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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 3, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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the bay area woman who stowed away in a flight out of san jose is spotted at another airport. we'll have details next. good wednesday morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. clouds, they're thick out there right now but going to give way to a beautiful day. your full forecast just moments away. mike, how do you like that? >> love it. look at dramatic lighting and flashing lights across the golden gate bridge. how dramatic or flashy that commute is from the north bay. >> this will not be that flashy. this is pretty flashy. that's the bay bridge on your wednesday morning, september 3rd. this is "today in the bay." >> announcer: from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> wonderful wednesday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. update to breaking news. broken gas meter caused quite the scare in the south bay neighborhood when it caught fire. it happened near the corner of
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the alameda and west heading street not far from 880. bob redell live with details for us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this broken gas line that caught fire about an hour ago is on the other side of two-story colonial home. the fire department believes it's an office building. around 4:00, someone walking or driving by, they were fortunate enough to see what was happening. flames bursting from the line on the other side of the house. they called 911, first alarm response from the san jose fire department. the big concern being the apartment complex next door. of course the structure where the gas line was located. they realized they would be able to turn it off, they dumped water on it, got in and able to turn off the gas involve without incident. that fire is out. they don't believe there's any significant damage, if any damage at all, to the two-story building. as far as the apartment complex next door new york one had to be
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evacuated because the fire department was able to get the fire out in time. again, very serious in the sense they had a gas leak. the fire department did their job, able to get it out. no word on why the line burst. but as you can see, the fire department's leaving. looks like they were getting ready to reopen the intersection here. live in san jose, bob redell. new developments in the beheading of a second american journalist. president obama spoke from europe overnight condemning violent killing of steven sotloff and promising america will not forget what happened. >> "today in the bay's" kris sanchez joining us for what's next of the president. a scary repeat of a week or two ago. first, he did start out with comforting words for the family but that's not going to make much of a difference. the horrific video of steven sotloff's murder has been authenticated. the only image we will show you
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of his last moments, certainly criticism of u.s. foreign policy. president obama said he wouz a courageous journalist whose life ways stark contrast to the mission of the isis group that killed him. >> they make the absurd claim they kill in the name of religion but it was steven, his friends say, who deeply loved the islamic world. his killers tried to claim they defend the oppressed, but it was steven who traveled across the middle east risking his life to tell the story of muslim men and women demanding justice and dignity. >> the president is speaking from estonia, he said that the murders of sotloff and james foley before him only strengthen the u.s. resolve to fight isis. the president addressed critics who called for a quicker military response to isis, saying the first phase of degrading and destroying isis is to make sure there is an iraqi government in place while using
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air strikes to blunt isis momentum in iraq. in the video, steven sotloff's killer appears to be the same man who took foley's life. the killer threatened that a british journalist would be next. coming up, more on what the president has to say about what's next for isis and our u.s. policy, the a domino effect, what happens in isis in iraq ripples out to syria and of course russia. the whole region. >> it continues, exactly. very violent as well. thank you. 5:04. new this morning, ukraine's president says he's reached an agreement with putin for a cease-fire but russia is not saying the truce has been reached. this marks some progress but there's no indication that fighting in eastern ukraine would stop. pro russia rebels ignored a ten-day cease-fire in june. ukraine and western nations have accused russia of supporting rebel groups fighting government sources since mid-april.
