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tv   Today  NBC  February 1, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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good morning. super sunday snowstorm with millions hitting the road for superbowl parties. a dangerous winter storm is blasting the midwest and heading east. a foot of snow expected in cleveland and detroit. even more in hard-hit boston. new york also in the path. all potential for a super storm. president obama condemns isis again after the brutal murder of a japanese journalist. the fate of another hostage is unknown this morning. accidents or intentional. whitney houston's daughter in a medically induced coma this morning after found unresponsive
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in a bathtub, three years after her mother's death. what the police are saying about this sad twist. and countdown to kickoff. the biggest game of the year is hours away. the patriots hoping to put deflategate behind them as the seahawks try for a second straight championship. katy perry bound to pull out all the stops for her halftime show. we're getting you ready for it life from the field today, february 1st 2015. >> from nbc news this is a special edition of "today" at the superbowl, with lester holt and erika hill live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza, and al roker live from arizona. >> welcome to "today." i'm erika hill. >> i'm lester holt. al roker is inside the university of phoenix stadium in glendale arizona, gearing up
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for superbowl xlix. you have the best view in the house. >> lester will meet you there. >> you know it's a foggy morning this morning. they opened up the roof and fog started to pour in. they are now closing the roof again. we're told it will be open for the game weather permitting which it should be guys. >> by the way, we like the jumbotron behind you with the "today" logo. let's keep it up see if anybody notices. >> i'm sure they're going to do that. >> you got some pull roker. put in a call. >> if i could do that you think i'd need this job? >> it's true. after you make that happen, give us the lottery numbers and we'll figure it all out. we'll check in with you again. we'll have more on the game. not just the game in arizona but also the game in studio. it's a pregame behind us of the
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pup by puppy bowl. >> you'll hear growling. >> not the stuff from us you normally get. it's the puppies this time. we want to go to the snowstorm sweeping from the midwest this morning into the northeast overnight. chicago, facing what could be one of the city's largest storms in history. new york and boston potentially under the gun again as well. 1300 flights have been cancelled today. dylan is ready for another jam packed week. >> so distracted by the puppies. i know i'm supposed to concentrate. we are talking about another storm, sunday into monday storm. it's already hit areas like chicago, where it's been snowing for hours. right now, you can still see, we have reduced visibility. it's let up in intensity for a little while. then it will pick up again. we are also looking at the snow falling back through omaha, nebraska.
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it came down heavy at times and continued to pile up making a mess of everything on a sunday. we look at the storm moving through the midwest. here's the area of low pressure. this is going to continue to track to the east. where exactly it tracks determines where we'll see that rain-snow line. we are looking for it to move through chicago all day today. eventually through pittsburgh new york city is right on the line. if we change over to rain which is possible we'll obviously lower the snow kwn fallfall totals. we could see icing on top of three to five inches of snow making a mess. in chicago, an additional 9 to 12 inches possible. then this pink area across michigan through parts of new york state and new england, 12 to 18 inches of snow. boston could waiver on the rain-snow line. we could cut down on the totals but an area hard hit looking at another round of heavy snow. >> tough start to the winter. thanks.
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>> chanel is here with more information on this incident involving the daughter of whitney houston. >> she is in an atlanta area hospital this morning. found unresponsive in a bathtub. the scener eerily similar to her mother's death. we'll go to roswell, georgia. for the latest on her condition. >> reporter: good morning. an affiliate said she was in a medically induced coma. hospital officials have not confirmed that. right now, her condition is unclear. this morning, a police investigation is underway to determine how bobbi brown was unresponsive in a bathtub. officials don't believe there was foul play. >> right now, we're treating this investigation as a medical call. >> reporter: when officers arrived at her home near atlanta on saturday they found her husband performing cpr. investigators are now trying to
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find out what happened before that. hours earlier, this selfie had been posted on her instagram account. one of her recent posts on twitter, miss you mommy, so much. her cousin telling nbc news her mother's death an verseanniversary is coming up. >> she hasn't known how to handle it is what insiders are telling me. >> reporter: the 21-year-old is the only child of whitney houston and r and b star bobby brown. whitney houston was found dead in a bathtub. authorities said she accidentally drowned. heart disease and cocaine use was listed as factors. >> it is bizarre that the same incident would happen involving a mother and daughter. >> reporter: police say an initial search of her home did not turn up any drugs. officers say that nine days ago, they were called to that home for a report of a fight.
