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tv   Early Today  NBC  November 3, 2014 4:00am-4:31am PST

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coming up on "early today," a daredevil defies drafts without a harness or a net. an awe inspiring 19-year-old college basketball player whose personal story goes well beyond the hard court. the mad scramble of political candidates with just hours before millions head to the polls for election day. it is monday, november 3rd. "early today" starts right now. good morning. i'm page hopkins. after publicly sharing plans to end her life because of a fatal brain tumor, 29-year-old brittany maynard has died peacefully. the news was confirmed sunday night, though she reportedly
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died on saturday after being given only months to live. maynard fought for death with dignity. some of her friends say maynard was devastated in the last few days because she felt most of her recent video had been misinterpreted. some thought the video was a sign she changed her mind about taking her own life, but her friends and family say she had not. an obituary was posted sunday night and it ends with a quote from brittany saying, it is people who pause to appreciate life and give thanks who are happiest. if we change our thoughts, we change the world. love and peace to you all. daredevil nik wallenda has completed two more heart stopping stunts. the 35-year-old walked from 1 chicago skyscraper to another on sunday without a harness or even a net below. the wire was strung at a 15 degree angle, more than 50 stories above the chicago river. throughout the stunt, he was able to talk to his dad and "today" anchors willie geist and
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natalie morales hosted the skyscraper walk. >> willie, natalie, how are you guys doing? >> nik, we're doing great. you look amazing out there. you look -- >> i can hardly hear you, natalie, but thank you for saying that i look amazing. so do you. so blessed for these opportunities. god is so good. you guys watching think i'm crazy, but this is what i was made for. >> and he didn't stop there. he turned around and did a second high wire walk, this time blindfolded. in an interview afterwards, he said he was shaking during the stunt. wallenda said he would have walked a little slower if the wind hadn't been blowing in his face. that is courage. no word yet into what caused virgin galactic's deadly accident, but federal officials are starting to put together a timeline. the ntsb acting chairman says the device called the feathering system was activated before the experimental spaceship reached the sea. it lifts and rotates the tail of
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the spaceship to create drag. investigators used one of the cameras inside the cockpit to make that determination. >> in review of that camera, it is consistent with the telemetarie data and shows that the feather unlock lever was moved by the co-pilot from the lock position to the unlock position. >> the co-pilot was killed and the pilot is recovering from serious injuries. friday's accident was the second space disaster in a week. billionaire richard branson who owns virgin galactic will be on the "today" show later this morning. now to decision 2014 and will the country take a right turn on tuesday? according to an nbc/"wall street journal" poll, it might. 46% want a gop controlled congress. at the polls, positive news. more people have voted early in at least ten states than in 2010. but in iowa, big problems for democrats. joni ernst leads bruce brealy by
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seven points and tom harkin is catching heat for this. >> joni ernst, she's really attractive and she sounds nice. i don't care if -- >> nbc's tracie potts is live in washington. tracie, the gop is so confident, they're already thinking strategy. >> right, they're talking about things like taxes and overseas taxes and things they want to change. but first they have to get through this election, page. and what we're finding, the last set of polls before voters head out in the morning, we're finding there is momentum within the republican party, especially in some key states. >> you got to ask yourself who is going to be fighting for you, who is going to be on your side.
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>> he's not on the ballot, but republicans insist tomorrow's election is a referendum on president obama. >> his failed policies go by the name of michelle nunn in the state of georgia. >> reporter: 46% of likely voters want more republicans in charge of congress, 45% want democrats. >> our ground game is whipping their ground game. the economy is usually what turns voters' direction. we feel good. >> reporter: in key battleground states, georgia, kentucky, louisiana, our polls show republicans ahead or gaining. they need six seats to win control of the senate. three-quarters of voters said they're more concerned about the economy and health care than ukraine, isis or ebola. >> the most important things that voters will be asking themselves is who has my back. >> reporter: republicans do face some challenges. >> we have a wall or barrier between us and african-american voters. >> hold on. hold on. >> reporter: so do democrats. in kentucky, the president was
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heckled three times by immigration protesters. >> you need to go protest to republicans. because i'm not the one blocking it. >> reporter: at this point, we're 24 hours and in some cases less than 24 hours before people head to the polls. and the game plan for both sides, page, just getting the vote out. in fact, in some areas, in some key areas, we have seen more early voting this time than four years ago with the midterm. >> that's great. tracie potts, thank you. now a celebration of courage. a 19-year-old with just weeks to live isn't going down without a fight. lauren hill's dream was to play college hoops. knowing she had inoperable brain tumor, the date was moved up of her team's opening game to last night. they had to switch stadiums to fit the 10,000 fans who came out in support. lauren scored the first and last buckets of the game after her team won. she had this to say. >> i'm so happy that people know about it now and that we can get
