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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 13, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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right now at 6:00. trapped by a wall of flames the deadly discovery inside smoldering home. recovery after the rim fire, how a yosemite camp site is rebuilding after it yauz nearly wiped out by flames. meanwhile, we're going to stay nice today. that ocean air persists and bring the moisture onshore and we're not concerned about fire danger for this weekend, yet. we will have some in the forecast for next week. talk all about that and what you can do with dad this year if you have not yet made those plans and your full forecast. friday the 13th and look at the backup at the bay bridge. taking a live look outside city by the bay this morning, can you make it out? little bit of haze out there. you made it to friday, though, it is june 13th. this is "today in the bay."
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and a very good morning to you and thanks so much for joining us, i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. crews are at the scene of a deadly overnight fire in hayward. the flames so intense someone inside could not make it out. this all happened near medford avenue and mission boulevard. that's where we find kris sanchez who is live on scene. kris, what is the latest? >> good morning to you, firefighters are still here on the scene watching for smoldering and watching for hot spots but the real work today will be to identify the victim of that fire and also to find out how that fire started. it started about 3:00 this morning here on fuchsia court as you mentioned in what is considered the cherryline neighborhood in unincorporated hayward. while the flames were knocked down pretty quickly, for the person inside, it was too late. it was obvious to firefighters that that person was no longer
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alive. firefighters found the body of that elder man about ten feet from the front door perhaps even closer from that single wide mobile home and it appears that he was the only person inside. >> upon entry heavy fire conditions of a forced entry into the front door or met with heavy fire conditions and they did locate the victim immediately upon entry. >> now, this is a densely populated, rather small mobile home park with narrow roadways. so, for a short time it appeared that at least one other home was at risk, but in the end, it suffered no damage from the fire or the smoke and it seems fortunate because they are closely packed in together. alameda county fire and the alameda county sheriff department are now handling the investigation, which is also a death investigation. pg&e watching for any power
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system which is typical with this sort of fire. working to get more information for you. we'll get it for you as soon as we can. kris sanchez, "today in the bay." we have new details on a late night homicide in the south bay. investigators say a man was shot during a fight involving two large groups of people. the shooting happened off south 12th street not far from the stadium and happy hollow zoo. his body was taken to the coroner's office where investigators hope to figure out more about who the victim is and how he died. the officers walk the darkened streets looking for clues while helicopters flew overhead looking for a glimpse. >> like i said, the case is active and we're doing our best to look for potential suspects at this time. >> no one has been arrested. this is the city's 19th homicide of the year. new this morning, only on nbc, recovery after the rim
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fire. a popular camp near yosemite is up and running this morning after months of renovation. today we're getting an exclusive look at the san jose family camp nearly one year after it was damaged by a devastating wildfire. "today in the bay" bob redell joins us live from the camp where workers are getting ready to receive campers and, bob, it must have taken a lot of work to get to this point. >> a lot of coordination. good morning to you. if you were here in this spot it would have been an inferno. the camp site that burned to the ground, nothing but a shell. as you can see, the san jose family camp has rebuilt this camp site along with 16 other camp sites as you look around the camp ground here. now, what is remarkable is how close they were to possibly losing the entire camp site, which includes around 65 tents. because if you look at the ridgeline up there where the sun is coming up, that's where the fire was and then extended all the way around in a horse shoe pattern around the site here, the san jose family because of
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the efforts of cal fire and by having the luck of having some roads nearby, they were able to establish fire lines and keep this fire from expanding to much greater area in this particular spot. it was in january that san jose family camp brought on a new manager to be tasked with repairing the section of the camp. we just spoke with that manager. >> when i first came here, i saw a lot of dead trees, a lot of literally right behind me this tent, all that had remained was the metal frames of the cots that were in the tent. and they were literally dropped to the ground in place and charred. >> and you're thinking i have six months. >> i have six months with my team to make this up and running and main goal is safe. >> did you ever have any doubt about getting to this point on time? >> can't say no. can't say i never did.
