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tv   Today  NBC  June 24, 2014 7:00am-11:01am PDT

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>> you can join us at 11:00 as well, have a terrific tuesday. good morning.3 c3 buenos días. fuegos artificiales late night fireworks ahead of the irs on capitol hill in a tense battle over those missing irs e-mails. why did you wait so long? >> because we were going to wait until we produced all of lois lerner's e-mails. >> you can't give all of them. you done lost them. >> members investigates whether the irs targeted conservative groups. we'll be live in washington. shifting the search again. crews looking for the missing malaysian airlines plane moving to a new section of the indian ocean. one big hope, the woman's
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claim that she was asked to leave kfc because of her granddaughter's facial scars may not be true. after an outpouring of support and money, what happens next. >> and taking "today on the road. how we have surprised one lucky viewer as she rides to work today, tuesday, june 24th, 2014. good morning everyone. welcome on a tuesday morning or as we like to call it, take your anchor to work today. >> no question about it. they're on the road this morning commuting into new york city with a super fan of the "today" show. >> we're going to check in with the gang in just a little bit.
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she did not know of about 10 minutes ago -- she didn't think we were going to be in her car. >> we're going to take you one at a time. all right. let's get right to the stop story this morning. it's that contentious exchange on capitol hill. the house oversight commit at the was up late last night about the e-mails connected to lois lerner and the irs scandal. peter alexander is on capitol hill. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to you. this was surely the most heated, the most contentious hearing on this irs issue yet. and now we learned the inspector general's office launched its own investigation into the thousands of lost e-mails. they have been subpoenaed to testify before congress and she will be here after another angry back and forth last night. >> i asked a question. >> and i answered it. >> >> reporter: a late night of
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personal attacks and accusati s accusations. >> we have a problem with you and you have a problem with maintaining your credibility. >> reporter: under fire, the recently hired head of the irs. >> we are going to provide you 24,000 e-mails. >> my time is expired and i've lost my patience with you. >> reporter: furious because the irs failed to tell them about computer hard drives that crashed in 2011 and are now gone for good. they contained two years' worth of e-mails of lois lerner who refused to cooperate with investigations. >> you have no evidence of a crime having been committed in the destruction of the e-mails. >> i have no e evidence of a whole series of things. all the e-mails we have will be provided. i did not say i would provide you e-mails that disappeared. >> reporter: the hearings
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showcased another round of bitter partisanship with little resolution in sight. >> i don't think i've seen a display of this disrespect. >> the time is suspended. i would caution all members not to characterize the intent or the character of your fellow members here on the die yas. >> it's fair game to question the integrity of the website? >> reporter: the irs had claimed the agency turned over thousands of documents and e-mails to try to do their best. they also insist there has been no coverup. the irs commissioner couldn't recall exactly when the e-mails disappeared or even who told him. overseas now, secretary of state john kerry has returned
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and this visit comes as islamic militants move even closer to baghd baghdad. we are traveling with the secretary. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. secretary kerry is here in northern iraq trying to persuade powerful leaders to overcome their differences with prime minute ter maliki kerry boarded a military plane for the high security trip trying to hold iraq together. and isis advanced only 40 miles from baghdad. at the meeting with the leader, a diplomatic setback. they are the one iraqi group to emerge stronger from the isis event. they've gained territory. they have oil.
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now they want independence from iraq. at the meeting, they didn't mince words saying, we are facing a new reality and a new iraq. thank you so much for doing this interview. you come here as part of your mission to hold iraq together, yet they say right off the bat that there is a new reality. >> the united iraq is is a stronger iraq and our policy is to respect the territorial integrity of iraq as a whole. >> opposition leaders here today said they don't want american intervention. >> president obama and the american people don't want that eith either. >> doesn't that put our troops at risk? >> i think there is a great desire otherwise they wouldn't be here. >> reporter: even as he is here trying to broker a diplomatic solution, the u.s. is getting more involved militarily with the first special force now
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going out to imbed with iraqi troops. >> thank you. meanwhile, new developments this morning in the search for the missing malaysian airlines flight 370. it's been three months since it disappeared. now search commanders are shifting the search zone once again. we have been following the story since it broke in early march. >> good morning. as you know the batteries on the plane's back boxes should have died two months ago. while they searched where they thought they heard pings, they are now shifting the search zone hundreds of miles to the southwest. 107 days since the flight disappeared and search coordinators are recalculating the priority search zone to an area called the 7th arc working
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off the inmarch sat satellite handshakes, commanders say it's unlikely the plane is more than 23 miles to the west or 34 miles to the east of the arc. the theory, the plane flew high and fast on auto pilot. >> we don't have proof that it crashed in the water at all. there's been not a trace -- not a tiny, tiny bit of evidence that it crashed in the water. >> the captain remains one of those at the center of the investigation. >> hi, everyone. >> u.s. sources say deleted files recovered from his flight similar later showed he practiced flying into remote areas of the indian ocean. and there did not seem to be a repeat pattern. nothing in the captain's final words suggested anything was wrong.
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>> all right 132.6 malaysian 370. >> now the best hope may be the satellite handshake pings. >> they were using new math to use data that was never intended to identify or track an airplane with specificity as to its location. >> the new underwater search zone could still be a wonning 20,000 square miles. it could take months. meanwhile authorities sell nbc news that they have reached no conclusions about whether the captain or the first officer were involved in the plane's disappearance. this morning, a senior exec sieve with the airlines is quoted as saying the search could actually take decades. back to you. >> all right. that's not good news. thank you very much.
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now we have breaking news out of miami this morning. >> that's right. in a neighborhood in miami where as many as ten people were shot overnight. two of the victims died. five others were rushed to the hospital. this happened around 2:00 in the morning at an apartment complex. there are no suspects in the shootings. now to an incredible story about a baby that was kidnapped from a texas gas station only to be found by a jogger hours later alone in tall grass at the side of the road. >> reporter: it was just before 2:00 a.m. monday when houston police received a call about a stolen car outside this gas station convenience store. in the backseat, 8-month-old genesis. >> the vehicle was left running with the keys in the ignition. she run out and tried to chase it, but lost it. >> reporter: a short time layer the car was found but with no sign of the baby.
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then seven hours after it all started, a miracle along the side of the road. a visitor heard something in the brush. >> i thought baby moving in the car seat and crying. >> reporter: it was baby gene s genesis. >> once that i saw that the baby was moving, i picked her out of the car seat and held her and just tried to console her. decided to use my uniform shirt and that calmed her down. >> reporter: the baby was taken to a hospital with just afy insect bites. no injuries. she's now back with her family who are grateful for the young woman that helped bring their daughter home. >> thank goodness for that jogger in the right place. a police officer risks his life to save a woman sitting on railroad tracks as a train barrelled right toward them.
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all caught on the officer's dashboard camera. it happened in houston, texas. a passenger told him about the woman. he immediately jumped out of his patrol car. he grabbed her by the arm and pulled her off the tracks just seconds before that train sped right past. she was taken to the hospital for evaluation. that guy deserves a hero's medal. a parking app causing parking problems in san francisco. it allows people to buy and sell parking spots without city involvement. somebody can type in where their car is parked and they wait for someone to put in a bid for the spot. the money is then transferred electrically. but the city not having it. it sent a letter to the monkey parking telling them to cease and desist.
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and you know it's officially summer now. time to pull out the slip and slide. but this is probably not the scene you're going to be playing out in your background. that's an epic slip and side. the video shot at lake powell in utah. making a 50 foot plunge into the lake. that looks like so much fun. it was up loaded late last week. it already has over a million views. these participants are professionals. do not try this at home. >> professional slip and sliders? >> yes. >> i just thought that that -- >> wow. >> i want to try that. >> of course you do. >> i have to be professional to do it, though. as we mentioned, al is with our super fan on the way to work right now. >> good morning. we've got a lot of flooding in areas like minnesota. there's al.
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am i doing all right? can you hear me? all right. back to -- back to the flooding video. we have seen almost a foot of rain so far this month in parts of minnesota and you can see the water is just creeping up to the roads, to some homes. and unfortunately it takes several days before these waters recede. so we are going to see scenes like this for quite some time. we also had funnel clouds spotted in southeastern minnesota. it was an ominous look to the sky. you can see the storms are now pushing east in buffalo and indianapolis. these are areas where we are going to see some of the most severe storms today. we are looking at heavier downpours. that's going to perhaps lead to flash flooding. buffalo, it will take until later on this evening before you see the showers and storms. in indianapolis more like this morning. because of this rain moving eastward through areas like
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cleveland and erie, pennsylvania. that's where we have flash flood watches in effect. we could end up seeing them accumulate quite a bit. widespread, 1 to 2 inches of rain. we could end up with that and perhaps as much as 3 to 5 inches in some areas like scranton, pennsylvania. that's a look at the weather across the country. your local forecast coming up in just 30 seconds. running here. running there. running into things. running out of things. making runs. running out of more things. making more runs. running to. running from. running around in circles. sometimes you like running. but wouldn't it be nice if you didn't always have to? introducing target subscriptions. free scheduled delivery of your favorite essentials. now running out no longer requires running out.
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. breezy to windy conditions developing. san francisco camera getting a shake to it. same for the san bruno cam. you'll notice from the skyline mostly clear conditions. not a lot of the cooling fog with the wirnd out there for today. temperatures will jump out of the 50s and 60s to the upper 80s. >> thanks. now the latest from the world cup as the u.s. preparing to take on germany on thursday. it could be do or die for the americans who's been practicing since sunday. there has been speculation that the american and german coaches could have their teams tie on purpose. so natalie has been looking into that. why -- >> there are so many different scenarios. the u.s. coach was asked about
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this so-called possible arrangement with his former team. that would mean both the u.s. and germany could then advance. it of course goes against fifa rules and the coach fastly denies. the u.s. coach says there is no way that he and the german coach are working together fixing thursday's game with a tie that would advance both teams. i'm going to do everything to get to the round of 16, he said. there's no time to have friendship calls. it's about business now. after sunday's portugal match, he also criticized the tournaments organizers. >> they play in amazon, locations where they don't have to travel much. everything was done for the big favorite to go and move on. >> as a player, he helped germany win the world cup in 1990 and later he coached the german national team. but he isn't the only one with close ties to germany.
7:18 am
five members of team usa have german mothers and fathers. all these players were actively recruited by the coach. notable names were left off the roster including america's all time leading scorer, landon donovan, one of the biggest names in the game. he also took heat after saying, it is not possible for the u.s. to win the cup. >> even though people don't agree with his decisions, they're basically saying he knows something we don't and we're going to see if this thing's going to work. >> he studied to be a baker, hopes he's got the right recipe for viktsry and the represent butation his team has earned already tastes pretty sweet. >> there's a lot of respect now from our opponents. >> well, again, if there is a draw possibly between the u.s. and germany on thursday, both teams advance to the next roud.
7:19 am
this is going to be the david versus goliath of the world cup. remember, they did tie ghana. so i believe that we will win. >> i believe! >> can i just say, oh my god. >> it was so heartbreaking. >> it's great to watch you move through the stages. >> i'm not through them. i'm not even close. >> germany tied ghana. they beat portugal 4-0. we beat ghana. so thursday's the match. >> it is a match. >> would you take a tie? >> yes. >> i wouldn't rig a draw. >> right, no. >> i would take it absolutely. >> come in the original room. thursday's the big game. the coach had this to say yesterday just to put it all to rest. he says, we have that fighting spirit and we will give everything in every game. we will go to recife and we will
7:20 am
give everything to beat germany. that is our goal. don rights in, give me a tie all day. prevents injuries. michelle says, if you can't play with your whole heart for the whole tournament, then you don't deserve to win. coming up at 8 krok, this is the gift that keeps giving. the coach of mexico. you got to love this guy. every time they score, he tackles his own players. and it's even better in slow motion. more coming up, by go team isa. back to you. >> you should see him when he gets mad though. >> you're going down, right? >> yes, i'll be there thursday morning. >> all that begging for the assignment paid off. >> and carson, thank you very much. coming up the investigation into one woman's claim she was kicked out of kfc because of her granddaughter's scars. and we will check in with al who is on his way to 30 rock
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with the today show. stay onto sipg along. >> you're on the -- >> oh, no. first, this is today on nbc. the wonder of summer is that i never know what kind of adventure awaits. the days are longer, and the breeze feels a little sweeter. and, thanks to volvo, i'll pay nothing for repairs or maintenance for 5 years, nothing. they even cover my first month's payment. so, i'll be happy wherever the summer takes me. the wonder of summer event. the 2015 volvo s60 with complimentary first month's payment. starting at $329 a month.
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about flying. wait until you hear where those germs are hiding. >> and the presidential order seen round the world. >> first, your local news. >> talk about germs. urst.
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don't miss all the latest amazing stories right at your fingertips. people love people. you're watching "today in the bay." good morning, i'm laura garcia-cannon. federal investigators are releasing new information about the asiana airlines crash at fso. they say the pilots relied too much on the automated system. a system they did not fully understand. investigators also say the plane was going 15 knots too slow as it was trying to land and the pilots did not attempt to go around until less than four seconds before that crash. three chinese schoolgirls died after the crash. one was run over by a fire trurk. 180 other people were hurt in that crash. high profile bill that could change sexual assault laws will be back in front of state lawmakers today. lawmakers postponed a vote on audrie's law last week so the bill could be worked on.
