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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  February 24, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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a search warrant and even tried to convince the landlord to evict the trouble-making tenants. when that didn't happen they returned with a second warrant today. neighbors hope today's raid will finally allow them to once again enjoy their quiet cul-de-sac. >> marianne said there could be more arrests. thank you very much. last month we told you about a similar raid in san jose. police uncovered a garage filled with working slot machines. sources told us that the illegal casino was one of many going on in the city. police arrested six people for drugs and outstanding warrants. just into our newsroom they signed off on it. this afternoon, the santa clara board of county supervisors approved a controversial request for funding. the sheriff wants to fund a tracking device to help find criminals and missal people through their cell phones. the device uses cell phone towers to zero in on a specific phone user. critics say it's a violation of
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privacy. another controversial vote this time immigration and helping educate undocumented families with public money. santa clara county is giving the green light. robert honda is in san jose with the details of today's vote. robert? >> reporter: the executive order looms over the issue and today many nonprofits are pushing forward anyway with new facilities. many immigrants and their support groups got an emotional lift today after the board of supervisors approved an immigration processing office and, among other things, provides $1.8 million for nonprofits to reach out and educate them on citizenship and work process. >> the county is stepping forward and helping people understand what this is all about, what they -- where they
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should go to get help. i think it's a really big help. >> reporter: though the board got a lot of support, some people were worried about how the president's stalled executive order may impact this. >> thousands of people are going to quality under this executive action by president obama and without the support of the county we simply don't have the capacity to provide them the quality services that they need. >> reporter: county supervisors say they expect to have the new $300,000 immigration center set up here at the county immigrant center in a few weeks. robert handa nbc bay area news. another tragedy on the tracks. three caltrain accidents in just 24 hours. the most recent just before noon today. a train hit a woman at the palo alto university avenue station. the woman survived and paramedics rushed her to the hospital. no word on her condition. and less than two miles
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away crews are still repairing a crossing gate on the train tracks in menlo park after a caltrain smashed into an suv on the track. this was what was left of the acura after the crash. the female driver died. caltran says she couldn't get her car off the track because there was too much traffic. also yesterday, a caltrain hit and killed a man in a tunnel south of san francisco last night. police have not said why he was on those tracks. and then there's today's big crash. this is a live picture from our chopper in california. this is the metro link train crash in ventura county north of l.a. in oxnard. the train, barrelling down the tracks, hit a produce truck and sliced that truck right in half. the driver of the truck got out and ran. the truck exploded into a fireball. you can see cell phone video here. first responders said it was amazing that no one was killed. however, three people including the train engineer have
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critical injuries. more than half of the 48 passengers were hurt. now, after the crash the truck driver was found about a mile away injured and wandering in a daze. >> the produce truck was driving southbound on rice avenue and as it got to 5th street it made a right turn. however, rather than make the right turn onto westbound 5th street it turned onto the railroad tracks. >> the truck driver from arizona has not been arrested and is cooperating with the police. coming up on "nightly news," we'll show you new technology that could help prevent train accidents. lester holt joins us at 5:30. a murder suspect made her first appearance in court today. gabrielle ortiz is the woman right there on the right. she used the man's credit card
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after he was killed last wednesday. he was found dead in his gilroy home. he was beaten to death. suspects believe ortiz is part of a group that connects with people online and then commits brutal robberies. no federal charges for george zimmerman in the shooting of trayvon martin. that's the decision from the justice department today. almost two years ago, a florida jury found him not guilty finding that he acted in self-defense. he sparked a national debate on guns and rights. there is insufficient evidence to charge zimmerman with violating civil rights statutes. trayvon martin's family released a statement. "we remain poised to do everything in our power to help eradicate senseless violence because we don't want any other family to deal with the unexplainable loss we have endured". it's been six months since the napa 6.0 quake.
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on the left you can see the damage left behind. on the right side of your screen, some of the progress. while the napa region continues to bounce back a lot of repairs still need to be made. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez is in downtown napa. jodi? >> reporter: the road ahead is a long one. we're standing on third street and -- third and main street in downtown napa. as you can see, there is still a number of businesses that have a lot of work that need to be done before they can reopen. construction crews have been hard at work at the napa county administration building where six months ago today the south napa quake caused ceilings and walls to collapse making the board of supervisors chambers and other county spaces unsafe. >> actually we're still feeling the impact of the earthquake. >> reporter: while most of napa is back in business including restaurants and wineries some areas of downtown are still off
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limits. >> the downtown safe way hasn't come back and those are things that we miss dearly having those services downtown. so we're eager to see the next step when they come back online. >> here in the hallway it's been precarious. >> reporter: jana's historic victorian home is still in need of major work to the tune of $500,000. but on this six-month anniversary, she's determined to stay the course. >> every day i am confronted with this brokenness. and how am i going to afford and make it work and make lemonade out of the lemon? >> reporter: and we're back here live. we're told that it could take months for these businesses to reopen and in some cases we are told it could take some structures years. reporting live in downtown napa
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i'm jodi hernandez nbc bay area news. wage equality once and for all but it's not just wage equality. >> hillary clinton speaking to a room full of techies about the increasing role of women in technology and what she would like to see. i'm scott budman. coming up tech advice and hints about a possible white house future. also, lights camera san jose. a live look at the opening night of the cinequest film festival. we'll tell you about the superhero taking center stage this evening. plus a nonprofit organization that's growing fast. the group's unconventional approach to charity. it will make you bay area proud. and good afternoon, i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. a lot of blue sky here at ocean beach, looking very fantastic. it continues right back towards the oakland hills. we'll let you know how long this continues and our next chance of rain in just a few minutes.
