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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  June 18, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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compelled to speak out about the values, the family care and ties they think could have p prevented their sons' deaths. they were killed when their roommate stabbed them to death before heading out on a shooting rampage. the shooter had a history of mental issues. we are outside a high school that is really still in mourning. >> reporter: this is where david wang graduated. and now his mom's friend shares the same grief. what they're saying is what happened to their sons should never happen to another family, and they believe the first step starts at home. >> if knock is done, it could happen next week. it can happen next month. >> and that's why these heartbroken mothers are speaking out.
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their sons, way a were killed. >> if the parents raise theirle child as a happy child, give them enough love. >> clutching each other's hands, they told us the pain is unbearable. they shared baby photos saying in their culture, parents are children are tightly bonded with parents acting as the teacher. >> parents have a responsibility to raise a loving and caring child instead of a child full of hatred. >> reporter: a small shrine is set up in their home with his favorite coke and chips. peter rodgers is expected to have an interview soon. >> to focus on the killer is wrong. this is a tragedy. this is a crime. >> reporter: elliot rodger may not have formally been diagnosed
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with a mental illness but did show signs. deputies say when they saw the manifesto, they drove to the scene but it was too late. the family said it is now our responsibility to try to do everything we can to help avoid this from happening to any other family, not only to avoid any other innocents from being killed. they now reflect on the values they gave their sons, like volunteering and hard work. they wanted to open a business together with another victim. instead, their families are bringing their sons' ashes to china. >> i think their the life is not
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our loss. it's society's loss. >> reporter: i did speak with a mental health professional not connected to this case by phone, and she told me in general they try and seek treatment as early as possible when someone needs help. and they of course try to meet with the family. but that doesn't always mean that the outcome will be what is expected. i also spoke to a rodger family spokesperson and attorney and haven't heard back. i asked if they had heard from the rodger family, and they said no. >> thank you very much. our coverage of this tragic story continues online at there you'll find more information. we have knew details on the fire that gutted homes and rattled a neighborhood in the heart of sunnyvale.
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flames roaring through both homes, one of them was an in-home day care center. michelle roberts is on the scene. and a good samaritan stepped up here in a dangerous situation. >> reporter: that's right. a tree cutter was working in the area a few houses down when he spotted flames. that's when he ran over to the two homes that were burning. he banged on the door and ran right in screaming fire. thankfully everyone was able to get out safely. homeowners filled with sadness watched their homes cave to the flames. the fire destroyed two homes. >> a man cass cutting trees and came and knocked on our door and said there was a fire. >> reporter: daniel newsom saw fire a few houses down and was able to get people out before emergency crews arrived. >> i got people out of the
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house. i pounded and yelled fire. >> i got out with what i have on. >> reporter: a home-run day care is run here and a sleeping child was inside when the fire began. the firefighters didn't stay inside long. >> once the house starts to collapse we don't nope whknow w structure's going to do. >> reporter: neighbors couldn't believe as they watched in fear, hoping the fire wouldn't spread further. >> there was heat coming offer the neighbor's house. you could feel the smoke. i've never seen a fire like this. >> reporter: both homes are a total loss but randy is thankful for what he does have. >> but at least our lives. we have our lives. and i think my neighbor's dog
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died. >> reporter: such a devastating day for two families who lost so much, including the dalmatian, the family's pet. an investigator is trying to figure out what caused this blaze. currently it is unknown. and firefighters are still checking out the scene to make sure no hotspots flare up during the night. i'm michelle roberts. taking the firefight into his own hands. you saw him talk a moment ago in michelle's story. he climbed up on the roof of his own house with a garden hose and got to work wetting down his roof. fire officials threatened to arrest him for putting himself in dapger, but he continued to hoiz down his roof until the smoke became too much. >> as soon as i got out of the house i saw, grabbed a hose and got on the roof. i couldn't believe i got up there so fast. >> now his home did suffer some water damage, moreno was not
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arrest arrested. a brush fire in vallejo. this fire is now out. but it did fill the area with smoke. 780 and surrounding streets did remain open during this. the fire started just before 5:00. it quickly went to two alarms and burned about 5 acres. this fire is now out. the recent warm, dry days is doing nothing to calm these fire fears. jeff ranieri has more on our fire forecast. >> we want to reiterate again the june wildfire threat. this goes for the entire bay area. according to the national fire agency we'll remain above average not only for june but also for july. the bottom line in all of this is if any fire gets started they're calling for the potential of it to becospread
