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tv   Early Today  NBC  February 16, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PST

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good morning. coming up on "early today," e-an-hour wind gusts and temperatures that feel like 25 below. egypt bombs isis targets in libya after the terror group claims to have beheaded 21 egyptian hostages. reports of one of the biggest banking heists ever. plus -- >> live from new york, it's saturday night! >> one night only. some of the biggest names in comedy come together to celebrate 40 years of "snl." it is monday, february 16th. "early today" starts right now. >> good morning. nice being with you on this president's day. i'm frances rivera. much of the northeast is in a deep freeze. parts of new england buried
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under this snow following the fourth major snowstorm in three weeks. boston alone got 13 inches this weekend. other parts of massachusetts saw up to 20 inches of snow. but it's not over yet. another storm is taking aim at the great lakes and the southeast. nbc's sarah dallof is in boston this morning. >> reporter: it's the winter that never seems to end. >> miserable. it's getting really old, getting depressing. >> reporter: over the weekend another blitz by mother nature. in boston bone chilling wind and 13 fresh inches of snow combined to create whiteout conditions likely contributing to this chain reaction crash on i-95. >> this is the storm of historic proportion. i know that people are frustrated. people just want this to end. >> reporter: across new england, residents are still digging out. >> not making records, we're just breaking them, you know. with all this snow. >> nowhere to put it. >> there's nowhere to put it. >> reporter: parts of maine saw as much as two feet of snow piled on cars and mailboxes. in the new hampshire, the weight
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of all that fresh powder was too much for the roof of this carpet store. and cold surf pounded the shores of marshfield, massachusetts, threatening to flood the town. now focus shifts to a second storm barrelling across the country. one that will bring snow, ice and freezing rain to the midwest and southeast. on sunday, crews spent the entire day pretreating all major interstates in the metro atlanta area. >> if the temperature stays in the 20s, we may not actually have freezing to the roadways. >> reporter: no escape from a record-breaking winter for those living in its path. and a winter chill warning remains in effect here for most of the morning. people urged to limit their time outdoor exposure and be sure to cover up any exposed skin, frances. back to you. >> it's bad. we can see that much of your face. hang in there. thank you. we also have breaking news. egypt says it has bombed isis
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targets in libya. an army spokesperson says the air raid is revenge for the gruesome murders of 21 egyptian christians in libya by an isis-affiliated group. now, the five-minute clip released yesterday purportedly shows 21 men dressed in orange jumpsuits being led along the shore of a beach. it appears they are each then forced to kneel onto the sand by a knife-wielding terrorist and then beheaded. the egyptian president and the head of the christian church says the video is authentic. shortly after, the egyptian president vowed retaliation and declared seven days of mourning. the u.s. has called them despicable and cowardly. overnight two people arrested on suspicion of helping the gunman at the center of the so-called terrorist attacks in denmark. authorities believe they aided the unnamed 22-year-old suspect who was killed by police through, quote, advice and deeds. the alleged gunman reportedly had a history of violence and was known to intelligence and security services. he may have been inspired by
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islamic terrorists and possibly the "charlie hebdo" massacre in france last month. nbc's keir simmons reports. >> reporter: candles on a cold night in denmark. for two more victims of two more attacks in another european city. amid panic, they confronted the 22-year-old lone suspect and shot him dead after he opened fire on them. just over 12 hours earlier, the shooter had burst into a cafe, firing 30 times, leaving more than 20 bullet holes in just the front windows. there he left one dead and wounded three police officers. >> i could hear the gunshots approaching. i could hear the shouts. >> reporter: the gunman's possible target, one of the event organizers, swedish cartoonist lars vilks who sketched the prophet muhammad as a dog in 2007. the next target was copenhagen's jewish committee.
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outside a 30-year-old guarding a bar mitzvah was fatally shot. another two police officers wounded. >> that was keir simmons reporting. an international hacking ring has stolen up to a billion dollars from banks all around the world, according to a new report from a russian cybersecurity firm. most of the targets are believed to have been in the u.s., russia, germany, china and ukraine. more than 100 banks in 30 countries are believed to have been hacked since the end of 2013. they also reportedly programmed atms to dispense money at specific times, even set up fake accounts and transferred money into them. well, live from new york, "saturday night live's" 40th anniversary. the show celebrated with a funny blowout bash on sunday night. >> we'll pay tribute to those "snl" greats who are no longer with us, john belushi, gilda radner, jon lovitz -- >> good evening, i'm jane curtin. >> i'm tina fey. >> and i'm amy poehler.
