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tv   Today  NBC  June 10, 2014 2:07am-3:01am PDT

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♪ from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody. on a very rainy fun day monday, june 9th, so glad you're here with us. what a gorgeous weekend it was. >> it was spectacular. we felt like we had to pay for it and that was today. >> all this week it looks like. but i have you, my sunshine. >> yes, you do. >> we had our hugh last night, didn't we? >> if you didn't watch the tonys, go on youtube and watch the first five minutes. hugh jackman did something
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extraordinary. he literally jumped, bounced for, i don't know how many minutes but as i was watching him, four minutes straight of jumping. not like jumping rope. >> like leaping forward. he's like -- >> like on one of those segues, it looks like, going over -- it is just amazing. >> i was watching him and i said i wonder how hard that is. in my apartment, that wasn't that big, i was jumping. after four or five jumps, i was winded. this guy kept going and going and going. >> and having fun with everybody along the way and hitting the high notes. he's in unbelievable shape. >> he was a ten. hats off to hugh jackman. >> charming, charming job. our favorite thing is when he turned and said, and by the way, gave a shoutout to the -- >> the cam operator. >> he had an even harder job than hugh. >> that's what hugh does. a fun night. he had all kinds of interesting things at the tonys, things you don't expect. a little rap at the tonys.
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a lot of cleavage. >> yeah. >> how about fantasia? if you're watching the opening number -- >> that's not even -- you can bare -- when she's moving around, i was terrified. look. what is that? is that a -- >> no, that's not a -- don't say nip. >> she turned the other way and it was there again. >> it might be tape that is holding the dress together. >> i don't know. no one knows. >> okay. big night for jesse mueller playing carole king. she won for best lead actress. she was singing with carole king. >> she walked out on that stage and everyone went bonkers. and she was such a -- she has such humility in her acceptance speech. >> she is the real deal. i love jessie's speech about her as well. a little of it. >> okay. >> are we going to listen. >> i have a wadded up piece of paper. oh, my gosh. >> she's beautiful. >> i have to thank god because
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without him, nothing is possible and that is true and that will always be true. everyone at sondheim, the cast, the crew, designers, such a pleasure to come work every day. >> how many times -- >> i think five times. if i had a ticket tonight, i would go again. >> it is that good. >> really good. >> a million a week, doing so well. little show that was struggling is gentleman's guide to love and murder. it took home best musical. that's what i had thought. >> you picked that one. >> it is so unique. it is just -- you want to laugh your butt off, go see that show. phenomenal performances. though jefferson mays did not take home the lead actor. >> right. >> but somebody who, you know, equally deserving. >> who? >> neil patrick harris. bryan cranston won for best play.
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>> i haven't seen that. you saw it. you said it was unbelievable. >> usually what i do when i go to a play, i go how long is it? you want to know. they go three hours, and you go, okay. and you think, oh, my gosh. it was three great hours. it wasn't one of those, you go, oh, my god. congrats to all of them. let's talk belmont stakes, shall we? >> oh. california chrome. >> we have been picking them all the way. >> he tied for fourth, the horse. so afterwards, you guys know the drama came afterwards when one of the owners, co-owner of the horse, steve coburn, was ticked off after the race. we'll show you a little snippet, you know, and here we go. >> because this is not fair to these horses that have been running their guts out for these people and for the people that believe in them, for somebody to come up -- this is a coward's way out in my opinion.
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this is a coward's way out. if you have a horse, run him in all three. if you have a horse that earns points running the kentucky derby, those 20 horses that start in kentucky are the only 20 available of eligible to run in all three races. this is a coward's way out. >> steve, i know it is a tough loss, we hope to see him down the road. >> how many times have you been with your partner or you're saying and something and your partner is trying to get you to be quiet so many marriages. >> honey, that's enough. you're good. >> no, i don't care. >> he happened to be on national television. >> he is new to the game. >> he did -- here's what happened. first of all, he did that interview. the next day after getting rest and sleeping and getting his feelings about -- again. he's really mad. he'll never say he's sorry.