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moscow denies any involvement in that fighting. we, of course, will continue to follow stories all morning long. kris sanchez monitoring the latest details from overseas including the president's visit to estonia. she'll join us with another update later in the hour. tune into the "today" show at 7:00 for more in-depth coverage. 2.6 magnitude quake struck south of napa 3:20 this morning less than two weeks after a major 6.0 devastated the area. stephanie chuang join united states us live in berkeley where some of the top experts will be gathering to push for an early warning system. we already have something like this in place, right? >> reporter: we do. the advance system we vp the best in the best gathering for the three-day conference that starts here today. in fact, this uc berkeley is one of the several partners tapped
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to help create an advanced california wide early earthquake warning system which could give people up to 60 seconds before potentially damaging shaking is felt. the demo was detected in long beach, with a goal of giving people time to take action, if doctors are the inned middle of a high-risk procedure or people in bridge traffic. governor brown asked president obama for disaster relief after the quake. early estimates put the cost at $500 million to even a billion dollars. and that's in napa alone. the city is estimating $300 million in damage to privately owned homes and commercial properties. streets still blocked off. more than 1,000 buildings red or yellow tagged. cal system gave a ten-second warning a week and a half ago. the thought is to make it even better. the california office of emergency services has until
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january 1, 2016, to identify funding for the system. the early estimates put it at least $80 million. live on the campus of uc berkeley, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> we know how important getting the system updated is. thank you. a high school teach who are posted threatening tweets about her students the subject of debate at a school board meeting last night. newark memorial high school teacher has been under fire since tweets were discovered saying she wanted to stab some kids and some students, quote, may make my trigger finger itchy. according to the fremont argus one of the students asked to keep her off the job. some parents calling her to be fired. she received a written reprimand but kept her job. san francisco stowaway before she was arrested at a new airport, this surveillance video
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shows hartman walking through the terminal at phoenix airport shot last week. she's in the light blue jacket. you see her right there, pulling along a suitcase. hartman did not have a ticket. police caught up with her in baggage claim and escorted her out of the airport. hartman was arrested last month after sneaking past security at san jose international and on to a plane to l.a.x. she's also been arrested several times at sfo. you wonder when the jig will be up with her. warning for people on the coast. monthly emergency siren test will last longer than normal. they want people to know the siren will last three minutes instead of 30 seconds. the siren's supposed to alert people on the coast to dangerous incidents such as a tsunami. the test will take place at 10:00. if that didn't wake you up, i don't know what will. 5:08.
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meteorologist christina loren, maybe the cool brisk feeling in the air too. >> yeah, blowing the foghorn. take it down. 63 in oakland. 59 to kick off the day in san jose. low clouds span inland this morning. we're getting wind as well. so it does feel like fall. several days away, though. official start of the new season is september 22nd. that's when we will see the autumnal equinox. you can see low clouds starting to set until over tiburon. san jose low clouds. but we see those thicken up. enough to keep us in the low 80s. good looking day coming your way. 76 east shore. 70 in san francisco. and about 86 for today in the north bay. now onshore flow strengthens for tomorrow into friday. and that means we're going to get a bit of drizzle tonight into tomorrow morning. so it's going to feel more like fall. and changes to tell you about as we head into next week.
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stick around, microclimate in a few moments. first, check your drive, here's mike inouye. >> good morning. dramatic lighting, the larger truck and flashing lights went away. those have cleared. crew is moving the cones. all set for the commute. bay bridge, we hear about a crash around the right lane on the approach toward the toll plaza. looking at that section and see no problems but lie look from emeryville camera, give you another view on the next report. no slowing shows up up south bay, construction, 280, 880, 880 at stevens creek boulevard. i want to touch on where bob was reporting, structure fire, a busted gas line, gas meter, this is not affecting traffic flow on to or off of 880, a smoother drive reported but we'll track the area. the peninsula 101 through palo alto, easy drive northbound. southbound we had flashing lights, the construction crew cleared the area heading down to
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the embarcadero. stanford releases a study on breast cancer. what university researchers are saying about which treatments work best. apple makes new statements about the iphone hack. we'll take a look.
