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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  March 5, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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i like soft buns. i would buy this. this is amazing! could this be from jack in the box? definitely not jack in the box no. i'm not a big fan of jack in the box burgers and... this is really good! thanks... i guess. that is my new buttery jack with garlic herb butter melted right on. you can go classic or bacon & swiss will they melt in your mouth? you butter believe it. today the plane crash and to night the surgery. harrison ford remains in the hospital after that serious crash. >> as soon as he clipped the tree, we knew it was something wrong and not right. >> and we are hearing from the witnesses who came to the star's rescue in the critical moments. >> i'm raj mathai, broken bones and surgery, but it could have
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been worse. 72-year-old harrison ford is at ucla medical center after crash landing in a santa monica neighborhood. and cheryl hurd this story is quickly developing and what do you know? >> some know him as indiana jones and others foe him as hans solo but he is recovering in los angeles after his vintage plane crashed when his vintage plane lost power. >> ta has happened here before. >> reporter: if you look close ly at the cell phone video, you can see actor harrison ford's plane crashing just before the penmar golf course in will los angeles. >> requesting immediate return. >> reporter: it was witnessed by several people including a doctor. >> we tried to mobilize his spine and took him out to grass and laid him down. he had a significant soft tissue
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injury as you might imagine, and making sure that he is stable the. >> reporter: sources tell nbc news that he had a proeken enbroken arm, and he had a nasty gash to the head. his single engin plane crashed around 4:30. >> it had a high impact to the ground with one male victim approximately 70 years old who at the time was conscious and breathing. >> reporter: aviation exp perts know ford's reputation as a highly skilled pilot, and today it showed. >> he has all of the training, and en sewers that the aircraft is maintain and he experienced a engin failure, and he made good decisions all of the way down. >> reporter: this is not the first time that the actor who has starred in some of the most popular box office hits of all time has been involved in a crash. he was piloting a plane with an
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instructor when he crashed ten years ago, but to night his son tweeted that he was doing what he loved. it will take several weeks before they find out what caused that plane to go by. shirl cheryl hurd in the nbc newsroom. >> we will continue the follow this story on "today in the bay" and the coverage starts at 4:30 a.m. it is an active night in new york city as crews are picking up the pieces of the wreckage of laguardia airport. the ntsb is finding out what caused the delta jetliner to skid off of the runway. the plane crashed out of the chain-link fence and went into the east river. in cell phone captured the moments on the plane as the passengers scrambled to escape.
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>> you will not have to slide it but you have to slide over. sir, sir, sir, please. >> that is the evacuation where more than 100 people evacuated on to the runway and two dozen of them had minor injuries. hundreds of delayed and canceled flights as that airport, laguardia was shutdown for most of the day. >> twice within the last 48 hours, new video of another fire at an old school district building in vallejo. flames on the valley vista street. the structure was boarded up, but it is known as and homeless encampment. also a shooting south of market at the intersection of 5th and hairrrison and the victim was shot in the leg. sspd is searching for gunman at this hour, and we are looking for more details. new at 11:00, a dangerous accident involveing a city worker. kyle losha is investigating a.