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today he apologized. >> the apologize du jour. >> he said he was ashamed of his behavior. he apologized to his wife first, which i thought was great. he didn't apologize -- then he apologized to the winners and the entire horse world. >> world. you know what, i sensed his sincerity. >> yeah, i did. look, we have all flown off the handle. it is hard to be next to someone who is freaking because there is no pulling them back. what do you do? >> you sit next to me every day somehow, you get through. >> you know what, you're right. you are right. >> this is a cute story. >> it is. shailene woodley, first of all, hats off to the movie, "the fault in our stars." it was number one at the box office. $48 million, it made tom cruise's movie look like a big zip. >> it did okay. it got really good reviews and -- >> but, you know. people didn't go as much as they went to this one. you know what they should
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realize, young girls like going to good movies and they'll buy tickets and you don't have to have one of those -- >> look at the "twilight" franchise. i think what they were smart about is they took john -- is it john green, the writer, who every bit as popular as they were and went on this mall tour, selling it, preselling it to everybody. so remember the girl from fandango was here and said they never had so much -- >> was i here? >> yes, hoda, that was last week. >> okay. >> the real moms. >> yeah. i must have tuned out. >> they wanted to go, the start of the show -- the movie, wanted to go and watch the movie with a real audience. and so they -- i think we have a picture of shailene, yes, with a wig on. >> is that him? >> yeah, that's him. >> and ansel elgort. >> shailene maybe sat next to you. she wanted to hear what people thought of it, you know. >> honestly.
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>> and tom cruise did pretty well, it was third. i picked this video just for you. when you go to a symphony -- >> wait, wait, wait. this is not -- >> no, it is different. at the seattle symphony, you would like it, it is a symphony. at the symphony, they have this man who came, and his name is sir mix a lot and he's really -- >> no, hoda. >> it was great. it was at the seattle symphony and the audience got involved. let's take a look. ♪ ♪ where's my fellos fellows ♪ shake it, shake it shake that big old butt ♪ >> shake that big old butt. >> your friend emily -- >> emily is here. i'm ashamed of you. >> emily knows baby got back. baby got back. >> nearer my god to thee, those are the only -- oh, emily.
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>> that was a hit 20 years ago. it was -- it is a product of the symphony to get more people involved. the symphony evolution project, they have composers and they reinterpret famous songs. >> i can't take it. broadway last night, and all -- >> did you love it? >> emily loved it. >> oh, my gosh. you're buying the lambchops today at mary's, not me. >> time for favorite things. >> yes, you know what, my friend daniel turned me on to this book, i don't think it comes out until october but you can order it. it is a country star named jimmy wayne. i heard of him. i'm not familiar really with a lot of his music. but he wrote a book called "walk to beautiful." it is a story of his life. oh, it -- it was released or will be released? i don't know. i'm telling you, this -- it will be. oh, my gosh. what a life. if this kid can turn his life around, he's --
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♪ you believe now >> i love that. >> he's good. i was sobbing my eyes out. it gives you such hope. so it is called -- >> you read a lot. >> i do read a lot, hodi. >> here is my favorite. >> you just did it. >> hannah became a brownie. she got promoted to the brownie world. there she is. >> isn't that cute? she's got a flower and the ceremony. >> i hope it felt better for her than it did for me. i was kicked out of the brownies. >> i was in the brownies. here's proof. it is not an easy picture but i'm the weird one on the end. somebody posted that. anyway. >> most people have a wonderful experience with the brownies. good for her. >> all right. so here we go. all right. want to do a shoutout to the high school graduates. if you know a teen who has overcome odds to graduate from high school, we want to know about it. >> go to our facebook page or and hit the connect button, please.
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>> all right, the sexy actor who never lost his groove, taye diggs is here to celebrate father's day week. >> and all the hollywood happenings this weekend including a split for a big hollywood couples.
