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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  November 4, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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push to allow terminally ill patients to control when and how they die. physician assisted suicide is illegal in california but one bay area woman is trying to change that. michelle roberts spoke with the cancer patient who says she deserves to die with dignity. >> reporter: i spent the afternoon with jennifer glass, she took this picture a year ago, a day after she shaved her head from chemo. she says it would offer her some comfort to know in her dying days that she had some control. >> the time flies by. >> reporter: time jennifer glasses hold dear. >> i have cancer. how bad is it? >> reporter: she was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer after her husband noticed a lump on her neck. she documented each day of chemotherapy with a picture, some day stronger than others. >> my ambitions now are small.
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>> reporter: jennifer spends her day making cards and blogging about her experience. >> okay, i'll try positive thinking. i'm positive i still have cancer. next. >> reporter: her doctors say she has a 5% chance of living another five years. >> i don't want to drown in my own lung fluid with my family watching. i want a different way to exit a life i worked hard to live fully. >> reporter: if it comes time, jennifer wants the option to die with dignity like britney maynard, the 29-year-old who chose to end her life in oregon, a state that allows doctors to prescribe a fatal dose of drugs to fatally ill patients. >> physicians should kill disease and pain but not kill patients. >> reporter: terminally ill patients should be treated with dignity, by supporting comfort, not the option to day. jennifer may not live to see the
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laws in california change, she hopes her story will offer help to others suffering. >> i live now a very thoughtful and purposeful life. >> reporter: jennifer says she doesn't have a bucket list but trying to appreciate every day that she does have. currently in the u.s., there are five states that have aid in dying laws. michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> this has been in the headlines for the past several days and this story stretches all the way to rome. today vatican leaders call the assisted suicide of maynard an undignified absurdity. suicide is bad because it's saying no to life and everything it means. 29-year-old san francisco woman was dying of brain cancer and announced weeks ago she wanted to die before the seizures and pain became unbearable. she took her own life in oregon on sunday while surrounded by her family and friends. anti-abortion activists are
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vowing to -- taught by educators from planned parenthood. >> this is something new planned parenthood is attempting to do in order to have what we are calling monopolistic, with their future clientele. >> planned parenthood have been teaching that class for ten years now. the superintendent says, the instruction is age appropriate using objective and medically accurate information, the value of abstinence is identified as the only way to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. >> perhaps you voted already today. it's a big night for the republican party. we'll find out how big in the next few hours. nbc news is projecting the republicans will retain their
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majority in the house of representatives for at least the last two years now of president obama's term. republicans have controlled the house since 2010. will republicans take control of the senate? these are live pictures now in kentucky, senator mitch mcconnell held off a tough challenge to retain his seat. the 72-year-old mcconnell spoke a short time ago about his re-election. >> too many in washington have forgotten that their job is to serve. so tomorrow, the papers will say i won this race. [ applause ] >> regardless of the outcomes, this is a difficult political climate. a recent nbc news/wall street journal poll reports two of every three americans says the country is on the wrong track. in the bay area the polls will close in two hours and high profile races will be decided. the bay area biggest city is
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electing a new mayor, between david cortese and sam liccardo. cheryl is live at oakland tracking the activity at the alameda registers office. >> reporter: jessica, we have seen the traffic pick up during the past half hour as the deadline approaches. inside at the polls we saw fairly light turnout of people casting balance lots. i have heard people tell me the san jose mayor's race is the main folkous but the registrar says the turnout doesn't reflect the attitude. >> not yet. we haven't seen any significant increase in thecy of san jose ballots. >> reporter: she is optimistic the county turnout can hit 40 to 50%. they were only at 21% yesterday to tell us how the voter turnout is going in alameda.
