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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 17, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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helping investigators track down the person responsible. >> and candlestick's future will be revealed today. >> and we're kicking off your work week with level weather. we bring on the rain as of tuesday. then that storm window stays open all the way into this upcoming weekend and into next week. we'll tell you how much rain to expect where you live in just moments. >> and the backup here at the toll plaza expected. your bay shore report coming up. >> and a live look at the bay bridge this morning. traffic seems to be moving slowly. it is coming, though, the rain is. it's monday, september 17th. this is "today in the bay." >> and a good monday morning.
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thank you very much for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. the second ebola patient being treated in nebraska has died. hospital workers say the doctor had advanced kidney failure when he arrived sunday. hospital officials plan to address the media regarding his death later this morning. >> new this morning, downed power lines have closed part of a busy north bay street but investigators say they have a pretty good clue about who knocked them down. that area still closed this
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area. the power lines fell into the road. >> an historic church in the south bay is overcome by flames. they ripped through the building, setting a cross on fire which fell to the ground as parishioners watched. the fires started right after the 1:00 mass at the century-old structure of ea structure. >> good morning to you, chris. the san jose fire department is trying to find out what caused this fire that severely damaged this yearly 100-year-old church. they believe the fire started near the pipe oregon. they're looking into whether there was a problem with this
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wiring. you'll notice the chaen link fence here. that's to keep people out tln one reason the fire burned so hot and so fast is that construction nearly a century ago relied on timber, very dry and it was too dangerous go and. >> it's part of me. >> it took the fire department two hours to con taken the fire.
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one firefighter taken to the hospital for a minor injury. coming up, we'll hear what the pass-to-has to say about the futu future. >> d.e.a. agents surprise the 19ers. authorities conducted a surprise infection of the team's medical staff. why? it's part of an ongoing investigation of prescription drug abuse in the nfl. the positions and trainers for the sam pa bay fox brought on by form former. the 49ers issued a statement on yesterday's inspection saying.
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>> we will out to scoutly of puerto ricans the question while shopping is always what kind? we're talking about luxury urban. that's what we were talking about here. that should con. that could be open in as early as three years. so not right away but by the it except something easy. with homes above stores, we're
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talking a marketplace, restaurant, food theaters peacekeepers that's ekwif ent zwrnk. now, lennar is partnering with my archnew hampshire -- by. >> reporter: this is happening as his san francisco residential development is getting ready to release its first unit advertised as move-in a of will be live here at noon today.
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>> thanks, steph. >> an interesting comparison there to santana. >> super shuttle drivers expected back on the job this morning after a weekend sick-out that. >>. stranded pass injuries at sfo said they were told. >> >> it's time to check your african-american fnks zbrnks good morning to you chris, sam. everybody at home. happy monday. temperatures mostly in the 30 ds
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out had -- as we get into the next couple of hours, we're going to hit the coldest point of the day. bundle up yourself, your littleun ones ands -- and get into a no roo. then we're really going to warm you up into the low 70s in the hot spot. sbp jchl -- the day is getting shorter and shorter. two degrees warmer in san jose.
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not later can we doctor pb mike, the metering lights are coming on. that's why we have all the lights in our camera. >> a nice flow of traffic into the city but noshd prkt, prp. >> san mateo picking up a little bit of volume. the triarea coming into sandoval.
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680 southbound. we'll get a live look at palo alto coming down and on 880 a sign is lit up that says alta mount. >> that sign sure is bright. >> it is. no houses in the area. >> thank you. it issing drk. >> and a cruise ship returning to southern california just days into a month-long journey. >> and looking live at the commute in dublin.
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. welcome back now. happy monday to you. taking a live look. crystal clear start this morning. this one from foster city. it's chilly out there to start. it will be warmer by a few degrees, but by this time tomorrow, we're going to be talking about rainfall on the way and several consecutive days with rain in the forecast. we'll tell you what's coming kwr
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w way. >> doesn't look so bad but i'll show you your spots for the south bay and the tri-valley coming up. >> thank you, guys. investigators are looking for the driver who crashed into a fire hydrant, knocking down a power pole in san thand he or s took off leaving behind their license plate. >> today we could hear from the al media man facing murder charges for what he describes as his wife's mercy stilling. 7 -- police don't say what her medical condition was.
