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tv   NBC Nightly News  NBC  November 23, 2014 3:30pm-4:01pm PST

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down down turn around having fun is what it's all about on this sunday night, flood fears. with temperatures on the rise, growing anxiety over the threat posed by mountains of snow and what happens when it starts to melt. new allegations against bill cosby from women who say they were victi izimized who worked the actor claims he paid off women. hooked. america's heroin epidemic. and we go behind the lines to find the source. and blues brothers. a legendary musician setting the stage for a young progeny. from nbc world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt.
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good evening. as we come on the air here on the east coast tonight, temperatures in the buffalo, new york, area are hovering in the upper 40s, heading into 60s tomorrow. after temperatures in the 20s last week that would be welcome news. except there is the matter of all that snow. up to seven feet in someplaces that fell last week. now with rain predicted on top of the warm-up, a lot of the snow is turning to water. tonight flood warnings are in effect for some local creeks in the area and communities still digging out worry they will soon be bailing out. nbc's kristin dahlgren is there to tell us more. kristin? >> reporter: good evening, lester. they are getting hit on all sides. first they had to deal with things like this roof collapse under the weight of the snow. now they have to worry about water seeping in their homes, their basements. this is really just a community that is bracing now with temperatures predicted to go up in the forecast.
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near buffalo today, a race against time and mother nature. a scramble to clear roofs and uncover drains before 7 feet of snow melts into even bigger problems. >> it is unsettling, unnerving and i consider myself a very calm person, but it is very unnerving. because you don't know how high it will get. >> michelle lived through flooding last year. today her neighborhood is filled with heavy machinery, scooping up snow by the truck-load. >> reporter: this is where they are bringing all of that snow. so far they've taken about 80,000 tons off the street. but the problem is, it is piling up. >> the waterways will begin to fill. >> when we flood it will start to be an issue. >> buffalo creek is a concern to the fire chief. >> 20 minutes it was full of
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water and now look at it. >> reporter: the rushing water will go right over the banks. the new york governor said they are ready for the worst case scenario. massive pumps are in place with more stockpiled nearby. along with dozens of boats. the national guard is on hand with cases of water and food. plows are finally getting through to neighborhoods that have been blocked off for days. even the buffalo bills are still digging out, calls to clear out the seats in time for next week's game. >> at this time we are currently looking for people to help with snow removal out of the stadium. >> reporter: for some, there is no amount of digging that will help. trace george has already lost his company's workshop. >> there are companies over there and this is the last third i got. >> after a record-breaking storm that may not be done yet. >> i just hope i at least have one building after this is done. to at least still call home. >> reporter: so it could be a tough 24 hours ahead. those flood warnings remain in
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effect. lester, the creeks are expected to crest sometime tomorrow. >> kristin dahl gran tonight. thanks. for more on what they face in buffalo and the rest of the country heading into thanksgiving. let's bring in weather channel meteorologist kelly cast. >> good evening. it feels balmy in western new york where it is melting along the buffalo creek and the cass anovia creek. warning until monday afternoon. an the temperatures will cool down heading toward thank replacing the snow showers with rain showers. and tonight we are following the severe threat across the southeast, a report of a tornado moving out of alabama into georgia downing trees and power lines. and here is what it looks like. a few days from now when millions of americans will be traveling on wednesday, snow for chicago and even a rain-snow mix for places like new york, boston, down toward d.c., rain and thunderstorms across the
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southeast as well. so lester, it could be a very busy wednesday travel day. >> kelly, thank you. ferguson, missouri remains on edge as it awaits a decision on whether a police officer will be charged in the shooting death of michael brown. and while the mood on the street is tense, tonight questions revolve around the question that will mean a behind -- will stay behind closed doors by a 12 member grand jury. >> reporter: at a church in ferguson, calls for justice for michael brown in anticipation of a grand jury decision on whether or not to indict officer wilson and calls for peace, come what may. >> nonviolence is the way. ip don't care that other people on the other side of this argument say you need to just go home and stop protesting, we're tired of seeing you protest. this is the way. >> reporter: with protests now nightly, barriers around the courthouse and police on high alert throughout the region, the
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seven men and five women of the grand jury are expected back in session on monday. night win, three black, mirroring st. louis county's demographics. nine votes needed on a decision. possible charges range from murder to manslaughter to no charge at all. in a state that legal analysts say police have more leverage than most when making an arrest. >> the law as written encompasses a lot of different situations that seem to be at play here in terms of trying to apprehend michael brown. >> reporter: the grand jury is not sequestered and they are likely very aware the nation is watching. >> i feel sorry for these people they know if they walk out of that grand jury room and have not indicted, they may have created a massive riot in their city and maybe throughout the united states. >> reporter: the grand jury process itself now some three months long, facing criticism. >> it is the issue of transparency. people feel like they are being left out of the process.
