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tv   Today  NBC  November 20, 2014 7:00am-11:01am PST

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luxury for residents, it's 194 feet underground. can you go to the gym, movie theater, pool and a five-year food plan for every person there. >> sounds enticing but no connection with the outside world. >> buenos días, terror en el we're hon the scene. don't ask, a reporter questions bill cosby about sexual assault allegations on camera for the first time. >> no, no, this is no response. >> with cameras rolling, he
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asked the reporter to edit out the entire exchange. >> i think if you want to consider yourself to be serious, that it will not appear anywhere. and the retail robot. >> hi. >> she could change the way you shop, and she's live in our studio today, thursday, november 20 th, 2014. announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning, everyone. welcome to today, 7:00 a.m. on the west coast, thursday morning, and we remember a legend today. >> mike nichols career, the movies, broadway projects, but the husband of a colleague of ours, diane sawyer, thoughts with her and friends and family this morning. >> looking back at his career,
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one of the only one to win an oscar, tony, and grammy. amazing man. >> all right. more on the passing in a moment, but breaking news from florida. the frightening shooting at florida state university that sent the campus into lockdown for hours overnight. from our nbc affiliate wtlb, darren, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. police are investigating how and why the gunman started shooting in the library, a multistory building, a popular hub of activity here on campus. the gunman is dead, and at least two victims were transported to the hospital, one in critical condition, the other unknown. >> there's been a shooting in the library. >> reporter: a quiet campus turned into chaos after a gunman opened fire injurying three people. there was a shooter on campus.
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>> at the time, the library, as you can imagine, was packed with students studying for final exams. estimates right now are 300 to 4 400 students. >> i went to the water fountain, and they ran up the stairs, and says, there's a guy with a gun, get out. >> reporter: students scrambled to get the exits, others uses barricades. >> the students on the second floor went to the back of the library, and, you know, the second floor, we barricaded the back stairwell, where we were hiding. >> reporter: they use ed media share information, one saying, say a preyer, we're stuck in the library with a shooter in the building. the shooter was confronted on the steps of the library and told to drop the weapon and said the gunman fired a round at police, and the police shot back killing him. >> heard nine or ten shots, and everyone ran screaming. >> reporter: classes cancelled
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today while students are stunned. we don't know much about the gunman, who he is, and a possible motive, but police may drae address that in a briefing, back to you. >> thank you very much. another major story, legendary director mike nichols passed away, shaped hollywood and broadway for six decades. n here's more on his life and career, joe, good morning. >> good morning, savannah. the range of work, extraordinary. first time behind the lens was to direct "who's afraid of virginia wolfe?" >> you're trying to seduce me? >> reporter: the director who introduced iconic characters into our life. he passed away overnight at the
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age of 83. born in 1931, nichols arrives in the united states at the age of 7 when his parents fled the nazis. he pursued comedy in chicago, partners with elaine, one of the country's most innovative duos at the time. >> this is your mother, do you remember me? >> reporter: but it was his work behind the lens that cemented his status as a hollywood heavy weight. >> shut up. >> reporter: his hits span decades including the graduate winning him an oscar. >> you do saucy, sauce you. >> reporter: and "the bird cage" starring the late robin williams, equally didn't to comedy and drama, television, broadway, director the hbo
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miniseries "angels in america." >> finally done with this world. >> reporter: won his ninth tony award in 2012 for "death of a salesman." a director legend whose work reached across generations and touched nearly every part of the entertainment world. nichols directed "working girl" in 2007, and "charlie wilson's war," and working on another hbo project, and, of course, as you mentioned, he was married for 26 years to abc anchor, diane sawyer. >> thank you very much. meanwhile, the president addresses the nation tonight on the hot button issue of immigration reform making good on a promise to sidestep congress and take executive actions despite intense criticism. peter alexander is at the white house this morning. good morning. >> reporter: about that criticism is one as a republican governor put to us, it's not the
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audacity of hope, but of a power grab. the president is committed, and as you said tonight, he's going to announce action after congress's failure to approve a comprehensive immigration reform bill. frustrated that washington let immigration's crisis fester for decades, tonight, the president announces significant steps to fix it himself. >> what i'll lay out are things that i can do with my lawful authority as president to make the system work better. >> reporter: the most controversial aspects of the president's plan of action is to allow as many as 5 million undocumented immigrants in the u.s. as well as parents of children born here and protect more so-called dreamers, young immigrants brought to the u.s. illegally as children, but not their parents. this order is expected to extend stay of foreign graduates in u.s. colleges with high-tech skills. wednesday, the president hosted more than a dozen democrats in the white house to explain his decision. even before president obama
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announces a thing by acting alone, his republican critics say he betrayed his own word. >> i'm the president of the united states. i'm not the emperor of the united states. >> i believe his unilateral action, which is unconstitutional and illegal will deeply harm our prospects for immigration reform. >> reporter: senator mccain pressed the president to wait for the new congress. give them a time, not a deadline. a poll shows americans are not on board either, nearly half oppose the president taking action on immigration, just 38% approve. as the president takes on a fight over a major debated issue. at 5:00 p.m. pacific time, he's going to a high school to address immigration reform. two years ago now to make a case to an american public that supports a pathway to citizenship, but matt and
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savannah, disagrees this is the right approach. >> all right, peter alexander at the white house. a reminder, abc news brings you the white house address live on our sister network, telemundo. >> we have bill cosby asked on camera about the sexual assault allegations swirling around, and in part of the conversation he did not want released publicly. we are live in los angeles with the story. gabe, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the fallout over the scandal keeps growing, and today, more questions whether cosby's career can survive. >> no, no, we don't answer that. >> reporter: in the new released video from the associated press, a tv dad who had all the answers on "the cosby show." >> i'm your father, i brought you in the world, and i'll take you out. >> reporter: this time, apparently did not like the question. >> i just wanted to ask if you wanted to respond at all about whether any of that was true.
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>> there's no response. >> reporter: the interview with his wife about art lent to the smithsonian took place september 6, and at the end, the ap reporter asked about the video that's recently gone viral, a standup comedian calling cosby a rapist. >> there is no comment about that. >> okay. >> and i'll tell you why. i think you were told. i don't want to compromise your integrity, but we don't -- i don't talk about it. >> reporter: he then asked the reporter not to use that part of the interview. >> and i would appreciate it if it was scuttle. >> i hear you. i will tell that to my editors, and i think that they will understand. >> well, i think if you want to consider yourself to be serious,
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that it will not appear anywhere. >> reporter: six women publicly accused cosby of sexual assault. >> over the last ten years, it's been coming and going and coming and going, and it's sliding under the rug a lot. now it's time. people are listening. >> reporter: court records of the 2006 civil suit settled show ten more women made anonymous claims, never charged with any crime, and a former prosecutor says there's not enough proof. >> bill cosby was guilty and had done something wrong, but that -- i mean, i can't stand up in court and tell the judge and jury, my gut tells me he's guilty. >> reporter: the attorney says their client would not dignify decade old discredited claims with a response, calling the most recent rape allegation from the former supermodel a complete lie, contradicted by accounts in her book. >> the loss of innocence i suffered, and these womens out there suffered is why i'm
7:12 am
sitting here today, and i don't care about what cosby or networks or anybody says. i am -- you will hear me. >> reporter: nbc pulled the plug on a planned sitcom starring cosby, and netflix postponed a special, and tv land scrapped reruns of the cosby show. >> at 77, with all the allegations swirling around him, it's going to be very difficult for him to launch october tv show or film. >> reporter: cosby's next performance tonight in the baja mas scheduled to go on as well as tomorrow's in florida. the mountain team is saying, we're only in a position to judge him based on his career as an entertainer and humanitarian. matt, savannah, back to you. >> thank you. >> natalie has a key hearing tied to a major recall. >> that's right. an executive at tacata facing accusatio accusations, and how the air bags became to be installed in
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so many cars, and what can be done to fix the defect. representatives from honda and chrysler face lawmakers. this recall impacts ten automobile manufacturers, almost 8 million cars here in the u.s. another security scare near the white house wednesday where a man was air force earrested aft secret service said they found weapons in their car. the 41-year-old man approached secret service officers where he told him someone from iowa told him to drive to the white house. they found a hunting rifle, ammunition, and a six inch knife. charges are pending. tensions rising in ferguson, missouri as a grand jury decides whether to indict wilson. they face off with police in riot gear, and six people were arrested.
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the bicycle accident that injured bono was more serious than thought. he crashed suffering fractures to an eye socket and shoulder blade and elbow. he had a five hour surgery on sunday night where doctors inserted three metal plates and 18 screws. he had a second surgery the next day, and bono needs physical therapy, but it is expected he'll make a full recovery. good news. another example on why a tv reporter's job is much more dangerous than you might think. take a look at this from australia channel 7, taping a segment in california. yeah. that happened. yep. the skit board hit him right in the back of the head, he said the incident left him with a bump, but after a couple minutes, he finish the piece, and he's okay. >> that could have been worse. >> yeah, when you're right there next to the guys. >> hard to watch. >> nath le, thank you so much.
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>> al has a check of the weather with a big storm on the great lakes. >> another storm coming on shore in the pacific northwest in northern california. we're watching the line of lake effect snow just coming across, streaming across lake erie, and from erie, pennsylvania to new york, and sliding south a little bit. it will start to decrease later today, but the heaviest snow in pennsylvania, hamburg, new york, 36 to 48 inches of snow. some places getting four inches per hour with thunder and lightning as well. out west, we're watching some showers move on shore this morning, but there's a more significant storm off the coast, so rain moves in this afternoon, but then early friday into friday night, boom. big, big heavy storm comes in, and it's going to dump a ton of snow up in the mountains, but along the coast, talking anywhere from 1 to possibly 3 inches of rain from seattle all the way just north of san francisco.
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earning unlimited cash back on purchases. that's a win. but imagine earning it twice. introducing the citi® double cash card. it lets you earn cash back twice, once when you buy and again as you pay. it's cash back. then cash back again. and that's a cash back win-win . the citi double cash card. the only card that lets you earn cash back twice on every purchase with 1% when you buy and 1% as you pay. with two ways to earn, it makes a lot of other cards seem one-sided. 7:16. happy thursday to you. more rain on the radar. all of the heavy stuff is still to the north of the north bay. you'll notice some light showers develop as we progress throughout your day. we're expecting the front to arrive between 9 and 11. that's when you can expect the steady rainfall in the north bay and then it will end up here in the south bay between 1 and 3.
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temperatures will be chilly, grab your umbrella, grab your jacket. dry break tomorrow, more rain on saturday. that's your weather, guys? >> carson returned to the post in the orange room this morning, carson, welcome back. guys, great to be back. some unfortunate news in the orange room, seeing reaction online to the passing of mike nichols. his name and graduate trending this morning after news of the passing. reaction online, katie curic says so sad for diane, their families and everyone who marvelled in his brilliance. tony says, rip mike, greatest of the graes. and mia says funniest, smartest, most generous, wisest, mike nichols, a truly good man. back to you. >> nice to have him back after time on "the voice" as well. coming up, accidents waiting to happen? this week's alarming near misses between planes and drones.
7:18 am
at one of the nation's busiest airports. plus, troubling findsings on the most popular minivans on the market. the results of brand new crash tests you do not want to miss. first on a thursday morning, this is "today" on nbc.
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a very good thursday morning to you. it is 7:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. another day of protest at u.c. berkeley as the university advances plans for a tuition hike. regents have reached a tentative agreement on the deal to raise tuition costs from $12,000 to $15 $15,000 in 2019.
7:27 am
and v.t.a. members today are meeting today to consider a plan for a dedicated bus lane. critics say a dedicated lane would only make congestion worse. >> fans have a big rally planned to show their support for the raiders. they want the raiders to remain in oakland, but not without a new stadium deal. following the skies, the rain, christina loren. >> good morning to you, laura. we're getting a break right now. there's more on the way and i want to keep you up to date with our totals so far. over 2.5 inches in mount tam. so far not a lot of action in the south bay but we'll get some action over the second half of the day. 9 to 11 is moves through the north bay, then south of the
7:28 am
golden gate bridge between 11:00 and 1:00, ending at the south bay between 1:00 and 3:00. here's mike inouye with your morning drive. >> the back up at the bay bridge. steph chuang told me the crash on treasure island still blocking up two lanes. fog in the orange areas of our maps. san mateo bridge has fog across the span. your south bay has the traditional build. >> thank you very much. another update in half an hour.
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♪ good morning, matt. good morning, savannah. >> good morning. >> that's my new alarm clock. 7:30 on a thursday morning, november 20th, 2014. good morning, mom, it's your birthday. so happy birthday to you. >> happy birthday. >> there you go. perfect. and the future, by the way, is now. that is oshbot, a remarkable robot, that can help you with your shopping needs. she'll show off your skills coming up in just a couple of minutes. >> we've been debating it. is it a she or a he? >> i'm going with she. sounds like a she to me. >> i like her voice. >> anyway. >> gender neutral. >> to the right is a he. that is carson daly.
