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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  November 15, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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coming up at 5:00, it was a crime that shocked the rest of the world and their bay area connections. a powerful new film following the life and careers of wrestling brothers. the promise now from washington, d.c. as people check out the national site. new traffic headaches on the bay bridge. the new complaint coming from people who aren't even driving. good evening, everyone. >> thanks for joining us. a change of plans for cal trans
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workers on the bay bridge. they're trying to fix old joints. the alternate plan is not too much better, according to people who live underneath that bridge. annette, what seems to be the problem here? >> reporter: well it's all that noise the construction crews are making. take a look at all these high-rises around me, particularly this building behind me. the construction work on the bay bridge starts around 8:00 p.m. and goes through 5:00 a.m. look how close they are to the bay bridge. residents can hear everything. these complexes, of course, have dual pane windows. they're supposed to block out the noise but as you know construction sound can get really loud. one woman is nine months pregnant. she needs all the sleep she can get before the baby comes. she heard jackhammers starting around 10:30 at night. cal trans just began the work on
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deteriorating joints in the upper deck of the western span. it is supposed to last ten weeks. it will involve closing lanes while the replacement work is done. this is the next best plan since daytime work caused such a traffic jam when crews installed metal plates over the joint work. this alternative plan is now causing those not in a car some headache. >> it sounds like pounding but on top of the noise, the bit that's really disturbing, there's a vibration as well. not only do you hear the noise that you can't block out through a sound machine and ear plugs, but it is something you can actually feel. >> reporter: they did not get any warnings from cal trans
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crews about the noise being made overnight. this is going to cost taxpayers a million dollars more than than the original plan. you just can't please everyone. one man is dead, a gunman on the loose in san francisco after an early morning shooting. it happened before 3:00 a.m. the victim was pronounced dead at the scene. investigators say a man was seen running away, but they don't have the description of that man yet. they're urging anyone with information to come forward. in mill valley an argument over panhandling took a violent turn. the man on the bike told him it was illegal. the two men got into an argument. the suspect got into his car and backed into the victim on the bike. the suspect is a white or
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hispanic in his 30s driving a green honda suv. today crews are working to repair a second water main break within a week. this happened at the intersections of highways 12 and 29. take a look at the damage here from the first water main break. that one happened last saturday near laurel street. crews should be done by november 21st. they're asking those who live in those areas to avoid using water during certain times. "fox catcher" grapples with the story of two brothers. it is all true with a major bay area connection. we are live in palo alto with
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more on this real-life drama. >> reporter: dave and mark shultz graduated from palo alto. dave shultz was gunned down by john dupont. the new movie "fox catcher" tells the story of the two brothers and their lives before the brother was gunned down. he wished the movie had stayed true to the facts. >> they were assisting coaches at stanford under me when they won their olympic gold medals in 1984. in the movie, there's no mention of stanford. >> reporter: he also says in the movie that portrayed that his parents had died, but their parents are very much still alive and living here in the bay
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area. he described dave as the einstein of wrestling because of his amazing technique. nbc bay area news. it is an incredible story. it is a waiting game in ferguson, missouri. they're deciding if they will indict a police officer in the shooting death of a teenager, michael brown. audiotapes are revealing exactly what happened in the minutes before and after the shooting. >> reporter: audiotapes reveal the day michael brown was killed police were tracking a robbery suspect near a gas station. >> it's going to be a black male in a white t-shirt. he took a whole box of swisher cigars. >> reporter: the officer reports his location.
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according to the post dispatch, it is 12:02 p.m. wilson has stopped brown and a friend. what happened next is at the core of the case. police say the teenager attacked the police officer, tried to get his gun, and was killed when the officer opened fire. some witnesses say brown had his hands up when the shots were fired. officer wilson leaves the police station two hours after the shooting, going to the hospital, and then returns hours later. >> at any moment now, we can expect to get an announcement if they're done with their work, which i suspect they're getting close to. nbc has not independently verifiy eiey eied those recordi.
