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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 11, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PST

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good tuesday morning. happy veterans day. >> a lot to get to on this now tuesday morning. let's check the forecast. good morning. >> good morning to you. what a difference a day makes here. showing you a live picture of sam bruno. we have patchy, dense fog at the coast. right now, that marine layer is situated at about 1,000 to 2000 feet. it's not touching the surface. we are expecting more of that fog to develop as we head
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throughout the next couple of hours. temperatures this morning are mostly in the 50s and 60s. it's mild out there with that blanket of low clouds. you'll need that jack. hey, as we honor this neigh's great day, honoring all of veterans, my husband is one. yeah, it's looking good. we'll talk about that coming up. and the conditions are looking good out there, mike. some people have the day off. maybe that means a lighter drive. >> it did yesterday and maybe today. we're looking at yesterday a clearer view of the bay bridge. fog along the immediate coast. we'll watch and see how it develops, of course, this morning. i want to take you through the santa cruz mountains. traffic breaks going on northbound approaching that summit and heading up past the redwood estates. that has cleared up. i'll keep my eye owes that. meanwhile, it's not exciting and it's not a great shot, but we will look over. the taillights that you see going around the bend, there was
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a crash reported blocking two lanes right around vargas. i didn't see any flashing light activity, no slowing on our sensors. i'll track that and we'll get you the update and let you know what's going on. back to you. >> mike, thank you very much. new video this morning of a fire hydrant gusting water in san jose. this is cell phone video at the gas station in montague expressway. it's a geyser. that break happened just before 11:30 last night. crews were able to shut off the water, but not before it flooded the streets and sent water heading down the block. this morning, there's an orange cone where the hydrant used to be. today, first day of a two-day drive. kaiser permanentae nurses walking off the job. the union says about 18,000 nurses will strike today and tomorrow. nurses are currently negotiating
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a new contract. the union claims patient care standards are eroding. facilities will remain open despite the walkout. but some routine appointments and procedures are rescheduled. a 4-year-old boy is recovering this morning after falling more than 200 feet down a cliff. the boy's mother said he fell off the cliff when they were walking on a trail at bodega head state park last night. within 30 minutes, rescuers repelled down the cliff, found the boy conscious and alert. officials say he did suffer traumatic injuries, including broken bones. police want you to be on the lookout for a man they say waved a gun at a driver at the stanford shopping center. police say it happened around noon on sunday. the driver noticed he was closely being followed by a man driving erratically. as the two cars entered the shopping center, the man in the nissan was waving a handgun. the knee san driver cut off the other car, got out of this car
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and started screaming at the victim. >> didn't escalate to anything else, but it could have very easily. and had is a very public place. people come with their families. >> police say the suspect is a his panic man, shoulder length curly hair. late 90s nissan maxima. this morning, students at lincoln high school in san jose right now remembering their beloved classmate killed in a plane crash over the weekend. she was killed in a small plane crash on saturday just east of gilroy. she had made the varsity basketball team as a sophomore and took a year off, planning to play again this season. >> kind of like almost the clown of the team, you know? always smiling, laughing, joking around. >> the pilot of that plane, john dennis, was also killed in the crash. friends say the two are related. the girl's basketball team at
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lincoln high school plans to retire her number, 13. meantime, ntsb investigators are still in south santa clara county trying to figure out what caused that small plane to crash. witnesses say there was significant damage to the cessna aircraft which crashed saturday night in a field off highway 152 near gilroy. ntsb investigators will sift through the wreckage today. three women are finally headed back to the united states after being detained in russia for more than a week. during an event, immigration officials showed up, asked to see their visas and detained them. investigators reportedly told the group they were being charged for using their visas other than what's being marked on their documents. the women say that's not true. they hired a lawyer and ended up being released, fine fined $100 each. big changes are coming to the va. the new secretary robert
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mcdonald just announced plans trough structure the va to deal with long wait lists that kept veterans from seeing a doctor. they want to hire more doctors, nurses and technicians and he's making a case to fire up to a thousand current va employees. >> too bad. they need to see that you can't do this to people and get away with it. >> there's a major backlog for veterans filing for disability benefits. some members of congress are calling for a hearing to address that issue, although it is not clear at this point whether it will happen before the new session begins in january. several xhemtive events are scheduled for veterans day. starts at 9:00 this morning. then, at 11:00, it will be a parade in san jose. united veterans council of santa clara county, it begins in downtown san jose. in coopertino, city
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officials will hold their annual veterans day ceremony. it starts at 11:00. and the uss hornet museum in alameda will hold a commemoration event today. there will be a special ceremony at 11:00. the premier will hold a screening about carrier air group 11. one of the air groups -- on the hornet during world war ii. if you've never had a chance to go visit the hornet, get on, it's outstanding. >> i'm game. a time-honored tradition to honor our veterans. hopefully the whether will cooperate. >> oh, yeah, it's going to be lovely out there. for any parades you plan on attending, maybe you just want to give a vet a hug for today. a tip of the hat, a smile, whatever you can do. after all, freedom does not come free and they're putting their lives on the line for us. 58 grets in concord. 55 degrees in san jose. good morning to you, oakland. we're starting the day about 59