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>> nailed it. >> let's get to the headlines this morning. that's not one of them. hollywood legend mike nichols at died at the age of 83. he won an academy award for "the graduate." a legendary career. nichols was married to abc news anchor diane sawyer. >> so, so talented. it is snowing in the great lakes region once again. three more feet possible, the buffalo area already crippled by the first wave of that storm that produced more than six feet in some spots. there are fears that warmer weather over the weekend will lead to some dangerous flooding. and president obama takes his fight with congress over immigration reform to the american public tonight in a primetime address. the president is expected to announce he is side-stepping congress and using his executive power to take action that could allow as many as 5 million undocumented immigrants to stay in the united states. but let us begin this half hour with some scary moments in the skies near one of the busiest airports in this
7:32 am
country. two drones coming close to planes that were landing at jfk airport right here in new york in a span of just four days. wnbc's jonathan dienst is here with more on that. hi, jonathan. >> good morning, matt. 30 million passengers pass through kennedy each year. the skies surrounding them have a new danger, unmanned drones being flown and getting in the way of those jumbo jets taking off and landing. >> reporter: a growing danger in the skies around new york. three near-misses in the last four days. drones coming way too close to commercial jetliners. flying near the runways of the busiest airport in america's largest city. shortly after 8:00 sunday night, a virgin atlantic 747 was preparing to land when a pilot spotted the unmanned drone flying high, right near them at 3,000 feet. a minute later, a close call for the pilot of a delta 737 as he said, the drone flew just over the plane's left wing. >> we just had something fly
7:33 am
over us. i don't know if it was a drone or a balloon. it just came real quick. >> reporter: and wednesday afternoon, it happened again. this time a jetblue crew spotted a drone during their final approach. >> about two miles out on the final maybe around 400 to 300 feet, looks like one of those unmanned drones was flying right on the final. >> reporter: police sent up a chopper to find the drones and whoever was flying them. but no luck. the fbi and faa are now joining the search to find just who was putting these planes at risk. and experts say the risk is real. >> it could get sucked into a jet engine. the kind of damage that would be done by a bird, it could be amplified by the metal parts. >> reporter: more than 1 million small drone aircraft have been sold worldwide in recent years. they come in all shapes and sizes. even nypd helicopters have had two near-misses in recent months. >> we're going to have to educate the public, i hope, i pray that that education doesn't require a terrible tragedy.
7:34 am
>> in the three incidents this week, no injuries, no collisions. officials say whoever is flying those drones, they could face thousands in fines and jail time. and investigators are working hard to find them and ground them and prevent a tragedy in the skies. matt? >> all right, jonathan, thanks. we'll have to do something about that, no question about it. meantime, we have some disturbing new crash tests to tell you about this morning involving meantime, we have crash tests to tell you about involving minivans. the national highway transportation tested four models. we have the results, tom, good morning to you. >> reporter: very popular, many people have these. this new test is to see what happens when a pole or a vehicle hits just a quarter, if you will, of a vehicle. not the entire engine block, just there portion. well, if you think that bigger is safer, you may be surprised by the results. they're the vehicle of choice for soccer moms, football dads and family vacations, but this
7:35 am
morning, news that some of the best selling minivans are failing a critical crash test called the overlap test and the insurance institute for highway safety warns the nissan quest is one of the worst performing vehicles its ever seen on the test. we had to cut the seat out in order to remove the dummy. then we needed a crowbar to pry the right foot loose. it's troubling news for katherine fuller in houston. she has been riding her kids around on the nissan quest for more than two years. >> i think we will be a little more cautious when driving. it just makes me a little nervous that the results were not good. >> reporter: minivans are typically designed on mid-car platforms, they tend to be widered and heavier. this test looks how it will hold up when the impact misses much of the frame and engine block and comes right at the driver. >> a high proportion of the minivan market is rating a poor rating in these tests and those poor ratings are calculably poor
7:36 am
ratings. >> reporter: the honda chrysler tested a good rating. the town and country and quest and dodge caravan received poor ratings. nissan says it is committed to vehicle safety and will seek opportunity for improvements. chrysler says its minivans meet or exceed all safety requirements. it's important to know the vehicles did not perform well in this test generally did perform well. this crash test is to design a more common crash, not a terrible front end crash but what happens just in this quarter of the vehicle. guys, back to you. >> tom costello, thank you very much. let's get a check of the weather in the great lakes region from al. >> we have a warm-up coming up. we have been asking you to tweet at #todayweather. i like this one from vester.
7:37 am
when the snow is two-feet deep and wet, you bring out the big guns. yes, you do. we want to give you maybe a little hope this is from courtmichale, winter on the "today show." what a cutie, my golly. so we got this warm air, 49 in d.c., 43 new york city. 56 in norfolk. but behind that front, look at these transportation, 17 in minneapolis, that's 20 degrees below normal. cleveland 28. that's moving to the east as you see tomorrow, look at these temperatures, we drop back again, new york city will only be 35. 41 in norfolk and boston looking at a high of only 7:37 now. good morning, meteorologist already christina loren. you can see the heavier rain is still offshore and it's slowly but surely tracking toward the
7:38 am
bay area, expecting its arrival between 9:00 and 11:00 in the north bay, 11 to 1 south of the golden gate bridge to about san mateo and about 1:00 to 3:00, we'll get the action in the south bay. keep your umbrellas handy. your latest weather. >> thank you, al. coming up on trending the real sexiest man alive, ryan gossling turned down "people" magazine. >> seriously? magazine. >> seriously? how cool is you know how fast you were going? about 55. where you headed at such an appropriate speed? across the country to enhance the nation's most reliable 4g lte network. how's it working for ya? better than ever. how'd you do it? added cell sites. increased capacity. and your point is... so you can download music, games, and directions for the road when you need them. who's this guy? oh that's charlie. you ever put pepper spray on your burrito? i like it spicy but not like uggggh spicy. he always like this? you have no idea. at&t. the nation's most reliable 4g lte network.
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the year's best deals at lowe's. it's 7:42. we have a special guest, oshbot. we're saying she, it could be a whole new way of shopping. here is nbc's michelle alma
7:43 am
gore. >> reporter: for years, hollywood envisioned our future. televisions in the past have robots. now it seems the robot on the big screen is morphing into a five-foot 5,000-part machine. >> hi, i'm oshbot. >> reporter: the future of shopping. rolling out across this or card supply hardware store in the silicon valley, developed by a small secret team at the lowes innovation lab t. oshbot even has a 3d scanner to find whatever you bring into the store. >> oshbot can also speak several languages. >> reporter: he shows us how the oshbot works. >> what are you looking for today? >> i'm looking for hammers. it's found near hammers. we press the hammer and we go? >> exactly. >> reporter: using sensors, scanners and an inventory list.
7:44 am
it glides through the aisles. >> it's leading us to hammers. >> that's the one. >> reporter: like any computer the oshbot can perform some functions a human can never match. but its creators say it will never replace people, there are some things you just can't teach a robot. >> okay. so based on what you told me, this is the paint brush i would recommend for your project. >> reporter: perfect. still, robots are helping in hospitals, eastern hotels. >> where is the end with robotics? >> our imagination is the limit for what we can do with them. >> reporter: but if the sky is the limit, this may be just the beginning. >> how can i help you? >> reporter: for "today" miguel almaguer. >> miguel almaguer. thank you. >> pronounced the fame right. >> it's developed by a secret
7:45 am
team. >> oshbot has a passe. >> exactly. we know your secret. >> thank you very much. >> oshbot is very cute. >> oshbot will break al's record. >> 38 straight hours. >> i will break oshbot's screen. coming up on trending. do you hate rakeing leaves? we will find out why the national wild life federation is saying don't ever do it again. plus, hello time's square. we will show you this, the plus, hello time's square. we wilso many gifts to buy at so many stores. too bad some cash back cards only let you earn bonus cash back at a few places. then those categories change every few months. sometimes it's drug stores, then it's hardware stores. nothing says "happy holidays" like a shovel. fortunately there's the quicksilver card from capital one. with quicksilver you earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase every day. tis the season to ask...
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7:50 am
a story behind this rather large billboard in time's square. >> meanwhile, it's the return of the prod cal son. carson, where have you been? >> there is a singing show on our network every monday and tuesday called "the voice." it's in live shows. >> i don't want to say you have been gone a long time. we have a picture of the last time you were in the orthopedic room. can we put this up? that's ridiculous. >> look at that hair. >> yeah, it's good to be back, guys. it's so cool this screen in time's square, it's enormous. time's square known for the bright lights and billboards. the biggest billboard, literally it's an entire city block long. it's crazy it's the whole facade of the marriott marquee. they unveiled it on tuesday. that's where we did the new year's show. maybe we can utilize the screen there. it's 110-feet long. it's larger than a football
7:51 am
field. it's 8 stories high. 72 volts make up the screen. obviously, a half million people visit time's square every day. it's great visibility. advertising is $2.5 million gets a four-week run there. >> carson, if one bulb goes out, do they all go out? >> i don't know about that. i do think this might be the prototype for the new iphone 7 plus. that's how big the screen is there. >> it's pretty cool. >> it is, cool, guys. >> like a tennis court. >> thank you. coming up, willie reveals his shine a light project with the help of a remarkable teen without a place to call home for five years. and amazing acrobatics and ill luxs from cirque dreams right on the plaza. that's right after your local news. ♪ i found a better deal on prescriptions. we found lower co-pays... ...and a free wellness visit.
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a very good morning to you. 7:56. i'm laura garcia-cannon. all bay area ports are shut down. it follows of death of a worker in venitia last night. no word on how the man died but trucks are being turned around at all sports today. longshore workers will stay off the job for 24 hours pending a safety review. military and passenger ships are not affected. >> students are protesting a tentative by the u.c. regents to raise students fees. costs will increase from $12,000
7:57 am
to 15,500 by 2019. >> and san francisco is making its fourth bid for the summer olympic games. we see how that goes. we'll we're calling this rain great weather, christina, because we need it. >> we certainly do. basically just producing some light activity from sonoma, south through marin. as we head throughout the second half of your day, the heavier stuff will move offshore. 9-11 at the golden gate bridge, 11-1 south of 92 and here in the south bay area, 1 to 3 p.m. here's mike on your drive. >> we're looking toward fremont where it's starting to build up. let's look at your map. the build toward 237 was a bear, the earlier crash has cleared, mountain view sunnyvale.
7:58 am
typical pattern here for a friday. on the peninsula, a lower drive. fog around oakland and slow across that san mateo bridge. there's a legacy at raley's about having the best meat and the best produce. it's my job to start a new legacy, the best wine beer and spirits. we travel all over california and the world to find all sorts of new craft spirits, craft beers, small production wines. ♪ brews from mendocino, and the finest wines from around the world. at raley's, we're really into craft, so we enjoy and are excited about carrying those products in the store. ♪ share your ideas, tell us on facebook.
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8:00 am
♪ it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, shine a light. >> me against the world. that's how i feel. i have no support. >> with the help of one remarkable teen, leads the charge to create a special place for kids who don't have a home of their own. then it's the holidays season. we are getting in the spirit with help from the cirque dreams team as they take over the plaza with a sense of holiday cheer. and it's toy time. we reveal some of the top picks for the best educational toys this season, today, thursday, november 20th, 2014. ♪
8:01 am
>> no trip to new york city is complete without the "today" show. >> good morning, florida. >> good morning, california! >> howdy to our friends and family in texas and delaware. >> the florida gulf coast girls take new york city! >> good morning. it's 8:00 on "today." it's a thursday morning, november 20th, 2014, carson goes way, way back. mo town philly. >> 1991 a little boyz to men. >> we have the cirque sensation here. >> it's cool. >> they are. they are getting ready to do some, i don't know. cirque acrobatics. ♪ >> okay. oh, boy! >> oh, nice.
8:02 am
>> are you kidding me? >> how do you train for that? >> boy, you know what this reminds me of? >> what's that? >> what you will be doing tomorrow. >> don't even say it. it does remind me of that as well. that's going to be willie and i tomorrow. >> tell us about what you are doing tomorrow. >> well, you guys, bravely, last year, did the prostate exam on air. willie and i will testicular exams. >> you don't usually get cheers for that. >> it's wonderful. it's not embarrassing. it's a matter of life and death. 15 to 25-year-old men. that is the leading cancer in that age group. >> early detection, you hear about it.
8:03 am
>> no shave november. this is a part of it. >> ten days until we shave that off. let's get a check of the top stories from natalie morales. >> good morning. a second round of snow is hitting the buffalo area in new york. it's a year's worth of snow that dumped in one day. dylan dreyer is just south of buffalo. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, natalie. when we first got here this morning, you couldn't even see the snow is so heavy. take a look at what we had to drive through just to get here. whiteout conditions with heavy snow and blowing snow and then by the time we got here, it's gone. the heaviest of the snow now has pushed a few miles to our south, producing snowfall rates of three to five inches per hour. this second round of lake-effect snow is a huge blow to so many digging out from the first round we had. there are streets covered, cars, entire neighborhoods buried in up to 6-feet of snow in some
8:04 am
areas. you know, now that all of that snow has blocked off some neighborhoods, people are literally stranded in their homes and cannot get out. there have been unfortunately eight deaths at least right now because of the snow. new york state thruway is still closed in spots. there is still a state of emergency in effect. there are travel bans in many towns because people can't get around. that heavy band of snow will move in with one to two-feet of snow expected. natalie, the question now is, where is it going to go? >> oh, no, don't tell us. thanks, dylan. it was a terrifying night on the campus of florida state university. police in tallahassee say a gunman opened fire overnight in the school library, wounding three people. students describe the chaotic scene. students ran from the building or scrambled to take cover. campus police say they shot and killed the suspect after he refused an order to drop his weapon and fired one shot at them.
