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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 11, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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walk off the job. what a two-day strike means for us. and ready to hit the field, a key piece, fundamental piece of the 49ers "d" returning to the team today. and happy veterans day to you. we are going to see a cooldown today, mild mix of sun and clouds. by tomorrow night, the rain moves in and they are we're going to keep that storm wide open. i'll tell you how much rain we're speccing in just moments. and kicking open the traffic door -- that doesn't make sense -- traffic flow looks different than you might expect this tuesday, coming up. not a lot of folks crossing the golden gate this morning. but the good news is that it's clear for a lot of the veterans day events planned on this tuesday, november 11th. >> from nbc bay area, this is today in the bay. and a very good morning to you. thanksz so much for joining us. >> we're going to begin this
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hour with a look ott your window, a live look, in fact, across the bay. you will notice far less fog than yesteryear orrester day. >> leths get a quick look at the forecast with christina. bring a sweater or a jacket. >> it was so dry last year, it almost felt like southern california last year. this year, everything is changing, including multiple storm systems on the way. but not today. we are not expecting any rain as we honor our veterans. and as you head out and about at san jose, 11:00 a.m., 62 degrees. a lot of festivities start at 111:00 today on november 111. we'll have more on what's going on across the bay area and we'll give you the timeline for that upcoming storm system. stick around for that. right now, to you sam, laura and the rest of the top stories for
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today. >> like to see that beautiful flag. thanks, christina. new, a fire hydrant gushing water in san jose. the break happened just before 11:30 last night. crews were able to able to shut it off. this morning, there is an orange cone now where that hydrant used to be. at this point, we don't know what caused that hydrant to break. >> absolutely. especially during a drought. happening today in about an hour, thousands of nurses and more than a dozen different kinds of hospitals across the bay area are going to walk right off the job. it's day one of the two-day strike. stephanie joining us live from san francisco. the pressing question, how is this going to impact patients? good morning. >> good morning to you, sam. according to kiteser, this should be no impact to patients. you can see the barricades are up and just in the last few
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minutes, folks with the nurse's union start to go show up and we've got those signs there saying kaiser open for premiums, closed for safe patient care. that is set to begin within the hour. nearly 18,000 nurses across northern california on strike today and tomorrow for two reasons. really, california nurse's association says the issue is lack of staffing provided by the hospital system, compromising patient safety. for instance, discharging patients early because there aren't enough enoughs. this has been a key point in contract talks. minutes ago, we spoke with a senior leader at kaiser who says the hospital system has been training nurses, flying them in from out of state to make sure this is no impact to patients, adding the time sg worrisome as we head into flu season. >> well, we're concerned that they would call a strike right now as we've been at the bargaining terrible. they present over proposals and operational needs of the nursing
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staff. we have countered those propossessionals and we're working with c&a to work with us on that. it's concerning that they've called a strike at this point in time. >> tomorrow is national day of action with nurses across the country. kaiser says it has been following both state and federal guidelines on ebola response, adding that the nurses concern of ebola is being stressed at a time when there are zero patients being treated for ebola in the u.s. but we are expecting nurses to show up in about 10 minutes or so. we'll definitely talk to them and have that in our last live report around 6:50. >> and having the necessary resources right now so critical. thank you very much, stephanie. for today, a new york doctor who tested positive for ebola will walk out of the hospital free of the potentially deadly virus. this comes as a ucsf doctor is
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now in the hot zone, opening to fight off ebola in iberia. >> hi there, laura. dr. craig spencer will be released from the hospital today and that means there are now no tich cases of ebola in the united states. his treatment was a plasma transfusion from aid worker nancy reiple would recovered from the virus. the monitoring period for the people who have contact with dr. spencer after he developed symptoms will end on thursday. he was criticized for not voluntarily quarantining himself upon his return. meanwhile, today marks the end of the 21-day watch period for nurse casey hicks cob. she is the nurse that successfully fought the mandatory quarantine ordered by the governor upon her return last ma. she was infuriated by that
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mandate which she says was not based on sound science. her boyfriend told the media there they plan the leave the state altogether. >> when we saw him off at the airport in san francisco last thursday, he told us he planned to self-quarantine for 21 days upon his return. dr. lay is tweeting about his work, about the soap, bleach and sanitizer he's using to avoid contracting the virus. he also shared a facetime session he had with his young daughter. dr. lay is hoping to avoid new york doctor craig spencer's fate. if dr. spencer decides to address the media today upon his release from the hospital, we will bring that to you. 6:0 6 on a tuesday morning. time to check your forecast as we give you a live look outside.