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when investigators arrived, no one was home. >> wishing her the best. thank you, gabe. tears and rage over the apparent beheading of a japanese hostage by islamic militants. a vigil was held in tokyo, mourning the death of journalist kenji goto. your jordan is still willing to trade a prisoner for a pilot. the war on isis will be one of the topics discussed with president obama live at the white house. that's during nbc's pregame coverage of the superbowl. two climbers are recovering after a rescue. the national guard reached the climbers on mount hood saturday before nightfall. three climbers fell earlier in the day. one man suffered a broken leg. a woman broke both ankles.
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they were air lifted to a hospital. the third man made it down the mountain with help. word from the australian open. andy murray was defeated. murray is 0-4 at the open. golf used to be known for its dequorum. this is the phoenix open on saturday. a beautiful hole in one on the par 3, 16th hole. by the way, for every hole in one, a lucky fan gets their mortgage covered for a full year. look at this, they're tossing beer cans on to the course. it was raining beer cans. >> were they quiet beer cans? >> i've never been a golf guy but i think i could get into it. >> you're a golfer. did the beer cans get you into
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the game? >> you spend four hours on the golf course drinking beer. it's a fun activity. let's look at the weather going on. we are talking about another major snowstorm. this one is right now hitting chicago hard where we could see a foot foot and a half of snow total. we've also got rain across louisiana, down through arkansas and moving into tennessee. in the northwest, we have mountain snow. also in the southwest, we started off today with a lot of fog. the pictures were just kind of vicious looking with the fog. what's going on now? >> i mean it really is foggy. fog advisories on the highway signs. they have closed the roof now until further notice, until the fog dissipates. they don't want it condensing on the field. here's the forecast. looking good by kickoff, around 6:30 eastern time 4:30 here. it'll be clear, mild and 64 degrees. it looks like a perfect
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night/evening for football. super football here in phoenix. >> it certainly does. thanks al and enjoy the 60s. we're feeling the cold here in the northeast. that's good morning. 6:10, the time right now. we get up to a little bit of patchy fog across the delta, fairfield and napa. temperatures later on today, very similar to yesterday. no records today but it will still be warm. 70 for the south bay 59 for the peninsula. san francisco getting up to 66 degrees. we will have more clouds in the area today. rain in the forecast on friday. coming up this morning, hope to see you at 7:00. >> and that's >> that's your latest forecast. >> thanks. the waiting is over. after two weeks of buildupand the deflategate stand lcandal superbowl, just hours away. peter alexander is outside of
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the university of phoenix stadium. >> reporter: good morning, lester. it's feeling very seattle like outside right now. first, the rain and now the fog, as al was talking ability. inging about. none matters as the seahawks and patriots move inside the stadium. folks are fired up particularly the seahawks fans. on saturday 25,000 of them packed a pregame rally. for faithful fans this may be the biggest holiday of the year. >> go seahawks. >> reporter: superbowl sunday. according to odds makers this matchup may be one of the best in decades. seattle looking to extend its reign for another year. the last team to repeat new england in 2005. if tom brady marches the pats to victory, he'll join football's elite frfraternity alongside
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bradshaw. >> who are you rooting for? >> patriots. >> reporter: despite no threats to the stadium, black hawk helicopters and fighter jets will patrol a no fly zone overhead. swat teams, canines and thousands of officers secure more than 70,000 fans. it's guaranteed to be an enormous tv event. likely to surpass last year's record breaking audience. 111 million americans. adding to it the ads. a bigger draw than the game. 3/4 of americans say that's why they're tuning in. >> marsha, what happened? >> peter hit me in the nose with a football. i can't go to the dance like this. >> reporter: the pacific northwest must be empty because the desert is flooded with seahawks the 12th man. >> where are the patriots fans? >> i don't know. they're deflated. >> reporter: the footballs will be approved and inspected today. seahawks fans could have a new addition. richard sherman's girlfriend
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could give birth at any time. >> i think he'll be a disciplined young man and stay in there until after the game. >> reporter: predictions rolling in. as america counts down to kickoff. it's not too late to get a ticket to the game. if you do back up the truck. we just checked five minute ago on the nfl ticket exchange. $9500 for one seat and that's behind the end zone. on the 50 yard line it'll cost you almost $16,000. >> oh my goodness. can we get two? >> put them on lester's account. >> as we countdown to the game the nfl is recognizing its best and brightest. plenty of stars on hard saturday night to honor current and former players. let's go back to al in arizona for more on that. you got to see a lot of that action. >> yeah. i did. it was pretty impressive.