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>> reporter: demonstrators demanded the local prosecutor seen as too close to police step aside and the governor apoint a special prosecutor. meanwhile the family at the center of this gives thanks, and giving turkeys away in the community that supported. >> i had to come and give back to the people that -- everyone is suffering over this. >> reporter: and in an unusual step, prosecutors say they are showing the grand jury every piece of evidence available and the question is whether there is probable cause to arrest the officer and charge him with a crime. and that is what the protesters want and then letting the officer have his day in an open and public course. >> ronal nen ferguson tonight, thank you. two other police shootings are receiving attention. in cleveland a officer fatally shot a 12-year-old boy that was wielding what turned out to be a fake gun. police responded to a 911 call saying the boy was pointing a
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weapon at people but it was probably fake. the boy was shot in the torso after he allegedly reached into his waistband for the gun. and in new york, protests in the streets after the shoot of an innocent man at the hands of a rookie police officer. he was patrolling a dimly lit stairwell, when he killed a 28-year-old man. the mayor called it a tragic mistake. the allegations mount against bill cosby. more women came forward with stories of sexual assault and now a man who works with cosby is speaking out, claiming he made a history of paying off women. here is joe fryer. >> reporter: the latest allegations for bill cosby comes from a former nbc entertainment employee frank scotty who told the new york daily news saying that he would invite model news his dressing room as he would watch the door. >> he gave me information regarding the woman of the owner
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of the modeling agency and he said any time she calls you do whatever she wants, reserve the seats and bring her into my dressing room. >> scotty said he never witnessed what happened behind closed door. he was asked to send money to some women, up to $2,000 a month in money orders. >> made me suspicious because i didn't know what it was for. but why would he do that. they could have been friends. he said how would scotti know if a woman was a model or a secretary. it appears that his story is pure speculation so he can get his 15 minutes of fame. scotti said he is not seeking attention but decided to speak out after reading about recent accusers. 23 women have now made allegations against cosby, 15 publicly. he has not been charged with any crimes and denied allegations in the past. >> he said here take this, this will make you feel better. >> reporter: former playboy play meat victory valentino said she
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was drugged and sexually assaulted 20 years ago. >> the last thing you want it have is your name associated with someone like this that has demeaned and degraded you. >> cosby camp said it is completely illogical that so many people would have said and done nothing and made no reports to law enforcement. >> he received two standing ovations during a soldout show in florida but several shows have been canceled or postpones as more allegations continue to surface. joe fryer, nbc news, los angeles. the university of virginia has suspended all fraternities for the rest of the year following a sexual assault. it is involving greek campuses worldwide. our report from gabe guiterrez. >> reporter: on the grounds of
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the university of virginia, anger. >> and i'm really, really furious. the culture of rape and the complete inaction of the administration and the complete complacency of the student body. >> reporter: following a detailed article in rolling stone magazine describing several claims of assault, including allegations of a brutal gang rape of a first year student at a house in 2012. >> the administration has been passive and it is disappointing. >> reporter: after suspending all fraternities for the rest of the year, the uva president is asking the police to investigate and calling the allegation as pauling. >> i think when i first read the article i was sick to my stomach. we need to get to the bottom of whatever this is and make this a better place. >> reporter: in may the federal government announced title nine investigations of 55 schools, including uva for the handling of sexual violence complaints. >> administrators who put the value of the school's reputation above the well-being of women
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are plentiful in this country. uva is just one of them. >> reporter: nationwide greek systems are under scrutiny after the death of a freshman at a west virginia university earlier this month. at uva, the fraternity plans to cooperate with any investigation, saying the acts depicted in the article are beyond unacceptable and intolerable. and students posted notes during the admissions office and they plan to meet this week to discuss policies of sexual assault. students say need to be changed. gabe guiterrez. station. we are getting late word of a deadly bus crash in northern california. a bus rolled down an embankment in pollard bank it. was involved in a minor accident earlier in the day. passengers say the driver
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3:46 pm
of the heroin epidemic we join the dea for an armed helicopter ride. we travel deep into the rugged andes mountains, 300 miles southwest of bogota, a remote area protected by gorillas. we pile out of the chopper, along with four police chief and sheriffs from the state of maryland who want to see where the heroin supplies threatening their streets originate. >> they destroyed our community and decimated families all up and down the east coast. >> reporter: we move carefully on a slippery high altitude trail under the suspicious eyes of local peasant farmers. before long we come upon a stunning sight. a brightly covered heroin poppy field awaiting harvest next year. >> they are growing on small four acre plots like this one in the andes mountains.
