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tv   Today  NBC  June 21, 2014 2:07am-3:01am PDT

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announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. >> it's try day friday. congratulations, you got to the end of the workweek unless you are a pastor, then you have to work. it's june 20th and we are so excited you are with us today. >> happy friday, everybody. >> yes. >> what's going on hody woman? >> it's friday and i'm happy about that. >> i'm thrilled. >> i have something i want to say to everybody. you are probably not aware of it
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because you live in la la land but we are today, 50 days away from you turning 50. today is the day that -- >> what? >> yes. >> we are not belaboring -- >> yes. >> it's not today! >> it's 50 days from today. >> we are going to celebrate the not out of this. >> did you say 50 days? >> till 50. >> that's two months. >> it's 50 days. you are not alone. you are in very, very good company. sandra bullock, david spade, laurie locklynn, trisha yearwood marisa tomei. we want all of you to help hoda turn 50. go to and encourage her as she turns the big, awesome, 50.
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>> you know what? can i say something? there's a teeny window of time before i hit 50. i was going to enjoy those 50 days, now they are ruined. okay. >> like joe an said, no. we are going to start celebrating up to your 50th birthday. >> we have a beautiful lady that just had a birthday yesterday. happy birthday to jaime. they are getting married. >> july 4th. >> yes, people are watching the show. here is the drill. when you have your phone at dinner and you are out, people have different rules of phone etiquette. >> it seems rude, but it's taking over our culture t. wall street journal has the new rules for phones at the table. here we go. if a phone is on the dinner table, it must be face down. >> no checking your phone under the table. >> hey, kath, what?
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>> she's good at that. here is the thing, if you are not allowed to look at the phone why should it be allowed on the table? now we are going to tell you. >> if they need to send an emergency text or e-mail, everyone else can, too. oh my god, i forgot to text my baby sitter. then everyone can pick up their phone and send a quick one. >> who was the guy in the movie, google it. >> i think that should be allowed. >> only one googling. everyone starts goggling and everything starts. >> only parents whose small children are at home with them, with baby sitters and such are allowed to keep smartphones face up. >> if the sitter calls, everybody is allowed to look at their phone for three minutes.
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>> i think it's too long. not three minutes, it's a minute. >> rules do not apply to lunch. you changed me on lunch. i used to not eat lunch. i would eat on the go. >> i love lunch. >> we have three-hour lunches. >> you are so tired you want to go to bed. >> anyway. are you records making a comeback? >> no. this is cool. here is the thing. you played vinyl records. >> i played them, then i made them. >> and sold them. >> no, they are still in my garage. jack white from the white stripe, you know who he is, released a solo album on vinyl and sales have soared. >> you would think people don't have record players. they sold owe 138,000 copies. that's the biggest vinyl release since 1991. >> have they been making them all along?
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>> no, they haven't. >> one lonely guy is saying yeah, they did. he probably has all of them. this is when i was making them hoda. >> when? >> back in the stone age. >> oh. >> off the record, barney. >> right. >> who is that swinging down the street? >> that was awesome. >> that was me recording. we had a duet out. i have james taylor from sweet baby james. ♪ i have seen fire and i have seen rain ♪ >> beautiful and care king's tapestry. >> nothing like the sound of putting the needing down. when your parents got the automatic one and it just plopped down. >> magic. >> one thing my brother and i used to do. we each had one lp, i had "love will keep us together." that was my favorite. so good.
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and my brother had philadelphia freedom. we take the record player outside with an extension cord. there was a box over us, we got in the box and on top it read which song would you like to hear? put 25 cents in and say outloud philadelphia freedom or "love will keep us together." we were in the jute box and i would play it. it was so exciting. i still remember it. we got quarters that came in. this is the best thing we ever did. >> how much did you make, $1.50? >> it was the thrill of waiting for someone to walk by. >> wow, what a childhood you had. time for try day friday. >> i love it. bob was in trouble. oh, yeah. he forgot his wedding anniversary. his wife was really, really angry.
