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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  September 1, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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a felony. >> the biggest difference in whether the case will be charged as a felony or misdemeanor is the severity of the injury to the victim. >> i'm very disappointed, especially after two or three days ago the announcement from the nfl. >> reporter: the executive director of next door solutions for domestic violence has worked with victims for 30 years. she says she was shocked it took only three days for a player to be arrested on charges of domestic violence after the nfl rolled out stiffer punishments for the crime. that change comes after outrage over the very light punishment given to ravens player ray rice. rice was caught on tape beating his then-fiance but only received a two-game suspension. >> they came out with a strong message a little bit late, but they did come out with a strong message and now they need to follow it up. >> reporter: she and other advocates will be watching the case closely to see not only how the courts react, but also how
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the league responds. if mcdonald is ultimately found guilty. >> it's your opportunity to say this is not acceptable. >> reporter: and she says she also fears how these arrests may appear to youth. of course, that worship a lot of these football players. at 6:00 we'll tell you how she also believes mcdonald should be off the team, at least suspended for now, even though he has not been convicted of any crime. live in santa clara, derek shore, nbc bay area news. >> all right, derek, thank you. for the record, the 49ers did not speak publicly about this today. they expect to speak more about it tomorrow. this was a dubious distinction for this organization. this marks the tenth arrest involving a 49ers player since 2012. that's more than any other nfl team in that time period. more than half of the arrests involved either mcdonald or aldon smith. just last friday, smith received a nine-game suspension for his multiple off field problems.
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chris culver in march pleaded not guilty. and in january, senator daniel gil gore was arrested for public intoxication, however, his case was dismissed. rescue attempt at ocean beach. several reports of a struggle near the rocks. first responders eventually learned that a surfer helped the person to shore. the conditions were more dangerous today. even a life guard had trouble getting back to shore. said there's several things you should remember before going into the water. >> definitely wear fins. know where you are, know what the water conditions are doing, know that we have cold water and people lose their lives here every year. >> he means rip tides and if you're caught in one, swim parallel to the shore until the current allows you back to the beach. life guards say first thing is, don't panic, it will make things
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worse. this is, what are they called, unofficial end of summer. barbecues, road trips, and heat. one of our live cameras now positioned over san jose in the 90s. nbc bay area meteorologist rob mayeda is with us. my car thermometer today said 101. >> i believe it. you know, most places in the tri-valley getting close to 100 degrees. still in the upper 80s around the north bay. san jose mid 80s. here is the culprit. san francisco, it's really cloud free. this is like looking at the ocean air conditioning without the coolant. weak sea breeze, so our temperatures soaring around parts of downtown san francisco earlier in the upper 70s. still down the peninsula, seeing the numbers in the 80s. still 91 degrees there in redwood city. areas south of san jose well into the 90s, campbell, santa teresa, livermore, tri-valley, numbers at 97 at walnut creek and livermore, still in the 90s
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in the north bay. come up, we're going to start to see changes. the marine layer is going to thicken up and tomorrow morning, the return of the coastal mist and low clouds hints at a big drop in temperature. how quickly will we lose the heat? a full look in your forecast coming up in a few minutes. back to you. >> thanks, rob. the holiday weekend is winding down, lots of people heading home. 35 million people across the u.s. traveled more than 50 miles or more for the labor day weekend, the highest number since 2008. this is what it looks like on 80 in emeryville, not too bad. usually looks like that. oakland, traffic more heavy headed south. the chp, by the way, is out in full force. be careful. they say they have every officer out on patrol. the agency's maximum enforcement effort, as they call it, runs until midnight. let's show you san jose. 101 and 280 interchange, not too bad. looking pretty good. traffic should be slowing again