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quickly. get a look at the wind gusts. that's where all the way through saturday's forecast we'll likely see it go as high as 23 miles per hour. we're not looking at any kind of windstorm but that is the worst of it as we head throughout the next couple days. humidity range 18 to 40%. and temperatures will rise to near 90 degrees inland thomas well. i'm pitting the highest fire risk in the hills and the east. there is a ban on open burning. it starts july 1, a couple weeks from now and claws the suspension of all residential burn permits. however, campfires in some areas may be exempt. state firefighters have already responded to more than 2100 fires this year alone. that's a 70% increase from this
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time last year. so when is a police officer not on duty? that's at the heart of a controversy brewing in mountain view after an offduty police officer pulled a gun on a driver who he says was erratic on the road and was confrontational when stopped. the answer? he never takes a break. damian trujillo has more on what's the protocol. >> reporter: mountain view says they can only speak for its department. on this case, on this street, the police officer did everything right. the lieutenant pulled over in his personal car to let a tailgated driver pass him. that driver almost hit two bicycles at a crosswalk. when the officer saw the car pull into his own driveway, the officer approached him to have a
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conversation about safety. the officer drew his sidearm when the driver charged him. >> because of the violation, the fact that the mom and child were almost hit and driving into an opposing lane of traffic. it's all very dangerous. he figured he'd have a quick conversation with the neighbor. >> reporter: mountain view says a cop is a cop 24/7. but each incident is treated on a case-by-case instance. if the cop is at a bar and the situation arises mountain view says depending on that situation it might be best for the officer to act as a witness instead of getting directly involved. and according to that police report, the driver in this incident here in san jose admitted that he was wrong in tailgating the off-duty officer. thank you. a man walking on the railroad tracks in mountain view was hit and killed today. he was struck around 10:15 this
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morning as the caltrans train was traveling. the crash shut doubt tracks for about 90 minutes. this was the fourth deadly cal train accident this year. still ahead, fighting fire with officers, security crews forced to moonlight as fire crews. the new patrols in the hills meant to stop suspicious fires. a game changer to upgrade security in some of our most vulnerable terror targets locally. what could lead to new calls for conservation statewide. dry, hot winds, the worst right now across the tri valley in dub lip, up to 19 miles per hour. we'll have more and some cooler days ahead when that arrives and how that's going to help our forecast coming up in a few minutes.
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the area centered around the station. it includes 5 milli900 hotel ro. it is already the largest cal train hub and in the future it will include connections to bart and high speed rail trains. the project does not have a start date yet. pg&e says last year's shooting at a sub station was a game changer. they are promising to spend $100 million on upgrading security at its sub stations in central and northern california. but who's going to pay for these upgrades? here's nbc bay area's mark matthews. >> reporter: april 16 of last year, the metcalfe sub station came under fire in what the head of the regulatory commission said at the time was the most significant incident of domestic terrorism involving the grid that has ever occurred. surveillance video shows sparks
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as bullets hit the fencing, similar to those rounds from an ak-47 were fired into circuit breakers. they managed to reroute power around the sub station. there were no blackouts. but it was 90 minutes before any utility employees showed up at the site. >> we've identified a number of areas for improvement in that area. >> reporter: an audience was told at the headquarters that the shooting has been a game changer for the industry and over the next three year, $100 million will be spent on security upgrades. >> our plan include adding opaque fencing and protective barriers, enhanced detection and deterrent systems, improved lighting and camera systems around the facility itself. >> reporter: a pg&e spokesman told reporters it is too early to say where the $100 million will come from. some may come from the federal government. the most likely source of the money will be from existing pg&e
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programs, at least until the next rate request scheduled for 2016. it should be noted that while they called this a case of domestic terrorism, the fbi says it isn't. it's being investigated as a crime. but there is a $500,000 reward leading to information and arrest. a pilot is counting his blessings tonight after a less than perfect takeoff. it happened just south of highway 101. the pilot lost control of the aircraft, ended up sliding off the runway, flipping over and landing in a slough. >> partially submerged water. the pilot's feet were in the water. that was it. he was strapped in there. there was no crushing of the canopy itself. it came off the runway and rolled into some high grass. >> the pilot was trapped until