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she told him, tomorrow morning, i expect to find a gift in the drive way that goes from zero to 200 in six seconds and it better be there. the next morning he got up for work. when she woke up, she looked out the window and sure enough, there was a box gift wrapped in the middle of the driveway. confused she went outside brought it in the house. she opened it and found a brand-new bathroom scale. bob's been missing since friday. >> i love it. >> i like that one. >> are we going to try our try day? >> we do, we do. >> this is exciting. there is a wine case, yes, it holds wine and they say it can with stand, if you drop it, drop the bottom of wine, we don't, but others do. they say it can with stand dropping a bowling ball. we don't know if it works.
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we are going to take some baseball bats to the wine bottle. i hope it's not your wine. don't say my wine. you are supposed to say my stuff. >> careful. wait, let me try one. >> that can't be true. >> ooh. >> mine doesn't have a cork. >> let's look at it. did it break? >> what if it all gushes out? >> how do you open it? >> just pull it out. >> oh, my gosh. >> wow! wow! >> i'm taking this home. thank you very much. >> that was awesome, good to know if you ever want to beat up your wine that it's not going to break. these are great. by the way, that thing is 50 bucks if you are interested. >> this one isn't. >> this is more than that. in style does handbag awards.
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they have unveiled the winner for overall design. >> style and design. >> john edwards of london designs, not the one running for vice president, got the bag called the vienna shoulder bag. >> it's really, really pretty. gorgeous color. yep. it's going to be featured in the september issue of "in style." i like the zipper -- >> i like a bigger area. >> you can put your bowling ball in there. >> i need more room. >> doesn't fit that well. >> anyway, it's $360. i like to have more room. it has a lock on it. i guess you can lock up your purse. >> does it come in other colors you guys? >> probably. >> no. no it doesn't. are you in a sex starved relationship? >> the causes and the cures are up next. >> does your neighbor smoke in your eyes? >> how to deal with them coming up after this.
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all too often couples get into a rut when it comes to intimacy. sex can fall to the bottom of the to-do list as seen in "date night." >> no, no, no, you put in your mouth guard. that usually means -- >> no, we can still fool around. >> only if you are into it. >> i would love to. let me get -- >> okay, you know what? no. honey, i'm totally fine if we don't. >> how do you address your issues to reconnect with your partner? dr. lauren is author of "love, sex again". >> and a licensed therapist and founder of screen free institute. we'll let that one alone. >> good to see you both.
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>> it is a problem. we are living longer. >> that's right. >> if we are still in a marriage, all of a sudden, you are celebrating your 70th wedding anniversary. >> intimacy is something you are so busy you don't have time to take care of it. >> we have to recognize there's a cycle throughout our lives. in your 20s, it's all about sex all the time. in your 30s, it's sex with a purpose because you are trying to make a baby. in your 40s, you see the bed and want to go to sleep. in your 50s, it gets interesting. hopefully you are in the crowd that says kiss is gone, we used to like sex, let's reconnect. all too often, it doesn't happen. >> in your 60s, you say did we ever have sex? >> a lot of people wonder what is a healthy amount of sex to have in a long relationship, what do you think the numbers show anything? >> there's no magic number. you have to have enough that it
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doesn't get stale but not so that it gets predictable. >> appealing to thousands and thousands of people. >> people -- a lot of times people get in a rut where they don't want sex. you talk about biological issues where women don't want sex. a lot of times, they just don't want sex with him or the type of sex they have been having. >> they want something else. >> we talk about sex we are not talking intercourse. with older couples, they might be very sexual, but don't fall into the traditional definition. >> interesting. >> it's a different kind of intimacy. >> we wondered how often people are having sex. that's what we care about. 6% said every day. >> what? >> they are lying. >> 25% said three to five times per week. 52% said one to two times on a good week.
