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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  March 4, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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her and then the cars crashed. either way, one person was sent to the hospital, and the backup right now is huge. traffic backed up for miles. won't be getting better any time soon. the chp says at least maybe 7:00 before they open the lanes. possibly a little bit earlier at 6:30. two cars involved in this. the people inside involved in the shooting. again, one person is shot. that person is taken to the hospital. at this point the condition of the victim is still unknown. the motive also unknown. it happened about two hours ago, 4:00. the investigation taking place near the broadway off ramp. we're talking eastbound interstate 580 still going away from the city. two lanes at 580 broadway blocked, and at this point it's going to be a couple of hours before they reopen again. we'll keep you posted on the situation there on 580. now to a developing story overseas. a u.s. ambassador with bay-area ties is in the hospital after being slashed in the face by an attacker. mark lippert, the ambassador to
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south korea, was attacked by a man with a razor blade following a public forum in seoul. his injuries are not life-threatening. south korean tv says the suspect is known and has a record. the suspect is said to be against joint u.s.-south korean military drills. lippert attended sanford university. new at 6:00 tonight, it's the sex discrimination case that's captured the attention of silicon valley. the high-profile venture capital firm of kleiner perkins is being sued by one of its former junior partners. ellen pow wants $16 million. she says she was repeatedly passed over for promotions because she's a woman. nbc bay area's mark matthews is in san francisco where the trial is heading into its biggest day so far. >> reporter: it will be a big day. ellen pow due to take the stand,
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an mba from harvard, a lawyer from harvard who also holds an electronics engineering degree from princeton who joined the venture capital firm pack in 2005 and she's going to be taking the stand tomorrow. on stand today the man she was work for, john doerr. john doerr clearly didn't want his picture taken as he walked into court today hiding behind a staffer who tried to block news cameras. the la suit is being brought by the woman doerr mentored at the firm. ellen pow is being portrayed by her lawyers as a woman who outperformed male peers but was passed over promotion to general partner. kleiner perkins' defense has been that she was dismissive of subordinates, lacked interpersonal skills to work with others and was not trusted by the firm's hierarchy. cameras are being kept out of the courtroom, but case is being covered minute by minute on twitter and on blogs. on the stand today john doerr said he differed from his
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partners when he under out -- 60% of venture capitalists are women and doerr said at his firm it's 20%. pow filed the lawsuit due to sexual harassment and five months later fired and added the retaliation claim. she's become the interim ceo at the news media site reddit. the seventh graders saw the case today on the stand and. >> this is a case about sex discrimination and something they all know about. >> reporter: tomorrow will be the most watched day of this closely watched trial. reporting from san francisco, mark matthews nbc, bay area news. >> okay, mark we'll keep you
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posted on what's happening with that trial. developing news that should have soccer fans cheering. in the last hour word began trickling out that major league soccer has struck a deal to avert a strike meaning that the san jose earthquakes new stadium will get that proper kickoff. nbc bay area's robert honda joins us from san jose and what the deal means for players, fans and the city of san jose as well. >> reporter: well jessica i believe i heard a big sigh of relief coming from the san jose earthquakes facility here at the new stadium the sound could have come from the nearby airport, but in any case any deal that averted a strike and kept the regular season on track is probably considered good news for all concerned. the san jose earthquakes conducted practice today. the team declined to comment on the possible player strike over pay and especially free agency. players insisted their focus was on the scheduled season open they are weekend in dallas. >> we've got just a few days until our opening game so right now we're just fine tuning
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things. got our fitness in the last few weeks and have been training really hard and now trying to fine tune. >> reporter: late this evening around 5:00 p.m. reports came from the talks between the owners and players union that the deal been reached. david gold a former earthquake and team community ambassador said it was important that the earthquakes maintained the community enthusiasm generated by the new stadium and also crucial that players feel they are paid what they are worth. >> the players are your product, and you want your players happy, and we are living in silicon valley where it's expensive so players, you know obviously, wherever you work and whatever you have you want to maximize your income potential. that's all the players are doing is looking after each other. >> reporter: again, details about the new -- of the new deal are still a little bit sketchy, but numerous reports indicate that the players got a raise in the salary cap as well as limited free agency. maybe not enough to satisfy both sides but enough to keep the fans happy. live in san jose, robert honda,