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we are back on this fun day monday. we get to fill you on all the juicy celebrity scoop on "today's buzz". >> here with the hot hollywood gossip you may have missed over the weekend is correspondent nina terraro. >> nina. >> sad this weekend, some breakups happened. did they not? >> yes. so antonio banderas and melanie griffith have called it quits after 18 years of marriage. >> okay. >> melanie's filed for divorce on friday. and later the couple released a statement saying theirs is a friendly split. though she is asking for spousal support and custody of their daughter stella who will be
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turning 18 in september. >> you to need custody when you're 18? >> i think it is more of a statement than anything. this is mine! >> i'll take that. >> wow. j. lo and casper smart. that's been in the news a lot. >> no one saw this coming, right? total shocker. after two and a half years, these two have called it quits. theirs is a may-december romance, 17 years apart. honestly, this was a relationship that no one thought would last as long as it had. they met as he was a backup dancer for her and got together after her split from marc anthony. it didn't last too long. >> has it been over for a while. all the allegations of him with other women on instagram or other people. >> right. that's what soto j. lo are saying that, this was a split a few months in the making. she is dropping a new album at the end of the month and she's busier than ever while he's trying to get his career off the ground as an actor. so really, you know, i don't think there is any love lost and she hasn't given an official
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statement about the split. i think that says -- >> they weren't married, didn't have children together, so it is a lot easier to split. >> really close to her two twins which, you know -- >> okay. justin bieber, couple of things, usher went on instagram to defend his friend, right? >> yes. as you may remember, usher had signed justin bieber when he was 13 to his label. now he's coming out in his defense. gave a lengthy statement saying unequivocally justin is not a racist. justin is under intense scrutiny of him right now. two videos of him using really ugly racial slurs have emerged. >> happened five years ago. keep that in context. >> right, right, right, five years ago. but usher is saying he's never been a racist, justin is a good kid and he's grown up from that experience. he's a man now and learned from his mistakes. >> if you don't learn from it,
2:23 am
you're going to repeat it. >> that's key. >> he was baptized in the bathtub here in new york. >> that's what we're hearing. justin retreated amidst all of this kind of public rumors and so on and is saying i'm going to spend time with god and the bible and my church. after spending some time with a paster in new york city, he was baptized. >> i don't know that pastor. i saw an interview he gave over the weekend. i was so impressed with him. i have friends that go to that hill song church here in new york. they say he's just spectacular. >> i hope this is something that is true, you know? you want the best for justin. >> he'll get back. think of the load that this kid got when he became this huge star at such a young age. not condoning anything he did. >> right. because you'll apologize tomorrow. >> so tracy morgan, how is he doing? what is the latest on his condition? >> this is something so unexpected, the accident. the reps are saying he's okay. he's conscious but he has several broken ribs, a broken leg and a broken nose.
2:24 am
he's in the hospital right now in new jersey, surrounded with his family and friends. so one can only hope he'll recover fully from this. and then in the meantime, the driver of the walmart truck who has slammed into his car is going to be in court this morning in new jersey. so we'll have to see what happens. >> may have fallen asleep, i heard -- >> we don't know anything as of yet. >> it was 1:00 in the morning. you think how easy that can be. >> there is a slowdown sign and he didn't see it and, you know. just too bad. >> well, thank you for coming to see us. >> before you head out on your summer vacation, jill has must haves you won't want to leave home without. >> and one celebrity getting a lot of buzz these days, taye diggs. a new show coming up. don't leave the room, you might be hearing from us. >> but maybe not. >> maybe. >> maybe. we're about to surprise our fan of the week. >> right after this . hey, this is where we grow the mustard seed that makes french's yellow mustard. 100% natural from me to you.
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we're back and it is that time when we surprise our fan of the week. >> drum roll. we spin the globe. today's winner is in golden valley, minnesota, where shannon closer watches us. she's there with her twin daughters elena and hannah. hi, girls. >> how are you? >> i'm so happy. >> oh, my god, those kids are so cute. >> we can only see half of one of them. they look so adorable. >> we will tell everyone why you were chosen. shannon has always been a fan. since becoming a first time mom to elena and hannah, she said the fourth hour has become her outlet and she functioned on very little sleep.
2:29 am
>> they tune in every day just in time for their 10:00 bottles. the twins are about to celebrate their first birthday. shannon feels lucky she's been able to start every morning with her four favorite ladies, her daughters and us. >> now, shannon, we hear you frequently find yourself rhyming and making up songs for your little ones. is it true you wrote a poem for us? >> i did. >> can we hear it? >> okay. it's a little cheesy, i know. before the sun peeks out to greet, i grab my little ones who are ready to eat. i get out my yawn, stretching head to toe, turn on the "today" show and let the coffee flow. after diapers then comes bottles and today and the day begins. then we are joined by you friends. kathie lee and hoda show all the cool trends, everything is fine, they laugh and have such a good time. i feel lucky to spend the morning with play, what an absolutely fabulous start to my day.