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>> announcer: you're watching "today in the bay." >> welcome back. very good wednesday morning to you. a new study finds a double mastectomy may not do anything to increase a woman's chance of surviving breast cancer. researchers at stanford university compares the survival rates of women who had a double mastectomy to those who had a lump ectoectomy and underwent radiation therapy. they found it doesn't matter. a study looking at 190,000 california women with breast cancer between 1998 and 2011. researchers found the average breast cancer patient who had a
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double mastectomy had no better chance of survival than the average patient who had that lumpectomy plus radiation. the study found a lower survival rate for women who had one breast surgically removed. a mastectomy is a major procedure that requires significant recovery time and could mean breast reconstruction. a lefrp ump lumpectomy shorter . angelina jolie announced she removed both breasts after a gene was found. she urged women to get checked and her voice was heard. a new study finds in the six months following her announcement, genetic testing doubled. back to stan faford study, it w based on women diagnosed with breast cancer, california
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physicians are legally required to report all cancer cases to state cancer registry. apple says it is outraged over the theft of hundreds of celebrity photos from icloud service and continues to deny security is lax. this has people questioning the cloud. what's going on here. >> the cloud, understand, this is bigger than apple's cloud skur security. do people understand what the cloud is? several cases celebrities whose photos were stolen were bewildered the photos exists. in one case an actress says she deleted them a long time ago which makes us think people affected did not realize how their e phones worked or the way they got backed up pictures and other notes, meaning failure's not just about security in these servers or passwords, it's about making software easier to understand. now as we've said they would, apple made another statement,
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saying, quote, when we learned of the theft we were outraged and immediately mobilized apple's engineers to discover the course. our customers' privacy and security are of the utmost importance to us. we expect tim cook will make his own comment on the situation. but before next week's apple product announcement. apple expected to announce another iphone, smartwatch, track your movement and health, something you don't want hackers to see either. let's check your markets. hampton pearson live at cnbc's washington bureau. good morning. >> how are you doing? we will start with futures, they're higher on conflicting reports that russia and ukraine might have reached a deal on a cease-fire in eastern ukraine. markets mixed tuesday, as energy stocks fell along with oil prices. we get data later today on factory orders and the fed's beige book. the dow falling 30 points
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yesterday. to close at 17067. the nasdaq rising by 17 points, to close at 4598. have a great day, everybody. >> you, too. 5:17. samsung set to announce another tablet phone, a phablet, conducting simultaneous press announcements in new york city, berlin, beijing. one thing to watch for, samsung often has weird press conferences, sometimes they turn into a musical, another announced washing machines -- remember samsung makes everything -- featuring bikinis dancing around them. they have strange press conferences. >> what audience are they trying to appeal to? >> we count on them to be weird. >> all i know you're talking about it. works. >> wash a bikini, too. throw those in once in awhile. >> they say phablet, that is
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fabulous. i don't know what words we'll use, but that's awesome. what on the weather sflont. >> it's going to be fabulous. we'll take out a syllable. 5:18, looking good. yeah, whenever you want to do around the bay area, whether it's indoors or outdoors, not too bad out there. tri-valley on the hot side. we'll have to cut off that natural ac for you. but just about everywhere else we're talking about temperatures at or even a little bit below average with the strong onshore flow and marine layer, 2,000 feet this morning. 61 degrees in livermore. low clouds. 59 in san jose. 61 in san francisco. so, there's a little area of low pressure that's keeping us nice and cool. they are baking in southern california and in fact, most of the nation right now, under the influence of the big ridge of high pressure, getting hot weather.
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we'll be the envy of the nation as the cool ocean air is transported inland for today. we'll hold on to this comfortable stretch of weather as clouds keep temperatures down. only caveat, overcast morning, so kind of murky start making way to beautiful, sunny afternoon. 82 in the south bay for today. 80 on the peninsula. mid 70s east shore. low 70 in san francisco. and, yeah, big difference over the course of ten miles in the tri-valley today. talking about the 90s out there. further to the east, the hotter it will be for you. 70 in san francisco. not a bad day at all in the north bay. you'll be at 86 for today. good news, we'll hold on to more of the same getting into the weekend. and then we crank up that heat. notice that on the seven-day forecast as we meet back here next week. more on that coming up. first let's check your drive. mike? >> here towards the bay bridge toll plaza. we would take the reverse angle from emeryville. we see the toll lanes.
