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tv   Today  NBC  June 19, 2014 2:07am-3:01am PDT

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from nbc news, this is "today" with kathy lee gifford and hoda. live from studio 1 a. in rockafeller plaza. >> hello everybody. it is that day. some people call it hump day. we call it wednesday/wednesday. this is june 8th. >> we have a big, big show filled with lots of stars which we'll tell you about later on. here is the question we have for you. when you call someone on the telephone, do you a., leave a message, or b., hang up?
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if you hang up, if you're below a certain age, you never real a voice mail because we are allergic to voice mail. they hate it, why? >> here is the thing. i think younger people -- you know it's funny. i left a voice mail for one of the producers here. she said that's so funny. the only two people who leave voice mails is you and matt lauer. you find out what the situation is. it may not even need a call. it may not even need a returned call. >> well, we have some young people over there in the corner. the buaje family. i know they don't leave voice mails. lamar is one of the producers. itious nice to see them. you guys rock. >> i had no trouble with voice
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mail because i'm of that age but i don't like it when you have to listen for 40 seconds -- the number 21365 -- is not here and then a litany of things. just give me the beep -- give me tone. that's all i want. >> the young people have anxiety because they don't know how to leave a voice mail. if you're under 35, they have a panic thing that happens. most people can speak. >> think about this. do you remember the first time you recorded your voice mail. you recorded your -- >> your answering machine and you said hi, i can't come to the phone -- hello, i can't come -- you did it ten times. i get it. there's a thing -- when you hear your voice, you hate your voice. you're not interested in it or you love it. young people are nervous. they don't like it. well, unfortunately they text all the time and with text there's no tone and what they
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are often doing is driving or other things, people. i'm excited about this. >> what? >> it is time for the world's ugliest dogs. 26th wormld's ugliest dog is under way. >> here is monkey. >> oh, he's not ugly. he just needs a bath. >> look at peanut. oh, my god. peanut is demon possessioned. >> how about rascal. >> ge it to us. >> oh -- they just co-star in a buddy movie. >> how about yoda. >> you can't zoom in. i say peanut so far is winning. the judges are going to pick. the dogs, all of them are gaernl
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at the sonoma fair. the judges will select a win. i may go to that. the lucky winner received $1500 in prize money. do you guys ever see the movie forgetting sara martial. it's one of the best movies but there's a scene where jason seagull and he answers the door and he's totally naked. there she is. and -- oh, know he knows it's coming. are you breaking up with me? >> oh -- >> pete -- >> i just need a minute. >> okay. >> anyway, full frontal so here is the point.
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he spoke to vanity fair this week and he said that his mother literally cried when she looked up and saw her son showing her jewels. she was upset. >> would you be upset if one of your kids -- >> i'd be in jail because of what i'd do to them. she sent out a mass e-mail to family members hirks. >> i would like to inform you all that jason has decided to do full frontal nudity however it was not gratuitious and was pertinent to the plot. >> after a certain age, you don't see your it might have just been a huge shock. not huge. a shock to her to see her son as an adult. >> okay. okay. >> don't bring up the subject if you don't have -- the maturity to discuss it. i was going to say something else.
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>> can we talk about this mayor in los angeles? >> i'm dying to see this. >> okay. there are two guys running for mayor in los angeles. >> right. >> all right. one of the mayors -- >> in san marino. >> was upset at his opponent. >> david kneier. >> he had a bag full of dog poop. >> ca-ca we should say. >> walking by his opponent's yard and threw it on the yard. now it looks like a nothing. oh, look. look. oh. >> he didn't throw it. he tossed it. there's a difference. >> well the guy -- this was captured on this camera, okay, that happened to be in front of the contender's house. >> there are cameras everywhere. >> you have to be careful. he resigned. he dropped out of the race because of the scandal of throwing -- look, here's the thing. but -- >> they throw that stuff in washington, d.c., all day long at each other and nobody ever -- >> here's the thing. when i'm with blake, this has happened to me, walking my dog, and he's already done his
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business. >> you think? >> but an hour later he does it again and only had one bag, i'm in a panic. >> why god made leaves. >> like for one and sometimes i'm like i don't see one. i do -- >> walk away. >> i gently tip toe because i'm not quite sure what to do. you know someone has seen you. >> look around to see if there's a camera. >> i look around to see if there are people and i'm always like, anyone notice? >> everyone is on to you. you tell everybody all of your secrets. now people are going to be watching you when you walk your dog to see where you throw his ca-ca. >> occasionally when i don't have a bag i leave it. but not often. only when i'm trapped. "america's got talent" you guys have have been watching this show. there was an opera singer who brought down the house. we haven't seen it but let's take a look. ♪
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>> oh, my word. ♪ >> howard and howie just got interested in opera. did you see both their faces? they were like okay. >> i don't know how that has anything to do with talent, though. you know. >> you know what -- ♪ >> she works out. she's a personal trainer. she's 31. >> she's lovely but that's not talent, right. her singing is. >> gave her like you know what -- >> did they move her on? >> i don't have any idea. >> okay. >> yes, they did. >> did heidi and mel? >> i guess they all liked it. >> good for her. she sounded beautiful. looked beautiful. i don't know what that's got to do with it. >> she sang beautifully. she just did it in a bikini.