7:27 am
the version as written would require a minimum two year sentence for moirns convicted of sexual assaulting someone who is development tally disabled or unconscious. the bill was named for audrie potts, a high school soft more who was assaulted in 2012 while unkorks. she later her her own life. her attackers spent just 30 to 40 days behind bars. i want to check the forecast now with christina loren, how are we looking? >> looking good. 7:25 now, live look, clear start over san francisco. camera here is shaking from time to time as we have a building breeze out there. temperatures really comfortable, we're at 57 degrees in oakland, 57 in santa rosa, and a comfortable 58 degrees right here in the south bay. wind will pick up for today, especially through the higher elevations across the bay area, and right at the immediate coast. so keep in mind, otherwise, we have a great looking day shaping up, 82 degrees is the forecasted high in san jose. let's check your drive, here's mike. look at san jose where
7:28 am
traffic is very slow right now. this is building steadily over the last 40 minutes right now, north 101 at 680 and on the map, right in the middle of a slower drive for 101 extending all the way up past the airport and in towards mountain view. gradual slow down. 280 and 85 typical pattern. little bit more spread out than we typically see. smoother drive across dunbar and the bridges really slowing on 92 west coming off of 880 through hayward both off to 38 laura. >> thanks a lot mike. thank you for joining us as well, another update in half an hour.
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all right. 7:30 now on a tuesday morning. june 24th, 2014. you are looking at al and hoda and "today" superfan anita making their way to rockefeller plaza. she's also a fan of sirius xm. we're going to talk to them coming up. and if you see them on the road, snap a photo and share it with us using the hash tag #orangeroom. >> oh, no. oh, no. >> that hoda's rollers in her hair? yeah. it's hitting the sunroof. meanwhile this lady is like, can i eject them? >> i think i heard her say i'll turn this car around.
7:31 am
we'll check in in just a moment. meantime we're looking at headlines on a tuesday morning. the irs commissioner is back to capitol hill today to continue his testimony about the problems plaguing that agency. last night's hearing was extremely contentious. the commissioner answered questions about how thousands of e-mails suddenly went missing. three months after the malaysian airline flight 370 disappeared, searchers are about to begin looking at a new part of the indian ocean. that plane once again, the search zone is shifting hundreds of miles to the southwest. and could your kids be getting too much of a good thing from their morning bowl of cereal? it's what a new report is suggesting. children could be getting unhealthy amounts of vitamins. more on this in the next half hour. also the dirty truth. if you're doing flying like we are, not going to want to hear this. this report might make you think twice about using a tray table or reading the magazines on the
7:32 am
next airplane you fly on. also ahead, a little more than nine months ago we did a series called born today. one couple was generous enough to share their moment of conception through ivf. we'll talk to them live about their big news. >> that's good news. first let's begin with an update on a story we told you about last week. an investigation is now underway into a woman's claims that she and her granddaughter were kicked out of a kfc restaurant because of the little girl's facial scars. katy tur is following this one for us. katy, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. the family of victoria wilcher says she was asked to leave a kfc because of her physical appearance. but this morning a local newspaper is claiming it was all a hoax to raise money. 3-year-old victoria wilcher gained national attention after reports a kfc in mississippi asked her to leave because the scars on her face was disturbing customers. >> i say it's one bad decision. one person in that store and kfc
7:33 am
would never condone that. >> look at that little girl. she's beautiful to me. she's not scaring me. >> reporter: according to the mississippi-based leader-call newspaper, sources close to the investigation told the paper it was an elaborate publicity stunt to gain money. saying security footage does not put victoria or her grandmother who claimed to be with her in the kfc or another kfc the day it supposedly occurred. this morning a spokesperson for kfc tells nbc news we have taken this report very seriously from the beginning. since our franchisee was unable to verify the incident in the investigation, they hire add third-party consultant to help resolve the matter. we hope to have the findings soon and are committed to the $30,000 donation to assist with victoria's medical bills no matter the outcome. victoria's family is denying the hoax.
7:34 am
a posting on the victoria's victories page had the post, i promise it's not a hoax. i never thought this would blow up the way it has. the article circling the web calling this a hoax is untrue. please do not believe untrue media. i personally watched this family go without to provide for victoria. they have not and would not do anything to hurt victoria in any way. certainly a sad situation for that little girl. it's unclear what would happen with the rest of the money the family was able to raise. matt? >> all right. thank you very much. terrible if that's a hoax. >> yeah. let's get a check of the weather now from dylan dreyer. >> "today's" weather is brought to you by new nexium 24 hours for frequent heartburn. now available without a prescription. >> and now that we're racing through june, let's look at july. here's a prediction coming out from noaa. below normal temperatures in the northern plains, which is what
7:35 am
we are seeing today. down in the southeast, above normal temperatures. and out west including areas like seattle down into california, it is going to stay above normal. as for precipitation, most of the country looks normal. drier than normal across the gulf coast states and wetter than normal through the rockies. we'll keep an eye out for all that. we are looking at the chance for some strong storms through the panhandle of oklahoma and into texas. that's where we could see some hail and damaging wind gusts. but further east through the ohio river valley and the tennessee river valley. that's where we could see isolated torrential downpours. we could end up with 3 to 5 inches in some areas. as for severe weather, you could get stronger thunderstorms. but we're not looking at a widespread outbreak. up through the northeast, and the mid-atlantic, temperatures look really nice just like yesterday. we should top out in the 80s with low humidity. enjoy it. that's a look at the weather
7:36 am
hey thank you dylan, 7:35 now, we have some gusty wind in the forecast, but temperature wise, really hard to beat numbers like we're expecting today. mid-70s on the way to the peninsula. you'll hit the upper 60s here in san francisco. we'll see a comfortable day, little fog rolling over san bruno right now, enough there to keep your temperatures for today. but just at the coast and around the bay, you'll hit about 67 degrees in the san francisco within 82 degrees in the south bay, rare chance for some summer rain. we'll tell you when, coming up. >> and that is the latest forecast. >> thank you. as we've been telling you all morning, tomorrow is a big day for us. that is when "today" will start its simulcast on sirius xm radio. >> if you have to head out to work before you finish watching our show, we have great news for you. now you can take us with you on yor commute. we think that's good news. it's called "today" show radio on sirius xm.
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you can find us on channel 108. >> we've been showing you al and hoda's commute this morning because we want you to know you can literally take us to work. they are this morning. they surprised our superfan anita before she left to drive to work. take a look. >> she has no idea. >> oh, my goodness. >> hello. is this anita? how are you? >> i'm good. how are you? this is such a surprise. >> i understand you're a big "today" show fan. >> i am. >> and you spend a lot of time in the car. >> yes, i do. >> this is the time you would be driving to work? >> right. >> we're going to ride with you. because i know you listen to sirius xm. >> yes, i do. >> starting tomorrow sirius xm and the "today" show come together. you can listen to the "today" show on channel 108. >> oh, that's great. >> tomorrow. but today we're giving you a preview. so it's going to be like we're in the car with you. >> that's so exciting. >> i said we. because not only am i here, but i know you're a big fan of hoda and kathie lee.
7:38 am
>> oh, my good! i can't believe this. >> anita! >> hoda, that is wonderful. >> hi, girl. >> isn't it great? you ready to go? >> i'm ready to go. >> all right. you're driving. >> let's go. i'm ready. >> road trip! rockefeller plaza, here we go! let's run some red lights! >> i can't believe you're in the car with me. >> wow. >> you know what's funny about hoda, she carries that kate thee lee sign everywhere. >> i was thinking, thank goodness we don't have fog. let's check in on you guys. how you doing? >> hey, guys. we are doing great. we are right now on the cross island parkway -- >> no. >> we're on the grand central now. anita is doing a great job.
7:39 am
she's concentrating on driving. there's no distracted driving going on. >> there have been a couple of cars across from us waving and having parties across from us. you enjoying yourself? >> absolutely. i'm having a great time. >> so you're a road warrior, right? >> yes, i am. >> you're in your car constantly. >> constantly. all over the place. tri-state area. >> so different times you've been late getting on the road because you've been listening and watching the "today" show. >> absolutely. i can't get in the car. >> we're in the car with you now. >> so starting tomorrow you can take your cup of coffee, leave the house and your great husband who's got a terrific tan. and take off and get in the car and listen to sirius xm 108. >> it's going to be the best. it's going to be the best. >> you want to say anything to matt and savannah? >> hi, matt and savannah. >> hi, anita. it will be over soon.
7:40 am
don't worry about it. >> 29 bottles of beer on the wall. 29 bottles of beer. >> we'll keep checking in with them every few minutes making sure they're on their way to the plaza. fun for them. coming up in trending, how one letter left a traveler miles away from his destination. but have you ever thought about how many germs might be lurking on that airplane you're about to fly on? the result of our rossen reports might surprise you. we'll share it after this message. when folks think about what they get from alaska, they think salmon and energy. but the energy bp produces up here creates something else as well: jobs all over america. engineering and innovation jobs. advanced safety systems & technology. shipping and manufacturing. across the united states, bp supports more than a quarter million jobs. when we set up operation in one part of the country, people in other parts go to work. that's not a coincidence. it's one more part of our commitment to america.
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are pumping life back into communities. and we are once again calling the shots. so, enjoy the holiday. and then, let's go to work. ♪ pretty shot looking down at the fountain here in rockefeller plaza. it's 7:44. pass the purell because we kick off a rossen reports series exposing the dirty truth about your summer vacation.
7:45 am
and the hidden germs that could make you sick. jeff rossen is here with more. we can't wait. >> reporter: you love this, don't you? i should tell you what we're about to do. these things flying around. but we have you covered this summer whether you're traveling by air, car, or hanging out by the pool. we're jumping in today with air travel. you'd be surprised how many germs are hidden. we're talking about dangerous bacteria you pick up before you even get on the plane. the kiosk where you print your tickets. the tsa bins. apparently you haven't. we're pulling out the test kits and we're swabbing from top to bottom. let's go. we're going on vacation. destination, this summer hot spot. orlando, florida. home of disney world and universal studios. but first we have to get there. from the airport kiosk to the tsa bins, the seat belt, the tray table, and the armrests.
7:46 am
the rossen reports team putting on the rubber gloves to test it all. swabbing surfaces at major airports and on the top airlines to find out what dangerous germs are lurking all around us. sending the samples to this certified laboratory to be anl ie anlized by microbiologists. first up, the kiosk to get your ticket. good news. it came back totally clean. we're not so lucky at the security line. shoes off, everything in the bin. including dangerous bacterias. our test found evidence of fecal matter inside a tsa bin. >> that's disgusting. very disgusting. >> reporter: experts say the levels are high enough to make you sick. dr. robert works the emergency room at lennox hospital.
7:47 am
>> we're talking about sn infections that could lead to infections in your blood stream. >> reporter: hope it's clean. inside the cabin our team captured visible crumbs all over the floor in this row. and check out this mystery stain on our seat. it's enough to make veteran flight attendants cringe. >> it disgusts me but doesn't surprise he. >> reporter: she worked as a flight attendant for 23 years. she says you wouldn't believe what people do. >> changing the baby's diaper on the tray table. >> where we eat. >> yes. >> reporter: and that's where we found the highest levels of bacteria. the tray table papi -- a petri dish of germs. while the armrests didn't come up with anything harmful, buckle up. the seat belts were filthy.
7:48 am
including this one that turned up something called human bacteroides. >> these are things that live in our gut and intestine. they cause serious infections. >> reporter: all from can touching one of those surfaces. >> absolutely. >> reporter: in all we took 13 samples. 9 of them came back positive for germs. most airlines say they wipe down every surface, every tray table between each flight. but insiders say that's impossible. the ground crews just don't have time. what can the airlines do to make the airplanes cleaner? >> have longer turn around to get more cleaning done. >> reporter: and we have more tips. here's the takeaway. don't walk around barefoot. she says the carpet is disgusting. >> that's for you, matt. >> savannah says from the medical journal, duh.
7:49 am
>> you know on that international flight. >> i didn't mean to interrupt you. >> i haven't done that either. of course not. also check the seat pocket before you reach inside. passengers put gum wrappers in there, used tissues. all kinds of gross things. experts say the best advice, bring wipes. scrub everything down before takeoff. >> my goodness. >> what about the people who walk barefoot through the security screening? >> you have to. >> you could wear socks. >> we are those people. >> what do you have tomorrow? >> tomorrow the dirty truth continues with pools and hot tubs. so the question is what's dirtier? pools or hot tubs? >> i'm going hot tubs. >> i'm not giving it away yet. but you can see some of the things we found in pools. grime, stuff on the filters. we swabbed everything at top hotel chains. the results here tomorrow. >> enjoy your summer, everybody.
7:50 am
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you're watching "today in the bay." good morning everyone, 7:56 i'm scott mcgrew. a man who grew up in the bay area will have to face a judge in southern california tomorrow on three counts of murder. he was arrested saturday morning in san diego in connection to the killings of three people. flint and salvador were killed last christmas eve, the brother's body found in the trunk of a car several weeks later. santa clara county sheriff's deputies caught a thief through a stolen computer. deputies have charged this man with burglary in possession of stolen property. he stole several computers from a business in april. they caught him, apparently trying to use one of those stolen computers to make an online purchase. let's check your weather this morning with christina. >> hey good morning, take a look at this the, very unusual, but
7:57 am
we are at 71 degrees at 7:56 in santa rosa. we are going to get a brief taste of summer weather today. very little cloud cover today. with limited clouds to keep us cool, we're going to see warm temperatures and building breeze for today. that's a weather story. 78 degrees for the peninsula today. meanwhile, the warm spot will be the north bay, right now running about ten degrees warmer than average and that's going to be the case later on today as well. we'll keep you updated, here's mike and your drive. san mateo drive flat sections, no zinlts. slower drive across the freeway. same thing for the bridge just kicking in for the westbound commute approaching the bay bridge slowdown. south 680 at 24, another crash, we've had a series of three fender benders around the interchange and of course your northbound routes through the south bay, the slowing is there but its spread out quite a bit. >> we'll have another update for you coming up in a half an hour.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, a labor of love. we've been there every step of the way from a live conception right here on "today" to the moment they learned they're having a girl. >> i feel ecstatic. i cannot wait. >> today we complete one couple's ivf journey. then planting the seeds of change. >> how do i get kids excited about vegetables? >> i think if they grow it. >> having them do it with their own hands. >> carson will introduce us to a man teaching kids to grow their own food in the most unlikely of places. plus, fear factor. eric bana drops by studio 1a to talk about his new thriller.