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off to the right approach, the clarification, it was right here, far right cash lane, flashing lights. they started moving. they should clear at treasure island. no problems at toll plaza. sorry, there is one lane, red light, that is closed there rest of the lanes approach to the left moving smoothly. the map, smooth drive across the span. one car making their way towards treasure island. watch for flashing lights the next couple of minutes, no delays. midday game at coliseum, plan for that avoid the problems. parking take b.a.r.t. over there. roads and rails reporting no delays for bart, caltrans, muni, vta, no delays. dublin interchange, a few cars. 58, 59 miles per hour. typical build. heading into the south bay, live look, north bound 101, picks up
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volume a bit under 680/280 inchange. no surprises along the peninsula. easy drive. getting there on the san mateo bridge, smooth flow. the sign that used to talk about the 280 closure is clear because 280 is clear. the cop accused of raping a woman at a south bay hotel is facing new charges. reporting prosecutors have charged jeffrey graves with violating the state's rules when alcohol can be purchased. in may graves allegedly walked out of a safeway at 2:30 a.m. with a bottle of vodvodka. he left cash on the check stand. graves could be fined for the incident but prosecutors will use the case as character evidence if the rape case goes to trial. he's due back in court for a preliminary hearing on the rape charge. amazing, new video showing thieves trying to steal an atm
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from a convenience store. they rammed the van in the front of the store. a man jumps out, tries to crack open the machine, he can't, gets back into the van and smashes into the building five more times. the thieves got away with the atm computer but no cash or merchandise. that's a tough machine. >> not the picture of inconspicuous. >> the hoodies. >> pa:22 on wednesday. santa cruz police offering an award for help catching a serial shoplifter.
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>> announcer: you're watching "today in the bay." >> welcome back, everyone. very good wednesday morning to you. if you're just joining us, live look at the bay bridge. traffic picking up there, just a tad. want to check in with mike inouye coming up. getting heavy a little earlier. 5:24. michael sam could have a new
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nfl team as early as this morning. espn reporting the cowboys plan to bring sam into dallas for a physical. if he passes he would be added to the practice squad. sam originally cut by the st. louis rams, the same team that drafted him, 249th earlier this year in the nfl draft. he of course the first openly gay player drafted by an nfl team. police are desperate to fine a serial shoplifter, so desperate the department is offering a unique reward. >> they are calling this man the magician, ability to make speakers disappear from cosco. he first struck in july but popped up a number of times since then. he's clean-shaven in recent pictures but police say he's the same guy. they're offering this commemorative pint glass to anyone who helps them identify him. the glass will be signed by the chief of police.
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unique. >> no word how to get one of those glasses anyway even if you don't identify him. >> perhaps you can have a mustache for the show. >> let's get a quick check of what's going on the weather front. >> i'll grow my own. how about that? good morning to you. temperatures are pretty comfortable out there. upper 50s to low 60s. 63 degrees in oakland. 63 in san carlos. good looking day. clearing, clouds but a comfortable finish as a result. we are looking pretty good as we head deeper into the month of september. can you believe we're already in september, mike? >> i'm trying to get that visual out of my head. crazy temperatures. this is the backup, a little bit heavier than normal. earlier the right approach with the crash, it cleared from the toll plaza after a few. and this side, the left approach, with one of the cash lanes not open, you see folks
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moving, that's the reason for a heavier backup. north bay looking at southbound 101, starting to build but nothing unusual. glow to the lights. look at the maps and see the north bay, east bay, no big deal, just slowing approaching that richmond/san rafael bridge. happy ending, search for a missing hayward boy is called off. new video of the car involved in a deadly hit-and-run in pittsburg. police hope the surveillance video will help them catch the driver.
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new this morning, possible deal to give the raiders a new stadium in the bay area. what needs to happen next. a major change in the works of one of the national drugstore chains. the difference that you'll be seeing starting this morning. we've got thick, low clouds out there this morning. they span inland, boding well for a comfortable finish to the day. and then bring in changes, the heat will turn back on. we'll tell you how hot it's
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going to get in your microclimate in moments. despite low clouds, able to see all of the headlights coming towards us. we'll talk about the tri-valley build, what you have to watch in oakland, coming up. let's take a live look outside. beautiful bay bridge illuminated. the first wednesday of september, the 3rd. this is "today in the bay." nn >> announcer: from nbc bay area this is "today in the bay." >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. >> the mistake of harming americans, we'll learn that we will not forget and our reach is long and justice will be served. >> strong words from the president following the killing of another american journalist, steven sotloff at hands of isis militants. during a news conference, the president said the murders of sotloff and foley will strengthen america's resolve to fight this terrorist group.