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tree fell on a parks worker who was superviseing a group of tree trimmers. as the tree fell the victim tried to run away from it, but it landed on top of him. the co-workers helped the tree to help to get him out from under the tree before the paramedics arrived that. worker is identified as robert watkins shown in the video. a long time city employee has been upgraded to fair condition. well, the fight for gay rights with a silicon valley twist. a long list of companies including tech giants joined together today asking the supreme court to ask for same-sex marriage nationwide. ian ian kole is in, and what is the latest? >> well lgbt supporters are happy to know that many companies are offering support, and they are hoepg it is enough
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to influence the supreme court. >> today, 379 companies urged the supreme court to support same-sex marriage. that list includes local giants like twitter, google, facebook and apple, and even the world champion san francisco giants. wall street has signed on as well. >> i mean, who knew that wall street would come out in support of gay marriage. >> reporter: gabrielle is the board president of the lgbt sen center in san jose, and she says that the support of the companies is overwhelming. >> well, it took a long time the for us to come out of the closet in the workplace and so now, you know employers know what we can do that we are actually you know, fabulous employees. >> and the range of companies is interesting. >> reporter: attorney bill james says that the brief is sending a strong message from not only west coast tech companies, but from the conservative financial
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institutions institutions, and they stated that the same-sex marriages have improved moral productivity and they want clarification. >> ten years ago the clear rule was that we don't have to recognize the same-sex marriages, but now states going back and forth on a daily basis makes the companies unkom uncomfortable, because they can be faulted if they are not following the rules. >> thr leads up to a supreme court ruling on april 28th, where the justices will be deciding whether the constitutional lous state s tos to ban same-sex marriages. >> so here we are with the supreme court willing to consider this, you know. i think it is amazing. >> and though the supreme court will hear the arguments in april, the justices are expected to announce a ruling sometime before late june. reporting live in san jose to night, ian kole nbc bay area
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news. thank you. san jose police are seeing a trend, female street racers. this is a race from folder way on san jose near 237 and zanka road. behind the wheel two women. neighbors say they are loud and dangerous races, and they are common. the police department has been cracking down on the organized drag racing which usually takes place on sunday night. >> happening now, when the lights go down in the city. take a good look. the sparkling bay bridge lights are going away. nbc bay area's jeanne ellie has the latest. why are we unplugging? >> well raj, the permit for this insulation expires tomorrow. sunrise, the lights are going out, but this art has so many fans that people raised $4 million to bring it back permanently.
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a crowd raises tea the lights below the san francisco bay bridge to the say good-bye to the lights. >> to see the animated thing to go by it is iconic of the city. >> i can't really remember the way it was before the lights were there. >> reporter: and like so many couples, they the enjoyed basking in the bridge's glow and photographers snapped countless photos of the night sculpture, it is wa what the ill lum nis ben davis first envisioned. >> i thought it was a canvas of light. light. >> and then it had 25,000 l.e.d. lights. >> it is the digital camp fire, because it has that quality of abstract to hold everyone together, and something that people can gather around. >> reporter: when the clock ran out on the two-year permit people gathered to save it raising $4 million to make it a
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permanent installation. >> to be able to keep the piece is an honor. >> reporter: the fans have to enjoy the bay bridge in natural light for 11 months while caltrans performs maintenance, and hangs morrow bust lights. it is a bright idea that is nin the work, and the plan is to use the bay bridge lights to kickoff the celebration of superbowloupuper bowl 50. if you missed it tonight, you can be back here tomorrow night at 5:45 as the musicians will be playing music for the final time. and you can bet when it comes back, there will be a celebration. >> thank you. it appears that the 49ers star ray mcdonald will avoid criminal charge forss for the second time in a year. they say that the santa the clara district attorney's office will not file sexual assault charge, but the d.a.'s office
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says no decision has bneen made. last september after a night of drinking, mcdonald had sex with a woman who he says is consensual, but the woman says it was not. and then he was ar rested for domestic abuse, and the 49ers released him late last year. and now, the east bay jewish temple is alerting the members. temple isaiah says the lafayette police are investigating, because they have placed the accused employee on leave. they say that as the parents, ourselves, we are committed to doing what you would do under the circumstances, finding out what has or has not happened and acting quickly and appropriately. a teenager is recovering tonight after being stabbed near south bay high school. they say in east san jose in independence high, and the victim to attend the school, he is hospitalized, but he will
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survive, and the investigators are still looking for the suspect or the suspects that are involved. next at 11:00, you may not have to worry about dropping the iphone in water again. the new technology that apple is working on. >> and then it is not from the future, and it is looking like it, the sighting in the bay area createing plenty of buzz. plus -- >> oh! >> up close and personal, a family gets the surprise of a lifetime the on the african safari. >> and good evening, i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri, and it was a nice warm day across the area, and we are tracking down warm weather for tomorrow, and the details of the full moon and where where to spot the best pictures next.