8:01 am
"today," june 24th, 2014. >> this is my 70th birthday wish to be on the "today" show. >> 50 and fabulous from minnesota. >> it's my 12th birthday. >> good morning from "today." we made it. >> good morning, indiana! >> happy summer from eastern pennsylvania! >> and welcome back to "today." another beautiful day on our plaza. huge piece of art adorning the plaza. we'll have the artist in just a few minutes. >> it's very cool. took a long time to install it, but it's up for your removal. >> i can't believe you thought it was a chia pet. >> no, no. al is not with us this morning. we're thrilled to have dylan
8:02 am
here. but al and hoda and their new best friend our superfan anita have been making their way to work. that's all about the launch on sirius xm tomorrow. how's it going? >> it's going great. >> we are plugging along. we're on the l.i.e. right now heading toward manhattan. how's the traffic today? >> not bad today. considering, so far so good. >> what's it like having the "today" show in your car. >> who do you like best? kathie lee? >> no. >> who do you love? >> hoda and al. >> yeah! wow. and this all was for "today" sirius xm channel 108. you're not going to listen to anything else. when you get bored there, tell us what channel you listen to in the car. come on, tell us. >> 102 the porn channel. >> the what?
8:03 am
>> don't act surprised like you don't know. >> amazing. >> it keeps me awake. >> porn. not corn. >> the horn channel. horns all the time. whatever you need. brass, clarinets. >> all right. great. >> she's going to be here soon. >> funny shot of the producer in the back seeat. >> all right, guys. drive safe. let's get a check of the top stories from natalie at the desk. >> good morning to you guys once again. good morning, everyone. the recently hired head of the irs faced some tough questioning squoe overnight in a hearing. skeptical republicans grilled irs commissioner john koskinen
8:04 am
about two years worth of missing e-mails linked to former irs executive lois lerner. she has refused to cooperate with the investigation. commissioner koskinen says he has no evidence there was a crime committed in the loss of the e-mails. john kerry may have suffered a setback this morning in the work to keep iraq from splitting apart. he met with those in the kurdish region and asked hem to stand with the government in baghdad. but the kurdish leader told kerry that iraq is changing and faces a new reality. police intensified their search overnight for a convicted murderer who escaped from an arkansas prison this weekend. kerry sanders reports. >> reporter: authorities on foot and on horseback searched into the night in the area around pine bluff, arkansas. for 47-year-old timothy buffen.
8:05 am
now heavily armed. >> we need some assistance as soon as possible because he is armed and he will shoot. >> reporter: a terrified neighbor heather harris called 911 to say he broke into her home. andor a time took her hostage. >> i was kidnapped and i just got away and i'm calling to inform y'all of what's going on. >> reporter: buffington is serving a 20-year sentence for murdering his ex-wife. >> he has ammo and he has a shotgun. i'm not sure what else he's got. >> reporter: authorities believe buffington is still somewhere around the prison. >> it's a heavily wooded area. there's a lot of places he could hide. we're searching diligently for him. >> reporter: he caught officials off guard because he had been granted trustee status. an earned privilege which allows an inmate more freedom. in his case, he was outside the prison's razor wire doing lawn
8:06 am
maintenance. those who live closest to the prison are anxious. >> i locked my doors and slept with one eye open. >> reporter: after heavy rains overnight, it's likely buffington is miserable. but because this escape could land him back in prison for the rest of his life, they believe if cornered he could well put up a desperate fight. for "today," kerry sanders, nbc news. two weeks after she went home from the hospital, a wisconsin girl who was stabbed 19 times last month is staying thank you. the girl's family while protecting our identity released a photo of the thank you card. prosecutors say two 12-year-old victims stabbed the victim to please a fictional online character called slender man. perhaps you're feeding your child cereal this morning. could they be getting too much
8:07 am
of something? according to the environmental working group, a health research organization, food manufacturers are using high fortification levels to make their products appear more nutritious. but the group says that could be putting your kids at risk. while other companies have tinkered with the idea, a russian company now claims it is the first to make regular pizza deliveries by drone. however, there is is string attached. once it reaches the right address, the customer is then called to come out and the pizza is less than lowered by a wire that is to prevent anyone from stealing the drone or the pizza. looks like it's a success. 8:07 right now. let's get another check of the weather with dylan. >> thanks, natalie. good morning, everyone. take a look at today's pick city. we're headed out to kansas city, missouri, where it is going to be a hot one today. 87 degrees.
8:08 am
staying hot in the 80s. we do have showers and storms in denver. the a hey, good morning to you. temperatures this morning are running pretty mild. we're mostly in the 50s and 60s, but, hey, there are some cities that have already climbed into the 70s at 8:08. that's up in the north bay. that's going to be the warm spot for today. we actually have some gusty wind in the forecast, as we get into this afternoon. but limited clouds to kick off your day. and temperatures that are going to be warmer than yesterday by about 5 to 10 degrees. so keep that in mind. overall, though, we're looking towards a comfortable afternoon. rain on the way, possibly on thursday. >> and that's your latest forecast. >> all right, dylan. thank you very much. coming up in trending, here's a picture that has a lot of people talking. mr. president, the sneeze guard is there for a reason. then teaching kids to grow
8:09 am
their own food. those building school gardens across the country. plus way up in the air we get a shot of hoda and al. >> they're moving now. >> and our superfan anita. they're on their way to work this morning. first these messages. let's unplug the past. let's say "goodbye" to those, and "hello" to woah... let's find a better way to cook this, wash that compare those and save these. because you can make dinner or you can make dinner a breeze. are you ready? lets do this. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. right now: this whirlpool washer & dryer just $349.00 each. bananas... rice cakes... raspberries... toast! [ kelly ] jif hazelnut spread makes anything your new favorite thing. spoons! which is why this choosy mom chooses jif.
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8:13 am
the bhershey's s'mores, together is hothe unmistakable taste that reminds us that life is delicious. zplmplgts we're back now at 8:13 with what's trending today. how about this? president obama's got a lot to worry about these days, but he may have found himself a new controversy. take a look at this picture. see anything wrong with that? >> oh, yeah. >> he's over the sneeze guard. completely over the sneeze guard. this is sneeze gate. the president stopping for lunch at a chipotle in d.c. on monday. it was an uneventful trip. that is until photographer pete susan competed this photo of him leaning over the sneeze guard. >> somewhere jeff rossen is cringing. >> i know. apparently he has particular requirements when it comes to
8:14 am
burrito bowl toppings. mr. obama with a different kind of overreach here. would that bother you if you were in the restaurant? >> i don't think i would have noticed. >> if anybody else but the president did it, i think you'd notice. >> hopefully he washes his hands a lot. >> it's hard to point with the glass there. you have to say i want this one here. not that one the one to the right of that one. it's difficult sometimes to get what you want. >> all right. sneeze gate. we'll continue to follow it. now to the frenzy over the world cup. earlier natalie was tell us about the american coach jurgen klinsmann. but when it comes to colorful coaches, mexico has us beat. this is miguel herrera. he could not contain his excitement. i mean, online users have been posting vine videos of him. tackling players.
8:15 am
punching his fists in the air. wow. okay. >> look at that. >> that's the spirit you want. that's great. >> look at that. okay. photoshopping him there. having their fun with it. >> can you imagine if mexico wins the world cup what that coach would do? >> craziness. >> or if he's mad, what's he like? moving on, grenada, granada. dooup the difference between the two? an airline mistake ended up costing one man a lot of time and travel. granada is a historic city in spain. there's a letter difference there. but nearly 4,000 miles between them. >> which one's which? >> granada with the "a" in spain. >> i'm still confused.
8:16 am
edward ganson said he made it clear on the phone he wanted to go to spain even providing airport codes. he didn't realize the mishap until mid-flight. british airways said they offered him extensive assistance. but he declined. for his part, he said the offers weren't good enough. now he's suing them for $34,000 which i think is a little more than the price of the ticket. >> where did he end up? >> he was headed towards the island? >> he wanted to go to granada, spain. >> they're sending him to paris for a trip. paris, texas. you know what else is trending this morning? we are. >> we are? >> that's right. the "today" facebook page. we just reached 3 million likes on monday. we put together a video to say thank you to you all. we so much appreciate it. and by the way on the topic of facebook, we're excited because we can announce now we have teamed up with facebook here in
8:17 am
the orange room. we can exclusively show you now what is trending on facebook. we're going to share with you all sorts of topics every morning. this is the first time it's being used on tv. we know what's happening on facebook. and you can easily -- we'll click on it here. go to the facebook comments as they're coming in. updates in realtime. pick a story, so we're excited to be working with the friends at facebook. this should enhance what we're able to do right here. >> we love that. that's what's trending today and on facebook. thanks, carson. up next, a great update on our born today couple.
8:18 am
all right. we're back with a happy update from our born today series. we introduced you to jessica menkhausen and derek manion. they let us follow their journey from ivf from start to finish. this started live on our air with the moment of conception. dr. nancy snyderman has been there for the whole thing. >> reporter: good morning. we made history on this program because we showed a live procedure. great news to share this morning. we'll check in in a moment, but first their journey. >> i want to be positive, and i think that we're going to have twins. and i think that they're going to have red hair and blue eyes. >> reporter: it's been a long
8:19 am
road for 34-year-old jessica menkhausen and her fiance derek. >> so that's really the moment of conception. >> reporter: that moment, a first on live tv. in vitro fertilization. this is now a fertilized egg. >> so it's right there -- >> reporter: dr. sherman silver from st. lukes hospital in st. louis performed the procedure. then transferred two embryos days later with good results. >> your pregnancy test is positive. >> reporter: later a sonogram revealed one baby, a girl. >> i'm happy there's one. >> reporter: after a rather typical pregnancy, jessica was prepared to deliver. >> i feel ecstatic. i cannot wait. >> a week before jessica's due date, the baby was small. so the doctors were concerned so they made the decision to induce
8:20 am
jessica on her due date. but this was not at all related to the ivf procedure and so far so good. >> don't you want to meet this little baby? >> i do. >> jessica and derek welcomed chloe lee manion into the world. they are all with us this morning. that is a gorgeous little girl. congratulations to you. >> thank you. >> it's been a long time since i saw you guys. you look terrific. >> yeah -- thank you. >> i see the tears in your eyes. what was it like when -- chloe was just smiling for the cameras. a star is born. >> just hearing the story all over again, it just makes me get choked up thinking about it. the time when -- the first time we got to hold her was just as emotional. she is just the love of our
8:21 am
lives and everything that we hoped and prayed for. >> jessica, you wrote a letter to chloe. tell me about the letter, what's in it and why you wrote it. >> you know, i wanted to -- which of course we'll be able to show her the journey we took to conceive her and bring her into this world. and i just wanted to write her a letter and let her know how we're feeling right now. >> it's an atypical journey. >> it is. it's so beautiful. and derek, how are you doing? are you getting any sleep? >> very little. >> i won't even ask jessica, i guess. >> let me ask you a question. you guys were engaged. off baby now. you assumed the normal aspirations of any parent. what do you want for your daughter? >> you know, i just -- i want her to be happy. i want her to have a full life with mom and dad always there
8:22 am
for her. and just to be able to follow her dreams and do what she wants in life. >> so wonderful. >> and y'all are getting married this fall, did i hear that right? >> yeah. >> congratulations. >> yeah. wonderful family. >> thank you so much. >> our very best to you. >> great example of when science and love and aspirations all come together. it's pretty extraordinary. >> i don't think my hormones can take it right now. >> you did it the old fashioned way. >> if you want more on the story including the letter to their daughter chloe, go to it's kind of hard to miss our new addition to the plaza this morning. it is the massive living art installation called split-rocker. bold, bright, and edgy. american artist jeff coons has
8:23 am
been pushing the envelope for decades. michael jackson and bubbles and most iconic of all, his balloon dogs. he himself is a former stockbroker raised in pennsylvania. and a family man with a small empire. koons has been called the andy warhol of his time. he's the most expensive living artist today. this monumental floral sculpture puppy graced rockefeller plaza. now we look at split-rocker covered entirely in living flowers. we're joined by jeff koons. welcome back. you like it here, don't you? >> it's wonderful. it's the best place to be in all of new york. >> what makes rockefeller plaza a great place to install your
8:24 am
art? >> the setting. the architecture. this is a meeting place for so many millions of people. every day hundreds of thousands of people are coming through. it doesn't get better. >> i want to make sure people understand what this took. you didn't just take overnight. talk about what it took to make this happen. >> i started off with a model i did years ago. it's all stainless steel. it has sections probably about at least 144 sections. each one can be irrigated by itself. it's filled request soil. there's a designing for the all plants that go in there. there's a lot of control that goes into making this piece. >> we're looking at it in the early stages. soon the flowers will burst and
8:25 am
cover this completely. you said something back to me in 2000. you said art shouldn't intimidate people. what do you want people to take away from this? >> i want them just to enjoy it, to embrace life's energy. to think about mortality. you have these plants here. they're going to be flourishing. thaifr enjoying their life. there's a lot of pollination that's going to take place here. so it's really filled with a lot of light. >> and when split-rocker's run here is over, where will he be? >> split-rocker has been outside the palace in versailles. it's here right now. but i don't know where the future home may be for the piece. >> well, dream something else up and come back to the plaza. what a pleasure. it's nice to see you again. we're going to be back. eric bana will be joining us in studio. but first let's get a check of
8:26 am
your local news and weather. a very good morning to you. 8:26 now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. federal investigators releasing new information about the aseana airlines crash at sfo. they said the pilots relied too much on the automated system, a system they did not fully understand. they also said the airlines did not encourage pilots to train for manual landings. three chinese schoolgirls actually died after that crash. one was run over by a fire truck. 180 other people were hurt in that crash. this is north 280 coming towards us. it's tough to see, because the sun is right at the angle where it's getting through the lens. over on the shoulder, the left
8:27 am
looks like what happened, it's a crash and now pulled to the shoulder. we'll look at the map and there is recovery, north 280 still jammed, all the way up past the scene. and now it's starting to move slower through cupertino towards mountain view and highway 85. a slower drive continues around the rest of the bay. both san mateo and dumbarton bridges are slow. 880 slow in both directions, heading up towards the bay bridge toll plaza and 680 still recovering from a series of earlier crashes, which have all cleared from that walnut creek interchange. >> sounds great. thank you very much. another update in half an hour. welcome back.