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crews flipped the plane over. he walked away uninjured. it's one of the largest sex abuse settlements in the country. $14 million was agreed to be paid to two women who were arrested by their biology teacher when they were in middle school. they claim the district knew about the abuse and covered it up. they say they weren't the only victims of daniel witters. he ended up killing himself before the investigation was complete. putting down his gavel for good. justice marvin baxter is stepping down. he will not seek reelection when his term expires in january. baxter is considered one of the court's most conservative members. if governor brown is reelected in november, the democratic governor lo have a significant opportunity to reshape the high court. calls for water conservation are falling on deaf ears. at the beginning of the year,
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governor brown asked everybody to cut back their water usage by 20%. but the latest reports show that water usage is down by just 5% and the bay area cut back by just 2%. they are considering mandatory conservation rules. >> the staff would put together some emergency regulations and would, those would be made public sometime probably in early july. and we would be meeting mid july. >> cuts may be around the corner, the state might curb were your watering your yard. it's been a dry time and windy as well. >> it is worth noting. i know we are heading into the dry season. there's no sign of any rainfall coming in the next 12 to 14 days. and that is likely to trend over the next two to try monhree mon. we do have some lowering
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humidity. wind could be a lot less this time of the year. 14 considered moderate at this point. but it is still keeping the fire danger elevated. as you get a live look outside right now, enjoying some warmen weather. going to be mild in the north pay. san francisco, we have mainly 60s right up near the water, but you go near downtown, union scare mar square market. and we have brown hills here in that live camera network. what you will notice is temperatures are going to go down a few degrees. it's not going to drop draw mat clay. some some of you may not feel it. we'll have 87 expected in the north bay. we should get out of the 90 degree territory for a lot of the tri valley. upper 80s, it's still going to
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be pretty close. humidity will tend to be right around 20% for tomorrow. here's the good news. the fog is beginning to return at the coastline, and that's going to gradually chip away at our temperatures the next couple days. you can see on the three-day trend for the south bay we'll go with some mid-80s for thursday. by saturday, that's when the fog will bring us down to about 82. for the peninsula, from mid-80s on thursday down to 78 by saturday. and well, you guessed it, there in san francisco it will be in the 60s, but coolest by saturday with low 60s. and for the north bay, east bay and tri valley, we'll see the tri valley sin, on thursday down to an expected 83 on saturday. all right. already thinking about the weekend, already thinking about the beaches. maybe love the beach. you head there each and every weekend. just know it's going to be warm in santa cruz but not extremely hot. if you like the cool, classic coastal weather, half moon bay's
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going to be the spot at 63 degrees. we'll have more in about 20 minutes. coming up, talk about a roadshow. while local inventors are setting up shop on the white house lawn. how amazon is trying to go head to head with apple. plus the redskins take a hit. what the ruling on the controversial name could mean for its future.
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the countdown is on. levi stadium will formally open next month. the ribbon cutting ceremony, july 17. the first game will be in early august when the earthquakes take the field. 49ers game will be august 17. and if you're saving money, super bowl 50 at levi stadium in february of 2016. one of the most famous names may be forced to change their name.
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the patent office canceled the name of the redskins. the appeal in 1999 took ten years, but the redskins won back their trademark. other teams related to native-americans names are watching this case closely. >> whether though will be a domino effect, if they can get the redskins to change they'll move on to the braves, the indians, the blackhawks or whoever it happens to be. >> what happens with all that merchandise? while they can keep their patent provisionally during this appeal, policing it could be difficult. especially if non-licensed manufacturers start illegally selling jerseys, hoodies and hats. the team could lose millions of dollars in merchandising rights and spending big money on legal fees. it is a mark of technology downtown. adobe invited an artist from the bay area to decorate the
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headquarters. the clauollage was introduced t employees. >> as you go through you get more and more colors and different shapes and different kinds of images. and up top we have the sky and airplanes because airplanes are always flying overhead here. >> if you want to see the whole thing, head over to adobe soon. the k the collage will only stay up for a few days. and a new strategy for militants in iraq. what their plan is now for taking down baghdad. and president obama meets with top lawmakers to come up with a specific plan on how to save iraq from total collapse. that story coming up. i'm jodi hernandez in the oakland hills where yesterday's five suspicious fires have firefighters on alert and on
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patrol. i'll have the story coming up.