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soon on a major roadway that's been closed for repairs since thursday. this is the closure on northbound 280 from the 101 interchange to the king street exit. crews are replacing two bridge hinges as part of a seismic upgrade. the plan is to reopen it in time for tuesday morning's commute, but experts say they are running ahead of schedule and it may open before midnight. more than eight days after the south napa earthquake, and many people are still struggling to get by. today, a lifeline, a red cross service center has opened in napa. the center will provide victims with longer term help. nbc bay area's mark matthews is in napa this evening. mark, how long is long term here? >> reporter: depends on who you talk to, raj, but i can tell you the service center, which opened today, is set up to deliver the most help to people who need it the most, the poor. maria martinez held her
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1-year-old as she and her mom and 8-year-old daughter told their story to red cross volunteers. before the quake they lived in a studio apartment inside this house on first street. >> she had a -- with her room and i was living in the living room. >> reporter: since the quake, all four have been living in a red cross shelter and they came here today hoping to find something a little more permanent. >> doesn't matter how big. >> reporter: martinez is desperate, however, most of the people we met here are not. many like david james and steven robin came here looking for help that the red cross can't provide. james' house fell off its foundations and is a total loss and needs to be demolished. their house is at the other end of the spectrum, hardwood floor warped and carpet ruined. both are looking for low-cost government loans that so far have not even been offered to
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napa residents. >> we've been waiting for fema to see if we can get a loan, low-cost loan, something, anything, to help us put the house back together. >> so at this point we're waiting for washington to say this is a disaster, so we can start working with fema. and until we have that, we're all stuck. >> reporter: david james and the family left the center today with the advice that they should try the county service delivery center, which has not yet opened. maria martinez and her family left in tears after being told to come back in a couple of hours because so many people have been waiting in line to see a caseworker. a read cross worker ran out to the parking lot to reassure them and to make certain they would return. so here's the deal with fema. fema inspectors are out now looking at properties and some time in the near future they'll make a determination. whether or not this quake rises to the level of a federal disaster. we'll have more on that coming up at 6:00.
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for now, reporting from napa, mark matthews, nbc bay area news. >> okay, thank you, mark. as the cleanup continues there in napa, mystery is unfolding in gilroy. the city had at least eight small tremblers this morning. the largest a magnitude 3.5. you certainly think it's large enough for some people to notice it. however, damian trujillo found out today's quake barely registered for most folks. damian? >> reporter: seismologists are studying the pattern of the eight earthquakes in gilroy today, for some reason may not be felt. alberto thought he'd try his luck in the lottery after being the only one in his family who felt today's magnitude 3.5 quake in gilroy. >> i feel a little shake, but i asked my members of my family, and they say, no, i don't feel
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nothing. >> reporter: did you feel the earthquake? >> no, sorry. >> reporter: we asked the clerk to rewind her surveillance footage to 9:10 p.m., the time of the first of eight quakes, we watched for several minutes and there was no visible evidence. in fact, the usgs only received 180 calls or clicks on its website today, compared to tens of thousands after the magnitude 6.0 napa quake. we also wondered why smaller quakes like a magnitude 2.5 a few months back sparked a bigger response than this larger 3.5 today. >> i didn't feel anything. >> reporter: the answer is that all not quakes are created equal. its shake meter shows today's 3.5 had weak to light shaking, possibly due to the depth. the usgs also says more people may have been doing some sort of activity this morning that distracted them. >> the rolling had started. >> reporter: those who did feel the shaker in gilroy say for a split second it was worries of
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napa all over again. i did look at surveillance footage from another store here in gilroy, that also showed nothing. raj and jessica, those are my favorite kind of earthquakes, the kind you can't feel. damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> you got it, damian, thank you. a deadly holiday weekend in contra costa county, a hit-and-run driver still on the loose and the 50-year-old victim has been identified. the coroner's office says michelle braz was killed last night. police say a truck hit her when it allegedly veered off the roadway, hit a light pole, then struck her. that driver was last seen in a silver 2005 or newer chevrolet truck. new legislation proposed to keep british citizens from going to fight alongside terror groups in the middle east and then returning to britain.