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degrees with about a quarter of as much fog as we had out there yesterday. and friday was deaf nayly the worst of it. same bruno, showing what we want to see when it comes to a good looking drive weatherwise. we'll check with mike in just a moment. but sam bruno shows you those twengelling lights of san francisco. good visibility. for now, we are expecting that to drop off. otherwise, we've got a storm system coming in, so you will notice those clouds increasing, intervals of clouds and sun over the course of the day. temperatures much cooler today. you'll have to break out that jacket and keep it by your side for today. 68 degrees. 67 degrees on the peninsula. but these are your highs, so we'll touch about 64 degrees on the east shore. there may be an hour today between 2:00 and 3:00 and then those numbers start to drop rapidly as our sunsets just
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after 5:00. still around. we're talking rain less than 48 hours away.. if you can, at least mike can get you to work on time. you helped me yesterday. >> i am often late. at the dublin 580, you will fought be late. a clear shot of 580. coming out the distance from the dublin interchange, livermore, let's look at the map. friday before, much of the thicker follow, as well. things are much better as far as visibility goes right now. vargas, that has not presented any further slowing. we're going to stay and watch for the activity on the shoulder. those streets are back up at the limit, as well. as you come down the east shore freeway, an earlier crash towards that richmond bridge,
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we'll get confirmation from chq, but we'll give you a live look out there at the golden gate bridge. toll plaza and visible, you can see the lights behind it and you can see all the way across that golden gate bridge. you couldn't yesterday. >> thank you very much, mike. a star san francisco 49er returning to the fold today. this after serving a nine-game suspension. alden smith expected to practice with the niners for the first time all season. he finished serving his suspension yesterday. the pro bowl linebacker has not placed since being punished for violating the league's personnel conduct policy and its substance abuse policy. he is expected to take the field sunday when the niners square off. coach jim harbaugh has not said how much he expects him to play.
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santa clara county prosecutors yesterday announcing they will not pursue domestic violence charges against the defensive end. the niners stood by mcdonald throughout the course of this case. mcdonald says he's just relieved to have this issue behind us. san francisco will resume its weekly testing warning system today. this after several emergency sirens unexpectedly went off over the weekend. investigators say they still don't know what caused thoughts sirens to go off. >> it is 4:44 on your veterans day tuesday. new products for retailers, coming up next. and new video this morning as lava moves through an island and taking down its first home. plus, pro democracy, protesters in hong kong.
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what the government is now threatening to do there.
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good morning to you.
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for the past six weeks, pro democracy protesters have been camping out in three busy sections of hong kong. they're upset the chinese governor plans to screen candidates for hong kong's elections. government officials now say arrests are looming. some believe that announcement increases the chance of violence. president obama and vladimir putin arrive together for an economic summit in beijing. the chinese leader xi jinping walked between the pair. relations between the u.s. and russia have been chilly ever since sanctions were issued against russia for its actions in ukraine. things seemed more hopeful when putin patted obama on the back as they arrived in their seats, but the two have not seriously discussed ukraine. 4:45 right now. investors keeping a very close eye on what's happening in china. it will impact the direction of wall street trading today. hampton pearson live right now with the latest and how futures are looking this morning. hey, hampton.
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>> how are you doing? as a matter of fact, futures are pointing to a higher open today after stocks closed up on monday, following some decent earnings reports. the dow closing up for a fifth straight day. there's no economic data out today and the bond markets closed for veterans day. the dow rising 39 points yesterday to close at 17,613. still another record high while the nasdaq ended up by 19 points to close at 4651. meanwhile, ford is beginning production on the new aluminum f-15 pickup truck today. the truck, which is being built at ford's plant in deer born, michigan, goes on sale in december. the f-150 up to 700 pounds lighter along for greater fuel efficiency, the f-150 has been the best selling truck in america for 32 straight years. and it accounts for the lion's share of ford's profits. finally, t procrastinators rejoi
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rejoice. a new survey shows a quarter of new orders will guarantee christmas delivers for orders placed one to three days ahead of time this year and nearly half will guarantee online delivery for orders placed by december 20th. that means stores are pushing back their drop dead order dates all in an effort to capture last minute online sales. good news ahead of the holiday season. >> that's also trouble, though, encouraging us to procrate nate. thank you very much. >> we still have time to mail you that tie. thanks, hampton. >> push it back. >> got it. let's get a quick check off what's going on outside. of course, on your veterans day tuesday. good morning, christina. >> good morning to you. hampton, oh, yeah, i know what i'm going to get for you this year. 58 degrees in concord. good morning to you. 55 in san jose. we're at 357 degrees to kick off your tuesday, a veterans day. some people actually have it off across the bay area. and it is going to be chilly,