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it is called the nfl honors show. it is the oscars of nfl football an event featuring big names from sports and entertainment. i had a front row seat. on the eve of the big game, stars of the gridiron past and present traded the turf for their red carpet. when you look at the tape again of that catch, are even you a little amazed you were able to pull it off? >> not really. it's something that i practiced a long time. >> that may be the greatest catch i've ever seen in my life. >> is it something i should learn? i should do forecasting every day so i'm ready for a certain situation? >> exactly. put yourself in the worst situation possible and you'll be prepared for it. >> inside seth meyers put a stamp on the nfl's biggest power player. >> after new england's lost to the chiefs in week four who would have thought they'd still be here. after everything that happened in the nfl this year who would
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have thought that roger goodell would still be here? >> aaron rodgers taking home honors as the league's mvp. jim kelly battling cancer joining a familiar face welcoming this year's hall of fame class. >> thank you. thank you so much. >> one of the brightest moments. the nfl honoring its man of the year. thomas gates. >> to the guys in this league man, i just want to say to you, let's take charge. dare to be different. let's step up and be a village of guys that makes a difference. let's change the world. give the media something positive to talk about instead of always bashing our league. thank you. >> thomas is with us now. congratulations. >> thank you. >> that was a really emotional speech. you got really choked up. what were you thinking about while you were giving that
6:16 am
speech? >> just really thinking about all the things that i have going through, and all of the lives we've been able to impact with my foundation. it was just -- it came to a head. so much excitement. we were there last year as finalists. to see charles go up and win. we were excited for him. at the same time we wanted our opportunity and we got it last night! >> the thomas davis foundation provides programs for underprivileged families. you wanted to give back. in your speech you gave a charge to your fellow players. what do you want your fellow players to try to achieve? >> i want us to take advantage of what we have right now as players. we have a huge voice. a lot of people listen to what we say. we can get out and get into our communities and make a difference. we can do so much more for the kids and the youth in this community. in our nfl communities. i just challenge the guys to do
6:17 am
that. >> your carolina panthers are a vital part of your community. given everything that has been happening in the nfl this year do you think it's more important than ever that you guys get out there and say, look there are things going on but we can make a difference in our cities? >> absolutely. i think when you look at this season and the way things have gone we have a huge voice. there's so much good going on in this league that people don't hear about. that no one knows about. the media talks about all the negativity. i'm just challenging the guys to get out there, do the positive things and get the media surrounding that. >> before we get away. i have to ask, coming up the end of this game who is on top? >> it's tough, man. i've been asked that question and i say the same thing. it depends on the health of richard sherman and earl thomas. if they'll healthy, it'll be tough to beat that team! the seahawks.
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>> absolutely. >> well deserved. >> thank you. just ahead, we have much more to get you ready for the game including the show within the show. let's take a look at the halftime performance and why it's the spectacle it is. plus we have our puppy bowl at the "today" show. first, these messages. what's that you're drinking? it's trop50 with calcium. it has delicious new taste and has 50% less calories. with this taste? no way. give me fifty squats. it can't taste this good read the label ...and have 50% less calories? exactly. now you drop... ...and give me the 50. trop50 calcium. new taste so good you won't believe it has 50% less calories.