8:28 am
8:29 am
hey really? kiss your abs goodbye. cardiologist to check stand 1. crystal geyser alpine spring water? toucé. crystal geyser. always bottled right at the mountain source.
8:30 am
we're back now. 8:30 on a tuesday morning. 24th day of june 2014. a big crowd, and we hope that everyone sticks around or comes back for a friday toyota concert series. phillip phillips going to be here on the plaza. >> love that. also if you like scary movies, you'll love eric bana in his new role. the movie is called "deliver us
8:31 am
from evil." it is a freakout. if you like that, this is the movie for you. all right. speak of movies, if you loved "jurassic park." good news there is another movie coming out. jenna bush hager has a preview for us. and it's been a long morning commute, but it's almost over for al, hoda, and superfan a anita. >> they must be close. they're sitting in traffic. by the way, a special performance from maroon 5. they'll debut their new single. but then back in september for a full concert right here in september. >> all right. but first there's some cool moments when you get to do this show. this is one of them. it was a big weekend for this young lady. michelle wie whose career some would say has come full circle. >> now she's holding the trophy 11 years later.
8:32 am
she came back with one goal in mind. to win the u.s. women's open. congratulations to you. looking back at that moment when you won, what was it like? i mean, did it live up to all your expectations? >> i don't even remember. it was all just a blur. i mean, i still feel like i'm living in a dream. i never want to wake up. it's just amazing. >> you shared a really nice moment with your mom afterward. can you explain what this family has been through as a unit? >> yeah. we've been through a lot. i owe them everything. this goes out to them. if it wasn't for them, i would never be here. they believed in me so much. even when i didn't believe in myself. i owe them everything. as i was walking up, i could already picture my mom crying behind there. so it was pretty special. >> the u.s. open, the toughest challenge in golf. you played really well. what's it like to win a major.
8:33 am
how about that one? >> it's a pretty nice trophy. >> it's huggable, isn't it? >> it is huggable. i tried sleeping with it. >> a long road for you. someone who can relate is lucy li out there, 11 years old getting a lot of attention. do you say to young girls and boys getting started in the game? >> i was so excited for her. i hope she had a really good time. she's taking notes. i remember right when my caddie got off the green, she was asking questions. she's so cute. i'm not over her yet at all. >> i'm sure you're inspiring to her and so many. thank you, michelle wie and congratulations. >> congratulations. let's get a check of the weather from dylan. >> we'll see nice weather continue in the northeast, but it's back through colorado and into oklahoma and texas to see strong storms today.
8:34 am
biggest risk is hail and strong winds. also down pours near cleveland and pennsylvania. and scattered showers and storms stretching into the southeast. then tomorrow that slight risk expands a little bit. we're looking at some strong storms from montana down into the rockies again. we'll keep a close eye on that. and those showers and storms will spread into the northeast. we could end up with some isolated locations picking up about 3 to 5 inches of rain. hey, thank you, dylan. 8:34 now. the weather story of the day is that we have some very gusty wind on the way. really, as we head throughout the afternoon hours and into tonight, you can see from this live picture, the golden gate bridge, that wind is keeping our sky nice and clear. i want to show you what it looks like over downtown oakland, a little hazy here. but you can actually make out the bay bridge, off in the distance. it's that clear out there right now. so as we head throughout the day today, a lack of those low clouds, temperatures are going to be warmer. we'll hit 89 in the north bay,
8:35 am
82 for the south bay, and as we get into the rest of the week, temperatures stay comfortable. forecast. >> all right. let's turn it over to matt. >> all right. thank you very much. this morning we have more of our special series shine a light. issues that are important to us. carson focuses on getting kids to eat healthy. >> i'm doing what i can to help in childhood hunger and obesity. along the way i've met several people who were truly devoted to the cause, but the coolest has got to be ron finley. take a look. ron finley of south-central los angeles had a little trouble with the law. >> i want to flip the script, flip the paradigm on what we consider gangster. i think taking care of your neighborhood is gangster. i think growing your own food, to me that's gangster. >> he started with a patch of burned out grass in the front of his house.
8:36 am
>> nobody said anything about the dead grass and the weeds, but you put a carrot in the ground, and all hell breaks loose. it's like they want to call s.w.a.t. we got a situation. somebody planted a carrot in the ground. it was against the law to plant edibles in our parkway. why don't you try putting healthy food in this neighborhood? okay, everybody in the garden. don't step on the corn. don't step on the strawberries. >> he ignored the citations, the threats of legal action. by planting any green space he could find. >> there's 26.5 million other americans. i live in a food desert. south-central los angeles. home of the drive-thru and the drive by. funny thing is drive-thrus are killing more than drive byes. we have grade school kids have been heart attacks. obesity is off the charts compared to, you know, other areas.
8:37 am
>> i don't see many markets with fresh vegetables around. >> and you won't for miles. that's what's terrible. but there's always a liquor store. they're real convenient. you can't get fresh food. >> i decided to visit his renegade oasis for a few tips how to help my school garden back in brooklyn. what else is down the row? >> bananas, kale, rosemary, collard greens. you in the hood, got to have collard greens. represent. >> what's with the sun flowers? >> it's almost like people can't look at them without smiling. >> people have the thought it can't grow in the concrete jungle. >> you can grow on concrete. just put soil on top. this is a mop bucket. >> what's this? it can grow anywhere. >> it shows you can grow anywhere.
8:38 am
okay. there you go. you a pro. >> it is that easy. >> really it is. >> how do i get kids excited about vegetables? >> i think if they grow it. >> having them do it with their own hands in the dirt. then it becomes their project. and they're saving their own lives. >> exactly. for them we need to keep it as simple as possible. and make it fun. >> because it is fun. >> thank you, man. appreciate it. >> honored. go build your garden. >> can i take a shovel with me? >> yeah, yeah. >> thank you. >> ron finley of south-central los angeles had a little trouble with the law. so he fought the law and ron finley won. >> i got the laws changed. now you're able in l.a. to grow food on your parkway. so it's a win. i want people just to plant. >> ron's a great guy. appreciate his time. he says you can expose kids at an early age and they'll be hooked for life.
8:39 am
>> i agree. mike, good to see you. >> mike and his organization does this all across the country, putting gardens in schools. you're helping me in brooklyn. what's at stake? >> our children's lives are at stake. we just heard a few moments ago less than 20% of children and adolescents right now are eating the daily recommended requirements for fruits, vegetables, and grains. less than 20%. so we're growing a population of children who are not well nourished. coupled with that we have obesity. it's out of control. it's tripled in three decades. and on top of that, you're dealing with food deserts. right now we have probably 6.5 million children living in a food desert. and we're dealing with populations of food insecurity as well. so we have this kind of stagnation going on here. you have kids becoming
8:40 am
overweight. they're not overweight because they're eating well. but poorly. >> we'd like to have gardens in every school. we have a time lapse of us building the garden in brooklyn. we're going there in a couple of weeks to see it. how's it going there so far? this is part of the kid's playground in concrete and you built this beautiful garden. >> we did with a lot of help from the community. and we also got a lot of help from the teachers. and what's really wonderful about what's happening here is that the community got really excited. this garden's going to feed children's families and homes and also encourage the community to get involved and perhaps start additional community garden. whap do what does that do? it reduces the number of food deserts. it teaches children how to eat properly and what good food is. >> we love the fact you're helping carson out. appreciate it very much. >> pleasure. >> and we need your help. if you want to help the cause,
8:41 am
go to crowd we've got big incentive to help in this. donate or raise $50 between now and july 2nd and you'll be entered to win a chance to see "the voice" season seven. thank you to mike. we appreciate it. >> thank you very much. coming up, jenna bush hager learns how to run from dinosaurs on the set of "jurassic world." then we'll speak to
8:42 am
safeway gets that staying on budget can be a real bear. that's why they've got lots of ways to save. real big club card deals, the safeway app and gas rewards.
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this week, fresh driscoll's strawberries are perfectly sweet and just $1.99 a pound. foster farms fresh whole chickens are only 99¢ a pound. and arm & hammer detergent is just $5.00. there's more savings to love... at safeway. ingredients for life. we are back on a tuesday morning with actor eric bana. he's the star of the new film "deliver us from evil" where he plays a police sergeant who is investigating parts of the city.
8:44 am
take a look. >> jane, what was the message santino had for you? you speak latin, huh? what do you think of this? >> she seems like a really nice lady. >> she was so sweet. she's a local actress. and she was lovely. >> terrifying in all the good ways. you know, watching this my nerves are shot. it's a true thriller. like one of those, did that just happen. i've wondered. do actors who are playing these parts and in these roles, do you freak yourselves out? is it scary to be filming these? >> it can be. by the time you're filming, it's okay. but pre-production was a bit of a trip, to be honest. came along the materials and research through scott and ralph the real guy who freaked us out a bit.
8:45 am
>> you play a real person. ralph who wrote a book about his experiences. he describes himself as a -- well, he's a former cop now but also a part-time demonologist. >> that's right. he helps people who are having trouble, who believe there is possession occurring in their family and family home. the he's an intense, interesting guy. and wrote this book. >> what was it like on set? were you over at services eating cheetos and that woman walks over in full makeup? >> it was a bit like that. everybody a h amazing makeup. people would come out after six or seven hours, you were hoping they weren't sitting opposite of you at lunchtime. >> you were here last summer. do you remember us talking about this? >> i was here shooting in the bronx on nights every night. and it was a great experience. >> and we talked about it then. i said, so you're going to do a bronx accent, really?
8:46 am
you said yes. i said would you do it for us. you said when i came back. >> and i did. in the clip. look at that. it's perfect. >> you can't just turn it on and off? >> you never know. sometimes it takes a little while to warm-up. i got to get into it. >> that's good. like go order a burrito down the street and it's all around you. >> a lot of pressure when you're doing a bronx accent when you're australian. >> you nailed it. and the movie freaked me out in the best possible way. thank you so much. a pleasure to see you. and "deliver us from evil" hits theaters on july 2nd. coming up next, another thriller. jenna bush hager takes us behind the scenes of "jurassic world." but first this is "today" on nbc. you used to sleep like a champ.
8:47 am
then boom... what happened? stress, fun, bad habits, kids, now what? let's build a new, smarter bed using the dualair chambers to sense your movement, heartbeat, breathing. introducing the sleep number bed with sleepiq™ technology. it tracks your sleep and tells you how to adjust for a good, better and an awesome night. the difference? try adjusting up or down you'll know cuz sleepiq™ tells you.
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only at a sleep number store, mattresses with sleepiq start at just $999.98. know better sleep with sleep number.
8:49 am
beautiful morning here in new york. 8:48. we're back with a first look at the highly anticipated movie "jurassic world." contributor correspondent jenna bush hager got to visit the set in new orleans. not a bad assignment. >> i sure did. it was a lot of fun. good food. and the dinosaurs are back. with this "jurassic world," they hope to incite a new generation of fans with a new cast of characters. remember the fear. the suspense. the wonder. well, it's time to go back. >> welcome to jurassic park. >> it's been two decades since steven spielberg brought the epic tale to life. wowing theater goers with terrifying lifelike dinosaurs.
8:50 am
and who can forget one of the most iconic theme songs of all time. now after two sequels and nearly $2 billion in total worldwide sales, the series is coming out of extinction with 'jurassic world." >> it's a great day. i like those. >> did he give you an words of wisdom? >> words of wisdom every day. he'll send ideas and he'll draw out ideas on pads of paper and i'll shoot them. >> parks and recreation's chris pratt and the bright dallas howard star in this latest installment. so the two of you are joining this iconic series of films. is that a lot of pressure? >> i feel like "jurassic park" was sort of our generation's "star wars". it's a big deal. what we keep finding ourselves
8:51 am
doing on set is when we're watching playbacks, we'll all do it like a chorus. as we watch some sweeping shot unfold. >> 22 years has passed since hammond dreams of a dinosaur theme park. now that has become a reality. >> where we're shooting now is jurassic world. 20,000 visitors a day coming to see the dinosaurs and attractions. it's been around long enough where they decided to bring in a new attraction. you don't believe it, but it doesn't go well. >> of course the two inevitably end up running for their lives. who's the better runner? >> i'm going to be honest with you. we're both really, really good. >> yeah. i actually have this photo, chris, that wow put on your instagram. you know what this is going to be. these are your abs?
8:52 am
>> those are america's abs. yeah. those are. those are mine. >> so does this help you survive in the jungle? >> obviously. i'm like, quick, drop and do 20 crunches. that'll protect us. >> nick robinson plays a kid visiting the park. i was taught the essentials of surviving something like this. survivor tip number one. a killer scream. here's a scenario, you're being chased through that boardwalk by a dinosaur. now go. [ screaming kwx ] >> that'll wake some people up. survivor tip number two. if you can't scream, it may be best to -- >> run. >> oh, no, dinosaurs! >> not dinosaurs. >> run! >> go! >> so at least we survived this day. i hope you both survive the
8:53 am
movie. >> here's to hoping. >> and "jurassic world" hits theaters next june. i got to visit the gift shop with them as well. you can catch that on >> you didn't bring us anything? >> they didn't give me anything. >> you could buy something. >> it was part of the movie. >> plus you cheated in the run. >> they said they were going to give me a couple-second head start. i'm 32, okay? >> up next, look who's around the corner. al, hoda, and the superfan anita have made it. but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:54 am
8:55 am
we're back. they made it. anita our superfan, al, and hoda you got through your commute. >> thank you for bringing them to work today. >> my pleasure. i could do this every day. >> we give you this great coffee mug. >> thank you. >> did we have a good time. >> we had so much fun. >> we had the best commute ever. >> not only does this car come equipped with a coffee mug, look what's in back here. check this out. >> you're going to like it.