2:30 am
>> yeah! >> thank you, shannon. >> ready to find out where you're going? okay. >> you and a guest will be heading to the beautiful club med cancun. >> cancun, mexico. >> unbelievable. >> four days, three nights, you'll enjoy luxurious all inclusive stays in ocean front rooms, variety of fabulous dining options. >> you'll be able to relax by the pool, explore the white sandy beaches with lots of activities. airfare accommodations furnished by club med. shannon, who are you going to take? >> my husband. >> good. have a wonderful time. kiss those babies for us. >> all right. >> we'll be back after this.
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welcome back to more of "today" on this monday. boy, do we know how to get your week started with the very sexy taye diggs. >> you know him from the hit tv series "private practice" and
2:33 am
steamy roll opposite angela bassett in "how stella got her groove back". >> we know how she got it back. >> yeah. >> now you can find taye in the new series "murder in the park" playing detective terry english who solves crimes really, really well ands offer his partner advice. take a look. >> you put in your preferences and it comes back with possible matches. i have four. >> okay. attractive, athletic, degree, high income bracket, tight firm buttocks. >> so funny. >> any luck? >> nope. >> we wanted to see the part where you smack somebody down. >> yes. we're used to seeing you in loving, sweet rolls and in this one, you play this tough -- a great cop, but a tough cop who gets physical. another side to you. >> sure, yeah. good to kind of flex those acting muscles, something a little different for me. >> and it is a different kind of cop show too. >> yes, it is. yes, it is.
2:34 am
one of the shows where the case is solved throughout the entire season, which is ten episodes. >> so two murders, and you and your partner are on the hunt. >> yes, exactly. >> if you missed first one, do you have to follow it every single -- >> each episode is great within itself, but it helps if you know what's going on, you know. it gives fans a chance to kind of follow and really take stake. >> do you like this kind of role better than the "stella got your groove back" role. >> i like them all. lately i've been taking off my shirt and smiling and showing the white teeth. this is -- >> you've been working it. >> that's true. >> this is nice to kind of, as i said, you know, show that i have a different side. >> you started out in theater, right? >> i did, yeah. i'm a song and dance kid. as soon as time allows. that's what is great about this show, ten episodes. i have more time off to hopefully get into something
2:35 am
else. >> and be with your boy. >> and be with my little dude. >> can we talk about how cute? >> we can talk about him forever. >> how much do you love -- we have a little vine video. >> 4 1/2. >> oh, my god. the got milk commercial. >> that was my favorite. >> what were you talking about right at that moment? >> i mean, i think his mother was behind the camera acting like a dinosaur, just to get him to smile like that. >> so adorable. >> he's the best. >> we saw a little bit of your vine thing. >> what's this? >> i don't know. >> no, baby. >> that's my favorite. >> oh! >> he gets such a kick out of that. >> what do you love about being a dad? >> stuff like that. just little person you created is an actual person and, you know, before i had him, i would
2:36 am
always fantasize about chilling with him. he's 4 1/2 now. we can do that. we can go to the park, we can get ice cream, and, you know, question have an actual conversation. >> gets better every year. >> yeah. >> we have a couple of seconds. we know you started off singing. tv theme songs. you got something for us, you'll sing it and we'll try to fill in the blank. >> are you ready? >> i'll give you my lower register. ♪ as long as we got each other ♪ we got the world spinning round and round ♪ >> i'm sorry. >> what is it? >> it is -- >> "different strokes." >> "right in our hands" from "growing pains". >> exactly. the next one. ♪ thank you for being a friend travel around the world and back again ♪ >> give it to her. give it to her. >> what is that from? >> that is from "golden girls." >> all right. >> the last one.
2:37 am
♪ sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name ♪ >> "cheers." >> what is the next lyric. ♪ where everybody knows your name ♪ >> "cheers" song. way to go, guys. >> i think you have a future, i do. >> i hope so. >> in the morning? >> yeah. "murder in the first" premieres on tnt, tonight, everybody. >> before you pack, jill is back with your vacation must haves. >> and which one of us will hit it out of the park. two people from the plaza step up to the plate and join our team.
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time for another mad food challenge when madelyn fernstrom tests how much we know about the fat and calories in some of our favorite foods. >> today's theme is ballpark eats. stepping up to the plate to join my team is valerie ataway from savannah, georgia, on vacation with her husband. >> and on my team is penny miller from bear, delaware, celebrating her 60th birthday today. >> congratulations. >> hey, penny. >> and this is madelyn fernstrom. >> take the field with your team and then i'm going to read a question and then you're going to see if you know the answer, one of your members will run, touch the base, blow the kazoo and answer. >> you'll be in the way. >> i'll get out of your way. >> do your thing. >> question number one, a large soft pretzel is a low fat choice, how many calories?