3:47 pm
agents say they are scattered throughout the region but hard to find. >> each of the poppy bulbs is slices to extract the milky substance known as latex that is processed in small home-made labs. >> this is about four acre and will produce about a kilo of heroin for you. >> reporter: it is then smuggled to the u.s., either through central america and mexico or by air and sea routes into the caribbean. eventually ending up in american cities along the eastern seaboard, including baltimore. >> so you have a bunch of deals going on right now over there. >> reporter: here, just outside of this drug rehabilitation center, we see what froerld agents say is -- federal agents say what is one of many heroin deals going down in daylight. >> so the deal is done and they are going in their separate directions. >> reporter: police say columbian haren is destroying families. >> we are seeing prices at an
3:48 pm
all-time low and purities at an all-time high. >> reporter: and they are devastating suburbs and small towns. >> we've seen an increase of 500 to 600% of heroin addiction here in our county. >> reporter: so columbian authorities and the dea are working together to try to cut off the supply at its knees but with so many hidden poppy fields, it is hard to do. in mexico, the heroin flows, fuelling the u.s. addiction shows no signs of slowing down. mark potter, nbc news, bogota, columbia. when we come back, nobody told us to expect it... intercourse that's painful due to menopausal changes it's not likely to go away... ...on its own. so let's do something about it. premarin vaginal cream can help it provides estrogens to help rebuild vaginal tissue and make intercourse more comfortable. premarin vaginal cream treats
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mayor marion barry died overnight at the age of 78. he battled a number of health problems over the years and his personal life was not without struggles. but he was a commanding presence in the nation's capital for decades. kristin welker looks back at his life. >> marion barry was a mississippi share cropper's sun turned rights activist turned politician who would be known as washington's mayor for life. in a colorful and checkered career, he served four terms as mayor and served a stint in prison. he struggled with alcohol and drugs and in 1990 was famously arrested in a sting operation in a washington hotel. grainy video showed the married mayor lighting a crack pipe in the company of a much young women. when fbi agents entered, he referred to her with an
3:52 pm
expletive saying she set him up. he did come back and win a fourth term as mayor. during "meet the press," he was asked if he beat his addiction. >> you never really overcome it and be free addiction. >> he worked briefly in the private sector but politics pulled him back and in 2004 he easily won a seat in the city council serving until he died. today president obama said he was saddened and hailed barry's efforts to get working people out of poverty. barry said i may not be perfect, but i am perfect for washington. kristin welker, nbc news, washington. up next here tonight, a legendary musician sets the stage for the future of the so,as my personal financial psychic, i'm sure you know what this meeting is about. yes, a raise. i'm letting you go. i knew that. you see, this is my amerivest managed... balances. no. portfolio. and if doesn't perform well for two consecutive gold.
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finally tonight, a cherished american hart form. the blues. born in the south, the songs often tell stories of hard times, hard luck and hard living. but thanks to a long-time blues legend, the music has a new voice and guitar licks and a bright future. something i witnessed for myself here on stage in new york. >> quinn sullivan is singing the blues. ♪ [ singing ] >> not about hard times, but about his improbable discovery but one of the greats of blues.
3:56 pm
♪ any whole world was turned upside down when i first heard the master buddy guy ♪ >> yes, the buddy guy. the 78-year-old chicago guitar legend and now 15-year-old quinn's friend and mentor. >> after i heard him play and got to know him, i think he might be teaching me now. this kid is playing some stuff, i'm like, how did you learn that at this age? >> at first glance you would be tempted to call them an odd couple but your ears quickly tell you otherwise. their relationship gan whbegan quinn was 8 years old and attended a guy performance with his dad. >> i brought my little squire and he asked if i could play a few notes on the guitar and i did. and he said you be ready when i call you. >> that is what made me say,
3:57 pm
wait a minute, man, i have to let somebody else see you besides who is watching you tonight. >> since he popped up on the ellen show at the age of 6, this bedford progeny turned heads. >> i started paying when i was 3 and when i was five i started to get into it more and take lessons and it evolved from there. >> buddy guy's desire to mentor young musicians is born of his own struggles to make it in the business. >> september 25th, 1957. >> the date he left home for chicago with a guitar and big dreams of being discovered. >> how close did you come to going -- getting back on the train and going back to louisiana? >> one time, i hadn't ate in three days. >> it was muddy waters who offered him not only food, but a helping hand. >> i said, muddy waters, i'm full. and i didn't need the salad you made me.
3:58 pm
and he said you think about going back to louisiana. >> and now guy pays it forward. he produced quinn's first album and tours with him every day. >> bookends for the present and future of the blues. >> blues alive and well. that is "nbc nightly news" for this sunday. brian williams will be here tomorrow. stay tuned for football night in america followed by the cowboys versus the giants. i'm lester holt reporting from new york. for all of us here at nbc news, good night.
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let's broaden the world's energy mix, let's go. captions paid for by nbc-universal television an aerial view of new york city and about nine miles west at metlife stadium in new jersey. tonight it's an nfc east matchup between the cowboys and the giants on "sunday night football." eli manning and the giants started out 3-2, but now they have lost five consecutive games. while dez bryant and the cows boys undefeated on the road and 7-3 overall, need a win tonight to keep pace with the eagles at