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we are going backwards in a field that is supposed to be all about moving forward. >> guess who's in town? hillary clinton, at a conference about women in technology. her appearance comes with a heavy dose of political speculation about a possible presidential run next year. scott budman is joining us from santa clara this evening. what's the takeaway this year? >> reporter: raj, she didn't make things official when it comes to talking about the white house but she came as close as we have heard in the past. speaking to a pack house at the santa clara convention center, 5,000 people attending the lean on conference focusing on women in technology and while clinton spoke about the need for more women in tech jobs and more equality when it comes to
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salaries, she also offered up this. >> what you do does not have to be big and dramatic. you don't have to run for office. [cheers and applause ] although if you do more power to you. >> reporter: well, there you go. as you can imagine, that fired up the crowd for the entire afternoon. now, clinton did speak a lot about women in technology. coming up at 6:00 we'll hear about that and hear from local tech executives about what they thought of her words. reporting live in santa clara, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> always interesting when it comes to hillary clinton. thank you, scott. a hand up not a hand out. teaching the needy to help themselves. >> how do you do it? one nonprofit thinks they have a successful working model.
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>> janelle, as you will learn in a moment three years ago the nonprofit hired a tech executive to take over and their budget has grown five fold in that time and they think the community they are creating others will want to be a part of. >> as i interact with the kids, i ask them all, what are you doing this summer? >> reporter: a funny thing about trying to teach someone a lesson is that every once in a while you learn one yourself. it happened to janice baron 18 years ago when a lesson she hoped to teach her children revealed to her a new way to help those in need of a hand. something she now calls sunday friends. >> it's a combination of learning and service. >> reporter: it was in 1997 that janice, a lifelong volunteer, took her three teenagers to a local homeless shelter to teach them about giving back. janice and her kids tried
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engaging the homeless children with games and crafts with limited success. but then looking around the trash-filled property janice had an idea. >> i turned to the child next to me and i said i'll give you a sticker for each piece of trash that you put into the trash can. that was the formative moment. >> reporter: what was born then has not stopped growing. now at three san jose locations, sunday friends works with hundreds of low-income families a year. the stickers now gone replaced by tickets. parents and their children earn the tickets any number of ways participating in classes, writing letters of thanks to donors working on projects that benefit other nonprofits. the list goes on. at the end of the day, those tickets are redeemable in the store for the things families both need and want.
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the secret to all of this is that while earning, the families are learning about parenting, about health and perhaps, most importantly, self-relying. >> we work together side by side as equals to give back to the community. >> we're also impacting new volunteers. >> reporter: for 25 years, ali was a silicon valley tech executive. he learned about sunday friends after his son volunteered here and three years ago took over as executive director with big plans. >> if this program is good for this community, it's got to be good for other communities. >> reporter: and once they do try it sunday friends believe they will learn the lesson janice learned long ago, that the best kind of charity isn't actually charity at all. we should say, full disclosure janice is the mother of one of our producers here at the station, for full disclosure i
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didn't learn that until i was doing the story. >> such a unique concept but it's so successful. it works great. >> yeah. and you noticed when you were watching the video, it is hopping in there. there's a lot of people doing a lot of activities. that sunday is filled with activities. >> great story. thank you, garvin. >> thank you garvin. jeff ranieri, our chief meteorologist, is joining us. >> right. sunshine and nothing but clear skies. that was sparked off today by the northerly wind flow. napa, up to 73 degrees. alamo, 72. danville 72. walnut creek, 70. check out these clear skies. right now, 63 across the north bay. east bay at 66 and for the south bay, 62. for tomorrow morning, you know look i think we're going to start off mainly clear across the bay area but we may have a few areas of patchy fog across
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san francisco and the peninsula. the bottom line it will also start off cold. 37 for the average in the north bay. 39 in the east bay and also expecting 43 in the south bay. let's look at the microclimate forecast as we head throughout wednesday. it's going to be another mild day. san jose going up to 71 degrees for the peninsula, 62 in pacifica and palo alto 70 degrees. most of san francisco, 63. downtown expecting 66. for the north bay, east bay and tri-valley it looks like one of the warmest locations is napa at 72 degrees. oakland, 66. right here across the tri-valley we go with 72 in pleasanton. let's look at the forecast. you can see generally through tomorrow it's all about a mild north wind helping to keep sunny skies in place. by thursday's forecast high pressure offshore still keeps mild weather in place. as we head throughout friday here's the change.