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the big top will hold the biggest performers. ringling brothers is announcing that it is phasing out the elephant act. the move after years of protests and lawsuits especially by groups here in bay area. the group that owns the circus says they will focus on elephant conservation, and they will be
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phased out by 2018. what we exposed here in the bay area is now getting attention in washington, d.c. are the feds protecting whistle-blowers? our insider says no. vicki nguyen broke the story last week, and now we have a change of action. >> last week we told you about darrell whitman who is a whistle lower investigator who was so fed up he blew the whistle on his own agency and now it looks like somebody is listening. >> we are here for a serious purpose today. >> reporter: they showed up outside of the san francisco head quarters of the osha headquarters. in a show of support for darrell whitman. he has been working as a whistle bloew er investigators and the job is to look for claims of retaliation of workers who spoke out about public safety issues. >> when i found that this federal agency was abusing them
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and neglecting them, then hayed to stand up to report that. >> reporter: he says he saw a pattern of mismanagement and pressure to meet the quotas. they told him to close tout cases quickly instead of investigating them. >> and for the victims of the whistle-blowers that come to us. >> reporter: and osha says they had 16 of 562 cases were investigated which is 2.8% and nationally, the numbers are equally dismal at 2.7%. he says they should be closer to 30%. but after sharing it whitman got a call from the united states office of special council saying that the agency is looking into the claim and considering whether to take them to the office of the inspector general. he calls it a step forward. >> when we don't step up to do the right thing, it is not just us, and not just the fellow worker but the public as a
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whole that is then at risk. >> reporter: meanwhile the workers for action union want penalties for companies who penalize those who blow the whistle, and they are calling on the department of labor to clean it up. >> tay have to clean it up, and enforcing the law, and protecting the whistle-blowers and putting the executives in jail for the threatening the health and the safety of the not only workers, but the public at large. >> reporter: it is why whitman put his own career on the line to speak out for the millions of workers in safety industries like airlines and pipeline industries, and he says they depend depend on him when they raise the red flags, and right now, they are not getting the protection. >> right now, the americans are reaching out to say, this is the kind of society that we want and we teach it to the children. i mean, i keep thinking that we teach our children to be honest a and to report, you know, problems, and to work the people cooperatively and that is what we want. >> and speaking out has come at
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a cost for whitman who has turned whistle-blower himself. >> i am on ice, and i have been ordered not the talk about my work inside of the agency and here i am talking about my work inside of the agency. >> osha declined to comment about the story, but whitman has been given a notice of removal, and he says that he is encouraged that the u.s. office of the special council is taking up his case, and we will let you know what happens. >> and vicki, thank you. we will stay on it, because it is a critical issue. if you have a tip for vicki kor anyone else in the special investigative unit you can see the number on the screen or send us a e-mail directly to the and now, going to our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri, it is beautiful out there. >> and yes, it is a full moon
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across the bay area, and with the view it was beautiful out there. we have posted more photos at the website. we will take you to continued clear skies from the north bay to the east bay and to the south bay, and the thing that you are noticing across the past couple of hours is the fact that it is not as cold as it was last night. we have hotter air moving in top of california to moderate the temperatures. so it is go ging to be starting off cooler but not as chilly. 42 in the east bay, and instead of the mid-30s in the north bay, it is 39. the weather pattern, no doubt, it has been ruled by the colder air across the east coast. it is like, just jamming things up, and if it is like a conveyor belt and it stops across the east coast and once we get the cold air to move out here across
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the east, we will eventually get some changes here for us, and for right now, we are stuck with the milder weather here akcross the bay area, and as you are noticing on the ticker by wednesday or thursday, you will see the changes as the cold air is go ging to be befinally shifting out of the east. we are kind of stuck with this awesome weather. >> and san jose looking at 75 to close to 80 to morgan hill, and we will be hitting 80 in gilroy and now, out to palo alto and 75 in pacifica, and the reason that both of the temperatures are the same, and we have a dry offshore wind, and it is going to be heating up the coastline. san francisco to 70 and across the marina we will push it up to 74 an even into selma. and now into the tri-valley awesome day in the napa with santa rosa 76 and we will keep
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it down miled and 70. and above average and record-setting and how about the hottest weather of march? not quite. what you will see here is that it is hotter in march, and napa has been up to the 92 in 1914 and san jose is high as 88 on march 17th, 1914, and san francisco airport as warm as 85 in march 25th, 1952. the mild weather is going to stay with us in san jose as we head through the upcoming weekend, and the biggest change coming up in san francisco and look ging at 60s for monday and tuesday. and the biggest update on the rainfall slight chance by tuesday and wednesday and we will see what they have to offer. >> and protecting the phone from the dreaded drop in the water, and apple's next big thing for the iphone.
