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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 24, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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details behind the third break in security at sjc this year. >> and why students across california are walking out of class today. >> and is the panda leaving san francisco? the latest coming up next. >> and good morning to you. changes coming to your forecast. a big warmup coming your way through wednesday and then more rain returns and this time we've got a powerful system gearing up to hit the bay area on friday. more on that in just moments. >> and expecting and seeing changes in your commute pattern as well. we do have the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza and a new incident at the north bay coming up. >> a live look outside on this cool start to a monday morning, november 24th. this is "today in the bay." >> announcer: from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> laura said, it i will confirm
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it. it is monday, good morning to you. thank you for joining us, i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> breaking news out of san francisco this morning. investigators are trying to figure out who killed a man in a quiet san francisco neighborhood overnight. we're still waiting to hear back from police. police confirm they were called to a homicide this morning. it's unclear exactly where or how the man was killed. we have several calls into police. of course we'll bring you the latest information as soon as it's available to us. >> now there's some unsettling news for travelers. security at the south bay's largest airport under scrutiny this morning for the third time this year, a security breach at san jose maneta international airport. rob redell joins us live at the airport with more details on this heist of sorts. good morning, bob. >> reporter: yes, this man
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driving that vehicle over here curbside at terminal b. san jose police have arrested this man after he allegedly did get on to the tarmac here at norm manetta. this happened when zaragoza breached security. he got away, stole the maintenance truck and drove it here to curbside at terminal b where he was arrested. it's not clear why he did this or what his intentions were. passengers we spoke with might beg to differ that there was no threat to safety.
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>> if a man can get past security, who knows what he can do, bringing in weapons and what not. >> where is security and how can someone get that far on the on-ramp? >> reporter: as you had mentioned, it's the third security breach this year alone. in april a 15 yorld boy was able to scale one of the fences, climb into the wheel of a passenger jet and survive on a flight to hawaii. and coming up into the next 40 to 50 minutes, we'll tell you how a local congressman is responding to today's breach. >> the latest in a string of such incidents. thank you very much, bob. >> at 6:03, new this morning, we are keeping an eye on two conflicting reports on giants star third baseman pablo sandoval. one report says he's headed to boston. another one says not so fast.
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cbs sports reporting that sandoval has signed a contract to join the red sox. however, there's no official word yet from the giants. we're working to confirm both side of the story. we have calls out to multiple sources this morning. we'll update you as soon as we get more information. of course we don't want to see the panda leave but they've been dangling some pretty nice carrots out there. >> 6:04 right now. happening today, u.c. students are planning to walk out of classes on several campuses. >> it's more fallout from the board of regents' decision to raise tuition more than 28%. stephanie chuang is live where protests have been going on since last week. >> good morning.
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you do have supplies and a lot of signs and even a section here for dirty dishes. other than that, we've seen a couple police officers, as well as a couple of people sleeping here. most of them were inside the main lecture hall. but protesters have come and gone and have allowed class toes take place here at wheeler hall. once again this morning we did count about 20 to 30 protesters who are wrapped in their sleeping bags inside the main lecture hall, trying to get some rest. the lights did just come on inside there. it's a large contrast when you had a hundred or more students camp out overnight. student say they will walk out at noon if the regents don't reverse their decision. >> we're calling for the regents to rescind their decisions. it's absurd, the students'
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voices were not heard. >> police arrested one u.c. berkeley student for inciting a riot and vandalism after a class door was smashed. students say they won't leave until the charges against that student are dropped. and they'll be heading from campus to downtown as well as berkeley high school and then return here to the campus for a general assembly where they will, quote, decide on a major action for tuesday morning. live at cal, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> thanks so much, steph. >> 6:06 on your monday morning. we're going to give you a quick check of your forecast as we give you a live look outside on your holiday week. thanksgiving very much on the rise here. >> and people already in that thanksgiving mood i think as well. >> they're ready to eat. >> no question about that. >> do you have to bundle up, stay indoors and maybe go throw
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a football around to work off that pie. we'll check in with christina. >> you know what's so awesome, this this evenianksgiving, you watch your hometown team. now that is hard to beat. something to be thankful for. also something to be thankful for, we've got rain on the way toward the end of the week and three consistent days it looks like, friday, saturday and sunday. but before then really nice conditions. right now mostly in the 40s, a really pretty start, not a lot of croloud cover out there. upper 60s for the south bay. by tomorrow we'll trade these numbers in for the 70s and closer to 80 degrees as we head throughout your wednesday. as we get into thanksgiving, temperatures fall a little bit, clouds increasing, rain returns on friday.
