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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  January 2, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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right now, a van leads deputies on a chase. the most iconic bridge gets ready to shutdown. why cars will not cross the golden gate bridge. historic day across california. good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. activities in alameda county say what started as a chase ended in a crash. a deputy pulled over a driver in
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hey wood without proper plates. the driver ran away. the passenger hopped in the driver's seat and took off north toward oakland. the van crashed into a center divide. the driver was arrested. it is unclear how many were in the van, but we are told they were all taken to the hospital. the driver who ran away is on the loose. across the bay, oakland police officers stopped an armed man at a b.a.r.t. station. oakland police got a report of a man walking across carrying a gun. he ran downstairs in the b.a.r.t. station. b.a.r.t. service was delayed for 15 minutes while this was going on. the chronicle said the man refused to surrender. police fired bean bags at him.
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police are trying to figure out what happened before four members were shot in a modesto home. three members of a family were killed in what appears to be a murder/suicide. the report that the shooter is among the dead. a fourth victim taken to the hospital in critical condition. east palo alto police officers narrowly got away after being shot at early yesterday morning. investigators say the two officers were reporting to a shots fired call when someone started shooting at them. they managed to get away safely and identified the house where the shots came from. eight people were detained, but it is unclear if any of them were arrested. and nearby palo alto police were looking for a man that ripped a necklace from a woman and pushed her to the ground in
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the ventura neighborhood. police say the man did not say anything to the woman and no word if the suspect was armed. the woman suffered a scrape to the neck. the golden gate bridge is going through a change next week and require the closure of the iconic landmark. >> we have the latest on how drivers can prepare. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. anyone who has driven on the golden gate bridge knows that it would be scary knowing that the little plastic tubes or cones separate you from the cars going in the opposite direction. since 1971 36 of the fatalities of the span have been head-on collisions. say good-bye to the cones on the golden gate bridge. they act as a median. next weekend are the new moveable medians that are adjustable like cones giving
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more lanes to the direction when there is more traffic in commute hours. it will require the closure of the bridge for 52 hours starting january 10th and reopen on january 12th. the district says the department is working to reduce head on collisions. the drivers say it makes it worth it. >> i would like it to see them close the bridge. >> reporter: here are alternatives. golden gate transit buses allowed to cross the bridge. ferry hours will be excluded. if you must drive the richmond and bay bridges are still available. katharine whipple may have to change her plans. >> i may have to do something in the city. i guess with the ferry.
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>> reporter: the next weekend was chosen because typically has low traffic. the barrier project will cost more than $30 million. live in san francisco, nanette miranda nbc bay area. thank you. starting today, undocumented immigrants started applying for driver's license. people started lining up at 5:00. bob, it is only one of four dmv offices in california that takes walk ins. >> reporter: good morning, sam. you can see it is jam packed. it has been jammed since 8:00. there are so many undocumented immigrants expected to apply for the driver's license. the dmv built this new processing center to help them handle it all. >> this is your permit. you need that in the car. >> reporter: what a sigh of relief for gilberto flores.
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he can now drive his truck legally for the first time in years without fear of being caught by police. he along with hundreds of other undocumented immigrants were the first to take advantage of the new law that let's people like flores apply for a california driver's license. the first time they have been allowed since the 1990s when the state began requiring proof of legal presence. all that is required is a valid identification, a passing grade on a 36-question exam and success in an eventual road test. >> how did you do? >> good. it was exciting. exciting. >> what does this mean? >> take my daughter to school. more safety. i don't feel scared now to be pulled over by police. >> reporter: kevin was annoyed, not just at the long wait for he
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and his son but over the fact that undocumented immigrants are now legally allowed to drive california roads. >> how did they get here? and the path to citizenship. do it like everyone else. >> should they get a driver's license? >> no. >> to go to work and take my daughter to school. a country with this economy i think it is nice. >> reporter: driver's license should be noted are restricted. you can see federal limits apply. in other words, these licenses cannot be used for air travel or voter registration. it basically tells law enforcement and chp that the person with the license is legally allowed to be behind the wheel of a vehicle. reporting live bob riddell, nbc bay area. >> there is a distinction. thank you. still to come, relief at the pump did not last long. the new law will have you paying
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more to fill up. the new season of "the celebrity apprentice" returns to nbc this week. we will have a preview. if you did not get anytime off, the good news is the weekend has finally arrived. as we wake up tomorrow morning, patchy frost and warmer. a big jump by sunday. we have rain in the forecast as well. we will sort it out where you live in just moments.