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>> and the third ebola patient flown into a high level medical ma silt has died. dr. clean a become a unit it sedy in case it's needed to fight off ebola. they've been ordered to mobilize for possible deployment to west africa. the soldiers would provide training on ebola, conventional treatment and also thunderstorm medical or there. one direction and ed sheerin are among the performers.
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that is available. >> and the board of governorers submit this. the city college lost it last year after an evaluation of the school's claiming the evaluation was based not on frmsflrm. in southern california the crown princess experienced a norio virus outbreak. they were on a nearly month-long voyage from los angeles to tahiti. they were all treated on the ship. >> governor brown just wonner in term in office, but he's already getting ready for his next reelection campaign? brown is holding a $800.
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>> he told the "times" he might use whatever money he has left it sprns. it says one child in almost prchl. >> the problem is especially severe in california, which accounts for more than one-fifth of homeless children. >> scientists are facing all
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kinds of obstacles. they're getting together this morning to talk about the data and be then. touchdown on the comet in honey. the solar panels will recharge their batteries. >> most of us call 911 for a medical emergency. but at the united states postal service, employees are not allowed to. instead they is it veenl they lived. sfrchl dispatch records show that the first calls to 911 did not happen until 3:53. >> we're talking about a human life here.
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and seconds matter. if. we have why the uspc. >> right now we're going to get you a check of your forecast as we give you a live look from palo alto this morning. do not be received says christina loren. it's a very chilly start to your day. >> what else do i say? poor sam, poor sam. he's got to wa. he always wants a personalized
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forecast for some reason. oh, it's all about, is, isn't it? it's chilly out there. grab your coat. san francisco, though, 56 degrees. look at santa rosa park. open water bridges this morning, you really want to take it easy out there. and nice and clear to kick off the day but clouds steadily increasing by this afternoon. every single sky that you see here which is nice and clear right now will be cloudy. that's because you got a storm system on the way. that's why i left the rainy con. and a but it looks like the
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north day will be a big winner when it comes to this series of storms. once the rain starts up, it is going to be active around here for a while. i want to check your drive. here's mike. >> the foeks travel. this slowing north 880 just a bit. right at 60 miles per hour. no real problems. north 101 through san jose. starting to build there. we've had this build for a long time, west 580 continuing to have slowing. we now see slowing past --
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livermore, i should say, coming out of pleasanton. no problems for the carquinez. a sudden build toward the bay bridge toll plaza. we'll look at southbound 101 through san rafael. the room. >> you just take the lincoln area its ff time now is 6:22. still ahead, an energy drink warning showing how dangerous they can be for kids.
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you're watching "today in the bay." >> well, gm is extending the deadline for victims of crashing involving faulty ignition switches to file claims now until january 31st. the move was done out of an abundance of caution. notices have been sent to more than 4 million current and former owners of the impacted vehicles. >> and the holiday shopping season does not officially kick off until next friday but the
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u.s. postal service wants to help you get a jump on sending presents. the agency will deliver packages seven days a week from now until christmas day. it's expected to be up about 14% in deliveries from the year prior. >> a number of young children are getting sick from drinking caffeinated energy drinks. more than 40% of the calls involve childrennd 6. many experience cardiac problems and even seizures after drinking the beverage. experts say they are very dangerous for children and can even cause problems for some adults. >> uber and spotify may announce the jam today.
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reports say the air phone. >> enhanced convenience. you got to like that. >> still ahead, we have breaking news to tell you about. an american doctor dies from ebola upon spending time in west africa. >> and a man is pushed into the path of a new york city subway train. now police say they might have a chew about who did that. @@@
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breaking news this morning. the second ebola death on american soil. >> and we're getting a spectacular sunrise this morning. this from san jose. i want to show you same bruno mountains, same beautiful colors. looking good today and tomorrow. then a series of storm systems on the way to the bay area and a big pattern change. all the details in just moments.