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and 17% said who can remember the last time? >> it's how you define sex. are we being sexual? if i'm not sexual with her every day, i'm failing as a husband. it dunlt mean intercourse. we have a romantic connection first. we can be lovers and best friends, but only in that order. >> people confuse love with sex. >> you have to look at the age. that's so important. if you call a bunch of 20-year-olds, it's different than 50 and 60. the purpose of sex is reproduction and we are not reproducing in the 50s and 60s so the libido does slow down. >> have a date night, do x and y. >> that's why i wrote love sex again. it didn't help to take a bubble bath and have date night if when
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you do try to have sex, it feels like sandpaper in your vagina. >> that is unfortunate. we were doing well until then. >> karen from baltimore is across the street with a question. help us. >> i'm karen from baltimore, maryland. i'm a police officer and i work midnights. when i get home, we have seven children. i was wondering how to have intimate time during the craziness and scheduling with the children. >> she's had enough. come on. >> oh, honey. >> she wants to have more intimacy in her life. any advice? >> you have to make it a priority. when? you know what -- also, i'll say we need an s.o.s., a scheduled orgasm session. >> a lot going on here. a lot happening here. >> have the kids figured out what that means? >> i hope not. >> lock the door.
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get rid of them. part of it is the insomnia issue with someone this busy and operating on two minutes of sleep. if you get time off, you want to sleep. it's such an important point people don't address. >> we hope you have learned something to apply to your personal life. thank you guys. >> thanks, guys. does your motorcycling neighbor think he's the leader of the pack? >> how to keep the noise down before he becomes a drag. >> bobbie is here with the answers to questions she gets the most. cleaning with bleach.ty but lysol power & free can change the way you clean. it cleans even better than bleach with its hydrogen peroxide formula, and it kills 99.9% of germs without the harshness. a powerful clean, that's family friendly that's what we call healthing. lysol power & free. start healthing.
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it is time for bobbie's buzz. keeping with today's theme on
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expert advice, we brought in our own professional girlfriend. >> bobbie thomas is here with her insider tips and top picks for everything you want to know. >> what should we be getting? >> did you know tweezer man offers free sharpening for the lifetime of your tweezer? >> never knew that. >> invest in more than one pair. before you know it, it comes back sharpened and realigned. >> i had no idea. next one, chanel beauty fans, on they have a page that offer discontinued favorites for a limited edition time only. it's the secret people don't know. go to and get that nail polish color. >> get whatever they have left. >> the last two are so item for summer. this is petusa. they are modelling two things.
2:29 am
this oversized t-shirt that is butter soft. one size fits all. >> hoda, feel that. >> it comes in 11 colors. it offers short styles with fringe. >> that's fantastic. >> so amazing. of course you can see next to them thrks is a beach bag that turns into a lounge chair. playing cords and a towel. >> i wish i had thought of that first. >> you can make a knock off. >> close on the go. i love these ideas. >> so fun. >> great. >> great job. >> all right. how to get your annoying neighbors to clean up their act. >> and we are going to show you how to save money doing simple home repairs yourself. i wish you could smell bobbie. she smells so good.
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>> you are so funny. i'm going to die of embarrassment.
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we're back with more of "today" and more expert add visz. if your neighbors are driving you nuts or doing something that is gnawing on your nerves, we have help for you. >> how do you keep the peace on your block? we have the founder of >> tell us about them. >> the first is amanda. she says she loves her home and having friends over, but, can't stand the view from the back deck. they keep anything and everything in their backyard. the only mow small patches of grass and their yard looks like a landfill. it's an eyesore and embarrassing. should she complain or put up a fence. >> good fences make good neighbors.
2:33 am
talk to them. maybe they haven't had the conversation. a lot of people suffer these things and never deal with the neighbor. >> i wouldn't live with a backyard like that for five seconds. other people seem to do fine. >> i would be okay with it. >> if people are different, the fence might be the only answer. >> you are right. the fence may be the only answer. give it a try. they may not be up to your standards, as you say. >> not my standards. >> if you are looking for the gardens of versailles, good luck. there are a couple things to do to improve the situation then work from there. >> then get your fence. >> move. >> megan says this. she tells us her neighbors kids are constantly climbing and jumping her fence and they don't want to listen when she asks them to stop. how do you handle it when you have no support from the kids parents.