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more on that forecast in just moments. here's mike and your drive. >> here is your north bay commute. we do seem to have a build there. and southbound 101 would be the direction through san rafael. no big drama here. southbound is generally your commute direction for the north bay. the whole region does show a nice flow of traffic. the roadway widens a bit. through san rafael, northbound route 101, reports of debris blocking your slow lane. otherwise stay over to your left. of course we have the bay bridge but the berkeley. >> we have overall expecting a lighter volume of traffic.
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overall i said, but not at specific points of the morning. we do have a slower drive west 580, in toward livermore. san jose will give you a live shot. show you a little slowing at the bottom of your map there. weep should have a shorter commute overall. >> a lot of kid are off of school this week. >> even though they're in town, they don't have the commute this week. >> are they waiting for the turkey dance? that was also trending. >> oh, yes, the turkey match. you should keep your eyes out for that. >> stay tuned. happening right now families in need are lining up outside of sacred heart community service in san jose. you're looking right now inside at the walk-in fridge where all the donations are just waiting to be picked up the food bank
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says it is. >> a tour bus flipped over on i-5, the second crash of the day for the driver. >> and all captured on camera. package thieves striking in the bay area as the holiday season gets ready to ramp up. ç3ç3ç3ç3
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. good morning. i wanted to show you some of the rain totals from last week. more rain on the way, mount tam, the big winner with just under 7 inches of rain. >> yikes. well, that helps a lot. we have a lot of slowdown right here. nothing reported on the chp blotter, but we have a call to see what's going on here, unusually slow through sunol. >> a bus driver under investigation after a deadly crash in northern california. this happened yesterday morning when the bus veered off of i-5,
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rolling down an embankment in shasta county. one person was killed and 30 others injured. it was actually the second accident of the day for that bus driver, who earlier sit the side of an awning at a denny's restaurant. >> still no decision from a grand jury on whether to indict the ferguson police officer who hot and killed 18-year-old michael brown. many, including president obama, are calling for calm ahead of the announcement. authorities are moving barricades into place around st. louis county preparing for riots if the jury decide not to indict officer darren wilson. >> ait is 6:14 right now. an investigative unit exclusive report. tens of thousands of people
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fleeing violence in central america are igniting a movement nationwide. the movement is called sanctuary. it started during vietnam and the civil war in el salvador. now the movement is spreading again. >> people are standing up saying we're not going to fail to act in this time. all of those relationships and connections are being picked up again. >> tonight how the president's new executive order is affecting those living and working behind the scenes with undocumented immigrants. >> 6:15 right now. several silicon valleys getting a wag of a finger. >> scott mcgrew, some terse words. >> yes, from the wall street george and the "times" as well. some writers who took on uber
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and his problematic issues with women, saying some of uber's investors need to step in and solve the problem. he says "uber seems to be a company run by juveniles and there simply isn't nibbling to tell uber officials to grow up." uber tracks san franciscoans who took an uber from a location and then took another uber six hours from then. and an editorial titled
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"terrorists get a phone upgrade." >> and i was caught on camera accepting a large envelope of cash, all small bills, but christina was there as well. it was a donation from the employees at johnson & johnson. we got $660 from the folks at johnson & johnson. it was awesome. of course we got a lot of bags. i'm sure you guys got a lot of bags, too. >> we did and it was wonderful. >> i'm sure we got more. >> just to see the generosity of everyone. >> hey, whether they gave one bag for $10, we appreciate every single one. >> absolutely we do. >> thanks a lot. it is 6:17 right now. >> san francisco police are looking for a pair of pack aage
