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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  September 12, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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nbc bay area news starts now. >> good morning, everyone, thank you for joining us. >> i'm kris sanchez. it is san jose's 26th homicide of the year, a woman who was apparently brutally attacked found on the sidewalk around 2:30 this morning. this all happened at 15th street and commercial near oakland road and the 880/101 interchange. stephanie chuang is there live. the question is always, is there a search for a suspect, should the rest of us be concerned? >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you, kris. police saying there's no search active for an outstanding suspect. they have also confirmed a third person of interest has been
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taken into custody on this homicide. you can see almost nine hours later the mobile command center still on the street here, and then a lot of the homicide investigation focus where you see those evidence markers. that's where crime scene techs have been focusing attention all morning, taking photos and notes, working in the hopes of determining who killed this woman. san jose police took both persons of interest and witnesses back to headquarters this morning, canvassing the neighborhood using flashlights in the dark hours to scrutinize every inch for possible evidence, trying to pinpoint what led up to a brutal deadly attack of a woman who appeared to be in her 40s. dead from blunt force trauma lying facedown on the sidewalk. neighbors and witnesses say this is where homeless people had been camping overnight. one of those transients told nbc bay area he called 911 two hours earlier because two young men,
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also homeless, were causing trouble. >> in my point of view, got in a fight because they were drinking. >> reporter: while he didn't hear anything overnight, he says there's been plenty of activity around the homeless encampment there. >> no violence or anything like that. seen people out there sitting and drinking wine, but usually no problems. couple little arguments. i come out and go, hey, take a look around. i've been a homeless veteran. i know what it's like to be out on the street in the morning or night, stuff like that, so it's kind of a tough situation for these people. >> reporter: now the victim's position made it difficult for police to determine if she had also been shot or stabbed. at the coroner's office, which did come out about the last hour, has to make that determination finally. as for traffic in this area, oakland road and commercial streets have been opened. this stretch of north 15th will probably shut down for at least another hour or two. live in san jose, stephanie
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chuang, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, stephanie. and now to a developing story, a california-based fighter pilot missing in the pacific ocean right now. two fa-18 hornets crashed some 900 miles east of guam this morning. one of the pilots was plucked from the water and is being treated aboard the san diego-based uss carl vinson. he's listed in fair condition. several ships and helicopters looking for that second pilot, the fighters pilots patrolling the western pacific ocean when they went down. both pilots based out of leemore near fresno. their names have not been released. a serial burglary suspect is behind bars this morning after weeks of terrorizing neighborhoods in santa cruz. police arrested thomas armstrong tuesday on suspicion of at least five burglaries. they say he was on probation already for a previous break-in and was out on probation. investigators tracked down armstrong because he left his
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cell phone behind at a business he allegedly broke into. detectives are searching for more victims who may have been targeted by this man. another mountain lion sighting on the peninsula, this one in san carlos, where a person saw a mountain lion in san carlos around 10:30 last night. that resident saw the animal standing over a dead deer on the side of the road. deputies searched the area but did not find a mountain lion. authorities remind us to be extra careful at night especially when mountain lions are most active. and now to a follow-up on a mountain lion attacking cupertino. fish and wildlife officials confirmed today that the animal they found and killed on wednesday wasn't the same who attacked a 6-year-old boy, according to dna results they conducted. they also found the mountain lion tested negative for rabies. officials say they had no choice but to take down the animal
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because of aggressive behavior. well, president obama declared a major disaster in napa after last month's devastating earthquake. the city is going to have access to millions of dollars in low-interest loans to help them rebuild. meanwhile, authorities are released more than an hour of 911 calls made to emergency officials minutes after the quake. while there were many life threatening emergencies, none more -- nothing more than unnecessary calls, as well. nbc's gadi schwartz reports. >> i know it's very scary, okay, but i need you to take a -- >> this is very scary. >> i know, i know, i want you to take a deep breath and nope it's going to be okay and we're going to be there, okay? >> reporter: these are the types of calls dispatchers train for. >> i am trapped in my bedroom and i'm in the wheelchair. i have a dresser that has fallen between my power chair and the door. >> reporter: within minutes of the quake, calls were coming in