2:34 am
are thorn bushes or thorny ivy a good option? >> that would work. that would do it. >> what do you think? >> you know, you verge on the mr. wilson, remember mr. wilson from dennis the menace. maybe they are worse than that. if that's the case, talk to the parents. have that conversation. hope it doesn't come to that. >> an inside joke here. >> if the parents aren't responsive, what do yo do? >> this is an insurance risk, i don't want your children to get hurt. >> not in my yard. you are not saying i'm concerned about the rose bushes, it's your children. the thorns are not going to help. they are going to go up your driveway if they are that determined. focus on the parents. >> okay, we have a question from across the street. >> or call child protective services if you thought the
2:35 am
child was in trouble. that's a note. >> we are going way over. >> hey, that's not for you to decide. that was in the note. >> you are very thorough kathie lee. >> call child protective services. >> if you think the parents are being neglectful to the point it's criminal, yes. >> i guess you know who does now. >> gina who has been patiently waiting with a live question, better than these, is across the street. hey, gina. >> hi, my name is gina from new jersey. i live in a cul-de-sac. my question is, what do you do when your neighbor lets their two little dogs poop on your lawn and doesn't clean it up. >> we talked about the dogs peaing. this is worse than that. talk to them. this is a new neighbor. maybe this is the first time they are living in the suburbs. have the conversation. if that's not working, you get
2:36 am
into a situation where you have to approach the local authorities. this is trespassing. the dog may be doing their thing. speak to the owner. >> that was a lovely first conversation. hi, welcome to the neighborhood. >> bring a basket of biscuits. >> thank you so much. >> thank you for revealing a well-known secret arpd here. now it's not a secret anymore. >> what? >> how to deal with bug bites and pesky outdoor problems. from scratches on the furniture, we'll show you how to do home repairs by yourself, after this. of all the places in your house, this one's the busiest. so you want it to be the cleanest. that's why you need lysol. because when you use bleach, some stains are left behind. as this dye reveals. lysol toilet bowl cleaner does more.
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do you have a home repair project you have been avoiding because you don't want to hire someone. we have what you need. >> he's big and strapping. i don't know why he's not on tv, he's on the radio. does that look like a face for radio? >> i know, right. >> home wizards and he's here to help you around the house. >> i'm available for everybody that needs help. >> you make a darn good meat loaf. >> we are going to make it. that's our next segment. >> talk to us about this. if you get a hole in your screen. >> exactly. it happens all the time. this is the after of what it would like like of a patch. say somebody comes by and puts a hole in the screen like that. instead of replacing the whole screen, which is $50, $60, $70, depending on who does it. >> where you live. >> right, what zip code you live in.
2:41 am
they have these patches here. you have to peel off the grain going both ways. >> doesn't look like it's hard to do that. >> plug it into the screen itself. >> the point is to find one that matches. >> they sell them in all different colors. this is a darker color. >> one matches, right? >> we don't have one that matches. >> it's not about the color, pal, it's about repairing the hole. >> it is for her. next, this is a question. paulette has a question for you. my friend is redecorating and offered me her beautiful dark funture. one of the sofas had scratches from the dogs. how do i repair them? >> she put them on there and blames it on the dogs. >> she's scratching her own leather. you can see the color discoloration. if dogs get to it and it's
2:42 am
frayed, take a hair trimmer and shave off the excess. that's what you read when you see the scratch is the fraying. after you save that off a couple times, this product here is great. maguires makes one, spray it on the scratch, rub it in like that. let it soak in for a couple minutes. we don't have time right now. >> we have to take your word for it? >> no, i'm going to wipe it. it looks way better. >> how long should you leave it on there, big strapping guy? >> as the color unifies, it looks better. >> you have olive oil, baby oil. all oils work. this one i love. >> an e-mail from maureen. what do i use to fill cement cracks in a sidewalk. >> stir that up while we are talking. use cement.