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nbc bay area news. >> thank you, robert. scary moment at an oakland 7-eleven store when a car crashed through the front door. it happened at the store on piedmont avenue near ridgeway just before noon. an employee says an elderly driver was behind the wheel. >> she drove past on the shelves and everything and she got terrified, too i guess, and immediately came and the police came and took her out. >> reporter: no customers in the store at the time and no one was hurt. police are investigating the cause of this crash. a big win for the city of sunnyvale and a showdown over gun rights. a controversial ordinance was upheld banning the people in the city from owning high capacity ammunition magazines. marianne favro joins us live. >> reporter: i spoke with the former mayor of sunnyvale today
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and he says he's very glad to see that the court ruled to let the law stand but is facing legal batles that will make their way all the way up to the supreme court. sunnyvale voters approached measure c in 2013 considered the most restrictive gun control law. a key part of the law bans anyone from owning gun magazines capable of holding more than ten rounds. today a federal appeals court in san francisco ruled the controversial law is constitutional. the former mayor who spearheaded efforts for measure said it's a victory for sunnyvale. >> we feel confident that what we proposed was good common sense provision and good law, and i think good law always prevails. >> reporter: an attorney representing the nra pledged an appeal to the supreme court and issued this statement saying an appeal of this decision is already being prepared in addition to a separate lawsuit on preemption grounds that will be filed against sunny vail
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within the week. california already has a state law banning the sale of high capacity magazines, but sunnyvale's law is even more restrictive because it makes it illegal to even possess them. they believe today's court decision will encourage other cities to enact similar gun control laws. >> i think cities are looking to see how this guys and if this keeps going the way it goes i think we'll see these types of provisions prevail in all the other cities. >> reporter: both san francisco and mountainview are now pursuing similar gun control ordinances. reporting live in sunnyvale, marianne favro nbc bay area news. >> thanks mary ann. a drug resistant bacteria has now been found at seed ears sinai in l.a. four patients have been infected and one has died and another 46
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have been exposed. they are linking the exposure to a device to look for digestive issues. a little insect is causing big worries in the north bay. the pest has the potential to ruin entire crops, and it's now been spotted in marin county. nbc bay area jody hearn kids shows -- jodi hernandez shows us what's being done. >> everything is starting to bloom and a good time to be in the garden. >> reporter: while planting season is kicking into gear those with a green thumb in marin county want to be on the lookout for a dangerous pest. >> about that big, about the same size and shape as a vitamin. >> reporter: marin county ag inspector eric richardson made an alarming find last week while inspecting a shipment of plants from ventura county. this live adult glassy-winged sharp shopper. >> it was on a five gallon mother fern and it was moving
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around just a little bit, and i got lucky because it tried to hide from me instead of fly away and that gave me an opportunity, one chance to give it a catch and i got it. >> reporter: now the county's department of agriculture is spreading the word. they want everyone to be on lookout for the insect. not only does it suck 200 to 300 times its weight in water out of its host plant, it spreads deadly disease to crops, including grapes. >> a bunch of diseases that could cause millions of dollars to the citrus industry, the wine industry, the oleander industry rose industry, and as i mentioned they are not pickingy. >> reporter: inspectors are placing sticky traps out in the county and those in the nursery business are being cautious. >> there's an emotional connection to plants so the idea that something could come and disrupt a whole crop of anything is terrible. >> reporter: in marin county jodi hernandez, nbc "bay area news." >> still ahead years of planning have finally come to
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this. the big step forward for the plans to bring b.a.r.t. to the south bay. >> some facebook friends are given an opportunity to turn their love for horse racing into a real investment one that seems to be paying off big time. that story of how they all turned into race horse owners. and good evening, i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri from our weather underground camera tonight, a beautiful sunset in half moon bay, and this warming and clear trend will continue. who will reach 76 degrees tomorrow in just a few minutes.