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but, it's still a team effort. still a team effort and you move forward. >> san jose family camp not only lost 17 camp sites, but its entire water system. so, we're talking about two wells, three tanks and a half mile roughly of pipe that had to be replaced. so, there's one of the tanks that was replaced. they have three 10,000 gallon tanks that are back on site, along with the plumbing. you're looking in the foreground there of some of the camp sites that didn't burn. there they are about 30 feet away. as you pull out here is the start of where the fire came in. so it gives you a sense of when you come out to these fires just how close the destruction is and how some areas can be spared. if you look over here, you'll see more of the baron and you might be able to see some stumps. 800 trees, 800 on this site alone that had had to be removed. most of them were damaged in the fire and some were actually damaged from the rotor wash of the low-flying aircraft doing
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the dumps out here. because they were damaged so badly. they were in tremendous risk of falling down. the campers are returning today at 1:00. back in time, they didn't miss the season despite of the partial destruction here. they are back here at 1:00 and everyone who wanted a spot going to get some and the new camp sites putting the canvas on some of these this weekend if not into next week. the san jose family camp, bob redell "today in the bay." >> thanks a lot, bob. meantime, neighboring berkeley family camp that was destroyed will open at another location next weekend. although it was only seven miles away from the san jose family camp, it was burned to the ground by the devastating rim fire. next week the camp will open at a temporary location in the sierra. in addition, san jose family camp has invited former berkeley campers to stay at its location for a discounted rate.
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the searing effects of that wildfire on full dedisplay. no searing today. check in with your meteorologist christina loren. >> we are getting into the summer months and kick off summer on the 21st, which is not tomorrow, but the following saturday. it is going to get hot around here. the triple digits up to 106. earlier this week, that was livermore and today livermore you're at about 82 degrees. not a bad day. we shaved 15 to 20 degrees off most of your temperatures from where we started out this week and you definitely notice the difference in the afternoon and evening hours. let's take it right to your current temperatures. those winds are what drives that beautiful ocean air inland and it's always keeping our sky nice and clear. that dense fog can't settle right to the surface. so, it's the wind keeping us cool, courtesy of an area of low pressure that came through yesterday. 47 degrees. that's a crisp start in santa rosa. we'll see a little bit of ocean cloud cover, little marine layer
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formation, but not much as that ocean breeze will persist today. strong, as well, and building throughout the course of the day. 78 degrees is the forecasted high. comfortable conditions here in the south bay and 67 for san francisco and comfortable conditions all across the board and even the north bay, just 82 degrees. not even talking about the 90s at all across the bay area at all. now, this is what we are expecting as we head through your father's day weekend. temperatures will warm up and i want to give you a preview and tell you about some of the stuff happening across the bay area. the giants still in town and still holding on to that number one slot and major league baseball's winningest spot. 15 to 20 miles per hour on sunday, it's a day game. we'll see the wind impact the a's game also in town on father's day. if you want to take dad out to the athletics game, comfortable out there. even more comfortable in oakland. 71 degrees with southwest wind
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and drive that ball out to center field. comfortable conditions for you and dad. right now, let's check your drive, here's mike inouye. >> one look at the bay bridge toll plaza. the sun is coming down into the camera lens and make out the top of the cars and fastrak lanes. a good clip there. the metering lights are on and a stall reported over on the san francisco side and let's look at your map. once you get past the toll plaza and off the berkeley curve, pretty mild off the berkeley curve okay into san francisco and that stalled vehicle is reported. christina talked about the father's day game for the giants and that's at 7:15 after work and that will be an issue for post-work traffic, as well as post-game traffic. a smooth drive for the north bay and the approach coming down the east shore freeway and a mild build towards san richmond. a lighter look around the bay and smooth drive over here and san mateo bridge shows a bump for the volume and no big slowing there or for the south bay. livermore looks smooth for this
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and dublin and a live look out there. westbound 580 moving nicely and a big backup out of the altamont pass and a crash with five vehicles involved and one in the center divide and four on the shoulder and no major injuries but on both sides of the freeways we have everybody slowing down to see what is going on either side. be careful and just know it's there. >> thanks so much. >> headaches on the way for drivers there. in the meantime, take a live picture and incredible video to show you here today. that is out of ramsey, minnesota. a train derailment early this morning. that train jumped the tracks. actually affected commuter services, north star service in minnesota is shut down for the day as a result of that crash. now, we are learning from local tv stations there that those trains were actually empty. thankfully nobody injured. but not something you do not see very often, if ever. a striking sight there. new this morning, army sergeant bowe bergdahl back on
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u.s. soil. immediately whisked to army center. the army will hold a press conference later today to talk more about what the final phase of that reintegration will likely include. doctors say bergdahl is doing much better physically but suffering mentally afrom the fie years he spent in captivity. he spent extended time in solitary confinement and beaten repeatedly. in a statement released today the army said it did not begin a formal investigation surrounding bergdahl's capture. still ahead, east coast politics heading west. chris consisty is popping up in san francisco today, but will he be busting a move?