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>> and i have to show you where the brake lights and headlights here. in mountains view maybe an issue for 101. >> and we're looking live as the opening bell rings on the new york stock exchange. of course on the other side at the nasdaq, they're sounding the bell as well hoping for a good day on this monday, november 17th. this is "today in the bay." good morning to you, sam. good morning to the rest of you. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. an ebola patient being treated at nebraska hospital has died. tracie potts joins us.
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the patient had very developed systems when he arrived here. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. they did everything they could to save him but news came just over an our ago from the bio containment union that he did die. he was a doctor practicing in sierra leone, a surgeon there, but he's always -- he arrived saturday in extremely critical condition, his kidneys were failing, respiratory failure, they gave him experimental treatments as we've seen with some of the others but unfortunately it just was to no avail. he was the third american -- or third resident i should say to be treated in that center for
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e -- we're expecting a live news conference from that medical center in about an hour and a half. >> it's such a brave thing to do. thank you tracie potts from washington. >> and police are searching for a mabb who pushed a man off a subway platform and into the path of an oncoming train. the man was struck and killed instantly. police say the two men did not know each other. witnesses say the attack seemed completely unpro investigate. >> and.
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>> the 23-year-old has been charged with reckless endang endangerment and criminal trespassing. in august a russian tourist was arrested after climbing a cable to the top of one of the bridge's towers. >> we are monday. geologists are recording several smaller breakouts. currently the throw of kwrn.
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here in the bay area, we do drop into the 20s. right now that's still a little distant. once these systems come through, they're going to usher in rainfall, cooler air and then we might be talking about that very, very frigid air that comes with the season. our local animals are still getting their winter coats. my san francisco is clear top to bottom. what a pretty drive this morning. you can see the bridge up and down. san bruno, no fog to be found this morning. it's really clear out there. we have the sang orange sherr bert sky.
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. i've got to tell you, these models don't agree. there's a lot of science being done, a lot of analyzing satellite imagery to the best of my ability. fifth an i. rather, though, a lot of models a are. i'll show you how much we're expecting coming up in my next report. hope flip uch got those windshield ebb. >> i know you were talking about system be.
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580 a love the smooth drive swep approximately sfrm. let's look at your map, though. that commute direction has thatom sprm and the commuteprsh sflchls -- and on the peninsula side, we're just seeing the traffic come from the east bay over there. at 101 a crash reported there or at least a fend are bender. we're seeing the slowdown happen right at the transition. right now we do see a little
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slowing and that's typically a trouble spot. a. fire crews are fighting a fire at a victorian home in that neighborhood. you can see the emergency crews. and clearly some of the smoke still coming off of that structure. the good news is we don't see a lot of flameage there. however, it appears to me we might ab
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mightab mightable -- be able to fight it. correct me if i'm wrong. does that look like a laser there? >> benita avenue and delaware creek is where that area was. we'll take a break and come back.
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right now there are no plans for a west coast appearance. >> prince william is teaming up with the maker of angry birds for a good cause. >> you must be referring to rovio, which will highlight the dangers of poaching on animal species. the game is called "roll with the angolans." >> time right now 6:41. breaking news to tell you about. a second ebola death on u.s. soil. the latest coming up next.
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>> plus a hit-and-run driver causes a watery mess. >> and nearly a hundred years of history, a century burned in a matter of moments. why south bay fire crews are still on shooen this morning. >> and will live look outside in san francisco. you're back with nonstop news of traffic and weather right after. >> toyota, let's go places.
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-- back. get your share of 630 --
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now 15 minutes of continuous news, weather and traffic on "today in the bay." >> we begin right now with breaking news. the third ebola patient treated in nebraska has now died. hospital workers say dr. martin salia had kidney and respiratory failure when he arrived on saturday from west africa. he contracted ebola while treating patients in his home country of sierra leone.