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a critically ill surgeon diagnosed with ebola in sierra leone has arrived in the united states. workers loaded him onto a gurney encased in a plastic bubble. he is the tenth ebola patient to be treated on american soil and the third treated in nebraska. his father is a caring man who will always put the needs of others ahead of his own. >> he is really a hero to me because when i was little, he brought me up to the kind of man i am today. >> reporter: he was treating ebola patients in sierra leone when he was diagnosed on monday. according to a medical team, the doctor may be sicker than the first patients that were successfully stre lly treated he united states. open enrollment is open.
5:09 pm also opens today. this year the obama administration is promising health coverage without all of the problems. >> the information is clearer, the website is working a little bit better. everything seems to be finding its stride. it is helpful to talk to a person and get details about the plan rather than just looking online. >> reporter: open enrollment ends on february 15th, but by then republican lawmakers will have taken control of congress. they are vowing to repeal president obama's milestone program. chuck todd sits down with the health and human services secretary. he discusses the program with critics. that starts tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. right here on nbc bay area.
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oprah dazzling the south bay. i'm getting goose bumps remembering that image, because the doctor said everywhere you see yellow, that's cancer. >> a grieving daughter channels her sorrow into a crocheting crusade. the clouds are on the increase as we await the chance of rain. on the increase as we head into next week. we'll be right back. ♪
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well, if it wasn't here at work, i'd like to think i'd be with oprah along with thousands of her fans. they filled the center in san jose on the final stop of her national tour. there she is, right there, the lady in the red shawl. the life you want two day event drew a sold-out crowd. the main event of course focused on honing in on what you want out of life and how to achieve
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it. she did not disappoint the men and women who came to see her. >> it was something that i never imagined in my young life. it is such an incredible feeling. she is like a book of knowledge. i think one of things that has stuck with us everything that has happened has happened to you. >> pretty cool. we saw people smiling out of there yesterday. they were so pumped up. >> that's what you want to be. >> maybe. here's a question. how do you put together 24 squares and come out with one big heart? a woman has figured out how and it started out as a way to honor her mother. >> her passion is also giving a lot of comfort to others who are
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struggling with cancer. >> i think the squares into a heart riddle would appeal to this woman. she was an award-winning high school math teacher who loved gentlemen y geometry. she has since moved on to a different mission. over the past two years, nicole has had a lot of practice telling her mother's story, though practice in this case doesn't make perfect. >> try not to cry because i still -- it's very hard. >> reporter: nicole grew up in northeast pennsylvania. her mom, a single mother raising two kids, working two jobs. >> very, very embarrassing. i wouldn't let anybody know. i would stay home a lot. >> reporter: with age and perspective, embarrassment was
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transformed into admiration for a woman who had given everything for her kids. >> she was the one who cared and always listened. >> reporter: a doctor gave mary ann said bad news. >> everywhere you see yellow, that's cancer. it was from her head to toes. >> reporter: she died. nicole, a mom herself, fell into a depression. it was her husband who suggested takie inine ining a class to ta somewhere else. >> when i saw that crochet class, i just knew that was my connection back to my mom. >> reporter: crochet because it was something her mom used to do. crochet because it was something nicole thought she could do to help others going through what her mother just did. nicole, by the way, never took
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that class. instead, she opened a laptop and began teaching herself. five hours later, she had a single square and a big idea. >> how about we get the world involved? >> reporter: project chemo crochet was born. >> i'm comforting all those people in the world that need comfort during this hard time. >> reporter: her husband created a website asking others to crochet squares that she and her friends would sew for people battling cancer. in less than two years, nicole and her team have stitched and shipped close to 700 blankets all over the country with no idea of slowing down now. >> i know people want to help. i'm not asking for money. i'm asking for your time. i'm asking for a piece of you to be a part of something bigger. >> reporter: nicole began
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project chemo crochet while living in pennsylvania and has a team of stitchers working for her there. she has recently moved to the bay area and had spread the word about what she does and is building up her team here. >> if you know someone doing something nice for others, garvin would love to hear from you. go to our website,, and search bay area proud. you can also e-mail garvin your idea. >> he always finds such great stories. >> he does. coming up next, hitting a dry milestone. >> the emergency that's taking a toll on lake levels in california. one lake close to hitting a record low.