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firefighters in the oakland hills doing what they can to calm fire fears tonight as neighbors watch and worry that an arsonist may be roaming. fire crews are not only on high alert but also actively patrolling those hills because of a series of suspicious fires that broke out yesterday
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afternoon. jodi hernandez is live at fire station 25, and crews very, very busy there. >> reporter: jessica, i'll tell you that the fire engines here at station 25 haven't spent much time at the firehouse, that's because they've been out on inspections and out on patrol. firefighters have been busy talking to residents, doing their best to spread the word that everyone up here should be on high alert. >> wildfire, you can see the fire burnt this tree. >> reporter: this security guard shows us a charred tree stump, the site of a small fire he helped put out yesterday afternoon. using a resident's garden hose. >> this was burning the wood chunk underground, and it was blazing. which suggested me somebody may have laid it on that wood to get that kind of fire flame. >> reporter: the oakland fire department battled five
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different fires yesterday. they are actively patrolling the area on high alert and making sure residents are take needed steps to protect themselves. >> we want to make sure that people are vigilant about keeping their properties clear. >> reporter: given the area's fire history, this man and his neighbors take fire prevention very seriously, but knowing there's a potential firebug on the loose is scary. >> if somebody deliberately starts a fire, there's not a whole lot you can do. >> reporter: even the security guard was hired to ward off prowlers, he's now got his eyes peeled for a possible arsonist. >> yesterday i was a fireman. >> reporter: you're looking at the dry brush. things are so dry and tin der that it wouldn't take much for
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things to catch fire. they were able to knock the five fires yesterday down quickly. but fire danger remains extreme. reporting live in the oakland hill, i'm jodi hernandez. on mt. hamilton, santa clara fire crews were at grant ranch park to put out a fire they set themselves. over the next tree years, these younger crews will be trained on fuels, prevention and terrain. brian butts is accused of touching three girls, he teaches at music art studio. he was arrested on saturday on 23 counts of lewd acts with a child. it happened while the school's
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owner was away on vacation. >> on three occasions when the girls were by themselves, this fellow touched them inappropriately in the chest area outside the clothing. >> authorities believe there could be more victims and are urging them to come forward. safer roads could mean higher taxes. two u.s. senators, a democrat and republican are joining forces as a way to replenish the federal highway trust fund which needs funding in august. the federal tax is 18 cents per gallon. the senators propose a 12 cent increase and build in a yearly adjustment for inflation. it is needed to rebuild bridges and highways. without the funds, the country will face a transportation crisis. president obama held a high-level meeting at the white house today to discuss what
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specific actions should be taken in that crumbling country. janelle wang is here with more. the president took input from both parties this time. >> that's exactly right. the president met with top republicans and democrats in the oval office this afternoon to discuss all options. they included harry reid and mitch mcconnell and john boehner and nancy pelosi. president obama is still against combat troops in iraq. as for air strikes, that is still on the table. >> options like air strikes, as the president's said, he's not ruled in or out. but there has to be a reason for that. there has to be an objective. where do you go with those, what does it do to move the effort down the road for a political solution. >> there's more than one step here. i'm looking for the overall strategy that will help secure the gains that we've made. >> president obama continues to pressure iraq's prime minister,
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the shiite run government to be more inclusive of minority s sunnies and kurds, but that's not happening. the country's largest oil refinery was attacked today. that appears to be their new track, crippling their infrastructure. isis probably won't march into baghdad now since they are outnumbered but will get close enough to shut down the baghdad airport by launching mortars at the runways. united states still trying to decide how to react. among the recent problems facing the administration, vladimir putin, the crisis in ukraine, the va hospital scandal and the release of bowe bergdahl. those events took their toll on the president's popularity. only 37% of americans approve of his handling of foreign policy. that's an all-time low.
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a new nbc/wall street journal poll found his overall approval rating at 41% which represents a 3 point drop. the boston marathon bombing trial may be moving out of massachusetts. they are asking a federal judge to move that trial because the jury pool will be full of people who attended or participated in the marathon or know someone who did. 37% in washington d.c. thought he was guilty. prosecutors have not yet responded to the change of venue request. still ahead. she may have saved her life with a cell phone. what one woman did with a selfie. i'm scott budman. a shorter path between you and what you may want to buy. courtesy of the new smartphone to hit the market. a first look coming up.
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and good evening. i'm meteorologist jeff ray heni. we're tracking the wind which is still beginning to come onshore. you can see some fog trying to build. we'll talk more about how a little bit of fog is going to impact our forecast in just a few minutes.
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special olympics torch relay got a special escort today in the south bay. several members of the santa clara county sheriff's department participated.