2:43 am
this is a cement patch. if you have a crack in the front of the house in a concrete slab and it's not structural you can use this. >> check to see if it's charcoal. >> wet the cement with a sponge like that. it will make the cement bond much better, more effectively. this is kind of fun, actually. >> she loves this. >> i love this stuff. >> you can clearly make cake batter. >> this is what my dermatologist does for my face. i like it. >> yeah. then you take it off like that, right? >> i like that. use the metal edge. go back and take that sponge, wipe off the excess. >> look at that hody. look at that. >> crack be gone. >> nice job. all right, from feeling overwhelmed and sick to
2:44 am
reclaiming your confidence, we are going to help you get your life back on track. >> we are going to help you scratch bothersome bugs and pests off your list. hoda loves this stuff, after this.
2:45 am
>> they are kind of getting their start with you. they are starting their day. >> make your morning count with forecasting you can rely on. >> you can see the moisture pushing in. >> in atlanta you've not a spectacular day. >> this organization is built for weather. there is nothing comparable. there is no number two. this is it. it's the weather channel. everybody who is great at weather is in this building doing it right there or in the field doing it for this place. >> and we don't just forecast the storm, we make you inside one. >> the worst part of the storm -- >> everything you do today, it all starts with weather. >> people need to understand that weather isn't just bad
2:46 am
weather, it's everyday. it's everything around you. it's amazing. it is amazing out there. >> start your mornings with wake up with al and amhq. america's morning headquarters with sam champion. weekdays on the weather channel. cleanest. that's why you need lysol. because when you use bleach, some stains are left behind. as this dye reveals. lysol toilet bowl cleaner does more. it removes the tough stains that bleach doesn't, and it also disinfects. so why just bleach? with lysol you can do more. that's healthing. and get max cleaning and freshness with every flush. try lysol no mess max. ugh. heartburn. did someone say burn?
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try alka seltzer reliefchews. they work just as fast and taste better than tums smoothies assorted fruit. mmm. amazing. yeah, i get that a lot. alka seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief.
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have you ever felt overwhelmed and stressed out about life and aren't sure how to take that step forward? >> we have a life coach here with answers to questions about getting your life on track. we love you ladies. >> shall we get start snd we have a young woman across the street with a question. >> hi, this is kathy from long island. my question is this, my husband works -- my husband is retired and i work full time. he would like to spend all our free time together, which is a good thing. but, sometimes i need time for myself. how do i make time for me without hurting him and/or feeling guilty? >> she wants me time.
2:49 am
your husband retired young. >> i can definitely relate to this one. my husband retired and all of a sudden, he has free time. my advice to her is, definitely sit down and have a conversation with him. tell him you really love and appreciate he wants to spend all his time with you, but you need to have some free time to work and also to relax. so, just be honest, have a conversation with him. >> don't hurt his feelings. >> you think that's the best way to go? >> it's a great way to go. you have to acknowledge your life changed so dramatically because you were going to work every day and had this work life. let's think about the things you like to do that don't involve me and plan that together. he needs to feel he's still a part of your life but you also need time on your own. >> make dates. >> they can make dates. >> she is going to feel guilty. that's okay. you can feel guilty. a little guilt never hurt anybody. >> i like guilt.
2:50 am
i'm really fond of shame. >> here is a question, i'm feeling stuck in my life. i'm unmote vaited about my job. i'm a mom and juggling responsibility, ignoring my own needs and i end up frustrated. >> and your whole family is unhappy. >> this is a tag from the other one. shees not taking care of herself. take care of yourself and keep -- she's juggling a lot of balls. the one that has to stay there will present her from becoming resentful and frustrated and take it out on everyone else. >> so many people rely on you. >> you do one thing at a time. what were you going to say? >> do one thing at a time, set your priorities. maybe you are trying to do all these things and can't do one thing right. figure out what you have to do first, then it will give you free time. >> if you are frustrated in your job, find something you want to
2:51 am
do, dedicate 10% of your time and 10% of your money toward that other thing so you don't feel frustrated. it's a great suggestion. this woman is looking for a job and looking to improve her life because she wants to go to school. that's a positive action. she needs to remember that positive place she wants to be. >> we have time for a quick one. angie is 32 and single. i work full time, all my friends and family are married and have kids. i am trying to meet guys but i'm spro verted. >> find groups of things you like to do. what is fun for you? are you in a church group, spinning classes. >> zumba. >> right, start shaking it. >> she is introverted. when someone is introverted, going into a group is a horrible thing. so, a lot of people who give advice about what to do are extroverts and doesn't understand.