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coming up in less than ten minutes, hear more from the president's speech, live to washington, d.c., for a look at other international crises the white house is facing. today some of the world top earthquake experts will be at uc berkeley pushing for an early warning system. stephanie chuang live in berkeley. the conference comes less than two weeks after the big napa quake we're all talking about. >> reporter: that's right. good morning. you know, there was a 2.6 magnitude quake that hit south of napa around 3:20 this morning. a critical conversation here in earthquake country. appropriate that it's here, three-day conference the uc berkeley with the topic that starts today on how to best create an advanced earthquake early warning system. the demo was tested in long beach, back in april. a state law signed by governor brown a year ago pushing for advance system costing at least $80 million that could give people up to 60 seconds of advances warning before damaging
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shaking his felt. this could save lives by giving doctors critical time if in the middle of a high-risk procedure, time clear bridge traffic, stop takeoffs and landings, for example. but the funding has slowed down the progress. we saw the devastation when the 6.2 napa quake hit causing $500 million to $1 billion in damage in napa alone. yesterday governor brown asked president obama for disaster relief, help in funding to help aid people rebuild in the place where the streets are still blocked off, with more than 1,000 buildings either red tagged or yellow tagged. the cal system did give a ten-second warning ahead of the south napa quake a week and a half ago. people at the conference include state lawmakers and lieutenant governor gavin newsom as well as international voices. what we'll learn from what happened in other countries, coming up in a half hour.
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stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> thank you. police in pittsburg are hoping surveillance video will help them catch a driver who hit and killed a woman and then just took off. the video from a nearby gas station. a silver pickup truck driving by, the crash happened sunday near the corner of willow pass road and mountain view. the driver veered off, hit a light pole, crashed into the woman pushing a shopping cart. the woman 50-year-old michelle brass. new this morning, a hayward boy reported missing is back home with his family this morning. overnight, police told us 12-year-old jamie segura is safe. first reported missing around 3:00 yesterday afternoon. police are not saying whether the boy -- where he was or how he was found. five people involved in a bribery scheme at a south san jose land fill will learn their
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fate in court. they were charged with conspiracy and bribery for defrauding waste management out of millions of dollars in dumping fees. they say he bribed them at entry fees and misclassified content to lower disposal charges. the raider appear closing to staying in oakland and getting a new stadium. the deal would build coliseum city. in order for that to happen would have to be demolished. the deal hinges whether mark davis signs off on it. and attorney representing backers of the complex say basic terms of the financial deal have been worked out among the group. the city and the team. no word on what would happen to the a's if the deal's approved. the team signed a continue-year lease extension at cvs officially tobacco free.
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as of midnight everybody the company's making good on the promise to take tobacco products off of the shelves for good. bob redell joins us live. this comes a month ahead of schedule. what's go on? >> reporter: correct. good morning. within the past couple of hours, all 7700 locations of the cvs pharmacy chain stores, they have stopped selling tobacco products a month ahead of the self-imposed october 1st deadline, making it the only national pharmacy chain to stop selling cigarettes and rebranded itself as cvs health. in place of the cigarette packs normally located behind the counter, large ads that urge smokers to quit and offer products to help achieve the goal. as you can see in the video handed out by corporation. the move will cost $2 billion in revenue from sales but the company's hoping to make that up with increased sales of medicine and health care products, being
5:36 am
perceived as health conscious, perhaps more customers will turn to them for health care needs. here's an executive. >> we see ourselves as a health care company and nothing that is as bad for health as smoking. so selling a product in our store that was actually causing people to health problems didn't make any sense. >> reporter: again, several small pharmacy chains have already stopped selling tobacco. cvs is the first national one to do so. live here in san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you. 5:36 right now on your wednesday morning. a quick check of what's going on in your day. are we seeing temperatures starting to dip a little bit? >> a little bit. it's starting to feel comfortable. overnight lows have fallen into the low 50s up in the north bay, so it's starting to feel more like fall, as our days get shorter. taking a look now at satellite
5:37 am
imagery, you can see low clouds are thick and span all the way inland. so as we head throughout the day, as a result, it's going to be nice. once we lose low clouds by lunchtime in your inland valley we'll keep the westerly flowing, that means the pacific air will move inland just about all day long. it's looking good for today. what you can expect, fog out there at the immediate coast. no drizzle yet but that's a possibility as we head throughout the next couple of hours. expecting more of that through tonight. by this afternoon, below-average temperatures for most spots. close to average in the tri-valley, if not a little bit above. that's where we cutting off the low cloud cover. otherwise, by this evening, as onshore flow strengthens even more, we'll get a bit of drizzle all the way up and down the peninsula. so that's good news. that keeps hillsides moist and keeps us out of the threat of the high fire danger. 82 for the south bay.
