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tv   Today  NBC  June 13, 2014 2:07am-3:01am PDT

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from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> it's thirsty thursday. or is it thirsty thursday? >> whatever. >> june 12th. that is the only thing i'm sure of. hi, hodi. >> you know what i'm not sure of? >> uh-oh. >> where any of the channels are on my cable system. has this ever happened to you? something happened where the cable people decide they want to change where all the channels are. so i came racing into the house
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last night. i was out doing something. and i came in to watch the end of the rangers game. and i know it's on nbc sports. and i thought that was channel whatever i knew it as, 200 something. i was like -- and there was something else there. i don't know. and i kept clicking and i was like why is hbo not 200? and someone has jumbled up all of the channels and confused me because i know where my channels are. it's like going to a hotel in another place and you don't know. or you're on the phone with your friends, you're like oh, my god, turn on hbo. what channel? i go 200. they go it's not 200 in my house. i go, well, anyway. >> do the guide. even i can do the guide. >> i did punch guide, but hbo is now 500. so you have to go, 201, down the pages 205, 210, 215, 220. >> type in your -- like hbo, right? >> i don't know. i've never seen it. >> britney, will you please teach her how to do that?
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>> i've never seen it. >> let me just tell you something. >> what? >> the rangers on. >> okay. the rangers won. and by the way, by the way, how about that puck? how about that? i didn't see it but -- the puck sat there and there was a little bit of snow that kept it from going into the goal. it was like an icy edge right on the edge of the goal. and somehow it did not push over into it. it was amazing. the other team, the l.a. kings could have tied it, but the puck sat on the very edge. it was so worth finding the channel. >> good. now are we all set? because people hate it when you whine about things in the morning. >> you know what? i tweeted this morning, 58 degrees, waiting for summer. #waitingforsummer. and someone wrote in all caps, stop your complaining. i wasn't. i was stating a fact. >> yes. but here it is. it's 5:00 in the morning. why are you tweeting then anyway?
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>> because i tweet when i wake up. i like to do that. >> you know who's on a roll again? >> who? >> paula deen. she's launching a network. a subscription-based online network this september. she says that they're currently creating a show. she said she was offered another show on a regular network and she wants to own it and control it this time on the web. >> we've always said that we thought that paula deen would make a comeback. she made a mistake, she owned up to it, she said she was sorry, she lost her empire basically as a result. and it's been a while. she's made a couple of appearances. and now she's got this -- and i'll be curious to see how it does. because people have to subscribe, pay for it. >> she still has a population of people that reach -- that she found, that love her and got her through that tough time and we wish her all the best. we really do. i think she learned a really, really painful and expensive lesson. >> she sure did.
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okay. so you guys may or may not know this, but the world cup is starting today. and if you don't care or don't know, we're going to give you a -- >> a reason to. >> three reasons. three beautiful reasons to watch. ready for your three reasons? here's the first one. his name is ronaldo. >> cristiano ronaldo. >> he plays for the club team real madrid. he was named after ronald reagan. >> real. >> that's what i said. >> it looks like "real" to us. >> we're from america. >> whatever. >> all right then. next reason to watch the world cup, gerard pique. >> also known as -- well, this is rude. but people call him mr. shakira. which is not nice. but he is the father of shakira's little baby. >> they are lovers. >> he plays for fc barcelona. >> barcelona. and the number one reason to watch the world cup is him. >> 27-year-old cesc fabregas. yes. cesc. >> fabregas. >> we have a pro in the house. >> from fc barcelona.