2:42 am
300, 400, or 200. >> do it. >> what is the answer? >> b. >> you are wrong. >> what's your answer? >> the answer? >> 5 or 3? >> 500. >> you are both wrong. >> so nobody. >> we'll take it. >> that was ridiculous. >> next, how many calories does a regular size box of cracker jacks have? 120, 220 or 320? >> team hoda, what do you have? >> 320. >> wrong! >> go ahead, valerie. >> 220. >> oh, my gosh, no! strikeout again. >> 120? >> that's a good choice. small box of cracker jacks, you can eat that by yourself. >> this is not going well at all.
2:43 am
>> how much of a ten inch philly cheesesteak can you eat for 200 calories? a quarter, half or two-thirds? >> do it. >> a quarter. >> you would be right. you get a big cheesesteak -- >> you are so good, birthday girl. >> question number four. how many 12 ounce bottles of beer can you drink for 300 calories, one, two, or three. >> two bottles. >> two bottles, 150 calories. you get two. >> okay. >> up next, a choice of which has more calories, a plain personal pan pizza or nachos.
2:44 am
>> a container of cheese nachoçv >> that would be a home run. >> next, more questions left. >> oh, my god. >> which of these drinks has the lowest calories for 16 ounce serving. cola, pink lemonade or strawberry smoothie. >> okay. you got it. >> shout it out. >> pink lemonade. >> valerie, you got it. you got it. >> lowest. >> lowest calories. >> a. this is it for all the marbles. >> you would be right. next question -- >> it's over. >> it's over! >> you were great. you were great. >> everybody wins. you get to keep your "today" show hat. >> thank you. should you buy your dad some
2:45 am
stuff? father's day gifts that make sense. >> and be prepared for anything the next time you shop. >> great ideas to save you in a fashion emergency, right after this. is coming up... have agreed to... kid for a night.
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time now for jill's fashion emergencies. everything you could possibly need in a pinch the next time you travel. >> "today" contributor and contributing editor for "people style watch" jill martin is here with all your essentials. only jill could still look good this way. >> most people come to get their hair and makeup done here. this is to show you. keep it on for ten minutes. we'll get to that in a bit. i have to keep it on. i'm ready to go. let's first start, this is aaron with a travel checklist. my mother always writes, but i can't read her handwriting.
2:50 am
you have a checklist for the whole family, you go through, you check it off. see your name at the top and you any what to bring and what you're missing. that's -- we're starting there. then, we get on the plane -- >> what about the luggage tags? >> those are cool. just extra. but i love those. they came and i didn't even order them, but look how cute they are. you can get them personalized. this is see jane comes flat like this. earplugs in it, eye thing, this thing around my neck and around my neck. it is flat like a piece of paper. you've been upgraded. >> cute. >> this you're going to flip out. thin optics. it is a case, and then they have different prescription glasses that fit into it so you can read the menu. >> what do you mean? >> like, this, these are glasses. you can read the menu and put them back in the -- you know how you can't find your glasses. the glasses come in. do you understand? >> how tiny it is.
2:51 am
>> tiny, and you don't lose them. >> oh, on your iphone. nobody said that. i did not know -- >> i'm quite the contributor. >> let's do it again. so you -- >> prescription. >> perfect. >> okay. now this, i'll do the eye thing. our viewers love these. they come out with wrinkle lens and eye gel. >> transforming face gel. >> you feel exhausted. >> i'm getting a sty. >> be careful. >> doesn't that feel nice? >> yes. but -- >> you're done! she's going to lunch. >> nobody notices. >> are you going to lunch? >> yes. >> you'll be -- doesn't that feel great? >> it is eye cooling. that is true. >> 30 to $35 for the pack. forehead, whatever your problem area is. you'll like this. >> this wasn't it. >> i didn't want to put this on. you don't need it.