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80 on the peninsula. 70 in san francisco. looking good up in wine country. warm out there for today. 86 degrees for you. east shoulder where the a's have a day game, 76. a look that the day game forecast in a moment. yeah, tri-valley, the hot spot, 90 for you. but here's the deal, as we head through the next couple of days temperatures are going to stay steady. the clouds keep numbers down and by next week, numbers soar. we'll talk about that coming up. >> looking here, talking about the tri-valley and the heat. looking at heat is on for the commute in westbound, stream of headlights between el charro and as it haro. no surprises. smooth build. speeds in the 50s for dublin, slowing through livermore. cash lanes the issue. this lane, fourth lane for cash on the right approach, that's closed and that's causing heavy backup on the left approach. the right approach slow off of the east shore freeway.
5:39 am
fas-trak. you can see another five to seven minutes before the metering lights turned on. the san mateo bridge moves smoothly. over to the high-rise, we'll catch the folks on the other side of the bay. smooth drive towards 101. 101 through san jose smooth as well. just the first build to the south. 5:39 on wednesday morning. strongly worded message to isis from the president overnight after yet another american journalist executed by the terrorist group, details in a live report. hear from one of the american doctors now recovering after contracting the ebola virus.
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>> announcer: you're watching "today in the bay." >> welcome back. overnight, the pentagon confirming that the video of the beheading of u.s. journalist steven sotloff is authentic.
5:42 am
president obama condemning the murder and is promising continues action against the islamic group known as isis. kris sanchez joins us live with a message that the president is sending to isis and steven sotloff's family. >> both equally important, sam. when the moment before his death, steven sotloff read the statement condemning the action against isis, voice never wavering. this is the only image we'll show you of his last moment alongside the man that would become his killer. the same isis fighter who took the life of another u.s. journalist two weeks ago and promised a british journalist would be next if the air strikes continue. in the days leading up to the release of the video, sotloff's mother begged for her son's life, saying he has no control over the nation's foreign policy. >> as a mother, i ask for justice to be merciful and not punish my son over matters he has no control over. >> speaking from estonia,
5:43 am
president obama tried to send words of comfort to sotloff's family. tracie potts is live by the white house. >> he is saying that we are going to bring isis to justice, but not necessarily quickly. does there is change the game? the president says, yes, we're going after them, in syria, but not necessarily on a quicker time line. he wants to bill that coalition and that one of the reasons why he's going to nato summit later this week. the president in estonia, reassure the baltic nations, former soviet nations that russia aggression won't cross their borders. he said he's sending more planes in for exercises, wants nate toe to be beef up their defense. new this morning, ukraine says they're on a deal with russia so end violence in southern
5:44 am
ukraine. russia says, there's no deal here. the two presidents talked by phone, yes, they have some ideas in common, but no deal. not yet. >> we'll keep watching for developments. tracy, live in washington, d.c. also following development of what the uk is doing to react to the threat against the british journalist, coming up at 6:00 we'll tell you about that. laura? >> we'll look forward to that. 5:44. this morning we are expected to learn more about a third american missionary doctor testing positive for the deadly ebola virus. the news comes as dr. kevin brantley now recovering at home with his family opens up about his incredible story of survival. >> i felt like i was about to die and i said to the nurse who was taking care of me, i'm sick, i have no reserve, and i don't know how long i can keep this up. >> in a sit-down interview with the "today" show's matt lauer,
5:45 am
brantley talked about the many nights he thought he wouldn't wake up in the morning. he contracted the virus helping those in liberia. his wives and kids had just left the country three days before he got sick. >> i was so thankful that amber and the kids were not there, that would have been an overwhelming mental burden, if i had woken up sick, with one of my children snuggled up next to me. >> the third american doctor with ebola is a good friend of his and worked alongside him. with ebola outbreak on the verge of sprirling out of control, a plan of getting the promising drug out of labs and into hops and clinics. talking about z-mapp, a drug given to dr. brantley. with $25 million to spend, the drug won't be ready in time to help the tens of thousands likely to become infected with ebola in the next few months.