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the follow-up now. playstation gamers are getting a thank you from sony after a three-day lockout from the gaming network. on christmas day, hackers stopped playstation owners from connecting to it. now gamers will get five free membership days. the company is giving away a 10%
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discount to all playstation merchandise. sony has yet to announce when the thank you gifts will be available. gm closed the year with a final recall with an issue that plagued the company all year long. it effects 84,000 suvs and trucks. the company says it is not received any reports of crashes or injuries. gm recalled a record 30 million cars worldwide last year. yahoo! may have an interest in owning a cable channel. talks about the foot network which owns hgtv. the food network's audience women 35 or older fit the yahoo! demographic. the first day on the job and addressing san jose homeless is the issue for sam liccardo.
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he helped to serve dinner as well. he wants to launch a pilot program to use city funds to convert under used hotel rooms to house homeless people. he wants to ride along for the police officer as well. >> i'll continue to reach out and try to get negotiations moving here in the new year. in the meantime. it is a good idea to listen. >> mayor liccardo will make a statement next week when he is sworn in. you may have noticed gas prices in the bay area going back up. california's cap and trade law went into effect yesterday. a market-based regulation narrowly passed by the house of representatives in 2009 to reduce greenhouse gasses. gasoline will be forced to supply lower carbon fuels or buy pollution before the greenhouse gas is created when the fuel is burned. in california people will pay for the extra tax at the pumps.
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>> it is not great to pay for the extra tax but the government has to make money somewhere. >> it is good for the environment. maybe it is a good thing for emission control. >> experts are predicting prices to go up by 10 cents a gallon. we have the guilty pleasure shows. now another collection of the famous and infamous coming together for the round of "celebrity apprentice." >> once again donald trump will utter the phrase you're fired. >> celebrities are used to attention. >> i always look for somebody that is smart and highly competitive. >> nobody wants to be the first person fired. >> reporter: once again, the business mogul with teams of eight men and eight women.
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>> how much? >> reporter: they are all engaged in business challenges. >> $23,000. >> reporter: to raise money for charity. >> i like to approach this the same as i approach life. it is smart. it is competitive. you have a lot of good people. you have a lot of horrible people out there. you have to be careful. >> reporter: which is trump speak for everybody is not getting along. >> he is used to getting things his way. for last 30 plus years. he is not used to hearing no. >> celebrities have brands. a brand is an important thing to them. they have to protect the brand. that is why they work so hard and so long. >> reporter: but each week, the losing team will see trump fire one member. >> geraldo told me to supervise the balloons. >> reporter: until there is one left standing. >> the season will be fantastic. >> reporter: and somebody's balloon will burst.
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starting sunday. mark barger, nbc news los angeles. >> and ian zeiring. which 90210? >> jennie garth. they are trying to get to san francisco right now, what a treat in store for everybody. a cold snap you're fired. that's all we can say about that. we're done. we can tell you no flight delays out of any major airport. a lot of people trying to get back to where they came from after the holidays. sad to see them go. definitely getting back into reality here as we head through next week. the good news is cold snap is done. the warming trend into the beginning of next week and return of the 70s. let's talk about somebody that typically happens with the stagnant air mass.
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the air alert in place. at the coast, you are getting more wind which is helping to mix things up and keeping the sky mostly clear. emeryville, hard to see the distance because of the haze so thick. we don't have the wind we need until tonight. that is fantastic news for you who suffer from asthma. it has been dry. that will change throughout the weekend and onshore flow returns. if you are looking for the best air quality, this morning and throughout the day, you find that at the coast. temperatures have rebounded nicely. we have areas in the 30s in the north bay. still fair game for patchy frost. temperatures tumble to the 20s as we head throughout next week. lows will be in the 50s. a lot bearable as you wake up. back to work and back to business as usual. a lot of foot traffic out there on the golden gate bridge. a lot of people came to town for the wonderful new year's eve
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celebrations. glad to know everybody will make their way home safely. no flight delays. that is good news. temperatures rebound this weekend. if you are trying to get outdoors, sunday will be the day. here is the deal. as we head through today, 55 degrees. between today and tomorrow we climb by 50 degrees. we will have that going through sunday. if you are trying to get outdoors, 56 degrees on saturday. a lot more comfortable for you who want to head to union square. a big return weekend. we know how that goes. monday into tuesday, take a look at this. the 70s. temperatures above average. 5 to 10 degrees above average. we are talking about 70 degrees in downtown san jose. you notice on the seven-day forecast, changes coming your way as we head through the end of the week. that will come in the form of cooler weather and rain. this is really going to help out air quality situation. let's talk about the best chance
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for rain as we head through next week. i stopped that clock wednesday at 2:00. the storm traffic is organizing that the point. we will not keep the atmospheric at tap. 4:00 p.m. on thursday and the first part of friday then that system exits. heading over to tahoe. maybe dropping 6 inches of snow if everything holds up. a cold system. coming up i'll talk about why our air quality will improve dramatically and why it gets stagnant. coming up in the next report. for now, guys, i have to go put the graphics together. back to you. thank you, we look forward. >> just into the newsroom, president obama announced sanctions against north korea. in response to the cyber attack. it targets the intelligence organization and arms dealer and ten individuals in the north korean government.