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downtown san jose, not too many stirring on this holiday, but a beautiful picture of what could come. >> a lot of people have this veterans day off. a lot of people heading to the bay across the bay area. christina has a look at our forecast. >> good morning to you. if you don't have the day off and you just have to get to work, why don't you honor one of the veterans. you may be surprised how many actually work with you at your office. 59 degrees in livermore, 53 in san jose. 55 degrees in beautiful san francisco where old glory will get quite a bit of pick up later on today on this veterans day. and temperatures are going to be chilly if you're going to be headed out and about for some of the events. have you ever been on the uss hornet? it's a floating museum in the alameda. its will be chilly for that. 59 degrees. then at 1:00 p.m., you can check out all the fighter planes out there, a really cool exhibit. 63 degrees at that point.
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later on in the evening, they'll have a documentary screening, 56 degrees at 7:00 p.m. temperatures fall fast once that sunsets. and it sets just after 5:00. is so keep that in mind. 64 degrees in san francisco. 64 on the east shore and 68 degrees in beautiful san jose today. big changes coming to your forecast. we've got rain on the way. as of tomorrow night. and a lot of it. we're going to open up that storm window. i'm going to focus on that in my next report. but for today, another great event in san jose. long standing tradition, 11:00 a.m., 62 degrees for the parade. that could become a bit of a traffic nightmare if you're headed out and about later on today. let's check on what's going on right now. >> all right, christina, we'll call it a nightmare because it's for a parade honoring veterans but its could create congestion downtown.
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over here, a clearer view over there at fremont. we see a nice, smooth dry and we do see the road maps. we're talking about a smooth flow of traffic into the north bay. and the arrow marking where there was a little flowing into 87 into downtown. so a smoother commute this morning and a lighter volume because many folks may be heading towards those surface streets in observance of some of those streets and memorials. southbound 680 direction, a smooth dry right now. just a gentle build. no real problems. build towards hayward, as well. down towards the san mateo bridge. we can see clearly westbound traffic with those taillights. even throw on either size. you can make out the high rise in the distance. couldn't see that yesterday or friday last week. we have a nice drive on to the peninsula. there's the delay.
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you have to pay your toll. there's some folks waiting, but look at that consolidating to the left approach. coming oust of the maze, much fewer cars. that's showing how light the volume is right now. >> paying their tolls, paying their dues. >> my thoughts exactly. >> that is a good thing. it's 6:10. aldon smith ready to return to the 49ers. his chances for playing on sunday. google has a new feature this morning. they call it an airport. we'll take a look in a s.e.c. plus a dramatic video to show you as lava destroys its first home in hawaii. >> take a look at that beautiful view of the bay bridge. it's a clear morning right there to check our morning skies. a good day for a parade, i'd say, saluting all of our veterans today.
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welcome back. happy veterans day to you. mild with a mix of sun and clouds for today. we've got some rough seas out there, dangerous waves and rip currents for the next couple of days. all ahead of a storm system slated to bridge us rain in less than 36 hours 37 for some, more like 48 hours here in the south bay. i'll show you the timing of this next system and the two on its heels in just moments. and a live look out there at the bay bridge. a clear view of the city and a clear view of the traffic flowing. we'll talk about things that i see as far as the slowdowns as you're heading along this certain latitude in the bay area. all right, christina, got our day started with looks of rolling water. how about rolling thunder?
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linebacker aldon smith returning to the 49ers today after a nine-game suspension. smith has submitted to violating the league's personal conduct policy and substance abuse policy. he is expected to suit up and play sunday. students at san jose's lincoln high school are mourning the loss of 18-year-old kylie vakadued on sunday. the pilot of the plane, john dennis, was killed in the crash. friends say the two were related. and sam lecardo is officially san jose's mayor elect. he will be sworn in as mayor in january. so how big is google? it now has its own airport. >> it is ubiquitous. >> can you imagine the conversation between google founder and mark zuckerberg?
