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tv   Early Today  NBC  March 30, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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survival -- we will be in recess. that's all for today. we're back next week. because if it's sunday, it's "meet the press." test. coming up on "early today." a harrowing scene caught on tape a firefighter falls through the roof of an ungufld building causing a mayday alert. iran putting its foot down with america over nuclear talks as negotiations approach tomorrow's deadline. it's scary hard landing for passengers aboa canadair bus a320. plus new details about the pilot who killed 149 people in the lufthansa crash and much more ahead on this monday march 30th. "early today" starts right now. good morning. i'm milissa rehberger. the video is heart stopping. a california firefighter is clinging to life after falling through a burning garage. a warning, the images you're about to see are graphic. the tape shot by a neighbor started out as normal with fire
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on the scene of a two-alarm house fire in fresno then a firefighter scales the one-story garage. he is walking and all of a sudden the roof collapse. >> oh, my god. >> oh, my god. >> after a terrifying eight seconds, the camera pans back as firefighters spring into action. they hacked spot garage with axes. after almost three minutes he was pulled out. this morning the firefighter remains in critical condition with burns on 70% of his body. investigators call the difficulty unprecedented of the grim search under way for bodies and the second black box from the cash of the germanwings passenger jet. pope francis took timoon the biggest day of the calendar palm sunday to remember the victims. that as we learn more about
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their final moemts.ments. nbc's katy tur reports. he first realized his dreams of flight. friends who flew with him say it was clear he had a love for the sky. what's still not clear, though is why he would crash a plane carrying 149 others into the side of a mountain. no answers, but the german tabloid "bild" recorded a time line of the last minutes from the cockpit voice recorder. the flight started normally with the captain apologizing for a delay. during the ascent he mentioned the copilot andreas lubitz that he didn't get a chance to use the rest room. lubitz tells the captain he can take over at any time. the captain asked lubitz to prepare for landing at dusseldorf and a few minutes later lubitz said "you can go now." the captain leaves. shortly of a he's gone lubitz can be heard pushing the chair back. the door clicks shut. the plane begins to descend.
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air traffic control calls. no answer. the captain begins banging on the door yelling, "for god's sakes, open the door." passengers scream in the background. nbc news has not confirmed this account, authorities will neither confirm nor deny it. still, as the search continues lubitz motive remains a mystery. was it a personal crisis depression or other medical issue. lubitz had seen doctors for problems with his vision according to multiple reports, although it's unclear how severe. but as investigators try to sort it all out, this grieving father says it hardly matters. >> if there was a motive or reason we do not want to hear it. it's not relevant. what is relevant is it should never happen again. my son and everyone on that plane should not be forgotten ever. >> reporter: investigators have confirmed they have dna for about half of the victims. they are going to match that up with the dna they have been able to gather from the family members out there. but still quite a ways to go
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before they are doing to be able to bury their dead. in germany, nbc news. talks with iran deadline quickly approaching. pushing back on a report in "new york times" about iran refusing to shift their atomic fuel out of the country. tracie potts is live in washington. tracie, where does that leave these talks? >> reporter: up in the air with less than 48 hours to get it done milissa. early this morning the state department did respond looking like, yes, that may be off the table shipping that nuclear fuel to russia but that it's not as big of a deal as it appears. it was never finalized at the negotiating table and they have some options. but they don't have long to exercise those options. and asia nations fighting the fight in yemen are concerned about u.s. policy when it comes
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to iran. while we're helping them with intelligence, we're also helping the iranians and working with them on that nuclear deal. the backdrop of course to all of this are those airstrikes that continued as of this morning in yemen, arab nations say they will put together a team of 40,000 soldiers a standing militia of sorts from all of those nations to fight, including in yemen. >> tracie potts, thank you. this morning one of the biggest names in american business is adding his voice to a public outcry. apple ceo tim cook his op-ed in the "washington post" said pro discrimination religious freedom laws are dangerous. he's talking about recent surge in two dozen states allowing business owners the right to refuse service based on religious freedom. it has received huge backlash from the gay and lesbian community particularly in indiana where the governor signed it into law last week. nbc's brian mooar reports.