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last month, the president promised to respond anppropriate appropriately appropriately if "the interview" was shown. still to come, struggling numbers of how many people around you are sick right now. the best efforts to fight off the cold and flu may be found in a pharmacy.
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well if it seems as if everyone around you is sick these days that may be the case. according to the centers for disease control and prevention, about half of the country has the flu. cdc says the flu is widespread in 36 states, including california. as a result, hospitals in some areas are restricting visitors. here is the question. what is the best remedy if you or someone you know has the flu? it may not be medicine. the best advice is sleep and rest. doctors say sleep allows your body to fight the infection better than any medicine.
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acetaminophen, like tylenol can help reduce fever. they are careful to warn you to follow the recommended usage. johns hopkins researchers are stating why people are more susceptible to cancer than others. just dumb luck. stem cells over a lifetime and two-thirds of the time dividing picked up mutations that could not be prevented. the remaining one-third were affected by the choices we made. spending too much time in the sun or alcohol are reasons. two types of cancer, breast and prostate, were not included in the study. a new year means new goals, but many will not be able to keep them. here is the reason why. the recent poll shows 4 of 10 of
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us will make resolutions, but 4 in 10 did not keep the promises. weight loss is the top goal. for good reason. >> good news in america, we are living longer. the bad news we're living longer sicker. >> researchers say more than one-third of our resolutions are about being healthier. take small steps and write it down. when all else fails, there are several apps to help you track progress. >> in case you lose the paper you wrote it down on. >> or in case you need to find out your forecast there is an app for that too. >> that's right. we depend on meteorologist sophia loren. still to come, a big loss in the political world. how the nation is remembering three-term new york governor mario cuomo.
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have you heard of the new dialing procedure for for the 415 and 628 area codes? no what is it? starting february 21, 2015 if you have a 415 or 628 number you'll need to dial... 1 plus the area code plus the phone number for all calls. okay, but what if i have a 415 number,
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and i'm calling a 415 number? you'll still need to dial... 1 plus the area code plus the phone number. so when in doubt, dial it out! welcome back. former governor of new york mario cuomo is being remembered as a political giant and dedicated public servant. >> he died yesterday at the age of 82 surrounded by his family. harry smith has more. >> reporter: mario cuomo passed away on the day his son was sworn in as second term governor. >> inspiration and legacy and experience is what has brought this state to this point. >> reporter: mario cuomo was the son of the american dream. born in queens, new york to
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italian parents who came through ellis island with little more than clothes on their back. cuomo was active in new york in 1975. two years later, he lost his bid for the democratic nomination for mayor of new york. cuomo was elected lieutenant governor in 1978. with the help of his son, andrew, as campaign manager, became governor in 1982. >> we won because people and the passion of belief are still more important than money. >> reporter: cuomo was a liberal lion who electrified the crowd when he delivered the keynote speech at the democratic national convention in 1984. his words aimed at president ronald reagan. >> there is despair, mr. president, in the faces that you don't see, in the places that you don't visit, in your shining
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city. >> reporter: the speech won him an instant following. many a democrat yearned for a cuomo presidential run. his reluctance to run earned him a moniker hamlet on the hudson. two years later cuomo lost to george pataki. >> i made mistakes as governor, but i'm proud of what we accomplished together. >> reporter: after public office, cuomo joined a law firm and remained a visible force in politics, including the support for his son, andrew, who followed in his father's footsteps to become governor. cuomo leaves behind his wife of more than 50 years matilda, and children, chris, maria and margaret and andrew. >> that was harry smith reporting. former mayor willie brown said
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cuomo inspired him in his career. we will move to a developing story. a team of french investigators will be going underwater today in the hopes of tracking down the black boxes from airasia flight 8501. the team will use hydrophones for beacons from two flight recorders. search crews have recovered 30 bodies and some of the wreckage from the crash site. they are looking for the main portion of that. there were 162 people on board when the plane crashed last weekend. authorities in italy board the charred remains of the ferry. after searching for more victims fire crews will board the boat and try to figure out what started the fire that resulted in the death of at least 11 people. 477 other people were rescued mostly by helicopter that plucked survivors off the top deck one or two at a time in gale force winds.