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oh, you don't have a company airport? google is losing the airfield, its runways, most of the hangars of the next 60 years to work on space and robotics technology. google had said it was going to build an $82 million terminal at san jose airport. president obama monday declared he supported net neutrality and asked the s.e.c. to make new rules to ensure it treating internet like a utility. take a look. >> that's why i'm laying out a plan to keep the internet free and open. that's why i'm urging the federal trades communication to do everything they can to protect that net neutrality for everyone. >> now some people say net neutrality is too boring or too complicated to talk about. but john oliver talk about it, right? so people care. neal i irwin of the "new york times" makes it real simple. he says is the internet like
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cable tv or is it like electricity? cable companies have lots of rules. you can't watch nfl red zone unless you pay for it and you pay extra if you have two tvs, right? electric companies don't care what you do with electricity. you don't have to use official pg&e light mrubs. that is in a way is like net neutrality. >> that's an interesting description. >> i like that. that was a scott mcgrew original. we're going to give it to you. this is kind of slow motion tragedy. it took months from lava to reach the first home in its pathway. only minutes to burn it to the ground. most of the town has been evacuated at this point. residents and firefighters can only watch as the home burned and then collapsed. the home's nearest neighbor is about half a mile away. we'll have to keep tabs on that. at 6:15, happening now, winter coming early to millions of americans from across the country.
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freezing temperatures and heavy snow, pummeling much of the midwest. from veteran's days events have been cans 8ed. dillon dier is one of the hardest hit areas, forest lake, minnesota. this cold snap could last for weeks. >> yes. this is very thick and i have -- hidden all over here. this cold is going to stick around for a long time. it started as snow.. yesterday we got pummeled here. a little further to our north and well into southwestern minnesota, some areas across the state picked up about 14 to 16 inches of snow. now a lot of the heavy stuff is moving up into northern miss wisconsin and into northern miss my. we've got some flurries here, but the crew ves a handle on the roads and we're starting to see some improvements. but now it's all about the cold. just want to point out to you
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how cold the temperatures are that are surging in. wichita, kansas, yesterday hit a record high temperature of 77 degrees. but evening yesterday, they dropped down into the 30s. that's how brutal this air mass is and it's stretching down into the plains, all the way down into the texas and eventually by the end of the week it's going to make its way east. here, though, we could use some temperatures above freezing to melt the snow that's on the ground. unfortunately the forecast says we shouldn't get above freezing for at least two weeks, at least. so winter is still six weeks away and we're talking about temperatures not even getting above 32 degrees. so it is going to be brutal and especially in this part of the country. but a lot of the country, about 42 states, feeling the big chill. lau laura. >> the kids are still heading to school, keeping roads clear with the snowplows, as well. stay warm, dillon. coming up in the "today" show, what a snap they're having there. >> but grudgingly they're going
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to school. time now to check your forecast outside. this sa decidedly less snowy bay bridge out there on your tuesday veterans day morning. and there is one way to do winter covered head to toe, like you said, in a full coat with snow. or we could spend it pleasantly here. >> yeah. california is not included and i think they're happy about that. plus, we have a drought. so you know what? the good news is a lot of rain coming your way as we get into the latter portion of the week. but going back to that story, that is the first of two polar vortex scenarios. but they're going to have to deal with back to back potentially for the next two weeks. now, for us we've got rain on the way and a little bit of cold. temperatures are still going to stick in the 60s. it's not too bad out there even with that rain cooled air coming in by thursday. but let's talk about your veterans day all across the board. we've got gorgeous continues.