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here are today's top stories. one person was killed when a mobile home caught fire overnight in an unincorporated area of hayward. the victim was likely an elderly man that lived in that house. investigators still trying to figure out how it started. the former b.a.r.t. officer will face more questions for lawyers today. grant's father is suing johannes mehserle said he no longer has a relationship with his son. and the popular san jose family camp will be reopening today about a year after it was damaged by the rim fire last year near yosemite. the fire scorched edges of the camp, burning 14 out of 60 tent
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camps after campers had had been evacuated. 6:15 this morning. a high-profile republican is making an appearance in the heart of san francisco. the governor of new jersey, chris christie. stephanie chuang is live at a flower shop where a political rally begins in a couple hours. good morning. >> good morning, laura. yes, this is not supposed to be a fund-raiser, but just a visit, but the question is, why here? i spoke with one of the shop's owner and he said his family has been in business here for decades and really a perfect location for this talk that will be about supporting family-owned and small businesses. herald says he has been a supporter of the gop, but still wants to hear what neel kashkari will do to help small business owners on issues like his stance like minimum wage. he worked under the treasury department of george w. bush and he does have an uphill battle ahead. he came in second in california,
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california's open primary last week with over 19% of the vote, defeating a tea party supported candidate, but governor jerry brown, well, he got over 54% of the votes. so, governor christie here to support kashkari a potential 2016 presidential candidate has spent a lot of the past few months making stops for candidates across the country and he did something similar here in california four years ago in support of megwhitman who was, at the time, the gop gubernatorial candidate at the time here in the state in 2010. christie has built ties with other silicon valley giants. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg hosted a funds a s ars arer, he hosting a live q and a session at facebook headquarters in menlo park at 3:30 this afternoon where people can post questions on his facebook page and he is supposed to respond to
6:18 am
some of those questions. here at the flower shop event start at 8:00 and last for an hour and not a fund-raiser but one agenda for governor christie today. the chairman of the republican governor association and fund-raiser for that group here in san francisco. $10,000 a plate for that luncheon. live in san francisco, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." this is priceless. governor chris christie stopped by "tonight show" last night but he wasn't there just to talk but also there to show some moves. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> what a sport. >> known for being verbally agile and physically, not so much. that is a segment called the history of dad dancing starring chris christie. >> the lawn mower, as well. he is a pretty good sport. kind of a character. >> don't they understand? don't the administrative folks in his office understand this is fodder for morning show, for us to discuss, for us to laugh about. >> still makes the headlines. >> seems to work. the bay area weather, as well, we're pretty spoiled here in the bay area. >> he's a likable guy. he's a likable guy and he has a fantastic name. i did have a famous dance move, it was this one. let's take you outside and show you what we are working with this morning and it is a refreshing start to this friday. you know what, this weekend we are going to warm up, but gradually. we're not talking about extremes just yet. we are going to hold off on those until next week. but i can tell you, i am seeing
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some triple digits in the extended forecast. so, let's get right to it. let's talk about the good stuff, the good before the bad. heading out friday, looks good. our camera here shaking a little bit from time to time as we have that persistent ocean air moving in. the low clouds cling to the coastline and our wind comes in from the west and that cool ocean air has been transported all the way into your inland valleys and we'll see a really nice day. this air making it through the delta, so, they're getting the delta breeze in the sacramento valley. today mostly expecting the 60s and 70s. isolated hot spots get into the mid-80s and that's not too bad and keep the breeze going through this evening. if you, once again, want to open up the windows in your home and get the wind moving mother nature will do it for you today. 78 in the south bay where we did start out with more cloud cover, that's why it's going to be a touch warmer along the peninsula. let's talk about what's happening for dad. three events all on saturday. they're all free.