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katy perry is promising to deliver a wild halftime show full of surprises. 12 of the most watched moments during the superbowl haven't been so exciting. >> reporter: earlier this week katy perry promised to be the only performer in the superbowl to bring a lion and sharks, plural. for performers here at halftime it's a career highlight. for viewers and fans it's become must-see tv. that has not always been the case. hard to imagine, sure but not that long ago, the superbowl halftime show was not exactly the chart topping, pop star filled touchdown to modern viewers have grown to expect. before michael jackson's game-changing pere inging performance in 1993 halftime was a mishmash of marching bands and performers. in other words, #epic fall.
6:21 am
the 12 minutes has been reborn over the last two decades. madonna, the black-eyed peas prince and the rolling stones scored big with record sales post big game. last year's performance, bruno mars saw a 92% bump with his latest album. beyonce sored ed soared 59%. as katy perry prepares. >> i can assure everyone in here that nothing in my performance will be deflated. >> reporter: football fans are betting on whether this will be a hit or a miss. most suspect the 30-year-old super star will dazzle and delight. she'll be joined by lenny krav kravitz kravitz. missy elliott will be joining mer as well. >> that's the big reveal. you called that yesterday, melvin i believe. giving you credit.
6:22 am
>> reporter: yeah. >> he has connections. of course you can catch the superbowl right here on nbc. pregame coverage begins at noon eastern. just ahead for us this morning, from shaved heads to exotic foods, the superstitions of fans. first, these messages. l i was doing. so when i finally told my doctor he said humira is for adults like me who have tried other medications but still experience the symptoms of moderate to severe crohn's disease. and that in clinical studies, the majority of patients on humira saw significant symptom relief. and many achieved remission. humira can lower your ability to fight infections including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb
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good morning. time is 6:26. a live look outside at san francisco. i'm vicky nguyen alongside anthony slaughter who is standing by with a check of your micro climate forecast on this super bowl sunday and the first day of february. >> it is not going to feel like february wechlt are talking about some rain in the long-term forecast. next weekend, rain in the bay area. clear this morning. no fog except across the delta. clear skies in the bay area. temperatures cooler vicky. more cloud cover in the area. temperatures won't be record-breaking like yesterday.
6:27 am
70 degrees yesterday. 72 tri-valley. san francisco, 66 degrees. north bay, 72. it will be warm still. we're not talking about temperatures near 80 like we had yesterday. santa rosa new record 79 degrees. unbelievable. today, not as warm still very nice. get out and enjoy. >> a little bit of rain in the forecast. >> friday we will have that coming up at 7:00. >> thank you. one lane of southbound 101 in san jose is closed right now. as investigators try to figure out what caused a car fire that killed three. firefighters were called to southbound 101 near the 680 interchange just before 2:00 this morning for reports of a car on fire on the side of a road. once they put ott the flames they found the victims inside. they are still trying to figure out just what happened there. new this morning investigators in santa rosa say a suspicious device spotted an an apartment complex may have been an improse advised explosive device. it was spotted yesterday evening
6:28 am
on gurnville road. the device appeared to be there for a long time. it had tree roots growing around it. they don't know where it came from. five are back on solid ground after saved from a sinking ship off the monterrey coast. a sailboat named the flyin' hawaiian was starting to sink. two helicopters rescued them and managed to pull them out before they went under we are hoping to find more about the man who left a suitcase filled with body part ns a san francisco neighborhood. people arrested mark andres. that's him under the sheet. he was detained after police received an anonymous tip. the family said he had several run-ins with the law but lost contact with him about 20 years ago. coming up on "today in the bay," we are covering the super
6:29 am
bowl from all angles. live reports from the nfl experience in phoenix and the stadium in glendale. everything you need to know before throwing your own super bowl party. that plus all your top stories coming up at 7:00. for now, back to the "today" show.