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extra votes for that. >> this i like. i think this is a smart idea. >> it is. if you are thinking about retiring and a lot of people their spouses have passed on and living alone, what do you do? >> or they can't afford to live alone anymore. >> or can't afford to live anymore. "the washington post" reports people are doing like the golden girls things. these are people living together in a house, sharing costs and chores and, you know, enjoying life. because then you have the company of other people, et cetera. >> yes. >> let me tell you something, you know who could never do that. >> could never live together. >> you and i. >> ever. >> ever. >> let me tell you what, you'd be a "dateline thursday." you would kill me because i leave stuff everywhere and you would think who did this. >> i know who did it. >> it would be us. we could live not -- >> we couldn't even live as next door neighbors because you would not be the type -- you wouldn't -- >> you would complain about my lawn and it would be fine. i would have to live down the road about -- >> way down. >> about six houses.
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far away from you. >> i still love you, though, hoda. >> you've heard his music on tv shows and commercials. >> elvis duran's artist of the month, eric hutchinson. >> we have another eriq, eriq la salle. >> and from the sci-fi thriller grant bowler and lots of other stuff too. i'm not sure what but i'll figure it out as we go along. >> that's how we do. ♪ ♪ ♪ great rates for great rides. geico motorcycle, see how much you could save.
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sfx: car unlock beep. vo: david's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today his doctor has him on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. but lysol power & free cann change the way you clean.h. it cleans even better than bleach without the harshness. a powerful clean, that's family friendly - that's what we call healthing. lysol power & free. start healthing.
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eriq la salle one of hollywood's most versatile talents spending time behind the camera as a writer and producer and directing episodes of tv shows like "crisis," "the night shift" on nbc. >> most of us remember him playing dr. peter benton for eight great seasons on the hit drama "er". >> eriq has written his second book called "laws of wrath." >> yeah. >> which best-selling author
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james patterson called all thriller, no filler. >> that's not too shabby. >> that will sell copies. you don't need the "today" show when you have james patterson. >> the funny thing when i got the word he was giving the blush, i said let's put his name bigger than mine. >> he's only written over 80 books or something. >> he sold -- he and steven king are the most prolific writers in history. they've both sold somewhere in the neighborhood of 350 million books. >> that's amazing. >> wow. >> so him being the godfather of this genre and give me that kind of endorsement was -- >> your book is terrifying. is an understatement. >> i'm afraid to sit here with you. >> we are scared of you. >> set here in new york. tell us a little bit about it. it's a serial killer situation. >> it's a serial killer situation. it's similar to the film "seven." it's in the vain of "seven," "silence of the lambs". >> which was so terrifying. the follow-up to -- >> follow-up to the first book
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called "laws of depravity" and focuses on two cops in new york who are the best at closing these high-profile, heinous crimes, but the cool thing about it is, the protagonists have their own issues and demons that they're dealing with. >> one of the victim's happens to be well known to one of them and i don't want to give stuff away. >> anything ripped from the headlines or all come from your imagination? >> it's imagination. >> that's frightening. >> the first book dealt with a serial killer who was killing fallen priests and pedophiles, et cetera. so that, of course, was -- >> right. >> was very topical. this is, you know, it's imagination. >> let's talk about your directing. you are very -- >> busy guy. >> prolific is the word. >> "night shift," "crisis". >> i just got in town yesterday after doing "under the dome". >> do you enjoy that? >> i really do. >> you like to mix it up? >> yeah. bottom line is all of these people say which do you like better, acting, directing, you
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know, now an author? it's all storytelling and i love telling stories. i'm still at, you know, silly little 8-year-old boy running around making up games. as an artist, if you can keep in touch with that part of you. >> yes. >> then i can scare people like you. >> yes, you can. >> but it's imagination. >> not in the picture anymore, do you not enjoy that anymore? >> i love it all. >> you still want to do that too. >> one of the things i said you're not acting anymore at all? >> no. that's like, you know, it's like right now my directing card is -- >> full. >> very full and i love that. but yes, i will be going back to acting at some point. but, you know, obviously it's the directing and the whole purpose of this franchise to create a literary franchise that turns into a film franchise. >> of course. >> we remember you from "er" and "coming to america". >> here we go. >> we have to. >> and then talk about transcript to spain.