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thanks so much for waking up with us, especially after you have the day off. right now, we're in the 50s. we've got this storm system barreling towards us. as we head throughout the day today, it's going to be rough out there for today. also, we're going do see some waves. the storm system churns up the water ahead of it. as we get into your afternoon, staying dry, temperatures will be really comfortable as we honor our nation's veterans. i am lucky enough to be married to one. we salute you. thank you to all the service men and women who have served this great nation. temperatures are going to be in the 60s today. we'll maintain the 60s for your wednesday. by thursday into friday, look at that. no fluctuation whatsoever temperaturewise, but we add the rain. quite a bit of it. we've got this series of storms on the way and it's going to
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make for an active time frame across the bay area. i'm going to show you the timeline coming up. but for today, staying dry, which is good news. by noon, 63 degrees for the veterans day parade happening in cooper tino for today. examine yeah, looking pretty good so far. a lot of people have the day off and kids, as well. let's check on your drive, see if that's shog showing up out there on the roads. hi, mike. >> it is confusing. don't try to predict which schools have the day out and which don't. some had monday and tuesday, others had just tuesday and some had no days off this week. we're looking over here, west 580 does show a smooth drive in. nothing to impede your schedule right here in dublin. we're looking at a very smooth and unexpectedly easy drive. i shouldn't say unexpectingly, unusually easy drive pap slight build south for south 680. 84 was very nice through
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livermore out of pleasanton. southbound 880, build a bit from 238 down to hayward. the dunbar bridge, 84. so the volume hasn't yet his the peninsula. over all, a lighter volume. we're looking toward the bay bridge toll plaza, as well. look at how scattered and start this is. those who drive occasionally, probably not even going in today. the big difference from yesterday is not the big volume of traffic. fog is not an issue and we'll look at san rafael. we said a build here southbound through the track, but so far no delays or nothing unusual north
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of navado, either. >> thank you, mike. the captain of that boomed ferry, coming up income.
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new this morning, the captain of the south korean ferry that sank killing more than 300 people is killing more than 30 years in prison. the court says there's no proof
6:26 am
he knew his actions would lead to the death of hundreds. the chief engineer and other crew members also, however, did get prison terms. the crew were among the first people to be rescued from that ship while passengers and mostly teenagers were told to wait in their cabin. director of national intelligence james clapper left last week to retrieve the two americans wod just been released from custody in north korea. but his government plane was delayed for nearly two days on two different stops because of a couple maintenance issues. he eventually made it to north korea a day later than planned and returned home with two americans. can you imagine you're finally released? you just want to go home. >> i think it's time, yeah. 6:26 right now. the opening bell just minutes away. we're going to break down the markets this morning with scott mcgrew, coming up. plus, calling for change on this veterans day.
6:27 am
what's happening now to make sure our nation's heros get the medical care they deserve. and a live picture right now from san bruno. man, that looks are the good just in the last 20 minutes. everything clearing up here on your tuesday. a look at your traffic, coming up after this break.
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green giant! a push for the change. making sure our nation gets the medical care they need. and happy veterans day to you. mild with a mix of sun and clouds for today. by tomorrow night, we bring on the rain. we're going to extend that into your thursday. and then that storm window stays open. no rain right now and the fog is different, as well. we're talking about a clearer view. i couldn't show you this shot of 880 before. we're talking about a different pattern. things are developing in the east. they will show you how the traffic flow will affect you
6:30 am
along this latitude coming across the east bay. and they're celebrating veterans day on the nyse, as well. let's of veterans on that stock market over on the nasdaq. general kelly of u.s. southern command, as well. the bond markets, they're closed. a nice tip of the cap to veterans there. this as we take a live look outside. san jose, one of the many places in the bay area is going to be holding ceremonies today, honoring our veterans. today is tuesday, november 11th and you are watching today in the bay. and a good tuesday morning to you. thank you for joining us. >> on this veterans day, big changes coming to the way vets get their health care. this as thousands are getting ready to honor those who served with a parade. >> ask one will be here, for sure. live in san jose along that parade route with much more