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♪ we're back on a sunday morning february 21st, 2015 with one of the most iconic super bowl ads, the 1992 pepsi commercial featuring cindy crawford. we have a sneak peekfeature ing chelsea hammer and sara silverman. this morning, the first competition of the day between the seahawks and patriots is happening on our plaza. two of the biggest fans of these teams and big tailgaters known for their specialties are going apron to apron in a tailgate
6:31 am
cook-off otherwise known as -- our breakfast. >> sheinelle and i are judging. we're ready to go! plus, we'll check in with al who is already inside the stadium, and what's cuter than one puppy? how about six of them? move over super bowl. we're throwing a puppy bowl right here in studio 1a. first though we want to get you caught up on the headlines on this sunday morning. the top story is that powerful winter storm barreling across the country. watches and warnings posted now from nebraska all the way to new england. snow and ice expected to make travel difficult through monday. the daughter of the late whitney houston is reportedly in a medically induced coma this morning. 21-year-old bobby kristina brown was found unresponsive in a bathtub at her home in go on saturday. two climbers injured in a fall on oregon's mt. hood are off the mountain now and receiving treatment for broken
6:32 am
bones. they were rescued by helicopter. coming up this week on "today," it is all about "50 shades of grey." the star's director and author will be live in studio 1a. plus each morning we'll have never before seen content leading up to our fans screening on friday. we started things on friday promising to reveal an exclusive image from the movie if it received 50,000 likes on our facebook page. well it did in just five hours. check it out right now at "today."com "today."com. we begin this half-hour with super bowl xlix superstitions that players and highhard fans are turning to for good luck this morning. our dylan dreyer has her own as well. halle jackson is in glendale this morning. good morning. >> reporter: superstitions really are time honored tradition in sports. brian uhrlacher for the bears used to eat two chocolate chip cookies before every game. one of the jacksonville players got slapped in the face really hard by his trainer. today it is not just the players
6:33 am
getting red did i for their good luck charms the fans are, too. take a look. the wildest fans seem to have the craziest superstitions. so it's no surprise this seahawks supporter, who's been at every home game for 30 years, has a very specific pre-game routine. >> some people say i'm kind of crazy especially with the haircut thing. "the haircut's not going to make them win or lose." but it's just a vibe thing. >> reporter: to get that vibe right, loren shaves his head before every game. if you didn't do in before a game do you think the seahawks would lose? >> well they lost the dallas cowboys game. >> when you didn't shave your head. >> i didn't shave my head. >> do you blame yourself for that? >> of course i do. i feel i let the team down. >> reporter: surveys show even new england fans are more europe stigs.
6:34 am
superstition. as bud light says it is only weird if it doesn't work. >> i got a few lucky charms. >> reporter: even this superstar has superstitions but tom brady keeps the specifics a secret. >> those are very personal things but i've had a lot of people contribute this year to keep me safe keep me healthy and hopefully going out there and playing really well. or other players aren't so shy about revealing their pre-game prep. >> listen to some rick ross. have some alaska salmon. the white kind. you no he? it is one of the rare salmons. >> i'm superstition. i do like to drink pickle juice though. >> reporter: and sometimes the best superstition means not having one. >> basically just to be sporadic just to be different. every game. yeah if that makes sense. >> reporter: it may not really make sense. >> that's smooth. >> reporter: but it may make a difference. so this is going to help them win. >> this is going to make them win. >> okay. >> let's go hawks! >> reporter: so the thing about
6:35 am
superstitions, guys it cuts both ways. right? good and bad. you've heard of the madden curse, the infamous madden curse? look who is on the cover this year. seahawks. richard sherman. he's had pretty good luck so far this season. will it continue today? that is the big question. we shall see. guys? >> indeed we will. let's get a check of the weather now from our big pats fan dylan dreyer who wore her lucky shirt today. >> i haven't wrashdashed it yet braus it is not because its a he not good luck if you wash it. you're all turning 16 today? where you from? >> d.c. >> where you from? >> the same. >> we've also got a 70th birthday. where you from? >> maine. >> you digging out from the snow? >> yes. >> there's more coming. go figure. let's take a look the at weather going on across the country. we do have the snow right now back through chicago. bands of heavier snow moving in.