5:46 am
watch matt lauer's interview with dr. brantley at 7:00 on the "today" show. it's amazing he's gone from a deathbed to being able to talk about it. >> encouraging, i'm sure, for those who also have the virus and are struggling with that. 5:46 on wednesday. joined alongside meteorologist christina loren. christina like to use the term, bay area stunner. >> sometimes when i'm referring to sam brock as well and his reality check reports here on nbc bay area. #bayareasamstunner. give the man a raise already. he does work for us in the mornings, as you know. check out evening newscast, if you want more sam brock because that's where you'll get reality checks. 63 degrees in san carlos. 69 half moon bay. 59 to start in san martin. it's comfortable out there. it is cloudy all across the board except through the delta
5:47 am
and the tri-valley. temperatures are going to be mild everywhere except extreme east bay valley spots. 80 on the peninsula. 82 south bay. 76 degrees, if you live on the east shore. in the tri-valley, hotter day for you, cut off the natural ac. temperatures are going to be warm and we are talking about 90 degrees. that's going to be the hot spot. elsewhere, comfortable at average for this time of year. with changes, just around the corner all good things must come to an end. but not before we get into your weekend. temperatures all weekend going to maintain mid 80s. talking about 80 for saturday and sunday in the south bay, upper 60s for san francisco. and there's a lot going on across the bay area, we like to let you know what happens happening before the weekend arrives. this weekend is the autumn moon festival in san francisco's chinatown. saturday, beautiful parade, 69. and sunday, 68. a good time for you and the
5:48 am
family. here's mike inouye. >> maybe get moon cakes. here we get friends to wait with us at bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights turns on just about four minutes ago. the fas-trak lanes took 3:30 to fill in. now past the 880. cash lanes backed up to west grand avenue. slower drive up the incline. coliseum will have 12:35 game, that means noon time traffic around there. rest of the east bay moving smoothly. the fact that you're close to the limit for the upper east shore no problems southbound 101 towards san francisco. along the peninsula, palo alto, our live look, we see north bound picking up the volume a tad. still at the limit. there's the ikea and home depot as folks traveling north past the other. the other side of the bay, fremont, southbound, for 880 past the truck scales and tesla. easy drive. at the limit around mission.
5:49 am
north bound commute for the south bay is the issue. north bay 101 burst of traffic. slowing from 680 overcrossing towards the allen rock area. no crashes reported. this is unusually slow for this time of day. back in a couple of minutes. >> thank you. in manhattan courtroom today the teen average who managed to climb to the top of 1 world trade center will learn his fate. he pleaded guilty in july to breaking a new york city law against scaling tall buildings without permission. in march he slipped through a small gas and construction fence, used a ladder, scaffolding, elevator and stairs to sneak past security. his punishment expected to be 23 days of community service. >> just thinking about that process. many teachers hoping a new study will bring back money for music programs. >> researches are found giving
5:50 am
underserved kids access to muszmus muszmusic lessons and instruments can improve performance in the classroom. it can lead to better language and reading skills. >> music has much broader benefits, it's not just a feel-good kind of thing. there are academic, social, behavioral benefits. >> the catch, people have to play an instrument to see any benefits. i don't know how well. turning up your ipod won't do the work. pick up a trumpet. >> saxophone actually. >> really? secret talent. shout out to northwestern university. >> there you go. learning so much about sam. >> on wednesday morning. why free lunches can become a thing of the past at some bay area tech companies. >> the markets coming up. ...we need to break up.