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and, likely, your dad will enjoy one of these. let's start with the san jose world cup viewing party on saturday cesar chavez plaza. 12:00 p.m. comfortable conditions and warm out there, upper 60s to low 70s and maybe your dad is a maker. a jack of all trades antique show happening. 11:00 a.m., 67 degrees. that's on saturday. maybe dad likes a good rodeo. there is a rodeo parade saturday. mike, of those three events, which one would you choose? the rodeo, the viewing party for soccer or the jack of all trades show? >> you know, i love all three of them because i love building stuff with my kids. i love sports and the celebration of san jose, but that livermore parade fascinates because also called the world's fastest rodeo. over here a smooth drive down the east shore freeway and the berkeley curve. no problems here, but you see 580 westbound across and just past the berkeley curve and look at the map. the jam up towards the bay
6:22 am
bridge toll plaza. folks are not expecting the metering lights to be on and this backed up. the fastrak lights are moving. smoother drive now. remember, the giants play tonight and that will be an issue afterwards, but so far no problems getting to work. easy drive across the san mateo bridge. we have a backup over here all the way out of livermore because of westbound 80 at greenville a crash there and car in the center divide and that's a big backup and dublin moving very smoothly, though, just a little slowing through the dublin interchange. southbound 101, a tiny blip. a little bit of slowing at capital expressway and from 680 up to 880 and no other problems along the peninsula and let's get a look at the north bay with the southbound traffic and commute really light and kick in with a few more cars and slowing through novato. >> sun is out and looks good out there. >> beautiful day. 6:22 on your friday. still ahead on "today in the bay" a mountain lion lurking
6:23 am
along a popular south bay bea street. where it was hiding before being spotted by mountain view police.
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this week, sweet and juicy prima peaches are just $.99 a pound. tender rancher's reserve ribeye steak is only $6.99 a pound. and arrowhead water is just $3.33 a case. there's more savings to love... at safeway. ingredients for life. today, we could hear from the bay area teenager accused of using a stolen credit card to rent a sports car at a luxury vacation home. investigators say 19-year-old holloway rented this $240,000 sports car, which was later reported stolen.
6:26 am
he is also accused of renting a $12 million vacation home in sonoma and throwing parties with underage drinking. he faces numerous charges including auto identity and credit card theft. we're learning more about a mountain lion that was captured in mountain view last month. it was hiding behind a bush on a busy street for nine hours before it was caught. scientists could track the animal's travels because they had put a gps device on him back in january. it turns out on may 6th it was crouched just a few feet away from pedestrians and bicyclists most of the day before leading animal control on a 3 1/2 hour chase. the day before that cat was captured it crossed 280 and crept through the backyard of homes in the los altos hills. scientists say he probably made a wrong turn while trying to find new territory to claim as his own. specialists eventually tranquilized that cat and then set it free in open space. >> one of those things you want to know after the fact. you don't want to know about it.
6:27 am
6:26 right now on "today in the bay." still ahead, crisis in iraq. if our military might go in to help. broken glass, busted windshield as a luxury car plows right into cnn's lobby overnight.
6:28 am
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taking the stand. the blockbuster witness called to testify today at the bryan stowe civil trial. you made it to friday and we're going to get spoiled with another round of beautiful weather to finish off the workweek as that ocean air persists. it's going to keep moving onshore all day long and then cut it off for the weekend and then warming as a result. hotter and drier next week as high pressure builds in. lots to go over this morning in your full forecast. we're usually spoiled with a very pleasant drive around the bay. friday light is what we call it. a couple issues. bay bridge 580 and we'll talk about those coming up.
6:30 am
how the markets fair this morning, live look opening bell this morning. trinseo doing the honors at the nyse. meantime, live look at the nasdaq as well as the countdown is on the board. it is friday, june 13th, this is "today in the bay." and a good friday morning, thanks for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. an update to breaking news. a deadly fire is still smoldering this morning. neighbors say the victim was an elderly man but firefighters have not confirmed it. it happened at a home in unincorporated area of the city. investigators are still trying to figure out how that fire started. a developing story now of national interest, iraq is falling apart. and now president obama is deciding whether our military should be getting involved.