6:31 am
detail. good morning, bob. >> good morning, sam and laura. one of the largest veterans day parades here in northern california will be leave here in downtown san jose around noon. now, the head of this country's veteran's affair is using this week and this holiday to make an announcement about the restructuring of the va. men and women return home from service to wait in long lines and in some cases receive substandard care. the secretary mcdonald wants to thousand up to 1,000 employees, and in their case hire more doctors, nurses and technicians and make it easier to navigate. he wants to stream line the va so vets have a single point of care. >> they need and deter better
6:32 am
medical treatment. >> and there is not just an issue with the treatment. there's a problem with the disability benefits, as well, for these vets. the backlog is about eight months long. coming up in the next half hour, we'll tell you what one congressman is proposing to deal with that issue. >> thank you very much, bob. now along with the parade in san jose, there are other commerative events. >> volunteers from the va and community will be caring for and planning trees at the va facility. >> over in coopertino, annual leaders will -- and the uss hornet museum in alameda will be hold ago commemoratation event today. the museum will be holding a premier screening of a documentary about carrier air
6:33 am
group 11, one of the groups that flew from the hornet in world war ii. >> it is fascinating to be so close to all that history in the bay area. it's a little cool out there. >> and as we take to the skies, we know one of christina's favorite parts is the planes and the fact that she is married to a veteran. >> yeah. and you know what else? i love freedom, especially as a woman in this great nation. i can tell you right now, it's going to be beautiful as we get out there to honor our service men and women. and we thank you for today in the bay in the nba bay area this morning. temperatures are in the 50s. especially in san francisco because you're still going to hid t hit the 60s later on today. it will be cool for us in the south. bringing up your numbers into the low 70s for today, what a different a day makes. you can see for about five to
6:34 am
eight miles here atop san buno mountain where we had no visibility at this time yesterday. that's a good sign to start the day. we get into your afternoon. intervals of clouds, temps climbing only by 5 to 10 depress. these are your highs for today, 68 degrees. not bad whatsoever in the south bay. 68 degrees outside in the tri valley. meanwhile, 64 in san francisco. and 65 degrees comfortable conditions for those of you in wine country. and you know what? it's going to be a beautiful day because we've got rain on the way and quite a bit of it. so you can enjoy the dry conditions with a clear conscious. look at what we have tallied up for you with three storm systems developing out there. the third is looking to have a lot of moisture. so that is the one that we're really going to get a lot of these totals from. on the way for thursday night, i can tell you right now we could pick up a quarter of an inch.
6:35 am
we've got more rain to the weekend and then that big system moves in. i'm going to show you the timing of all three for your microclimate in my next report. first, let's find out how that drive is shaping up. >> it's veterans day, so tuesday is typically a heavier volume of traffic than test reflect of the days of the woke. a lot of businesses and schools are closed for had holiday, though. >> we can careerly see all of our traffic this morning. look at the maps, we're talking about where the camera is on our map. right around westbound, eastbound there was earlier debris. we haven't seen any slow in the commute. >> that is a typical pattern, but a lighter volume there. into hayward and union city, not
6:36 am
much of a commute there and a little bit of a westbound commute for westbound and 92. that's the trend, the traffic pattern over towards the peninsula in east bay. look at the bottom of your screen, a little bit through northbound. we see a nice, easy drop. couldn't see this camera shot at all. now we can clearly see that stretch. the golden gate bridge shows a clear view, as well, coming out of the north bay. an easy drive. close to the speed limit south of san rafael. no problems there. >> thanks. >> a whole new view today. thank you very much, mike. 6:36. the markets have been on a bit of a kick. they have been open for a few minutes now. >> let's see if there's a new view there. >> that's perfectly phrased, laura. no, it's gotten quite -- there you see the percent in change.
6:37 am
0.3% on the dow. gopro is a little higher this morning which is a bit of a surprise after it anounsd it is going to actually put more shares on the market. there is founder nick woodman there. but a quiet day, closely. the equity markets are open, but the bond markets remain closed in honor of veterans day. it is 6:37 right now. critical medical mistake, the shocking allegations against doctors who operated on the late joan rivers.