6:36 am
it's been snowing for many hours and it will continue snowing through the day today. because of that we have blizzard warnings in effect in chicago because the winds have been very gusty. winter storm warnings from new york up into new england. rain down near louisiana and also some mountain snow in the northwest. we are starting out with a little bit of fog atop san bruno mountains. overall, a little bit of that at the coastline. it is not going to be like it was yesterday. record-setting highs in the upper 70s. still very comfortable. 70 for the south bay. 69 for the peninsula. 72 for the tri-valley. san francisco shlgs 66. wine country, 70. >> th birthday too. happy birthday. back to you guys inside.
6:37 am
al is out in arizona catching up with some of the stars who are there for the super bowl. hey, al. >> reporter: hey, guys. i got one guy who is no stranger to the football field. at least cinematically. mr. nick cannon the host of america's got talent. you've been doing all sorts of stuff here around the super bowl. >> yeah man. i mean from obviously hosting and deejaying parties, to obviously getting out here and just being a fan, more than anything. but it's a lot of work for me out here. >> yeah. we've got perhaps one of your best performances on film from "drum line." you got a little nervous. take a look at this. what is this like when you see -- you were on the field here for this movie. but now you're on the field of the super bowl. >> yeah. i played games and obviously on the sideline but never a super bowl sideline. this is amazing.
6:38 am
i been tweeting and instagraming away. >> did you play football growing up? >> do i look like i played football? >> well who knows? you no he i figure i got to ask. you know. >> yeah i played right back. the coach said get right back on the bench. >> hey, another edition of america's got talent coming up. >> yeah. season 10. >> can you believe that? >> wow. i'm so excited. i mean to be back there with the judges especially howard stern. this is going to be a lot of fun. >> every year you guys have another twist. give us any hint? >> i have no idea. i was really excited about the prank i got to play on judges last year. i'm cooking up something. >> that was good. >> i'm cooking up something this year. you know what? we just want more talent. every-day americans getting the opportunity to win a million dollars. >> all right. nick cannon enjoy the game. who do you think is going to win? >> katy perry. >> nicely done! that's why we love nick cannon ladies and gentlemen. by the way, nick is not the only
6:39 am
one enjoying himself here in arizona. winners of our season-long series "together we make football" having the time of their lives. they've been a huge hit at the nfl experience. of course a ton of interviews. you can see more of their stories during the special "football america -- our teams." it kicks off nbc's super bowl coverage coming up at noon eastern. guys it is go time now. i mean all the stuff, all the hype everything it's just about done. they have closed the roof but they are going to raise the roof later on here at the university of phoenix. said kind of -- raise the roof. >> al thanks. wrangler is off this week. as you know we love puppies around here. he also hasn't had all of his vaccinations so he can't be with us for are this puppy bowl but i'm sure he's here in spirit. we have six adorable puppies here for our puppy bowl. well hello. this morning animal planet is
6:40 am
bringing back the. uppy bowl for its 11th year. dan is the game's referee -- rough-eree. we're happy to have you back there morning. these guys are a little feisty this year. >> apparently there is some beef somebody accused somebody else of having deflated balls. they're angry. they're going at it. we love it though. >> what kind of fouls do you call in a game? >> you name it weaver's done it. >> i'm trying to avoid stepping in some foul over here. >> we call it premature watering of the lawn. roughhousing happens all the time. >> hey, that's my shoelace. >> we have illegal lounging. wardrobe malfunctions. >> as cute as they are, there is an important cause behind all of this. some of these dogs are available for adoption. >> yes. they're all from the bully project here in new york city which is a rescue shelter for
6:41 am
pit bulls. these are pit bull mixes. they're 9 weeks old. they're up for adoption. >> they're ready to play. they're already playing for a sunday morning. we just kind of get them motivated and get them started. >> lester he really is untying your shoe. >> just set them back five yards. >> five-yard penalty. dan, great to have you here. >> does anybody actually play with the football? >> and the puppy bowl of course is on animal planet this afternoon, 3:00. up next more must-see tv. an exclusive sneak peek at this year's super bowl commercials. the ones you haven't seen. don't think you have a he seen them all because we have an exclusive first. but first these messages. that's your new boss? yeah. well...your boss loves the beach. really? she's been to london, paris and her son plays baseball. you psychic?