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thieves that were so bold, it was caught on tape. officials recommend having packages require a signature or having a neighbor pick them up. >> time to check your forecast. 6:18 on your monday. a live look outside this from what you can make of it. >> what are we looking at there? i don't think there's lightning in the sky. >> that's a halo. >> that's the light that indicates you're flying too low if you're seeing it very closely. >> it's cold out there. >> you can see it because it's so dog gone clear out there. i'm sure there's a technical term and mike inouye knows it. temperatures mostly in the 30s and 40s. it is chilly, baby, it's cold outside. i only get to say that a couple times a year so i'll go ahead
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and do it this morning. here is the story of the day. a lot of sunshine coming your way, a lot of vitamin d for the first few days of the week. overall the trend will be sunny skies and temp ps notice 60s for the whole bay area. 63 in san francisco and 67 in the south bay today. so, yeah, thanks to everybody who came out there. it's so nice to see you guys in person and really, really nice of you guys to come out and help local families this time of year. something else you can do to help, if you got an old winter coat, you can donate it, maybe you're going to buy a new one as we get into the black friday shopping deals. temperatures are going to start to drop. we'll get a little bit of a warming trend first, though. you can see the weather is going to be fantastic.
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then the rain comes in on friday and unfortunately there's a lot of tree lightings happening, including this one. santa's going to be there and it's going to be raining. if you're going to come out and join thus year, maybe sure you bring that rain gear. temps will be chilly. it's the 50th annual -- 50 years of ghiradelli square. that's worth celebrating, isn't it? >> just like that movie kind of says, "the rain never bothered me anyway." my daughter will correct me later when i get home. 680 moving much better. we saw everything stack up and then start to move much more smoothly past the golf course and up the hill. there was a crash reported look
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at the map. down here where our camera is is looking much more smooth. the tri-valley, other than that crash and the temporary slowdown, we see a pretty smooth drive through that area. dublin moves very nicely. northbound 101 shows your second build, which would start in another 15 minutes. but in light of the overall volume for the bay because that is a vacation week for a lot of schools and a lot of families taking time off as well. we'll give you the live look fro a clear, smooth drive over from the hayward side. the backup is here. fast tracks you on a better area. >> thank you very much. at 6:21 we do have breaking news
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this morning. santa clara county sheriff deputies are on the hunt right now for an armed suspect from a possible burglary in cupertino. bob redell will bring us an update as soon as he can. >> we have more breaking news. chuck hagel, a former nebraska senator, current secretary of defense is going to be resigning. nbc news just reported that. we'll have more on that story coming up. plus -- >> could it be the best catch ever? have you seen it? we'll tell you why the rookie who made the grab doesn't think so. . >> and a live look right now at the bay bridge toll plaza. those cars starting to rack up a little bit but movement not horrible for this time of the day. we'll be checking in with mike for more on that. christina is going to have a look at your weather and more news right after the break.
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a forecast to be thankful for. we'll tell you why in just a
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moment. >> we're watching for the effects of the holiday commute on your morning commute. we'll see how things are shaping up. we'll start in the south bay coming up. >> we've had five straight weeks of gains on the dow as we watch over on the nyse and on the nasdaq. a shorter week this week as they get under way. >> and a live look outside right now downtown san jose on your monday, getting ready to kick start your week. today is monday, november the 24th and you are watching "today in the bay". >> announcer: from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> and a good monday morning to you. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. we do have breaking news this morning. a senior administration official says defense secretary chuck hagel is resigning from president barack obama's cabinet. hagel, former republican senator, has served as chief
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since early 2013. tracie potts reports. >> reporter: the president reportedly lost confidence in hagel. we're expecting a ro ing ing a announcement at some point later today. >> all right, thank you very much. we're also expecting more news in a special report from nbc news. >> okay. we'll bring that to you as soon as it comes in. families in western new york are packing up their things this morning in case they need to evacuate. temperatures are expected to hit nearly 60 degrees today, causing concern that seven feet of snow could turn into floodwaters.