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all across napa frustratingly. >> hello, anyone there? >> reporter: 41 were 911 hang-up calls, wasting precious time. there were dozens of other calls like these of what not to do after an earthquake. >> 911, what is the address of your emergency? >> there's no address, what the hell is going on here? >> we have an earthquake, if you're not reporting an emergency, i have to hang up with you. >> reporter: but buried in the 128 calls in less than 38 minutes -- >> there's a huge, huge gas leak. the part of the house fell on the main. >> reporter: reminders on why to always have a plan on getting out of your home. >> on the eastside of me, i saw a house that was on fire. >> reporter: examples of just how many things can go wrong. >> a house on fire. a house on fire. >> is anyone trapped? >> i don't know. >> gadi schwartz reporting one death now tied to the quake, more than 200 injured, more than 120 buildings and homes have been red tagged. teachers at a bay area college say a group of students are using their online classes
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to steal money. according to the chronicle, police are investigating 23 people who enrolled in online classes at the college of marin. each has been suspected of posing as a student but two teachers noticed the students all in the same address and phone number not participating in online discussions. each withdrew from class once they received pell grants, which don't have to be repaid. the scam is becoming more popular, especially targeting community colleges, which have online classes. the venture capitalist who wants to split california up into six states has until the end of the day to collect thousands of signatures. according to the chronicle, tim draper still needs more than 200,000 signatures from l.a. and four other counties. if he doesn't get them, the six californias initiative will not make it on the 2016 ballot. a spokesman for the initiative told the paper he is confident
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they will reach that goal. it is now the dawn of a new era. this sunday the 49ers write a new chapter into their history as the team plays its first regular season game at its new home, levi's stadium. this time-lapsed video shows the two years it took to go from start to finish. ground breaking on that patch of santa clara was april 19th of 2012, then a few months later on july 30th, crews installed the first steel beams, october 1st, 2013, levi's stadium really started to take shape as construction crews installed the first seats. and finally on july 17th, 2014, the stadium officially opened. nbc bay area's bob rendell is there live. one of the big questions is always what are you going to eat, bob? >> reporter: they have some good food here. good morning to you, kris. we're on top of the west end of the levi's stadium here in santa clara and you can get a good
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bird's eye view of what it takes to get ready for a game. you can see right now they are lining the field, you have the 49ers in the end zone, "sf" in the central part, and as i mentioned, they are getting ready for their home season opener and the debut of the brand new stadium here. just over 48 hours from now, 68,500 people will be sitting in those seats here. of course, coming to watch good football and eat, of course, the food you're talking about. we're talking about the tradition of tailgating, but one chef is trying to at least put his name into the game, at least in his new restaurant. chef michael mina's levi's stadium restaurant bourbon steak and pub as it's called will host a special tailgate party for 1,000 fans who prepaid tickets. there will be a lot of fun dishes themed after the opposing team's city. the chef took the three pieces of equipment he always used to
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tailgate and magnified them. 400-gallon burner, grill and ro tisry that can hold 1,100 pounds of meet. >> i love basketball, but football is above every other sport to begin with. i can watch a football game no matter who's playing, except the seahawks. >> reporter: there will even be a willy wonka area with ice cream floats, so if you're asking me what will i be eating if i were to be coming to the game, kris, definitely the ice cream floats. coming up we're going to show you the only what is reported to be the only green roof here in the nfl, we're talking about the solar terrace here on top of the west section of levi's stadium, which you can see is very lovely. not exactly what you'd expect on top of an nfl stadium.
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>> hopefully that turf works out better than the turf on the field. thanks, bob. a family feud spills over into the state capital. the former governor, arnold schwarzenegger, and the change he ordered to his new official portrait. and the snag and delay apple fans are facing after trying to preorder their new iphone 6. and we've already cleared out most of the bay area on this friday. one place still with fog, golden gate bridge, but those temperatures are warm, 80s in the tri-valley, cooler weather and the first chance of rain of the season next week. we're back to explain.