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tough news for u2. bono may never play the guitar again after the bike accident in november. the message on the web site wrote recovering has been more difficult than i thought. as i write this it is not clear if i can play guitar again. details of the crash, he broke his hand shoulder, elbow and even bones in his face. doctors put in three metal plates and 18 screws. an illinois man has reminder of a traumatic event of five decades ago. doctors removed a 7 inch turn signal from art lampitt's arm. he said he was driving his new t-bird in 1961 when he got into a crash. he broke his ribs and hip. the doctors did not notice the metal in his arm.
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neither did art until years ago. he went through a metal detector and he setoff the alarm. doctors removed the piece yesterday. >> i was amazed at how corroded it is. >> art is trying to figure out what to do with the turn signal. he says he is considering making it into a key chain. >> interesting. 40 years without going through a metal detecter. 11:32. the new year represents a new start, but one san francisco artist is content with things ending up where they started. we show you how he is using old art to bring new things to life. >> reporter: it feels as though we spend much of our lives traveling in circles. spinning our wheels to end up back at the point where we started. but for artist peter hudson that is the goal. >> world goes around in circles.
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>> reporter: in a treasure island warehouse, hudson puts a spin on ancient art. >> i make large scale trobes. it is one of the early forms of entertainment. you spin the wheel and look through the slits and it would and animate it. always been into animation and magic. i made these swimmers in 2000 that were going through the ground. the creative process is figuring out how to do stuff. from a very early age, i was given permission to be myself. >> if you walk in here without knowing him and you are a volunteer, you are like whoa, dude. that guy had way too much
11:34 am
coffee. >> i paint all an my tools purple so i know if the tool is mine. >> reporter: at any distance hudson's art jumps out. the pieces are an old version of the flip books. >> it is a blending of film making. >> reporter: instead of flipping a page, figures come to life with strobe lights. >> with the little time you have you know, the loop, you could tell an amazing story. >> reporter: wheel the mythological skeletons paddle down the river styx. the tree of monkeys swing from branch to branch eating apples delivered aboutby a serpent. >> it was exactly what i saw. >> it just blows people's minds. sometimes people just stare. >> reporter: hudson's pieces
11:35 am
appear at the burning man art festival. >> it is stressful. sometimes i wish i had a little -- no a bad idea. >> reporter: hudson calls his latest piece eternal return. as a massive base spins golden figures run and leap and dive before swinging back up to do it all again. >> that idea really fascinates me. >> reporter: unlike his pieces hudson is always moving forward. >> torture. i keep coming back and doing it again. >> reporter: because the wheel in his own mind never reaches the end. >> you know, i am a slave to the visions. >> reporter: joel risatto, jr. nbc bay area. as people begin the resolutions, the one type of exercise that is best for your body. how a simple act of kindness
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affects a bay area school. and happy friday to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. we head into the upcoming weekend and better air quality and warmer temperatures. i have the details on rain next week as well when nbc bay area news at 11:00 comes back.
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an oregon couple set to have a beach wedding in july changed their minds when the oregon ducks made the college semifinals. >> the couple got married yesterday at a tailgate party in pasadena. the football fans were married by the groom's step dad and the rest of the fans watched via skype. what a day for the couple since oregon did go on to trounce florida state in the game. the ducks next match up is against ohio state buckeyes in the national championship to be held on january 12th. >> you must be a fan, too. new year's resolution time. everyone every year make resolutions to get in shape.
