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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 28, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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boy, a lot of shoppers. >> a lot of people are buying online. the ipad may be the hottest purchase on line. the tech gifts, the ipad and my little pony is on the list and i got to be "frozen" is on the list. >> protesters upset about the michael brown decision are using black friday to make a statement. they spent a few minutes outside
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of stores shouting while officers watched. there were no visible protests as the national guard patrolled the area. >> we do have more details about a crash involving the chp officer. he was hit by a car. the car wran a red light. another officer arrived and an ambulance rushed him to the hospital. we're told he is expected to survive. >> he was conscious and breathing. he's actually at the hospital right now so we don't know. >> now the chp says the driver was cooperative, did not appear to be under the influence. >> authorities this morning looking for three men who terrorized a couple at a popular berkeley hill lookout spot, the
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grizzly peak road. the couple was robbed and when they said they had nothing, the robber got in the car and made them drive to the atm while the other two followed in their car. >> the men got away with atm cash and left the couple unharmed. police describe the getaway car as a red square-shaped vehicle with four doors. >> look at this surveillance video, a man backing his car up, the trunk is already open, he takes off with a lawn decoration. >> now, the family had already
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put out all their decorations when this man went and took something. >> good morning, laura and scott. not what you want to hear at the start of the holiday season. we're talking about decorations 5 feet tall, a little taller than me. he didn't notice the security camera on the front door, which caught all the action. you see the man back into the driveway. his trunk is already open. he takes the plastic snowman but he's not done. he drops it off somewhere but ten minutes later comes back with, again, the trunk open and this time takes santa. >> it just kills the holiday spirit. you put it out waiting for the holiday and then this happens. >> reporter: the items are only worth a couple hundred dollars and the family realizes this is low on the priority list for the
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san jose police but they say there's a lot of sentimental value, not to mention invasion of their privacy. police say use locking cords because they lock into the outlet and makes it harder to take them. we'll talk about the trend of decoration theft and what makes this one different. >> thanks so much, steph. >> let's check your forecast this morning, give you a live look outside at san rafael. isn't that nice? it's pretty and foggy. first i thought it was a shooting star and then i realized it was a car. >> not a lot of cars out there. mike inouye has the day off. christina will tell us about
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some rain coming that is much needed. >> much needed. scott mcgrew, you are my shooting start. i must have been in the bay area for a while, i must be a permanent resident because i just called it "san-o-say." san jose. we have a system on the way. it's going to start in the north bay and slowly work its way south. we want to show you that fog on the golden gate bridge this morning. it is socked in. overall, nice and clear for the bay area. and then the fog should vanish by about 9:00. we're going to trade in the fog for mid-level and high clouds, which will be increasing all day
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long as the front starts to move in. temperatures in the 60s. as we get into the next couple of days, we're going to keep those temperatures in the 60s. you're going to hit your high right around 11:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. and then temperatures drop. friday 3:00 p.m., that's when the showers will start up in sonoma county. even at that point, we continue to move you forward in time. 7:00. stop that clock again and here's where it gets a little bit dangerous, because we have tree lighting ceremonies, big family traditions happening here in san francisco. the good news is i think a lot of that rain is going to hold off. we'll be able to get out there and light up the trees at ghi
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ghirardelli tonight. santa will be there and you can tell him what you want. i can put in a good word. >> and the team ceo of the 49ers is actually apologizing. plus -- >> no, no, never. no, it's not even close. >> the question we asked this beloved basketball coach, one of the winningest in california history and his answer that will make you bay area proud. ç3ç3ç3ç3
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welcome back now. and good friday morning to you. if you're heading out to any of our various shopping centers, it's going to be cold out there to start the day. the clouds will increase but we're going to hold off on that rain until tonight. once we get the rain started, it sticks with us all weekend long, with some opportunities to get outdoors. we'll show you those rare windows. we need the rain. there's a lot on the way. >> here's a look at today's top story. the official start to the holiday season begins today with black friday. people spent the night digging for deals. they shopped on thanksgiving day when more and more stars are open for business.
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>> we're expected to learn more about what happened in oakland. more than 200 people were involved. >> pope francis has landed in turkey. >> the 49ers are licking their wounds this morning. head coach jim harbaugh vowing the team is going to reboot, come back and, quote, win them all after that embarrassing lot to the seattle seahawks. >> the 19-3 loss. so bad the 49ers ceo tweeted an apology to the fans. he said "thank you 49ers faithful for coming out tonight.