8:56 am
>> we've got an audio person in the back. she's going to travel with anita every day. >> al and i keep giving tweets to people that want us to ride with them tomorrow morning. >> every week we're riding with somebody. >> hoda, your hair will have a lot of vol good morning, everyone. 8:56. i'm scott mcgrew. the garden at at&t park officially opens to fans ahead of tonight's giant's game. it's located just behind the center field wall. it's the first edible garden at any big league ballpark. fans will be able to stop in and pick up a variety of veggies and fruits to dress up their favorite ballpark snacks. get your kale here! all right. let's check in weather with
8:57 am
christina. >> good morning to you, scott. we do have some cooling clouds at the coast, but not much to tell you about. we're going to see a warmer day today, as a result, and wind is definitely going to play a factor in your forecast for later on this afternoon. higher elevations at the coast, could see sustained speeds up to 30 miles per hour. hope you have a great day.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
"today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist, and tamron hall. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today." i'm here with natalie. tamron and willie both off today. >> that's right. >> it's been an exciting morning. >> you had a good commute. >> yeah. we had a great time. we surprised a sirius xm superfan. we rode with her from long island and rode in. she's is sales rep. and we rode all the way in. >> the funny thing is you've never really had to commute like that. >> no.
9:01 am
i really haven't. even when i did local news here in new york, i did the 5:00, 6:00, 11:00. no traffic. >> it's a nice thing. >> we had a good time. starting tomorrow, the "today" show is available live on sirius xm channel 108. so you leave your house, get in your car, you can take us with you. >> i'm so excited about that. we both hosted a channel or one of the stations. i did alternative nation. >> i did '70s on 7. i had a lot of fun doing it. >> so much fun. and you were a deejay back in the day. >> back in college. >> me too. it brought back memories and fun. >> i think the music i played was different than the music you played. >> well, i didn't play '70s back then. >> i did and it was live. they weren't oldies when i played them. >> they were the new hit song right now. i can't wait for that. so a lot of good talk at the white house yesterday. the whole conversation about
9:02 am
managing work, life balance. the summit on working families. he spoke about the importance about his own family, the importance of having that balance in his own life and how much michelle has had to pinch hit for him. and vice versa. take a listen. >> you look at something like workplace flexibility. this is so important to our family. this was so important to our family when i was away, because if malia or sasha got sick or the babysitter did not show up, it was michelle who got the call. and fortunately she had an employer who understood if she needed to leave work in the middle of the day or change her schedule suddenly. in fact, actually, when she applied for the job, she brought sasha who was then about six months in her car seat into the interview. just to kind of explain, this is what you will be dealing with if you hire me.
9:03 am
so they signed up for that. and that flexibility made all the difference to our family. but a lot of working moms and dads can't do that. >> it's so trut. >> it is. >> we've been lucky in this job. we get called away very quickly. >> and we have supportive spouses who can do what they need to do to help fill in when we're not around. i love the part where he said she shows up in a job interview with sasha or malia in the car seat. i was thinking, jeez, that's a tough thing. >> with a baby. >> yeah. i don't know how the employer necessarily is going to take that. >> you're hiring both of us. when you think about the president, he's got the greatest gig going in a sense in that he works above the store. his commute is shorter. he can check in. hold this security briefing, i got to check on the kids. >> yeah. a lot of important issues that came up during this summit. of course the u.s. the only developed country to not offer
9:04 am
paid maternity leave which is pretty remarkable. other countries on that list. papua new guinea and oman. so time. it's way past time. >> when you're the president, you do get some perks though. >> there are a lot of perks. >> for example, take a look. >> you get to reach over the sneeze guard at the chipotle. >> you are not allowed to do that. i did that once and got my hand slapped. literally. >> where did you do it? >> on third avenue. >> it was at a chipotle too? >> i said can i -- and they went. sorry. >> you learned the lesson. >> i did. >> it's there for a reason. >> that's why it's there. it's not a suggestion. >> the funny thing is, i'm always like not that one, i want the other topping. it's really hard to tell them what they want. not those peppers, those peppers. >> leader of the freed world can lean over. >> you can lean in. but a lot of people saying that's overreach. >> literally the overreach.
9:05 am
>> and germs and all of that. >> but they're presidential germs. >> still. you know, i certainly hope this is not true, but remember that story we told you about last week that young girl, the family of a badly scarred 3-year-old girl who claimed when they went to a kentucky fried chicken in mississippi that her appearance, some of the workers complained that the girl's appearance was scaring some of the other diners. >> asked her to leave. >> apparently the young girl had been attacked by a pit bull. and they asked the girl to leave. well, there is a new report out this morning. the laural leader-call newspaper says the security footage does not put victoria or her grandmother who claimed to be with her at the time in that kentucky fried chicken at the time or any other kentucky fried chicken, for that matter, the
9:06 am
day the incident supposedly occurred. there are questions whether this is a fabricated story. >> the newspaper are citing sources that have knowledge of the situation. we haven't independently corroborated that. they're not seen in the security foot j in that kfc or any other kfc. but last week kfc publicly apologized. >> they did. they also donated $30,000 worth of money to help with the cost of surgery and other medical help she would need. and other people also stepped up and raised a lot of money. over $70,000 was raised for this young girl. kfc said in a new statement, we have taken this report seriously from the beginning since our franchisee was unable to verify into thinker internal investigation, they hired a third party consultant to help resolve the matter. we expect to have the findings of that investigation soon. but here's the great part of this. we are committed to the $30,000 donation to assist with victoria's medical bills no
9:07 am
matter the outcome. so even if this story was a huge hoax, they're still sticking by and helping this young girl out. >> yeah. >> why a family would do something like this, maybe desperation. we don't know. we don't know if it's a hoax. >> there are supporters on their facebook page victoria's victories, they deny it. we'll wait to see what happens. my phone is on. >> who's calling you? >> my friend john harris. >> hey, john. john knows you're on the air at this time. >> he's in central time. we were in the car. i had my phone on. >> john, he'll call you later. >> speaking of the car, how many times have you actually threatened your kids with, i will turn this car around. don't make the stop this car. >> my kids are pretty good. nowadays they're playing their games. my parents did it. and you wrote the book on this. >> literally it's called "don't make me stop this car." and my dad would stop the car. he used to threaten, you know
9:08 am
what i'm going to start to do? drop you off one by one. i got a brother i haven't seen in 23 years. i last saw him on exit 22. >> that's a horrible story. >> it is but there was more room in the car. >> we used to fight so bad, they threatened to put tape down the middle. then go like that purposely over the line to see. >> stop touching me. stop touching me. >> i hated that. >> well the survey, boredom bothering others and nonstop talking are the most common causes of road trip meltdown. kids are the first to lose it on long car trips. then followed by the wives and then husbands. so dads are the last to lose it. >> they're usually the ones driving, i suppose. they have to keep a level head. >> and the other causes, somebody touching. back in the day before we all had iphones or ipods, disagreement over the radio station. >> set things off there. i want this station.
9:09 am
i want sirius "today" show channel 108. that's what i want. >> you know the kids want to listen to that. >> they want the take. >> i can listen to hits 1. no i want to listen to "today." i want to listen to what hoda and kathie lee are drinking. that's what the kids want to know. >> we hope not. here is an incredible story. a pet dog survived two winters on her own after she disappeared. the family was on a trip. they were camping in the sierra nevada mountains in 2012. for two years the kids just about lost hope. they would go back weekend after weekend. they put missing fliers all over the place trying to find their dog murphy. the family says apparently a gunshot spooked the dog. but they never gave up hope. two weeks ago and two years later they went back to that same campground, the manager said he'd recently noticed a dog
9:10 am
hanging around. murphy apparently lost her collar while she was missing. now they found her. they were able to find her two years later. they did say at first the kids didn't recognize murphy because her pare her appearance had changed so much. but they finally saw her. she was rolling around with the kids and happy. so they knew this certainly is murphy again. >> so they implanted a microchip now. new collar. >> i've got to do that with my dog. smart to do. check of the weather for us. >> it would have been great if there was a little boy taking care of her all this time would have made it perfect. >> perfect story. >> let's show you what's going on as far as our weather's concerned. we got this slow-moving cold front coming on in here. it's bringing some showers. as we look, hello cleveland.
9:11 am
you've got clouds and also friends in buffalo. cleveland with clouds this morning. then storms develop as the day wears on as that system makes its way to the east. we've got a flood threat from today on into tomorrow all the way into erie, pennsylvania. why? we're looking at a decent amount of rain. we've already seen copious amounts. 1 to 2 inches from central indiana all the way 9:11. good tuesday morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loesh. gusty wind in the forecast today. that's going to keep your sky clear. your temperatures, though, will end up warmer than yesterday. 82 degrees with a lack of low clouds in the south bay. 77 for the peninsula and 66 degrees for today in san francisco. meanwhile, turning windy along the east shore at 72 degrees, later on today. the good news is, air quality is not suffering. we're in the good to moderate range all across the bay area.
9:12 am
and we have a slight chance for showers. this will likely maintain all the way through midweek. >> "today's" weather is brought to you by vagisil. the experts in intimate health. >> and that's your latest weather. >> thank you, al. coming up next, does the color of your car affect how much you pay for insurance? we'll separate myth from fact right after this. with a smartphone from straight talk wireless.rtphone she'll get the same great nationwide coverage at half the cost. let's see if she notices. brrr-rrrrrr. the boys sure did. she saved 950 dollars. that's enough to rent a sick monster truck! thank you, mom!! you're welcome. who's your mommy now? the world needs more straight talk. same phones. same networks. half the cost. get an lg optimus dynamic. unlimited everything, just $45 a month. only at walmart. vahave dry intimate skin.ey turns out, 1 in 5 of us do. let's do something about it.
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9:15 am
whether it's on your cars or your homes, understanding what is covered and what is not in your insurance is complicated. here with the truth behind some of the myths is a finance
9:16 am
contributor for the good morning. >> good morning, natalie. >> we've got a lot of good information to get to. first piece of advice about insurance is to read the fine print. are we looking for? >> it's all about peace of mind but you need to know the details so what you're paying for is what you'll get if you ever need to use your insurance. >> let's start with the first insurance myth. this has to do with auto insurance. you hear this about the red car premium. the color of the car can affect or impact your insurance premium. is there truth to this? >> absolutely not true. we hear this all the time. there are aspects if it's new or old or has safety features, that can impact your premium. really your credit score and marital status, these are more important. >> age, driving experience, all that factors in. >> true. >> let's move to health insurance and that myth. plans with higher coverage are
9:17 am
always a better is choice. that's not true. >> no. people with a lot of medical issues this is a good decision. but for younger people who don't visit the doctor, taking with the lower premium and out of pocket costs can be a financially better decision. >> so the rule of thumb, pay lower premiums when you're young, higher when you're older. that makes sense. >> exactly. for most people, right. >> all right. next one is at home. your homeowners, renters insurance. you assume your stuff is covered when something happens in your home or apartment. is that always the case? >> right. so we assume let's say your 3-year-old laptop gets stolen. think the insurance company will buy you a new laptop. they will give you the cash value for the 3-year-old laptop. if that's important to you, get an additional rider on your insurance for the full cost value. one thing to keep in mind, though, filing claims can drive up your premiums over time and
9:18 am
cause you to lose insurance. so don't rush to file the claim. >> a lot of people assume when it comes to storm damage when it comes to superstorm sandy, you think they're covered. that's not the case. you want to look for flood insurance. >> exactly. hail, hurricane, tornadoes, those things are covered. earthquakes and floods, if you're in an area at risk for that, look for additional insurance to make sure you're covered. >> next pet insurance. now, i thought it was a myth, and that it wasn't really necessary, but it is necessary. >> you don't really need it for just annual care. that should be part of your budget for your pet. but for those people who will do anything for their pet, you're much better off paying a little bit each month to make sure you have pet insurance rather than racking up a huge credit card bill at the end of the day if a big injury or illness happens. >> how much does it typically cost a year? >> you can get plans as little as $10 a month. and over the course of the life
9:19 am
of the family, between $2,000 to $6,000. >> let's talk about long-term insurance as well. people assume medicare or medicaid is going to cover the costs of aging. important to know that's not the case. >> medicare is just there for health insurance. so if you have a stroke or something that lands you in the hospital, medicare will pay for your recovery. for the rehab center after the fact. but just the regular aging where we can't take care of ourselves, that's where you need long-term care insurance. be sure to look for the qualifications in your state. >> very important advice there. lauren again, thanks so much. appreciate it. coming up next, i'm going to get you caught up on all the news you need this morning. and can you guess what's wrong with this pick which you are? it may be the reason you're perhaps not losing weight. we'll talk about w what if he breaks his arm? or what if he wants a fish? or a dog? or an iguana? what if that iguana breaks his arm? what if he wants to study abroad?