6:38 am
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fake hospital documents, that's what investigators say a california woman used to try and sue mcdonald's. celina edwards claims a mcdonald's employee didn't put the lid on her coffee right, and it spilled burning her hand. but insurance regulators say she used pictures of somebody else's burned hand and created fake documents to try and prove that she was treated at a hospital. she faces several fraud charges. >> so she really did get burned in the end. 6:40 right now. health investigators say the new york clinic where joan rivers was treated made several mistakeses that led to the xheed ya comedian's death. she suffered ir reversel brain damage. investigators found the clinic failed to identify critical
6:41 am
vital signs and didn't document how much sedative they gave her. they found the clinic allowed a surgeon who didn't work at the clinic to perform procedures on patientes and noted a nurse took a selfie with rivers while she was under anesthesia. i'm pretty sure that's not in the medical rule book there. 6:41, the san francisco zoo has hired a gorilla expert to look into the accidental sdeth of a baby gorilla last week. this video shows the gorillas comforting each other after kababye was crushed. a wildlife expert is heading there. zoo officials say that door was working properly. >> and it was so great to see the interaction they had with that baby gorilla. some encouraging news on the ebola front. a doctor, now virus free.
6:42 am
how soon he could walk out of a new york hospital. and a gushing geyser floods a busy san jose highway. thousands of nurses getting ready to walk off the job. what a two-day strike means for you. at first, a live look outside, downtown san francisco, the trans-america building. you might be able to make out the bridge in the background if you look hard enough. probably obscured, though. it is 6:42 right now on your tuesday morning. veterans day. we will be back with 15 minutes of nonstop news right after this break.
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new video to show you this morning. the break for this fire hydrant happened last night. crews were able to shut off the water, but not before it flooded. this morning, there's an orange cone right where this die drant used to be. >> it's a good thing they were able to get it capped. 6:45 on your tuesday morning. this, of course, is the golden gate bridge. we are grateful today that we can win the golden gate bridge. >> we had to take the fog in recent days. >> nice examine clear out there for veterans day. we have that marine layer, so it is kind of a great start out there. before i show you your current temperatures, let me help take the edge off of what we just witnessed with that fiber hydrant gushing. we have a lot of rain on the way to the bay area. so that is how i'm going to preface this forecast.
6:46 am
we will stay dry for today and most of tomorrow. then we kick open that storm window. and i love knowing things because, you know, i'm watching these future cast models every time they come out. i like to look 15 days out, as far as i can get and i love it when i get to bring that information to you. the storm system looks like it will stay organized, my friend, so that's the good news. 53 in san jose. i place a $10 bet on my forecast this time. that is how sure i am with randy. you guys know randy. me and him, randy, going head to head. that's what we're counting on as he with head throughout your temperatures. because i said that, it probably won't rain. today, we get some fantastic conditions. as you get out there to honor our nation's veterans, beautiful conditions. mother nature is going to hold off on that rain for today. and then by tomorrow, it's going to get a little soupy out there. one of the things that we will
6:47 am
see as that storm system barrels closer and closer to the to the bay area coastline, it's going kick up some strong waves. if you are headed out to the beach today, maybe you like to watch your dogs on the beach, don't turn your back to the ocean. beware of strong waves and rip currents out there. this is going to intensify as we keep going this around. temperatures for today, 67 for the peninsula and 64 degrees. a gorgeous day coming your way. at least for today in san francisco. let me kind of show you what's on the way as we they had throughout the coming days. right to your future cast, we stop the clock for you at 1:00 a.m. that storm window opens up on thursday morning. it's going to be a rough drive as you make your way off to work. we may be getting a good 3 to 6 inches of snow out of that one. and then look at what arrives as we head throughout saturday, sunday and monday. the biggest storm that we've had this year so far looks like it will move into the bay area.
6:48 am
this could bring our totals up to potentially the 5 to 7 inch range in the north bay.we're looking towards maybe 3 inches in the south bay where we also need it. so stick with us and we'll tell but any changes. but right now, it's looking good. let's check your drive with mike. over here towards fremont we can see a few we didn't see for the last couple of mornings. we're looking at the breeze blowing, the flag, as well. there you go. she has her sensors, her computations, and let's show you was going on. through fremont down into the south bay, north 101 shows a gentle build for the entire stretch. we typically see this slowdown. pattern, normal, but a lighter than normal volume over here. jeff, the slow spot there and clearing in towards downtown. 85 just start to go build a lighter veterans day commute right now. many schools around the south, we have time off, as well as in the east bay. not sure about the city's school, but we see a lighter volume yesterday and today, as
6:49 am
well. the san mateo bridge, west 92, slowing there. let's get you a live look at the san mateo bridge. westbound away from us, that moves smoothly, a clear flow of traffic and a pretty clear view of the pa 90s la. no delays. there's the high rise again. we couldn't see that shot yesterday, as well. 101 and 280. the bay bridge to plaza, we have the back up and it's a different pattern, especially for a tuesday. the fast track lanes to about the end of the parking lot, if that. the left approach is easy, so a nice, easy drive off the berkeley curve. that is a treat for you because a lot of folks are offing a holiday. if you want a chance, head out to those parades or observance of veterans day, get a chance, say things. >> a good use of your time today. happening right now, within the next ten minutes or so, thousands of nurses at more than a dozen hospital res going to walk off the job. it is day one of a to-day planned strike.