2:52 am
$39, sephora. 24 mini pods. you bring them on vacation. good for two coats, plus touchups. all the different colors, mini on vacation. >> we have these. >> yes. >> you saw them already? >> i think we saw these. >> bummer. >> but aren't they great for people who haven't seen them? >> aren't they great for others? >> people who maybe didn't tune in. pack one lip gloss for the summer, super light, super moisturizing, this is your lip. i left a few i thought would work. $19. this will last you months unless you lose it and it is lightweight, full of moisture, and it keeps the lips hydrated. isn't that great? okay. paul mitchell hair kits, originally for prom, but these are awesome for us. it gives you the certain hair you need. if you want wild, it gives you more gel, if you want calm -- >> they come in a package. >> you pick. this is for the hubby in your life or if you use an electric razor.
2:53 am
it plugs into your computer. if you don't have a plug, it will charge, like if you're on the plane and you arrive and you go like this. look how thin it is. >> can you put your glasses on? >> no. >> that's $29.99. also, good for a father's day gift. this is major if you have frizzy hair like me, i'm not saying anyone else. >> look how cute. >> do it when you're driving. >> is that me or you're the passenger. >> yes, passenger. >> okay. >> all right. >> all good. >> father's day gift ideas you'll want to stock up on. >> first, this is "today" on nbc. >> yes, it is. >> look how great our jill looks.
2:54 am
2:55 am
2:56 am
it's time now to test your money smarts in a fun game we like to call stock or stuff. >> is it better to buy a product at the store or invest the same amount of cash in the company's stock for yourself, or give it away as a father's day gift. >> yes. we know what you mean. here to put us to the test is cnbc's personal finance correspondent, sharon epperson. >> good morning, ladies. >> is it easy to buy your dad or a loved one stock? >> it is very easy. do it online. go to a website like or and they can send you a legally registered stock certificate, as long as you provide the social security number. it will take a month or so. they can give you a color copy, expedite it and give it to you later. you remember how to play, right? >> we do. >> decide whether you should buy in the stock in the company or the stuff. we're starting with ties. everyone loves to give dad ties for father's day. men's warehouse, buy the stock in men's warehouse or get the stuff?
2:57 am
>> i'm going for stuff. men's warehouse, i buy the stuff. >> you buy the stuff. you are wrong. >> they're in trouble. >> if you spent $100 last year, how much would your money have grown, you would see a nearly 50% profit in your -- >> they're rocking it. >> get the stock of that company. >> how about darden restaurant, give dad a gift card for olive garden, a bunch of different restaurants. >> what do you think, kath? >> i love olive garden. >> what did you say? >> i said buy stock. >> buy stock in olive garden. the stock is down 4% in the last 12 months so you might want to stick with the stuff there, give them the gift card instead. dick's sporting goods. get everything you want for dad there, right? >> never again. >> tennis rackets, sporting, anything. >> definitely, sharon, buy the stuff. >> definitely buy the stuff. you're right. in the last 12 months, you would have lost money in the last year
2:58 am
if you bought that. so dad is going to go away this summer. and before he goes overseas, we want to help him learn a language, maybe you can learn portuguese ahead of the world cup. what do you think? rosetta stone? rosetta stone, what do you think? >> i'll say buy the stock it is a good company. >> the stock has gone down a lot this year. >> like i said, don't do that. >> it is a software company struggling a bit. moving into mobile apps and the subscription business. >> the next one. >> playstation, sony playstation. you might think for kids, a lot of dads love playing sony playstation. >> stock, all the way. >> what do you think? >> sony is down 15% in the last 12 months. gaming company, it is that tv, got movie, got all of that, so that is something that -- >> costco. all the stuff you want to grill -- >> i love costco. i think they're awesome. >> stock is up in the last 12 months.
2:59 am
up 6%. >> i wish i would have bought it years ago. >> at the end. >> we're tied up, 1-1. >> the tiebreaker. >> it is a question. >> coors brewing company. >> coors is always a great business. family business. i'm going to say stock. >> you are right, kathie lee. you are the winner. that stock is up 35% in the last 12 months. you might want to get this. i'm still going to give you, since you won, you won a six pack. >> i'll take it. >> i don't drink alcohol. >> hoda can give it to boots. >> give it to the person you want to for father's day. wish him a happy father's day. >> happy father's day to you. >> tomorrow, a performance by colbie caillat. >> and the other view with matthew hussey. >> and from "orange is the new black," lauren -- >> have an awesome fun day
3:00 am
monday, everybody. tomorrow is booze day tuesday. love that day. >> i'm here to help. you and i will get through this together. ♪


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