11:40 am
fitness app and 24-hour gyms make it easy to start. >> here is one reason why ancient techniques are best for you. >> reporter: you may not think yoga is the way to jump start your day to shred pounds, but yoga is a great way to get in shape. >> it is a new year's resolution. it is part of trying to find a better way of balancing. >> reporter: calming and relaxing, but not all mental. the study in the european journal of cardiology compared to people who did not workout, people who practice yoga has significant improvement in heart rate and bmi. as for weight loss yoga worked like cycling or brisk walking. >> something you can feel when you are doing the practice. it is nice to get the science. >> reporter: instructors at be
11:41 am
the change yoga and wellness have noticed great strides in strength and weight loss. >> a lot of physicality and challenging physical exercise involved in yoga. especially these days. >> reporter: yoga made the list of top ten fitness trends in fitness shape magazine. trainers in loscados says get moving. >> in california, what we don't have the extreme weather we can get out and walk or hike or walk the dogs. >> reporter: and whether it is yoga or another exercise doing something is a great way to start off the year. ian cole nbc bay area. >> stretch it out. 11:41. how a simple act of kindness benefitted an entire school. the act of kindness? nice to a girl eating her lunch by herself.
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>> we show you the wonderful things that happen next in this morning's "bay area proud." >> reporter: the story of how rama transformed the high school begins at a different school. rama was a school at one of the south bay's prestigious private schools. very smart but incredibly shy. rama's parents decided she needed a change and transferred her to summit. it worked out in ways they could not imagine. a change of scenery doesn't always translate into a change for the better. >> there are three types of nuclear reactors. we will talk about those three right now. >> reporter: it did not three years ago when rama transferred as a high school freshman to the summit charter school. always incredibly smart, rama was also painfully shy. now finding herself somewhere she didn't know a soul.
11:43 am
>> i never talk to people. not that much. >> reporter: in fact this story really begins with rama not talking to anyone. just sitting on a bench at school alone, of course. >> then there were a couple of kids who came up to me. they said what is your name and where did you come from. i started hanging out with them. >> reporter: it turns out what happened on the bench was the crack in rama's shell she needed to begin breaking out of it. >> because of them i'm who i am today. >> reporter: and who she is is pretty special. rama wanted to pay it forward some of her new friends kindness. already far ahead in her studies, rama saw an opportunity with a handful of fellow students struggling to pass the california high school exit exam. >> i went to my english teacher and asked her can i coach the students so they can test. within three months i coached
11:44 am
them. they all passed. this was the start of the peer tutoring club. >> reporter: the rest they say is history or in rama's case, math science and english as well. every day during lunch and all day on friday, rama leads a team of peer tutors. in this her junior year rama has, by herself tutored more than 120 fellow students. >> you personally have tutored about half the school? >> yeah. >> reporter: her teachers are understandably grateful. >> yes. she is an incredible model of compassion. >> reporter: not just compassion, but dedication as well. and proof that a little bit of kindness can go a long long way. >> okay. pass. good job. >> now a senior, rama says the club is still going strong. there are some days when there
11:45 am
is a line out the door waiting for time with the tutor. garvin thomas nbc bay area. >> if you know someone doing something nice for others garvin and the rest of us would love to hear from you. go to our web site at and search bay area proud. it is right now a very brisk late morning or early afternoon. christina has time in spades. christina, tell us about the weather. >> it will be warmer. 70s soon to return. that is good news for you wanting to get outdoors. if you are like me you have been bundled up inside for the past couple days. temperatures will ease as of tonight. right now, you can see where we are. warmest city on the map. 54 degrees in half moon bay. that is the warm spot this morning. the climates will show up later on. mid-50s everywhere. half moon bay you hit your high for today.