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bart commuters won't see relief from crowded trains any time soon. crews are still fixing several train cars with defective wheels, they are out of commission. the defects were discovered after a wheel fell off a moving train late last month. bart did an inspection and found 20 cars with defective wheels. those cars are now out of service, causing crowded trains
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to get even more crowded. bart says it will take another two weeks to get all of those cars fixed. peninsula police are keeping a sharp eye out for distracted drivers, the goal to make roads safer. experts estimate distracted drivers cause nearly 1.4 million crashes every year and that's all kinds of distracted driving, including texting, eating, even putting makeup on while driving. police will be watching until 4:00 this afternoon. green light for tesla, the electric car maker and the state of nevada agreed to a giga factory near reno. the governor of nevada signed into law an unprecedented package of initiatives to bring the factory to the state. the deal includes more than $1 billion in tax breaks. tesla's battery factory expected to produce about 22,000 jobs and inject $100 billion into nevada's economy over the next 20 years. well, a painting of governor arnold schwarzenegger has a
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telling characteristic. schwarzenegger unveiled his official portrait in sacramento on monday. now, when the light hits it just right you can see there's something off in the six-foot oil painting. look real close. apparently, there's a softball-sized splotch on the lapel. there are reports that schwarzenegger wore a pin there with maria shriver's face. that's when the painting hung in schwarzenegger's office. when it was moved, her face was painted over with blue paint. the couple, you recall, separated after it was revealed schwarzenegger had a son with the couple's housekeeper. >> who wears a pin with their wife's face? not sure my husband's ever done that. >> nor has he had his portrait done. >> that's true. only in crayola. you're going to have your portraits done in crayons. >> all over the walls. at least they are cute, right? let's talk about your weather right now.
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you can see in san jose, clear skies, but off into the distance, that haze, yes, that's the haze we're going to be talking about that's going to be at least drifting away over the next couple of days. today it is going to be hot and humid. hot and hazy, rather. not that humid. as we head through the next couple of days, saturday, sunday, temperatures fall. san francisco, 81 today. not as hot through the weekend, and yes, the weekend is finally here. if you're looking for some things to do, we've got you covered. the chocolate festival happening saturday and sunday and temperatures are going to be comfortable. you'll find some of the more comfortable weather, temps in the low 70s with fog rolling back in by the evening. of course, you've been hearing all about it this morning, the 49ers taking on the bears this sunday and temperatures here are going to be a little warm, in fact, talking about mid 80s by the time the game starts. good news, temperatures will fall back into the 70s, but it's going to be warm by 5:00, full sun and not a whole lot of wind. wear light colored clothing, opt
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with a white instead of a red that day and remember to drink plenty of water because it is going to be a scorcher, but relatively speaking, it's going to be cooler because today we're going to be in the 90s and triple digits. we're on a gradual decline for cooler weather and next week, the best news of all, best news all year, first rain of the season. yes, first rain of the season. get the umbrellas out. can we get an applause? thank you, kris and scott. yes, we are excited about this, as you know, we've been in a drought and this is the first rain we've seen since april. then you have to go back to january before we had nearly a quarter of an inch. this is excellent news and looks like it's going to come in wednesday night and move out quickly by thursday. this is when we see the rainy season getting going and through the next couple of weeks, even better news. october 3rd through the 6th, another chance of showers. overall, excellent news. try to take it easy, make the best of the weekend. of course, very hot, but by
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wednesday, yes, wednesday the showers will pull back in. we'll be watching it and try not to get too overly excited. back to you guys. >> get a little excited. it's okay. 49ers are reaching new heights. >> we do mean that literally. >> bob redell live on the roof of levi's stadium, the greenest roof in all of nfl, bob? >> reporter: and it's probably the only roof in the nfl that has this. you're looking at roughly a half acre of native succulent plants. they are drought tolerant, you can tell, they are thriving in the heat and dry weather. jack hill, the project executive with levi's stadium and, of course, with the 49ers are on top of the nrg solar terrace. what was the idea for putting this on top of a stadium? >> well, as you see, bob, it's a very unique space, and you would go to a normal stadium and see roofing material, so we've taken space that otherwise wouldn't be used and turned it into a real