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>> anyway, now you can watch it. >> you know what, though? from all reports, brazil is not ready for this at all. >> we've heard a lot of -- >> a lot. seven years or something, right? to get ready for this. >> it takes time. we like waiting until the last minute. by the way, this is one of those global sports that everyone is -- tunes in to. >> the rest of the world cares like crazy. it's taking a while for it to catch on in america. but it's going the right direction anyway. >> so mila kunis, who is with ashton kutcher, asked this question or posed this question. does it bother you when a couple says we're pregnant? well, it does bother mila kunis. okay? as opposed to "i'm pregnant," people often say "we're pregnant." this is what she had to say about it on jimmy kimmel. >> my wife and i are pregnant. we're having a baby very soon as well. >> oh, you both are having a baby. >> yes. >> you and your wife are pregnant? >> yes. >> hi. i'm mila kunis. >> yeah, we know --
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>> shh. >> oh. >> hello, i'm mila kunis. with a very special message for all you soon to be fathers. stop saying "we're pregnant." when you wake up and throw up, is it because you're nurturing a human life? no. it's because you had too many shots of tequila. you're not pregnant. >> we are. we are. >> that's cute. >> okay. now, has she even admitted that she is publicly? >> i guess so. >> anyway, i don't know. i think there is something kind of sweet about it. you do make a child together, which is, you know, the beauty of it. and then you do hopefully raise the child together. and if you're a good partner, you are going through those -- you're caring for her and cleaning up after her and -- >> i think it's sweet, too. but that is a funny little bit. >> yeah. >> all right. so there was a dad. i think a lot of parents will relate to this.
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in the middle of the night, the baby is crying, won't stop crying, won't stop crying. so this father, and his name is nuncio rosso, decided that he had the solution for a crying baby, michaela, who was 10 months old. take a look at this. [ crying ] >> aw. and out. >> out like a light. that was from one of those baby cams. >> he would -- she would cry i guess every two hours or something. but apparently he couldn't get out, right? are we going to show that? >> no. i think we just talked about that. >> oh. i thought that was the point. he got stuck in a position like that and then he couldn't get out because she's sleeping and he would wake her up. he didn't want to wake her up. anyway, they just slept together. >> has over 10 million views and now 10 million and 1. >> we would like to say because
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we're a news program we don't recommend climbing into the crib with your baby. it may backfire. what did you do when your kids cried in the middle of the night? >> christine took care of it. no, you know what? it's hard. but every expert had told me that you've got to let them cry and it would break them of the habit. and that's what we did. >> that's what you did. >> because christine told me to. okay. >> all right. so there was a husband -- >> and frank never heard it. >> frank never heard it? >> frank doesn't hear anything. even back then when our kids were little, no, no, no. >> we're going to go right to ihoda. you're going to love this. >> why do we go right to ihoda? >> because it's time and we're running out of time. this is a song i played for you this week because i love it so much. there is a show called "nashville." before we play this song, this is about when somebody has a calling in life, in this case this girl wanted to be a singer and she decided maybe it wasn't for her and she backed away. and a friend of hers sang a song to her that was basically encouraging her to stay in the business.
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just take a listen. ♪ >> anything that starts off like that i like. ♪ the same road that brought you here ♪ ♪ will sure as hell take you home ♪ ♪ the life you left behind will have you back ♪ ♪ you're tired of paying dues ♪ you're worn-out shoes and broadway blues ♪ ♪ and any fool will tell you ♪ the damn old deck is stacked >> the good part. here it comes. ♪ what if you're just a vessel ♪ and god gave you something special ♪ ♪ it ain't yours to throw away ♪ it ain't yours to throw away
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♪ every time you open up your mouth ♪ ♪ diamonds come rolling out ♪ and it ain't yours to throw away ♪ >> i can't sing, but i love this song. isn't that a beautiful song? go on itunes, and it's from the show "nashville." just type in nashville. it ain't yours to throw away. >> beautiful. >> it is so beautiful. >> you shock me sometimes. >> so guess what's back. >> clogs. >> apparently, they're back. >> according to "vogue" magazine, they are the favorite thing for the summer. i was expecting sort of a new clog with like a gladiator cloggish thing. this isn't bad at all. >> and they're easy to wear. you slip them on. >> i love aldo. he makes great shoes. they remind me of duck shoes, the kind you get in holland. let's see. >> oh. >> do they fit? maybe these are for me?