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officers used their leg of the run for the special olympics. a new tax like might be coming to san jose. the mercury news reporting a proposed sales tax increase could hit the november ballot. you may soon get a phone call to test the idea. council members agreed to spend $50,000 on a poll. an increase would generate $34 million to $68 million, according to the council. the council will decide in august whether to bring the measure to the november ballot. many people think they can't live without their smartphones, but one woman says her cell phone is a real lifesaver. she began worrying when she started slurring. her doctors said it was stress. when it happened again she pulled out her cell phone and started recording. >> now i'm taking a picture for
6:40 pm
an example of what happens. it's all tingling on the left side. >> doctors eventually saw the video and confirmed the woman's diagnosis. she had suffered a mini stroke, in fact three of them. the video has now gone viral. >> i just needed somebody to see what's happening, when i'm telling people this is happening, they're saying it's stress. i'm like, i know this is not stress. >> stacy is now home recovering. her hospital is asking for a copy of the video to use as a teaching tool. jeff ranieri is with us. a few days from now is the first official day of summer. >> that's right. it's saturday. of course it's been on mychal mychal my calendar for months. i'm gerard moncure.
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with bowman expected to miss the first part of the season, they are getting reative. and the giants have hit the skids in a big way. find out why a game on the south side may not be the only thing the g-men lost today. ♪ ♪
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as if it wasn't already easy to buy things on the internet, amazon made it easier with a new phone. and this one has all sorts of features. our business reporter, scott budman joins us now with the first look. before you can even buy it, he's
6:44 pm
seen it. >> the question is, should you buy it. a new phone. this one from amazon aimed both at apple and at your wallet. after years of rumors, a phone from amazon? >> well, i'm excited to tell you, that the answer is yes. [cheers and applause] >> reporter: and the company long known for letting you shop online now has its own phone or another way to look at it -- it now offers another way to let you shop online. because -- and watch closely. the 3d feature is pretty cool. your screen saver can now literally reach out and touch someone. but the big reveal from amazon's ceo jeff bezos is this. can you use your fan to scan and buy stuff this quickly. >> recognize as a book. recognize as a dvd.
6:45 pm
qr code, cd. recognize a url. how about a game. >> reporter: and then with the push of a touch screen button, you can buy everything you just scanned on amazon. again, this 3d camera effect is neat, but after doing that a few times, you have a new $200 to $300 phone that's ver similar to the iphone or android phone you're already working now. one that works best if you're shopping. which may explain why shares of amazon stock shot higher as the phone was introduced today. it will be available starting july 25, but only from at&t. the screen is 5 inches in size and can you start ordering today. it's the opportunity of a lifetime. today bay area inventors shared their inventions with president
6:46 pm
obama. the white house hosted their first maker's fair. a 17-foot tall robotic giraffe, and a fuel-efficient sports car which they adapted that gets 100 miles per gallon. the embrace infant warmer is a product developed by a stanford student. it provides warmth for babies in underdeveloped countries. >> as of two weeks ago, beyonce and gucci did a platform, made a contribution to us to enable us to get this to ten countries in africa, help at least another 2,000 babies and help to get this in the health care system in these countries. >> amazing. the goal is to promote entrepreneurship. very, very smart. let's turn things over to jeff ranieri. >> i interviewed the guy with the giraffe at the maker fair
6:47 pm
here. you can search maker fair and jeff, you'll be able to pull up that video and check it out. pretty cool invention. you can see brilliant blue sky across the golden gate bridge. yes, it is fog free. but low-level moisture is starting to increase. you can see the areas of white, that's low-level moisture. winds at 10 to 14 miles per hour. we'll talk more about how extensive that fog will be in a few minutes. but we're still averaging the warmest weather in the tri valley. the real crucial thing is the humidity, just 16%. some bone-dry air on top of the drought. and so for the south bay you can see 84 degrees and see how dry these hills are as we look off towards the east. the drier portion of the santa
6:48 pm
clara valley. so even winds just 12 miles per hour also going to keep the fire threat up there throughout the next 24 hours. as you get a look at the forecast, the biggest thing today was that we warmed up 5 to 10 degrees across the bay. some of the biggest different differences are across livermore. as this gets closer, it will ramp up the wind and fuel the heat. it's going to stay hot inland for tomorrow, but the biggest change as we look ahead towards thursday is right here. look at the future cast. fog building up at the immediate coastline at 7:00. a lot of it is going to stay out here in the pacific. but since we advanced this, we'll have this fog lingering off the coastline through at least 1:00 tomorrow. and with it just staying right there offshore that should be good enough to give our temperatures a little bit of a
6:49 pm
break. let's get knew thyou into that climate forecast. no 90s in san jose. we'll go for 87 in saratoga. cupertino close to 90. now for the peninsula, san mateo at 73. that will be cooler than ha whae had for today. loss altos in the mid-80s to upper 80s. the wind offshore will keep temperatures at 67 in the hayes valley. so certainly a little cool down there. for the north bay, east bay and tri valley, down a couple degrees in napa. and for the tri valley tomorrow 87 in pleasanton and potentially 90 again in livermore. we will start to see the tri valley's numbers drop off most certainly by this weekend. we should be down in the mid-80s. you can also see in san jose,
6:50 pm
saturday and sunday we're going to go for 82 and 83 respectively. some awesome weather as we head throughout the next couple days. and in san francisco we are expecting the 60s. i do want to end with the fire weather forecast. it's rather unusual that we're getting all these fires sparked. it does look like hills above 1,000 feet, we could see winds gusting as high as 23 miles into saturday. so that's going to keep the fire threat up there as well. take it easy out there, otherwise some beautiful weather. thank you. just ahead. some problems with the giants and all smiles for the raiders.