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time is ticking for apple. the tech giant is getting ready to announce its plans for the apple watch. the signs and construction are popping up in downtown san francisco. tech insiders say we'll find out new details about apple's smartwatch on monday. it's expected to start selling
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for around $350 but it could go up for thousands of dollars. it will be available for sale to the rest of us sometime later this month. it's happened again. another smash and grab at a high-end electronics store in san francisco. police say thieves broke into the store called music lovers audio and video on bush street early this morning. they made off with electronics worth thousands of dollars. the store owner says this is the second time it's happened here. just yesterday he had a new security system installed. a witness who wanted to remain off camera told us he saw both breakins. >> this time i saw the bat. he was swinging it and hitting that window hard. bam, bam, and the glass led go and had gloves on and a black hoodie on and started handing stuff off to the other guy. >> last friday burglars broke into another electronics store less than a mile half a mile away. police are looking into whether these break-ins are connected. >> new at 6:00 tonight, what started off as a facebook dream
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has now turned into a horse racing reality. nbc bay area's kimberly terry is showing us how a few dozen facebook friends found a way to do more than just bet on the ponies >> reporter: horse's principal owner from the south bay says as soon as he saw metaboss he knew he had something special, a talented horse with a big heart and wanted to share his experience of ownership with others. knowing this horse is going places. on the trail to the triple crown, this 3-year-old colt is making quite a name for himself. >> when you get involved in a sport like this you don't -- you -- you stay optimistic and that you're going to have a good horse but this is beyond our dream. >> reporter: on valentine's day he won the el camino derby at golden gate field. he'll compete late they are month in kentucky. >> i think if he wins that race he definitely deserves a changes to -- to show his stuff at churchill downs. >> reporter: but if winning big is in this horse's future they will have to make some room in the winner's circle.
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>> you could have kept him all to yourself. >> yeah. >> reporter: but you didn't. >> no. it's not fun being in the winner's circle by yourself. >> reporter: the facebook group the homeless handicappers, a bunch of race horse enthusiasts from around the country and canada had taken special interest in the horse so when his owners decided to sell shares of the horse, 30 people pounced. >> $300 per share, so some people have one share and some people have more than one. i have like 1% of the horse so what a ride. >> great job, great job. >> reporter: owning a race horse isn't something most of these guys would be able to do on their own, but as a group they now have a chance to be more than just fans when the gates open at the track. >> you know what it was? it was people could get in because it was affordable. >> we weren't trying to hustle anybody. we just wanted to get people in to understand what it means to own a piece of the franchise. >> i did it to have some fun. i was hoping we had a healthy horse that could run for a long time, and, you know that i could go watch him run and have
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a nice day at the races, and i never thought he would develop into such a nice horse so quickly. >> reporter: the horse lives in santa ana in southern california and owners have received several offers from buyers but so far refuse to sell saying they think the ownership of this horse is part of its magic? >> that is a neat story. thanks. well an east bay city is buzzing about a big change. pleasanton will allow people who live there to keep bees in the backyard. the city council got rid of a ban dating back to 1929 which outlawed backyard beekeeping. people living in pleasanton has up to two hives as long as they get a permit and that costs $150. >> the extension into the south bay is still on track and they have reached another major milestone. crews have installed the first set of tracks for bta b.a.r.t.'s extension. approximately more than 10,000
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feet of rail is in the ground. all of the materials used for the truck installation were sourced in the u.s. and made of 99% recycled material. >> okay. let's get a check of our forecast now. lots of blue skies and nice temperatures. here's chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. >> definitely has been gorgeous down here. can you see on our weather underground, camera here. free conditions today and direct northerly wind really was the primary reason why we saw any kind of fog that would try to form on the coastline and just leave us. let's go ahead and jump into tomorrow's forecast. we'll push right past tonight. temperatures tomorrow will stay mild. if you like today, there's no reason why you're not going to love tomorrow. 47 for the average in the north bay and tri-valley 73 and also for the south bay looking at 73 and sunny skies. let's take you into the trend, and what you're going to see across the bay area as we head throughout next couple of days is the fact that the weather is going to get warmer for the south bay. 76 degrees expected as we head
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throughout the forecast and, again, sunny skies, also going to stay for your sunday as well. overall looks like saturday will be the warmest as we get a look here at san francisco going up to 73 degrees. by sunday some slight cooling and 71. for the north bay east shore and also the tri-valley this is where temperatures will be riding the most. heading up to wine country this upcoming weekend, looks fantastic. close to 80 degrees in march. 77 there for your saturday forecast and 76 by sunday. for the east shore we're looking at 75 by saturday and the tri-valley also the mid to upper 70s. so we want to get a little more perspective on the wild weather. of course, 16 is now where we should be on sunday in the north bay. in fact it's been way out of whack the past couple of months. february, the average high was 66.5 degrees. that was 7.7 degrees warmer than our typical average for the month. rain 1.77 we're in a drought, that's below where we should be.