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positive and unique place to watch the game. appropriately named the solar terrace, here in the sun, beautiful day. >> gets you the green certification, league certification, obviously collects rain water, it's helping out in that respect and also adds to the fan experience. >> it does. it helps a little bit with our lead points, one of the parts of the equation, but also the dirt acts as insulation for the roof and it's a great place to watch the game. >> we're standing in your baby, the stadium, of course. you've been working on this for two years. you haven't really had a chance to put up your feet yet, even though the home opener is in a couple of days. >> we're still working like we've got good sense around here. we have a lot going on, sponsor activation that we're doing and continually tweaking and improving the fan experience, but we're all busy and when the fans come in this sunday, improvements over the last few weeks. >> do you think you personally has been able to say, finally,
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i'm finished? >> you know, i don't think so. i think this is going to continue to improve the place and so i can't think of when that day's going to get here, but i'm sure it will some day. >> jack hill, thank you very much. have fun on sunday. there you go. we're going to take you downstairs within the next 20, 30 minutes. we need time to get down there, it's a little walk, and we're going to take you to some of the most expensive seats here in the house. >> the ones we'll never see. >> one and only time we'll see them. thanks, bob. nice to see him without his hard hat, jack hill. >> now a hard hat-less place. >> nice. >> except the players. >> that's true. so, if you want apple's latest iphone, you have to get in line and there's a pickle in the line, as well. we'll tell you about the extra wait in store for you. and the newest flicks hitting the screen this weekend. box office preview straight ahead. plus, coming up next, "access hollywood live" followed by "days of our lives" here on nbc bay area.
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preorders of the new iphone 6 started at midnight, but many websites, including apple's own website, didn't begin taking orders right away. preorders on apple, sprint, t-mobile websites began more than two hours late. that's because so many people wanted to buy the device, the sites crashed. shortly after, iphone 6 plus sold out, they are now on back order. that means they won't be available three to four weeks, possibly as late as thanksgiving. the smaller version iphone 6 still available for preorder. both devices go on sale next friday, but some people have already began standing in line. >> preorder, it's easier. from dolphin's tale to a crime drama, a lot of movies out there. one for everyone in the family. >> here's the box office preview. >> such an inspiration for me.
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isn't she just amazing? >> one inspiration gets another in "dolphin tale 2," another chapter in the true story of winter. now she's feeling the blues after losing her tank mate to the team at clear water marine has to find her a new partner or risk losing winter to another acquiquariu aquarium. rated pg. trouble comes knocking in "no good deed," an escaped convict with a history of violence and side of charm. housewife and mom in the wrong place at the wrong time, but when the hardened criminal threatens her kids, she finds the strength to fight back. rated pg-13. >> still in the life? >> nope, i just tend the bar. >> he lies to his lady friend in "the drop," playing opposite gandolfini, his final role before his passing. the two run a bar that hides money for the mafia but find
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themselves surrounded by sharks after the bar is robbed and they just may end up sleeping with the fishes. "the drop" is rated "r." >> bill hater and kristen wiig rediscover their twin-stincts, playing estranged inlings reunited after a decade. soon realizing the key to fixing themselves is repairing their relationship with the other. rated "r." that's the box office preview, nbc news. meanwhile, the story of oscar pistorius has been telling convinced the judge. still ahead, the moment another crucial verdict was handed down today and the next phase in that murder trial. plus, the growing threat of isis. what will it take to destroy thousands of militants who have been terrorizing people worldwide? >> we'll be back at levi's stadium live with a look at all the technology that will change the way you enjoy the game.
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the verdict is in. olympian oscar pistorius is guilty of culpable homicide in the shooting death of his own girlfriend. it is the final verdict after yesterday's ruling found him not guilty of premeditated murder. >> nbc's jeff rossen was in pretoria, south africa, when the verdict was laid down. >> reporter: the final verdict, everyone holding their breath. the bottom line, did oscar pistorius intend to kill, did he murder his girlfriend, model reeva steenkamp? here's the judge. >> the accused is found not guilty and is discharged.