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well, it's no secret that lakes throughout california are sinking lower and lower because of this epic drought, but this lake is a few days from reaching a record low. it is standing at 649 feet. the last time it was this low, it was in 1977 when it hit 645 feet. experts expect the levels to go down a half a foot a day. it is on track to break the record on thanksgiving day. >> we don't have the traffic
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through that we used to have because our office is one of the main roads up here. people once they see the lake and the beauty of it when it is full will usually stop. >> the lake is usually full or considered full at 900 feet. right now it is about 25% capacity. in another 45 feet, it will be too low to generate power for the nearby hydroelectric plant. >> let's see if there's any hope on the horizon. we have your microclimate forecast. >> we're seeing a mixed bag across parts of northern california as we show you some of the numbers up along the northern coast. notice how these numbers drop off. off to the east, sacramento 48% of average for this year. bay area, notice how the numbers drop off around livermore and san jose. livermore 36% of average.
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north bay, sitting at 32% of average. this weekend, i don't think we're going to be adding to those totals, but there is some hope next week. we watch two things unfolding. some of these clouds will spill in from time to time but high pressure for now holding the storm doors shut, at least for the moment. instead of getting rain, it looks like overcast skies, mid and high level clouds. the rain over the weekend just staying off towards the north. things stay dry. you'll notice maybe in some of the hill tops gusty offshore winds. you might notice those offshore breezes kicking up into tomorrow morning. those hill tops in napa county and sonoma county, you'll see those gusty conditions as that
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strengthens. more high clouds for the end of the week. temperature wise tomorrow, not that different from today. highs in the mid 60s. low to mid 60s closer to san francisco. mid 60s around the north bay. tri-valley, highs in the mid 60s as we finish off the weekend. the chance of rain gets going towards the middle part of next week. that high is going to weaken. they should bring us rain mainly for the north bay. another system due on friday. this time next weekend, that's the system we hope can bring an inch or two of rain. that's your wednesday system. the next real chance of rain for the bay area is going to have to wait until the middle part of next week. friday, weak system goes on by and then next weekend here is the good news. we expect to see the potential for some inches of rain for
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areas north of san francisco, but that is out to the next seven to eight days. that ridge of high pressure strengthens across the west. wednesday we'll see that chance of rain for santa rosa. we'll see the same trend around livermore and san jose. cool finish to the weekend. slightly warmer into monday and tuesday. wednesday that rain we think will be heaviest in the north bay, cooling us off for the middle part of the week. friday, more showers. next weekend, maybe we can start reversing that trend and add some rain here. so dry weekend for this weekend, but there's some improving signs for rain and snow as we head into the new week. back to you. >> a lot of possible happiness heading our way. still to come, he gave his reindeer the weekend off. >> a high-flying adventure for
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santa here in the south bay. there he is, the big man.
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what is going on? they're looking up for santa arriving in grand style at a san jose mall today. he flew in by uber helicopter. >> because there are uber helicopters. >> part of a big holiday kickoff event at westfield oak ridge. that included the prize of a free helicopter ride, a trip for four people. >> i think everyone knows that for the holidays santa really matters as a reliable ride.
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we think uber offers the most reliable and safest ride in the bay area. >> as far as we know, it is the first time santa has ditched his sleigh for a helicopter. >> i wonder how the reindeer feel about that, though, getting one-upped by uber. coming up in our next half hour, things are hitting up in the g-20 summit in australia. the russian president under pressure and the warning from western leaders. a new social trend for women who can have serious discussions about their future over cocktails. ♪
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