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♪ >> hey, take care of this for me, will you? >> i love the gerry curl. remember the gerry curl. >> hoda still likes that. >> we don't have time for the story about spain and george clooney and noah wiley. >> next time. >> next time i will. >> all the best with the book. >> congratulations. already. elvis duran gets ready to tell the world about his artist of the month, eric hutchinson. >> we're getting ready to out with with "defiance" star. >> and also here joanna philbin. >> yes, she is. ♪
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if you're a fan of sci-fi thrillers or actors from down under set your dvr because this show is for you. >> in the season two premier of "defiance" the year is 2047. >> wow. >> the earth is in turmoil. it is already. grant bowler plays joshua nolan, a former lieutenant in the earth military coalition. >> and he's trying to get to the bottom of a conflict with ex-mayor amanda rose water. take a look. >> bradley been in yet? >> he usually comes in around 5:00, around 3:00. >> he stole two cases and didn't show up to work together. >> keep an eye on him together. >> so, kenya? >> she's gone. >> what do you mean, gone? >> i have a lot to catch you up on.
2:28 am
>> you are steamy. >> and then it gets really good. >> oh, yes, thank you. >> do you have a beard? >> i -- well not right now. but i can grow it instantaneously. i'm a professional. so if you ask me, i can push really hard. >> how hugh jackman got his. >> like face rogaine. it pours out of me. >> tell us about your character in season two. you develop over time. >> i'm hoping i develop over time. that's what mum said would happen. he's been through a lot in season one so he's a little darker. >> yeah. >> a little more world weary and less faith with society which was difficult because he was already, but he starts off here in season one a very unhappy camper and not prepared -- >> give him a place to go. >> yes. it's interesting, because he's lost his daughter and he can't find her. >> yes. >> and they're very, very close. it's the best father/daughter relationship i've ever played which is strange because she's an alien in the show.
2:29 am
it is, it's this beautiful -- >> a little -- >> now you're talking my language honestly. the funny thing about being an actor on a show like this there's 15 pas asking me what i need and then i wake up on saturday morning come down the stairs and hear, daddy, hungry. it's so -- >> yeah. role reversal. >> how old is your child? >> i have two. my daughter is 11 and my son is 9. >> either one of them want to go into the arts? >> every time they mention it, i put them in the cupboard and won't let them out until they want to become an accountant or cpa. >> on your twitter handle for those who follow you, you say you know a little a lot. >> a little about a lot. >> that's my goal. >> what do you know -- >> fascinating at cocktail bec accountant. >> on your twitter handle you say you know a little bit about a lot. >> let me think. >> trivia, basically, right or -- >> how about the vacoonyia is a
2:30 am
type of lauma is the rarest breed because there's three different breeds and it's a pelpe felony to kill one. it will get you 15 years in jail. >> where do you read this stuff. >> i pack back through south america. >> does that thrill people or -- >> you have a little present for us. we got to see it. >> i couldn't come in here empty-handed. >> what is this? >> well this is basically -- >> can hoda have it? >> this is a cultural experience. thank you so much, jerry. >> but what is it, darling. >> this is pebalovas. this is an australia/new zealand desert. it's a natural dish. it's a mix like me -- there's an argument. >> that honey on the top. >> that is everything. >> that's passion fruit on the
2:31 am
top. >> now, this is a merangue. well we got to go to break as we're eating. >> coming up.
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we're back with "today." ready to play our weekly trivia game. who knew is that june is national zoo and aquarium month. we will tefst you on some trivi. hoda is taking mercy on my bad neck. we're across the street at the nbc -- >> yes, we are. >> which just hurt my neck to stand out $100 to anybody who gets it right and for those who don't get hoda's fabulous book. here to help me is corbin maxy.
2:34 am
>> very exciting. i'm excited to be here with you. usually out in the crowd. >> hoda asks the first question. >> go ahead. here is the good news. we can't hear anything you're saying but we don't care. our very first question. what's your name. >> my name is jenelly from monterey california. >> which of the following living creatures can change gender more than once in yir litheir lifeti it an sea urchin, grasshopper, owl -- >> let's go to sea urchin. >> no, they are oysters. all oysters are born male. once they reach one to two years they will turn into females. do you want to hear this? i didn't mean to touch you.