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fewest rain days ever with just two the past month. as we head throughout march, we're expecting an average temperature of 62.9. rainfall should be around 4.59. way off the mark on that. temperatures obviously not around the 60s, and in terms of rainfall we do have rain days coming our way, but it does not look like it will be able to catch the average. rain days are the 11th, 12th and the 15th is in there, too. keep an eye on this forecast. we'll have more coming up in 25 minutes. >> thanks jeff. >> up next, a culinary close call. the high-profile restaurant where fire crews were called out early this morning. also -- >> it makes me feel real good that there's several other people that would be helped. when i thought i was only going to help one person. >> thought she was helping out a friend but the giving is going much farther. the chain reaction that organ donating that's set to break a record this week.
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it got a little too hot near micheline star res in san francisco. a fire broke out below the restaurant in nob hill. crews had to break down the garage door to get to the fire. they were able to put the fire out before it damaged the restaurant or apartments above. the restaurant hopes to reopen tomorrow. >> a kidney transplant procedure is set to begin in the bay area. it's a six-way kidney donation
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chain, and it will happen at the california pacific medical center in san francisco tomorrow. the complex procedure doctors will operate on six couples from the bay area in central valley. the donors and recipients include three parents and a child pair. one sibling pair and one brother and sister-in-law pair. >> i'm excited. i'm not nervous about the surgery at all. i'm really excited because i know that there's a life out there that's going to be extended. >> the procedure will take two days. it's a largest kidney donation chain on the west coast. >> donation to facebook to menlo park fire fighters isn't only generous but could save lives. facebook recently donated $300,000 to the district. fire fighters are spending some of the money on high-tech thermal imaging cameras. the cameras will help fire fighters find people trapped inside burning buildings. it will also allow fire crews to
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videotape their fire fights and watch and review their work. the fire chief says the department wouldn't have been able to buy this advance equipment without facebook's donation. still ahead, high level exec execsexec execs who could be feeling the pain of cost culting. >> a new plan for the bay bridge lights and the big donor who helped make it possible. >> also -- >> this plaza in san jose may soon have a new look. i'm michelle robinson. coming up hear from business owners who are worried that they are going to be pushed out.
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we have an update on our breaking news. several lanes are still closed after an accident and shooting on i'd be 580 in oakland. the shot by our nbc chopper. two cars are involved there. authorities say it will be at least another half hour before the lanes reopen. all of this happened around 4:00 this afternoon near the broadway on ramp off eastbound 580. police say one person was shot and rushed to the hospital. no word on their condition. the motive also unknown at this time. of course, we'll continue to follow this breaking news story and updates. you can also find updates on >> a much loved shopping center may be in for big changes. the parking plaza has new owners tonight and more now live from the center in san jose.
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some people think it's going to lose its charm but others say it needs a facelift. >> reporter: yeah. that's right. still a lot of speculation surrounding project. the developer hasn't released any details about what they plan but a lot of business owners here are worried that they are going to be pushed out. country wood furniture is called cambrian park plaza hope for 25 years. >> everybody knows everybody kind of here. >> reporter: mike wilson says in the midst of these crowded south bay streets the shopping center has maintained its smalltown charm. >> i would hate to see something that's just another monster shopping center. >> reporter: wilson fears a facelift and increasing rents would force him to relocate. weingarten reality is the new property owner and they haven't shared details about the future of cambrian plaza. >> it's going to create a lot of jobs and business and revenue
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which is a lot of good things. >> reporter: critics worry new shops and attractions would also bring more congestion to already crowded roads. >> i don't think we could take the traffic. i think we're getting really overpopulated. >> reporter: rick oliver says after 50 years of wear and tear he doesn't mind some upgrades at cambrian plaza but worries his favorite hangout will close the doors. >> we got everything here nice. >> reporter: and it's that nice and old time fear that wilson is hoping to keep. >> it's unique and one of the last ones that has that feel. >> i spoke with the san jose planning department. currently this property is zoned for commercial use, but if they do keep enough retail there could be discussions about adding housing here but still those conversations with a long way off. reporting live in san jose michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, michelle. >> want to show you one of four suspects arrested for a string burglaries in san jose. this is 19-year-old marco cotes.