2:52 am
i like to suggest to people do it in a small amount of time, then relax. you have to recharge your batteries when it's hard for you to do that. go with a friend. understand there are limits. you can meet people doing anything as long as your best belt is what you put out there. >> if you have an open mind and smile. >> thank you, ladies, we appreciate it. >> cute. adorable. >> what's bugging you? >> insect bites and other outdoor problems. first, this is "today" on nbc.
2:53 am
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2:55 am
we spend more time outdoors and enjoying the weather, long
2:56 am
walks and grilling, we have to deal with the bug bites. >> here with what you need to know is dr. v. >> that's what i call her. >> we do. >> let's start with the stuff out there in the wilderness. poison ivy and poison oak. >> aufg stuff. we have it in our garden, we have pets that brush up against it. >> if it's in their dander, it's easy to spread, isn't it? >> the toxin that is on the plant leaf is not water soluble. you can't rinse it off with water. use rubbing alcohol or soap to get it off. say i have it on my clothes, if i hug you, i can spread it to you. take your clothes off, you are using a strong astringent to get it off. >> you have to be able to identify it to know what it is. >> there's a joke, everyone says
2:57 am
leaves of three stay away. that is absolutely true. if you see a leaf that has three clovers or anything, stay away. >> mosquitoe bites is another one. when you get bitten, i say i have a mosquitoe bite but i don't know. >> a lot of us, in this area, we are getting mosquitoe bites. they just sprayed for them. they are pesky. most of us aren't going to get west nile from them. i have strong reactions to them. they are attracted to dark clothing, alcohol, perfume, sweat, pregnant women. >> they love -- >> really, pregnant women? >> different blood types. the important thing to do is treat the itchy symptoms. if you have a fever or rash that started, see a doctor about it. >> you know, speaking of that, remember last year i didn't see a doctor for the longest time because i had a bee sting. within a couple days, i looked
2:58 am
like i had elephantitis. >> a lot of people are highly allergic to them. >> that's what i had. >> you get everything. >> it was hideous. it may be a bee sting, but maybe not, a wasp or yellow jacket. if you have swelling like that, you need to see someone right away. for most of us, if you get a bee sting, what you should do, this is interesting. don't use tweezers to pick off the tweezer. there's a venom sack and you can keep injecting venom in your skin. use a credit card or your fingernail with a straight end to scratch it off. >> i never leave it at home. >> spiders, how do you know if you have been bitten by one? >> you may not know until a couple hours later.
2:59 am
a couple spiders you need to watch out for. in the midwest, look out for the black widow. everyone's heard about it, but may not know what it looks like. i's got like an hourglass. >> and the red spot. >> if you get bit, what do you do? >> it will look like fangs. you may not have symptoms until 15 minutes or an hour later. if you have those symptoms, see a doctor. >> you could die from one, can't you, if you are that allergic to them? >> black widows aren't as severe. a brown recluse, if you get bitten, go to an emergency room. >> thank you. >> we have a big week next week. valerie bertinelli, jason priestley. >> olivia.
3:00 am
>> unbelievable. have a great weekend. see you monday. . a steve harvey event. first, we're helping this husband say i love you. >> i just really want to hear those words. >> and now the world knows, too. then -- >> you will have the man cave of your dreams. >> hello custom man cave. it's an hour full of the unexpected. >> i'm here to help. you and i will get through this together.


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