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will these fit me? >> those aren't big enough. >> maybe they will. >> look how dowdy you look in them, though. no, you've got to wear like a peasant skirt and stuff to look good with them, hoda. no. you can't even get the front part of your foot in it. >> you know what? >> they're so sad. >> first of all, they don't make the right sized shoes for big girls. okay? anyway. >> we need you guys to cook with us. we're making all kinds of waffles next week, but we want your input. okay? >> go to and vote. >> so you asked for it, two brave guys are going to get ambushed by louis and jill. wait until you see their hot new makeovers. >> and emmy and golden globe-winning actress america ferrera sets out on a new adventure. >> we're going to tell you what it is coming up right after this. >> and my friend abigail spencer from "rectify." big show. the lowest price
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she's appeared in some two dozen films, but america ferrera is best known for her starring role on the tv comedy "ugly
2:21 am
betty" which earned her an emmy, a golden globe and a screen actors guild award for best actress. >> not too shabby. now she's back in the animated film "how to train your dragon 2," voicing the role of riding companion astrid. take a look. >> you're going to show us the way to drago. >> and sneak into drago's camp? just kill me now. >> that can be arranged. drop him. fetch. >> all right! okay. i'll take you to drago. >> works every time. >> very cute. and you look so much like astrid. >> you do. >> yeah. they did, though, take some of your facial features so she resembled you in certain ways. >> i definitely recognize a lot of her glaring looks mostly. they keep a camera on you while you're recording so while the
2:22 am
animators are animating, if they want some inspiration, they'll go and see what you did when you were, you know, saying the line. >> and it takes about three years from finished script to animation to like tomorrow when the movie opens. >> yeah. and jay and i were recording up until, like, a month ago. they work up until the end. it takes three years and about 400 people to put these movies together. and this film is the top of the line animation, brand-new technology, first dreamworks film to use this animation. it's pretty spectacular. >> what will people see that they've never seen before? >> i have to say, for me, i mean, if you liked the first one at all, the second one -- >> a lot of people did. >> yeah. it's got a really wonderful fan base. but this second one takes everything you loved about the first one and makes it bigger. and for me the flying scenes are just spectacular. you watch it in 3-d, you feel like you're flying. >> it's got some grown-up themes, too. it's not just for kids, right? so parents will enjoy? >> absolutely. the writer/director dean, he always says he made the movie
2:23 am
he'd want to see. at the premiere i was sitting behind craig ferguson, and he was wiping away tears. >> oh, wow. >> i don't know if he'd be happy that i just announced that on the "today" show. >> i like him. i think he'd probably be okay. >> you've been a very busy girl. first of all, you turned 30. congratulations. >> thank you. >> want to remember those -- >> half my life ago. >> i was so excited to turn 30, actually. >> well, you're in a good place. you just got married. >> well, three years ago. >> that long? >> yeah. >> and you just got your degree, your college degree. >> yeah. >> how did you manage to get the degree given how crazy your schedule is? >> i got to finish a lot of school before i took leave for "ugly betty." and then i was gone for seven years. and when the show ended i made myself a promise i'd go back and finish. >> good for you. >> i went back last summer, rented an apartment near campus, went to school every day with the kids who were in first grade when i started college. >> and did they treat you just like any other student? >> it was like for one day they would whisper and then come and ask me for a picture, and the second day it was like did you
2:24 am
do the homework? >> what is your degree in, by the way? >> my degree is in international relations. >> well, congratulations. you're a good all-around girl. >> america, thank you for coming to see us. >> the movie "how to train your dragon 2" hits theaters tomorrow. they met by chance and fell in love but had a deeper connection that can only be described as a god wink. >> their story after this .
