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tv   Today  NBC  September 6, 2014 2:07am-3:01am PDT

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from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey, everybody. it's try day friday. there's sadness in the whole world because a lot of the laugher has gone out of the world. hopefully temporarily, but our good friend joan rivers did pass yesterday. surrounded by family and friends we are told. and -- >> hollywood walk of fame. >> everyone wants to find a way to sort of pay tribute. you know, whether it's putting flowers at her home on the upper eastside in new york or laying flowers there.
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>> it's funny, when you think of joan rivers, you've known her for many years, we talked about the old pictures when you hosted with regis. >> she was a consummate guest. any time you could book her, you wanted her. you knew it would be sparks. she never ever ever bored you ever. she electrified whatever show she was on. everybody is talking about what a comic genius she was. nobody disputes that. but the one thing that i love -- look how long ago that was. >> wow. >> yeah. >> wow. >> yes, i have been every color, except my natural color which is gray. >> see, joan would have appreciated that joke. >> she would have. she and i were friends -- colleagues early on. i met her when i first came out to los angeles. but we bonded as really good friends when she stood up for me when i was accused of all kinds of awful things. and she just said are you crazy? do you know what this -- you know, she stood up for me.
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and at times it felt like she was the only one was. >> that seems to be the theme. >> right. >> she has the same people in her life over all those years. and she was also -- if you think that your life is hard, and when you fall down and you have a terrible thing, what are you going to do? she is the poster child for how you can get up and do it again and again and again. whether it's being on a late night talk show host, the show getting cancelled. her husband committing suicide. and joan bounced back. whether it was her -- just kind of switching gears and changing directions and suddenly one day, she ends up on the red carpet, asking people what are you wearing? >> who are you wearing? >> who are you wearing? >> right. >> she used to be the people who people -- >> she looks like zsa zsa gabor there. >> she sure does. when you talk about an original, very few originals anymore. >> yeah. >> joan rivers sort of epitomizes that. >> but you're right about the
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theme. she was known for her caustic at times humor, but she treated with -- everybody was equal. warm. she'd crack a joke with the electrician like she was cracking a joke with johnny carson. >> she would ask about when she would come on the show, who are you dating, what is he like? she was up on the relationship things. >> she liked love. like she liked people falling in love. >> i heard a story, i don't know if it in one of her books or not. but i hope it's true, because i don't want to pass on something that isn't true. i read on the day her husband actually killed himself, she and melissa went out to dinner that night. and they're looking at the menu and of course devastated and joan looks at melissa and said you know what, honey, if your dad looked at these prices he'd kill himself again. that's the way she dealt with it.
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she wasn't a classic hollywood beauty. so she'd point out the obvious. i know i'm not -- then the whole plastic surgery thing she talked about. >> when you talk about -- she talked -- she joked about death a lot. >> yeah. >> would always say, my next move is to the casket. i could go any moment which i say about frank all the time. which is terrible. but you laugh. >> you cope with it. >> she got very serious. i think back in 2012, she was going into surgery, some sort of surgery. we're not sure what it was. a couple of years ago. >> right. >> she had a conversation with her daughter melissa. just before that surgery, and it was part of they reality show. let's look at this conversation. >> all right. if anything happens, melissa -- no, but i'm no chicken. i have had a great life. an amazing life.
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if i die before, nobody says sew you up. you're a terrific person. cooper's fine. you're all fine. i have had an amazing life. if it ended right now, amazing life. and you have been wonderful. we've had a great ride together. if something happens, things are fine and life is fine. and life is so much fun. it's one big movie. >> i know. i know. >> oh, my god. >> she enjoyed every moment of it. she just did. she was just great to be around. you hated when she walked out the door, you know? >> how about melissa having that moment though? just thinking like, because certain things you wonder what your parent would say if they had a chance to say something. and she -- she heard it. she said it. she has it captured like forever. >> but, you know, you can hear in her voice then.