8:05 am
this morning, friends and family are mourning the loss of famed director mike nichols the husband of diane sawyer died suddenly wednesday night in cardiac arrest. nicole's created american film, television and theater classics, including "the graduate," "working girl," and "annie." he won an emmy, an oscar, a couple tony awards. mike nichols was 83-years-old. a woman that captivated the world with her wealth and excentric behavior passed away, katie is in london with the 18 dutchess of alba. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, natalie. she died early this morning, spanish time surrounded by family in her seville palace spokesman tells us it was pneumonia. if the duchess is remembered for anything, she is sure to be remembered for a lot.
8:06 am
it is that she lived life by her own rules. as one of the most well-known and wealthiest aristocrats in all of europe, she held more titles than anyone in the world. she outlived two husbands, only to spark controversy when she married again at the age of 85 to a civil servant 25 years her junior. a distant relative of queen elizabeth had palaces and estates filled with priceless works of art. it is said she turned down pablo picasso when he asked her to be his muse because, quote, being a model is horrible. she leaves behind lavish properties.
8:07 am
a vast art collection and historic and documents that include christopher columbus' first map of the americas and most notable memories of her colorful life. from her first wedding from drinking in lace, pearls and diamonds to her last much more low key nuptials, were splendid in pink and flamingos for the crowds. initially her six kids were outraged at her recent marriage, but before she died, she gave out palace and mansions to all of them. natalie, she was 88-years-old. >> certainly an eccentric, can you say her name all over again, katie? >> reporter: no, no way. >> it was a mouthful. let's get another check of the weather with mr. roker outside on the plaza. hey, al. >> reporter: natalie, a great gift. >> sarah rowe. >> reporter: you brought me a cake candy. it's candied bacon.
8:08 am
it's very tasty. >> from our restaurant in jackson, wyoming. >> that's awfully good. breakfast of champions. let's tell you what you got going on right now. first of all, we're looking at some severe weather setting up in the low level jet stream. moisture coming up out of the gulf. and that jet stream provides a lot of energy. we got on saturday the risk of strong storms firing up san angelo on into wichita falls, we are looking into possibility of tornadoes out of this. we move into saturday, severe weather in dallas, austin into new orleans, sunday, more wet weather making its way and severe weather along the southeastern atlantic coast. so there will be some travel delays on saturday on into sunday. that's what's going on around the country. 8:08 now. our front is coming through at this point. we're starting to get steadier
8:09 am
rainfall in sonoma county. still getting spotty cells in marin county, but take a look at what is on the way to the bay area today. a potent front staying organized, likely going to move into the north bay between about 9:00 a.m. and 11:00. so we're just now about an hour and a half before the heavy stuff arrives. i activated your hail tracks here, you can see we have embedded thunderstorms. that's what we're counting on for the second half of the day. and that's your latest weather. coming up on trending, how would you react? the way one dad handled that situation. willie rolls up his sleeves to help kids who don't have a home to call their own. we have keys to throwing the perfect and peaceful party, that's coming up. first, these messages. [ female announcer ] a long term struggle...
8:10 am
needs long term relief. eucerin calming creme. it soothes dry, itchy skin with a triple-acting formula. no wonder calm, comfortable skin starts with eucerin. campbell's® fiesta chicken sausage and pepper rigatoni. southwest style bean & barley. tuscany style chicken and pasta. if you think campbell's® 33 new soups sound good... imagine how they taste! m'm m'm good!®
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8:12 am
the 2015 corolla. toyota. let's go places. we are back at 8:11 with what is trending today. why don't we start with carson being back with the biggest complaint patients have about their patient stay. what it is is carson going down with the gowns opening up the back. two modeling crew guys modeling them thanks so zain st. luke's hospital in new york. >> it's drafty. >> it can be embarrassing, people tracking down hall ways, they don't want you to walk behind them. guess what, patient versus a new option, introducing the model g. it's adjustable snaps are on the front and along the shoulders. the gowns were just unvamed at the henry ford hospital in detroit.
8:13 am
there are plans to bring them to hospitals all across the country. >> that is life changing. >> why did it take so long? >> why did it take so long? people have been talking about this for decades. >> they had those gowns since the prehistoric era. >> i will miss it. it's a nice little treat. >> you like the breeze. >> i sure do. there is actually straps back there. they're just impossible to get to. >> well, speaking of sexy, "people" magazine's sexiest man alive, oscar star chris hemsworth, was he the magazine's first choice? there is a new report editors initially wanted ryan gossling, he has turned them down multiple times. apparently, gossling's team thought he was too quote artsy for title. this morning "people" is deny d.c. story saying flatly, chris hemsworth was our first and only choice. >> i think it's safe to say ryan
8:14 am
gossling is a top choice, to be in a movie or the cover of a magazine. >> let's be clear, he is one of the sexiest men alive. >> what is this whole idea of turning it do un? you wouldn't turn it down? >> no, no way. if i were in the top thousand, i wouldn't turn that down, but for chris hemsworth. >> i feel bad that came out. >> he's sort of like deputy sexiest man alive. >> he is no deputy. >> he is doing okay. >> all right. how about this? you got a good reason not to rake all those leaves around your house. science the folks at the national wild life federation is pleading with the public this morning, they are saying please leave the leaves where they are. because butterflies, earth worms, chim chworm, chip monks need them.
8:15 am
by removing them you could be hurting the habitat for animals. >> i love raking leaves. i love it. it's like vacuuming outdoors. you like it? >> who like's vacuuming? >> i love it. it's like order, it's you know making rows. >> he actually vacuums his lawn. >> then you rake them into big piles the kids jump into them. >> more type a. >> you know what's super fun? flossing. >> after he rakes them, he sorts them by color. it's amazing. >> i'm a little organized. >> one thing we have for thanksgiving this year, we have big leaves, my kids are going to take people's names, in the name place from the big leaves. so if are you raking your leaves, save some, can you put them on your table. >> you goen don't mind crushing the habitats and the leaves as we just learned. >> martha stewart over here.
8:16 am
meantime, have you ever caught your kids misbehaving but finding it hard to stay mad at them? this happened to one dad whose kids had too much fun painting. >> who got the paint out? your brother did? no? >> what's funny? >> nothing is funny, bud. both of you guys are in big, big trouble. yeah. >> big trouble? >> that's so cute. >> at least they didn't deny it. >> what paint? >> did he just put them in the shower, he will hose them off? >> there is no better place. >> we have a jasper johns craze. >> that is what's trending today. and now to our ongoing shine the light, this morning willie shakes off the effort to combat
8:17 am
child homelessness. it's at an all time high. hey, womanly, good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning from brooklyn. yeah, it's one of those problems, homelessness a lot of us think of a man or a woman sleeping on the streets. the truth is, it's about kids and families. according to a few report out this week about 2.5 million children in this country were homeless last year, that's one in 30 kids. i got a chance to meet one of them, dominique. 14-years-old, living this reality every day for the last five years. ♪ >> what it means to be homelessness, to be at the bottom of society's social class and having nowhere to go. every day i have to worry about what is my next meal and how i'm going to look after myself and my mother. when i step into that shelter
8:18 am
building, it's like, i got security, you have privacy in your room. >> do you remember that moment in your family's life when someone said to you, we're moving into the shelter? >> i didn't really understand it because i thought it was temporarily. it seems like it's forever. >> what about your biological father? do you ever hear from him? >> i rarely talk to him, every time i try to talk to him, he doesn't answer. he doesn't want nothing to do with me. i don't know. basically, i have to balance being a teenager and an adult. i feel like my childhood is slowly being slipped away. it's like not a lot of kids my age worry about beings that i worry about and everything i just want to be normal. i don't want to have to go through this because every day it hurts to know i'm still in a
8:19 am
situation. >> you mentioned it can be tough at school for a kid living in a shelter. what do they say to you? >> they find out, it's like they look at me different. i don't care no more. like i really don't. >> it's got to hurt a little bit to hear that, though, doesn't it? >> mm-hmm. it hurts a lot. i have been in here too long. i want to have my own place. because i want to be able to go to college and come home knowing that my mother had my own place and everything, have my own room. i don't want to be here. >> do you look at other kids at school and envy the lives they have? >> sometimes, yeah. they get to have what they want and i can't have nothing because i got to show for what i have and be patient. i have been patient all my life. what i want for my family is to
8:20 am
be going to work and save a lot of money for an apartment. i say the because it will get me out of the shelter once and for all. >> do you feel you have the support you need in life to make all these things happen? >> me against the world? that's how i feel. i have no support. if i ran the world, things would be a lot easier for people having proper food, shelter, water, clothes, and the love that they deserve. i would make them feel human. >> reporter: and we are live here pence the family residence with dominique. well done. >> thank you. >> reporter: you told me off camera last week why you wanted to do this, put yourself out there? >> right. >> reporter: would you tell everybody? >> the reason i wanted to do this is to give people a chance to hear my side of the story, a
8:21 am
lot of my friends here what we go through on a daily basis. it's not easy living in a shelter. that burden that we have to take on, that it's not easy for a normal child. >> reporter: dominique is one of the smartest, most well-spoken, beautiful women i know and it was an honor to get to know you. now, we want to do something in this space. this is the common room, i am told the kids' favorite place to be. as you can tell, it's a little bit sparce, so we to the we should freshen it up a bit, i brought in some of my friend, mark mend el, from bright horizons for children. what do you want to do on a day-to-day for bright horizons? >> first of all, it's great to be here to create this bright space. we have created 300 bright spaces, we can transform it into a wonderful, enjoyable safe place for kids to just be kids while they're in a shelter. >> we are great. for your support as we work on this project. we have with us the great elaine
8:22 am
griffin, who decorated to the stars oprah, she wouldn't even let me name the other people. as you look at the space, elaine what do you see? what's your vision? >> you know what, really the makeover opportunities really are endless. we can make a work soerngs party zones, i want to talk oour clients the kids, find out how they want to use their space. >> reporter: we will do that in just a few minutes t. deem is, we need a few weeks to do this, guys. so you will be out of the room a little bit. while that's going on, we fixed we'd keep a little busy. let's start with our good friends at pottery barn kids. i will pass these out. they have given every child in this shelter brand-new quilts and pillows that you have a nice comfortable safe place to sleep. so why don't you tear those opened? get in there him get in there. okay. and while they're doing that,
8:23 am
thank you to pottery barn kids, while they're doing that, we also want to ask, guys, any brooklyn nets fans in this room? all the kids in this shelter, courtesy of the brooklyn nets are going to the nets-bulls game a week from sunday. everybody in here is going to the game. thank you! [ cheers ] >> reporter: thank you to the brooklyn nets. also to our friends at gund, stuffed animals to guard your beds while are you away at school. okay. and finally, 1r you guys heard, anybody in this room heard of the radio city christmas spectacular, the rockettes? you know about that? you are all going, courtesy of our friends at radio city to see the rockettes. all right. hopefully this keeps you business for while while we make over this room. mark, thank you. elaine, we got a lot of work to do. dominique, thank you, my friend.
8:24 am
kids, enjoy it. we will be back next month to reveal the space we have created, guys, back to you. >> it's such a great reminder, homelessness is not just about men and women. it's about families, kids, keep that in mind. >> by the way, you can help by logging on to . .>> reporter: hey, guys, we are getting into the holiday spirit out here on the plaza with the help of cirque holidays, a cirque show, musical and a special rolled into one, visiting 40 cities, first, they will be performing right throughout this hour on the plaza. let's get started with fast acting quick change duo. here tray are.