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investigators say he's connected to six break-ins in the evergreen neighborhood that. area has had more than 29 break-ins just in the last month. the three other suspects at this point have not been publicly identified. >> case closed. the justice department announced today it will not prosecute a ferguson missouri police officer for the shooting death of an unarmed black teenager. attorney general eric holder says there is no evidence disproving officer darren wilson's story that he shot and killed michael brown in self-defebruary. announcement comes even though the justice department released a scathing report this week against the police department in ferguson. the report found officers do discriminate against african-american residents. >> our investigation shows that ferguson police officers routinely violate the fourth amendment in stopping people without reasonable suspicion, arresting them without probably cause and using unreasonable force against them. >> the justice department launched an investigation into ferguson after angry protests
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were held across the country sparked by the michael brown shooting. this afternoon the mayor of ferguson says he's already taking steps to correct this problem. >> former congresswoman and shooting rampage survivor gabby giffords is pushing for stronger gun control laws. in washington, d.c. today she called for expanded background checks on all gun sales. the new bill hopes to close loopholes that now allow people to buy firearms at gun shows and online without going through a background check. supporters say it's an easy way for criminals and the mentally ill to get their hands on deadly weapons. representative mike thompson from vallejo says the bill could save lives. >> background checks are our first line of defense against dangerous people people who shouldn't have guns from getting those guns. >> as you may remember giffords was shot and nearly killed four years ago during a meet and greet event in arizona. >> crisis averted. the department of homeland security is officially funded through september.
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president obama signed the bill this afternoon and thanked congress for making it happen. it wasn't easy. for months republicans have threatened to stop funding homeland security to force president obama to reverse his executive order on immigration, but in the end gave in because of rising terrorism concerns. >> new at 6:00 tonight, a live look at the bay bridge where for the last two years more than 300,000 l.e.d. lights have added some extra pizzazz to the bridge. the art institute has attracted viewers from around the world and now it's about to go dark sort of. >> reporter: certainly nothing dull or mundane about san francisco's waterfront or its stoic bay bridge stretching out to treasure island, but over the last two years. >> it just lifts everybody's spirit. >> reporter: as the sun goes down and the moon comes out the same nighttime view has had an extra sparkle. >> best part of it is watching the reaction of the guests that
6:34 pm
are here as they look at the lights on the bridge. >> reporter: from the waterfront restaurant general manager pete sitnik has watched people watch the bay lights. >> the enthusiasm and the energy in their faces as they light up. >> reporter: but on friday morning as the sun comes up the bay lights will go down for the last time at least for now. >> on march 5th the bay lights reach the end of its two-year run. >> the art installation envisioned by ben davis created by the artist has caused people to stop and gaze at the working man's bridge. >> it will leave a 1.8 mile hole in the mile of san francisco. >> reporter: good news is the hole in the sky will eventually sparkle again. you see, davis' group illuminate the arts is taking down the lights to make way for bridge maintenance at the end of the permitted run but following the nearly year long hiatus it will be reinstalled for the bay area to host the 2016 super bowl.