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she was going in to find out why she was getting increasingly more hoarse. the new york state health department is investigaing her death. they say it's routine. >> yeah, they have to check it out. >> we have had her on here a bunch. she was always -- i mean, she was -- >> here's some of the fun moments we had with joan on our show. >> we have one thing to say -- >> yeah. >> can we talk? >> you want to get lucky with joan it's not going to work. >> get lucky with me you have to send me a pretty walker. >> it's a holiday show. you gave us fattening foods. sorry. i don't date that much anymore. but i have a great sex life. i wish i had an apartment, but -- >> the old rules are the good rules. you marry for money. you can always fake orgasm, but not a rent check. melissa is adopting another child, maybe. >> is she? >> from a tribe in australia. his name is click click.
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now we'll have cooper and click click rosenberg. >> i sense a little tension with a couple of the neighbors in the building. >> well, we have a mafioso in the building which i really like. we think we have a hooker. we really do. but enough about you. it's fashion week, it is amazing. >> a lot of good material? >> the whole place smells. angelina jolie told me this. she said style is something you have. you cannot steal it from anybody like a husband, you know? you either -- [ laughter ] i know. i kept tripping, and my toe -- walk into that one. very nice. color is good because the wind blows up your legs, they will match. the skirt -- kind of like a purple. it's got a little lace.
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it's the perfect length. it's classy. it is sexy. >> no. >> are those tuxedo pants? >> yeah, old chanel. >> beer. >> look at hoda. >> what did she say? >> joan asked if we were drinking ensure. >> she is still a piece of work. >> yes. >> the only miss joan rivers. [ applause ] >> what a lot of great memories. we love it. >> wow. jimmy fallon -- what i love about jimmy he wears his heart on his sleeve. he was paying tribute on all the shows. >> remember, she wasn't -- she was not on "the tonight show" for years after carson. you remember that -- >> their falling out. famous falling out. >> and leno kept the ban alive. >> so did conan too. >> it was jimmy fallon who decided it was time to break that ban.
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he talked about her last night. >> we had her on our very first "the tonight show" when i took over. she had -- i'm lucky to say this. i got to work with her and have her on our "the tonight show." at the beginning of the show i said to all my friends -- to my friend out there who said i couldn't host "the tonight show," you owe me 100 bucks. i had a parade of celebrities throw 100 bucks on the desk, it was great. and joan rivers, we asked joan to be one of the people. she came out, and she came over to me. and she started crying. gave me a kiss. it was really emotional and really nice. we loved her. we will definitely miss her. gosh, joan rivers one of the greatest. >> oh. >> remember the time we went over to her apartment? >> oh, my gosh. >> she had an amazing -- she's old time glamour. we went over to her apartment and here it is. >> look at her house. we didn't know what her house
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would look like. it's in new york city. we were pretending we were going to buy it, remember? >> we really weren't. we did it for the show. >> yes. yes. >> but we got in bed with her. >> well, we're not supposed to have done that, you know what i'm saying? anyway, it was really great. >> yeah. >> so many great -- there we go. get in the sack. it's beautiful. >> right on fifth avenue. >> she got in with us. >> so in honor of joan, i'm going to tell you some of her best one liners for today's friday funny. the ones that we can tell. >> yes. >> i don't exercise. if god wanted me to bend over he would have put diamonds on the floor. >> yeah. >> i have a friend who was going through menopause. came by for lunch today. her hot flash was so bad it steam cleaned my carpet. >> i wish i had a twin so i could know what i'd look like without plastic surgery. my life is like a piece of swiss cheese. most of it's missing and what's there stinks. >> oh.