2:35 am
>> when they get old -- when oysters get old like old females, they will change back into males so they can reproduce. that is so much to wrap my pea brain around. >> number two. what is your name seasoned where are you from. >> i'm nichol herks. what is the average duration of a pregnancy of an elephant, is it nan mon9 months, 15 months, months or 32 months. >> 15 months. >> is she right? >> no. wait. all right. this one makes any woman whose ever been pregnant go, are you kidding me. >> the longest gestation of any land mammal is 22 months.
2:36 am
they have to have that pregnancy because the calves need to have that brain development. elephants are so social and intelligent. they need to have that brain development to fit in the social structure. >> i love dumbo. i haven't seen it since back in the day. that was a long time ago. >> what's your name. >> brian. >> here we go. before their world travels, the animals in the animated series was the lincoln park zoo, the houston zoo -- i know you know it. >> it's got to be central park. >> you got it, $100. congratulations. >> that was a really cute movie. do you know what's so interesting. none of the main characters in that movie can actually be found in the real life counterparts. >> they are not indigenous.
2:37 am
but it's a good movie. >> it's called entertainment. >> one more. we got this. what's your name. >> my name is jennifer and i'm from west virginia. which of the following animals has a tongue approximately the same length as its body, a bird, a frog, a snake, a cam he'llian. what do you think? >> maybe the comelian. >> i think you're right honey. >> good for her. >> okay. tell us about that. >> the tongue is incredibly long and fast. it's 1 16th of a second and right out of the air. >> i love your enthusiasm. good to see you. come back soon. >> the inspiring story of a teenaged girl who has been beating the odds her entire life. and elvis knows how to spot new
2:38 am
talent. eric huching ton is going to sing for us. i believe regis says daughter is here with her new book. be right back.
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time now for elvis's artist of the month with national radio host elvis durant introduces us to the next big thing in music. it's singer slr song writer eric hutchingson who debuted at number five on the pop chart. he will sing his single a little more. >> hello, elvis. this talking at the same time is -- >> it's a little creepy.
2:42 am
>> his album has already sold over a million and a half copies. i've known eric for a while. he actually did the overnight flight just to get here. >> where did you come in from. >> from l.a. i got a show tonight in san diego. >> what was it about him that he stood out. >> it's pure and simple about him. when you hear his voice, you hear it. it slices through which is a compliment. >> his music does make you happy. >> that's what it is about. music makes you feel things. i want everybody watching. i want them to feel his music. when you hear it, you will get it. it's part of an international netflix complain. eric hutchingson.
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♪ ♪ ♪ right about the time i missed your call, i lost my mind ♪ ♪ raining where i am, i hope you see the text i sent ♪ ♪ because i can't stand to be alone at the bus stop where it all ♪ ♪ can i get a little more ♪ can i get a little more from your own -- own oh -- get a little more ♪ ♪ can i get a little more from you ♪ ♪ that's me sitting in the bathroom with the lights off ♪ ♪ nobody knows what kind of stuff got to fight off ♪ ♪ i can't get the white off
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you ♪ ♪ can i get a little bit, a little bit ♪ ♪ can i get a little, little bit more from you, from you, from you ♪ ♪ [ applause ] >> great job. >> it is available now. he selling out anywhere. >> good for him. >> you're making out over here. >> author joanna fhilbin fills us in on all the drama. a remarkable young woman who has beaten the odds and become a sense of inspiration to everyone around here. after this.
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...first president george rockington! that doesn't even make any geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. but lysol power & free cann change the way you clean.h. it cleans even better than bleach without the harshness. a powerful clean, that's family friendly - that's what we call healthing. lysol power & free. start healthing. sfx: car unlock beep. vo: david's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today his doctor has him on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. we're back now with our series beating the odds. the inspiring story of a teenaged girl who has been doing just that since the day she was
2:49 am
born. 17-year-old tailor skruggs was born extremely premature buts had sear evcerebral palsy. >> her mother calls taylor her hero and you will understand after hearing her story. take a listen. >> on january third, 1997 my sister jordan and i were born at 27 weeks. we were barely two pounds. we both had extremely complications but mine were more severe. i suffered a severe brain hemorrhage. i was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at the age of three. at five i took my first step. though i've endured hours and hours of physical therapy and i've had more than ten surgeries in my life, my parents have never allowed me to think there was anything i couldn't do.