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♪ everybody needs somebody ♪ ♪ because it's all about that bass about that bass ♪ ♪ no treble ♪ >> so much more than that. nbc's mark barger has more. >> live from new york, it's saturday night! >> reporter: a familiar phrase started a trip down memory lane. >> live from new york, it's saturday night! >> reporter: one that stretches back to 1975. >> we established the legacy, but the people who came after us kept it alive in such a quality way. >> reporter: cast members reunited. ♪ >> reporter: and in some cases teamed up for the first time. >> good evening, i'm jane curtin. >> i'm tina fey. >> and i'm amy poehler. >> reporter: they revisited characters. >> keep it moving, bye-bye. >> reporter: that turned unknowns into stars. >> let's take a look at the score. >> i wouldn't have had a career without "saturday night live." >> i can't believe my luck. i can't believe i'm a part in any way of something that i love so much. >> reporter: the catchphrases audiences love.
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>> shwing. >> reporter: the classic moments that have endured. >> the super bassematic 2150. >> reporter: needed a must-see night for the show's alum. >> there really is nothing like it anywhere else. >> and everyone wanted to be a part of it. i mean, most everyone's here. >> reporter: an array of former hosts took the stage. so did music icons. but as "snl" wrapped its first 40 years, show creator lorne michaels and his cast were center stage. >> i still like it. i love lorne. >> this man and this group of people has seeded the comedy landscape for 40 years, you know, and they've just given us such an incredible gift. >> reporter: the anniversary bash marks the 780th episode of "saturday night live," and in some ways, it may be the most memorable. almost live from new york, i'm mark barger, nbc news. >> so much excitement. well, not many people in the northeast are happy about all the snow right now, but the weather channel's jim cantore went wild this weekend when he
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experienced a phenomenon called thundersnow. >> reporter: oh, yes! yes! yes! we got it, baby! we got it! we got it! whoo! whoo! we got it! yes! listen to that! oh! again! again! that's a twofer! that's a twofer, baby! yes! yes! again! that's a three -- you've got to be kidding me! you've got to be kidding me! >> no not millions in the lotly, just thundersnow. meteorologist domenica davis here with the forecast. i can't imagine getting that excited about a thundersnow or anything boston where he saw that thunder show. they had a wild weekend. the west has been so quiet and the nice weather will continue. wouldn't it be nice to be out
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there. we are dealing with snow through the rockies and cascades. that will continue through today. other than that it's fairly mild temperatures. so we're still being protected by this ridge of high pressure. that means pretty easy to take temperatures as you start the morning. 53 in san francisco, 52 in vegas, 42 up in seattle. not bad at all. portland 38 degrees. highs today are going to be very spring-like down to the especially in the desert southwest. we should make it to 74 degrees in las vegas. it stays sunny up and down the sunshine down to los angeles at 72. that's a look in casper. partly sunny skies in san francisco 68. that'sk snow is gone, we'll get that excited
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when spring starts in the northeast. >> i'll be jumping like that. >> i'll be doing it right there with you. domenica thank you very much. still ahead, one supermodel's untouched picture is igniting the debate about real beauty. plus a dramatic rescue caught on video. you're watching "early today." ! new colgate optic white express white. wait, don't you mean me? new colgate optic white express white toothpaste has the professionally recommended whitening ingredient hydrogen peroxide for whiter teeth in 3 days. without the hassle of whitening treatments. think of it as your smile bff. i thought i was your bff. i mean my other bff! dazzle... without the hassle. new colgate whiter teeth in 3 days just by brushing. in softness. and these little angels build in strength. and that little angel says "weeeeeeeee!" 60% more sheets than charmin. everything you want and the value you love. angel soft.