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this performance want acceptable." agreed. >> that was the worst. we have grown a rivalry with them, a competition with them and we are not keeping up our end of the bargain. >> colin kaepernick threw two interceptions, both to richard sherman in a loss that puts the playoffs in questions for the 49ers. >> it's not acceptable. we didn't perform well. we have a much higher standard for ourselves. >> we lost big playoff game. we've been here before. we just got to do better. >> the niners won't have to wait long for a shot at redemption. the team heads across the bay next week to take on the raiders before heading to seattle in just a couple of weeks. although it's been a disappointing season for the 49ers, the giants proved it can be a fun to be a part of winning
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tradition. >> one man should get credit but he wants none of it. here's garvin thomas with this morning's bay area proud. >> the school is san jose city college, the sport is basketball and the man is basketball coach percy carr. you might be surprised to know he didn't grow up playing basketball. if you should ever find yourself in a position to congratulate coach percy carr on his lifetime of basketball success, i suggest doing it quickly. >> let's go, today, today, today. why are you walking over there? >> reporter: this is a man who believes in speed. >> today, today, today. let's go! >> reporter: speed, coach carr thinks is one of the things that wins basketball games. >> hurry up, hurry up.
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>> reporter: and who in his right mind would argue against him. in 39 years coaching basketball at san jose city college, coach carr has won more than 800 games, more than any other california community college coach ever. >> we keep it simple. >> reporter: for a man who has dedicated his life to the sport of basketball, that must mean a whole lot. or not. >> stats? winning? oh, no, never. i'm sorry. >> coach car said season his first year on the job it has not been about winning on the floor, it's about the life his players
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achieve they have left school. >> this is a great opportunity right now. >> reporter: it is clear that coach carr cares deeply about his athletes, though once the whistle blows, it is most definitely a case of tough louf. >> are you guys afraid to rebound? >> reporter: still as frustrated as he looks and is at times, coach carr always returns season after season to san jose. other jobs may have further had had his career, but as you've probably guessed by now, that's not what it's all about for percy carr. coach carr says he has no plans to retire any time soon. he says there are too many young men that need his help to quit
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now. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> if you know someone doing something nice for someone else, garvin would love to hear from you. >> love to hear those stories. 6:18 right now. time to check out our microclimate forecast on this friday morning. a nice clear view of downtown san jose this morning. get out there, enjoy the day. rain is in the works. much needed after this big drought we had. >> that means a free car wash. also you don't have to get out there and hose anything down because mother nature is going to provide a lot of moisture toward the bay area, sarting tonight. depentent on t-- dependent on whether we get these heavy totals. but everything has been consistent when it comes to your futurecast model the past couple
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days. that is good news for us. the on thing is a lot of people are going toi be trying to get back home after the holidays. there will be opportunities for you to get out and about this weekend. this morning we do have fog out there. it is settling in, at this point crossing over the bay bridge. losing visibility all the way through san francisco, across the bay bridge. the fog has not yet made it to the east shore. oakland socked in with fog for the next hour or two. we have a gorgeous day shaping up. 64 degrees in the south bay, the east short 59 degrees. that's a cool day for you and 62 out in the north bay where the showers will arrive first. let me show you your futurecast. we stop that clock for you at
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9:00 p.m. tonight. like we've been talking about for the most part, showers up into marin county, until we head to about 9:00 p.m. and at 5 a.m., we're expecting our first heavy rainfall here in the south bay. we continue looking forward in time. i think saturday afternoon you can continue to get outdoors from time to time and you'll have a better opportunity on sunday. sunday at 7:00 a.m., the bay area dry at that point. that will continue throughout sunday night. then late monday to tuesday the big one comes in and this one could boost our totals upwards of 5 inches. that's what the models are bringing in at this point. even here at the south bay, we're looking at decent totals potentially an 1.75 of rain in the south bay.
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go to our web site and click on weather and you can track the rainfall. it's highly interactive. >> coming up, the father who breaks the world record with his incredible christmas display. we'll show it to you next. >> and out in dublin, a live look. mike has the day off. we'll check in on christmas shopping coming up.
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>> lava and ash spewing into the sky. >> and setting a world record for the largest display of led lights. >> it took volunteers months to put it together. they installed 75 miles of lights. the display will help raise money for charity. >> that is so cool. >> i wonder how long to take it all down and pack it up.
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>> they call it a new holiday tradition, heading to the stores right after the thanksgiving day meal. >> trying to work off all that turkey and pie. >> amazing rescue caught on camera. how the freezing temperatures absolutely saved two people inside a flipped suv.