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[ male announcer ] you're not just looking for a house. you're looking for a place for your life to happen. zillow. could your children be getting too much of a good thing at the breakfast table? a new report says that children are ingesting potentially unhealthy amounts of vitamin a, zinc, and niacin in their breakfast cereals. it comes from the environmental working group, a health research organization. and it says misleading marketing is to blame. the housing market is heating up. existing home sales in may posted their biggest gain in almost three years. sales of previously owned homes
9:24 am
jumped 4.9% last month. that is the largest monthly increase since august of 2011. and then prices of those homes are up as well. the median price of a home sold in may was little over $213,000. u.s. airlines wracked up a billion dollars in baggage and ticket change fees in the first quarter of this year. bag fees accounted for $791 million in income alone. delta airlines led the way with about $400 million in fees followed by unites. the best way to earn more money might be to quit your job. this is according to an article on says staying at the same company for more than two years can reduce your lifetime earnings by 50% or more. the reason? longtime employees usually get just enough of a yearly raise to keep pace with inflation. this year' average will be about 3%. but when a skilled employee switches jobs, the new salary is likely to be at least 10%
9:25 am
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9:26 am
it's just right for cleaning up everyday little messes without cleaning out your piggy bank. sparkle®. the bright way to clean. a very good morning to you. it is 9:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. federal investigators are releasing new information about the aseana airlines crash at sfo. just moments ago, the ntsb voted unanimously that crew errors caused the crash. they said the pilots relied too much on the automated system, a system they didn't fully understand. three chinese schoolgirls died after the crash. one was run over by a fire truck. 180 other people were hurt in that crash. a man who grew up in the bay area will have to face a judge in southern california tomorrow on three counts of murder. carlos hmercado was arrested
9:27 am
saturday morning in connection with a triple murder. they were actually killed last christmas eve. belvedere's brother's body was found in the trunk of a car several weeks later. santa clara county sheriff's deputies have caught a thief through a stolen computer. deputies have charged him with burglary and possession of stolen property. they say he stole several computers from a saratoga business in april. they caught him trying to use one of the stolen computers to make an online purchase. we'll have a look at weather and traffic right after this break.
9:28 am
welcome back now. i'm meteorologist christina loren. we have some cloud cover out there, but not a lot. and as a result, our temperatures are going to end up much warmer. we have some wind increasing in your forecast for today as well. we're going to see some really strong winds, gusty at times. later on this evening at the immediate coast, temperature in san francisco today, 67 degrees. not too hot, even in the east bay at 86 degrees. we'll hit 82 degrees, meanwhile,
9:29 am
right here in the south bay. today at 11:00, i'll tell you about a chance for rain, very rare, but we do have one. here's mike and your drive. >> folks, we're shifting away from the morning commute towards the midday. the bay bridge, getting a lighter look at the maps as we travel westbound out of 24. it's eastbound that's now starting to slow past highway 14 to warren freeway. that's the typical pattern as we get later in the day. the rest of your bay moving much more smoothly. a slower drive across the san mateo bridge. and look at 101, 280, and 85, not so bad. 87 still slow into downtown. we'll get you back to the "today" show.
9:30 am
. welcome back to "today," tuesday morning, june 24th, 2014. i'm al with natalie. tamron and willie got the day off. question. when's your birthday? >> june. and august? >> august. now, there's a british research study out that says children born in october and november perform up to 15% better on physical fitness tests than their peers. which i -- i mean, you are in terrific shape. >> thank you. i wouldn't put me as a professional athlete. >> not a professional, but you're a good amateur athlete. you're like a gazelle when you run. >> i think there's a lot of people out there who would disprove this theory.
9:31 am
you've got great fall birthdays. brett favre, dennis eckersley, david ortiz, colin kaepernick. some december babies, you get lebron james, tiger woods, gabby douglas. then on the other hand, summer -- >> you've got venus williams. serena williams. venus has 27 grand slam titles. serena 18. then june birthdays. michael phelps, derek jeter, and phil mickelson. again, like any of these studies that come out of britain, they are worthless. >> we basically disproved that theory. worthless. >> those brits. come on. >> how about you give us a check of the weather? and it's always accurate. and at least 100% of the time. >> and it's american. so let's show you what we've
9:32 am
got. eastern colorado into northern texas. into the great lakes some showers. tomorrow we're going move that further into the northern plains. look for wet weather continuing into the pacific northwest. showers central gulf coast into the central plai hey, good tuesday morning. i'm meteorologist christina loren. kind of blown away at how rapidly your temperatures are warming up at this hour. we're at 72 degrees for example in santa rosa and concord. meanwhile, we're in the 70s as well out in livermore. it's going to be a warm day today, as that breeze builds, 77 for the peninsula, 82 in the south bay, 72 for the east shore. sunny and hot, meanwhile, out in the north bay. but the good news is, we have good to moderate air quality for the entire bay area. >> and that's your latest weather. okay. so if you're a healthy eater but you're finding the scale isn't
9:33 am
budging or you're low on energy, maybe we need to tweak your diet a bit. >> it is all about the right diet. here to show us what's wrong with this picture is editor for prevention magazine. let's get right to it. what are the most important things to get right when planning your meal? >> everything at the base is clean eating. what we want you to do is have food that is sound of nature and eat that. when we go beyond that, what we're talking about is nutrient balance. think about where the calories are coming from. >> let's start with breakfast. we've got a picture we're going to show you. >> see what's wrong with it. >> oatmeal and strawberries. >> we had actually a bunch of employees who publish prevention, we had them tweet in what they were eating in the morning. if you look at this, tell me what's wrong. >> i guess she could use more milk in there. i don't know.
9:34 am
>> we've got the green tea. there's nothing wrong here in terms of the food, but you're right on the nutrient balance. green tea gives you this burst of energy. it's got caffeine. oatmeal is the same thing with the fiber. and the fruit does the same thing. but we've got a lot of spiking. and the question is where's that protein? where's that healthy balance? we want your breakfast to last. here we actually added in some peanut butter for some protein and some healthy fat. and we added cinnamon. there is brown sugar on this one. >> but that was a good breakfast. for me, that's a home run. >> what happens an hour later, people are dropping off. and that's the problem there. >> that's natalie. she's on the ground. >> all right. next meal of the day, let's talk lunch. let's take a look at a picture
9:35 am
here. salads. lots of toppings. i can see what's wrong with this already. unfortunately the salad bar is a big trap for fat. there's bacon, the creamy dressing. >> right. and also what are the drinking there? that's a diet soda. you're exactly right. just too much in this plate. but interestingly, too much and not enough of. so when we were talking about breakfast, we talked about the carbs for the quick energy. here you have none of it. you're not even getting sugar in your soda. not that we want you to have. so let's see how we can make it over to give us a better nutrient balance. you've got to pick your fat. so i happen to love avocado. we did avocados here. protein. added beans to give you a bit of fiber. and we said if you're looking for -- some people really want the satisfaction. chocolate will give you that. a little bit. key tip here, if you're having
9:36 am
the fat on your salad, don't have the fat as your dressing. so we actually added salsa here which gets you more vegetables in. then a water with lemon. you could do an iced tea or something on that part. >> let's talk snack choices. that looks pretty healthy. hummus and the carrots and celery. let's see how we make this over. >> al, anything wrong here? >> it's a little too much hummus and you've got the bread. >> exactly. it's kind of difficult to tell there, but that's eating it from the tub. what we know about anything is when you eat it from the tub, it ends up way more. so pre-portion your hummus. instead of having the pita which is also a carbohydrate, add more vegetables. bulk up on the veggies. and the crunchy is great for you in the middle of the afternoon. >> let's get to dinner quickly
9:37 am
here. wow. that's a lot of carbs. >> and this is a vegetarian meal. so a lot of times my vegetarians are saying it's vegetarian, so i can eat it all. let's bring out and show you how to change it other. one of the things we have to be conscious of is too much car sh going on there. we got rid of the carbohydrates. we added tofu. it's actually a carbohydrate and a protein. if you have that sweet tooth, have some fruit for dinner. that's a better way to get your carbohydrate there than from the rice and all of the extra carbs. the other part, way too much sodium. that's what you're getting when you're out. here make it and i assembled this from frozen vegetables and my own tofu. >> i thought i was eating so healthy all along. >> little tips for a little bit better energy. you'll see the results happen. >> good stuff. thanks so much. coming up next, it's not too late to book that fourth of july
9:38 am
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for the things you already buy, everyday. what's your 20? give them the edge they deserve. new edge from osteo bi-flex® with joint shield™ helps strengthen your joints°. new edge... so you're always ready for action. find it in your vitamin aisle. if you haven't made plans for the fourth of july yet, it is not too late to celebrate in some beautiful cities across the country. >> the host of sweet treats on the live well network has five patriotic destinations where you can still get a great deal this morning. good to see you. >> hi, you guys. can you believe the fourth of july is around the corner? >> it's here. boom. let's start in bar harbor, maine. beautiful coastal town. they have great fourth of july celebrations. >> it's close to acadia national park. we're talking about 50 miles of hiking, biking, lakes, mountains. really beautiful views of the
9:42 am
coastline. they're getting started early. 6:00 a.m. with a pancake breakfast. and this year's theme, the parade is the way it should be ho hometown traditions. lobster races and all kinds of things on top of fireworks. $138 a night. >> that's a good one. let's head to california. let's go to san diego. >> san diego is really interesting. it has one of the largest -- actually the largest fireworks display on the west coast. 5 500 thousand people come every year to take in the 17 minutes of the routine. it's really spectacular. this year the proceeds are going to go to the armed services ymca. so that's a good deal. and if you're there because a lot of hotels raise rates at this time, check out a vacation rental. we found one for $125 a night and sleeps four.
9:43 am
>> that's amazing. >> let's go south now. savannah, georgia. what a beautiful city. >> you guys have been to savannah, right? >> i haven't. i've got to go. it's on my list. >> savannah is awesome because this is -- you get a little bit of the patriot feel along with some history. so river street is the place you want to be loj talong the river. and if you want to add history, the park is a civil war site with real war cannons. lots of stuff for the kids too. stay at the marshall house. $144 a night and reported to be haunted. >> ooh. >> all right. let's go northwest a bit to seattle and a lot of fourth of july fun being planned there. >> if you want something that's really unique, patriotic, inspirational, seattle's ethnic heritage council is going to be hosting its 30th annual nationalization ceremony at the seattle center. more than 400 candidates from
9:44 am
over 80 countries are going to be sworn into the united states. bainbridge islands, you take the ferry from seattle do bainbridge island and take part in their festivities too. you should stay at the silver cloud lake union hotel. $217 a night. >> that's a good deal. all right. now in the heartland, seward, nebraska. i understand it's a tiny town, but they do a lot for the big independence day. >> so this is not what you would think as a traditional, say, tourist destination. but they have been actually celebrating independence day every year since 1868. small town, 6,000 people, but 40,000 people come just for this amazing celebration. there's a grand parade, pie eating contest, and so much more. >> and accommodation there is? >> stay at the cobblestone hotel and suites. $165 a night. >> terrific idea. we have more ideas on our
9:45 am
website at thanks so much. coming up next, just got a promotion at work. should you tell everybody on facebook? the dos and don'ts of tech etiquette. right after these messages. so, duke, what do you think of our new bush's baked beans video game?
9:46 am
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but do you really? [ female announcer ] neutrogena® makeup remover erases 99% of your most stubborn makeup with one towelette. can your makeup remover do that? [ female announcer ] neutrogena® makeup remover. do you put a happy face at the end of each text you send? or endlessly post pictures of your kids doing adorable things on facebook? >> all those likes can turn into dislike ifs you go overboard. here to guide us there e the dos and don'ts of tech etiquette is jason tams. good morning. let's start with what a lot of people do. i'll post the cutest picture of
9:49 am
my kid. upload it to facebook. there you go. is cute a problem? >> that's an interesting way of putting it. >> being too cute, maybe. >> this is a weakness of mine. i post pictures of my kid all the time on facebook. for awhile it's because i'm so proud of him or you want your family to know about it. eventually you learn there's no better way of getting likes and comments or retweets or faves than posting pictures of your kids. as soon as it becomes getting approval for yourself, that's not good. we spoke to an expert in child actors. we said it's actually sort of the same thing. the -- like a stage mom will rely on their kid for their own self-validation. you find a similar thing on social media. >> was it working for you? >> i have yet to really cure myself of this addiction. but i'm working on it. >> i know this has happened to natalie. she's watching an r-rated movie on her device -- like this. >> should she keep it strictly
9:50 am
pg because her seat mate might see it? >> we spoke to a flight attendant who keeps a blog of airline etiquette. watching an r-rated movie on a plane is not a big deal. someone would have to actively look over your shoulder to see it. the bigger problem is audio. that's something somebody can't prevent themselves from overhearing. keep the volume down. if there is a butt on the screen for 15 seconds, don't worry about it too much. >> but if it's porn. >> yes. >> then move. >> exactly. >> next, your bragging rights. what's a humble brag and why is it bad? for example, job promotion. is that necessarily a bad thing? >> i don't know if you're familiar with the humble brag, the theory is you're too self-conscious to openly brag. you say i'm so humbled and honored, i'm not worthy of it. and our advice is just don't
9:51 am
bother with the false humility. if you're going to brag, just own it. it's better to be narcissistic an narcissistic and deceitful. >> like taylor swift. that moment when your cat casually walked up then abruptly attacks your oscar de la renta gown. >> or the tradition and history of wimbledon is truly special. federer listed seven times by the way on that plaque. >> and again, a big problem for all of us. what about emoji? all these emoji going on? >> you know you love them. >> you may remember this used to be emoticons. and there was something about the idea of putting winky smiling faces. like you didn't care enough to write what you feel. but actually i think emoji and e
9:52 am
emoticon emoticons, useful. you don't have the visual cues to tell you how to interpret something in text. i could be being sarcastic and it doesn't come across as sarcastic unless you use an emoji. so these are some that are available. 250 more are about to come online in july. so you can be even more precise in your communication. >> more time cracking code to figure out what people are saying. >> right. >> you also say forget google glass for now. why? >> you may recall in the mid-80s when cell phones first came online. wall street traders or whatever would whip them out and being loudly gesticulating. right now that's kind of what google glass is like. it's not that many people have access to it. it's very expensive and hits this marker of class consciousness. and our rule of thumb is don't
9:53 am
use it unless you're at a place where the technology is about to replace are widely in use. if you're at a conference or convention where 75% of people are on their phones or laptops, okay. but if you're in a dive bar, no. >> thanks. we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
9:54 am
9:55 am
in case you were wondering, tamron's not here. she's off with wilderness guy bear grylls. he'll be here to tell us about it. there it is. fantastic. >> that's in new york city. >> we just set it up
9:56 am
well, good morning. it's 9:56. i'm scott mcgrew. a high-profile bill that could change sexual assault laws will be back in front of state lawmakers today. lawmakers postponed a vote on
9:57 am
audrie's bill last week so it could be worked on. it would require a minimum two-year sentence for minors found guilty of sexually assaulting someone who is developmentally disabled or unconscious. the bill is named for audrie pott, a girl sexually assaulted by her own classmates while unconscious. she later took her own life. today, santa clara county supervisors could keep more pot shops from popping up. county leaders are worried pot shops will open up en masse after san jose passed strict new rules within city limits. the ordinances would give supervisors time to develop laws and regulate them. let's check weather with christina. good morning. >> good morning, scott. we have some gusty wind in the forecast for today. otherwise, a really comfortable day shaping up. temperatures work like this. we'll hit 86 for the east bay, 82 in the south bay, and 67 in san francisco today.