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for every way you make chicken noodle soup, make it delicious with swanson®. stories making news this morning. every day americans, big businesses are one step closer to flying commercial drones. under the faa's long awaited proposal the drones may only fly during daylight hours. they must stay under 500 feet and 100 miles per hour and 5 miles away from airports. pilots must also register the drones and hold an faa certificate. now, this proposal could take up to three years to be finalized. the coast guard had to battle ice and low visibility to rescue a father and son from a sailboat off the shore of nantucket. both were pulled to safety on board a helicopter. no injuries were reported. and an unretouched picture of supermodel cindy crawford has gone viral. and it's re-igniting the debate over real beauty. all right, the picture, which was posted by a british news
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anchor, appears to show the 48-year-old in lingerie. now, "marie claire" magazine says the unretouched picture which was taken in 2013 was somehow leaked. they say it will be featured in an upcoming issue. and just today after that picture was tweeted, cindy crawford's husband posted this undated picture on his instagram account wishing his wife a happy valentine's day. during a recent measuring, the obelisk came in over 554 feet and 10 inches. that's nearly 10 inches shorter than what's been on the books since 1500s. they say early surveyors used a different base point than modern standards. in health news a new study shows american teens today are getting less sleep than teens 20 years ago. data collected between 1921 and 2012 shows sleep duration has decreased over demographic groups. experts recommend they get
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between nine and ten hours sleep overnight. over half the teens said they didn't even get seven hours per night. >> "early today" is brought to you by vagisil, the experts in intimate health. all right, getting down to business, u.s. markets today are closed for presidents day. aaa, though, says gas prices, they shot up 7 cents last week. the national average price for a gallon of regular is up to $2.25. still, though, the average household is expected to spend about $750 less for gas this year than in 2014. so why haven't airfares fallen along with fuel prices? industry analysts say strong demand and limited seats have made it possible for airlines to keep fares high. and the head of the company that brought the world the chocolate hazelnut spread nutella has died, michele ferrero. he was italy's richest man and the world's 30th richest. his company also makes ferrero rocher and tic tacs. just ahead, an nba player surpasses michael jordan in the
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record books during last night's all-star game. mayhem on the speedway and why drivers are blaming nascar. sports is next. es take care of intimate odor. vagisil odor block wash stops odor from happening for all day confidence. when you feel fresh all day you feel confident. vagisil. your intimate health experts.
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this morning on "today," the donald is in the house. mr. trump stoppeded by to talk about tonight's live season finale of "celebrity apprentice." time to bring you some sports. the all-star game capped off nba all-star weekend at madison square garden. lebron james surpasses michael jordan. he moved into second place on
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the nba's all-time all-star scoring list after scoring his 263rd point. lakers' guard kobe bryant ranked first with 280. russell westbrook took the mvp title leading the west to a 163-158 win over the east. westbrook scored 41 points, 1 shy of wilt chamberlain's record stat in 1962. the game drew an all-star crowd as well from nba legends to a slew of entertainers. you know those guys. even former president bill clinton who looked happy sitting next to former nba great dikembe mutombo. finishing 22 under, 265 to win pebble beach pro-am for the second time in three years. snedeker pockets nearly $1.3 million in april's u.s. masters. for the qualifying session for nascar's biggest race of the year was criticized by tony stewart as a complete embarrassment and called a cute
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show by clint bowyer. why? they abandoned single-qualifying runs for knockout group sessions it adopted last season. the frenetic knockout format ended with jeff gordon on the pole for the final daytona 500 of his career. and the big fight may be one step closer to reality here. manny pacquiao and floyd mayweather jr., they have reportedly agreed to a $250 million about in early may. one small detail one thing missing, mayweather's signature. he has yet to sign on what would be the richest fight in the history of sports. just ahead the movie that might reveal jon stewart's replacement. before he opened his first hot chocolate stand calling winter an "underserved season". and before he quit his friend's leaf-raking business for "not offering a 401k." larry knew the importance of preparing for retirement.