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national guard members spent yesterday clearing storm drains and shoveling snow off of roofs. >> they're really having a tough go of it there. 6:31. some rain in our forecast deep into the week but taking a beautiful life, crisp and clear look. cold temperatures starting our morning. >> got to love the look of that but, yes, it is a little bit chilly this morning depending on where you're waking up in the bay area. let's check in with christina. >> hey, good morning to you guys. we actually do have a chilly start but a nice rebound on the way with temperatures jumping from the 30s and 40s into the mid to upper 60s. today will stay nice. really warming up up as we head throughout the mid section of the week. but today's afternoon highs looking very similar to where we ended up yesterday. yesterday was really nice, another wonderful evening ahead where you can open up the windows,in joy that good air quality. just a few high passing clouds
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assy get into your afternoon. and a lot of people are coming into town, not only for the thanksgiving holiday. they got that big game happening, 49ers versus the seahawks right here on nbc bay area on thursday. temperatures for today, they'll be comfortable but cool enough for a light jacket or sweater. as we head into your thanksgiving day, really gorgeous conditions. the peninsula is at 66 and 71 degrees. gorgeous conditions coming your way out in the tri-valley. before rain returns to the forecast late thursday into friday. so we'll talk more about that coming up in just a moment. let's find out how your drive is shaping up. >> we all deserve a break that's not an endorsement of any company that may have had that slogan in the past.
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as we look at the map, we're also talking about a lighter overall commute this week in general. a lot of folks traveling out of town or at least take a vacation. we see the south bay with a pretty typical pattern, 87, 101 and 85. we'll watch for that. west 237 also a lighter volume so speeds are much better, over toward 101. we have google, linked in, a number of other companies tend to have a lot of traffic around the shoreline. a smooth drive across the bay for 92. a little bit of slowing but nothing dramatic off of hayward. we will look at the bay ridge toll plaza where traffic flows nicely but we have had the metering lights turned on the typical time. again, that pattern show as lighter slowdown here as well as west 58 from 24 only all the way over toward the maze.
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the golden gate bridge has a nice easy drive and that view brings families into town for their vacations coming into the area. just be aware that some folks not be as seasoned as we are because they're looking at the beautiful area we live in. >> if they're holding a map, go out there and help them out. >> exactly. >> thank you very, mike. 6:35 right now. a shakeup in the president's cabinet. is that impacting the market? >> let's check those numbers with scott mcgrew. we're not seeing anything currently. here's a live look at the big board, up 32 points. we've had five straight weeks of gain. cnbc reporting tesla is talking to bmw about some kind of agreement. it said the talks are very informal but bmw makes carbon fiber in a lot of their cars, particularly this new electric car they have. tesla is good at electricity,
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bmw is good at carbon fiber. maybe they can come to some kind of agreement. >> shepherded in by our very own scott mcgrew. thank you very much. >> what people heard just moments before a building went down. >> and taking a live look outside. we're talking about how clear it is out there. this is a live look at the bay bridge span across from emeryville this morning. a lot more news still ahead. it's 6:36.
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. you're watching "today in the bay." >> 6:39 on your monday. two people and the family dog just lucky to be alive this morning after their apartment building in chicago just collapsed. last night's collapse left hundreds without power in frigid temperatures. early reports indicated that there was an explosion. fire officials don't believe that anybody else, though, was inside. >> bomb and arson units are investigating that collapse as we speak. as soon as we have an update, we'll bring it to you. >> the city of ferguson, missouri remains on edge for another day today. still no decision from the grand jury on whether to indict the white police officer who shot
6:40 am
and killed a black unarmed teen-ager. though many have called for calm ahead of the announcement, authorities moved barricades into place around the st. louis county justice center over the weekend. they are preparing for riots if the jury decide not to indict officer darren wilson. wilson claims he shot 18-year-old michael brown in self-defense. >> we are keeping a close eye on the situation in ferguson, missouri. >> the time right now is 6:40 coming up. we are following more breaking news this morning. deputies searching for armed suspects in cooper teupertino. we are live with the very latest. >> plus, a break in security given? details behind the third breach at san jose international airport this year. >> and a quick peek outside that at&t ballpark.