9:58 am
but here is the kicker. a rare chance for summer rain, as we head deeper into the week, we'll time this out for you, let you know who stands the best chance of getting any sort of measurable precipitation. but, hey, this is pretty cool. i know mike is excited about it. >> cannot contain it, christina. over here, we cannot contain the amount of traffic southbound 101 at palo alto, a little slowing rema remains, just past university. both directions are slow and there's the entire site of the bay. the south bay looking pretty good over there. and as you get towards the east shore from the bay bridge, the east shore freeway shows a little slowing through berkeley. sco scott, back to you. >> another local news update for you coming up in half an hour.
9:59 am
10:00 am
♪ from nbc news, this is "today." with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. it's boozeday tuesday. look who is back. >> i'm back. >> we have olivia munn and jennifer es pposito. >> she's crazy. >> she's trouble. >> this morning, i had a little different morning. >> you sure did.
10:01 am
>> al and i went out to surprise a fan. let's watch. >> oh, my god. i can't believe this! >> we went to her house on long island. she loves to listen to sirius raid yo on her way to work. the "today" show is going to be on there tomorrow. but we rhode with her to give to it her today. >> you sang cakaraoke. >> was that on the air? that is sad. >> how about paul. >> in the back. >> he was like this. >> hiding. and i had a kathie lee cutout. >> i loved the rollers. i loved the robe. i'm just glad it went okay.
10:02 am
you show up at somebody's doorstep at 7:00 a.m. >> she was kind of surprised. >> thank god she was dressed. >> she had the idea we were coming. the show, but not us. we cant wait for tomorrow. the "today" show will be on the radio. any flub we make will be broadcast over and over and over and over. >> perfect. to the world cup. it's happening. there's a lot going on with this. >> there's a lot. >> tell me what? >> we have to see this video. this is amazing. this mexican soccer coach, his name is miguel herrera. they celebrated the team's 75th goal. take a look at this. >> okay. oh, my gosh. [ speaking in foreign language ]
10:03 am
>> oh, my gosh. he gets tackled to the ground. oh, oh my god. >> right in the man's pec. right in the man's pec. >> oh, my god, he tackled his player on the ground. >> i speak a lit bit of spanish. i don't think they were saying this. but i wish they were saying, and the man from "tommy boy" is now tackled on the ground. they were not saying that. they could have been. >> this game is critical. now mexico won against croatia. they advance. this is a big deal. that's important. >> winning is good. >> when is our game? when are we playing? >> thursday. >> we play thursday. somebody over there is like, thursday, like we don't know. >> i always look crazy when i'm celebrating. like somebody hit me in the back of the head with a baseball bat. i have crazy eyes when i get excited. >> i was telling you the other day. i was watching that with my
10:04 am
baby. oh, my god, we scored. there is a study out there. some of in the teams participating in the world cup are following this. they say abstaining from sex may help your performance on the field. >> and some coaches are asking that their players abstain. >> the guy from bosnia said no sex in brazil. it's not a holiday. we're here to work. chop chop. >> we heard that olympians' village can be the place that is quite -- >> raucous. >> are they saying that because they don't want her to pull a muscle. >> what is going on in your house? looked at this issue. there's a lack of evidence showing whether or not it works. whatever in your brain makes you play better. superstitions. whatever, if they thing that that's the thing, they should
10:05 am
abstain. >> there's times when there's a football game going on, my shubd a redskins fan. they haven't played that well since i have known him, since he's been alive. oh, they just scored, stay in that exact position. i'm like -- >> don't move. guys have a lot of superstitions that way. there was an american student who was at a museum. and you know how sometimes they have crazy stat choose and sculptures. >> you want to take a picture. >> this german student wanted to take a picture. >> you have to say what the picture was. >> he was taking a picture of a giant va jay jay. >> he put his legs in there. >> his friend took the picture and posted it. the firemen had to come, okay. and -- >> and remove him. it took 20 people.
10:06 am
this is a six-foot replica. >> don't say six-foot replica. >> well, replica is better than gigi. >> jay jay. >> whatever the gross thing was that came out of your mouth. replica is much better. it took all these people to pull him out. he hasn't felt that way since the day he was born. no? no? >> he has a picture that will last forever. >> he does. and his parents are humiliated. "the bachelorette" was on last night. people are tuning in. a lie detector test. a group date. jimmy kimmel watched the show and had his own take on it. let's hear what he had to say. >> yes. >> are you good in bed? >> yes. >> have you slept with over 20 women? >> yes.
10:07 am
>> do you wash your handses after you go to the bathroom? >> no. >> by the way, the guy -- the guy who said he was good at sex got eliminated. and the guy who doesn't wash his hands is still in it. so -- >> i have to say. i felt sort of bad that these gentlemen had their dirty laundry ard on television. >> the guy doesn't wash his hands. >> after he poo poos. >> i've been in the ladies room. i'm done. watch someone come out. they walk out and say, hi. and sometimes, you know, you might forget to wash your hands. it's one of those things, when i watch someone slam the door and go out the front. >> no, thank you. >> have you done it forgetting or racing? >> i probably, one time have done it. is this a lie-detector test? and maybe once. now that i have a child, it's
10:08 am
constant. i feed her from my hands sometimes. >> that's one of those deal braerks in a relationship, don't you think? >> i like someone to wash their hands. robin thicke is at it again. he's trying so hard to get paula back. he's singing songs, writing music. >> his new album is called paula, right? >> he named it after her. >> the question is, have you, has any man -- >> is there a song? >> let's watch the video. this is called get her back. ♪ keep alive keep alive ♪ all i want to do is make it right make it right ♪ ♪ all a i want to do is give you that thing tell you so when your girlfriends say get you back tonight ♪ ♪ i've got to get her go get her go get her go get her back ♪ >> they said that the bloody nose was because a it wanted to
10:09 am
be symbolic because he's physically hurt as well as a emotional. >> if you did something, all a the pictures of him playing grab with other girls. if you did smng wrong, i don't think you should make muse you can videos about it. i think you should say, can we have some time -- >> it might be a little late. >> i think the public apologies are weird. >> it's none of our business. >> now it is. it doesn't sound like that is going to -- it doesn't to me. >> have you had any grand gestures like that from a man trying to get you back? i have not. once a man is through with me, they were like, good riddance, my friends. >> i was the stalker. it was in the other way around. a couple of dads out there had fun with "frozen." it's everyone, everyone's been on it. they got the song stuck in their head. they were a little tired. >> thank you. i have it stuck in hi head, too.
10:10 am
>> let's take a look. ♪ frozen changed my life forever ♪ ♪ never knew ♪ i'm embarrassing my children >> i have a mortgage ♪ and i clearly couldn't care ♪ no i really couldn't care ♪ somewhere walt disney is smiling in his grave because while i'm filling up his pockets ♪ ♪ while i'm driving up his profi profi profits driving me insane ♪ >> that is so good. >> that was ryan and todd. any way, they did their own take on it. we want to take a quick minute to wish joan lundengood
10:11 am
luck. she was diagnosed with breast cancer. had a mammogram, a followup ultrasound. she's going to get into aggress i have treatments. for anyone who has been through it. the road ahead is long. a lot of people have been there. someone once told me this when i was diagnosed. he said i know a lot of people are breast cancer. they all have one thing in common. he said, they're still here. i never forgot it. if you catch it early, it's one of the things about breast cancer. >> we're wishing well for her. the actress from brooklyn takes us along for a run ride. >> one of the stars of taxi brooklyn. and olivia munn is here. >> look how cute she looks. [ brian ] in a race, it's about getting to the finish line. in life, it's how you get there that matters most. it's important to know the difference.
10:12 am
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10:14 am
[ male announcer ] for fine thin hair l'oreal presents volume filler. our first haircare system that actually increases hair's diameter. feels like 2 times more hair. new volume filler. from l'oreal advanced haircare. if protein shake means dancing around with a turkey burger. if you think it's time we consider a new national bird. then you're what butterball calls a turketarian and their delicious every day selections are sure to satisfy. butterball. the choice of turketarians. we have all heard about those people who bring work home with them. you have never quite seen
10:15 am
anything like this. >> you haven't. in a new horror film, olivia munn plays the wife of a police officer who is investigating demons scaring the city. >> it gets too close to home when they scare her daughter. >> it is so scary. >> do you like this kind of stuff? >> i like horror movies based on a true story. this is. that scares me. >> i watched it last night with my little baby in the crib. she didn't watch it. >> have her in your lap. >> no, no. look at the demon. how much of this is true? >> mostly. my director, scott, he -- it's a really important thing for him to tell true stories. all the scary parts of the movie are true. there was this real exorcism footage. eric bana said he couldn't sleep
10:16 am
for three weeks after seeing it. >> you're terrible. >> you, yourself, are demonic. >> i wouldn't say that to you on national television. >> do you like to go the scary movies? do you enjoy them? >> yes. i love being scared. >> i like it but not when i'm alone. >> this is so scary. so suspenseful. it leads up to these really big screams. >> me screaming. speaking of screams, we had a guy on in the show a few weeks ago, ryan eggold. he was begging and drooling. it was embarrassing. >> like half the men in america. >> how old is olivia munn? >> how old is my girlfriend, indeed. the answer is, it doesn't matter. i love you. >> oh. >> hoda was like, let's set this up. >> what happened? >> i don't know if you know this, you don't go out with
10:17 am
random people you don't know just because they say things on tv. that's not what you do, hoda. let me tell you. i'll introduce you to nice people you meet in real life, like a human being. you don't go to the "today" show and like, hmm, who is going to talk to me today? >> maybe that's my problem. what about the news room. what is going on with that? >> we're in the middle of shooting the third season. it comes back sometime in the fall. >> do you watch these ladies to prepare for your hard-nosed? >> do i watch hoda to prepare for hard news? >> be careful. i'm here. >> i drink, with hoda. and i prepare. >> are you a rose lady? >> is that right? rnlgt yeah, it's rose season. >> we heard a rumor that you won awards at rock papers scissors. >> i was at a tournament in
10:18 am
toronto. >> you were in it? >> i went to it. anybody can go. you have to pay. i didn't win. >> why did we say you're good at it? >> because you probably want to pro mote something that is not true. >> i had to play this twice. >> i'm the judge. >> one, two, three, four. >> one, two, three, throw. >> one, two, three, throw. one, two, three, throw. >> you won. >> she's amazing. >> you get a rock, paper, scissors basket. >> you gave me trash. >> deliver us from evil hits theaters july 2nd. from food to games, your party will sparkle. don't worry. and jennifer esposito.
10:19 am
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10:20 am
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10:22 am
just $45 a month. only at walmart. jennifer esposito has had an impressive year. performing in more than 50 televisions and testify shows. from "spin city" to the police drama "blue bloods." >> now she's back on the beat playing a medical examiner on "taxi brooklyn." >> you're a doctor. >> i am a doctor. i play monica pena. she's fun. not very different than some of the police people i have played if the past. it was an easy transition for me. >> does it feel like it was a role written for you? >> when it came to me, it fit into the schedule of my life. the book. all of that.
10:23 am
it was fun. here in new york. i like that. >> do you still audition for things? or do they call you up and say, hey, we would love for you to do this? how does it work now? >> no, i still have to jump through the hoops. tap dance. all that stuff. this one, i was offered this role. that's why it was something that was like, it's nice when row feel wanted. >> you wrote a book recently. on celiac's disease. was that a surprise for people to learn about you? >> i think so. the book is very, very telling. a lot of people suffer so quietly and not knowing. i wanted to open up my life and show the examples through me. it's been getting such a great response. >> we like to play game. >> how do you feel about games? >> i like them. >> this is called taxi trivia. >> uh-oh. >> number one. >> ready? >> no. >> which star of the 1970 tv show plays a taxi driver yet
10:24 am
again the the upcoming sharknado? >> judd hirsh. >> yes. >> you should know this. which supermodel was featured in the 2004 movie, taxi? >> i do. >> do you need it? >> g i sele. >> you're right. >> fill in the blank. the tag line used for the game show cash cab. there are over blank number of cabs in new york city. but there's only one that pace you. >> how many cabs in new york city? >> 10,000, 12,000, or 13,000. >> 12,000. >> yes. you win. you win your own personal taxi. >> yes, i can get one. >> thank you. you can get the premier of taxi brooklyn at 10:00 tomorrow. everything you need for a broo[ jennifer garner ]row. why can't powerful sunscreen feel great on your skin?