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let's go to cheryl hurd to tell us the latest there. >> reporter: robert, it's a similar situation here in alameda county. this county has a lot on its plate. there are about 270 candidates running for various offices here and there are 30 measures to weigh through. despite the low turnout, alameda county is getting a lot of behind the scenes help. >> we're seeing young people really getting engaged in helping out with election, going beyond just voting but coming out those students who speak another language are helping us out as well. i like to see that young generation getting involved. >> you can still use your mail-in ballot if you have one at home. you must bring it into your local polling place or reg star of voters, postmark at this point will not suffice. i'm cheryl heard, nbc bay area
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news. there's been a technical glifrp, the election website crashed and people were accessing the website for common questions and voting information but this apology message was posted after the site broke down. page directed voters with questions to call the registrar's office. the florida software company that operates the site says the servers were overloaded. election websites in two other california counties and three other states also crashed. the feds are on the lookout to make sure all voters rights are being protected tonight. the justice department civil rights decision has boots on the ground monitoring polling places in 18 states and that includes alameda and napa counties in california. they are looking for everything from violence to threats of violence to intimidation at the polls. complaints can go to the local election officials or doj. federal hot line is on the screen. and we invite you to stay with
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nbc bay area news on air and online throughout this election evening. bay is being updated around the clock. all you have to do is click on the election guide for election results. once the polls close right at 8:00 p.m. tonight. it is frustrating and dangerous trying to get through the busy intersections clogged by other cars. now san francisco wants to make it difficult for drivers to block the intersections, a pilot program targeted two trouble spots. bryant and second street and main and harrison, not far from the ballpark. enforcement works and they want to make this pilot program permanent. let's bring in kimberly terry in the city with the story that's new at 6:00. >> it seems the threat of a ticket is enough to get drivers to behave better. municipal transit agency handed out 100 in two days and found the incident of clogged intersections dropped by 82%.
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>> so you're just sitting at a red light and it turns green and the car in front of you can't move because there are cars completely blocking the intersection and it cycles through it again and green again and red again. >> gridlock, if you've driven in san francisco during rush hour, you know it well. pedestrians having to navigate between them to get across the street. >> walking, i crossed through it. probably dangerous, but -- >> transit officials want to fix the problem with enforcement and awareness and hoping to res secretary and old but popular campaign don't block the box. >> we learned in the 1980s was that it works and people did respond to humans being out there controlling traffic. and it works so much that driver behavior got good. >> the san francisco municipal transit agency says two-week pilot program has proven it could work again. >> enforcement works and we
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notice that when we have control officers out in the intersection. traffic was moving better. less pedestrians were having to weave in and out of cars blocking the crosswalk. >> over two days, 95 tickets were handed out to offending drivers at the cost of more than 100 bucks a piece. >> i'm all for that. the more enforcement the better. >> working with the board of supervisors to make the pilot program permanent and get the resources necessary to do it. nbc bay area news. >> straight ahead, transforming the city of san francisco. one tech company's vision and why it's all based on making life easier for its employees. plus -- >> a bed bug infestation at the concord apartment could lead to the arrest of the landlord. i'll have details on the extraordinary steps the city is taking to clean this place up. and good evening, i'm
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meteorologist, clear skies in san jose and fog free conditions in san francisco. we'll talk more about some hotter weather on the way for wednesday and where we'll reach the 80s in just a few minutes. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] follow your joy to a celebration like no other. start your new orleans holiday at
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busted over bed bugs. tonight the city is on the landlord's tail seeking a warrant for his arrest. a massive bed bug infestation on california street has just gone ignored and now they are taking extraordinary steps to try and hold the landlord accountable. jody hernandez is live with the details and just talking about it makes me itch. >> reporter: me too, jessica. concord has never taken such bold steps over bed bugs but they are seeking an arrest warrant of the landlord of this apartment complex for allegedly
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failing to clean out the blood sucking bugs. >> having bed bugs, is kind of disgusting. >> reporter: people who live in this concord apartment building are feeling pretty creeped out as reports of bed bugs in the building have caught the attention of police. the city attorney confirms they are seeking an arrest warrant for the landlord for failing to take care of the nasty problem. >> the police department indicated that the situation is severe enough to warrant criminal prosecution. >> we talked to one man who has been dealing with the peflts for years. he didn't want to talk on camera but showed us a bed bug he caught just this week. >> i hope he goes to jail for it. i really do. he doesn't care about any of the tenants. >> reporter: joan page says fortunately her apartment is not infested. but she says the landlord doesn't maintain the building at all.