6:50 am
stephanie joins us now live from san francisco. stephanie, we know kaiser says this is not going to impact anything by way of patient care. there are some things this morning patients need to know. good morning to you, sam. at the 21 kaiser hospitales and 35 clinics across northern california, you have these nearly 18,000 nurses who are on strike. you can see here in san francisco, they've set up here for the 12-hour strike. it could be, also, other people like the pharmacistes and respiratory therapists. this strike is happening as the nurse's union and kaiser are struck in contacts. on strike today and tomorrow, are with the california nurse's association. today adding ta they have been training still nurses for days, bringing them in from out of state to make sure there's no
6:51 am
impact these next few days for patients. kaiser did not mince words saying the timing of this strike is difficult as they head into flu season. >> we're concerned that c&n would call a strike right now as we've been at the table. we're working with c&a to work with us on that. >> we are not being irresponsible. we're being responsible because of the fact that kaiser has lost touch with its nurses and patient care. for the past few years, we've been severely short staffed. you get phone calls or texts from home. >> and the strike coincides with tomorrow's national day of action with ebola with nurses across the country demanding more training and protection. for instance, nurses here at the san francisco kaiser want an impenetrable hazmat suit. kaiser says it is following both state and federal guidelines on ebola response and as of right
6:52 am
now, there are zero patients in the u.s. being treated for ebola. but again, there's a two-day strike on safety concerns, ta goes also tomorrow. for now, live in san francisco, stephanie in the bay. >> 18,000 nurses, that's a pretty big number. thank you, stephanie. >> as you mentioned ebola, the u.s. is now ebola free as we have new developments on that front this morning. today, the new york doctor who tested positive for ebola is walking out of the hospital free of that deadly disease. today in the bay chris sanchez following all the new developments on those doctors, plus a ucs doctor who -- ucsf doctor, i should say. he's still working in that. >> yes. we'll start with that new york doctor, lawyer, craig spencer who will speak publicly for the first time in about 15 minutes since his diagnosis of ebola. with his release from the hospital, as you mention, there are no active cases of ebola in
6:53 am
the u.s. part of dr. spencer's treatment was a plasma transfusion from aid worker nancy rifle who also recovered from the virus. the monitoring period for people who had contact with dr. spencer ends on thursday. he was criticized for not quarantining himself upon his return from working with ebola patients in guinea. also this morning, as you mentioned the 21-day watch period ended for nurse casey hickcox. she successfully fought that quarantine from the governor which she said was not based on sound science. >> she says she doesn't feel any relief at this point, not having that diagnosis period any more, having that watch people. one of the people that is going to return is that ucsf doctor who is about a week into a month-long stint of working with ebola patients in liberia.
6:54 am
when we saw him off at the airport in san francisco last thursday, he told us that he did plan to self-quarantine for 21 days upon his return. dr. lay is tweeting about his work, about the soap and the bleach and hand sanitizer that he's using to contract the virus. cease sharing with us a facebook session that he had with his young daughter in order to keep in touch with her while he's gone. we will talk more to a new york doctor as he leaves the hospital this morning. we'll hear more from that nurse who says she's going to leave the state of maine altogether because of her disgust with that mandatory quarantine. >> thank you very much. google's investment platform, an on-site day care, a hair salon and now an airport. >> google is leasing moffet field. >> 60 years, laura. the hundredways, all the hangars, except the national guard. google says it will use the
6:55 am
facility for space and robotics research and presumably land some of the google founder's planes there. they've been doing that for years, anyway. what this means is a bit unclear to me this morning, but we are working on figuring that out. meanwhile, the white house has announced a massive new agreement with china over tariffes and trade. a trillion dollars worth. not totally signed and stamped yet, but it would drastically cut the price of american high tech goods going into china, particularly computer chips which, yes, american companies already make in china, but are still taxed and tariffs by china as much as 25%. gps units, video game units, all american products going into china and if the final seal goes on here, this could be a trillion dollars worth of economic growth. >> made in china, sold to china. do i have that straight? >> yes. and we keep the money. >> thanks.