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>> good times. >> yeah. >> good times. we don't know for sure, but apparently there will be services held for her on sunday. >> friday too. >> she says she wants a party. she wants paparazzi, she wants a spread out there. she wants it to be funny. she wants it to be wonderful. she wants everybody to go on with their lives and find joy in it. that's what we'll try to do for the rest of this show. >> yes. >> we're off to see the wizard. >> youtube sensation will perform some incredible illusions for us right after this. teen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. yeah, everybody knows that. well, did you know that playing cards with kenny rogers gets old pretty fast? ♪ you got to know when to hold'em. ♪ ♪ know when to fold 'em. ♪ know when to walk away. ♪ know when to run. ♪ you never count your money, ♪ when you're sitting at the ta...♪ what? you get it? i get the gist, yeah. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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according to the college board, the average cost of tuition and fees for the past school year was $30,000 for private colleges. and about $9,000 for state residents at public colleges. >> with student debt topping $1 trillion, it has a lot of us asking is college really worth it? >> tom gimbal knows. he's president and ceo of lasalle networking and guess who else is here? >> naomi schafer reilly, the author of "the faculty lounges and other reasons why you won't get the college education you paid for." >> i like her already. by the way, we love the title. >> great to see you both. >> so there are hard stats that show basically that college kids earn more money than kids who ds don't go to college. how much? how big is the disparity? >> i think it depends on the
2:22 am
industry. the real issue is that the majority of the kids that are tracking the stats are on are financial grads or accounting grads. so there's so many different categories of college graduates and different industries they go into. there are college graduates working at starbucks. >> it's about a million dollars difference over your lifetime. >> over lifetime, right. we're averaging out a lot of different kinds of careers from investment banking to working at starbucks. >> so the big question is is it worth it? with all the debt that comes with it, do you think -- is the overall theme that yes, it is worth it or no, it's not? >> i think this is so dependent on the person. so i think for kids who are doing well in school, have good grades, high s.a.t.s, can get into the top college, no question that it would be worth it to you over the long haul to go get a b.a. but i think 245 -- that the vast majority of kids are not in that situation.
2:23 am
and they may be facing the choice of going into extraordinary amount of debt to go to college. first of all, can you make it into the decent college? do you know what you want to do when you get there? >> right. >> right. >> i don't think -- as a kid, you know, maybe taking a year off and working and i think kids who do that and then go back to school, they understand why they're there. they're understanding that they don't want to be working at starbucks maybe for the rest of their life. >> i grew up in the early years in europe, and one thing i think they know instinctively and do very, very well, they watch the kids as they grow. some are academically minded. those are the ones that are steered towards university. other kids aren't, but they love to make stuff. they're going to be -- they're going to be a great electrician or plumber. when my plumbing is out, i don't want a ph.d. at the door. i want a guy who understands how to fix that. >> and more importantly who wants to be doing it. >> who loves it. there's nothing wrong with that. >> where's the passion? it's the passion.
2:24 am
right but it's the same thing asking should everybody get married and have kids? it depends on the individual. that's expensive too. you have to do what you want to do that makes you feel good. >> but steve jobs dropped out of college, i know a lot of -- >> peter jennings. >> peter jennings did. a lot of anchors did. they didn't go and they have big high powered jobs. >> but they never hired a college dropout to run their company. >> and they also had great high school educations to begin with. we have stopped talking about what kids are not getting in k-12. >> so true. >> i think what you need to focus on here is also that people were self-directed. they knew their fashion. but college used to be about helping people find that. >> yeah. >> there used to be an administration that acted. we think we're talking about getting kids in by curfew, but an administration said these are the important things you need to know. the requirements you have to take.
2:25 am
it's an important way to view it. >> we have to roll. we can keep going. >> we put so much pressure on our kids to become something they weren't meant to be. let them be who they want to be. >> give them confidence. >> there you go. >> give them confidence. >> thanks so much both of you. all right, conjuring up tricks to see who has the top act. >> we see eye popping illusions. >> and putting a new face on cosmetics. >> bobbi's buzz on cosmetics. this is how it feels to hotwire. ♪ beroccaaaaaaaaaaaa!