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haven't seen any activity there. we'll have rots on activities on the giants front right after this break. ç3ç3ççç
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now 15 minutes of continuous news, weather and traffic on "today in the bay." >> breaking news this morning. right now sheriff's deputies are telling people to avoid a cupertino neighborhood this morning as they searched for armed suspects wanted in connection with a home invasion. "today in the bay" bob redell just arrived on scene. it's a very active and fluid situation. what can you tell us? good morning. >> reporter: the santa clara sheriff's department has a lot of their deputies out here. they're parked in their squad cars. what they've done is they've set a perimeter up around to the right side of where you're
6:44 am
looking at right there because on garden gate drive, about a block down at glen cove, there was a home invasion sometime this morning. deputies tell us it was two men, both armed, whether they were guns or knives, they did not indicate. their concern is did the deputies get here quick enough to set up a perimeter and keep these two men inside that neighborhood or did the two men escape, they just don't know. so that's why you have the perimeter out here. i also believe i see some police cars as well. so not only is there a sheriff response, but there's i'm assuming cupertino police responding as well. there are definitely as you drive down, there a couple of entrances in this neighborhood they do have blocked off right now. and again, deputies out here keeping an eye to see if these two men wander out or if they can find them. they were indicating to us they would like people to just generally avoid this area.
6:45 am
i'm assuming if you live inside that neighborhood, they're asking you to stay inside your home. >> we'll be checking back again with bob shortly. this could affect traffic patterns as well. we'll check in with mike, too. >> and more breaking news, this time out of san francisco. investigators trying to figure out who killed a man in a quiet san francisco neighborhood overnight. we're still waiting to hear back from police. san francisco fire confirmed they were called to a homicide this morning. it's unclear exactly where or how the man was killed. we do have several calls into police. we'll bring you the very latest information as soon as it is available to us. >> a window washer who fell 11 stories remains in life-threatening condition in san francisco this morning. the man was getting ready to hoist scaffolding on friday when he fell from the top of the building in the financial district. a moving car searching for a
6:46 am
parking spot broke that fall. cal osha is investigating the incident. >> 6:35 on your monday. we're going to give you a look outside right now, downtown season jose, the sun appears to be well on its way up on kind of a chilly start to the week. >> there's a ferris wheel, too. >> here we go, holiday in the park, getting ready to go. you should be more excited about this, sam. it is chilly if you're trying to get into the central valley or headed north. watch out for fall as well. and take a look, they're still making snow. some resorts about 6,000 feet picked up over 6 inches of powder from the storm that came through just over the course of the weekend. high pressure builds in and you
6:47 am
can see that fog is really thick, especially as you approach the bakersfield area from stockton. so that stretch of the highway is going to be rather dangerous, at least until about 9:30, 10:00. for us, we're starting out crystal clear, which is part of the reason why it is so chilly this morning. we don't have that blanket of clouds to keep us warm. high pressure is going to warm us up as we head throughout the next couple days. for instance, your financial feast. comfortable conditions, 66 on the peninsula, san francisco, thanksgiving day, 64 and 71 degrees out in the tri-valley. those are going to be really nice conditions out there as the seahawks take on our 49ers on thanksgiving day. you know what? you can catch that day right here on nbc bay area, kick off at 5:30, increasing clouds and winds may play a factor out there if it gets strong enough out of the northwest at about 10 to 15 miles per hour.