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go to a restaurant you don't haggle over the chicken parmesan. why can't car-buying be like that? ♪ ♪ as long as people drive cars carmax will be the best way to buy them. welcome back on this super sunday morning. the one day of the year where people stay glued to their tvs during the commercial breaks. matt miller is the president and ceo of the association of independent commercial producers. matt good morning. >> morning, lester. >> great selection. a lot have been previewed, some not. we want too show for the first time the t-mobile ad two very funny ladies chelsea sara silverman. >> sara this wi-fi calling from t-mobile is the best. i can talk from anywhere in my
6:45 am
mansion. >> i already have it. it sounds great in my hydroponic kale garden. >> crystal clear from my trophy room. >> all clear in my figure skating basement. >> sounds great from my underground delivery room. sorry, it's a boy. >> well i'm under my house with a rabbit. >> funny stuff there. what you see in this is a social media connection. >> two of the funniest comedians out there today and also they premiered one with kim kardashian on monday. they are being loo being at their following. kim kardashian 25 million twitter viewers. now that it's gotten 10 million views online they are looking at these two, both of them next to 6 million followers as well. not only are they funny and add some social currency to the brand, also they are hoping their followers are really push it out there. >> this is obviously cost-effective for the advertiser. we've seen these consumer generatesed dorito ads. this one, new castle beer does
6:46 am
a playoff on that. >> honey, have you seen my [ bleep ] brand tortilla chips. >> try cleaning the fridge. >> nope nothing here. >> try check being the basement babe. >> i cleaned the whole basement. didn't find any serious bold nacho flavors down here. >> check account garage. >> i like this. they never mention the word dorito. they bleep it out. >> they've been doing this for their ads for new castle ale. they crashed the crash of the super bowl. dorito is doing these caricature of crowd source thing. the inside joke is real filmmakers and ad people have been add mitt been adm out there and they did it in a genius way. >> clever. this next one is nothing to smile about, dealing with the
6:47 am
issue of domestic violence. it is based on a real 911 call. let's play this and then talk about what's behind this. >> half. he row in he pepperoni, half mushroom. >> ma'am, is everything okay over there? do you have an emergency or not? >> yes. >> and you are unable to talk because -- >> right. right. >> is there someone in the room with you? just say yes or no. >> yes. >> chilling commercial. we know what the nfl has been dealing with throughout this season. how effective is this? >> look. they're taking the biggest stage and they've donated back this time. they're no the putting the nfl brand on it. their agency grey advertising, worked with them to put this together. look it is a really important message for everyone not just the nfl, and to put it on this size stage is so important. the ad industry all year gives back to causes and really pushes the message and advances causes.