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it is time for "bobbie's buzz." we're looking at what's cool and new in the cosmetic world. >> our today style editor, bobbie thomas has break through beauty. >> yes. >> what have you got to make
2:29 am
things easier? >> first are the cutting edge compacts. the first category is all about getting your makeup even. this is bounce by dr. jart. but the elastic mesh you see inside actually helps you -- >> oh. >> pick up the makeup more evenly so then you can just spread it on with the compact. >> right. >> this is a cool thing -- >> without getting too much on there. >> it's cream foundation. >> packaging is really helping formulas. foundation. so this is all about getting your color and putting it on instantly. so donna is going to help. >> let's say right off the bat, she's drop dead beautiful. >> she has perfect skin. but spray it on in circles. it is airless and microfine. >> oh. >> if you get a little extra on -- >> spread it out. >> one of the things i'm excited about, these might look like baby hair brushes but it's artiste.
2:30 am
they have figured this out, they moved the handle out of your way. so when you're applying your eye shadow or blush, you can see where it's being applied. animal friendly. you have to read more about this. and last but not least -- >> this is big. >> this is. yves saint laurent has met google glass. they'll apply your makeup and videotape the process and send you the video so they can watch see how the makeup artist -- >> that's so smart! >> brilliant. >> you'll need to -- >> thank you. >> okay. got it. >> everything is online. >> okay. nothing lasts forever. >> not even stuff in your refrigerator. >> what to keep and what to toss and anything could happen when youtube sensation puts on his wizardry. watch after your local news.
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hoda, my breasts were so
2:33 am
this weekly competition pits two teams of magicians against each other to create the most awe inspiring allusions with random objects. hi, justin. >> hi, how are you guys? >> thank you so much for having me. >> what a fun show. >> it's wild, isn't it. >> how would you describe this show? >> it's making magic out of everyday objects. it kind of pits magics up and copping kro coming krocreators and we get t create magic from ordinary objects. we've taken a wine glass. some of the people have services and a couple of books we will use in a second and we just see
2:34 am
if we can create magic. >> this came naturally for you because your father was a magician. >> that's right. i grew up around it just dropping around boxes. for that reason i don't really remember most of my childhood. are you much of an artist. >> sort of. of the two of us i would say she is. >> i want you to draw a picture smiley face, christmas tree, whatever. >> oh, no this will take forever. >> oh, no, that's perfect. >> look at you showing off. >> i love this. i love this. now, there's no other card in the world that looks like this with your little piece of artive , artist ri. >> nobody cares. >> the artist wants to preserve it the right way. here is what we're going to do. okay. it's going to be worth more in a minute because we're going to try something.
2:35 am
can i have you hold on right here. >> okay. this is going to be good. i can't wait. >> don't let go. from this point on, do not let go. >> don't let it go. >> don't, don't. >> i'm going to start to rip like this. here. can you take that. rip it off. >> rip it off. >> perfect. watch this. >> oh, that's nasty. >> i don't know, i think it's fascinating. >> he swallowed it. >> oh! >> this is disgusting. turn it. >> oh, my god! >> i'm going to wipe it off but that's not balanced on there. that's reattached. >> with tape? >> oh, my gosh. >> there's no way i could replicate that. >> just put it on ebay and get a lot of money for charity.
2:36 am
>> dwhwhat did you do? >> what else. >> let's try something with a dollar bill here. this is a dollar bill you got from a producer before the show. i even touched it. now the important thing, hoda can i have you sign your signature on it really big. the reason is now i can't switch it or do anything funky with it. i'm going to teach you something about money here. do you see the 12 there? that 12 is for the l because the l is the twelfth letter of the alphabet. >> that true. >> yeah, it really is. so this is yours. hoda, hold right here. >> don't let go. >> we're going to try to move that seal, that l in that insignia. watch this. do you see it moving. hold tight, don't let go. i'm going to move it. i'm going to press right there. we can actually -- >> isn't that against the law? >> you can feel that actually ink and paper -- that is now
2:37 am
fr fraud currency. >> hey, it's not your name with it. >> do that thing with the wine glass. >> we're going to try something. we're going to try to pop a popco popco popco popcorn kernal. so i don't think i'm trying to do anything funky we'll cover it up with the wine glass. i'm going to try to pop one of those popcorn kornels. i want you to be able to see this. watch this. see if we can get it -- >> oh! >> are you all right, hoda. that was shattered glass. >> that was unbelievable. >> and dangerous. >> i think i try too hard. >> does it shatter every time i do it. i got you guise on thys on that. you guys are so nice.