8:25 am
whoa! cool! wo wow! >> nice! whew! nice! whohoo! >> that is cirque dreams. guys, thank you. they will be back with more in our next half hour. back to you. >> natalie, thank you very much. pence, we are checking out some of the best toys for your children for the holiday season, courtesy of sammy and max. >> they are making some of the most educational toys out there, what to add to your kids' christmas list. check them out. >> and affordable, by the way, which is really good. we got much more
8:26 am
you're watching today in the bay. >> a very good morning to you. it is 8:26 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. happening now, a live look at the port of oakland. it and all bay area ports are shut down following the death of a worker last night. trucks are being turned away at all ports, long shore workers staying off the job for 24 hours, pending a safety review. pg&e may learn today what kind of penalty it will face from improper e-mails sent to the puc. those private messages were sent by a now-fired pg&e vice president. now a morning commute with mike. how's it looking? >> starting to back off as far
8:27 am
as the volume goes. this is thursday before thanksgiving week, things continue to get lighter over the next few days. earlier crash has cleared. look at the area on the peninsula, slow after an earlier crash cleared there and san mateo slow southbound after the first crash early this morning. still has the slowing sticking around. east shore freeway earlier crash at the toll plaza has cleared. let's show you san rafael, myselfy out there, but not a problem. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. thank you for joining us, as well. another local news update coming up in about half an hour. hope to see you then.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
[ music playing ] ♪ #
8:31 am
[ music playing [ music playing ] >> that's awesome. >> i know. i can do what that guy does. >> it's a thursday morning, november 20th, 2014, we are here with the cast of cirque dreams holidays. they are very talented. >> they have another big performance coming up. we look forward to that. also ahead, what are you getting the kids on your holiday list? we started that. hello there. >> this morning, our experts will dive into award winning
8:32 am
toys, they happen to be educational, too. >> also, katherine schwarzenegger is stopping by. let's start with today, we have lake effect snow continuing around the great lakes. wet weather into the pacific northwest. windy conditions. sunshine here in the northeast a. little on the chilly side. we have an icy mix. strong storms in central texas. rainy weather in the pacific northwest. sunny, chilly here in the northeast. temperatures moderate good morning to you. well, we are starting to get part of the main event. here's our front right now producing steady rainfall from sonoma county, south to the very top of marin, but you can see back here we've got some yellow and orange embedded within this heavier rain, some thunderstorms, yeah, i've been
8:33 am
watching these for you, noticing some hail tracks, so we could see strong storms develop and move onshore. the best chance over the north bay mountains, at this point, temperatures in the 60s. don't forget, any time you need that weather, go to mr. lauer. >> mr. roker, thank you very much. do your kids think playing and learning do not go together? well, it's not true. just in time for the holidays, are out with toys, some are educational. the child development expert and the co-founder of toy good to see you. >> good to see you. >> we have platinum award winners here, great choice. what are the criteria? how do you judge? >> for educational toys, they can't be like medicine, no one will be good for you, they won't want to play with them. they have to be engaging.
8:34 am
>> age appropriate and the quality of the design? >> right. it has to be something you feel about playing with your kids t. first category is science him we have max and sammy here. they are in the mixing of this color mixing set. it's appropriate for preschoolers, they're really playing with it. they can mix colors, make ice pops. it comes with funny glasses that you can put on and experiment with colors. so hands-on experimentation. their costumes are great. >> lab coats? >> yeah. >> i'm all for kids dressing up like princesses and pirates. i love that kids tend to be scientists. >> we encourage them to explore. next week we have science and math as well. >> people ask us about flashcards. this is a much better idea for preschoolers from melissa and doubl. this is getting down on the floor, having fun with your kids, working in math as you play. how many cars are on top? how many cars compared to the bottom? the numbers. >> one plus two equals three,
8:35 am
that works. >> it's like school. you want to make it playful. >> what are these things down here? >> this is a fun dice game. q qwixx. you take it along for the holidays, you have a family game can you play. >> so far we haven't hit anything that's expensive at all? these are extremely affordable. >> no, you don't have to spend a lot. problem solving. something we all want to learn how to do. i love about the sunny day pond farm from peaceful kingdoms is something you do cooperatively. working on toepg, it's a good skill set to have. a beautiful buzzle from mud puppy, jumbo pieces. she is doing the puzzle. dad is looking for strategy with the frames. >> when it comes to puzzles, size, age appropriate. you don't want tiny pieces for young kids. >> if you find yourself doing the puzzle, it's the wrong puzzle for kids.
8:36 am
>> reluck tavent read, bring home a craft kit with instructions that they have to do step by step. this is the loopdy loo. >> when you say for age? >> it's introducing them to an an sent craft as well. >> for curious kids, i love this. >> your kids, i'm sure they know about gentleman okayography? >> not necessarily. i have to teach them about this. >> there is from ebu, it makes kids step out of their own communitys. do we live on this card. >>. >> on the back don't they have state capitals, things like that? >> a lot of information to learn. it's a great game to play again multi-generational, grandma is coming up for the holidays. >> i have the very much older version of this when i was a kid t. magic set. i love this thing. >> again, no reading involved. also practice. it's not instantaneous.
8:37 am
kayla is here. we have been working on a trick. kayla has a hat. she will show it. you see anything pence? nothing at all. we will hold the hat. work towing, everyone will say ab practice ra cadabra. there we go. >> nice. >> if you have a lot of kids for the holidays, you are set with this, because you can do 200 tricks, have the kids practice and put on a family show. >> is this expensive? >> $34.99. not a big deal. >> don't lose the instructions. that makes those things obsolete. >> exactly. now we have lola and ellie playing with leap tv from leavefrog. if you have kids who want a beaming platform like your older brothers and sisters, but those games are so non-appropriate for them. i love the tv. everything on it is designed with educational games. >> also, doesn't it keep them moving at as well?
8:38 am
>> it has a game control you can use t. girls are playing a karate game, they have to make the memberss to capture the different shapes, there is baseball and reading comprehension as well again, they're up and moving, having fun, they're learning. >> again, keep an eye on boxes, make sure you are buying something age appropriate. you don't want it to be too yuveng for your kids or too old for your kids? >> when you play, most of the tools are learning about themselves as learners. you want them to have confidence and self esteem. >> we will put this up on our website as well, always goed to see you. appreciate it. if you want tips from choosing the perfect toy for your child, head to we partnered with toy portfolio for a special series, naughty or nice, putting the season's hottest toys in the hands of kids and parents. we will have their reviews starting december 1st. coming up, holiday toys to holiday
8:39 am
8:40 am
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8:41 am
[ music playing ] >> we are back now 8:40 with more of the sprout network search for the kindest kid in the land. jenna bush hager is busy this week. she is introducing us to the finalists. >> i am. you see, winter hit upstate new york war hard with tons of snow and bitter temperatures and one little boy has been working to help people in need during these tough winter days. >> my 2345i78 name is conner. i give people coats that don't have them. >> reporter: a simple idea of caring on a cold weren'ter day in upstate new york. >> i was doing the salvation army ringing the bell and a boy and his mom weren't wearing coats. they were probably freezing cold. >> reporter: when you saw that little boy without a coat, what went through your mind? >> sadness. >> reporter: and so he started warm hearts, warm bodies by
8:42 am
colin. a coat drive with boxes he leaves all over town to collect coats for the needy. >> very, very, very, very heavy. >> reporter: each week, 8-year-old colin and his mom maureen gather the donations for local charities. >> colin is an amazing kid. he came to us just last year and said he wanted to help open door mission collect coats. he kind of blew the doors off of all of us. >> reporter: you like to play hockey? >> yeah. >> reporter: are you good? >> i don't know. >> reporter: he's good. >> reporter: col wlin's drive began where he plays hockey, word got out and teams even opposeing teams arrived with coats. the best part is when people tell him thank you. his mom, too. >> my favorite part is watching people say thank you to him. >> reporter: you have done good work. he does good work. >> i think he does. >> reporter: colin is a little kid with a big heart and even
8:43 am
bicker plans. >> i'm hoping to get 100. >> reporter: 100 coats. that's a lot. do you think you can do it? >> yeah! >> reporter: yeah! high five. warm hearts, warm bodies. >> oh. and col wlin's mom told us that she and her son are shipping coats to buffalo, which got a lot of snow to help people there. i'll be back in the next hour with one more kind kid to introduce you to another finalist. voting for the kindest kid starts today at 10:00 a.m. head to >> we were talking about it. i want to know about these parents. how did they raise these awesome, kind kids? >> i learned a lot. kindness matters the most. >> it really does. thank you so much. see you next hour. coming up next, katherine schwarzenegger on how
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
. we are back at 8:45. if you are heading home for the holidays, you want to find time with your friends and family. why not get together with all of them? the contributing editor to if in style." katherine, good morning. >> good morning. >> you have a lot going on in your life. >> yes. >> you are a video columnist for >> we ask one reader question per week. it's a fun lifestyle. i love doing it. >> what kind of questions do you get? >> everything, from every social media thing bobble. so we answer different questions. it's awesome and fine. this month in the magazine, i did a column called chinese stars where i interviewed six celebrities and their causes they are passionate about. so it was really fun. >> tlfrg is upon us. you will see your mom next week. does your mom cook? let's get right to it. >> sorry. >> one of the recipes i show you, she does do actually. so we'll get into that. first we have this amazing apple
8:47 am
cinnamon cider which smells. >> it smells great. >> you stir it in this pot here. you have fame tacks, everyone gets mixed up. >> on myself or the glass? >> these are great. you write on them with chalk. they rub off in the end, which is great if you want to reuse them. >> usually it's my lipstick stains i find my glass. >> you kind of. >> sadly. >> you put them here. pour this in here. it will probably get messy. >> you are the lifestylist. we know i'm a cluts. all your ideas are focused on fun, but they're low maintenance so the host can mingle and have fun. >> here's the thing, around the holidays, as you get older, you want to include all generations. this is all stuff everyone can do. you can add alcohol to that if are you over 21. this is what my mom makes. it's simple, straight forward,
8:48 am
baked brie. this is a puffed pastry. you very easily fold it forward. can you add pecans and craisins and brown sugar, wrap it up. very simple. my mom is the queen of it. >> do you egg wash this? >> after. >> i'm not a chef, myself. >> you wrap it up. brush it on top. my mom does not know how to cook anything. i blame her. pop it in the oven, you come up with this amazingly beautiful thing. you can put it out for everyone to east. you cut it. have crackers and bred. >> who doesn't love warm cheese? >> everyone. >> what do we have over here? this is an enchilada station. it's surprising, shocking, everyone loves thanksgiving food. i'm a vegetarian. i like to leave the turkey out of it. this is onif do it with people,
8:49 am
you get your tortilla. you put whatever you want in it. i will be leaving the turkey out. can you include thanksgiving aspects of it. you have turkey, stuffing, you put cheese in it. >> that's a cute idea. >> salsa. this is something everyone can do. it's simple and straight forward, so everyone of all ages can do it. pop it in the oven, a new twist on thanksgiving. >> i like it. i love this idea. so you can doctor it up. i bet you can also do it with tacos, too? >> yeah. if you don't want to have to put it in the oven. there is a hard shelled taco. these are your ingredients. let's do it. >> i love once you get older, you hang with your friends and parents. >> it's fun. for all generations. everyone request do it together. little kids, people my age, everyone. >> good to see you. >> good to see you, too. tell your mom not to be matd at
8:50 am
me for outing her. coming up, cirque dreams holidays live on our plaza. first on a thursday morning, this is "today" on nbc. [ mu
8:51 am
so our plaza has been taken over this morning by the cast of cirque dreams holidays.
8:52 am
we are very thankle for them. we are head over heels for this next act. guys, take it away! ♪ [ music playing ] ♪. >> thank you. thank you very much. cirque dreams holidays. happy holidays to you, guys. guys, back pence to you. >> i love the acrobatics. pretty cool. let's check in with today's birthday wishes. hey, willard. >> reporter: ah, new york, it's a pleasure to do business with you. i'm here in connecticut. you are up there. we are putting on a great show tore the folks in tv land.
8:53 am
happy birthday. and it's birthday time for elizabeth sampson. anyway, copley in hot. . 102-years-old today. eats good food. period. gladys sandlin in fayetteville in the great state of north carolina. she is 100-years-old today. one of the great dhings sthings loves to do is work on puzzles. lewis i'der, shelby, mississippi. harold greenberg from deerfield beach, in the great state of florida. he loves to volunteer to be on the police force from time to time. 100-years-old today. we salute you, sir. happy days. we love you, new york. you are doing great. we are having fun, too. >> oh, willard. >> the best. what's coming up next hour? >> we got the stars of "pitch
8:54 am
perfect 2." . >> you saw that? >> we were at a screening last night of the first one. service a sing-along. it was with the stars. also coming up, al, you got a thanksgiving recipe, sweet potato poon? >> my mom's, sweet potato poon. >> i thought you said sweet potato with an n he end. i don't know about your house. >> i don't know what's happening at your house with the baby formula. >> normally that, would be something i would say, to come out of your mouth. >> a lot of people were wondering. poon. >> you have to have the other one on the air? >> you got to let me finish the word. >> that's why i had questions. >> i'm sneaking out of here. >> good to have you, folks. >> we love you, carson. >> savannah's going crazy. >> next hour, sweet potat
8:55 am
8:56 am
you're watching today in the bay. >> very good morning to you, it is 8:56, i'm laura garcia-cannon. happen today, a county wide drill to better prepare for viruses like ebola. the drill is designed to test emergency communicable disease
8:57 am
preparedness. hospital patients will play the roles of the victims. and if you didn't quite feel it, you're not alone. the u.s. gs reports a 2.7 quake hit contra costa county at 4:00 a.m. there were a couple in the south bay near hayward, too. maybe you slept through those. another local news update for you in about half an hour. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] get your taste of the season, at raley's, bel air, and nob hill. [ mblankie thatcer ] get yourgets filthyhe season, but he's got such sensitive skin that you worry about what you use in the laundry
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9:00 am
seems so subjective if you ask me. nest dropcam. welcome to a more thoughtful home. [ music playing ] . from nbc news, this is "today's" take live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today" on this thursday morning, nber 20th, 2014. al roker to my left. tamron hall to my right. >> sorry, guys, you are stuck with me. you are stuck with willie. >> wait, wait, wait, that's not what i read on the internet. >> aren't you supposed to be at msnbc? >> i got demoted. bye. >> and i'm crazy. you can't trust anything i say.