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instead, he's found guilty of culpable homicide. >> reporter: it is a major victory for the defense, and a massive blow to the prosecutor. the judge virtually ripping the state's case apart. >> evidence led by the state in respect of this count was purely circumstantial. >> reporter: she believes oscar pistorius, that he thought there was an intruder in the bathroom, and the judge went even further today, saying pistorius didn't pact like a murderer. >> the conduct of the accused shortly after the incident is inconsistent with the conduct of someone who had intention to commit murder. he called 911, he called security, although he could not speak as he was crying. he prayed to god to save the deceased life. >> reporter: after the verdict, the judge allowing pistorius to walk out of court today. his bail extended, the blade
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runner not saying a word as he pushed through a crush of cameras. oscar's uncle reacting to the verdict, not guilty of murder. >> on behalf of the family, we would really like to share our deep grateful we are to the judge, that she's found oscar not guilty of murder. >> reporter: his sentencing hearing has been set now for october 13th, just over a month away. jeff rossen, nbc news, pretoria, south africa. secretary of state john kerry is continuing his tour to build a coalition against isis, but critics in the region say the u.s. plan lacks clarity and underestimates the challenge. richard engel reports from irbil in northern iraq. >> reporter: the cia estimates fighters -- but the
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administration isn't declaring war on isis, instead choosing its words very carefully. >> i believe what we're engaged in is not a full-fledged war like we were before, it's a heightened level of counterterrorism operation. >> reporter: secretary kerry was in saudi arabia to enlist the help of arab leaders, who he says have a vital role against isis. >> i think the ingredients are there. whether it gets mixed correctly and baked properly over the course of the next months and year or so we'll have to see, but i think and the president believes, the ingredients are there. >> reporter: but baking those ingredients will require a vast amount of work, luck, and money. first ingredient, building a rebel syrian army. the fighters will need weapons, intelligence, and logistics. next, rebuilding the iraqi army, after several of its divisions show cowardice and ran from isis.
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and in northern iraq, the u.s. is also equipping kurdish fighters. isis militants are less than three miles from here. the plan is for these kurdish fighters to advance even further to drive them out. but to do that, they are going to need a lot of help. the kurds have advanced as far as this mountaintop position, but just below the villages are still held by isis. the kurdish general told us at least here american air strikes have been precise and effective because the kurds are passing along intelligence to their american advisers. the problem is, in other areas the united states doesn't have such reliable partners on the ground. richard engel, nbc news, irbil, northern iraq. the european union has imposed new sanctions on russia, responding to moscow's actions in ukraine. the e.u. today says it's cut off lending for several russian companies, including the country's largest oil producer. the military conflict between the ukrainian government and
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pro-russian separatists in eastern ukraine has been raging since mid-april. in ukraine, government forces and rebel groups freed prisoners this morning as part of a cease-fire agreement and exchange. 36 ukrainian soldiers were released in exchange for 31 pro-russian rebels. the cease-fire took effect last friday. already it's been violated several times. shortly after the prisoner exchange, a barrage of rocket fire was heard from the rebel stronghold of donetsk. a top dutch prosecutor investigating malaysian airlines flight 17 which crashed in eastern ukraine says it is most likely the plane was shot down from the ground. the plane went down in july over rebel-held territory. a separate dutch investigation concluded the plane was hit by high energy objects, but stopped short of calling it missile strike. an american aide worker who
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has recovered from ebola is helping another doctor who is fighting the disease. doctors treating rick sacra say he's responding well to two blood transfusions from dr. kent brantly. brantly was treated in atlanta last month. sacra and two other american ebola survivors were doing missionary work in liberia when they got sick. a fourth american is being treated for ebola at emory university in atlanta but has not been named. ohio state troopers have arrested the teenaged killer who escaped from prison, t.j. lane and two other inmates scrambled over a fence in a prison in lima, ohio, last night just before 8:00. one of the inmates was quickly captured. lane wasn't found until about 1:30 this morning. lane was serving time for killing and shooting three students at a cleveland high school in 2012. the third inmate was found just a couple hours ago.