6:31 am
"today in the bay" tracie potts is live joining us from washington, d.c. tracie, more than just a civil war in iraq. >> it is. a lot of people are saying, why would we want to send our troops back to iraq. by the way, we're not talking about ground troops, possibly some sort of air assistance. take a look at the pictures that we have, militants marching through the streets of mogul, the second largest city in iraq and taken over that city and another one and this morning 40 miles away from the capital of baghdad. these are militants that have close ties to syria, to al qaeda. the u.s. is concerned that if they take over major parts of iraq, some lawmakers here on capitol hill have put it, a pipeline to the next 9/11. president obama has gotten some contingency plans from the pentagon and sat down with his national security team and looking at what, if any, air
6:32 am
assistance whether drones or man aircraft we may be willing to give. vice president biden told the prime minister that while the u.s. plans to help, they also have to make sure the factions are working together, as well. sam? >> got to imagine some political pushback either way. thank you very much, trisy poac potts from washington. stow's family says the franchise didn't have enough security to prevent the attack in the stadium parking lot that left stow with permanent brain damage. earlier this week a security expert agrees with stow's family telling jurors, staffing at the stadium fell short of industry standards on the night of the beating back in 2011. the experts said the men who pled guilty should have been thrown out for rowdy behavior during the game. 6:32 on your friday morning. it is friday and it is spectacular.
6:33 am
as we give you this live picture of the gold en gate bridge. let's get a look at your forecast with meteorologist christina loren. >> the ingredients for clear skies and temperatures are cool to start this morning and twhindz still coming in rather strong, but are shifting at this point. we had that straight southerly wind going all day yesterday and today now shifting to the west in san francisco. so, we are going to keep more of that ocean air as a result moving all the way to the east, all the way into your east bay and inland valleys for today. you know what, we could be suffering from some pretty high pollen levels with all the wind that we had in the bay area lately, but we're not because wind coming off of the ocean. next week, we dry out, we warm you up and our wind shift off shore and you want to keep that in mind. overall, a little bit of a break from what we could see as far as high pollen levels go this year. look at san francisco right now.
6:34 am
just completely clear at this hour. looks like a summer day out there and feel more like a fall afternoon. it's 67 degrees. that's your forecasted high andp 9 f 79 degrees and beautiful day shaping up and a beautiful weekend and it will be warmer. now, tomorrow, saturday, also flag day. give you a little preview of what to expect across the bay area. temperatures will end up in the 70s and 80s for the most part and another day upper 60s in san francisco and then on father's day, gorgeous conditions for you and dad this year all across the board. great barbecue weather and great beach weather and maybe inland you want to wash dad's car. 81 for the peninsula. let's check your drive, here's mike. >> washing dad's car, that's a good idea. dad doesn't do it enough. no matter what the condition of your car, how clean it is, moving relatively smoothly. a couple key spots here in the tri-valley coming out of the
6:35 am
altamont pass. still jammed up because of a crash that is cleared from the roadway and five vehicles involved and one in the center divide and a smooth drive through livermore and dublin as a result anywhere west of greenville. south bay northbound 101 shows the slowing. let's take a live look where we see the orange indicated on our map and a slower drive here, as well. that's the focus point for a number of onramps and folks coming up past alum rock and mckie. clearing by the time we get towards santa clara. northbound 101 coming towards us at university traffic looks very light here but approaching embarcadero just south of this camera shot, reports of a stalled vehicle that is in the fast lane. you may have to move over to your right and sounds like it's blocking the fast lane right now and a smoother drive around the bay. zoom up towards the city and a smooth drive across the bridge, but the bay bridge does have the metering lights on and an early stall on the bridge itself on the approach caused that to turn on and that will be the issue,
6:36 am
slow off the berkeley curve and not much more than that. remember, the giants are playing this evening into the city and a lot of folks head into the city for the meals on friday and a lot more traffic starting about mid-day. >> pretty day out there. it is nice. happy father's day. >> thank you. >> a little early. >> mike inouye is squeaky clean. it is 6:36 on your friday morning. digging up dirt, why donald sterling is hiring private investigators and who they will be snooping on. an out of control car smashes straight into cnn's lobby. new details as crews sweep the broken glass at the scene. nbc bay area honored with three national awards for excellence in breaking news coverage, feature reporting and public service and television journalism all from the society of professional journalists. nbc bay area, we investigate. the world of fashion is split in two.