9:01 am
>> i was so prepared to sneak into natalie's dressing room and steal her stuff and willie, i didn't, when i didn't see you this morning when we walked in, being your usual diva self for me to feud with, i thought you were gone. >> well, natalie and i walked into work yesterday, looked at each other, said, what are you doing here? the good news, is we are here. >> we are still waking up at 4:00 a.m. are they still calling to find out if are you employed? >> yes. yes. >> it was a yesterday morning. but i do want to say, i know natalie feels the same way, when this totally erroneous out of the sky report came out, the support and the concern blew me away on twitter and facebook and phone calls and e-mails. so it just re-affirmed for me how special this show is and how great our viewers are. i am so grateful to that. >> it is. willie, you tweeted out. it was absolutely overwhelming. each and every tweet and e-mail touched our heart.
9:02 am
i know we have all dealt with a lot of stuff in the last couple of weeks. we are such a great family. my hands are freezing. my heart is very warm. all the love and sensitivity for everybody here. this show is stronger because of the people that we work with every day. >> i do think, i was going to say, please don't cry, are you making me nervous. i have to feud with you. i love the sensitivity. i love how we all laughed about it when we came in. i said to willie, hey, short timer, he said, hey, demoted. i said, natalie, what's your payout going to be? i think what i think about is he's crazy, the man thinks so too. we can laugh at this on the show. it is amazing that in this day and age one thing and people repeat it. >> erroneously. >> did anyone by telephone in kindergarten, by the time it got to the ninth kid. >> when it got picked up on several outlets, popped this
9:03 am
one, this one, my parents start calling. yeah. >> it had me saying three inappropriate things. the ones they picked were pretty mild. i said so much that were so much worse. oh my gosh. i am crazy! anyway. by the i what, willie is on remote for his shine a light and, willie, it is terrific. for folks who didn't see it. tell everybody what you are doing. because it's spectacular. >> reporter: this is the coolest thing i have ever done on this show, guys. i'm at the bushwick family shelter for families. as we talked about a little early, i think the homeless image is a man or a woman sleeping on a subway great, approaching your car as you pull off the highway. the truth is, it's about family. it's about kids. there was a report out that says last year alone there were 2.5 million homeless in this country. one in 30 kids are homeless. so the idea here is to make an example of this shelter here in bushwick and to inspire other people to do similar things in
9:04 am
their community and to recognize that there is a problem and it's about kids as well. so we're going to take this common space, this is where 100 or so kids spend their time, they get their joy. we will give it a complete makeover with help from great friends at bright space i spaces. elaine griffin the interior decorator. she is sketching things, doing all kind of things. in the meantime, we got to take over this space for a few weeks some pottery barn kids came in. fresh linens, comforters, pillows for all the kids on their beds, which is a big ken for a lot of them. gufd came in, gave stuffed animals to everybody. the brooklyn nets showered them for a nets-bulls game next week. also our good friends at radio city are taking all the kids to see the christmas spectacular. so we are very excited. it's this is a very, very special
9:05 am
thing. >> we can't wait to see how they transform that space. their expresss, so sweet. simple things, a comforter. they were happy to have something. congratulations willie. all right, a lot of people talking about the latest video. this is the bill cosby interview that he did not want you to see. it's an interview done on november 6th. it was released from the associated press, though, yesterday. you will see in it, bill cosby is declining to ask questions about sexual assault allegations. the interview was done, we should say it was about hit art installation he is lending to the smithsonian. this is how it went down. >> with the persona that people know about bill cosbying should they believe anything differently? >> there is no comment about. okay. >> and i tell you why, i think you were told, i don't want to
9:06 am
compromise your integrity, but we don't -- i don't talk about it. and i would appreciate it if it was scuttled. >> i hear you. i will tell that to my editors and i think that they will understand. >> i think if you want to consider yourself to be serious. >> mm-hmm. >> that it will not appear anywhere. >> wow. i think that speaks volumes. you know, bill cosby, as you hear, asking a reporter not to use that part of the interview. his attorneys, though, have said that bill cosby is not going to dignify decade old discredited claims with a response. >> that seems to be what they're sticking to. meanwhile, it's the constant adding on, women coming forward and the drip, drip, drip. now i believe it's more than a dozen women who have made these
9:07 am
kind of allegations. the most recent one, of course the super former super model janet dickinson. although in her book, she sort of contradicts herself. >> she said he hit on her. >> his attorneys have categorically denied. >> that anything happened. >> the shows have been cancelled. nbc has cancelled their show they were working on with him. netflix is postponing a samberg special and -- a comedy special. >> and the phones are blowing up with people saying, what are you doing? >> it's difficult. hopefully it fixes itself shortly. this is a happy ending story, i imagine it's everybody's worst nightmare, if you got a family,
9:08 am
something you really cherish. a three-year-old flushed the family hairloom diamond and sapphire ring down the toil. it had been in this family for 60 years. >> where does he live now? >> hey rnlth you are hitting the road. >> three-years-old. >> it's a happy ending. >> because, the ring was found by sanitation workers a month-and-a-half later. >> a month? >> they flushed the sewer lines. they volumed up debris. it turns out the ring traveled about a third of a mile. >> but they got it back? >> i don't know if you put the ring back on. >> lots of cleaning out. >> i think that three-year-old was shopping around pawn stars. i'm cynical today. >> where is our tamron? >> they passed it off to me. it's like a horror film. >> this is like the "lord of the rings." . i love this throwback. >> i love my throwback thursday.
9:09 am
>> i do. >> it is throwback thursday. 30 years ago this week [ music playing ] ♪ wake me up ♪ before you go go. >> this was at the top of the charts, ladies and gentlemen, more than 30 years ago. "wake me up before you go go". >> george michael and -- >> andrew -- somebody. >> george michael? george michael. >> and andrew -- billboard? oh x there is a billboard. >> anyway, we had it on the charts for three weeks. >> i was convinced i was going to marry george michael. i didn't know he was going to marry me. i was convinced. >> andrew hensly. >> how did you know? >> my producer. >> crank that up in the car, at home, a little of wham. it wakes you up. >> it's a classic. >> i can't go anywhere because of this. >> you are so whacky.
9:10 am
and we have been asking you to send your pictures to #todayweather, all hands on deck to clear out in lancaster. look at that that little one. my gosh. let's take another one. this is from monkey 5136. 4-feet of snow in buffalo, new york. crazy stuff. you can see the lake effect still continuing and we've got hamberg, new york. the eastern great lakes. winter weather advisories. winter storm warnings on the western lakes. you watch as that main snow band comes across cleveland and james town and to the south. finally early friday morning, peters out. look at all the snow, three to six inches around the western great lakes. 15 to 18 inches of snow as much as four inches of snow per hour
9:11 am
still falling with this for the 9:10 now. you can see that steady rainfall has arrived in the north bay, but as i widen out for you, most of the bay area at this point is still getting the light activity. as we progress throughout your morning, steady rain stays in the north bay until about 11:00, between 11:00 and 1:00 south of the golden gate bridge, then 1:00 and 3:00, pretty good down pours, even here in san jose. we also have a bed of thunderstorms within that rain, so you want to keep that in mind. temps in the 60s for today and warmup on the way for tomorrow. and that's your latest weather. so, up next, natalie sings once again, this time in front of a live audience in a perfect sing-along with die hard fans and it clears out the theater. >> pitch imperfect. the crowd loved it. i had a blast, for all of you.
9:12 am
we have the real deal here, because three of the stars from "pitch perfect 2" are joining us. "pitch perfect 2" are joining us. hey, guys, can you do the ring ring!... progresso! it's ok that your soup tastes like my homemade. it's our slow simmered vegetables and tender white meat chicken. apology accepted. i'm watching you soup people. make it progresso or make it yourself ♪ ♪ ♪
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rapid wrinkle repair. and for dark spots rapid tone repair. from neutrogena®. . the movie "pittsburgher" several screenings were held across the country. >> with you lucky audience got a surprise when three of the stars of the upcoming sequel showed up. i got a chance to sing along at the screening, myself. i'll sure my performance is awesome! maybe landing me a spot with the barberellas ♪ when i'm gone ♪ when i'm gone ♪ you're going to miss me when i'm gone ♪ you will miss me everywhere ♪ you will surely miss me when i'm gone ♪ >> it was so riveting.
9:16 am
>> it was beautiful. kind of karaokeing. it was fun to hang out with you last night. >> thank you for having us. >> i'm amazed at this movie. the little movie that could "pitch perfect." now the sequel is coming out next year. were you stunned, incredible, there was outpouring, people loving this film? >> i think we knew when we were shooting it, it was pretty special, everyone got along so well, i don't think we few it was going to take off the way it did. >> what do you think it is? we love sing-alongs, a good girl team, go, team girl? what is it about it? >> i think it's a combination when you leave the movie theater after you see the movie, you feel good, friendship, all those things, but a wait to it as well. >> that's good. >> friendship right there. >> so you are joining this cast now. what was that like? sometimes it's difficult
9:17 am
stepping into an already established group. >> oh, no doubt. i was actually a couple weeks late to the girls room rehearsals, getting offer the plane and walking into this world that was already established, like you said, was very intimidating. but they were very welcoming and very supportive and i can't express how excited i am to be a part of it. >> did you learn the acca-lingo quickly. >> the acca-awesome? >> i did. like i say acca in front of every other word. >> in front of everything. >> acca-tamron, acca-natalie. >> acca-al. >> we were taking a selfie in the commercial break. what did you guys do? >> we didn't mean to do it. >> who did it? >> here we go. let try it again. >> here's what happened. this is a great bar trick. ready. go. >> smile, ladies. >> aaaah.
9:18 am
>> that was very good. >> beautiful! >> wow! >> it's a new name for the selfie the harm neonize. how did that start? >> just now. you witnessed like e-harmony. >> that's aca-incredible. elizabeth banks was in the first one, produced it. and she's directing it this time. what kind of a director is she? >> fun. so much fun. >> yeah. >> she gets the girls so well. she knows the humor. she is really like, you guys go out there. have fun, don't be afraid to fail. that kept us really alive. it was a really fun. >> she comes back, by the way, in her roam as the accapella critic. you have dogs, do you speak to them in clear voices? >> yeah. >> oh. ah. >> he has his chain on.
9:19 am
>> so sad. >> what did he do? >> he got a bad bug bite on his bum. acca-unbelievable. >> thank you. >> i speak to him like in a scottish thing, i go, go to the dogs, or like, he's with us right now, actually. like hanging out. we're talking care of him. >> you find this is effective dog training? >> he listens, sometimes he trait straightens up when you do the scottish. >> britney, anna, thank you very much. it hits theaters next year. >> it's hard. >> it's angry, i'm the angry willie. where is your minds going? >> i don't know. coming up next. >> yes, harmonize. >> up next, an important consumer alert for car owners and families. >> you want to harmonize the leg line? >> what, aaaa?
9:20 am
>> hilarious hbo comedy "hello ladies." the co-creator of "the officer" he is joining us to joke it up coming up. >> his go--to-pick-up line. >> it didn't work. would you like to meet britney i'm m-a-r-y and i have copd. i'm j-e-f-f and i have copd. i'm l-i-s-a and i have copd, but i don't want my breathing problems to get in the way of hosting my book club. that's why i asked my doctor about b-r-e-o. once-daily breo ellipta helps increase airflow from the lungs for a full 24 hours. and breo helps reduce symptom flare-ups that last several days and require oral steroids, antibiotics, or hospital stay. breo is not for asthma. breo contains a type of medicine that increases risk of death in people with asthma. it is not known if this risk is increased in copd.
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9:23 am
for everyone. hershey's miniatures, choose your own delicious. taking a look at the headlines, crushing new crash tests involving minivans. the insurance institute for highway safety put some of the op top lar models into reason overlapfest. the chrysler town and countries and dodgers caravan received poor ratings. the top performers, the toyota sienna and honda odyssey. being the boss can place a burden on a woman's mental health a. new study finds having the power to hire, fire, influence pay increases that were the symptoms of depression among women. the opposite is true for men. researchers say women in authority have extra stretch, because of social isolation and
9:24 am
flecktive stereo types that paint them unfeminine. if you have a stressful taxing job, you may see the benefits to come. a more complex job may protect against memory loss later in life, lawyers, engineers scored higher on cognitive tests at the age of 70 than those in less intense jobs, like carpet layers. jet blue is saying it will create three ticket classes beginning sometime next year. only the top two classes will include a free checked back. other passengers will have to pay. then in late 2016, the airline plans to add 15 additional seats to some of its planes by reducing passenger leg room. a private memorial service is being planned for mike nichols, one of the greats of hollywood and broadway and the husband of diane sawyer. he died suddenly wednesday night from cardiac arrest. as a writer and director, flick
9:25 am
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is ten days of savings! now? no hold on... the savings will be bigger and better than ever before. ok...go ahead. ♪ black friday is back and it's gonna be huge. get ready to win it at you're watching today in the bay. >> a very good morning to you. it is 9:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. happening now, another day of protests ramp up at uc berkley. this as uc leaders advance plans for student fee hikes. protesters spent the night sleeping inside wheeler hall on the cal campus. regents yesterday reached a tentative agreement to raise costs from $12,000 to $15,500 by 2019. the plan prompted angry protests and arrests in san francisco. a busy section of el camino real from the peninsula to the south bay may soon have a dedicated lane for buses only.
