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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  January 24, 2015 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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gannon. good night from greensboro. see you tomorrow. next -- dealing with a neighborhood nuisance. wild pigs destroying lawns. the step a city is taking. >> google looking to the sky. why the tech giant wants to use balloons to connect people to the internet.
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i haven't had more than two complaints all year. >> right now at 11 nature getting too close to neighborhood. wild pigs destroying lawns and homes. the solution one city is debating. good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> i'm peggy bunker. wild boars, ripping up lawns and destroying them. big problem in the south bay neighborhood. maryann favro is live. the council kiddingconsidering trapping and killing the wild animals. >> part of a law they're kidding. wild boars have been tearing up lawns at golf courses and houses in search for grubs. it got so bad. the siy en ycity enact aid law. complaints started to dwindle. question its should city council make it a permanent law.
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>> reporter: furry, fisty and feasting. a buffet. they have grubs there. they have walter. >> last year she told us about her rube neighborhood. the wild boards that destroyed her lawn and kept her up. >> more than a dozen wild pigs live in the wooded area across the street from ourl kiher condo. >> once cornered they're dangerous. we are concerned about them. especially with a lot of people actually loaf their garage doors open. >> the wild pigs were such a big problem, san jose passed a law allowing homeowners to hire a trapper to catch and kill the animals. the new law didn't make a difference. in 2014 the pig population appeared to shrink. 14 pigs were caught and killed in south san jose.
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>> there are some people catching wild boars from the hills. we have? seen a lot less sightings. >> tuesday city council its set to deinside it to make the law perm nenlt. off awe we feel it its working. it hasn't caused any harm to residences. we haven't heard any complaints. weave feel it its starting to work. >> reporter: he sees it as an effective way to protect people and their lawns. just to beam clear, the temporary law does not allow you to shoot a boar in your backyard. you have to hire a licensed and trained professional. who will trap the animal and kill it with firearm. if this law is not approved for a perm nenlt law. it will expire february 2nd. reporting live. marianne favro. nbc bay area news. >> san jose teenager under
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arrest tonight for murder. after a deadly shooting on new year's day. police took 18-year-old into kugs deon sfo, after he got off a flight from vietnam. he is charged with murder. he and another suspect shot two men at rain bar in south san hope say. the victim died. and one survived. >> another person in the bay area died from the flu. napa county reporting its first flu related death of the season. five cases in the bay area. one flu in san francisco. one in sonoma a, county. two in san mateo county. all five area deaths were adults under 65. doctors are urging people to get their flu shots. wash their hand. and aboyd, touching your nose eyes, mouth. >> anti-abortion protest shuts
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down a part of san francisco. tens of thousands making their voices heard. christie smith live with the story. >> reporter: the large crowd here in san francisco. those oppose to abortion came into the city literally by the busload. there was gridlock as they marched through the streets. >> reporter: to day, a rally at civic center. a large crowd turned out at san francisco to call for an end to abortion. >> we are in a community where we are promote life and fight against abortion or any attack to human life. >> he came with five buses full of people from the south bay. >> this its why we are here. we know walk for life is one of the ach events. and then. down market street.
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the 11th annual march for life west coast coincides with life in washington. >> every life is a gift. >> to mark anniversary of r hospital. ev wade. house republicans passed legislation on abortion. and the white house warned president obama would veto it. awe all abortion rights supporters cam out too. >> women can't control their own lives and reproduction. it has to be fought against. you are here to. >> traffic was backed up. along the march route at one point it got loud and heated. police were on hand. and overall it was easy and peaceful. >> organizers say people came from texas and utah. they also say they have noticed more young people joining.
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live christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> more like spring than winter today. this its our january. what it looks like around here. san jose temperatures hit the 70s. meteorologist, christina loren joining us. maybe break record? >> yeah shatter record across the bay area. terry, peggy. make the beach plans itch youf you can. some of our beach resorts. get a really good deal. looking lood. for tomorrow. temperatures comfort bum. mid 70s. 60 degrees here in san jose. tomorrow, 74 degrees. old record 71 degrees. warm conditions. all across the board. 72. for example on the peninsula, 74 in the trivalley. really comfortable.
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warm. near 70 degrees. as the soon as the high pressure ridge. we have a chance for showers coming in. less than 272 hours from sin information. we have a lot in the microclimate forecast. back to you. >> more cane force winds. flipped through a billboard. several cars. one family is homeless after this tree trashed into their house. 15,000 people had no power, lines are noun. no high wind are expected to continue overnight. >> num ther. >> a new theory in deflate-gate. the team under fire for using underinflated footballs in the game against the colts. players, find underinflated in
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footballs to -- today he offered science. blaming it -- blaming it on the weather. they kim plated the conditions of last week's game. temperatures hovered around the 40s. >> we founs once the balls. footballs, were on the field. that they were ajusted to the conditions. they they were down approximatably 1 1/2 pounds per square inch. >> nbc news spoke with one physics producer who says the idea that a drop in interest can result in a drop in pressure is plausible. >> controversy brewing over an expensive victory. sean lynch. show talks fans. it is a no go at the super bowl. the nfl warned him the gesture
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will result in a 15 yard penalty for the film. already fined twice for doing that. watch super bowl right here next sunday on nbc bay area. 10:00 in the morning with a game show. game time for the super bowl its. >> coming up. google going up. the tick giant wants more people to connect to the internet. how they plan to use balloons to do it. and isis what they want now for releaseing a japanese hostage.