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upper area of low pressure dropping down from the pacific northwest. it's going to cool temperatures down and also give us a few showers. but that is the problem. it's moving from the northwest across the land and eventually down towards california by saturday and early sunday. so it's not picking up a whole lot of moisture from the pacific. so we're not going to see a big chance of major rainfall. right now, totals from this about .05 of an inch. dry weather on wednesday and thursday. colder here by friday in san jose. we'll go from 70 down to 64. and we'll continue that chance of showers again through saturday. i think a few residual showers may get left over for sunday's forecast but by the afternoon we'll have drying conditions as well. so beautiful weather the next two days and then you may need the umbrella for a little bit and by a little bit, i mean exactly that. just a little bit. >> thanks for the disclosure. still ahead, take a look at
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this. the reason the pilot of this plane came in for a belly landing. and not so fast. there's a chance that plastic bags will not be phased out here in california. and hollywood comes to san jose. we are live on the red carpet and cinequest. a preview of the film festival coming up.
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it could take several days for investigators to determine what caused this deadly fire in sunnyvale. at this time, they believe it's probably accidental. the flames were so high firefighters battled to keep them from spreading to other homes. they found a body inside. neighbors say a man in his 70s lived there. one of the runways at san jose international is back open after a small engine plane made an emergency landing this morning around 10:30. the landing gear collapsed. three people were on board. no one was hurt and no flights were affected. the first group of protesters arrested during that demonstration on the san mateo bridge last month faced the judge today. the protest, which happened on
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martin luther king day, brought traffic to a halt for a couple of hours. in all police detained 68 people. many of them were stanford students. ten of those defendants appeared at a superior court in redwood city today. they pleaded not guilty. prosecutors say all 68 of the defendants will have their day in court by the end of march. well, it's in the bag. opponents of california's statewide ban on plastic bags have qualified to get the measure on the ballot next year. it was scheduled to be phased in this summer but now that won't happen because of this ballot measure. the ban would result in a loss of manufacturing jobs and now it's essentially up to the voters. next year, voters will decide on the issue. up next, apple honors steve jobs on what would have been his 60th birthday. stay with us.
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tonight at 6:00 it's big money. millions of dollars raised in a single day. the local startup that broke fundraising records. >> gone but not forgotten, the legendary co-founder of apple, steve jobs would have turned 60 today. current ceo tim cook said "remembering steve job who have turned 60 today. the only way to do great work is to love what you do." that quote, from jobs' stanford address in 2005. jobs died of pancreatic cancer
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in 2011. the red carpet is rolled out and san jose is buzzing. it's opening night of the 25th annual cinequest film festival. >> it gets started with a fan favorite and batkid begins that kicks things off tonight. christina loren is at the red carpet. a slice of hollywood in silicon valley. >> reporter: yes. and you know what right now, raj and janelle, we actually have the red carpet all to ourselves. the doors have not even opened just yet. i have a really special interview -- a couple interviews to get to you tonight as we head throughout opening night. i'd like to introduce you to the director and co-founder of cinequest. 25 years. that's a big milestone. >> it is. i started when i was a child, thank god. so we're so excited about the 25th. we have more passion for cinequest than ever. >> tell me a little bit about what people may have missed. maybe they've never been to cinequest before they have
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always thought about it. how do you get people off the couch and out to this fantastic film festival? >> it's an amazing experience that you can't get at home because it's connecting with people. you get a chance to see films in their repremier status and they are coming into the town to present these movies to you. you connect with the people and it's so much fun. it's incredible socialization that you can't get on your phone or television. you've got to come and just really get that vibe here. >> and you know there's some big hollywood names coming out here, including rchlosario dawson. >> that's right. star wars writer lawrence on saturday afternoon at 1:30 and then we have the legendary director john borman presenting his new film. i'm sure you've heard of
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"deliverance," "hope and glory." >> fantastic. thank you. over the course of the film festival, 7 to $8 million expected to be generated right here in the south bay. it's a fantastic festival. like i said before the doors have not yet opened. we're going to have more for you as we head throughout the 6:00 hour together. back to you, raj and janelle. >> thank you christina. she belongs on the red carpet. >> i know. she looks so glamorous. you look beautiful. and the weather is going to be nice tonight, right, jeff? >> yeah. we've going to have some 60s, no chance of rain. yeah. it's going to look perfect here. >> it's good movie weather. >> it is. >> a few showers coming our way as we head throughout friday and saturday with low to mid-60s and then on sunday drier weather returns. smooth sailing at least for the next few days. >> it looks very nice. thanks for joining us at 5:00. "nightly news" with lester holt is next. >> see you at 6:00. good night, folks.
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on the broadcast tonight, disaster on the tracks. another commuter train plows into a vehicle in its path. tonight passengers critically injured and the fiery impact. out of control. this relentless record cold. when will it end? crippling conditions on the roads north to south. sudden explosionhatters a quiet neighborhood and blows a home to bits. a terrifying moment caught on camera. to the jury, closing arguments of the "american sniper" trial in texas. we're there live. and mystery in the sky. who was buzzing paris landmarks from the eiffel tower to the u.s. embassy with drones in the dead of night, and why? "nightly news" begins now. >> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york,


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