6:56 am
it's 6:55 right now. there are a lot of events planned to honor veterans in the bay area, including the big veterans day parade in san jose. an annual tradition is going on behind the scenes, as well, to make sure that veterans get the benefits that they've earned. >> yes, very important there. today in the bay, live in san jose. we are talking about the largest restructuring in va history. good morning. >> yes, announcement being time to today's veterans day activities, including the san jose veterans day parade, which would be leaving the center here in downtown in a couple of hours from now. this is being made by the new veteran secretary of veteran's affair, robert mcdonald. and the announcement he's making is basically designed to put an end to the treatment of men and women who have returned from their service only to have to wait in long lines and in some cases receive substandard care. so what secretary mcdonald is announcing is a stream line of the va, so vets have a single point of care instead of having
6:57 am
to navigate several different websites throughout the country. he wants to hire 28,000 more doctors, nurses and tech initiallingans and wants to get rid of up to a thousand va employee toes make the organization overall more efficient. >> everyone wants to see that. they need to see that you can't do this to people and get away with it. >> if you don't have a computer, you're lost. you have to go to the local library. >> that not only have a problem with navigating the system and getting the proper health care, they also have trouble receiving their disability benefits. there's an eight-month backlog for that. others are calling for a hearing to examine whether it changes the ones that the secretary are proposing are enough or whether or not something more needs to be done. so, again, san jose's veterans day parade starting at here, roughly in the area of the sap arena if you want to come out and honor those veterans, come
6:58 am
out here around noon. reporting live here in downtown san jose. >> get there early, the crowds can be big. >> on the dot. >> there you go. >> it looks pretty nice, actually, where bob was. we know everybody for the most part knows some veteran in their life. >> even if you don't, say high to a stranger, tip your hat because it is going to be one of those days. where it will be so nice, you want to get out there and enjoy the parades. >> temperatures right now most will thely in the 50s. that parade has been going on in downtown san jose since 1919. so there's some history for you. 64 degrees on the east shore later. of 4 in san francisco. without all that fog out there, it's easier for drivers this morning. >> a lot easier. not as many folks out there because of the observance of the veterans day holiday. let's look at the bay bridge toll plaza. especially on a tuesday, we typically call it traffic tuesday. that because we have a heavier volume. right now, just the fast track
6:59 am
lanes, the slowdown. we'll see another burst later on in the morning, but right now, extremely light. no problems. we can see this camera. yesterday we couldn't. christina was talking about fog, much less of an issue. not really so much of an issue, as well. northbound through the south bay, a note about that parade because it's downtown. we will have reroutes through 2:00 p.m. keep that in mind. >> thanks. it is not too late to still talk halloween, even though we're a few days past it. finally, a father came up with a creative costume for his baby boy who spent the first four months office life in the hospital. >> eric heart's son was born in july. he designed a miniature ironman costume for his son. he wants i wanted to make his son feel brave. here is youtube video. the costume got lots of support from other parents. no doubt, being a premie, he is
7:00 am
a brave, strong boy. >> bravery coming in all forms today. >> that is what's happening today n bay. we're back at 7:25 with a live local news update. >> and join us then. we'll see you at 11:00, as well. have a great day. good morning. whiteout. heavy snow across the midwest. nearly 2 feet in some states and . heavy snow across the northwest. 2 feet in some causing two dates and accidents. obama-free, the final patient being treated in the u.s. set to walk out of the new york city hospital this morning, as that nurse who fought quarantines in two states reinfor receives good news of her own overnight. tragedy of errors blast eed reports and doctors failing to act quickly and even taking


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