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now to a story of love at first sight, some people call it coincidence, they call it fate. but the way this couple met and the deep bond they realized they shared can only be described as a god wink. >> it's one of the stories squire rushnell shares in his book "god winks" about a union
2:28 am
between a husband and wife that became a reunion for long lost friends 50 years in the making. >> frankly i had given up on men. in fact, i looked up to the heavens and said, if you want me to get married, you pick him out. so far my choices stink. about a week later i turned the corner and stepped in front of a man with the most beautiful golden brown eyes. >> we began a conversation that lasted almost three hours. we talked and talked. and then like cinderella, alice looked at her watch and said -- >> i have to go. i'm driving six hours to a wedding tomorrow in texas. then jack said -- >> well, i'm going to a wedding in victoria, texas as well. my cousin's marrying a doctor. >> my cousin is a doctor. i shouted. >> the two of us were going to the same wedding, 300 miles away. so what do you do in a situation like that? we drove down together. >> believe me, there wasn't a minute's worth of dead air all the way. at the wedding reception jack danced with me.
2:29 am
he danced me across the floor like a princess. i was falling in love. the next morning i went down to have breakfast with uncle charlie. i couldn't wait to tell him. uncle charlie, i've met the man i'm going to marry. jack. jack tota. uncle charlie had a look on his face and asked i wonder if he's related to nabi tota. >> at that very moment i walked into the kitchen, heard the question, answered, well, nav sichnavi is my uncle. he's my dad's brother. >> he told the story of when he was a young man coming to america on a ship and he met a man named nabi. >> the two became instant best friends. but when the ship docked they got separated in customs. uncle charlie said i always wondered what happened to my old friend nabi. >> one year later, my prince jack took my hand in marriage. we were madly in love and i became mrs. jack tota. we were so happy. we looked out at our families and saw the two old friends side
2:30 am
by side. for first time in 50 years, uncle charlie and uncle nabi. >> god winks can bring families together and help you have the best wedding day ever. >> okay. >> i love. >> what are the mathematical chances of that? >> hello. that was amazing. all right. we are celebrating great dads, and we've got two of them here. >> willie and bill geist. >> i love them. and louis and jill are shaking things up ambushing two great men. >> we'll check out their new looks right after your local news.
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♪ i can't wait till i get you on the floor ♪ we're back with more of "today" on this thirsty thursday. and we've got a special father's day edition of "ambush makeovers." >> that's right. you asked for it and we listened to you. you wanted to see a couple of guys get the royal treatment, so
2:33 am
we found two dads who were ready and willing. >> working their magic today, contributor and stylist to the stars -- ♪ louis licari, la, la, la, la, la ♪ and "today" contributor and contributing editor for "people style watch" and author jill martin. >> okay. >> so it was all about the men today. finally. people keep asking. >> potential for change? >> great. wait until you see. they were good looking but now they look like movie stars. >> our first lucky person is barry nathanson. >> i love him. we love barry. >> he's 65 years old from new york city. barry's wife -- >> he's 65? >> that's his early picture. >> i was going to say. wow. >> barry's wife suggested he get a makeover as his last significant haircut was in 1975. >> oh, my gosh. >> he wears jeans and a t-shirt every single day. so he was excited for the change. can we see -- yeah. so this is his before picture, somewhere. >> let's see the real before --
2:34 am
okay. there's his before picture. okay. >> now, lillian, we'll ask you to please keep your blindfold on until we reveal your husband. are you ready? >> yes, i am. >> she is. >> too late now, lillian. >> here is barry's before picture, one more time, for everybody at home to see. and here comes the new barry. >> don't look, don't look. >> there you go. lillian, are you ready? >> i'm ready. >> take off your blindfold. >> oh, my goodness! >> barry? >> you look different. and very good. yes. >> barry, spin around. you've got to see yourself. >> oh, my goodness. >> whoa. >> whoa. >> the actor who played lefty in the book "best in show." >> he looks like him. >> i'm good with this. >> yes. >> all right.