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6:39 on your friday morning. a live picture now of emeryville on a beautiful friday. friday the 13th. but we're not even keeping track of that. >> maybe the folks at cnn are. have you seen this video, sam? a car crashed into the cnn center in atlanta and end up right in the middle of the lobby. the building badly damaged. but cnn operating normally. no one was hurt and no word on what caused that crash. that mercedes drove through the
6:40 am
large glass window. donald sterling is taking the fight to take his team to a whole new level. sterli sterling's legal team is hiring four private investigation firms to dig up dirt on the team's other owners. searching into the nba former and current commissioners. sources say that the investigators are also looking into whether specifically they made off-cu made jokes and a recording was made of him making comments. sergeant bowe bergdahl is back in the u.s., but not going home just yet. where he is this morning and when his family will be able to see him. plus, only on nbc, recovery after the rim fire. h how yosemite camp site is rebuilding after it was whiped out by flames a year ago. a deadly discovery inside a smoldering home, next.
6:41 am
6:42 am
6:43 am
recovery after the rim fire. today a family camp will oepen for the year. the devastating wildfire burned for months burning more than 250,000 acres before firefighters extinguished it. bob redell joins us now. quite a reversal of fortunes here. >> it is. good morning, sam. ten months ago this place was an inferno. the rim fire, the third largest in state history burned through the family camp here in the national forest.
6:44 am
it took out 17 camp sites, tents, cabins. that's about a third of the camp sites here on property. of course, still reminders of this fire. you have the moonscape out there on the ridge. scorching on the barck. the fire burned down to the root of this tree and took out, just left this cavity here. but also among all this destruction, you've got new camp sites. the city of san jose over just the past five weeks has built 14 of the new sites. the brand-new structures, full with electricity. they've got railings, all they're needing is some canvas. we have jenna, the manager here. you're brought in in january to fix this place up. >> the hardest part was the cleanup. the aftermath. a lot of man and woman power just with the debris. we had literally the hazard trees and the burn structures
6:45 am
and the cleanup and the metal and the garbage just to get it out of here and start over. >> you hadal a800 trees high r of falling over from the aircraft fighting the fire. you got all those out. you also have your well system was destroyed, your water system. >> some of the water system pumps actually damaged. laying half a mile of pipe, again, to get that going. that was number one because you can't have people here on site if you don't have water. >> it's back open. you didn't miss a season. i wonder if you ever had any doubt because so much work to be done in such a short amount of time. >> everybody is human and had a little bit of doubt, but with some really great support from city hall and team work this place is really important to a lot of people, we were ready to put in the work to make it happen. >> families start showing up around 1:00 this afternoon. what are you going to tell them. >> we're going to tell them,
6:46 am
welcome, have a safe, amazing vacation. >> there are still spots available throughout the summer season and, also, for their friends in berkeley whose camp was destroyed and a county discount that is applied to santa clara county residents and also applying that for people in berkeley. the san jose family camp, 14 beautiful new structures and, of course, the new well system. they pulled it off in spite of the raging flames that we saw during the rim fire. considered to be the third largest most destructive in the state history. >> of course, the stirring visuals. thank you. lots to do this weekend on your father's day weekend. let's check your forecast with meteorologist christina loren a picture of san francisco and the marina district in the f foreground and some bridge. >> the famous bridge right there. your dad's in town.
6:47 am
>> my mom. >> i thought your mom and dad. >> maybe your dad is in town and temperatures perfect for whatever you have planned. 55 in concord and 53 in livermore and i'm not discounting sam's mom. we're happy you're in town from the east coast, as well. we love you, mama. you raised a very fine, young man. and i mean it literally. fine. you don't want to get mixed up, human resources could get involved. heading out this friday, temperatures are going to be chilly to start, comfortable to finish. one of those days if you could get outdoors you will not regret it. kicking yourself next week if you don't get outdoors this weekend because temperatures much warmer. today the 60s and 70s and warm spots will hit the low 80s and extreme east bay and isolated inland valley spots. as we get into the afternoon,
6:48 am
that sea breeze will make it all the way to the tri-valley. open up the windows in your home and give your ac a break. tomorrow we climb an additional five to seven degrees and let's talk about your microclimates. if you don't like the heat, you can always head to the beach. 67 degrees is the high in san francisco and today the north bay at 82 degrees. so, quite a difference there between santa rosa and what we're expecting in san francisco today. that separation is going to widen even more so as we get into next week and the triple digits return, but not to the end of next week. we'll hold off on that for a little while longer. remember, you can cruise your seven-day forecast at the bottom of your screen. 67 in san francisco and 78 degrees in the south bay for today. getting into father's day weekend, you might want to take him to the beach because surf's up. 81 degrees in santa cruz and 85 degrees on sunday. comfortable conditions. remember, though, that pacific ocean is very cold. you don't want to spend a lot of