9:27 am
dta members are meeting today to consider a plan. hopes are that it will encourage more mass transit. critics say a dedicated bus lane would only make congestion worse. raider nation wants the raiders to stay where they are. plans fan a rally today at raider headquarters to show team support. the raiders owner has been flirting with leaders in san antonio. he says he wants the raiders to remain in oakland, but not without a new stadium deal. we'll have a look at weather and traffic right after this break.
9:28 am
welcome back now and good morning. i'm meteorologist christina loren. this is your front steadily coming into the north bay, but most of the bay area at this point is still nice and dry. it's going to stay where it is until about 11:00 a.m., pressing south of the golden gate bridge between 11:00 and 1:00, then we'll get generous moisture between 1:00 and 3:00, but at that point not expecting it to stay as organized as it is right
9:29 am
now. in addition to the rain, we do have some thunderstorms out there, and we could see pea-sized hail, gusty wind, brief heavy down pours. we'll keep you updated here on nbc bay area. here's mike and your drive. >> fremont south 880, wind not much of an issue, but you are seeing still some misty skies and leftovers from that rain as it comes in again, more rain causing more slowing, both directions actually recovering. the earlier crash just cleared a few minutes ago, quickly recovering there. throughout the rest of the south bay, northbound 17 is another problem, but the rest of the bay looking good, towards the bay bridge toll plaza, east shore freeway recovers. back to you. >> thank you very much. thank you for joining us, as well. another update for you in half an hour.
9:30 am
. >> welcome back to "today" on this thursday morning, november 20 account, 2014. along with tamron and al. willie is at a special residence with two special guests. >> reporter: hey, guys, vanessa burton runs this operation. she has been at this 21 years taking care of families in these sixes. what do you want people out there watching to know about family and child homelessness. >> first and foremost, i want them to know, don't forget the children. these children are beautiful, being homeless is not a
9:31 am
punishment. we want to say thank you so much on behalf of volunteers america, bushwick. we want to say thank you to you and bright spaces. >> reporter: thank you for letting us invade for a couple weeks. dominique, you saw her earlier, what do you think about what we are doing here? >> i think it's great. i am very humbled and it means a lot to me like to actually be heard. if you would have told me last year you would be on nbc, i would have never believed it. >> you weren't just on nbc, you were the star of nbc. i'm sure you will be getting phone calls coming up today. we will throw it back to you. normally, i would do the weather for al. dominique, take it away. >> now with big al with the weather. >> oh, i like that, dominique, thank you very much. big al. all right. i appreciate that.
9:32 am
such an eloquent young woman. fantastic. today we have lake effect snow, out west, a big storm system into central california in between sunshine, temperatures, though, chillier than normal. then for tomorrow, we got a risk of strong storms in west central texas. >> that risk is going to move east as the week wears along. we are looking at an icy mix. more wind and rain in the pacific northwest. snow dying down in the great lakes. look for sunshine, chilly 9:32. we have more rain on the radar, now at this point as you can see, it's mostly concentrated in the north bay, but it's moving in along the coastline. as i widen out and stop it for you, you'll notice most of the bay area is still dry at this point. that's all going to change as we head through 11:00 to 1:00, the front presses south of the golden gate bridge, then it will end up here in the south bay between 1:00 and 3:00. we have more rain on the way as we head throughout your saturday, but today, tomorrow
9:33 am
staying cool, and, yeah, nice dry break for friday before more rain comes in for the weekend. hand the is your latest weather. emmy award winner and self-described leggy blond is preparing to say good-bye to his hbo sit-com, not before "hello ladies." stuart is a single guy on the quest to find love. sometimes things get a little heated. >> hello, ladies, my name is drew, meet my good friend wade. >> hello, ladies, a pleasure. wade. nice to meet you. >> stuart. oh! >> oh, no. >> oh. ah. i got it. i got it. >> good morning. >> you know that's based on a real event. that happened to me. >> that happened to you? >> years ago i was at college, i bought the brand-new shirt, i thought it was classy. i was looking good, al, i was
9:34 am
talking to this lady, she was laughing. at one point she said to me, steve, you're on fire? i said, thank you very much. i caught my arm on a candle. i am not the sexiest rolling on the floor put it out, for the love of god, put it out. >> so your character, stuart, is he leak you in a lot of ways? >> he's a sort of nerdy awkward british guy that can't get with girls. it's a role i have been researching since i hit puberty. i feel i've mastered it now. i'm not as desperate and pathetic as he is. a little of me in my early 20s in my character. >> i love the poster for this. it really screams -- sex. >> we don't know. >> is that you? >> it's my face. >> your face? >> it's not my body. >> really in. >>. i don't know whether hbo saw my real body, we can't put this on the side of the bus. the people of america don't want to see this.
9:35 am
>> it's your real body? >> thank you very much. i'll take that as a compliment. you haven't seen me with my shirt off. as ricky gervais says, my skin is so trance louis sent, you can see my beating heart through my chest. >> speaking of ricky gervais. >> i would tell people, do you want to meet ricky gervais? >> did you think it would work? >> i asked people if they could send me favorite pick-up lines, imagine i just met you in a bar, ladies, hey, how is is going, hello, ladies? i'm here. what's your other two wishes? >> oh, geeze. >> all right. pretty good? >> are you on fire right now. >> go. okay. >> hey, can you ask your boobs to stop staring at my eyes? >> all right. >> if that doesn't work --
9:36 am
>> you couldn't go another round? >> i got this one. here's a good one. i was at college, somebody was trying to sell me a magazine prescription, a guy, being very smooth, hey, is your guy a baker? what are you talking about? because you have nice buns. i ended up buying a magazine subscription. >> that's impressive he came up with that line. >> i know him you outed him. >> he was trying to sell a magazine. >> to get him out of my way. come on. poor guy like you with that pick-up line, i need to give you some money. >> natalie is proof, you keep trying, you roll the dice, sooner or later. >> she has incredibly low standards. >> that's what i always look for. >> i will buy magazine subscription from you. >> you did "semg ladies" beyonce, this went viral. >> the jimmy fallon show, we did a lip sync battle. >> look at you. oh my. >> look at those legs. >> you are on fire. >> look at that, ladies.
9:37 am
>> am i right? >> yes. >> how do you work that height? >> you still remember the moves? >> i just sort of let the music take over me, take me over. >> so that's not rehearsed? >> that's not rehearsed. . that was six weeks with beyonce's tour with her. >> that's what i visualized in my head. you are tall, how tall are you? 6-foot, seven. >> you have the groove. >> tall men usually don't have the groove. >> what is your go-to groove? >> like that one. >> a head bop you are so tall, can you knock someone out. >> true, mr. t is a favorite of yours? >> i am a fan of mr. t. >> here we go. >> oh, stand up. stand up. >> let's all do it. [ music playing ] >> oh. >> stop, yes, yes.
9:38 am
you are like tyarnnosaurus. >> there is incredible. >> is this a tv show? >> hard to believe. >> amazing. >> go on the internet. you will be surprised. >> a lot of spice like stephen. we love that. we are not talking about al or stephen. we are talking about al's favorite thanksgiving recipe. >> you want a recipe? sweet pa to that poon. you want some? >> what the heck is that? >> go on upstairs with us. it should be fantastic. >> let's go. come on ♪ ♪ sir, we're loaded and getting ready to go... ...we're going to need you on the runway. (vo) don't let a severe cold hold you back. sir?
9:39 am
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9:42 am
new and improved i can't believe it's not butter. it's time to believe. if cold turkey...ine quitting turkey... it's white! it's dark! if every thanksgiving there's a white versus dark meat debate... i respect your opinion but white... la la la la! if you think it's time we consider a new national bird... whoa. then you're what butterball calls a turketarian... and their holiday and every day selections are sure to satisfy... butterball. the choice of turketarians. . in our special series today's take on thanksgiving favorites, we've each picked a
9:43 am
beloved dish and we are sharing our own recipes. >> yesterday willie and i conquered classic potatos. >> you never had a thanksgiving? >> this is the one. this is it. >> i'm trying not to, we are making my mother's sweet potato poon. >> that's not the real name? >> for me it was real. it's a part of my thanksgiving tradition. my thanksgiving favorite is something my mom used to make. it was called sweet pa to that poon. it's a crustless sweet potato pie with marsh ma'am lows, one of our six kids would do something to distract my mothers so the marshmallows would catch fire. every year, she would, get away, get away from me, don't talk to me, she'd put it in. >> hey, mom, i need the turkey basteer. >> just a second, she could not help herself, she'd walk away,
9:44 am
oh my god, they're on fire t. smoke detector is running off. my father is running in with a couple pot holders. we have to scrape it off and then she would do it again. but it was always fun just to watch them burn. the smell. you can't, the pineapple, the nutmeg, the cinnamon. it's just really, see you have to twirl it to get all the marshmallow. that's ambroseia, of the gods. >> are you ready to whip up sweet potato poon? you peel the sweet potatos, you boil them, but in butter, mash them up. >> it's a side, like a dessert? >> like a dessert meets sides. >> sweet potato poon and a cranberry tush. >> exactly. >> brown sugar, flour.
9:45 am
you got some bake powder. okay. you've got cinnamon salt, all spice, nutmeg. crushed pineapple. >> adding crushed pineapple. it's similar to a sweet potato pie. >> you mash it. we don't have time. you bake it first for about 30 minutes, then you put the marshmallows on top. >> it's steven's birthday monday, this could also actually be your birthday cake. >> there is almost. this is the burnt edition. it would burn so badly that we had to scrape it off, do it again. >> you did that to aggravate your mom. >> to tech her off. this is the actual. >> do your kids love there? >> they do. >> you have this with the turkey. >> it's desserts, siedes, all i one. it's amazing. >> you cook, do you? >> i do. i wrap an apron, it takes 30 minutes, a couple seconds really
9:46 am
under the broiler. there you have it. >> a pile of deliciousness. what do you think? first american poon? >> it's not my first american poon. >> i set it up. >> but i'll tell you, let me give you feedback. you know what i like about this, al, what i like about this, it's not too sweet. i can see how it would sit with a savory, you know, turkey or whatever. it's not too sweet in there i will never eat this the same way again. this recipe, five more sweet potato recipes. >> will you come back tomorrow? >> every day. we want you to come every day. >> happy thanksgiving, by the way. >> anyway, tomorrow i will be making my pumpkin flan for you guys. >> how do we recover from that neighborhood, you are about to meet an adorable five-year-old giving back to his community
9:47 am
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to block the virus and protect healthy cells.. don't tough it out, knock it out, fast. abreva.
9:51 am
. >> it is almost time to vote in the proud kindest kids contest. >> jenna bush hager was lucky fluff to meet them all. >> i did. i have a five-year-old boy tavon. he saw a need and decided to help. >> i'm tavon from arkansas. and i help people in need. >> a massive tornado cuts an 80-mile path of destruction through arkansas. >> reporter: watching the news in the days that followed a deadly tornado. five-year-old tavon saw great need in a monita neighborhood. >> it was, they don't have houses, what are they going to do? how can we help them? >> reporter: you decided to give your own money for these people. why? >> because they didn't have anything. >> reporter: he used $100 from a savings to buy essential itself for people like dina.
9:52 am
>> it was horrible. our house was a total loss. >> reporter: she and members of her community depend on the kindness of strangers him within they found out one of the the donors was only five, they wanted to meet him. >> thank you so much for what you have done for us. >> can i have a huck, tavon? >> he didn't stop there. how come you need more blankets? >> because they might not have money for them. >> reporter: these days, he is working on a coat and blanket drive. so you are making signs so that everybody knows you are do coat drive? >> yes. >> his heart makes his mother proud. >> any time you see someone in need, he wants to help. >> reporter: only five-years-old, making a difference, one kind act at a time. so now you have had a chance to meet each of these wonderful kids, all winners in my book. you can find their stories on or you can vote for
9:53 am
sprout's 2015 chief officer starting at 10:00 a.m. eastern. they are all kind kids. i applaud sprout for teaching kindness. we need kindness in this world. >> for kids to start so young, such big hearts. we are back in a moment. th
9:54 am
9:55 am
we all know you have a great show, he has been pooned. >> we certainly have been hearing about it. >> you hasn't heard about it. >> we have kristen chenowith on. we are so excited.
9:56 am
9:57 am
9:58 am
in the south bay between 1:00 and 3:00 p.m., we could measure maybe a half inch of rain in the santa cruz mountains, a quarter here on the valley.