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in that bowl. they're pringles tortillas. they're so good they don't need dip. can i have some from your bowl? please. hmmm. not bad right? think i'll have some more. that's a double dip... you double dipped. pringles tortillas. so good you don't dip 'em you air dip 'em. pringles! good monday morning and happy presidents' day. i'm meteorologist domenica davis. welcome back to "early today." we're still looking at very nice weather to the west. it stays quiet once again. we're going to see this ridge of high pressure we've been dealing with continue through the week. 57 in seattle for the high today. 72 in las vegas. we will have snow showers through the rockies and cascades. here is a look at your tuesday weather. still nice with spring-like temperatures through the desert southwest. that's a look at your monday forecast. frances. >> all right. thank you, domenica. the weekend box office kicks off entertainment news, and "50
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shades of grey" dominated. >> you're a control freak. >> i exercise control in all things. >> can be really boring. >> the drama took the top spot. it raked in nearly $82 million. it is now the highest grossing film ever for a presidents day weekend. so do we finally know who will replace jon stewart in "the daily show"? in a bizarre twist, the scene in an upcoming movie, "hot tub time machine 2" may have revealed it. >> march 26, 2025, from comedy central's world news headquarters in new, this is "the daily show" with jessica williams. >> hey! welcome. >> in case you missed it "celebrity jeopardy!" returned for "snl's" 40th. take a look at this. >> the adventures of tom sawyer are about this person's adventures. >> i don't know much about tom sawyer. >> then don't buzz in. >> i'd like to solve the puzzle, alex. >> this isn't "wheel of fortune." >> who is andre the giant? normally i don't like the
4:24 am
spoiler alerts because with our shifts we go to bed and can't watch it. in this case it makes me want to see it more. >> i know, it's such a treat to have all those guys back. >> set up my dvr, can't wait to see it. i'm frances rivera. thank you for joining us on "early today." we hope it's your first stop of the day on nbc. [ fishing rod casting line, marching band playing ] [ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it in your heart.
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[ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. great taste. [ m'm... ] [ tapping ] sounds good. campbell's healthy request. m'm! m'm! good.® welcome back. she is a legend on the hardwood. as coach of the tennessee lady vols, pat summitt racked up for career wins than any other college basketball coach in history. now three years after alzheimer's forced her to retire, one of her team's fiercest rivals is being led by someone with a familiar last name.
4:26 am
here's nbc's jacob rascon. >> reporter: he may not be much older than his players, but on the sidelines, tyler summitt feels right at home. >> instead of growing up and slumber parties at your friend's house, i was in locker rooms, in hotel rooms, i was on the bench. >> reporter: such is the life of the only child of college basketball legend pat summitt. >> all the public saw was this lady on the sideline who looked like a dictator screaming at her players and staring them down. but behind closed doors, she was a loving and caring person. >> reporter: for most of pat's nearly 1,100 wins and 8 national championships, tyler was right there until three years ago when pat stepped down, facing a new opponent. >> it was a hard couple of days when she got diagnosed with alzheimer's. and at first, she said "why me?" you know, and it took a while for us to say, you know what? this is god's plan, and we've got to figure out what our next step is.
4:27 am
>> reporter: in 2012, pat received the presidential medal of freedom. >> anybody who feels sorry for pat will find themselves on the receiving end of that famous glare, or she might punch you. >> reporter: tyler's next step felt natural to both summitts until pat heard the job offer. >> i mentioned louisiana tech. she stopped and said, "louisiana tech? i used to have some battles down there." >> does that make sense? you got me? >> reporter: last year at 23, tyler became the youngest head coach ever hired at the university. the ladies have since jumped from 14th place in their conference to 3rd. attendance at home games has more than doubled. for the summitts, it's not just about basketball. >> in jesus' name, amen. >> it's way beyond basketball, actually almost the basketball is like a side effect. >> it's about life. and we use basketball as a metaphor to prepare our players for life. >> reporter: the dawn of another summitt two decades in the making. jacob rascon, nbc news, ruston,
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louisiana. >> wow 23 years old. lots of wins and success in the future. now here's a look ahead. the westminster kennel club's 139th annual dog show gets under way in new york city. tonight's competition for hounds, nonsporting and herding groups will be carried live on cnbc at 8:00 eastern. also want to say happy birthday to 2015 football hall of famer jerome bettis who turns 53, tennis great john mcenroe is 56, and "law & order svu's" ice t is 57.
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