2:35 am
>> tell us about the hair. >> number one, his hair -- it was obviously gray. i didn't want drastic changes. i just toned down the gray, made it look a little more pepper than salt. and then breno, our master men's haircutter, did this new hybrid of hairstyling and a barber cut. you look great. >> look at the difference. look at that. look what's happening. >> that's the same person? >> i love what's happening. >> yeah. >> men's wearhouse. joseph abboud came to men's wearhouse to meet us and dressed us. he's actually here. zbln only that, i had joseph sign my suit. >> he wanted to show his personality. he's all about men's accessories. so you see the lapel, the flower pen, with sort of that fun pocket square. and show off your socks because it really shows who he is. >> oh, wow. on george bush day. adorable. >> big round of applause for barry. you can join your wife right
2:36 am
over here. our second gentleman is roger sadaris, 43 from montclair, new jersey. his 7-year-old son theo who wears sports coats to walk the dog told his dad he needed to start dressing more like him. roger told us he's way too disheveled for his own good, wants to start looking better as he gets a little older. he's here with his wife jeannette and milo and theo, they're adorable. all right. so let's look at roger before. >> keep your blindfolds on kidos. don't surprise us. >> there he is before. let's bring out the new roger sadaris. anytime. oh! hello. >> okay. you guys ready? okay. take them off. >> daddy says hi. >> i'm scared. >> wow. >> we can take it down a tad. you look --
2:37 am
>> who is this person? >> okay. what do you think? >> you look different. >> it's unusual to see the high hair. >> right. well, the whole retro look is coming back. so it's this combination of this modern styling and the old-fashioned barber cut. >> bring that down a little. >> yeah. that's easy. he's got hair. so that's great. regular haircut and of course magic moisturizer to put it all together. trimming the eyebrows, by the way. >> yes. >> we got to hear -- what do youy? >> it's just really shocking. i thought you were going to go for an elvis thing. you look very handsome. >> i feel like i need to make more money. >> i think we're going to have more money. >> what do you think of your dad? >> it's amazing. >> you wear your sport coat to walk the dog? >> yeah. >> that's a cool suit. >> so joseph abboud told me gray
2:38 am
is the new black for men's suits. and three pieces are great. and also, always keep the bottom button open. he said it looks better. >> big round of applause for both of our guys. and for joseph. joseph, joseph, joseph. >> come here. >> look how cute joseph looks. >> this is joseph abboud? >> it's nice to see them. >> stand right here next to our handsome men. >> a daughter tracks down her dad after 50 years of being apart. >> they're going to reunite right here. right after this. ♪ ♪ ♪
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at 3 months old, barb's mom died from rheumatic fever. they arranged for barb's aunt and uncle to legally adopt her raising barb as their own. >> nearly six decades later a simple facebook search led barb to her biological dad. "today's" michael miller shares her story. >> this is a certificate from the hospital where i was born at. >> at 6 years old, barb's parents revealed they adopted her as an infant and were biologically her aunts and uncles. >> i was told at that point because my adoptive parents were adopting another child which was my adopted brother. my life was really good. i had a very good childhood. >> did you feel something was missing? >> it was something that was kind of on the back burner emotionally. i did always kind of wonder who they were or even if they knew about me. >> as her kids grew older, barb started looking for her biological family off and on. she had old photos of her dad and knew he had two other children.
2:43 am
>> here is your natural grandfather when he was in the navy. >> you had little bits and pieces. >> i did. like a puzzle that really needed -- >> put together. >> exactly. >> one night she began searching on facebook and found josephine herman, her natural father's second wife. >> was that the moment you realized, oh, my gosh -- >> i was like, oh, my goodness. >> barb sent her a short message and by clicking through josephine's page, she discovered her half brother and half sister. a couple days later they wrote back. >> i just cried. it was something i wanted for so long. >> new family members flooded barb's page with friend requests and messages. >> i did kind of keep a flow chart of everybody. >> you had to find out who are you and who do you belong to? >> exactly. who are you again? >> one person who didn't have facebook is her dad fred. she mustered up enough courage to give him a call. >> one of the first things he said is you sound like your mother. >> sunday will be fred's first father's day with barb, a day
2:44 am
that's 50 years in the making. >> i feel so grateful. i have two families. so it will be really nice. >> wow. >> and she's with us. >> hi, barb. >> these last few months must have been something. because you've spoken to him on the phone but you haven't actually seen him. >> no, i haven't seen him. >> how do you imagine him to be in your relationship? >> i've heard he's a great dad and a great grandfather. so, you know -- >> that had to be such a difficult decision for him. but he did it out of love for you. >> that was my mother's last wish, that i be placed with my aunt and uncle. and we just got separated along the way. >> that's interesting. you always felt like something was not quite there, something wasn't right. >> yeah, especially after my adoptive dad died. i missed him so much. i thought, you know, it would be such a shame to lose these other people that are still alive that are part of my family. >> i don't think we should wait any longer. >> no. she's waited 50 years. >> we have your dad fred here with us. fred, come on out.