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gerard moncure joins us. and for many years we would call it the june swoon for the giants. it's back. >> really tough sledding for the orange and black right now. the nl west, basically like that clint eastwood western, the good, the bad and the ugly. brandon belt took swinging in the of of dug out today. angel pagan getting a second opinion on his back. he's already had an mri. with more tests on the way, while bruce bochy says a trip to the list is not eminent. this is the 12 of the year for this player.
6:54 pm
7-2 white sox. giants jump 7-3. rbi double to right. top ninth, the tying run on base. adrianza, though, flies to center. and the giants lose 7-6. athletics leading 1-0. single up the middle. 2-0 athletics. visitors get even in the fifth. bases loaded, leonys martin hustles home. those were the only runs they gave up. tied at 2. ses pe dus sliding. the 49ers already making plans to fill the spot. bowman has played this spot the
6:55 pm
last three seasons. under the former defensive coordinator. >> to me, if you're an inside linebacker, you're an inside linebacker, doesn't matter if you're the mike or the jack. mike asking more interchangeable. moving forward, if that's the best avenue we want to go down, so he's more capable of playing both. >> he's going to be, you know, in there, in the base and also in the nickel. he's great football player. and we want him on the field as much as possible. over in alameda, derrick carr has been impressive. he's been taking the team's primary backup between
6:56 pm
acquisition matt schaub. >> i come out hire and work. i keep my mouth set, my hid dea down and work. eventually hard work will play off. chilean fans storming. charles oran guy posted home. spain joins italy as the second straight reigning champ to be knocked out. united states and portugal coming up on sunday. should be a good one. >> are we all watching the game together at your house? >> my house? >> 3:00 sunday. >> okay. see you there. >> you can watch sports net central tonight at 10:30. tonight at 11:00, here's what we're working on. unleash being the dogs.
6:57 pm
the new pilot program in one south bay city. that's after chicago pd. if you like that light show, you can keep it going. organizers say they need more like $12 million more to make sure the l.e.d. lights will continue shining through 2026. without the extra funds, they could go dark come next year. if you want more information on how you can donate, go to our website, >> i think it's a great addition to our bay. it looks beautiful. >> i had a great view of it, but all the construction in soma, it's going away. >> you need to move to a new building. we've got light to moderate winds out here. anywhere from 10 to 15 miles per hour. so that's still going to keep fire danger up there. 80s across the bay. >> have a great evening. >> bye-bye. heat shields are compromised. we have multiple failures.
6:58 pm
what's that alarm? fuel cell two is down. i'm going to have to guide her in manually. this is very exciting. but i'm at my stop. come again? i'm watching this on the train. it's so hard to leave. good luck with everything. watch tv virtually anywhere with the u-verse tv app. with at&t, the u-verse revolves around you.
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new couple alert. katy perry cause kissing rob pattinson. now on "extra." new pics. katy perry and rob pattinson's late night hookup. "extra" with breaking couples news today. melanie griffith erasing antonio banderas from her life. police, the star planning a top secret wedding in the hamptons. the super model magazine nants of the world cup. meet the hot women behind the men. plus, the back eye situation. his first words about his


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