2:50 am
i took dance and gymnastics at an early age. i started to read when i was three and have almost always made all as on my report card. in april with the help of my school counselor, i was able to find a way to complete any final two requirements in night school while simultaneously staying enrolled in my honors classes during the day. >> i was able to graduate with the class of 2014, a full year early. i'm proud of my accomplishments. i've defied the odds. >> well we're all happy. >> i love her. wow. >> taylor and her twin sister jordan are here with us. >> congratulations. >> you look unbelievable. >> congratulations to the whole family because it takes a family for her to create the environment to do so well. >> talk about defying the odds.
2:51 am
what the doctor said and what you were able to do. you really showed evan, didn't you? >> how far did you have to work to get where you are? >> really hard. people don't realize like what a struggle it is really. everyday. >> every single day. >> and to watch you walk across the stage. to watch her walk must have been one of those moments where you looked at your daughter -- did you know that she had that in her. >> her initial prognoses was that she would never walk or talkment so my daughter to walk across the stage and graduate -- >> you're kind of making us feel stupid. >> that's because we are. >> yeah. i forgot about that. no. what was it like with your twin sister because you gave such a helping hand to your sister throughout your high school years, didn't you. >>ia.
2:52 am
yeah, i think anyone in my situation would have done the same thing. i was doing what i could as a sister to help her be as successful as they could. >> but i have to ask the question did you graduate a year early? i mean it's the elephant in the room. >> do you know what you're doing is that there are people at home struggling with things. when they watch you do that they think if she can do that, i can do that. do you realize the reach you have with your success. it's not just about you, is it? >> it's awesome to know all the people that i've touched. >> do people tell you? do you hear from people. >> oh, definitely. >> they just tell me how awesome i am. >> everybody likes to hear that. well, there's a young woman in vancouver that i tweet with all the time. you're going to be a great blessing with her today. she struggles with the same thing you have. >> we want to give you a little
2:53 am
something. it is from best buy. it's a little gift card and it will help you with a little bit of things that you might need. it's a 500 gift card to help you move on with your life. >> thank you so much. >> must summer page turner by author joanna philbin. first this is nbc.
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if you plan on hitting the beach this weekend and you're looking for a fun read we've got just the summer page turner you want to pick up. it is called since last summer. it's the sixth novel, that's right by author joanna philbin. if her name sounds familiar it should because they are the daughter of our good friends regis and joy. i feel like your crazy aunt. i'm so proud of you sweetie. >> we've known each other for so long. i know your mom and dad are insanely proud of you both you and j.j. tell us about this particular book. >> this book is actually a follow-up to a book that came up last year called rules of
2:57 am
summer. they both took place in east hamilton growing up. the story is about two girls from two very different worlds. one is the beautiful popular girl but she's miserable. >> i like that she's miserable. >> the other girl is the niece of the rich girl's family housekeeper. she's working for the family for the summer. she's very naïve. she's from a small town ands very new to the whole east hamilton world. >> who do you identify more with? >> the small town girl. when she moved here from los angeles when i was ten years old. >> you did not want to move. >> oh. >> we started getting into the whole new york city world here and living uptown and i would go away with friends to east hampton. it was such a magical and sort
2:58 am
of causally glamorous world. >> you capture that so well. >> what she didn't tell you is the girl rory who worked in the house the summer before now comes back as a guest the next summer because she's having a relationship -- wait too young as far as i'm concerned but with the son of the rich family. >> yes. >> and she's really trying to fit into the east hampton world. >> now it's your life. you have a beautiful child. when did you have time to write? it's very hard. >> oh, my god. >> this is ana bell. she's 13 months old. that's me and ana bell and her dad. >> everything. >> she's just adorable and i'm so in love with her. it's very hard to write, though. >> it's very, very hard. >> i want to play a little game with you too because you both know regis. let's see who knows regis
2:59 am
better. which branch of the military did writregis serve in. navy, army marines. >> navy. >> what was regis's first album called. >> it's time for regis. >> here is the tie breaker. on the 2005 christmas album regis did a duet with -- >> rudolph the red nosed ren rain dean with donald trump, maria carry -- >> donald trump. >> you're right with donald trump. >> i still have -- >> never mind. tomorrow it's the rocker and actor mark mcgrath stops by. tomorrow it's a love story you will not believe.
3:00 am
we will have make overs. it's all about thursday. have an awesome wednesday because you know what >> i'm here to help. you and i will get through this together. ♪


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