5:51 am
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>> announcer: you're watching "today in the bay." >> welcome back, everybody. good wednesday morning to you. nice live look outside. coliseum. a's are back in action. lost last night 6-5. we'll shake it off. so yesterday. first pitch today is at 12:35. go, a's! giants wrapping up series against the rockies. last night's amazing comeback win, down 7-1 but went on to score 11 unanswered runs to top out colorado, 12-7. nice! get ready for a federal food fight. those free funches -- i don't know what that is -- let me
5:54 am
retract, free lunches at apple and google and facebook could be a relic of the past. tech companies give employees free meals all day, not just breakfast, lunch and dinner but snacks, too. that has garnered attention of the irs. in fact, published reports show theers is designating meals as taxable fringe benefits similar to a company car or gym membership. >> regulated and taxed enough as it is, if employers want to give employees benefits like that, they should be allowed to. >> obviously they don't want to have to pay the extra tax and don't want employees to pay tax on the free lunch they're providing so they'll fight the irs. >> some experts say the larger can tech companies can't afford to pay that tax while ones with smaller budgets may be forced to do a way with meals altogether. >> you say this is entrenched in the companies they'll never give
5:55 am
it up. >> they'll pay the tax. sam points out, free massages, free child care, haircuts, add free lunches and the government's right, there are thousands of dollars worth of taxable benefits here. but with the bay area's job market so tight, it's far cheaper for companies to pay a tax than it is to lose employees and try to find replacements. >> here we go! well good times are back, let's look back, 15 years, this is 15 years ago, this video, ip of juniper network in 1999, rang the closing bell on the nyse on wednesday to celebrate. for the markets, only the nasdaq managed to move higher, tradersitrader tradersitrader expected a good opening after poroshenko said he reached a cease-fire agreement with putin. moscow started walking back that
5:56 am
announcement because russia said it's not fighting in the ukraine, how could they possibly have a cease-fire? back to you. >> russia, when in doubt, play the denial card. want to check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. nice day ahead. >> no denying whatsoever, it's going to be beautiful. when you put things into perspective, much of the nation, you'll hear a lot about this on the "today" show, just baking under the strong ridge of high pressure. for us, we're going to get spoiled with plenty of 70s and 80s today. 76 on the east shore. 82 south bay. 86 in the north bay for today. changes just around the corner, subtle at first, then big ones to tell you about. stick around, your full forecast moments away. first, mike. >> not subtle build here in san jose. i turns the camera, this is toward allen rock, away from us,
5:57 am
moving smoother than a few minutes ago. still a good zone from 680 to 880 and building sooner than that. the slowdown starting 87 to build. rest of the south bay okay, there's your tri-valley. usual suspects with morning commute. back to you. >> thanks so much. 5:57. preparing for the next big one. some of the top scientists come to the bay area to talk about the earthquake early warning system. >> interest in that. new developments in ukraine. reported cease-fire deal, reported, reached with russia. scary situation, one south bay neighborhood after a gas meter catches fire. 6:00, br.
5:58 am
5:59 am
fire sparked at a gas meter near a south bay apartment. >> plus, seconds to spare. the new effort to get california's early quake warning system ready for the next big
6:00 am
one. we want to get you ready for a nice day. natural a.c. kicks in this afternoon. temps below average for most spots. hot out in the tri-valley. as of tomorrow, we've got a good chance for measurable drizzle. we'll crank up the heat. major changes coming to your forecast. we'll detail that in moments. >> of course, steadying carefully your morning commute. why the traffic flow at bay bridge is different. why this might be causing more of a backup already. 6:00 on the dot on your wednesday morning. as we take this live picture of san jose as the sun ready to peek out from the horizon. wednesday, september 3rd and this is "today in the bay." >> announcer: from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." very good wednesday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. update to breaking news overnight. firefighters in san jose worked


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