10:25 am
actually it can. neutrogena® ultra sheer. nothing outperforms it. nothing feels cleaner. its helioplex formula provides unbeatable uva uvb protection to help prevent early skin aging and skin cancer. all with the cleanest feel. you won't believe you're wearing such powerful sun protection. it's the best for your skin. ultra sheer®. and for on-the-go, new ultra-sheer face & body stick. from neutrogena®. new ultra-sheer face & body stick. now they're part of our 2 for $25 guest favorites!r one olive garden dishes. get your all-time favorites like creamy chicken alfredo. plus unlimited salad and breadsticks and dessert. 2 for $25 guest favorites at olive garden.
10:26 am
new colossal pumped up mascara from maybelline new york. the first double curved stem loads an extra shot of volume onto our biggest brush for up to 16x bolder lashes. clumps? no way! new colossal pumped up. ♪ maybe it's maybelline is the only diet drink with the cleansing and purifying power of cranberries. these diet soda farmers are here to see where cranberries grow. hey, where does diet soda grow? ummm... good morning, everyone. 10:26. i'm scott mcgrew. federal investigators releasing new information about the aseana airlines crash at sfo. the ntsb, you see them here, says the pilots relied too much on the automated systems, systems the government says the
10:27 am
aseana pilots did not understand. three chinese schoolgirls died after the crash. one run over by a fire truck. 180 other people were hurt in that crash. we will have full coverage on those hearings in a half an hour. santa clara county sheriff's deputies say they caught a thief through a stolen computer. deputies have charged brian paradiso with burglary and possession of stolen property. they say he stole several computers from a saratoga business in april. they caught him apparently trying to use one of those computers to make an online purchase. we'll have a look at weather and traffic coming up after the break.
10:28 am
10:29 am
welcome back now. i'm meteorologist christina loren. we do have some cloud cover out there, but not a lot. and as a result, our temperatures are going to end up much warmer. we've got some wind increasing in your forecast for today as well. we're going to see some really strong wind, gusty at times. later on this evening at the immediate coast to the higher elevations, temperature in san francisco today, 67 degrees. not too hot, even in the books at 86 degrees. we'll hit 82 degrees meanwhile right here in the south bay. today at 11:00, i'll tell you about a chance for rain, very rare, but we do have one. we'll detail that for you in just a little bit. right here, here is mike and your drive. >> things still tough at the bay bridge toll plaza. a few still slow off the berkeley clove. the approach not so bad, but a good flow of traffic continues for 880 and the east shore freeway. the rest of your bay lacking pretty smooth, but a crash
10:30 am
headed towards cupertino. >> mike, thank you. more local news in a half hour at 11:00. see you then. we're back with more of "today" on this booze-day tuesday. jenna bush hager is here. guess who else is here? >> jill martin. contributing editor of people style watch is back with her must having for your fourth of july bash. >> jill always has the best stuff. i want the whole table. what are we having? >> i'm dressed in red, white, and blue. i can wear it all year round. old navy, $25 and under. this is for mila. >> we should point out, when jenna first arrived, she said, do they have one in my size. >> and by the way, i probably wouldn't look good in one my size. >> you would look good. we have mason and dana.
10:31 am
this is mason's debut on television. >> mason and mila would make a heck of a couple. >> so cute. >> and dana, he's getting a little sister. she's 21 weeks pregnant. >> oh, great. >> that's the debut. you're a fan of these. hayden they're water resistant. great if you're going to somebody's home. i like things you can use all year round, not just for a holiday. >> going to a pool party. put the phone in there. water resistant. >> this is major many my family. custom are ella and hannah too young for cherks? >> i don't think hannah is. >> ella can throw everything around. >> she has one. the pieces zip in here. we have hannah and ella. these are adorable. frank, cody, hi, everybody. i love these. $36, personalized. order them. come in time.
10:32 am
>> tths a cute hostess gift, too. >> how great are these. nails inc. they come personalized. ella and hannah have these. >> you're the best aunt. >> they think i'm so generous. they're like, aunt hoda, the best. >> and preplanned all of a sudden. >> thank you, jill. >> these are jam berry nails. for the kids. heat them up. put them on to distract while you eat or drink, whatever. splurge item. $88. it's state necklaces. represent your state in style. but again, very trendy. wearing it all year lounge. i got you louisiana for new orleans and texas. >> i love this. >> cute, right? then, williams sonoma, keep everyone busy making cookies. i staid up all night baking
10:33 am
these. fun, you could serve them. >> sure you did. >> now this is really what i know how to do. this snoopy snow cone machine is back and better than ever. $ $14.99. toys "r" us. >> i love it. >> everybody can do it. >> grind it up. >> like two hours to grind the ice. >> but it's wonderful. >> but it works. >> danish bakery. a lot of people are into the ma macaroons. $30 for a box of 1. this is major. they're back in red, white, and blue. >> i can't. i can't even. >> and so, everybody is like, go, just take a bite. red, white, and blue. >> they are crazy. >> i feel like i have had so much sugar i'm going the pass out. >> thank you, jill. >> grab in the waffle iron from your cub board. >> we're making sweet and savory
10:34 am
treats. you want to cook with us. sit okay to date a coworker? we asked online what you thought? >> who better to weigh in and that kate white. author and former cosmo editor. ♪ turn around!
10:35 am
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10:38 am
now to a summer page-turner you won't be able to put down about a tv host with a mysterious enemy. >> it's called "eyes on you." just the kind of juicy read you would expect from kate white. this is booblg number nine for you? >> yeah. >> oh, my god. where do the ideas come from? >> i was inspired as a girl by nancy drew. i love doing devious plots, whodunits combined with psychological suspense. it's fun for me. >> this is truly a whodunit.
10:39 am
this is based on an anchor, a little close to hoda. you don't want this story to happen to you. things start happening to her like acid in her makeup. >> small thing at first. they escalate. she begins to realize she has this secret enemy that wants to bring her down or maybe even cost her her life. >> where do the ideas come from for you? >> sometimes, i keep a file of great crime articles. sometimes i'll over hear something, nefb a hotel lobby that gets me thinking. you start with the germ and move it out from there. >> all the years of working with "cosmo" you know how a real work place works and that office romances do happen. that's an interesting sub topic. >> i wanted to get that in there. it makes it a little sexy. also. it's an issue we face. a lot of people get involved with people they work with. it can be a good thing. it can be bad thing, too. >> is that a no no?
10:40 am
in your opinion? >> if you're two peers, there is no policy against it, you're single, a lot of people get married that way. most companies forbid if one of you is a supervisor. >> robin gets involved with a coworker. which kind of makes things worse for her. we did a poll on 75% of the readers have had an office romance. is that high? >> no, it doesn't to me. >> it's not? >> a lot of studies have said -- >> it's obvious i haven't had one. >> there are a lot of studies that show around 40%. i just thought, the "today" show viewers happened to be honest. >> and there is an issue in the work place of women and competition. a side note. that's something i'm sure you studied a lot at "cosmo" and in your life. >> i worked with so many
10:41 am
wonderful women. you love it. sometimes there can be someone who has it out for you. if you get involved in an office romance, one of the dangers of it spilling over to the work place, too, is that people get annoyed with that, particularly if you're the woman. we're more likely to get annoyed with a woman. even if it's totally not against the rules, you're two pierce, you to be careful. >> what is going to happen when it's over? i mean, he's sitting right there. you know. >> well -- >> as you said, equals makes it better. what is the problem if you get involved with a boss? >> that can be a sticky situation. kit be grounds for termination. it can damage your career. you don't want to go there. you don't. you want to be known for your brand and what you bring to the table. not for the fact that you got involved with jason. >> what is the next project for you? you have such an interesting career path. what is next? >> i'm working on another suspense novel. i give speech. i would say to anyone who has
10:42 am
toyed with the idea of would i like to change careers, do the math, see if cow can pull it off. and go for it. it's detloishts be on your own. >> i love advice one woman gave. if you're in a job you don't love and one you do love, spend 10% of your time and money toward the other job and slowly amp it up. that way, you don't feel trapped where you are. >> you can try other things. >> you can romanticize sminthin too. i started writing mysteries while i was still at "cosmo." >> well, you're good at it. >> thank you. an incredible mom turning her tragic loss into a way to save the lives of others. >> but first,
10:43 am
[ male announcer ] applebee's believes better choices for lunch, like their crisp and fresh strawberry & avocado salad, make for a more invigorating afternoon. ♪ hey, look at them go. summer lunch combos -- under 600 calories and starting at just $6.99. at applebee's.
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10:46 am
skin care. the gentle power achieves amazing results. we worked with cetaphil to find amazing women for the gentle but powerful contest. we were looking for someone who lives and gives back with empathy and kindness. >> we have thosen mary beth. she suffered in the loss of her 0-year-old son do you to sudden cardiac arrests. >> she's started a foundation. today, we celebrate mary beth and her story. >> that thursday started like any other for my family. max helped me with a chore and said, gotta run, mom, i love you. those were the last words max spoke to me. he collapsed at work and doctors could not revive him. max died of sudden cardiac arrest. we soon learned that an ekg test
10:47 am
cloud find hidden problems in kids like max. if found in time, they could get treatment. they didn't have to die. i vowed then to help find these kids. through the max shevitz foundation, we have provided 45,000 ekg side to chicago area high school and college students. over 800 needed more evaluation. of those, many had life-threatening situations. they will now have the opportunity to live full lives. i cherish that we were able to give them this gift. >> and marry beth shevitz is joining us. how are you? >> i'm well. >> tell us more about your son max. >> max was a handful. he was a child that smiled from birth and filled our lives with joy and adventure. he loved reptiles. we had many in our basement. >> mm-hmm. i bet you did. one of those things when you
10:48 am
hear a story like this, you say, how could that happen? he was young. the heart was strong. what was it? chlt he was seemingly healthy. took many richks with his life. we would bt have guessed that the greatest risk was in his own body, his own heart. >> after he passed away, you have two other kids. you're married. you have started this foundation together. how has that helped you heal? >> you know, we now have a much bigger family. truthfully. in way we never anticipated. people, you think when you have lost a son, you have lost his whole future. his future wife, future children. things you might have looked forward to are gone. but, unexpectedly, things come into your life in a way that grows your family. that i have all of these children who we have saved, who are darling kids and fun to follow and see what they're doing in their careers and what their goals and hopes are. >> it must be astonishing to
10:49 am
have a machine in a skol and realize that a child, you found out there was a problem before it became a problem. that's an incredible thing you're giving to people. >> it is. it is a remarkable gift. i'm honored many my son's member troy be able to do that for these kids. >> you call them the max substitutes. you said they're living the lives that your son didn't. talk to us about some of them. these kids. >> i would say one of the first kids we found was conrad. an excellent spokesman for the foundation. he's grown from a 15-year-old boy with long qt that will tell you our testing saved not only him but his sister's life. she was in grade school when he found him in high school. >> oh, my gosh. >> wow. >> they were immediately put on medication and now expect to live full and complete lyes. their children will be at risk. they thouknow this now. >> thank you for all the work you're doing for all in the kids
10:50 am
in max's memory. >> it's my honor. >> we're back with more. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
10:51 am
10:52 am
10:53 am
back now in "today's kitchen." time to cook with us. grab the ingredients and the waffle iron gathering dust in the cabinet. >> melissa clark has this sweet recipe you voted for plus a savory waffle that sounds amazing. >> stop it. everyone is excited that you're here. >> everybody likes a waffle. >> can i put you to work? we all make waffles together. i have the dry ingredients here. >> that's a smart one. >> what are you doing? >> baking powder, baking soda.
10:54 am
>> sour cream, milk, egg yolks. >> you could use greek youg yogurt. >> you have to yuds butter inside the waffles to make them tasty and in the waffle iron. >> do we combine these two? >> i have not stirred mine. >> you're a disaster. >> i'm trying to get the eggs. >> beautiful. >> now what are we doing? >> that goes in there. hoda goes to jenna. >> you stir. you get in there. >> you're doing great. do you make a lot of waffles? >> you're funny. >> we make a lot of waffles. >> leggo my eggo. that's what i say. >> put the leftovers in the freezer, you can have them for your kids. their homemade. >> is this whole wheat flour? >> i have whole wheat, whole
10:55 am
grain. healthy. >> now what do i do? >> i've beaten the egg whites until they're stiff. >> fold them in a little bit at a time. >> home ec. >> did you take home ec? >> funny. >> this is a nonstick waffle iron. but you still need the butter it. >> on the top, too? >> yes. the more butter, the more -- >> tasty. >> but also crisp. we're looking for a crisp waffle in a homemade waffle. >> let's do it. i can't wait. >> put a little bit in here. >> is viewers voted far bana banana -- >> i didn't say what i'm making. close it up. a whole fwran waffle with bananas foster on top. not my bananas. >> this tells you, 5:11.
10:56 am
>> we don't have that time. >> but we have some going here. i have cooked them in more butter. because again, what makes these healthful is the whole grain. butter on both sides. >> yummy. >> can i take the waffle out? >> no, not yet. we lost one. not yet. not yet. >> follow directions. >> is'll give you a cue. >> maple syrup. >> you're putting that in there? >> nuts, and bourbon. >> we have about 30 seconds. we getter get these. oh, my -- look how beautiful. look how beautiful. >> you made the best waffles. >> put it right on top >> a savory waffle. >> pour that on top. this turns into that. >> a nice bunch option. >> you can do the same thing
10:57 am
with pancakes. >> savory waffles. >> you can make cheddar bacon waffles. >> cheder bacon. i smelled the bacon earlier. it smelled delicious. >> you want to try this one? >> sure. >> by in the way, that wud terrific. the recipes on the website. tomorrow, hot in cleveland stars
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
and good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. >> and i'm kris sanchez. investigators are revealing new information about what led to the crash of aseana airlines flight. they missed several warning signs about the plane flying too low and too slow approaching the runway. stephanie chuang is at the airway and it sounds like the ntsb thinks this was not just one mistake, but a series of errors that led to this deadly crash. >> reporter: a cascade of errors by the three pilots. we're standing here where a year ago, almost a year ago, the theckage was in plain sight.


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