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>> the lights will become a permanent fixture. >> reporter: once the lies are reinstalled the group plans to turn over the control to caltranz keeping them burning for the foreseeable future and to pay for the work the group had to raise $4 million in private funds which caught the attention of a philanthropist tad taube. >> i couldn't believe that the incredible lighty was going to be gone. >> reporter: so he dug deep deep into his pockets and kicked in 2 million. after funding operas and charities and museums he says the permanent loss of the light would leave the hole in the heart of the bay. >> probably of all the philanthropic projects that i've ever been involved if i would guess that this one has to impact the lives of more people. >> still to come even temporary darkness is difficult to imagine. >> well, we know we'll have some challenges because people are going to come in and they will expect that the lights will still be there. >> reporter: and so he'll join his customers gazing into the
6:36 pm
night knowing the stars of the bay bridge will sparklerisotto, jr. >> tomorrow night a sendoff celebration will be held on the embarcadero on bay bridge at 7:30 followed by a sunrise ceremony. >> a litter of puppies found dumped in a pleasant hill park are now up for adoption. today east bay animal rescue held an open house to meet the pups. back in january a dog walker discovered the three terrier pups tied up in a bag and left in a park trash can. police are still looking for the person who abandoned these adorable animals. >> super cute. >> oh, my goodness so popular. everybody wants one. >> up next reopening the case. why the dealt of buddy holly is getting a new investigation. >> also someone stole his prosthetic leg and help is on the way to get the hopeful olympic hopeful back on track. plus -- >> the first day of testimony in the boston marathon bombing
6:37 pm
trial and a stunning admission from the defense. i'm chris pallone live in boston with that story coming up.
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another story for bay area startups. san francisco bay next doors has raised $110 million in new funding. next door is a private social network that allows neighbors to talk about power outages, break-ins, anything that's happening in their neighborhoods and allows the whole group to connect. the new funds will be used to bank roll next door's nationwide expansion. the company is now valued at more than $1 billion. it's a $500,000 salary is it enough? several assembly members think so and want to put a cap on the salaries of uc executives. they would cap pay for the
6:40 pm
university of california employees at half a million dollars. right now about 300 employees make more than that. if approved the bill would save the uc system $80 million a year. assembly members say it's a necessary move to account for budget cuts. students are already facing tuition hikes of 28% over a five-year period. >> well concern over dangerous superbugs now has mcdonald's making changes to its own menu. world's biggest restaurant chain plans to stop selling chicken raised using human antibiotics. scientists and public health experts have long warned that the use of antibiotics will lead to more drug resistant bacteria and it will phase out the hormone-infused chicken over the next two years. >> if you like today's weather it's going to get better. >> can i go home right? carbon copy. >> repeat the next few days. >> no kidding. a few little details in there we do want to share with you coming up in the full forecast. right now a look at the moon tonight. it is fabulous. we'll talk more about the 70s
6:41 pm
hand here's the hook, lady. who is going to be the warmest, and who is going to hit 78 degrees? we'll have that for you in just a few minutes.
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a bombing shell today in the boston marathon bombing trial. during the opening statement it became clear that the defense isn't arguing guilt or innocence. instead it's focusing simply on keeping dzhokhar tsarnaev from being killed for his crimes. nbc's chris pallone is live. very dramatic. >> reporter: you're right. it was a dramatic. a gasp moment in court today that the defense is worried that they are less concerned about acquitting dzhokhar tsarnaev of the charges against him but
6:44 pm
keeping him from the death penalty. >> reporter: it was him, that statement from not prosecutors but the defense attorneys. judy clarke admitted her client's role in the april 2013 bombing that killed three people and injured more than 250 near the marathon's finish line. many analysts expected the defense to focus efforts on keeping tsarnaev from being put to death if the jury were to convict him but not to plainly admit his role in the bombings. clarke asked jurors to keep an open mind implicating his older brother tamerlan tsarnaev as the mastermind who coerced him into helping. the defense's lasted only 20 minutes, prosecutors took an hour painting a vivid picture of the bombings. william wineeinreb said he carried a backpack and in it a bomb that is designed to tear through
6:45 pm
flesh. also in the courtroom many bombing victims and their families. they watched intently as prosecutors called witness after witness most setting the scenes when the bombs went off and their lives changed forever. this witness said she saw victim crystal campbell dead on the ground. jurors were seen recoiling at the most graphic parts. security is tight outside the federal courthouse with boats patrolling boston harbor and bomb-sniffing dogs passing passing traffic and prosecution witnesses continue testimony thursday. prosecutors called a total of six witnesses and five of them victims of the boston marathon woman and with the defense strategy they did not cross-examine any of those five victims. live in boston chris pallone, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, chris.