2:45 am
♪ >> how are you? it's good to see you. >> come sit. come sit. >> wow. >> hi, fred. >> i'm kathie. >> i'm hoda. how are you? how was that hug? >> that looked great. >> that looked so great. >> have you been waiting 50 years for that, fred? how are you feeling right now? here. here you go. did you think this moment would ever come? >> no. >> i would imagine, fred, throughout your life, such a tough decision, but i imagine you probably thought about barb a lot. what she was doing. graduating high school, getting married, all those things young people do.
2:46 am
>> yeah. i never knew if they told her she was adopted. so i couldn't -- >> i never told anybody. >> that's why you weren't reaching out to her. >> no. >> so when she reached out to you, did you just feel relief? >> yeah. right. i mean, i never expected it. >> does she look like your ex -- not your ex. your deceased -- >> she looks just like her mother. >> and she sounds like her too, right? >> and she talks -- she's got her mother's voice even. >> well, why don't we make it a whole reunion? shall we bring everybody in? we have your half sister nancy, her husband craig, her kids lucas, aubrey, her niece julie -- >> good grief. >> and fred's wife josephine all here. >> these hugs are going to take a while. we have all day. >> yeah, we do. >> we look alike.
2:47 am
>> oh, my god. i can't believe it. >> thanks for accepting my friend request. >> nice to meet you. >> hi, you guys. >> you're good? everybody else good? all righty. so we want you to spend more time together. >> come sit, barb. >> you're going to a family style restaurant, it is delicious, here in manhattan, they're ready to welcome you for a big family dinner. >> carmine's, the best food. huge portions. so you guys will enjoy. >> oh, wow. >> you guys, thank you for sharing this moment with us. it means a lot. >> fred, happy father's day. >> thank you. thank you. >> god bless you so much. now to a father and a son that make us laugh. our friends willie and bill geist share some parenting stories that might help you, after this. and if i tap my geico app here i can pay my bill.
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and if you find it for less, we'll match it and give you 50 dollars off your next trip expedia, find yours a couple years ago after cbs sunday morning correspondent bill geist announced he was battling parkinson's disease, he and his son willie, our very good friend and colleague, came to a realization. >> and what they realized, like a lot of fathers and sons do, there were a bunch of conversations they should have had over the years but just, you know, life -- never got around to it. >> they wrote about in a new book called "good talk, dad: the birds and the bees and other conversations we forgot to have". >> which, by the way, is a "new york times" best-seller. >> oh, thank you, thank you. >> a good gift for father's day. >> i did want you to mention that. >> don't mention that. that seems crass. >> yeah it would. >> it's so fun how you guys
2:52 am
started about the birds and the bees. that was one of my favorite parts of the book. >> hoda only cares about the sex stuff. >> yeah. she goes right there every time. >> so you never had the birds and bees talk with willie? >> no, i was scared to death. i was horrified i had to do it and i think he was horrified that it was coming. >> so it sounded something like this. you were talking about the conversation. >> we were watching a yankee game one day. i was probably about 13 years old. >> i got the moment, i said this is the time. i looked at willie and said, you think it is time we had our sex talk? and willie -- willie looked the other way and said, do we have any pretzels? >> i just had to steer right out of that. we were watching the yankees. how about at don mattingly, he's having a season. >> i didn't know if there was an audio-visual component to it or what exactly it involved. i was afraid he would contradict me because kids these days know a lot more. they actually have accurate information. >> or experience. >> yeah. >> did you guys learn stuff about each other that you didn't know through the course of writing this book? >> good question, hoda.