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she says the elevator didn't function for an entire month and there's only one working washer in the laundry room. >> i think it'serible, because i don't like bugs, anything like that, it's scary to me. >> reporter: landlord says he's doing the best he can. he says he's tried fume gating before and working right now to hire another exterminator. >> i don't consider myself a criminal and i hope it will not come to that. >> reporter: the landlord tells me that the infestation is limited to just two units here. he says he has not been made aware of a possible arrest warrant. and the city attorney says that if the judge grants their request for the warrant, this landlord could face up to six months in jail and $1,000 fine reporting live in concord, nbc bay area news. voters will soon see marijuana in voting booths
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because pot restrictions are in the hands of san jose voters. the city council voted to place that initiative on the ballot, to remove new medical marijuana restrictions which include distance requirements from schools and day cares and community centers. those restrictions force dozens of pot shops to close this past summer. twitter wants to connect in the sky above san francisco. twitter is proposing a sky bridge between its two buildings. the project is awaiting approval from officials. the sky bridge would save its employees time because workers wouldn't have to go down stairs and cross market street during the day. twitter moved into its current headquarters back in 2012. san francisco officials agreed to give twitter and other tax companies significant tax breaks to move in. >> californians are going in the wrong direction when it comes to saving water. consumers did pretty good in august, cutting the water use by more than 11%, the best numbers
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all year. but the momentum stalled in september when statewide water cutbacks dropped to just over 10%. that's half of the 20% the governor asked californians to save when he declared a drought emergency in february. >> a b and c and d plus on our report card. jeff joins us with a microclimate forecast -- >> parts of california get an a plus when it comes down to how much rainfall we've seen. we have the latest numbers coming up. it is clear and temperatures in the 60s and it's pretty beautiful night across the bay area, especially the north bay where you can see the sun continues to set at this hour. right into tomorrow's forecast, mid week looks hotter for us, we're going to keep the sunshine and temperatures going up 3 to 5 degrees for today. it's going to be unusually hot, especially in the north bay, 80 degrees for you and san francisco getting the clearing out, 75 degrees. in the south bay, 78 as well and
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sunny skies. let's look at the statewide rain versus where we should be. in northern california we're doing excellent in crescent city, nearly 10 inches of rainfall. eureka, 210%. acu sacramento, down. we're at 84% of normal in san jose. we need a lot of help in livermore right now 29% of normal. for the central valley, we have seen some improvement in places like salins a and fresno. down to southern california and it's pretty desperate there in ir vine, 17% of normal and los angeles at 47%. the three-month outlook does look promising, what you're going to find here is southern california has a chance here of
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aabove average rain, 23 to 40% possibility and equal chances of getting average rainfall over the next three months. that's a lot better than it looked this time last year. as we head throughout next week, check this out, we have the possibility of rainfall lining up and more details in the full forecast in about 20 minutes. just ahead, they enrolled in a university only to get a real life lesson, the self-pro claimed president of the university ended up scamming students and has been locked up also. we now know the pilot killed in the virginia galactic crash was a south bay native. we talk to one of michael alz bury's teachers about the student who had the right stuff. what's possible today? wi-fi access in more places then ever before. all your favorites in the cloud and on every device. a home you control with the touch of a finger.
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news and entertainment that informs and delights in ways you never thought possible. comcast nbcuniversal bringing media and technology together for you.
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mom? dad? big uncle wayne?nut. hot chocolate. green tea. uh, decaf, cuz. wow. i'm dying for an herbal tea. the all new keurig 2.0 is here. an investigation under way into a crash that killed a man in union city.
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a car fatally struck a man just east of 880 at 5:00 this morning. police say the man was not in the crosswalk and the driver did pull over and has been cooperating with police. at this point none of the names are being released. like so many other kids he wanted to travel to space and he was about to, but his dreams ended tragically, the pilot who died in the spaceship crash is from the bay in los gatos. >> michael alsbury's former history teacher told me he was fascinated by space travel and eager to explore the final pron tier. michael alsbury died in the crash of the virgin galactic space plane near bakers field on friday. his teacher reremembers the pilot as a standout student who also excelled in sports.