11:46 am
always keeping me on my toes. clearing the air. the big story for today. if you don't have to if it is not your only source of heat don't burn that firewood. car pool. you will do the bay area a big favor. we have the unhealthy levels of pollution. there is science behind it. you wonder why does this happen a few times each winter. here is the deal. high pressure builds in. right now, it is strong over the north bay where we are getting the highest levels of pollution. high pressure comes in and you see the thick layer of haze and pollution capping the bay area and no wind to mix it out of here. that will change as we head throughout the next couple of days. the big ridge of high pressure will finally weaken and head east. as it does it will allow for the cool ocean breeze to return. this will give us an atmospheric mixing with better air quality and the low clouds will blanket the area starting tomorrow
11:47 am
morning. as a result, your overnight lows will be much more comfortable. last night 55 degrees in the south bay. 52, hazy sky on the east shore. 53 degrees in san francisco. i want to pull out this camera. you can see here take a look at old glory. getting pick up. you see that there off the screen. that is a good sign that the air quality will improve dramatically starting tomorrow. we will let you know if that is the case. sometimes the bay area air quality management district makes changes overnight. 60 degrees on saturday. by sunday, 63 degrees. finally, you can get outdoors and walk the dog or go for a hike if you want to. we will see really lovely days for beginning of next week. this is what we need. that rain. it will arrive as we head throughout thursday. best chance looks like the north bay. the models are so wishy washy on this system. we will get rain in the north
11:48 am
bay on wednesday and maybe thursday, the entire bay area getting wet. by friday the whole thing clears out of here. another storm system here for the following week. back to you guys. sounds good. >> plenty of opportunities. >> to stay updated with the weather download our nbc bay area app for smartphones. you can get personal forecasts and check on temperatures in your neighborhood. it is free for apple and android users. love that thing. still to come. >> it is known as san francisco's version of the "titanic." the story driving from the wreckage of the rio outside the golden gate.
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some new images are offering a glimpse into the famous shipwreck. the "sss rio de janeiro." >> we have more on the news of the rio and what we are learning about the bay area woman tied to the shipwreck. >> reporter: the famous waters of the golden gate straits. admired by visitors and traversed by ships through the bay area's long history. these ebbing tides hold dark secrets. just outside the gate is the final resting place of several ships, including what became known to be known as san francisco's "titanic." >> really the ocean. >> reporter: 90-year-old dorothy never knew her grandfather. her grandmother didn't talk
11:52 am
about him much. >> my grandmother didn't want to rock the boat. >> reporter: the details of his life trickled down. >> people coming back. >> reporter: she learned he was aboard the 350-foot steamer "rio de janeiro" when it attempted to enter the bay area in 1901 on a foggy morning. >> he kept the lights going on the ship. whatever it hit. >> reporter: under the helm of captain ward, the ship crashed into the rocks at the southern anchor of the golden gate bridge. >> i heard the story that my grandfather kept the log. that is where the ship went down within a matter of minutes. >> reporter: 128 people died. mostly chinese and japanese immigrants. >> the captain stayed on. he died with the ship and so did my grandfather. i don't feel happy when i see waves rolling in. you know i can't >> reporter: the
11:53 am
ship's remains lived in murky silence until an expedition by noaa near baker beach. >> it is great they found a ship that is historical. over 113 years. >> reporter: now noaa released 3d images. >> it is the san francisco "titanic." granted there were not that many people compared to the "titanic" but the tragedy for the amount of people that died. >> reporter: along with the ship, the story of the last moments of thomas brady are emerging from the water. >> this man was keeping the ship afloat for a lot of immigrants for that time. he was to me a hero. >> reporter: brady's body was never recovered. so his tale and heroics remain a footnote in the depth of the
11:54 am
nautical highway. reporting for the nbc bay area news. >> we'll be right back with more news after this break. the untold stories of the people places and things that shaped the bay area. >> it is like a jolt. not just your body but soul. >> bay area revelations, premiering sunday, january 21st.
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talk about timing. at the stroke of midnight on new year's day, the first bay area baby was born in san francisco. >> born at california pacific medical center. the baby's mom said she was not due for another week.
11:57 am
she was surprised when she started to have contractions yesterday. sure enough, mom, dad and the hospital staff were smiling cheek to cheek when baby fiona came out at exactly midnight and not a second too soon. >> everybody was so excited and happy. the number one baby not only in the bay area but possibly all of california and west coast. everybody was so excited. >> fiona weighs just under eight pounds and joins her older brother to complete the happy family. >> look at that family. nice. >> you know what? they got their new year's blessing. >> thanks for joining us. the next newscast is at 5:00. >> you can get all of the information you need on we hope you have a great friday and great weekend. >> see you monday morning.
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today on "access hollywood live", today on "access hollywood live", donald trump running for president? this time he means it. >> i don't know. >> he means it. he's running for president. we skip the election and go right to the lincoln bedroom. >> details on kate hudson new romance with derek hough. >> dean cain not a man who kisses and tells but he talked to you about the tonight that he and brook shields consummated the relationship. "access hollywood live", starts right now >> the winner of the voice is -- craig wayne boyd


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