will release those results during a town hall meeting with employees. "wall street journal" reports that no concerted cover up but managers failed to make connections and act on the evidence. several employees, including the engineer who designed the faulty switch will likely be demissed as a result. they were not aware of any of
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the problems prior to last december. meantime, the futures are pointing to a slightly lower start after stocks bounced back yesterday from tuesday's losses. the nasdaq snapping a three-day losing streak. the s&p 500 hitting yet another new record high. we had better than expected data on services jobs that help offset disappointing report on private sector job growth. the big report, of course, tomorrow the may job's number that out at 8:30 eastern time and in a little bit we'll get the latest filings for the weekly unemployment benefit. the dow rised 15 points and the nasdaq at 4251 after gaining 17. meantime, walmart is expanding its online savings tool nationwide. it rolls out its catcher letting customers compare prices on more than 80,000 products. the way it works is the tool will go and look and find a
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better price, if it finds a better price else where, walmart then refunds the difference in the form of a store credit. now, add thousands more products to the tool and shoppers will be able to look at everything from tvs to fresh produce that you could go in there and see whether you get a better deal on lettuce. >> although you get the store credit, so you spend it right back at walmart. >> which is the genius of the entire system. >> but, still, you get the discount. >> you're saving money, that's the main thing. an apparent tornado touched down in hugo, colorado, sending people running from their bedrooms into storm shelters. wind gusts up to 110 miles per hour knocked down trees and power lines and leveling a barn. firefighters put out several fires caused by downed power lines. two people were hurt but not life threatening. not too early for good news on the weather front.
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>> exactly. especially if you like the heat. christina loren has a look at it. >> getting into that time of year, sam and laura, where you can hit the beach just aboutby weekend and this weekend choice conditions to do so. 56 degrees to kick off your thursday in the south bay and 54 for the east bay and 53 in san francisco and we basically sliced your marine formation in half from yesterday, which means our onshore flow is cut in half and only parts of the bay area getting that natural coolant for today. 70 degrees. that's where you're going to find it in san francisco, not so much the case in the extreme east bay where we are expecting the 90s and as high pressure gets stronger moves into the bay area over the weekend and we are expecting temperatures to climb towards that century mark as we get into this weekend. saturday and sunday. mid-70s and even the 80s at the immediate coast. santa cruz looking really good this weekend. 80 degrees on saturday and 83 degrees on sunday. so, take a look at these temperatures. tri-valley 98 degrees on
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saturday and up to 100 straight up on sunday and then we're going to start to see the heat break a little bit as we kick off next week, but not by much. we're in this prolonged stretch. it looks like, guys, all the way into the end of next week. so, you're going to have to use the ac, but onshore flow is going to return, it always does. we'll have that coming up for you. right now back to you, sam and laura. >> no doubt we're in summer now. here's something we know about in california, the u.s. senate will try to tackle wildfires today. talk about training more first responders. video of the wildfire you're about to see last month one of a number of large fires that has already burned california. but the state and other western states suffering from severe drought conditions, lawmakers fear this wildfire season could be the worst it's been in years. officials from the u.s. forest service, the department of agriculture and the international association of firefighters will all be testifying today. and the senate intelligence committee will hold a hearing, as well, today on a bill
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designed to rein in government surveillance of internet users. the usa freedom act is supposed to stop the nsa bulk collection of phone records but a number of silicon valley ceos says it allows for collection of data communication. urging senators to put stricter language into that bill. among the ceos signing an open letter to the senate, big names. exactly one year ago today that the news began reporting of the nsa surveillance of phones. based on former contactor edward snowden. 4:50 right now. learn more about the bay area's plans for super bowl l. the host committee will talk about plans at 10:00. yesterday the league released the national logo for super bowl 50. the league ditched the roman numerals deciding super bowl l just didn't look good. this is just a one-time switch.
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roman numerals will be back for super bowl li. if you haven't heard the niners have committed themselves to cauli cauli cauline kaepernick. $61 million is guaranteed but he could make a total of 126, let me not overstate it here. $126 million. the extension will make him the league's second highest paid quarterback only behind aaron rodgers. that's some big money for playing ball. >> as if expectations weren't high before. >> he wants to do it for the team, not for the money. >> they all say that. 4:51 on nbc bay area this morning. a world cup prediction for you. ea sports has a prediction for you. the video game maker has run its stimulation.
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which country merged victorious. and traffic, it's on the freeway. 101 moves smoothly for palo alto and an update for the muni system. let you know what's coming up for today.
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welcome back. 4:54 on "today in the bay." what you're looking at there at&t park in the early hours. victorious in cincinnati, 3-2.
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you don't have to wait to see them again. the world cup just a few weeks away. electronic arts offering its predictions for who will win the big event. fifa world cup game ea decided the finals a matchup between host country brazil and germany. unfortunately for brazil, germany actually takes the victory, 2-1. as for the americans, ea doesn't see the team going too far. three ties prevented team usa from ever making it out of group play. for those of you who think it's a silly video game. listen to this, you know this, the game correctly predicted spain would win the cup. ea also 3-8 when also predicting the outcome of the super bowl. >> got one right. a north bay high school is taking school spirit to an all-new level. ♪ let's get it started in here ♪
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♪ >> wow. that's pretty cool. video was put together by the kids at redwood high school. every single student took part in the video and the whole thing needed just two takes. the goal off to show off redwood sport spirit. they used a drone to show off the entire student body out there. >> that's impressive. i'm struck by the choreography. they can obviously sing black eyed peas. you think mike is capable to do that, as well? >> going backwards. >> my whole new promo that i am pitching for every bay area freeway, it will take nine years to film and i'll be exhausted. >> how many takes? >> good news for the muni system, this will take less than nine years or the hour wait, all systems back to normal.
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the muni spokesperson talked to us and bus routes back in service, including the cable cars. that's great news. no delays reported for the other agencies and if you have any issues, tweet it out to me and us and we'll let you know what the rest of the bay area knows. looking at oakland, a smooth drive past the coliseum. police officers at one bay area school this morning after threats for school administrators to cancel class yesterday. we'll have details coming up. plus, a man's body is found in a san jose street early this morning. bob redell bringing us a live update next.
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we continue to follow breaking news this morning. police trying to figure out how a man ended up dead in the middle of a san jose street. a live update is next. plus, a neighborhood on lock down as canadian police go door-to-door looking for this man. he's been linked to the deaths of three officers and stands
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accused of injuring a number of others. the latest on the manhunt, next. good thursday morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. turning off the ac for parts of the bay area. we'll take you through your microclimate forecast. we're looking at your roadways where some natural slowing past construction zones and no major incidents. i'll show you where things are starting to creep up for that commute, coming up. a live peek outside on this thursday morning. golden gate bridge. seeing folks make their way across the span. it's thursday, june 5th. this is "today in the bay." and a very good thursday morning to you, thanks so much for joining us, i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. a two-lane road in the foothills of san jose has been shut down so investigators can try to figure out how a man ended up dead in the middle of the street.


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