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ford is recalling thousands of hybrid suvs because the engines can just shut down without warning. the company is recalling about 74,000 older model hybrid escapes from 2005 to 2008. the company says the coolant pump for the hybrid system could fail, causing the electronics to overheat, which causes the engine to shut down. if you have one of these vehicles, you can take it into a dealership after october 27th. the u.s. is on track to have the lowest deficit since 2008. the federal government's budget dropped by 13% in august compared to the same time last year. officials say the deficit improved because of a boost in tax revenue and a drop in government spending. the u.s. is expected to have a deficit of $506 billion when the fiscal year ends this month. just two more days until the first 49ers game of the regular season at their new home.
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it is the moment so many people have been waiting for, especially considering the fact that the new facility has so much to offer. nbc bay area's bob redell is live at levi's stadium. bob, lots of bells and whistles, and the seats look pretty comfy, too. >> reporter: very cozy, and new technology, something you're not going to find at the stick when the stick was still up and running like this levi's stadium app. it does go above and beyond, at least in my opinion, when you consider what apps you could have at a football stadium. for example, obviously, normal what's going to be happening on sunday information, you can buy your tickets on the app, you can get your parking passes, this is all stuff you do beforehand, but once you're in the stadium, look at this. go to food and drink and you can do express pickups, say, hey, i want to buy a hot dog, tells you where it's at and says, by the way, there's a short time there. you can see they are doing an audio test right now on the sound system. it tells you how long is the
11:37 am
wait and if you want to spend more, $5 delivery charge for in-seat delivery, tell them where you're seated, et cetera, et cetera, and if you have to use the restrooms, they have an indicator on how long the line is. the technology is so good, wifi right now and you can see they have wifi boxes for every roughly 100 seats throughout the stadium. let's say this is one way of watching the action on a small screen. they've got there, right over there, one in each end zone, talking about the large screens, very large screens to catch the action. those gigantic screens, two as i mentioned, 5.2 million pixel screen. niners say this gives them a home field advantage, especially when it comes to what they show. >> if a call is missed and we can show it, we're going to show it and it's in our favor, we're going to show it as quickly as possible. if it's against us, why would we show it? >> reporter: the big screens are
11:38 am
powered through the broadcast nerve center downstairs. that's far below the fans and players. it is the widest tv screen you'll ever watch football on, wider than even the big screen at cowboys stadium. back out here live, here we are over 48 hours away. they are painting the field, getting ready for sunday's season opener here at levi's stadium. 68,500 fans are expected. you're probably wondering are you sitting in the most expensive seat in the house, of course not. the most expensive seat is roughly right over there and give me about ten minutes and i'll show it to you coming up. >> the one and only time your bottom will touch that seat, bob, thank you very much. well, up next, the damage you do when you shame an overweight person. plus -- >> cancer, one of the things people do not talk about is how it affects the finances. >> how a bay area woman is
11:39 am
helping ease both the physical and financial pains every cancer patient experiences.
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people who are criticized or teased for their weight are likely to put on even more pounds. a study of overweight adults found that those folks who felt judged or discriminated against were six times more likely to become obese than those who did not feel shamed for their weight. in fact, those with a more positive self image became slightly thinner. criticism can lead to eating for comfort and keeping them from hitting the gym. >> makes sense. anyone who's battled cancer or knows someone who has understands there's a physical and emotional toll it takes on patients and families. >> what about the financial toll? it is something not a lot of people talk about. garvin thomas is here to show us what one woman is doing to help.
11:42 am
>> sandra wing has spent a lifetime in the business world, studying, teaching, and doing. so finances, that's something she knows a lot about. cancer, well, when she was diagnosed it was something she knew nothing about. having survived, though, sandra knows a lot now and figured out a way to put her unique set of skills to very good use. >> now you're really tight back here today. and -- >> reporter: on a recent morning in pleasanton, kathleen gave a therapeutic massage to paula harris. >> let your attention be unfocused, taking in your wholeness. >> reporter: less than a mile away, cathy led robin through guided imagery. >> good. good chi here, too, good chi. >> reporter: and not far from there, christine buckley performed acupuncture on natalie
11:43 am
bianco. three different practitioners, three different therapies, three different cancer patients, all brought together by a single woman. a woman who knows exactly what those patients are going through. >> i was diagnosed with two cancers, ovarian and uterine cancer in november of '06. >> reporter: sandra wing says before her diagnosis she was never one to even consider what she now calls complementary healing treatments. but sandra says she was up for trying anything at the time that might help ease the pain, not to mention the fear that came with surgery and chemotherapy. >> happy to report it did, so that's why we're sharing with others. >> reporter: sharing it in a big way. through the sandra j. wing healing therapies foundation. over the past six years, raising money and providing grants to patients in the tri-valley to get treatments like the ones that helped sandra.