9:59 am
10:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey, everybody. what day is it, hoda? >> it is tty thursday, november 20th, 2014. >> it means it is "ambush makeover" day. >> of course. >> of course. >> and a lot of other great stuff. the amazing and you use that word very rarely for people who are truly amazing, kristin chenoweth is here, new album and new concert special. >> she's mesmerizing. there is a group that is coming
10:01 am
along with kristen, it is not circumstance dque du soleil, bu vibe. they'll show us some fancy moves. >> and then "everyone has a story," you'll meet an unbelievable family with a special needs son, and the brother -- the bigger brother that has always been his best friend in the whole world. so it is a great thanksgiving day. >> it is going to be great. and i'm so excited about my ihoda, that we're not doing until later. this is one of those days i'm busting and i wish we could do it right now. i'll wait patiently. what else do we have? >> we have early thanksgiving -- >> this is great. >> treats. i had a bite. it looked so unbelievably an tiesing. >> this is -- this is chicken. wasn't turkey. but it has stuffing and cranberry, everything it wanted. it is sold at stickies. >> limited edition gobble gobble chicken finger. >> with stuffed -- >> get in there. get involved. beaujolais, a french wine that
10:02 am
is always released the third thursday, i believe, in -- yeah, third thursday in november at midnight. that would be tonight. guess what, we have it a little earlier. >> let me taste it. this is delicious with the stuffing in it. >> where is the gravy, though? >> you don't need it. >> that's delicious. >> $5. for one or three? >> $5 for one. >> mm. >> there you have it. >> delicious. >> how is the beaujolais? >> delicious. i tried other stuff that is good too, but this is -- so if you -- now, if you were wondering -- if you've been wondering lately where has alec baldwin been? where has he been? remember, he said he wasn't going to be on tv anymore, he wrote a -- >> he's going to move to california. >> leave new york. >> he was going to leave the country, if george bush won again. >> lots of things he was going to do. we found out where he was. we did some investigating.
10:03 am
he's hosting a relationship show. it is called alec baldwin's love ride. and he gives advice to couples on their relationships. okay. let's take a look. >> take-out food, binge viewing, broad city, what is the glue that holds your relationship together? i'm internationally renowned relationship expert alec baldwin. watch me on ail ulec baldwin's ride. >> how did you know that? >> alec baldwin. how are you? >> i like to help couples avoid the mistakes i've made. i'm an internationally recognized relationship expert. how long have you been together? >> three and a half, almost four years. >> you seem level headed. what is an impulsive thing you do? >> fro yo. >> that's when you go nuts, fro yo. >> crazy. >> say the date you met on the count of three. >> one, two, three. >> april -- >> october -- >> whoa! >> so the question is why.
10:04 am
you know? he's one of the greatest actors around. he's always in demand to work. and maybe just he hasn't had scripts he likes lately. >> he's doing what he wants. >> maybe he gets to stay at home, be with elara, is that the way you pronounce it? and the baby. i've been a big alec baldwin fan. >> i think he's a spectacularly talented guy. >> amazing, yeah. >> but isn't something i would watch. >> well, it is interesting because he has an ear piece in and there is someone who is also helping to feed questions. >> why would he need anybody feeding him questions? >> he doesn't. he's a great raccentoure. >> that's what that is about. a lot of people have been sensitive about barbie dolls because they say they're too perfect and women are flawed. >> sexually exploits young girls. >> not sexually exploits. >> makes them sexual beings. >> it makes them perfect, like most people are -- most people don't look like that.
10:05 am
they look rounder or flaws or -- >> what are you looking at me for? >> so it is called the lambly doll. >> i don't get the name, do you? >> i don't either. it is a doll that has -- it is an average sized girl. >> 19 years old. >> 5'4", her curves are 32, 31, 33, compared to barbie, 36, 18, 33. >> my size. >> okay. there was a crowd rise funding campaign to get a normal looking barbie doll. this is the one they came up with. you can stick on accessories and by accessories, they mean freckles, cellulite, acne, moles, stretch marks, tattoos and scars. >> everythingi everybody wants. >> $25 for the doll. $6 for a pack of re-useable lambly marks at >> what do you think of the whole situation? >> i think it is -- it is always a good message that, you know, nobody is perfect, so embrace
10:06 am
who you are, and -- >> you know what i like that you said today. you say a lot of smart things. >> never on the air. >> in the makeup room, remember we were talking about people's stretch marks. >> yeah, we should call them love marks because you get them from being pregnant with -- most of the time with your babies. >> stretch is a negative. stretch marks, ew. >> was it stretching? >> yes. >> the most precious thing in the world. >> yes. let's do that. >> what about cellulite, though? >> yeah. >> nothing good about that. >> okay. so we have tori spelling and dean mcdermott on with us this past week. people are curious about their lives. and they -- i don't understand why. but they play it out all the time on their series, their reality show. >> just released their holiday card with the whole group of family members, kids and all. and they look very happy. >> that's why i always put ann nielsen angels on the cover of mine now. because i don't have a perfect
10:07 am
family. and plus, they never want to have their picture taken. >> i think it is funny, because you watch the drama play out and then you see that perfect photograph, which is interesting. i guess -- >> the trouble with the media today, you never know what is true and what has just been staged. and i don't like to be conned. >> i don't either. >> i don't like to be conned. >> i'm not saying they're conning us. i don't know. they have been with us many times. i don't know. >> weird that one was on one day and one was on the other day. >> they get two hits. >> they weren't in the room at the same time. >> press agent wanted it that way. >> very strange. >> you haven't shown us boots for two years. >> right, i have not. here's why. it is a great thing. >> i know. >> when things are great -- >> you don't want to spoil it. i think when other people are interested in your relationship, it accelerates it or it gets you doing things you normally wouldn't be doing in your relationship. now you live your life, the people who know him, you know
10:08 am
him -- >> and like him. when you're out and about, do people go, are you boots? >> some people have said that. >> what does he say? >> he smiles and says yes. there are his boots. he's on it. >> he's a very cute guy. >> you know what his best -- >> he's not fat at all. you made a whole thing about how you like fat guys and that's her word, not mine. >> he broke the mold. he did. he had a great smile. >> great smile. >> we did wake up to sad news this morning about -- >> i didn't even know he had a condition. >> mike nichols, famed director, producer, performer, he passed away suddenly they said last night from cardiac arrest. he was 83 years old. he's won so many awards. he's won every award, hasn't he? >> he's won egot, oscar, four emmys, tony, grammy and kennedy center honor. that's respected and beloved by everyone. everyone wanted to be in a mike nichols production because they knew it would just be top notch. >> married to diane sawyer, and he directed things like who is
10:09 am
afraid of virginia woolf, the graduate, silk wood, working girl, the birdcage. >> my favorite, the birdcage. >> i love that. >> our heart goes out to diane sawyer who he married in 1988 and three adult children from previous marriages. so we send our love and condolences. >> yes, we do. okay. i told you i've been waiting for ihoda. you guys, i have to tee this up for one second. this is a video you're going to see. >> can i eat while you do it? >> okay, it is called uptown funk. i went to a -- i went -- wait, i went to a music industry event and i walked up to a bunch of executives and i said, i have a favorite song. they said, i know what that song is. i said, you can't know. i have it on my phone. and they said, let me guess, is it uptown funk by mark bronson and bruno mars and i freaked out because that was the song. get -- >> random. >> it is old school funk. if you like funk -- >> no! >> oh, no. get ready. it is a video. show the video.
10:10 am
♪ julio hollywood jackson, mississippi ♪ ♪ show up show up ♪ ♪ smoother than fresh jar skippy ♪ ♪ i feel hot i feel hot ♪ >> i heard you the first time. >> look at them in the control room. ♪ girl, hallelujah girl, hallelujah ♪ >> it is a gospel song, huh? >> here comes the part. i'm going to dance. look at the dance moves. old school funk. ♪ ♪ don't believe me just watch ♪ >> it is going to be so hot, that song. oh, my gosh. i'm so happy. right now, like right now, i'm so happy, right now.
10:11 am
>> i'm so torn. i'm happy for you, my friend. ♪ >> i love bruno mars. i just -- >> okay. we get it! we get it! >> it is so good. wait, i wish we could play it again. i want kristin chenoweth to hear it. i want kristin chenoweth to hear the song. >> ihoda has gone on too long. >> she would love it. >> she would hate it. she has taste. >> i want to ask you when you come on if you like my song. our song. my song. >> it is not yours. >> i feel like i have ownership. i don't know why. i love it. >> i have ownership of "everyone has a story" which is on today. >> by the way, it is a great one. it is a great "everyone has a story." we have to go because kristin is waiting. sorry. ♪ you can hear us on sirius 108.
10:12 am
>> why would you want to? okay. >> two lucky ladies off the cold plaza for hot "ambush makeovers." >> and singer, dancer, actor, she can do it all. ♪ when he first joined the army, i was very nervous. ♪ we didn't know what they would have him doing. ♪ but, bobby always had a plan. ♪ [ male announcer ] with unmatched training in over 150 careers beyond the battlefield, there are over 150 surprising ways to become army strong. talk to your son or daughter about opportunities in the army. talk to your son or daughter it's part of a hershey's bar.
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♪ maybe this time i'll win ♪ >> it even gets higher than that. >> oh, my gosh. >> a little taste of the new pbs special from the wickedly talented emmy and tony winner kristin chenoweth. >> the concert set to air on november 28th was recorded for her first live live album ever. it is out this weekend called coming home. >> i think we need to get a microphone. >> do we need the mike? >> bring it in, guys. we don't want to waste any time with kristin. >> thank you. >> you've seen one of those before, haven't you? >> this is like -- talk about coming home. this is it right here.
10:16 am
>> we're so excited for you. >> does everybody know you're from oklahoma originally? >> i think a lot of people do. i'm proud of being from oklahoma. >> i met your mom and dad. they're lovely. quintessential not just oklahomans, but americana, aren't they? >> they are. if there was ever june and ward cleaver, that's them. >> yeah. first of all, did you love that song i just played, the earlier one? >> i thought it was out of this world. it was extremely -- ♪ ♪ julio get the stretch ♪ >> h ♪ harlem hollywood ♪ >> that's another way for her to play it again. >> let's talk about your cd. it is an amazing one. we got to hear you sing a little bit yesterday when you were on the earlier hours. and your voice is amazing. >> thank you. >> and it is all live.
10:17 am
so no auto tune. >> yeah. >> they can do so much electronically to your voice. >> i want my younger fans, you know, when you watch the dvd, you have that experience. when you just listen to the cd, there is a song about my dad called "fathers and daughters" and he's sitting in the front row. when i listen to it, i say, oh, no, people think i sound bad. i had to let that go. this is the -- this is the emotion of the song. >> you have sung songs for presidents and for queen of england. >> royalty. >> do you ever get nervous or freaked out when you're on the stage. >> i take so much -- so many -- the queen and the president, i also sang at oprah's last show. that was huge. >> bigger than all those people. come on. >> thank you. the worst was when we were at the palace -- >> is that the queen or the palace in vegas?
10:18 am
>> oprah's palace. the one at buckingham. i was alone, i was -- i'm single, hi, here i am, walking up the stairs. you know, like -- ♪ i think i'm gonna laike it here ♪ >> a man in a coat came, he said, miss chenoweth, can i get you -- i said i would love some champagne, that would be amazing. he comes back and he hands me the champagne. he started to say something, i said, i don't want any food. i'm good. i'm good. he said i'm actually the president of the army. i'm, like -- they all wore red coats. the butlers and the army. >> that is why people love you so much. you're just -- you're real. you are our all american girl. and we're so happy for you. we know you had a tough couple of years there after the accident on the set of "the good wife". >> cover girl. >> surely is. >> living happy? >> living happy. great magazine about finding joy
10:19 am
and being grateful and being happy in your life, which there is me blowing some fake snow. >> good to be around kristin though, makes you happy. >> you're returning to broadway. >> yes. please come. ple please. >> we definitely will be there. >> great score hasn't been on broadway in how many years? >> 40. >> there you go. hoda's age. >> a mind bending performance. >> and "ambush makeovers," don't miss it. ♪ [ woman ] i will embrace change... everything life throws my way. except for frown lines. those i'm throwing back. [ female announcer ] olay total effects. nourishing vitamins, and seven beautiful benefits in one. for younger-looking skin. so while your life may be ever-changing... ♪ ...your beautiful skin will stay beautiful. total effects from olay.
10:20 am
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when he first joined the army, i was very nervous. ♪ we didn't know what they would have him doing. ♪ but, bobby always had a plan. ♪ [ male announcer ] with unmatched training in over 150 careers beyond the battlefield, there are over 150 surprising ways to become army strong. talk to your son or daughter about opportunities in the army. the toyota concert series on "today" brought to you by toyota. >> it has been a circus around here today, more so than usual. that's because the cast of cirque dreams holidays has been busy entertaining us all morning. >> holidays is touring 40 cities
10:23 am
across the country before coming to new york city. >> now with their act, cirque dreams. ♪ ♪ ♪
10:24 am
♪ ♪ >> wow. how is that for a treat this morning? >> all right. they got what they came looking for. "ambush makeover" results ahead. >> if you can appreciate the
10:25 am
love between siblings, you've love "everyone has a story" today, so much more than hershey's miniatures. choosing is half the fun. because there's a little something delicious... for everyone. hershey's miniatures, choose your own delicious.