6:46 pm
more than 50 years after a plane crash killed three music stars federal investigators may reopen the case. a new england man has petitioned the ntsb to review the crash that killed buddy holly, ricciardi valenz and the big bopper. the initial investigation blamed pilot error and snowy weather for the 1959 crash. after reading the petition the ntsb responded by saying it will look into these claims. the man believes the new investigation will show that the pilot acted heroically during that flight. >> nasa is going to fix a little problem 150 million miles away. the short circuit has sidelined the mars rover curiosity at least for a few days. the robot was moving rock powder to a container when something went wrong. nasa engineers are running tests to try to figure out what happened to rover. the rover curiosity landed on mars back in 2012. the craft helped uncover evidence that the red planet may have supported life at one time but for now a little bit of a glitch. >> back here on earth lots of
6:47 pm
life going on here especially in the bay area. i wish i got outside. didn't even neighboring outside. >> oh, no, that's torture. >> yeah. >> seriously. >> tomorrow meteorologist orders, you get outside. >> thanks jeff. >> it's going to be awesome again. you can see our sky camera here in san francisco, it looks so beautiful and kind of focusing on this picture. a lot of clear skies and fog-free conditions in downtown. a little bit of haze back off in the distance. that's what's setting off the color here and all in all a beautiful night. temperatures dropping off into the 60s and clear skies across the peninsula and for the south bay. let's take it right into tomorrow morning's forecast and what you will see is mainly a clear start for tomorrow for the east bay peninsula. temperatures in the east bay at 38 and head over to the north bay and that's where we may still have patchy fog and temperatures that will be slightly cooler than the east bay dropping down to 36 degrees. we had mainly a north wind for today. did keep any kind of fog away and also brilliant sunshine here
6:48 pm
throughout the bay area, but the key in the forecast for tomorrow is the winds are going to shift more offshore. just a change from the northerly wind to easterly wind is going to be enough to pop up our temperatures. once again that easterly wind cuts off any kind of cool pacific air and helps our temperatures to warm. here is how incredible it's going to be for tomorrow. 73 degrees in san jose. down to morgan hill. you had low 72s today. we think you're going to jump up to 76. at the coastline pacifica 69 degrees. that's mild. we should be right at about 60 for this time of the year. san francisco right along the marina 70 degrees and for soma downtown low 72s. for the north bay, east bay and the tri-valley go over to napa. 75 degrees. santa rosa 73 and for the east bay oakland at 72. lafayette jumping up to 71. for the tri-valley 74 in danville and for livermore expecting 70 degrees and sunny skies, but it gets even more warmer than that. remember we talked about the possibility of 78 degrees.
6:49 pm
this is where your best chance is going to be across the tri-valley. by sunday it looks like that's when we could see temperatures some 14 degrees above average. by monday and tuesday we'll begin to see temperatures drop on down. let's take you to the extended forecast and don't worry san jose, mid-11s coming your way. looks like by saturday warmer weather and 76 degrees and even slight cooling. not going to see too much of a change and on monday move clouds and 70 degrees. san francisco expecting the 70s. on thursday friday friday sunday, and monday we'll see things cool off to 69 and a few clouds. sunny beach weather mixed in i've done the work for you. check it out. santa cruz looks like the best weather. not extremely warm on the coastline. 73 degrees and just right in between. good enough if you still know where the bathing suit is you probably do with the weird weather lately. hop in the water. 72 degrees air temperature or just lay out in that.
6:50 pm
>> or just go get a new swimsuit. >> probably get it on clearance. >> thanks, jeff. >> sure. >> still ahead, the local athlete now battling to overcome the work of thieves as he races towards an olympic dream. we'll be right back. in our house, we do just about everything online. and our old internet just wasn't cutting it. so i switched us from u-verse to xfinity. they have the fastest, most reliable internet. which is perfect for me, because i think everything should just work. works? works. works! works? works. works.