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but really nice. we're not counting on any rain until we get into thursday, and then the active pattern begins. we open up that storm window. but sam bruno showing you a much clearer picture this morning, really pretty out here. we are going to see a mix of sun and clouds as we get into your afternoon. a really pretty day. you know what? you might have to use your heater for the next few days. temperatures are going to struggle to break out of the 60s, but not too bad. not too cold in san francisco at 64 degrees today. then we bring in those changes. and we're talking about a lot of rain very soon. but first, if you are going to be honoring this great nation's veterans today, in san jose, there's a parade at 11:00. 62 degrees. it's going to be really comfortable out there. and yeah, a lot of love, a lot of thanks going around for us today. we have a lot of veterans right here in the bay area. as we go into the next couple of days, we bring on the rain by thursday and then we've got
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another round as we head throughout late saturday into sunday. and another one on its heels as we get into the beginning of next wreak tallying up the total from a series of storms, looking very impressive at this time. potentially, 5 to 7 inches up in santa rosa. this could take a good dent out of that deficit. i'm going to show you the timing of three systems coming up in the 5:00 hour. stick around for that. overall, though, things tloog be improveling in the weather department. we'll keep you updated. back to you. 4:49 right now. the captain of a south quayan ferry that sank in april killing more than 300 people, spending the next 36 years in prison. reports say there is no proof he knew his actions would lead to the hundreds of deaths, acquitting him of homicide charges and, therefore, the death penalty. the key crew members also got prison terms. passengers, mostly teenagers,
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were told to wait in their cabins. health investigators led several makes that led to joan rivers' death. she stopped breathing on august 28th and suffered irreversible brain damage. investigators found the clinic failed to recognize critical signs. they noted that a nurse took a selfie with rivers while she was under anesthetic. the new york doctor who tested positive for ebola has managed to fight off the deadly virus. the doctor has been declared to be ebola free pep tested positive for the virus last month after he got home for volunteering with doctors without borders.
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the unstoppable lava in hawaii has been slowly inching towards the town of puhoa since june. most of the town has been evacuated and residents and firefighters could only watch as that home burned and then collapsed. so early in the day, lava burned down a small steel shed on the property, scorching part of a cemetery, as well. the nearest neighborhood is about a half mile away. it's 4:51 right now. coming up, the treat you can get even if you're not a veteran. and a look over here, veterans of that foggy commute from yesterday. you can make out that high rise in the distance. here, look at 92. we'll see what else is shaping up your roadways, coming up.
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offer free things to military personnel today. applebies and chooil's offering free meals. ihop offering free red, white and blue pancakes. active military and their spouses. vets can even get a free haircut today at great clips. baskin robins has rolled out a brand new cameo colored ice cream. that ice cream formerly dubbed first class kam camouflage is a
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campaign of three different flavors. chocolate, salted caramel and vanilla. 10 cents from each ice kroop scoop will be donated. >> it looks interesting. a northern california farm says it will likely scale back its cornfield maze next season after a number of people ended up calling 911. >> the 63 acre maze drew people from all over the state and apparently caused a lot of headaches. this is what the maze looked like before it was plowed over. one perpendicular says the department received about seven calls last month from people that got lost inside the maze. the family cha created the maze
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said it was a quieter year than in the past. you'll need a sense of direction to get around the bay area. >> you can do it. >> it's all right. maze over by the bay bridge, a light flow of traffic. the big difference, we can see it. we couldn't see the shot yesterday. there you go. just a little north of here in fremont. we're talking about an easy flow of traffic all around the bay. except for a little build coming off the altmont path. northbound approaching, it looks like it has cleared with a
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chance to update that. they're trying to get that roadway completely safe for everybody. there's your tri valley easy drive. we talked about that for 580. this shot was not available to it yesterday, but you can see the traffic moving very smoothly and a clear view of 101 by willow. >> thank you, mike. 4:57. nurses walking off the job. this at a dozen of bay area's biggest hospitals, details, next. plus, a university accused of racism. now students at one university are promising to protest every day until that board member is removed.
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hitting the pickett lines, nurses in a number of bay area hospitals off the job. plus, warriors paying tribute to our neigh's veterans. we'll tell you what the team is doing today to help men and women over. and what a beautiful day it's going to be.
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sunshine, but intervals of clouds as we get into your afternoon. the rain arrives in less than 48 hours and we could see a lot of it. i'll show you where. plus, as we get into your weekend and next week, we keep that storm window open. i'll tell you how much rain we could tally up from three storms on the way. stick around. your forecast is up next. and we typically call this traffic tuesday. it is still tuesday. the traffic likely much lighter. we'll talk about why that is the case and we'll show you some things we couldn't show you yesterday. all right, mike, and a live look, which we can show you all of the time. the bay bridge all lit up this morning on this veterans day, looking beautiful. we hope you have a wonderful day. it is tuesday, november the 11th and you are watching today in the bay. good morning. thank you very much for joining us. before you head out the door, want


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