2:38 am
thank you for having me. >> we're going to get the shards out of our neck. by the way that was unbelievable. >> episodes of wizard wars tuesday on 10:00, 9:00 central on our sister network sci fye how did you do that? because once they've try finish, they can't keep it to themselves. i'm switching for good wow! finish is seriously good can't believe how great it works love love love finish it's a shine that's sweeping across america. finish delivers an unbeatable clean and superior shine versus cascade's leading detergent. look no ugly spots... and see that shine? you've got to try finish. so take the finish challenge. switch and see the difference.
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2:41 am
. >> manufacture well, not so fast. here on the 411 on what foods you should keep and what you should toss is nbc news health and diet editor madeline
2:42 am
fernstrom. >> so you buy food and saw you want to save money but the thing is things are not safe forever to eat. they will not have any bacteria but we eat for taste and texture and nutrients if we keep things frozen for too long they will disappear so safety is not the issue but freezer burn really is a turn off so today we will go through our freezer and see if we should keep or toss. so let's start out with some -- our handy freezer. some chicken breasts that are uncooked. we buy in bulk sometimes. this has been frozen for eight months. do we keep or toss. >> keep it. >> we keep it because these are good. chicken parts are good for nine months so you'll be able to keep it but not much longer. >> does it say anything on packaging. >> it doesn't say anything
2:43 am
that's why we're trying to inform people. >> fish doesn't last quite as long. it lasts six months. you just have to be careful. >> you won't get sick from it but don't buy giant packages of chicken breasts if you're thinking i'll get to it in a year or two. >> up next. who doesn't have some frozen tv continuer e , dinners. i want to toss it because after three or four months you will have these changes in texture and flavor so everything is relative. >> so that could be bad. >> next we have unopened a regular back of bacon. it's apple smoked bacon. is it a keep or toss. it's been frozen for two months. >> i would say keep. >> you know what it would be a toss because higher fat foods. the fad will change the texture. it's safe but when you open it up and cook it and the flavor and texture will different. it's kind of a waste.
2:44 am
>> it would be very smart of them to put on the packages don't freeze for -- wouldn't that be helpful. >> a lot of these labels say best buy. it isn't inform ative at all. >> this has been frozen for three months. what do you think. >> i will say toss. >> well, you can keep it -- >> hey, that's rude. >> you should get this one only because these are safe to eat but you can't eat them fresh if you had them from the garden because you could put them in a sauce or stew because they really are nutrient rich so we're going to keep it. >> so they are not going to lose their nutrients for three months about if you're going to save them for longer than that you will are to chuck them. let's go for something that's always around. a container of ice cream. this has been frozen for five months. >> scrape off the freezer burn.
2:45 am
>> unless you're like hoda. >> it's fine to eat. >> first of all she's can't eat ice cream. >> i dream about it. next who doesn't have something from your mom or grandma. your mom's meatballs frozen in an ice container. this has been frozen for two months. >> keep it. >> how long do you think you can keep it for. >> how long -- this is for two months. >> six. >> well, about three months is good for left overs generally. >> we got to roll. all right sweetie. thank you so much. we always learn so much. >> you're a party girl. for more on what to clean out of your freezer go to >> and tired of the same old trip? fun family vacation that's are both educational and fun. is that possible? right after this.
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there are some long weekend as head when you figmight want to k up the family for an adventure. here is travel magazine's international editor. is this the new trend. >> learning is not limited to the classroom. you can also get up and have a good time on vacation while having new experiences. >> i bet tucson, arizona is a great place. >> this is a great zdestination two hours south of phoenix. this is the largest environmental laboratory. they have deserts in there and tropical arain forests and ocea and are doing science experiment that's will help improve our environment. great desert foothills tote hot.