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>> a well liked kids by teachers and peers. >> reporter: mike was one of the rare students who seemed to have balance. >> everybody liked to spend time with him and he had this serious very stud yus side but yet always a fun loving side as well. >> reporter: he also says even as a middle school dolphin, he was passionate about the history of space travel. >> he had a real special interest for the rapid development, the story of aviation's rapid developments. >> reporter: alsbury was valedictorian when he graduated in 1993. for 15 years he worked as project engineer and test pilot for scale composites, a form working with virgin galactic to develop private space craft. he always felt mike had the right stuff. >> this was a dolphin who was out there on the fron tier. >> reporter: alzbury's parents live in scott valley, he leaves
6:24 pm
behind a twin sister and wife and two children. nbc bay area news. days of scamming immigrants are over, instead she'll spend the next 16 years in a federal prison. she founded the tri-valley university, a fake university, was convicted on 31 charges including money laundering and harboring aliens and fraud. she was ordered to forfeit $5.5 million and pay a million more in restitution. she set up the school to rake in millions from foreigners trying to obtain student visas to stay in the u.s. the polls are still open here but we're already getting results on the east coast. an update on the races that could shape the future of congress. the feds are watching and looking into your facebook activity now more than ever. invisible people throughout our community, desperate people fleeing desperate circumstances.
6:25 pm
i'm steven stock. we investigate america's immigration crisis and take you behind the scenes to see what's really going on along our borders and here in the bay area. silent night not so silent?
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with sleep number, now there's an adjustment for that. give the gift of amazing sleep, only at a sleep number store. where you'll find our lowest price ever on the c4 queen mattress-just $1499.98. know better sleep with sleep number. they escape drug cartels and ended here in the bay area but the fight is far from over. it is without question one of the most polarizing issues in
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this country. what to do with the thousands of people many of them children, coming across our border illegally. >> a lot of them end up here in our local communities and investigative reporter steven stock spent two months traveling from the mexican border and tonight takes us behind the scene. >> reporter: the federal government's own stis stick says this has become a truly humanitarian crisis. in the last fiscal year alone, a quarter of a million people not from mexico have been picked up by the patrol along the mexican border. rather than being deported, the same people are dropped off by the feds at local bus stations and rereleased across the united states where they now live in the shadows. >> raped and threatened with her life. >> i feel they will kill us,
6:29 pm
everybody. >> this 19-year-old still fears for her safety so we'll call her so fee i can't. she hides her face but wants you to hear her story of escape and survival from death squads in her town. >> start to beat up my father a lot and then a gun over my baby's head. >> they were members of the most violent gangs in honduras to the world come to their home to xlekt extortion money from the family. >> my father has no job to pay it. >> reporter: her father asked to be called roberto after roberto's wife and daughter were raped, his life threatened, he and his family fled honduras, unsure of their future. >> but sure he would die like his friend and neighbor if he
6:30 pm
stayed. that's why they now live in the shadows, the entire family, five people plus one infant staying in the one small room in the bay area. this family is not alone. according to the u.s. border patrol, more than 58,000 families have been apprehended crossing the southwest border with mexico so far this fiscal year, compared to 15,000 families last year, increase of 361%. that correspondence to a spike in gangs and violence and lawlessness in honduras and guatemala and el salvador, the three countries where the majority come from. >> i ended up doing several thousand hearings -- >> tom haines served as an assistant u.s. attorney prosecuting immigration and immigration defense attorney before retiring as a border patrol attorney this past july. >> the immigration policies in the united states tries to
6:31 pm
accommodate two inconsistent ideas, one is that we are a country that provides refuge for people who are suffering persecution. the immigration law is also designed to protect the homeland. >> the numbers of people fleeing central america have become so large there's no room in court or in holding facilities. so after picking the refugees up along the border, federal agents rerelease them back into the u.s. if they have relatives already living here who can pay for a bus ticket. in exchange they agree to report to local authorities once they get to the relative's hometown. >> resident is very committed to taking executive action to fix our broken immigration system. >> reporter: while admitting the system is broken, jeh johnson insists the number of these refugees peaked in june and returned to levels last seen in 2013. >> in recent years, the total
6:32 pm
number of those who attempt to cross our southwest border declined dramatically. >> reporter: even so the sheer number of refugees created a crisis, overwhelming local resources. >> in the last six months it's been thousands of individuals. >> reporter: theresa serves as directser of operations at catholic community services in tucson, arizona, one town hard hit by the number of refugees being dropped off at the bus station. >> they are leaving in most cases truly desperate situations and they are making the kind of choices that i might make in their situation. >> i only see the people who make it. >> the demand for resources grew so intense that catholic community services hired galen hunt, whose job is to do nothing but house and clothe and careful for the people. as many as 40 refugees a day. >> they were dehydrated and hungry and clothes were torn and
6:33 pm
dirty. >> over the course of several days, the investigative unit documented family after family arriving at this bus station in tucson. young mothers and their children, even a father and young daughter traveling alone. we talked with many of them. all of them feared for their lives. >> they rolled the dice to come here. >> we also rode the bus with several of these immigrants, headed to places like atlanta, los angeles, new jersey, even eureka in northern california. >> if you stay there, you will be killed and that's why we left. >> sophia and her family also rode the bus for three long days to get here in the bay area. >> we're here because we're staying here all our lives. >> now they make the trip to san francisco to report into immigration authorities once every two weeks. honoring the agreement they made in order to get that bus ticket to the bay area.