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a mysterious find under the is a. microsoft co-founder paul allen says he's found a world war ii era battleship 70 years after it sank. the video shows the wreckage. it's a japanese battleship that
6:53 pm
was discovered over the weekend in the waters off the philippines. experts are eager to review the ships's identity. the u.s. forces sank the battleship in 1944 killing 1,200 man, half the ship's crew. let's get to sports now. we have a happy ending to a story we brought you, a bay-area olympic hopeful, right? >> yeah. well let's hope that there's a happy ending in rio de janiero. you know last night, as you said, we brought you the story of ron steiner who had his prosthetic leg stolen on his 24th birthday. steiner is a unarer and hopes to compete on the u.s. paralympic team but that proses is obviously on hold for now. our fallon smith has more. >> we want to break the news to you. i know you coached. >> reporter: a coach never wants to hear their athlete can't practice bull ranjit steiner has a pretty good excuse.
6:54 pm
>> someone stole into his car and stole his leg. >> went out for a family dinner on monday real birthday on tuesday and wake up on my birthday with all the nice text messages and calls from my friends and i walk to my car and there's a shattered window and all my things are missing. >> it was devastating to hear that someone could do something like that. >> it's like $30,000. >> i'm fortunate enough to have sponsors really good people and coaches and in my corner who are backing me and not everybody is as fortunate as me to have the necessary equipment and be able to go out and get a new running leg to replace the stolen one. can you imagine this is the only running leg and gets stolen and they are out of the sport for good. >> although steiner's running blade is replaceable, the time he's lose on the track is not. this can take weeks to get a new one in which means a huge setback in the trainer. steiner missed out on making the
6:55 pm
u.s. team for the 2012 paralympic games in london. his dream is to run in rio in 2016. >> this is not one of those days that i'm getting better and all my teammates and competition are out there and getting back and i imagined starting a season and being excited and ready to go and ready to improve on all the progress you've made on the last four years and you come out here and you can't train. >> steiner's story has gone viral, receiving national attention, and for him it's not about being in the spotlight. it's about what that spotlight can do. >> i think the biggest thing for me personally is to get the leg bag. >> fallon smith, nbc bay area. >> fallon thank you. giants and a's locking up in spring training bottom third, buster posey taking jesse haun for a right into the left field corner.
6:56 pm
double scores two cutting the deficit to 4-2. posey is 1 for 1 on day with two rbi, but as within again 9-2 behind josh reddick's three hits in the victory. finally with a soft opening of 10,000 spectators deemed a success last saturday the earthquakes now focus on the regular season home opener. march 22nd the chicago fire visit and 18,000 strong are expected to fill the seats. >> it's a new era here and you feel like a different team when you have your own stadium and when i came here and walked into the locker room at the new coaching staff and saw that the stadium was completely finish it had gave me butterflies. i -- i really just can't wait for things to get started here. >> they actually open the regular season on the road at fc dallas this saturday and they are a very inspired bunch with the beautiful venue to play in. >> it is gorgeous. thanks so much. >> for a full half hour of bay
6:57 pm
area sports coverage watch "sportsnet central" on comcast sportsnet tonight. >> and tonight a south bay woman buys a lottery ticket and strikes is rich but now she's fighting to keep her winnings. why the store owner says she's entitled to half that money. that's tonight at 11:00 after "chicago pd." >> one more check at the forecast. good day to head to the beach. >> upper 60s to 70s. most importantly a lot of sun expected. do want to warn you tomorrow's forecast will start off cold with 36 in the north bay and san francisco 49 and for the east bay we will also be chilly with 38 degrees. for the south bay 43 and by the afternoon we will see temperatures jump up into the low 70s for the south bay, the peninsula, the east bay, 70? n san francisco and for the north bay we could have 76 degrees in napa so it's going to be a mild day for us tomorrow, and it gets even hotter for the weekend. >> very lovely jeff. thanks jeff. >> hope to see you at 11:00 tonight. >> bye, folks. >> bye-bye.
6:58 pm
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7:00 pm
the bachelor fin alley. >> the surprise twist ending exposed now on extra. extra, extra. new video. bachelor chris in tears as it all comes down to this. >> i'm excited to be in public with -- >> whitney, becca, or? plus who's the frontrunner to be the next bachelorette? >> we have our beautiful pick right here. >> that's right. now trending bobbi kristina turns 22 today as her boyfriend nick gordon sends a disturbing


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