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okay. be honest have you done it yet? dropped the iphone in the pool or the shower or the toilet? help is on the way. apple has received a patent to make iphones waterproof.
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unlike the competitors, apple says it may make waterproofing internal rather than the protective case. no word yet on when this is available. >> well, the fewuture is here, sort of. a new car was spotted on the streets of san francisco today, and it is causing a frenzy on the social media. take a look. people are tweeting out this photo of a mercedes-benz called the f-015 or something like that, and after the photo started to trending a company rep from mercedes said it sis a self-driving concept car, and meaning it is still in the works. here is the video from the car maker, and what it looks like inside, and the reason it was on the san francisco streets is that mercedes was shooting a commercial commercial. >> and up next, is gerard mon tour cure, and what the giants are going to do without hunter pence. >> and to night on fallon hugh jackman.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ yoplait. with a smooth and creamy taste your whole family loves. don't miss yoplait's exciting new flavors -- creamy caramel and cookies 'n cream. good evening geraud moncure here in the comcast sportsnet studios. the a's will have to get started without the iron man, hunter pence out with a broken leftt forearm. the g-men are facing a squad in
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scottsdale and corey black beaned him. the pitch fractured the ulna bone and putting the heart and soul of the orange and black on the shelf before a couple of weeks into the regular season, and giants did win the game 8-6. and now, facing a tough squad, new skipper joe maddon the first game as manager, and barry zito making the cactus league start. a frame later after retiring five straight he hit a batter and then this, a two-run crusher, and this is going to end though in a 2-2 tie. >> the 49ers are banking that darnell dockett has something will left in the tank to go after quarterbacks. he inked a new deal, and the soon to be 34-year-old sat out last year with a torn acl.
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and oakland native maurice jones-drew, the de la salle grad announced his retirement from the nfl finishing with 1,848 carries, and in eight seasons with jacksonville, and one with the raiders. and now, stanford and asu teetering on the ncaa tourney bubble. and mckissic right behind the shot that falls. the the sun devils up late on a 18-6 run. and nouw, chasson randle is clutching the three-pointer, and johnny dawkins' squad has life. and now, the steal the and the lane and the foul, and arizona state goes on the win 67-62. and finally stanford is strolling into the fifth-ranked arizona with steve ker's jersey hanging in the rafters.
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looking at this wicked one-handed jam, and that type of night for the golden bears. t.j. mcconnell and the alley-oop to kaleb tar czeski, and they win big clinching the pac-12 title. and now, cal has dropped 4 of 5 after winning five straight. that is it for sports. more
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they pay for a regular african safari, but they got a extra bonus. sheer a clue. always remember to the lock your car doors. >> ah! is it locked? >> did you see that? that is a lion looking right into the car. this is a family that shot this amazing video at a safari park. and the lion just walked up to the car and opened up the door with the mouth. they quickly shut the door, and locked the door. >> seems cute until you realize it is happening. lock the doors. >> thank you for joining us. we will see you back here tomorrow. >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- hugh jackman tiffani thiessen


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