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some research going. and hopefully find that home run cure for cancer. and even though i might not be -- i'm probably not going be to be around to see it, but it is going to help a lot of people. i just feel so blessed that this is all happening. i'm really happy. this was a really good day. >> wow. lauren vowed to fight pediatric cancer and was honored by legendary ncaa coach pat summitt with the most courageous award. well deserved. a wintry storm blasted new england sunday. dumped nearly two feet of snow in parts of maine. maine's governor declared a limited emergency after 120,000 homes and businesses lost power. in massachusetts, there were blizzard-like conditions at jillette stadium head of the patriots/broncos game. bill karins is here. how is it looking in the west. i can't believe winter is, boom -- >> it is already into first week
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of november, i guess it is the timing is ready. we haven't accepted it yet. they got nailed up there in eastern maine, digging out this morning. it is cold and blustery. we had our fair share of storms going across the country, marching right through. we can thank this very active pattern over the pacific. once again, you can see all the bright white, a big plume of moisture, heading in the general direction of the pacific northwest. pretty good rainstorm, for the mountainous areas of the next couple of days. warm front will try to go through today and the cold front later tonight into tomorrow morning. areas like the olympics will see the highest rainfall totals. as of now, just scattered showers, not too hard. look at this big mass of rain off the coast, even areas like seattle and portland, all the way down to -- into areas of central oregon we'll get rain. not california. the olympics, as i mentioned, just two to five inches with this storm system in the next 24 hours. other areas are clear, but a little chilly. that's yourdown even into medfoh
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our forecast. as i mentioned, it is an active weather pattern and another rainstorm later this week. i'll give you details coming up. >> bill, thanks so much. and it is pure nail biting video out of australia. it starts out okay. a guy jumps out of a boat, but then climbs on to a dead whale. he's sitting there just inches from him, sharks go on a feeding frenzy, including a massive great white. look out. after a few minutes and some camera poses, the guy jumps back into the boat. canada joins the fight against isis in a big way. the hottest video game on the planet is now live. we'll have the details in two minutes. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know certain cartoon characters should never have an energy drink? action!
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militants. just hours ago, canada launched the first air strike in iraq. the air strike comes on the heels of reports that isis militants lined up and executed at least 50 men and women in iraq's anbar province. seven in ten people feel that health care workers returning to the u.s. with no symptoms should still be quarantined for 21 days. that's according to a new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll. it comes after a legal victory for nurse kaci hickox. a judge lifted the quarantine but ordered her to self-monitor and coordinate travel plans with health officials. hickox spoke to chuck todd on "meet the press." >> understand that the community has been through a lot in the past week and that i do, you know, apologize to them for that. i will not go into town, into crowded public places, you know. i have had a few friends come visit me in my home and that's absolutely fantastic. >> a reunion. 21 days in the making.
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dallas nurse nina pham finally able to hold her dog bentley after he was put in quarantine. horrible, truly horrible. >> the power was turned off. >> i was sleeping and the ship just boom, boom, and that was it. >> passengers explaining how a festive halloween themed cruise turned into a nightmare for more than 900 of them. it sit something in the water shortly after leaving grand bahama island. a spokesman said passengers were told to put on life vests but were never in danger. and time to get down to business. millions of gamers around the globe may already be playing call of duty's latest edition, advanced warfare. it went on sale just after midnight. best buy, game stop kept hundreds of stores open to handle the rush. the last call of duty earned over a billion dollars nationwide. how would you like to skip hotel check-in and go right to your room? starwood hotels and resorts will
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allow guests to unlock hotel room doors at a handful of locations with their smartphones. hilton is working on plans to do the same by the end of 2015. and just ahead, the big ben show came to nbc sunday night football. and nascar and boxing combined for real five works. and the fight over the redskins name heats up. and the leaps and bounds of sunday football next. [ high-pitched ] nailed it! [ normal voice ] you're right, that was really easy. i know, i told you so. on, you can compare our progressive direct rates with our competitors' rates, so shopping is easy. you don't sound like flo. [high-pitched] yeah, i do. [ clears throat ] who you talking to? [ normal voice ] what? what's on your hand? noth-- my wedding ring. [chuckles] symbol of our love and understanding. comparing rates for you. now that's progressive. [ high-pitched ] nailed it!