2:51 am
lots of swimming pools only $130 a night and a botanical garden. natural history museum. art gallery. >> kids will love it as well. >> it's also there. >> it's in tucson. >> colonial, williamsburg. >> i took my family there two years ago. we still talk about it. it's perfectly preserved. they have actors. k parents are go to the studio and learn about. >> they do all of that stuff but you also have typical 18th century meals from the garden. >> i have a great memory. >> packages there start as low as $77 a fight pnight including admission. >> glen rose texas. >> this is a great place. it's called the fossil rim wild life certainty committed to
2:52 am
saving endangered species. it's vast. 1700 acres. a thousand animals representing 50 species. feed the animals like a giraffe comes up. you buy special feed if them but what i would recommend is staying overnight there if you can. you can get a save fari sent. >> it's a safari to africa. >> now the smoke aniies in nort carolina and tennessee. >> in october the foliage is at the finest. it's a six day hiked adventure. it's absolutely beautiful. the smoke is the clouds. you do it on a different hike each day. all of your meals are included. you will be hiking five to ten miles day uphills. all of your meals are
2:53 am
accommodated. this is a great trip. $895 all included. >> costa rica is your destination. >> costa rica is really hot in the travel market. it's safe and beautiful. you will learn spanish while you're there right at the resort. you will also go on the la iguana experience. see iguanas, tucans. >> no cook meals that are get you back in the kitchen now that summer is coming to an end. >> first this is nbc. on my journey across america, i've learned that when you ask someone in texas if they want "big" savings on car insurance, it's a bit like asking if they want a big hat... ...'scuse me... ...or a big steak... ...or big hair...
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it is time now for "today's kitchen." back to school can mean back to the kitchen and serving up dinner that doesn't include a burger or a hot dog. >> here to ease you back into the busiest room into the house with some no cook meals is is -- >> how are you? >> >> you know with the hot and hectic time of the year, we can feed our families nourishing and fun meals without breaking a sweat. that's what we'll do today. so we'll make a seven layer mediterranean dinner dip. if you don't mind getting involved if you can put on the cucumbers and tomatoes. we'll do the seven layers, we have the hummus in the bowl. get that and plop them in. and -- >> i'm plopping. >> hoda, you do the next layers when she is done. the olives. feta cheese, pine nuts and
2:58 am
parsley on top. >> do i -- >> tomatoes? >> tomatoes too. >> look at how she does everything perfectly. >> wait wait. we'll never get to the second dish. >> what we have is a dip for dinner. so it's a kind of fun dinner we can eat with our hands. yet it has all of the calories and protein that we need to keep us satisfied. there we go. half of our daily fiber. beautiful. like this one. you can -- >> all right. >> zucchini pasta. so you can take a humble zucchini and transform it into spaghetti. >> i love that. >> you have this healthy pasta. kids actually love it. >> yeah. >> so there are several ways to do it. do it with a box grater on its side, with the mandolin. >> i have seen those on tv. >> i really like this spiral vegetable slicer. have you seen these? >> no. >> you take the zucchini and you twist out and comes -- >> oh, my gosh.
2:59 am
>> the spaghetti. >> so actually what we'll do, what we'll do is toss it with the pesto. >> pesto. >> would you like to do that? >> you eat. and toss. this will be fun. then as you can see, we top it with the tomatoes and you have -- and the pesto gives it the protein and the flavor that you need. >> i love it. >> what do we have at the end? >> over here, we have avocado stuffed with tuna salad. we have just tuna. you can use canned salmon and finely chopped bell peppers. we'll add a little bit of mayonnaise. >> i'm still eating. >> okay. scoop it out and put it in. >> exactly. so scoop it -- what's fun, you scoop it with the ice cream scoop. >> you can find all the recipes -- >> go to the website. >> guess who's here? kevin klein. anna lee ashford and --
3:00 am
>> one of the guys from "fashion police." >> you know george. have a great weekend. >> i'm here to help. you and i can get through this together. cheers and applause] ♪


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