6:34 pm
>> they may be scared but they admit they feel safer here than back home. if not entirely secure. because for them a judge issuing a deportation order back to honduras would be issuing them a death sentence. >> just saying get back, he's killing us. >> as we mention, these are not the only people who live in the shadows nowadays. we talked to dozens of people directly involved in this immigration and refugee crisis. over the next several weeks, we will introduce you to just some of them. including those who just recently fled here to the bay area alone. the remarkable thing about them, they are children. that's coming up this monday. >> aside from the politics, it's emotional -- >> it is something else and hard to believe they survive. >> thank you. steven. if you have a tip for steven
6:35 pm
stock or anyone in the investigative unit. give us a call. or send us an e-mail directly to the unit at your online profile may be under surveillance. today in the transparency report, facebook says requests for information is up over 27%. the report says it received 35,000 requests for user data from governments around the world, that's up from 28,000 requests made during the second half of 2013. the request relate to criminal cases like robberies or kidnappers and google says it received a similar amount of requests as well. there's been a brazen robbery, a man was waiting at the caltrain station on california avenue when a suspect punched him in the face and took his wallet and took off in a scooter in broad daylight on sunday at 1:30 in the afternoon. the victim was treated at the scene and released. coming up, an nfl star has
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his day in court. how adrian peterson avoided jail time in the child abuse case. you can already replace your wallet, the place where your smartphone could unlock the door.
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a live look at the capital, close to 10 clock tonight on the east coast. back to election coverage and the latest on what could be a pivotal night for republicans, mitch mcconnell won re-election and now hoping that the republicans control the senate by night's end. steve handles dzman joins us from washington, d.c. with the latest on how it's all
6:39 pm
unfolding. steve? >> reporter: looking good for republicans so far. turns out 10 states have had competitive senate races still early in the count but two states have already switched from democratic to republican seats and it looks like a third will because nbc news is projected that louisiana democratic senate incumbent mary landrieu did not get the 50% she needed to avoid a runoff election. that runoff comes in december. the experts say landrieu is now favored to lose that runoff and at the same time, more good news for republicans, their leader survived the scare. republican mitch mcconnell kept his senate seat and could be majority leader. he vowed tonight in kentucky to shrink government. >> it's time to turn this country around. >> but many voters in kentucky like voters everywhere today were upset at congress. >> it's time for changes all the way around. >> reporter: that's made kansas
6:40 pm
competitive, independent gorman could beat three-term senate incumbent pat roberts. but the main trend tonight is democrats struggles. michelle nunn in georgia and democratic incumbent mark pryor lost his seat in arkansas. jean sha heene held hers in new hampshire. many voters said they're ballot sent a message about the top democrat. >> i think as much as anything it was probably a vote against obama. >> that's a factor in ten governor's races today and in the 435 elections for house of representatives, where republicans seem sure to enlarge their majority. it's been add naus yum. >> pretty soon you'll want to do this to your tv -- >> reporter: 3 to $4 billion worth, a record. >> i haven't watched tv for weeks because i can't stand to watch the ads. >> reporter: if republicans do take over, majority control of the u.s. senate they still will
6:41 pm
not have enough votes to override any obama vetoes and end the gridlock up here. live from capitol hill, i'm steve handle dzman. no jail time but no word yet when minnesota vikings star, aid dry an peterson will be back on the field. the running back was back in a texas courtroom to plead no contest to child abuse charges after peterson disciplined his young son with a tree branch or switch earlier this year. he'll have to pay a fine and take parenting classes and perform 80 hours of public service. the nfl has not indicated when or if peterson will rejoin the vikings. only the nfl commissioner can reinstate them and it will be up to the team to decide what to do. >> it's almost time to close polls so people can still get out and vote. >> clear skies, a little bit chilly, temperatures dropping in the 60s and beautiful shot of san francisco, fog free skies, we'll talk more why it's fog
6:42 pm
free right now and what that's going to mean for temperatures tomorrow in a few minutes. one of rock and roll's greatest photographers, but there's newly discovered photos that show he had a love affair with a san francisco neighborhood. that story just ahead.