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the official start of the holiday season is on! meet some of the early shoppers already done with their gift list. >> the wet weather will hold off for the shoppers but it is
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turning cloudy. i'll time the system out. we have a series of storms on the way and potentially localized flooding. more on that in a moment. >> well, they call it black friday for a morning. and then over on the nasdaq, the opening bell as we have a shortened trading day. >> not short lines out there, as people are trying to get those black friday deals. it's friday, know 28. this is "today in the bay." >> from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> well, good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we're off to a hot start as we give you a live look at the premium outlets in livermore. people all lined up to get a good deal. for some it's as much a part of thanksgiving as the turkey and pie. the shopper's super bowl so to
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speak. and founding the best bargains and deals with be a contact sport as jay gray shows us. >> overnight a mad dash for deals. >> i'm here to shop, get me kids some christmas gifts and why not go out. >> just like turkey and stuffing, this has become a holiday tradition. >> i think for some people, they're adrenaline junkies, they want to get the best deals. >> reporter: analysts say there will be more shoppers spending more money today than over the last few years. >> the national retail federation is predicting a 4.1% jump over last year and that couldn't for november and december. we're anticipating about $16 billion in sales. >> there's a new toy that 50%
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off. it's a good deal. i wanted to buy it for my little son. >> reporter: that's exactly what this day is all about. jay gray, nbc news, mall of america. >> 25-year-old australian contribute player taylor hughes died yesterday. he was struck behind the ear by a pitch that bounced off the turf, struck him just below the helmet and isn't mass of bleeding into his brain. he collapsed on the field in sydney and later died. his death is really shaking the sports foundation. >> ruth bader ginsburg is expected to be at work when the court hears its next round of oral arguments on monday. >> growers will get about $20
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for an average tree this season, that's the growers. prices will likely rise as the holiday nears. gas has got i don't knten cheap. a 6 foot douglas fir should go for about $25. slippery roads in ohio after lake effect snow. >> there were even reports of snow plows getting stuck. >> and a driver and passenger of an suv thankful for thick ice last night. the suv slid off the road and
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landed on a pond. the ice was thick enough to stop the suv from sinking into the water. the two inside were shaken but otherwise okay. >> let's take a peek outside overlooking san francisco this morning. pretty start to our day across the bay. >> nice day. we'll check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. >> hey, good morning to you. hopefully you had a fantastic thanksgiving with your family. you just saw the live shot from san francisco. the fog has returned after about five consecutive days of clear starts in the city, it is back, please travel cautiously up and down the coast. it's not going to last long by about 9:00, winds will pick up. i can tell you we've got a lot of rain on the way. if you are going to be traveling, this is the only thing that could slow you down at this point. at this point tomorrow we'll
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have heavy downpours widespread. because of the low ceiling effects, we're running right on time all the way from coast to coast across this great nation this morning. we'll let you know if that changes throughout the "today" show. we're here for you. a lot of people are trying to get back home after the holidays. that is pertinent information. 59 degrees in san francisco where we are lighting up the tree tonight at ghirardelli square, the have the very, very honor of going out there tonight ant light that tree up. i'd love to see you out there. we'll be taking pictures with santa and that tree. it is impressive, the biggest. i do want to draw your attention to where we're headed. here's the deal. saturday you'll be able to get outdoors for the second half of the day. sunday looks look a washout. monday is looking pretty good in
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the south bay but showers returning to san francisco as of the afternoon. then the big weather maker comes in as we head through tuesday and wednesday, we're going to tally up what we're expecting from all these con sek secutive of rain. i'll send it back to you, scott and laura. >> the markets have been open for a few minutes now, the dow industrials barely higher. they're actually going to quick at 10:00 a.m. our time. it's a half day. >> wow, that is a short day. >> still ahead, a family travels to southern california to deliver something to disney. what they're dreaming of seeing on the big screen. >> plus, it looks like your average back pack but it's not. what the owner of a localbu burr king found inside. >> believe me, you'll wish it was yours. >> a look at san bruno this morning, some cloud cover to
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start our friday morning and rain in the works as well. we'll check in with christina for a look at that forecast. it is 6:36. ç3ç3ç3ç3
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you're watching "today in the bay." >> welcome back. this week a san francisco family delivered a petition with more than 75,000 signatures asking disney to have new characters with disabilities. the little girl dressed up as a disney princess. she was born with down syndrome. >> i want the world to change. i want her to grow up in a society where she knows there's a place for her. >> now disney has responded to the petition. >> lost and found. this morning san jose police are looking for the person who lost $100,000 at a burger king. the money was found in a booth in the a back pack wednesday. when the burger king manager
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opened it, he couldn't believe what he was looking at. >> and i was just shocked. there was hundred dollar bills wrapped up in a rubber band. second i saw that, i just thought, oh, what to do? >> well, he turned it over to police but so far no one has claimed the bag that also contained candy, marijuana and a bank deposit slip. the bank contacted associated with that account and the person said they knew nothing about the cash. the burger king owner said he was told if no one claims that money in six months, it's his. >> i've lost things but never $100,000. >> got to keep that back pack close. >> there's something behind that. >> coming up, a grinch strikes in the south bay. the video one homer would like you to see in hopes of catching a person who stole christmas decorations right off the front
6:42 am
lawn. >> and a live look outside. a good looking san jose this morning. rain in the works. when and where? we'll check in with christina. we're also back with 15 minutes of nonstop news and weather right after this break.