6:49 am
time in there otherwise you risk suffering hypothermia. 73 degrees on monday comfortable conditions continue and then hot next week. let me give you a little idea of where we're headed. the hot stuff really comes in thursday, friday of next weekend and up to 89 degrees in the tri-valley by the mid-section of next week. let's check your drive, here's mike. >> poorly lit shot but i want to show you bay bridge toll plaza approach filled in with all lanes and fastrak lanes moving and from time to time they jam up and unexpected issue here at the toll plaza set off by an earlier stall in san francisco. look at oakland the shot past the coliseum and light volume of traffic here and you're at speed pretty much through downtown and just the final bend on the overpass where things slow down. the map will show you the whole situation going on here. approaching the east shore freeway and 580 and no problems across the san mateo bridge. now, we do have a new crash southbound 880 and our sensors
6:50 am
still having to recompute and some slowing and that crash is still in your second lane and that will be a problem. over there in the tri-valley and things are held up past greenville to the altamont pass. once you're west of there, all moving very smoothly. at speed for 680 through the sunol area down towards fremont and into the south bay. the rest of your bay, south bay with northbound route 101 showing a slow down here and not a problem for 87 or 280 and a live look through san jose and show you the volume of traffic we're dealing with and it's not too bad. the top of your screen or the bottom of your screen slowing here and loosens up by the time you geet tt to the airport. back to you. >> thank you, mike. our first look at bowe bergdahl arriving back in the united states. he spent nearly five years as a captive of the taliban in afghanistan. jay gray joins us live in san
6:51 am
ant antonio this morning. when will bergdahl's family get to see him? >> new information within the last few minutes on that. been reports that sergeant bergdahl's parents are in town. they just released a statement. i want to read it to you and make sure i get it right because it just came out. a statement on behalf of the bergdahl family. they are overjoyed and their son has returned to the united states and they don't intend to make any travel plans public. they won't say whether they're here in san antonio or not. despite the fact that there are reports that they are. they are asking for continued privacy as they concentrate on their son's reintegration. so, they're not saying whether they're in san antonio or not. there have been reports that they are here and could, for the first time since he's been released, actually speak with their son or even visit for a few moments. again, doctors are saying they're going to leave that up to sergeant bergdahl that he's at a point in this free
6:52 am
integration and recovery that he needs to decide when he's comfortable with that type of interaction. this is the third and final phase of that reintegration. traditionally for people who have been in circumstances where they have been captured or held against their will, this part will take a week to ten days, a lot of doctors say it will take much longer when you consider he has been in captivity for five years. a lot of that time, apparently, in isolation and solitary confinement. physical torture involved, as well, we're told. they have a lot to work through and doctors want to make sure he gets to a point where he can function once he's allowed to kind of get out and do what he needs to do. allowed not the right word, but once he determines that he feels he can do that. >> that he's able to, as well. his family has to be anxious to see him, thanks, jay. new jersey governor chris christie his political clout in the heart of san francisco. support the gop challenger
6:53 am
looking to become the next governor. stephanie chuang joins us at a flower shop where christie is expected to show up in just over an hour. >> the doors just opened at hodgasian flower shop. neel kashkari and chris christie will come and set up in this area talking to 50 to 60 people. no food or drinks per se but a visit with the focus on family owned business here. this is an important event. he's operating a small business and that it hasn't been easy the past years. he wants to hear what kashkari has to say about supporting small business. kashkari some background worked for the treasury department under george w. bush and he has a tough fight ahead after coming in a distant second after coming in california's open primary last week. incumbent jerry brown got over 54% of the vote while kashkari
6:54 am
got 19% of the vote featuring a tea party supported candidate. governor christi is in town to help boost kashkari's presence. did the same back in 2010 in support of meg whitman who was the gop gubernatorial candidate four years ago. became friends with mark zukerizucke zuckerbe zuckerberg. photos of him showing up at his house when he hosted a fund-raiser for christie's re-election campaign. meantime governor christie is slated to meet with zuckerberg, again. hosting a live q and a session at facebook headquarters starts at 3:30 this afternoon. people will be posting questions on christie's facebook page. so, both christie and kashkari set to be here in an hour or so and fund-raising is also on the