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well, do you like this idea, the key to your next hotel room may be in your phone. it's a keyless entry system you use through a app. starwood hotels is rolling out the service at ten of the hotels including a lost hotel in cupertino. registered guests can go straight to the room and unlock the door using the app on the phone. it will expand to 150 locations around the world next year. >> did you know one of rock and roll's most famous photographers
6:45 pm
made his home in the bay area? he did. the late jim marshall captured some of rock's most iconic moments but as nbc bay area joe ro set to jr. shows us, he had a secret passion which is just now coming to light. if you're a fan of rock music history -- there's a good chance you know the photography of jim marshall. >> everybody knows the famous photo that jim has taken. johnny cash flipping the bird. janice joplin sitting on the couch with the southern comfort bottle. >> he photographed the beatles at the last concert at candlestick park. >> jim is known as a music photographer. >> reporter: when marshall died in 2010, he left behind hundreds and thousands of images he referred to as his children to long time assistant amelia davis. among the thousands of music
6:46 pm
photos were some surprises. >> when i was going through his apartment, i found a notebook that said -- >> when marshall's lens wasn't trained on bands like the grateful dead or janice joplin it was aimed at every day life in an extraordinary time and place, the '60s ashbury. >> it was ground zero for the counter culture. jim wasn't only just photographing musicians but everything going on. he documented change and anti-war protests. he has people going down cars along hate street gawking at the hippies. he. >> the san francisco photograph recorded a collateral snapshot of a cultural revolution. >> i think these photos are a love letter to his own time. >> a time of music and drugs and hippies, backed by the soundtrack of a generation. >> it was a scene beyond a
6:47 pm
scene. it was a circus and frolic and advertise heart is fully on display in his photos. >> reporter: going through marshall's things, davis also discovered marshall had plans for his hate street photos. >> he always wanted to do a book on hate. he tried to get it published in 1976 but no publisher would publish it. >> reporter: davis and music writer joel sell vin carried out marshall's mission and put together haigt, love, rock and revolution. >> here we are 50 years later publishing a book. >> davis appeared down photos to 305, most coming to life for the first time since marshall clicked the shutters. it's a photographic homage to the neighborhood he loved and colorful time lovingly captured in black and white. nbc bay area news. >> very interesting.
6:48 pm
>> is jeff at the beach? >> yes, check out the skycam, so nice, isn't it? >> our partners at weather underground. so good raj thought it was real. today we had a little bit of fog in the morning hours but in the afternoon nothing but sunny skies and we're still finding plenty of clear skies across the area. we have offshore winds developing now keeping us fog free in san francisco. temperatures already dropping into the 50s across parts of the east bay, right now 58 degrees there for the south bay 62. and then peninsula, 64. let's take you to the forecast as we head throughout wednesday. the big thing we find high pressure on to have of california. that will drive heat for mid week. the first component of that heat. the second thing warming us up are the winds. right now they are turning out of the north. by tomorrow we anticipate by wednesday afternoon we're going to see them shift more out of
6:49 pm
the east. that's the direct opposite of the way the winds normally flow which is coming out of the west. so when easterly wind is hoeter and it's going to drive the temperatures up for tomorrow. don't worry, there's no way, no how. we'll see triple digits tomorrow, not even 90s. we'll get a few 80s. morgan hill, 80, likely the hottest through these zones and san jose at 77. for the peninsula, here's the key thing, it's not going to be hot at the beaches but if you want to head there, sunny skies with offshore winds. check it out in san francisco 71 along the marina, back into s e soma, 74 degrees. for tri-valley, also a beautiful day in napa. 78. 77 back towards sausalito, a slight wind off the bay at 75.