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cameron says border patrol police are limited to stopping suspicious people. >> we will introduce targeted legislation to fill this gap by providing police with a temporary power to seize at the border to investigate the individual's concern. >> cameron's proposed legislation is expected to win the approval of parliament. u.s. military officials say three more air strikes were carried out against isis targets in northern iraq. fighter jets and aircraft carried out air strikes near the mosul dam area today and yesterday. the strikes destroyed three isis trucks and vehicle and a mortar position near that dam. well, coming up, what a difference a day makes. today on this labor day, they are boating, but maybe not tomorrow. how the drought could dramatically change things at a popular lake. also -- >> i'm kimberly tere live in san francisco just steps away from union square, where this parking garage is drawing the attention of police and also the city's
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in vallejo today, s.w.a.t. team members with guns drawn stormed city hall for what was a very realistic looking like drill. emergency responders called out. the fictional scenario called for teams to assess and respond to an armed hostage situation in the city manager's office. labor day, they say, is perfect for drills because the building is empty for the holiday and no work gets disrupted. >> we just never know when anything's going to happen at city hall. we've also practiced at the courthouses, at schools, and the idea is to get out to all the venues in the city. >> organizers say it's important to learn the layout of those
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buildings. everyone is hoping the knowledge will never be put to use in a real emergency. new at 5:00, a different kind of parking problem on one of san francisco's most popular destinations. getting a parking spot is not the issue. it's what happens after. car burglaries are booming as the busy sutter-stockton parking garage. kimberly tere is live with the details. kimberry? >> reporter: it's a busy place on any given day. 1,800 cars go in and out and it appears those vehicles have become a prime target for thieves. it's become such a problem, san francisco police is now increasing patrols and the municipal transit agency is considering security upgrades. san francisco's famed union square is a favorite destination for shoppers from around the world, but it's also become a popular spot for thieves. >> i assume this place is relatively secure, but i don't
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really have that confidence anymore. >> reporter: the sutter-stockton garage has seen an uptick in auto burglaries. now they are working with police to deal with the problem. >> generally for many years it's been just fine, but couple months ago, my car was stolen on the tenth floor. >> now i don't want to park here. >> reporter: for the most part, the burglaries have been the smash and grab types. they say the city-owned garage has considered a top priority for officers patrolling the area. meantime, they are warning shoppers to be more aware. >> don't leave valuables, don't leave anything in sight, and, you know, you're a gluten for punishment if you are. you know, wise person that reads the signs and pays attention and locks everything up or doesn't show anything. >> there's signs everywhere. we even take our coffee cups out and close those up so, you know, doesn't look like there's anything in there. >> reporter: you've been lucky
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so far? >> so far, so far, yeah. >> reporter: they say they are working on upgrading the surveillance system, replacing older cameras, and working into installing additional cameras inside of the garage. live in san francisco, kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. >> thanks, kimberly. new tonight for san francisco commuters, fare hikes took effect today, but only some riders will be impacted. fares for results climbing by a quarter to $2.25. monthly adult fast passes are increasing by $4. these are the first fare hikes in four years. for thousands of us, labor day means one last chance to get out on a lake, but the drought can make that a challenge. boaters near sacramento didn't think they'd be able to use folsom lake this late in the season. the level is almost to the point where there's a mandatory speed limit of five miles per hour on
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all boats. that's the equivalent of saying fishermen only. >> we are here to try and squeeze in one last day of summer fun. >> anything after the fourth of july, that's great. i think they made a concerted effort to keep it up this year. >> reporter: they had some fun today. rangers at the lake say today is probably the last day power boats can use the lake, as you can see. tomorrow they expect to impose that five mile per hour speed limit. >> you can still go, just bask in the sun slowly. >> got to get on the boat and have some fun. >> all right, let's turn things over to rob mayeda. >> temperatures in the upper 90s to our east and close to 100 in parts of the tri-valley earlier, but starting to see a hint of a sea breeze moving into the bay area. 72 currently, in san francisco, 84 degrees in san jose, but south of downtown we have our temperatures still soaring well into the 90s. high pressure acting like a lid over the bay area, visibility dropping off. air pollution starting to gather around parts of the santa clara
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valley. on the coast, 60s, 72 in san francisco. most locations about five to ten degrees warmer than 24 hours ago, but this time tomorrow night we hope we'll see the pattern reverse as low clouds come back and the sea breeze will be stronger. right now, winds picking up onshore, but it's the difference of having the air conditioning on or just a fan turned on in the room. without any clouds or cool marine layer, 800 feet thick, not a lot of cooling. tomorrow, though, low clouds come back and increase closer to 2,000 feet. that is when we'll start to see cooling around the bay area. for now, clouds at times, but not a lot for the moment. that should begin to change as we see the low clouds start to fill in tonight, into tomorrow morning. could even see drizzle tomorrow morning with a few patches of clou clouds for the morning, but the bigger deal here will be the sea breeze tomorrow.