10:26 am
well, i drove grandpa to speed dating this week, so i should probably get the last roll. dad, but i practiced my bassoon. and i listened. i can do this. everyone deserves ooey gooey pillsbury cinnamon rolls. make the weekend pop! you're watching today in the bay. >> good morning, everyone, 10:26. i'm scott mcgrew. happening now, the port of oakland and all bay area ports are closed today following a death of a worker in venetia
10:27 am
last night. port officials have not released a cause of death. longshoremen are staying off the job for 24 hours pending a safety review. solano county health leaders are conducting a county-wide drill to prepare for viruses like ebola. responders and hospitals plan to work in tandem as if they are treating patients with a highly contagious communicable disease. hospital patients will play the role as patients. a look at weather and traffic after the break.
10:28 am
10:29 am
welcome back now. 10:26. i'm meteorologist christina loren. tracking some pretty good looking rainfall that extends all the way from marin, through sonoma county, and the front is going to move to the south as we head throughout the next six to seven hours. behind the front, we are picking up some lightning strikes, so we're fair game for thunder, lightning, maybe even pea-sized hail through the second half of the day. front is moving quickly, 60s, cool for today, showers subsiding by about 5:00 p.m. this evening, then another round on saturday. all the details today at 11:00. here's mike and your drive. >> christina, rain -- look, there it is, the bay bridge camera, wet lens, wet roadway. traffic not quite so bad, thinning out a bit. look at your map, east shore freeway still a little slow, same coming off 580, but look at that, fog may be an issue through the oakland hills. a lot of moisture, the rain is coming down through hayward right now, no problems across the san mateo or dunbarton
10:30 am
bridge, traffic continues to lighten through the south bay, as well. misty and maybe drizzly. scott, back to you. >> all right, mike. be sure to join us for the big show at 11:00, our next newscast. see you then. we're back on this thirsty thursday with more of "today" ready to reveal our "ambush makeovers" for two lucky ladies who braved the cold for a chance to get a brand-new look just in time for thanksgiving. >> here to show off their makeover magic, "today" contributor and stylist to the stars -- >> louis licari. >> and "today" contributor and record-breaking -- >> guinness book of world records breaker jill martin. how was it today? >> good. >> it is a bit chilly, yes. but it wasn't raining. we got to see the ladies. it was perfect. >> okay. shirley mccutchen is our first lucky lady. from buck horn, texas. she's here celebrating her 53rd wedding anniversary.
10:31 am
she's a four-year breast cancer survivor who loves to ballroom dance with her husband. they belong to four dance clubs in texas. she came here looking to be ambushed and was ready for a new look. let's listen to her story. >> you look so jolly and fabulous in that hat. and i know you're happy because you want this for shirley. tell me why. >> i'm so thrilled. you know, she's had a tough time with cancer, survivor, you know, for four years almost now. that's the big thing. having her here. this is her dream. she had been wanting to do this forever and ever and ever. and to be on here and have a makeover, this is such a fabulous deal. this is a once in a lifetime deal for her. i'm so thrilled for that. >> we're happy to give you this deal. you ready? >> yes, i am! i'm so excited. i can't believe it. i didn't think it would ever happen. >> i love shirley. >> yes. >> husband bill, please keep your blindfold on for a second.
10:32 am
okay, here is shirley mccutchen before. let's see the new you. >> whoa! >> wow! >> oh, my goodness. >> bill, are you ready? >> yes. >> take a look at your bride. >> lord, even more gorgeous. >> are you ready? >> yes. i guess. >> spin right around. mirror right behind you. >> oh, my word. >> you look -- >> is that the same person? >> you're darling. >> i can't believe it. >> look at camera 12 for us. >> you can hug on her, of course. >> wow. >> okay. thank you. >> i'm a new woman. >> tell us about the hair. >> great haircut.
10:33 am
our salon superstar, layered bob, wispy, fresh, totally new. >> so flirty. >> shirley said, louis, i want to be a red head. her hair was a faded strawberry, perhaps. i said let's go for it. we did. the trick is it looks like it grows from her head because it is copper, very natural looking red. >> beautiful. >> i love the leather and the jeans. >> navy is the new black. i love if you're going to invest in a coat. this is by andrew mark. a little bit of glitter by adriana papel and nydj jeans. >> so adorable. >> our second lady is lois, 60 from maine. she's a nurse practitioner who goes to the dominican republic twice a year to set up a medical clinic and help those in need. she drives a boat in return to
10:34 am
her island. last time she colored her hair was over a decade ago. she's single and excited and ready for a brand-new style. she's here with her friend and we'll listen to her story right now. >> catherine, i know you're busting. >> so excited. i can't believe this is happening. my dearest friend turned 60 a week ago. and so happy for her. i think she's in shock. >> are you in shock? >> i'm a little bit in shock, yes. >> more and more excited every second. >> shock is a relative thing. yes, she is here with her good friend kathlycatherine, also a . let's look at lois before and bring lois out now with her big new look. >> wow! >> adorable. right there. >> here you go. >> right over here, sweetie. are you ready? take off your blindfold. >> you're going to freak out. >> oh, my gosh! oh, my -- i love it!
10:35 am
>> that's what a best friend needs to say. turn around, lois. see what she is excited about. >> oh, my gosh! >> that is sensational. >> it looks like someone i've seen, maybe, in the movies or something. >> you look beautiful. >> oh, my gosh. >> incredible. >> gorgeous. >> spin right here. look at camera 12. >> the hairstyle is amazing. >> yes. >> you did it, arson. >> great job. she -- believe it or not, her hair was great, we covered the gray and i added highlights as quickly as i could, and we put tone on tone color, very minimal, but very beautiful and she looks beautiful. makeup by enid. >> you want to say something? >> i'm speechless. >> go over to your friend. jill, tell us about the outfit. >> look how cute the pants are
10:36 am
on her and the top is clara sun woo and great trench coat by andrew marks. i love the back of her hair. look at that. >> great. >> you look beautiful. >> i love everything. good job, everybody. >> come on out. >> big round of applause. >> we have "everyone has a story" for you, the true meaning of brotherly love. >> your heart will sing when you meet the family behind "everyone has a story" right after this. ...and tkind of like you huffing sometimes, grandpa. well, when you have copd, it can be hard to breathe. it can be hard to get air out, which can make it hard to get air in. so i talked to my doctor. she said.. doctor: symbicort could help you breathe better, starting within 5 minutes. symbicort doesn't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden symptoms. symbicort helps provide significant improvement of your lung function. symbicort is for copd, including chronic bronchitis and emphysema. it should not be taken more than twice a day.
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best foods and holiday leftovers become irresistibly creamy turkey casserole. real delicious best foods. bring out the best foods. bring out the best.
10:40 am
♪ ♪ ♪ everyone has a moment today, we meet our newest ,"everyone has a story" contest winner. with thanksgiving around the corner, it is a story that will make you thank what you're truly grateful for. >> christina upshaw wanted to thank her 17-year-old son zach. she says zach has dedicated his whole life to caring for his special needs older brother often. we will speak with the upshaw family in a moment.
10:41 am
first, let's listen to christina's letter. >> i am writing to share the story of my wonderful son zach. from the time that zach was small, he has always helped to care for his special needs older brother austin. he was and is austin's constant playmate. he's never been ashamed of austin, but instead has embraced him for all of his beauty. when he was younger, he was always looking for a way to make austin better. one year, he told santa all he wanted for christmas was to for him to fix austin's brain. as he got older, he realized austin was not going to get better unless god chose to heal him. now that he is older and stronger, whenever we go on vacation, he helps to carry austin where the wheelchair won't go. zach spends as much time as he is able doing volunteer work with special needs kids. he will go to college next fall, and then on to medical school. his plans are to become a pediatric neurologist to work with children like his brother. zach will tell you his ultimate
10:42 am
goal is when he gets to heaven, to be able to see his brother run and hear him speak. he will tell you that austin is one of the most remarkable people he knows because he is patient, kind and loving. but these traits also describe my son zach. zachary's dad and i would like to thank you for being such a wonderful son and brother to austin, for being there to always hold and care for austin in any situation, with maturity, unconditional love, and understanding. you are an amazing young man. >> he sure is. >> he is slam >> and christine upshaw is here with her husband chip and their son zach and austin. we're thrilled you're here with us. >> thank you for having us. >> it is not easy to travel and get here, but i hope it is worth it for you because you're an amazing family and you, you would make any parent unbelievably proud. >> thank you. >> did you know your mom had written a letter? >> no, i didn't. >> because your mom is a little sneaky that way? >> yeah. >> mothers are. you got to watch them. >> how did you go about doing
10:43 am
this? >> i just -- i had seen the spot and i always thought he was such a wonderful son, i just wanted to honor him. so i wrote the story about him, because we're so proud of him. >> chip, what did you think of the whole thing? >> i was amazed. she sent me the letter in an e-mail that she wrote and said, what do you think? i said it is just amazing and told the story perfectly. >> it was perfect. >> she didn't need to change a thing. she could send it like it was. >> tell us about your brother. tell us what he's like. >> austin is just amazing. i love him so much. he is always so fun. my first part about him is his personality. he likes to tease us as much as he does. >> he does? >> he's responding to that. >> he always laughs when we tell funny stories about him, but he loves all of us so much and he does his best to make us happy as much as we do to make him happy. >> now you're going to be going off to school. >> yeah. >> how are you going to be able to leave him? >> well, i really don't want to. i'm going to try to find some place close and nearby, so i can always see him whenever i need to. >> you're probably going to need
10:44 am
to, as much as he's going to need to see you. >> exactly. >> don't go anywhere. straight off the matilda stage, we have a special performance from broadway's allison love. >> that's right. right after this. ♪ . you want i fix this mess? a mess? i don't think -- what's that? snapshot from progressive. plug it in, and you can save on car insurance based on your good driving. you sell to me? no, it's free. you want to try? i try this if you try... not this. okay. da! ♪hark how the bells, sweet silver bells, all seem♪
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10:49 am
all right, we're back with our "everyone has a story" winner zachary upshaw, his brother austin and his parents christine and chip. >> now the song we wrote just for you called "when he gets to heaven" and to perform it, please welcome a magnificent talent and sweetheart, allison love. ♪ i am blessed with two amazing sons ♪ ♪ one stronger to take care of the other ♪ ♪ and he is the essence
10:50 am
of what it means to be ♪ ♪ a brother ♪ every child is precious ♪ ♪ a gift from god above every child comes to us full of promise full of love ♪ ♪ every child is blessed ♪ ♪ in the same way as another ♪ ♪ that's why god gives him the gift of a loving brother ♪ ♪ from the first day of life ♪ ♪ zach loved austin's heart never a day the two of them were far apart ♪ ♪ and never was a time ♪ ♪ that they didn't laugh together and i couldn't say to austin i'm going to make you better ♪ ♪ oh when he gets to heaven he'll see his brother run ♪ ♪ he'll hear him cry
10:51 am
the joy of seeing the sun ♪ ♪ when he gets to heaven he'll see his brother free ♪ ♪ see him whole see him healthy ♪ ♪ see all he was meant to be ♪ ♪ he'll see when he gets to heaven ♪ ♪ every child has a purpose so weak and strong ♪ ♪ god blesses every child in their own way the whole night long ♪ ♪ not every child is blessed in the same way as another ♪ ♪ and that is why god gives them the gift of a loving brother ♪ ♪ when he gets to heaven he'll see his brother run ♪ ♪ he'll hear him cry the joy of seeing dancing in the sun ♪ ♪ when he gets to heaven he'll see his brother free ♪ ♪ see him whole see him healthy ♪
10:52 am
♪ see all he was meant to be ♪ ♪ ♪ he'll see when he gets to heaven ♪ ♪ when he gets to heaven ♪ >> beautiful. beautiful, allison. we'll be right back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
10:53 am
10:54 am
10:55 am
honoring an extremely caring young man, zachary upshaw, who is here with his family. >> allison love, who is starring now on broadway in "matilda," with us from "scandalous" too,
10:56 am
just performed "when he gets to heaven." allison, you are magnificent. >> thank you. >> such a beautiful song. >> thank you. >> very -- what did you think? >> it was really good. >> beautiful. >> you know my favorite part was? watching you kiss his head through the whole thing. >> i just needed to -- >> wanted to give you guys something. we know for all the love you give your family, you're in new york, the first time, we decided we know you want to see the sites with your brother. we put together a big apple package for the two of you. so the langham palace hotel has given you two rooms, two nights in the hotel, all meals, express passes to the top of the empire state building. >> also a private tour of the big apple, courtesy of federiqe and antoinette.
10:57 am
>> and four tickets for the performance. >> of a real broadway show. >> have a wonderful time. >> have a blessed thanksgiving and christmas, okay? thank you, buddy. bless you. >> all right. that's going to do it for us for "today." tomorrow, the stars of the sister hood, a new reality show about the journey to becoming a nun. >> and elvis durant here with a little something different. have an awesome day. see you tomorrow.
10:58 am
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nbc bay area news starts now. >> and right now at 11:00, next wave of rain hitting the bay area. we're giving you a live look at our radar. you can see a lot of green, even some orange out there. yellow, red. here's what it looks like outside in san francisco. and in san jose. gor good morning, everyone, thanks for joining us, i'm scott mcgrew. >> let's get right to christina loren. we've hardly seen you in the newsroom, you've been so busy. >> busy and kind of skipping along, because this is exactly what we need to see for us to help dig out of our historic drought here in california, so


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