11:44 am
treatments that sandra says she was fortunate to be able to pay for. >> how about in here, tender at all? >> reporter: but knows that's not the case for everyone. >> because cancer, one of the things people do not talk about is how it affects the finances, you know? nobody really talks about that. >> reporter: in its short history, sandra's foundation has helped more than 500 grateful patients, because they are all local, sandra says she'll often get stopped at the grocery store or wherever they might find her and thank her for making their difficult journey a little more comfortable to take. >> i don't appreciate it enough, to be honest. i don't take the time to really go, wow, you know, that's -- this is incredible. >> reporter: and sandra has accomplished all of this with an all volunteer organization. in fact, looking ahead to growing, they are planning on hiring their first ever staff person. garvin thomas, nbc bay area
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news. >> sweet story. >> yeah. meteorologist anthony slaughter is standing in front of a whole lot of red on his map. >> it's warm outside. nice and warm. in fact, some of our cooler places right now, san francisco, half moon bay, even santa rosa in the 60s. oakland, 67. yes, get into the inland valleys, livermore, 82 degrees. already and it's just 11:45. yeah, it's going to be a warm day. you can tell by that. let's take a look outside and show you what it's looking like, lots of blue skies to the north bay, 81 degrees expected in san francisco later today. 82 in the east shore, peninsula, low 90s, same for the south bay and one of our warmest, tri-valley, without a doubt, 102 expected for today. we are expecting a warm day for today and even if you're making plans to head out to the giants game, taking on the dodgers, that game will be here on nbc tonight at 7:15. saturday and sunday, cooler weather on tap. of course, we're talking about temperatures in san francisco in
11:46 am
the low 70s. of course, we can't forget about the raiders. talking all about the 49ers. yeah, raider love for you here and sunday the home opener there, taking on the texans, comfortable weather there. places to be this weekend, close to the water. if you can get to oakland or san francisco, more of the comfortable weather, or maybe the beach. yeah, you like to get to some of the warm places like santa cruz. 83 degrees for tomorrow. beautiful beach day. sunday, temperature near 79. of course, we've been telling you about it, going to wrap things up with this, chance of rain for next week, looking more and more promising each and every day. wednesday night, thursday, few showers and thunderstorms near the sierra. of course, just a few days away, again, by wednesday. so as we fine tune the forecast this weekend, you want to make sure you tune in to find out the late latest. guys, back over to you. >> thank you much. you might notice something different the next time you visit starbuck's. details straight ahead. plus, the price you have to pay to get a seat at the 49ers
11:47 am
game. we'll show you. we are back live at levi's stadium.
11:48 am
11:49 am
well, change may be coming to the employee dress code at starbuck's. there's word the coffee giant is reviewing its strict rule on no visible tattoos. starbuck's is going over its entire dress code, not just the rule on tattoos. the company does expect to announce an update on its employee dress code within the next few weeks. >> to allow them or not? >> that's what i was thinking, must be to allow them. i've never stopped and looked. we'll ask our barista. thousands of 49ers fans are fired up about a new season at the new stadium. >> the hype is going to cost them. let's go back out to nbc bay area's bob redell. we're hearing a 49ers game and audio test, apparently. the most expensive ticket in the nfl.