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speaking of the stronger sea breeze, what we'll get is the winds increasing during the day tomorrow. that will take the cooling we're seeing at this hour along the immediate coast and begin to push that further inland. now for our valleys tomorrow, that should lead to ten to 15 degrees of cooling, so we should be away from 100 degrees for highs tomorrow and some of the warmest places around the tri-valley looking at highs in the mid 80s to near 90s. example of what the microclimate smlt should look like, livermore, hottest spot today, close to 100 degrees. temperatures drop down to 87 tomorrow and getting perhaps slightly below average temperatures for wednesday and thursday as the sea breeze becomes an all-day event and temperatures cooler off considerably towards the middle part of the week. tomorrow, still a little on the hot side towards morganhill, you'll see the numbers in the upper 80s there. see pleasanton now 88 degrees, down from 98 degrees today.
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so that temperature trend will continue to cool things off to the north bay, as well. close to 80 on thursday. as we head towards next weekend, doesn't look as hot as the weekend we just experienced. we'll see highs mostly in the mid 80s and temperatures closer to 70 around san francisco as we head towards next weekend. back to you. >> all right, thank you very much, rob. still ahead, a diet dilemma. should you go low fat or low carb? the best way to lose weight, according to the national institutes of health. also, months after it went up in flames, something's finally happening at the site of a popular south bay restaurant.
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it's been eight months since san jose's flames restaurant was destroyed by a kitchen fire.
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the scorched remains are finally gone. a demolition crew knocking down what was left of the popular restaurant today. the site is cleared and only the foundation remains. the restaurant's owners have said they want to rebuild, but as the months went by, the site became a magnet for trash and graffiti. finally back in july the city declared it a blighted property. another local community's banning plastic bags. starting today, no plastic bags in sonoma county. the law was passed earlier this year, but local leaders gave people time to adjust to the rule. plastic bags don't break down quickly in terms of environmentally and contribute to litter problems. california could be the first state in the country to ban them at grocery stores. governor brown has until the end of the month to decide whether to sign the bill passed by lawmakers last week. it's been called the biggest advance against heart failure in more than a decade. doctors say a drug is reducing the risk of heart failure more than any other medication used right now. the information is out of a study in which 8,500 people are
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taking that drug. heart failure is the top reason that older americans go to the hospital and it's a leading cause of death. doctors say the drug could quickly change the care for millions of people. the new drug, which has yet to be named, could be available as early as next year. okay, should you go low fat or low carb to lose weight? a study shows it may be smarter to cut back on those carbs. researchers at the national institutes of health signed 148 obese men and women to low carbs and low fat diets. the other diet restricted fat, but included grain cereals and starches. after a year, researchers evaluated the results, the low-carb dieters lost the most weight and fat mass and lowered their heart attack risk markers. a look at the spaceship from the drone. >> we have a close-up view of apple's new campus. an eight-minute video taken by a
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go pro camera attached to a drone captured these shots. the view has gotten more than a million views on youtube and over 500 comments. nicknamed the spaceship, the campus is scheduled to be completed in 2016 and then home to more than 12,000 employees. it's located near 280 about a mile east of the company's current headquarters. big surprise for a family visiting a local amusement park. we'll show you what happened. stay with us.
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we'll be back in half an hour. coming up at 6:00, holiday stars hacked. how the fbi is responding to an icloud security breach and what it means for you on keeping your information safe. well, they got the golden ticket. today, great america reached a big milestone and the park gave one lucky family rock star status. the santa clara amusement park welcomed its 75 millionth -- is that how i say it? 75 millionth people inside the park. how about that? michael frost and his family were presented with a vip package and a 25-year gold pass to the park. 25 years. great america opened, if you remember, back in 1976 and it sees nearly 2 million visitors per year. >> complete shock, i mean, we've never won anything like this before, and 25 years, that's a lot of visits to this park. that will be great.
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>> absolutely. michael will be going to the park forever. >> everyone they ever know can go with them. want to go to the park this weekend? see you at 6:00. on the broadcast tonight, targeting isis. growing pressure on president obama to take action as britain's prime minister announces new measures meant to stop isis from recruiting westerners. freefall, what we're learning about that shocking scene caught on tape, libyan rebels doing swan dives off the u.s. embassy compound in tripol as another global hot spot spirals into chaos. hollywood hacked, embarrassing photos of jennifer lawrence and other celebrities posted online. tonight, the dangers for everyone that this major breach has exposed. when you delete something, that doesn't mean it's gone. and drawing power, the new superhero helping kids with autism embrace their own inner strength. "nbc nightly news" begins now.


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