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hospital officials plan to address the media later regarding his death this morning. >> record breaking cold sweeping across america's mid section. look at the video in kansas city this morning. that's a water fountain or rather an ice fountain we'll call it. yesterday's high there, 23 degrees. dyl dylan dreyer is with us. >> it's been a very wet snow here. it really just goes right through you. we're expecting only about 1 to 3 inches of snow here in cleveland today but we'll see how things shift once we get into more of a lake effect event, up into parts of western new york where 1 to 3 feet of snow is expected.
6:46 am
cold, arctic air is surging in. on sunday cars were spinning out and stuck on the sides of the road. we did have a multiple car accident from cars spinning out. on the eastern side of this funnel system we've got heavy rain causing significant airport delays to new york city, philadelphia, down to d.c. and even reports of confirmed tornadoes down across the panhandle of florida. so this whole storm system is expansive. but for the rest of the week, everyone is going to be talking about the cold. here, especially in the cleveland area, you have the light fluffy stuff and the stuff we're dealing with today, which for rest didn't here, especially the kids, it's a good time to get out and build is snowman.
6:47 am
>> all right. it sounds like that crunchy snow is hard to make a snowman out of. you did a great job. >> there's an expression for that. when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. good job on that snowman. >> everybody wants to come visit this time of year. >> arctic conditions elsewhere. time to check the forecast here, though. not quite the case in the bay area. this as we give you a live look at downtown san jose. >> beautiful. meteorologist christina loren is here. aren't you glad you're not dylan dreyer? >> with al roker's big feat last week and what dylan just showed us, i'm really happy with my job here.
6:48 am
we need that big polar vortex to move so we can get the rain that we need. hopefully our forecast, of course they're always tied together on both sides of the nation, hopefully everything will work out to the been fit of both coasts. they want to be out of the cold just as much as we want the rainfall. san jose looking really pretty this morning. as high as we can get you this morning, high atop san bruno mountain overlooking the beautiful san francisco bay, a really pretty start, not a cloud in the sky. a storm system is tracking closer. good news. hopefully it is strong enough to help push that polar vortex out of the way. season fran's in the 40s to start and that's a chilly start for you. right downtown in san francisco you have the low 50s. but your outlying areas, you get closer to the airport, it's really chilly out there.
6:49 am
make sure you're ready for that temperatures are going to stay nice and comfortable till tuesday. our atmospheric river is where we need it to be. the storm systems are coming in. the two combined provide some very generous rainfall totals. i want to take you into the future, wednesday to thursday, we get our first round. another heavy round of rainfall and a lot of this moisture is going to track right over the north bay. we could see totals of 2 to 3, even 4 inches of rain combined through wednesday's system next week, if everything times out. we'll talk more about this as we head through next week. right now i'll give it back to you, mike. they're wrapping me, boy. they're wrapping me this morning. >> i'll take what's left over here. this is not left over, this is just getting started, your commute. look at your map for the south bay, kicking in around 101, all
6:50 am
the way from 85 up past capital expressway. typical for the south bay. the concern here west 237. the earlier crash has moved out of the roadway just as you're approaching 101. over toward palo alto, there's your peninsula, a slower drive developing across 92, in toward fremont. the tri-valley shows the build. we saw this as well on thursday last week. this may be a pattern we're seeing but we'll track that. looking at the bay bridge toll plaza, the metering lights are on. the worst is from 580 and 24 west. and in the north bay, 101.
6:51 am
101 starting to slowing. >> mike, thank you very much. downed power lines have closed part of a busy north bay street. investigators have a pretty good clue as to who knocked them done. just after 2:00 this morning, somebody crashed into a fire hydrant a power pole. that area still closed this morning. water shot about 20 feet into the air. you see it there. and the wires pulled into the road.