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isis killed another hostage. this time he is japanese. the militant group is making a new demand for surviving japanese hostage. nbc's richard engel reports on what isis wants in exchange. >> reporter: isis seems to be changing the style of its hostage videos. this time the group posted a picture of japanese freelance journalist holding what appears to be a photograph of his hostage beheaded. in an audio message accompanying, he says he will be next. isis isn't asking for money anymore. it is dropping a $200 million ransom that japan wasn't paying. instead, isis wants her. she is a failed suicide bomber held in jordan for years. demanding her release makes it clear that isis although may seem new goes right back to the american war in iraq. in 2005 her husband stormed into a wedding party in a tow
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hotel in amman, jordan. blew up a bomb and killed 40 people. the assassin was sent by al czar zarqawi zarqawi. isis leadership hasn't forgotten her. because they're disciples of al zarqawi, who was eventually killed. for isis the iraq war never ended. they simply moved to the chaos of syria. and are still fighting and still making demand. isis has been open to prisoner exchanges in the past. it did one with turkey to release hostages. it's unclear if a swap will happen in this case. >> new sid video. passengers evacuating two planes the target of bomb threats made on twitter. the planes were escorted by f-16
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jets until they landed safely. one a delta from portland. the they never found any bombs. >> we will go back and track down the twitter feed. who made the initial threat touch wrote dwirt. >> the person who made the threats, tweeted come get me. i've got guns. come at me. the twitter adegrees address in chicago. the person behind the threat did not live there the goggle next big idea could involve balloons. to handle growing internet demand it will open up radio frequencies. they want to use balloons and possibly drones to connect people to the internet. google benefits when more people go on line. or text on a smart phone.
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look at this. meteorologist. honored at lupus foup addition. the 75th anniversary gala. the santa fe hilton i was there to help them. the lupus research. a debilitating auto immune disease. a purple rhythm award. commitment. difls ease. many years of service to the lupus found dax. don't know how he does it all. very important to him. >> yeah a star. >> yes, he is. >> in every way. meteorologist christina. watching the forecast for you. >> more like a shooting star, compared to rob yeaata. >> awesome you were out there, as well wondering where you are. like looking at a jewelry box. so clear out there.
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clear as the a bell. all across the board. temperatures are chilly out there. temperatures are chilly. the sun drops off. and you have to grab your vote coat. headed out and about now. sure you have big plans. and you already have the colt ready to go. that was going to be the case. storm track. an ka. high pressure. quirmly in control. as the wind moving. we're not getting much. negate the marine in through ens. until we hatch marine layer, no dog. typically. seeing the offshore flow. napa. san mateo as well. tomorrow. the peak of the warming trend. 78 degrees in morgan hill. 76. half moon bay. awe r and cloverdale north bay.
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78 degrees. sorm some of the warmer cities with the patd earn will be at the beaches. 72 degrees in pacifica. what's really fun abut this weather. tippicly we don't get the beach conditions coinciding with your weekend. tomorrow, things are going to change rapidly. monday into tuesday. cool you off. temperatures drop off. we bring you shower active tef as well. as of now, ow futurecast model is bringing in rainfall. down into santa cruz mountains. tet getting light and what you are really going to notice as the we head throughout the beginning. more huchl. sticky. not great for the hair. good for the face. we like the moisture in the bay area. that's the benefit. it will feel sticky. keep the pattern going all the
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way into the middle of next week. 8 to 12 foot waves. terry, know you love that. hope you can get out and ensoy it. >> we all worry abut the hair. >> i got a smell. spray. i will feel that. >> thank you. >> scott, from comcast sports net. not worried about her hair. lack at her caption. >> ale, that must be harp. let's talk about fb. the warriors. best team took a break. some such the best college balls here. cal tries knock off arizona. con frenz, win 5. the highlights coming up next. in sports.
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after watching clay thompson and warriors put on a show friday the cals favorite men took center stage. trying to knock off arizona goodall and went to berkeley to watch the wildcats. and. burke from downdown. too if the after the break. then it was stanley johnson's turn. with the steal.
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and send the bears to theirist asame on the farm. taking on more from the state. jason randle. starts things off. a minute later. randle was at it again. this time. randle, a little more authority. second half. cardinals, cruising by this point. hum freeze. brown. cardinals. improve to 5-2. and #brent burns. 29-year-old. well represented at this year's festivitiesen columbus. making sure he its, burns, skills cop pa six. at 108 nile an hour challenge
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winner. make up for the shootout. win the competition. see burns and company state in the all on nbc sports network. should be fun. >> peyton. thank you. >> coming up after the break. valentine's day around the corner. some people looking forward to it. some aren't. >> i'll let you know later. >> lovers getting back at their
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don't wait for awesome... totino's pizza rolls... ...gets you there in just 60 seconds. go bold with flavors that kick.
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(humming) oh yeah. (humming) they're magically delicious. ha! very funny, kyle. >> talking valentine's day. strange idea to celebrate valentine's day from san francisco zoo. this is where folks can adopt a
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hissing cockroach, giant scorpion. name it after your ex. if you've feel look it. >> husband. wife. boyfriend. girlfriend. >> not free. >> for those that want to rememberen other, lemur, tiger, snow leopard the if your relationship is going good. and hissing cockroach and tarantula, he or she well get the idea. >> excuse to play the video. >> i would look to name the leopard. juan. my husband's name is juan. >> you've never met one. >> great job. >> the time was close to midnight at this point. might be thinking abut your plans for tomorrow. this might help you out. cooler weather. we bring in the rain to reap the
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hillside clean. looking look ireland. >> top of the morning to you. >> old country. >> thank you for joining us. "saturday night live" coming up next."
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[ cheers and applause ] welcome to inside the nfl. i'm greg gumbel the human


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