6:50 pm
for the east bay, it's not only going to be hot on walnut creek but also for oakland with the offshore wind, it warms up not only interior valleys but areas to the coastline. 76 in danville then we'll go with 79 in livermore. taking you to the weekend forecast and what you'll see over the next five days, we're going to keep the trend of the 70s with us into the upcoming saturday and sunday. upper 70s in san jose and in san francisco, low 70s, friday and saturday and also sunday as well. we have a chance of rain throughout next week and it's not going to come on sunday but not even on monday. by tuesday we'll see the storm system line up offshore. indications show us the storm will be lining up as we head throughout wednesday morning. eventually we may get this by wednesday night. we're still along ways out so we'll continue to track that. you just enjoy the great weather for wednesday. it looks like, i don't know, a ten in my book. >> we like tens.
6:51 pm
>> 49ers legend thinks jim harbaugh's days are numbered. details up next.
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6:53 pm
we're following breaking news, police in san jose are investigating a double shooting near the expressway and coleman avenue. officers responded to reports of shots fired and person down in an apartment. they found a man shot and killed when they arrived. a second gunshot victim was found at the scene. that person was transported to a
6:54 pm
local hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. let's take you to the appalachians, so much pride, they put up a bill board in his honor. bumgarner is from the city of hickory, north carolina, population, about 40,000. the town is hoping to hold a parade for its favorite son as soon as his crazy schedule slows down and he can get him and his undyes over there. >> i heard girard laughing. >> i'm doing all right. jessica keeps talking about those undies. >> i have brought them up a lot, haven't i. >> all the time in the newsroom. >> makes me laugh too. let's talk giants, sandoval rejected the g man's 1-year, qualifying offer and hit the open market as a free agent for the first time in his career.
6:55 pm
at 28-year-old, he set a major league record for hits in a postseason with 26 and expected to see several multiyear offers come his way. back in the spring you might remember the panda was looking for a deal in the neighborhood of five years for $90 million. bochy is a finalist for the nl manager of the year award. clint hurdle and matt williams are the other finalists. i winner is announced november 11th and voting was conducted prior to postseason. all right, at 4-4. there is not where most pictured the 49 erds, their .500 record led to further speculation about jim harbaugh's future. jerry rice thinks it's coming to an end. >> jim harbaugh be the coach of the 49 ersz next season? >> i don't think so. i think he's gone. >> when the gm and head coach, when there's friction there.
6:56 pm
how does that affect the team? >> i think the team -- they try to say we're not affected by it, but you are. >> and finally, didn't take the nba long to match up the warriors and clippers this season. one of the league's growing rivalries will hold round one of the heavyweight bought tomorrow at oracle. no love lost between the two squads after the clipped edged them in seven games last postseason. >> bitter rivalry. so it will be the same tomorrow and clippers feel they haven't played their best the last couple of games. we're flying high at the moment but dangerous game. >> it's another game, a game against one of the better teams in the west and team we know we need to play well to beat and that's where it starts and stops. doesn't matter who we are playing against. >> very early in the season, it's not just another game when
6:57 pm
these two get together it gets a little ugly and chippy, we'll do sports live there tomorrow. i'm looking forward to this one. should be a good one. >> jessica likes his accent. >> yes, i did. >> thanks. >> racial diversity is coming to the icons that are increase laura garcia-cannon i popular in text messages. a variety of skin tones and hair color for emgogis have been created with the help of apple and google. the new icons could be available as soon as next year. >> very cute. we invite you to stay with nbc bay area throughout this election night. our website is being updated around the clock. all you fleed to do is click on the election guide and we'll have results at 8:00. we'll be on the air tonight bringing you the very latest throughout the evening and of course at 11:00. >> we'll see you through the
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