6:52 am
bob redell is live at the church where firefighters are still at the scene. >> reporter: what they're doing out here is two things, keeping the public away from the scene and, two, they're dousing hot spots. two hours later, there's still heat emanating from the fire. there was some sort of electrical mall financial that started yesterday's fire that severely damaged the clutch. this is a 100-year-old institution in san jose that many parishioners consider to be like a home for them. >> this is my church and i'm devastated. >> reporter: you can see how difficult it was for the fire department to contain this. it took about two hours to contain. one reason it burned so fast,
6:53 am
when they built the church in the early 1900s they used wood that was very dry. the pastor isn't sure if the church can be saved. >> we can continue to operate as a church. >> reporter: one firefighter was taken to the hospital for a minor injury. there has been a chain link fence set up as a perimeter around the structure. the concern is there could be further collapse and they don't want people to get too close. >> thank you, bob. so sad to see. >> the dea conducted a surprise
6:54 am
inspection. 49 physicians and trainers were collected out at met life stadium. the seattle seahawks also inspected. no arrests were made. the nfl in the midst of a lawsuit brought by former players. the dea investigation was reportedly triggered by that lawsuit. the 49ers issued a statement on yesterday's inspection saying "medical staff complied and the team departed as scheduled." >> and a former cheerleader plans to up the ante for back
6:55 am
pay. earli the plaintiff in the suit has opted out of the settlement and now she plans to take her fight to the nfl. >> my hope is that all women across the nfl are going to finally be treated with the respect that they deserve and they are going to be paid for the skills they have. >> the raiders are not comments on any possible legal action. the nfl has previously argued in court that the case should be considered on a team-by-team basis and not leaguewide. >> the future of candlestick being revealed this morning. >> stephanie chuang is live with a complete reconfiguration of that area. good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning,
6:56 am
sam. instead of sports and big concerts, think housing, shopping, maybe movie theaters here where candlestick park is now standing. in the place of the 70,000 seat stadium will be what's shown in the video rendering released. the plan here is described as luxury urban shopping outlet dubbed as one of the largest urban mixed use venues in the country. movie theaters, shops, performance venue and hotel, 6,000 homes with underground parking. len -- they'll build
6:57 am
infrastructure from streets to water and roads and public safety sites, including a police and fire station. this is happening as hunter's point is getting ready to open their first units. for job seekers, this is set to create 3,000 permanent jobs. san francisco mayor is set to announce that live here. >> thank you, stephanie. >> the time is now 6:57. one final check of the top stories. we could face from the al media he told police he killed his sick wife of near live 40 years because of a promise not to let
6:58 am
her suffer. >> between 4 in the morning and 3 p.m. it's going to cost $1 to park at the station. bart officials announced new -- the pope announcing he plans to attend the world meeting of families in philadelphia. right now he has no plans to visit the west coast. it will be appropriation francis's first visit to the united states since becoming pope. >> a lot of people excited about that as well. you know, first stretch of time that we're looking at with showers, we could be looking at potentially three to five consecutive days with rain in the forecast. bring it on! we're at 56 in san francisco. it's chilly in the north bay.
6:59 am
you'll be at 72 degrees later on, 69 in the south bay and 76 on the east shore. >> san mateo bridge does move slowly. there's 92, there's 84. a pretty typical pattern for motte of the bay. we will show you fremont. approaching mission boulevard. this is the volume of traffic we'll see just southbound in that one direction. >> oh, wow. >> speaking of one direction. ♪ ♪ >> those guys right there, one direction getting ready to perform on the "today" show and hoards of girls and guys have gathered waiting to see the boy band in concert. but you get a front row seat.
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>> which of those did not belong? the sumo wrestler? >> perhaps it the the mike inouye reference. >> that was appropriate. >> that's what's happening today. we'll see you back in 30 minutes. good morning. breaking news. damaging tornadoes tears through parts of florida. tens of millions are hit with a second blast of bitterly cold air and snow. our weather team of roker and drier has it covered. act of purevil. that's how president obama describes the mud of an american aid work earthquake at the hands of isis has his heartbroken parents get set to speak out. blind sided. the staff at several teams targeted after sunday's games. the surprise inspect specs tied


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