6:48 am
here's the deal for the week. temperatures start mild through thursday and then the rain returns on friday. we're talking about three consecutive days of rainfall once it starts coming in. let me give you an idea of the timing. start the clock at 2:00 p.m. friday and start the rain in the north bay. then the front comes through and starts to break apart. we'll get some light rainfall here. out of south bay, another round on the way sunday into monday. the good news is the storm window is going to open back up for us. that's a great sign when it comes to our drought. we're on top of this for you. we'll keep up updated. >> we're on top of the drive as well. it should prove to be lighter overall for the week. we're still looking at a good volume of traffic, west 580. watch the malls this week, they're going to be very crowded as well. 580, though the cameras stopped for a second, let's show you the map. 580 is not the concern. indeed we do have speeds coming
6:49 am
into the yellow area for much of dublin. right here the red, that shows you speed down around 20 miles per hour through pleasanton, and no cashes reported in this area. we did have an earlier crash around mission, coming out of sunol. but overall we're looking at a pretty smooth drive. north 101 now showed that traditional slowing up from 680 and to a slightly flow of over here. glen gln co, watch that and we'll continue to follow that with bob at the scene. they're looking for some sort of suspect in the area there. >> looking here across the san mateo bridge. the anymore it, it's -- and in
6:50 am
oakland, i do see that oakland to bart train and airplane connector. that is moving smoothly this morning, guys. back to you. >> you're talking about ripples. they're certainly coming from washington, d.c. where there is breaking news this morning. in just the past ten minutes we learned that the defense secretary chuck hagel has resigned. >> and kris sanchez joins us live with an update. >> reporter: apparently he just wasn't up to the job is what a senior official told nbc news said is why chuck hagel was forced to step down. the president will make an announcement alongside chuck hagel, as lee he announces his resignation. the white house is saying that hagel, the lone republican on the president's national security team has ban steady hand in guiding the military through the drawdown in afghanistan and even the ebola
6:51 am
crisis. however, private live senior defense officials confirm to nbc news that hagel was forced out. he got a lot of criticism for his response to a series of global issues, including the threat of ice is. chuck hagel had only been on the job since tweb of 2013. again, president obama will. >> thank you very much. a lot of breaking news this morning. we're also hearing new this morning there are reports, conflicting right now, about giants star third baseman pablo sandoval. one said he's headed to boston, another says not so fast. cbc sports john heyman reporting sandoval has signed a five-year contract worth nearly $100 million to join the red sox. however, ken rote enthat will with fox sports said he talked to sandoval's agent and he told him no deal has been agreed upon. no official word yet from the giants.
6:52 am
we're working to confirm all angles of the story. we'll update you as soon as we get more information. >> a lot of people are interested in the resolution of that, absolutely. >> crews have called off a search for an unidentified surfer seen facedown in the surf near rockaway beach in pacifica. they combed the seas for nearly four hours and called off the search just before 10:00 last night. >> a teen-ager recovering after a dramatic rescue. it started when the 17-year-old boy fell from a cliff at san jose's al i don't know rock park. he tumbled 30 feet and then 70 feet more through the brush below. a helicopter lifted him to safety. he's now recovering from what they're calling moderate injuries. >> a bus driver under investigation this morning after a deadly crash in northern
6:53 am
california. it turns out this was actually his second crash of the day. it happened yesterday morning when his bus veered off of just two hours prior investigators say the bus struck the side of an awning at a denny's restaurant. nobody was hurt in that first incident. >> 6:53 now. happening today, u.c. students spreading their message at several campuses today planning to walk out of class to protest tuition increases. >> a shock wave of responses here. >> reporter: organizers describe this as a flexible protest. they've allowed class toes go on here in this building. in the morning earlier we did
6:54 am