2:53 am
>> excellent. thank you. >> she went to hard-hitting mode there. >> that was "dateline" hoda. >> most of the book is funny. but there's one chapter my dad wrote about his year in vietnam. it was something he never talked about. he was a combat photographer, saw a lot of things and i had seen these pictures, these photographs in our attic, but he just -- it was always clear he didn't want to talk about it. but i said we're writing this book, what a great time to do it. he said no, i don't think so, i don't want to get into it. then one day popped into my e-mail in box this full beautiful chapter. and he remembered everything. 40 years later. the guys and the roads and the villages. that's one piece, you think you know your parents so well, one piece of his life i knew nothing about and now i do. >> you never wanted to talk about that, bill? >> no, i just -- i'm big on denial when it works. yeah. it ain't just a -- yeah. >> what are you hearing back from people that are responding to the book? >> you know, it's funny. everyone is relating to this book. we thought we were sort of
2:54 am
strange for not having these big talks, these iconic talks you have in the movies. and we're hearing, you know what, i never had that sex talk with my mom or dad. somehow we fumbled our way around and we find our way, and i think people are saying, parenting isn't that easy, you know? you kind of make it up as you go sometimes. so we're getting not just fathers and sons but mothers and daughters. >> poor cody, he had to get the sex talk from me. >> oh. >> there are differences, you know. physical differences. >> thank you, congratulations. >> congratulations. >> thank you so much. thanks. >> all right. it's the series one critic rated 10 out of 10. >> we'll talk to one of the stars of "rectify," the lovely talented abigail spencer. >> but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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"rectify" called tv's most absorbing drama, the haunting story of a man named daniel released from prison after nearly two decades on death row. >> abigail spencer plays amanda, daniel's sister, who helps him assimilate back into small town
2:58 am
life, but in season two daniel is beaten into a coma, leaving amanda to grapple with the injustice of it all. >> hi. >> hi, sweetheart. >> hi, hi. >> you're beautiful. back for season two. >> i know. it's incredible. we didn't know. we didn't know if we would be able to. we did six. it was very isolated. the critics loved the show. now we get to do more. >> what do the critics love about it? what's the thing? >> the thing i'm really hearing is it's unique, it speaks to people on a soul level, and it's like nothing else on television. >> the pace is so different from everything else. this writer, is he also the director? just takes time. >> yes. ray mckinnon is an actor too. he's just an incredible artist. and he's bringing all of his questioning of life -- like he really is going after questioning -- oh. >> there we are. >> oh, hello, me. >> it's shot in georgia, right? and you're away from your little boy roman a lot. how is that working out? >> we're just working it out. being a working mom, a lot of stuff isn't shooting in los
2:59 am
anges. so i go back and forth and he comes to see me. he just graduated kindergarten. doing that whole thing. you know. >> for your role, you have to go to sort of a dark place. what do you do as an actress to get your head in that space? >> you mean not go insane, not go crazy? the show, the world that we're living in, about a family, it is a very easy to get very connected to that source and that place. so we always have to be connected to it but release yourself from it too and look for the levity and the lightness. it is -- >> it is a combination. >> it's a tightrope. it's so what i've been looking for as an artist and as a human, so that's why i was really drawn to the show. >> you've been doing such great work and the film, movies coming out. congratulations on everything. >> and i know you're missing your dad. >> yes. >> this father's day. i miss him too. >> send our love to your mom love you, sweetheart. >> all right. season two of "rectify" june
3:00 am
19th on sundance tv. >> tomorrow, bobbie thomas's clever tricks to get you organized. >> and how to get tough stains out of almost anything. >> i'm here to help. you and i will get through this together. ♪ ♪


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