6:48 am
none is as big as this right now in the united states. using this stage and saying we're going to take that 30 seconds and put it out there for 110 million people it is really what this industry is all about. >> a lot of super bowl gatherings may go silent during the airing of that ad today. really impressive. matt miller enjoy the game. sheinelle is in the orange room with our plaz fans of the day. >> say hello to one of your biggest fans carol russell from minneapolis, along with liam windell from vermont. take it away. >> up next fans of the seahawks and patriots face off in a tailgating showdown. but first, these messages! i was not aware of how much acidity was in my diet. i was so focused on making good food choices, i had no idea that it was damaging the enamel of my teeth. i wanted to fix it i wanted to fix it right away. my dentist recommended pronamel. he said that pronamel can make my teeth stronger that it was important, that that is something i could do
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[dog bark] the new x1 voice remote from xfinity is coming soon. perfect for people who want entertainment the easy way. welcome back to "today." we love to eat around here. we're not waiting inle this afternoon to begin our super bowl tailgate. >> actually it is our afternoon right now. this is not your ordinary spread. we have organized a tailgate grill grilloff pitting seattle against new england. full disclosure you are the brother-in-law of one of our own
6:52 am
producers. joining the judge's panel from food network's all-star being amy. >> nice to have you guys here. start off nown >> nice to have you guys here. start off now,e >> ntwo >> nicrk >> nic. >> this is it a curry rub. the three-down dog, kielbasa stuffed -- >> wait a minute. a kielbasa stuffed with seasons ground beef -- >> wrapped in bacon. you just take pins wrap around it pin it up. holds it on there. make sure you remove the pins when you're done. that way you don't stick them in your mouth. >> have you guys tried this? judges? >> its a he's a little spicy. >> a vegan delight. >> you put a little sauce on it. we'll see how you do in the
6:53 am
competition in just a moment. >> so we have two yummy -- you have to have a traditional clam chowder. and new england style is with cream, being a new englander i know these things. >> i cook it separately all the ingredients but it is the butter onions garlic and pancetta all make it dance. then i flavor with the heavy cream and with the clams obviously 37 it is just delicious. >> it is a beautiful presentation. >> beautiful. >> you also make these very fun little bred little breadsticks on a stick. that is fantastic. the idea. you are also doing some ribs. you rub them with love. >> i use 12 different spices just like number 12 tom brady. i put this on and make sure that you really rub it in with all that kind of love. you put that in put those on the grill. that's the first step. the second step is foiling, dylan. which is the key to getting all the flavor. >> you foil but you also do a
6:54 am
little apple juice spritz? >> we take the foil. we put that down. i love a candy coated rib so i do a little brown sugar. we do a little honey, also. >> then you're going to spray with and many juice. while you do this how are the ribs and chowder? >> they're really good. >> this chowder is fantastic. >> it is a perfect day for it. >> i'm just taking a bite of everything. >> we're going to do the drum roll. show us your scores judge. oh the seahawks win. >> but a valiant effort. >> the ribs are delicious! >> for dylan to do that that's a big deal.
6:55 am
>> congratulations. we're back right after this. s@behind every open heart... is a story. a story about finishing the race... no matter what the obstacles. about rebuilding the bond between a mother and a daughter. when you keep an open heart, amazing things happen. that's what the open hearts rhythm collection at kay jewelers is all about. the constant motion of the diamond catches light from every angle. right now, save up to 20% on all open hearts jewelry at kay. keep your heart open.... ...and love will always find its way in. ♪ every kiss begins with kay. ♪ ♪ there are 16 fresh-picked oranges squeezed into each bottle of tropicana pure premium. and absolutely no space for added sugar, water or preservatives. tropicana. we put the good in morning.
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6:58 am
before we go chuck todd what's coming up on "meet the press"? >> we're doing a little football here on super bowl sunday. mitt romney got out just as he was being pushed. so who benefits from his partner? i'll be joined by romney's 2012 running mate paul ryan. >> we're very neutral here. >> except for dylan. >> go pats! >> big thanks to al for being with us this morning. safe trip back. see you here tomorrow.
6:59 am
stay tuned for super bowl dog as a partner, i got to be up on my voice commands. it's why xfinity's new voice remote is perfect for me. find cop shows. i just say it and i see it. [radio chatter] [dog bark] finding my shows has never been easier. [dog barking] watch top chef. [dog bark] the new x1 voice remote from xfinity is coming soon.
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perfect for people who want entertainment the easy way. xxx it is game day in america. a live look at super bowl central where fans will spend much of the day before heading to glendale. it is winner take all. one team is going home, super bowl champions. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm vicky nguyen. we will have much more including a live report. let's get a check on your game day forecast with anthony slaughter. good morning. >> a little bit of fog out there this morning. we didn't have that. we had clir skies. you can see atop our san bruno mountain camera. that's where the fog


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