get some video of about 20 to 30 folks sleeping inside there, wrapped in their sleeping bags, trying to get rest where the lights have come on in the last hour. a large contrast to last week where you had 100 or more students camp overnight. the students say they will continue to occupy this building and walk out of class at noon unless the regents reverse the up to 28% tuition hike. >> i plan to be walking out. it's kind of really symbolic because the structures that teach us here to address issues in our world are not doing what they're supposed to. and we're doing what's nest necessary to care for one another. >> reporter: and dozens of students protested last wednesday and thursday outside the u.c. regents meeting in san francisco. it's been relatively. >> reporter: protesters say they
6:55 am
will not leave wheeler hall until the charges against jess novan are dropped. the walkout is set for noon. the plan locally in berkeley is to march downtown and then have a general assembly where they say they will discussion a major action for tuesday morning. live on the cal campus, stephanie change, today today. >> data shows today is the day to shop, scott. >> it's interesting. adobe has tracking data. adobe says stores actually have better deals on the sunday and the monday before thanksgiving. well, sunday, that was yesterday. but monday, that's today! this according to price data. security company symantec is
6:56 am
blowing the whistle on companies that spy. in saudi arabia, russia, ireland and mexico as well. the creator of this virus, who really knows but symantec says it's very similar to something that was created by the u.s. government. >> interesting. >> conspiracy theory or who knows. >> who knows. >> thank you very much, scott. >> it is 6:56 right now. a final check of the day's top stories this morning. san jose police investigating a security breach at san jose airport over the weekend. police say 39-year-old miguel zaragoza made it out to the tarmac early yesterday morning. employees tried to catch him but he reportedly stole a city maintenance truck before he was arrested. this is the third such breach there in recent months. >> meantime a neighborhood in
6:57 am
cupertino blocked off while police search for a possibly armed suspect. they say the suspect may have committed a home invasion robbery near garden gate and glenco drive. officials say you should try to avoid this area. >> a lot of break being news to cover this morning, including defense secretary chuck hagel, resigning from his white house post. a senior defense official confirmed to nbc news hagel was forced out. the former republican senator has served as defense secretary since 2013. there's no word yet on who will replace him. >> a lot to wrap your head around this morning. one this evening that we know is definitely going down is the fact that we have a holiday coming up in just a couple of days. >> that's right. are you cooking this year, laura? >> i am, a feast for many. come on over, come on over. >> i'll sneak in there. >> are you cooking this year, sam? >> course i'm cooking. big turkey. >> all right. i'm not going to be eating at your house. i don't trust you.
6:58 am
>> all right. >> no, you know what, i'm the turkey for saying that this morning. you can probably cook up a mean bird, can't you? i don't know how she does it, three triplets -- i mean, obviously. how do you do this? we get up so early in the morning and you're going to have to have that feast on the table. >> yeah, you just do it, god gives you strength. you don't sleep a whole lot. >> unbelievable. >> and oven timers sometimes help. >> a little bit. so traffic kind of light this week, too. >> overall the traffic will be lighter. you still have your trouble spots. let's show you the san mateo bridge. a lot of students have the week off. west 92 across that san mateo bridge. this is a pretty typical schedule but it will probably end the backup a little bit earlier. we'll put the arrow where 92 is. you see the slowdown coming off
6:59 am
of hayward, which is not so bad and union city, that's the extent of the 880 slowdown. the dumbarton bridge shows a little slowness. we see the build heading over toward the peninsula. but lighter overall. san jose show as little slowing north 101 right around tulley. again, we just see the yellow and oranges, not the reds and oranges. tri-valley a little problem southbound. no crashes were reported over the last half hour. but there was an earlier crash in fremont. we have a smooth drive right now sorting itself out. the golden gate bridge, we'll end with this beautiful shot here, we're going to talk about more bridge traffic, more folks in town visiting so keep your eyes out for people who might not be so familiar with their way, just be patient out there. >> very nice way of putting it. >> people are so giving this thanksgiving season as well. we want to give you a big thank
7:00 am
you for helping out our community with the community food drive. >> that's warren and ethel, by the way, and christina. all of us want to say we appreciate your generosity this season. >> we got to go. pablo going to red sox. good morning. the runner-up at the pentagon. chuck hagel is out. the president to make that


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