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this morning on "today," baby, she's back. savannah returns to the anchor chair this morning. a wlo a look at her special time off ahead on "today." and football on nbc. steelers and ravens, big ben does it again. roethlisberger throws for 340 yards and six touchdowns, leading the steelers to a 43-23 win. he becomes the first qb in nfl history to throw six tds in back-to-back games. broncos/patriots. the anticipated matchup between the eli quarter backs ended in a lopsided win. tom brady threw four tds in the 43-21 victory. here is manning post game. >> pretty plain and simple. quarterback stinks, usually
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you're not going to win many games. and leaping linebacker, rams darren a little too soon to draw a hilarious offside penalty. colin kaepernick fumbles the ball at the goal line to give the rams the 13-10 win. thousands of people marched in minneapolis on sunday to protest the washington redskins name. it is the nation's largest protest against the team's nickname. the crowd walked the streets and rallied at the stadium where the redskins were playing the vikings. activists said they vowed to take their campaign to all of washington's remaining games, or until the name is changed. on the hard court, knicks forward carmelo anthony reaches the 20,000 point mark in first quarter against the hornets, the first to do so. later he hits the tie breaking jumper in the knicks 96-93 win over charlotte. the chase for sprint cup
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continues. jimmy johnson takes first. earlier in the race, this move by brad keselowski on the track causes jeff gordon to spin out, leading to a post race melee. a full on scuffle of punches thrown, gordon came away with a bloody lip. keselowski with a cut over his eye. they held nothing back during a post race interview. >> just a [ bleep ]. i mean, the way he races, i don't know how he's ever won a championship. >> i bet there are a lot of rivalries. and i got a little blood on me right now. and, you know, i've been roughed up and all that stuff, still here fighting. >> "early today" is brought to you by just for men mustache and beard. champions of facial hair. just ahead, grumpy cat's film trailer is here and she's not happy about it. plus, do you have taylor swift fever? "snl" has the cure. entertainment is next.
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well, welcome back. active weather continues in the west, especially the pacific northwest. i know we got a tiny bit of rain in los angeles over the weekend. as we look to the west, heaviest rains during date. taper off in the morning. temperatures in the 50s. election day, shower type weather, storm kicks further inland toward boise and the mountainous areas. all the election forecasts, in the southern half of the country including the southwest. not a lot of election day
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troublesome weather. >> that can be 't be an excuse people not to vote then. jake gyllenhaal's night crawler earned almost $11 million. ouija earned $9,000 left. before i go to sleep earned a paltry $2 million. for anyone who loves christmas stories about goodwill -- >> i don't care. >> joy. >> no. >> and peace to all. >> fail. >> and tv. >> you're a loser. >> are you serious? >> of course i'm serious. look at my face. >> lifetime's trailer for grum we pat's worst christmas ever is based off the internet cat. >> so bad, it looks funny. >> first trailer was released saturday. >> going off the cliff. >> that looks good. and stevie wonder is going to be a dad for the ninth time.
4:24 am
the 64-year-old who already has eight kids from five different women is expecting triplets from his current girlfriend. congratulations to him. over on "snl," they found a new disease this weekend. >> we know you love taylor swift, it is the major cause of vertigo. >> this beat is banging. who is this? >> taylor swift. >> what? >> taylor swift? >> when you realize you love taylor swift. >> she got me! >> i'm page hopkins. and this is "early today." we hope it is just your first stop of the day on nbc. sensitive bladder? never miss a chance to dance... introducing a revolution in bladder leak protection. new always discreet.
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leading the news in the denver post, bill gates foundation boosts aid to stamp out malaria. he wants to end malaria. they're increasing their budget by 30% to more than $200 million per year. he's also committed $50 million to fighting ebola. and in the huffington post, british pop star katie melua finds spider living in her ear. after hearing a rustling sound, this is so gross, for a week, the singer went to the doctor and this is what they found staring back at them. >> if i hear one, i'm going to the doctor. not a week. >> she believes it came from some old ear phones. other stories we're following, police in southern
4:27 am
california have arrested five people in connection with the halloween hit and run. three teenage girls died when they were trick-or-treating, a damaged suv was found a short distance from where the collision took place. do you remember this guy? the mug shot of jeremy meeks went viral a few months ago. people were calling him the hottest criminal alive. well, he's got -- yeah, he's got some competition. 29-year-old shawn cory's mug shot is getting the same kind of attention. he was arrested on halloween after reportedly beating up someone dressed as a fox news anchor. special olympics athletes from all over travelled to orlando this weekend to participate in a -- they teamed up with stars from the wwe. they competed to see who could pull a 50 ton plane in the fastest time. and a scene from the walking dead, a thousand brazilians dressed up as zombies and
4:28 am
surrounded copacabana beach. the day of the dead is a latin american holiday which is supposed to honor real dead people. participants say that doesn't mean they can't have some fun. >> have you ever done a zombie costume? >> i haven't, have you? >> no. i thought about it. >> i thought it was over, yeah. shows you what we know. >> not there. >> apparently not. and now for a look ahead. a funeral will be held for tom menino. the city's longest serving mayor died of cancer thursday at the age of 71. thousands of people braved rain, snow and wind sunday to pay their final respects to menino, lying in state at boston's faneuil hall. mourners included secretary of state john kerry. and switching gears, today's birthdays, kendall jenner turns 19. coppin kaepernick is 27. and actress and comedian roseann
4:29 am
is 62. i'm page
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and a good monday morning. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's get that weather forecast to you. >> hey, everybody. it's a really important week. we have a big election tomorrow. you know what? chamber of commerce weather all week long. it's a little chilly out there, 47 in concord, to kick off the new week in san francisco but today temperatures are going to be just perfect. plenty of 70s out there. then changes, a warmup and a tt


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