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this family had just put lawn decorations and their security cameras catches a man backing into their driveway, trunk already open, takes the snowman and takes off. he then returns about 20 minutes later to then take santa. >> it's disappointing. and i kind of want to hope that persons brings the stuff back or that we can find him. >> they did file a police report acknowledging this is a low priority itemfor police. they wanted the story out there. it seems they were scoping for
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this type of decoration. usually this takes place between 2 and 4 in the morning but this was in brought daylight. sometimes it's for a prank, for vandalism and sometimes it's for cash. >> that's mean. >> santa's watching. >> let's check your forecast as we give you a live look in san francisco. that is the transamerica pyramid and that is so cool. >> just the top of it you can make out there. christina joins now for a look at our forecast. before i show you the golden gate bridge -- why would i make you wait? i want to draw your attention to
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the bottom of your screen, though. your seven-day forecast always scrolling right there. i can tell you we have a lot of rain on the way and that tells the story. we're talking about five to six potentially consecutive days with rain on the way. thanks for waking up with us. i know, it's a friday. even though it's a black friday, it's still a friday. a lot of people have to go to work today. after all, we're so close to the weekend now, it's not a big deal. 50 degrees on the east shore. temperatures are going to be really mild for today. we talking about the mid 60s coming your way in the south bay, 63 on the peninsula and 59 on the east shore. so i'm always checking out my twitter and my facebook. the questions that people are always asking me this time of year is, hey, is it going to rain at my specific event? one of those events, the tree lighting at ghirardelli square.
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it's my third year in a row, i get to shake hands, take pictures and the good news is santa's going to be there. you can see at that point showers still staying to the north of san francisco, which is good news for the tree lighting ceremony. as we head throughout 5:00 a.m. tomorrow, the heavy stuff comes through. i stopped that clock for you at noon. just some light hit-or-miss activity at that point. we'll get a nice break, 9:00 p.m., all the way through sunday morning. it's what's coming in monday into tuesday that really concerns me. this is what's going to bring your totals way up. so i stopped that clock for you monday at the:9:00 p.m. then we stop it at tuesday and we're expecting heavy rain right here in san jose. we're getting ready to enjoy the
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weekend. i do want to draw this to your attention as we head back to work next week. have no fear, mike and i will be here to guide you through that, though we did give him the day off. he's probably still recovering after a delicious thanksgiving meal. man knows how to cook. back to you, scott and laura. >> he does. thanks a lot, christina. the black friday frenzy is under way. this is video from the store near london where bargain hunters trampled over each other just to get their hands on a limited number of discounted television. we haven't seen anything like that here this morning. good thing. but there's still a lot of shops are out and about. >> you're welcome, england. congratulations on taking on one of our traditions there. bob redell is at the outlets in livermore. bob, how are people behaving themselves this morning? >> reporter: do the english even know what they're getting
6:50 am
themselves into, laura and scott? the national retail federation is predicting a roughly 4% jump in sales. that will be the biggest increase since 2011. these stores, most have been open since 6:00 last night. we've had a steady stream of customers. this is one store that did not open at 6:00 last night. they waited till 5:30 this morning. the lien has grown since. easily a couple hundred people going in there looking for discounts of anywhere from 20% to 30%. this is a store that sells very high end merchandise, looks like handbags, clothing and that sort of thing. other stores offering discounts of 30, 40, 50%.