6:55 am
agenda. this is not the first stop, really, for a packed day. governor christie is the chairman of the republican governor's association. he will be helping with a fund-raiser for that group later today in san francisco. it's a luncheon that's $10,000 a plate. so a little bit pricy. >> thanks so much, stephanie. an update to breaking news. crews combing through a burned out mobile home in hayward. the home is still smoldering this morning. it's happening on fuchsia court and mission boulevard. kris sanchez joins us live from the skeecene. what are you learning about the victim? >> well, laura, we now know that the man who died in the fire in his home, according to neighbors, was wearing a cast on his foot and wasn't getting around very well. the fire started at his home around 3:00 this morning, that's when firefighters arrived on the scene and found it fully engulfed. it's what is considered
6:56 am
unincorporated hayward. now while the flames were knocked down pretty quickly for the man inside, it was just too late. the alameda county fire battalion chief tells us it was obvious to firefighters when they broke through the front door that the man was no longer alive. the neighbor tells us the man was in his 50s and lived here for more than ten years and wearing a cast on one foot, recovering from an injury and she says that among the members of the residents here who live here they say that fire is often a fear in mobile home parks like this one. >> upon entry, we had heavy fire conditions for the first crews. they forced entry into the front door. were met with heavy fire conditions. and they did locate the victim immediately upon entry. >> now, the neighbor tell us they fear fire because they take off very quickly in mobile home parks like this one. alameda county fire investigators arnot saying what the cause was yet, but it is a densely populated mobile
6:57 am
home park and thus they were concerned that the fire would spread to other units here that eventually did not happen. now alameda county fire and the alameda sheriff is handling the investigation. the coroner just arrived on the scene and we'll learn if the man died as a result of the fire or perhaps died before it. reporting live in hayward, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thanks, kris. new details san jose police investigating the city's 19th homicide of the year. a man was shot during a fight involving a large group of people this happened just a few blocks from spartan stadium. so far there have been no arrests. 6:57 on your friday morning. let's get a quick, final check of your morning headlines. frank mccourt will take the stand today testifying in the bryan stow civil trial. the franchise did not have enough security to prevent the attack in the stadium parking lot that left stow with
6:58 am
permanent brain damage, h. a half hour northwest of minneapolis. the company that operates the train confirms all 16 cars had derailed were empty and the good news is no one was hurt. >> amazing visuals there. meantime, nominous white house officials say president obama could order an air strike against militants in iraq as early as this weekend. militants pushed their way to baghdad and three plane loads of americans have been evacuated to germany. quick check of the forecast, again, with meteorologist christina loren. >> nice out there today and happy friday to you, you made it to the end of the week. beautiful weekend for you, all the dads out there, we wish you an early, happy father's day. 58 degrees in the east bay and 57 in san francisco and on our way to the 70s. 78 for the south bay today and 79 degrees along the peninsula. so, really nice out there. >> good. >> well, maybe a future dad. >> call you dadio. >> looking over here to the roadways.
6:59 am
the metering lights on the bay bridge. south 880 a crash in the middle lane there causing some slowing and another crash at eighth street may cause more problems and south bay starts the slowing for 101 and overall a lighter friday commute. that's good stuff around the bay. finally this morning, let it burn. texas homeowners say they'll burn their mansion to the ground in about an hour. we'll show you this home earlier this week dangling over a cliff in ft. worth because the land just eroding underneath it. the homeowners could have let the home fall into the lake, but the cleanup would have been more expensive than burning it. that's how they're saying good-bye. >> oh, my. >> two words. ho homeowners insurance. all right, that's what's happening "today in the bay." we're back at 7:25 with a live local news update. >> quick programming note for you. our next show at 4:00. we all hope on this father's day weekend you have a great day and a great weekend.
7:00 am
>> all the dads out there, have a great one. >> happy father's day. breaking news. good morning. breaking news. back on u.s. soil. sergeant bowe bergdahl arrives in texas overnight. in this country for the first time in five years. he's yet to see his family, so what's next for the former prisoner of war. marching toward baghdad. iraq inching closer to civil war as militants push closer to the capital city, while the white house weighs u.s. military options. tasteful or tacky? the bitter feud between donald trump and the mayor of chicago over this giant sign. neither side backing down. we'll let you weigh in as donald trump joins us live.


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