11:50 am
>> reporter: what, were you saying something? yeah, they are testing the audio here at levi's stadium. believe me, the audio sounds good. you can turn it off. we've been listening to this for about the past 20 minutes. anyway, levi's stadium has become the most expensive ticket in the nfl, according to stub hub. the average ticket price for this sunday's game is going to be running around $373. that beats the average for the last game at the stick, which was around $290. and it's much more than what it cost to have a seat at the cowboys stadium, which was $222. in the days leading up to that game, dozens of ticket sellers were asking for a couple to a few thousand bucks. then there were six outrageous prices from $35,000 to $99,000. that's for one seat, one game. >> stub hub is an open marketplace, so we don't set any prices on our own. if someone sets an outrageous
11:51 am
price, you know, we're not going to regulate it, but we have a term for outrageous prices on stub hub and those are tickets that aren't going to sell. >> reporter: for five of the eight games that the team will be visiting levi's this year, the niners matchup is the highest selling away game. you're probably wondering which seat in the levi's stadium is the most expensive? it's one of these 500 right here. sections 116, 115, 114. you might notice the seats are leather, they have the same cup holders, but most importantly, it's where they are situated and how close they are to the field. right here on the 50-yard line. to give you a sense, the seat license, annual license for these seats, $80,000 per game ticket price, $375. and not only do you get the view, but we're showing you right now what kind of access you get. this is how you get to your seat, walking down on the field on the 50-yard line behind where
11:52 am
the players will be situated and you come in right here. this is a beautiful bar and restaurant eating area inside. and if you look to your right, the players during the pregame warmups, this is where they come down before the show starts. you can see them coming through, whether you can give them a high five or gaming advice, probably not advised, probably not allowed if you have a few cocktails. >> no. >> based on my experience with madden, i shouldn't give anybody advice on football. all right, bob, thank you much. >> we'll be right back.
11:53 am
11:54 am
already beginning to look a lot like christmas at some retail stores. >> i don't like this. some stores do this. there are already a couple doing it. >> ha, you're probably a lot like me, really, christmas shopping this early? but if you head out to the stores, indeed, you're going to see that the displays like this are already going up, or as is
11:55 am
the case here at roberts winter wonderland in clearwater, florida, the displays never come down. these have been up continuously for 41 years. retailers like k-mart, walmart, and hobby lobby say the reason holiday displays are up even before summer officially ends is simply a response to customer demand. >> i love christmas. >> reporter: donna is already out buying for her grandson. this is for christmas? >> for christmas, along with his check. >> reporter: this goes on the tree? according to the national retail federation, 20% of all americans have already started their christmas shopping and by halloween that number is expected to double. >> $600 billion is on the line, so if you're a retailer and you're in the holiday space, you want to get in front of the 40% of americans who are ready to shop right now. >> it's too early for christmas, so just to be clear, this is not a christmas commercial. >> reporter: in a nod to those who groan, this gets earlier
11:56 am
every year. >> merry birthday, everyone. >> reporter: this year americans are carrying more debt on their credit cards than they have in six years. $28 billion. one reason why major retailers have started holiday layaway plans earlier. the national retail federation says the average american will spend $536 on gifts this year. >> i think the iphone 6 is going to be on the list. >> reporter: for adults, there are 104 shopping days left. but for kids -- is today christmas? >> yes. >> reporter: today? >> yes! >> reporter: christmas is always just around the corner. >> christmas is in 40 minutes? >> yep. >> from now? >> yep! >> reporter: and gifts are always in season. >> i want a dress. >> i want a little pony. >> a ranch. >> reporter: what do you want for christmas?
11:57 am
those kids at mirimar united methodist preschool are adorable, so when i asked them individually what they wanted, the boys want legos and the girls, aside from the one who wanted a pony, they all seem to say they wanted something from "froz "frozen," so getting the elsa doll, easy, but closer to christmas, well, you're on your own. kerry sanders, nbc news, clearwater, florida. >> let it go. >> i know you were thinking it. >> princess came on the tv and she visibly reacted. >> going to get it right now. >> and the frozen doll. >> thanks so much for joining us. hope you have a great weekend. >> more special coverage of the opening of levi's stadium at 5:00 and 6:00, as well, have a great day. .
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
>> today on "access hollywood live". the real reason rihanna was pulled from the game and domestic abuse survivor robin givens and the thoughts on the rice scandal. >> she's not happy about the offers. kendall jenner actually glamorizing smoking. >> "access hollywood live", actually glamorizing smoking. >> "access hollywood live", live", starts right now >> ♪ land of the free, and the home of the brave. >> wow!


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