6:51 am
these women spent about $500 and they said about $500. >> we were talking about that. is it really worth it? yeah, yeah. >> how much did you spend? >> about $200. >> how much did you save? >> it doesn't really matter. we do it for fun. >> reporter: in the cold? >> it's not that cold. >> reporter: point taken. >> it sets us up for the holiday, we get some thenings w want to get for people, gives us a target day. when it's done, it's done. >> reporter: yesterday was thanksgiving. 6:00 in the morning kmart opened, 5:00 last night best buy, 6:00 an hour later, target. best buy shut down at 1:00 this morning and they reopened at 5:00 this morning, again, trying to push those door buster deals. the outlets have been open since 6:00 last night and they'll be
6:52 am
open until 10:00 tonight and they'll have longer hours tomorrow trying to draw in the sales. retailers, some get 20%, 25% of their annual sales between now and christmas. it's a big deal for these retailers to get people in there to spend some of that money. and it is cold out here. i'm from the midwest but it's cold out here, i don't care what you say. >> now you can just go over and buy yourself a scarf. >> yeah, and it's only $200. >> but you save so much. >> you're right, you're right. off you go. bob redell out in livermore this morning. so what are the hot gifts online? google keeping tabs. you saw the ipad there and the xbox from microsoft. american girl, my little pony,
6:53 am
leveloss friends toppi legos toys are among the top searched toys. >> and demonstrators remained relatively peaceful at a mall. they spent a few minutes inside shouting while officers stood watch. >> a chp officer was rushed to the hospital after being hit by a car. the car ran a red light.
6:54 am
>> hooves breathing and conscious. he's at the hospital now. >> chp said the driver who ran the red light was cooperative, did not appear to be under the influence. >> authorities this morning are looking for three men who terrorized a couple at a popular berkeley lookout spot. it happened on grizzly peak road. a man and woman were sitting in a car when they were approached by three armed men. the men demanded money, got nothing. one of the robbers got in the car and forced the couple to drive to an atm. his partner followed in the car behind. the story left some visitors unnerved. >> people come up here to see the view and all that, enjoy their thanksgiving. you know, they get robbed. so, you know, luckily it wasn't us. >> it's the last place i would expect to be robbed, you know? in its beauty, i mean, i
6:55 am
wouldn't come armed. i would come to enjoy myself. >> the men got away with the cash and left the couple unharmed. >> a little later this morning we are expected to learn more about what exactly happened two nights ago with a chaotic side show near the port of oakland. patrol cars managed to corral in dozens of vehicles. chp said more than two dozen cars were involved, and one car even burned to a crisp. this morning at 10:00, chp will hold a briefing and explain what happened.
6:56 am
>> today homeless supporters plan to release a letter opposing the shutdown plan of the jungle, the largest homeless community. >> a 19-3 loss, so bad 49ers ceo yesterday work tweeted an apology to fans. he said, quote, thank you 49ers faithful for coming out strong tonight. this permanent wasn't acceptable. i apologize for that. fans who spent their thanksgiving at levi's stadium agreed. >> he's right. we deserve more. that's the worst. i mean, that is the worst. we have grown a rivalry with them, a competition with them and we are not holding up our part of the bargain. >> the 49ers defense managed to keep the game somewhat close but offense couldn't get anything
6:57 am
going. colin kaepernick through two interceptions, both to sherman. >> it's not acceptable. we didn't play well, we didn't perform well. we have a much higher standard for ourselves. >> we been the best team the last three years. we lost a big playoff game. we've been here before. weep got to do better. >> the team heads across the bay next week to take on the raiders before heading to seattle in a couple of weeks. >> 6:57. let's get one final check of today's top stories. someone's in the stealing spirit this holiday season. a san jose wants to know who backed there car into the driveway and stole holiday decorations saturday afternoon. whoever did it came back ten minutes later and stole another one. >> a six-figure mystery in san jose. someone left a duffel back full
6:58 am
of cash at a burger king in san jose. the manager found $100,000 in cash and some marijuana. he turned it into police and so far no one has claimed it. >> a geyser caused a large sinkhole in malibu last night. all lanes were shut down in both directions for about four hours. >> christina has a look at our forecast. >> it's going to be a really nice day for anybody headed out for shopping, if that's what you like to do. temperatures will be on the cool side for today. you do want to bring that jacket with you but you can probably leave your umbrella at home everywhere, except for up in the north day. don't forget, ghirardelli square
6:59 am
annual tree lighting tonight. the rain will likely hold off for that event. moving into tomorrow, a lot of rain on the way. but we will be here for you. just take a look between tuesday and wednesday our totals come up 5.5 inches and just about 2 inches here in san he say. we need it. so it's a forecast to be thankful for. >> good weekend for a couple movies. >> good idea. >> hang your christmas lights today. >> yes, today, that's right. >> the trailer for the next installment of the series is in theaters today. >> it's going to air in 30 theaters across the country. a teaser trailer for "star wars: the force awaken." and it's in san francisco as well. the trailer is 88 seconds long. you're not seeing that trailer. you'll see it in the theaters. you can see it around the world soon.
7:00 am
it will be on itunes as well apparently. >> there's a lot of star wars faithful out there. we'll be back at 7:25 with a live local news update. >> have a great day. we won't have a midday newscast today. we'll see you on monday. good morning. good morning.


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