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>> reporter: the outcry against india and religious freedom restoration act are getting louder. critics see the new law as little more than legal cover for discrimination against gays and lesbians. governor mike pence suggested there's room for legislature to clarify wording. >> i'm open to that. we're not going to change this law. >> reporter: that means no specific protections for gays and lesbians. pence says the act is patterned after a federal law signed by president bill clinton and similar to measures passed by 20 state legislatures. >> then state senator barack obama voted for it when he was in the state senate of illinois. >> reporter: critics are focusing on the indiana laws in timing and calling for a boycott. seattle's mayor is banning official travel to the state. >> laws that actually say you can discriminate have no place in this country. >> the head of angie's list
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halted construction on a new facility in the state capital. >> we're simply stating we're stepping out of this. >> reporter: fallout from an indiana law facing national scrutiny. brian mooar, nbc news washington. early sunday morning in canadair bus a320 made a hard landing. dozens were injured but thankfully no fatalities at halifax international airport. nbc's gabe gutierrez reports. >> reporter: air canada flight came down hard its nose broken off, one wing badly damaged. >> report of a plane crash. an aircraft emergency. airplane down. >> reporter: airbus a320 flying from toronto to halifax nova scotia carrying 133 passengers and five crew members. >> we literally hit once and crashed and skidded for a very long time. >> i hit my head and said it's over no way we are going to survive that. >> reporter: authorities say the plane touched down short of the runway and skidded for 1100 feet
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before it came to a stop. >> this caused considerable damage to the aircraft and the main landing gear came off at this point. >> reporter: passengers say the plane hit a power line. the airport temporarily lost electricity. it was snowing but the airline has not determined what caused the hard landing. >> the finest weather, airport for a period of time. >> reporter: at least 25 people rushed to the hospital many clutching blankets. all but one have been released. in creditably there were no serious jeers. they are cooperating with the safety board to find out what went wrong. gabe gutierrez, nbc news. nbc meteorologist bill karins is here with your start of the week forecast. good morning. >> good morning. record highs across the board in the west. as we expected this past weekend, nothing more impressive than the phoenix area. now you've gone three straight days with 95 plus never done that this early in the season. much above normal temperatures as we start our early week and then changes. record highs are possible in all
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of these places in or right around their record. boise may be a little short. looks like ely 5 degrees above the record vegas a new record high. phoenix will be very close. four days in a row above 95. never happened before. palm springs could end up near that record of 100 degrees today. we are going to cool things off. the jet stream is finally going to flatten the ridge a little bit and cooler air coming to the north. we'll still be warm around henderson, salt lake city and tucson cooler in the west. all the warmth towards the middle of the country where we'll have record highs amarillo denver areas up toward canada even billings around 78. today will be the warmest day we'll see for a while. seattle 67 boise 78. tomorrow we'll bring you showers also. that's you lot for you in the
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forecast. so a change in the weather pattern is what everyone in the country wanted. in the west cooler weather, east warmer. >> yes, we do. thank you, bill very much. action hero harrison ford is taking flight again. plus are you saving enough? find out how much most americans are putting away. you won't believe where this four-year-old is heading at 3:00 in the morning. you're watching "early today." love is about letting someone get close to you ...really close new revlon photoready airbrush effect™ makeup revolutionary formula with light-filtering technology delivers a poreless, airbrushed look. and soft-focus pigments create a luminous finish. your skin has never looked so flawless. new revlon photoready airbrush effect™ makeup so go ahead, let yourself get close revlon. love is on.
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breaking overnight out of florida, a deadly auto accident in glades county. police say a van carrying 18 people ran a stop sign. it then crossed traffic lines and went into a partially filled water canal. eight people were killed including the driver. the other people in the vehicle were taken to a local hospital. also this morning from
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breaking jetblue experiencing a widespread computer system outage affecting flight check-in. the airline tweeted to individual passengers the system is now back up. thousands of passengers were reportedly experiencing long lines at major airports as airline reps handwrote boarding passes. several flights were delayed. in l.a. harrison ford is out of the hospital. "people" magazine says he was discharged on saturday. ford was hurt after his world war ii plane lost power crashing into a golf course earlier this month. he suffered injuries to his head, pelvis and ankle. could begin the case in the boston marathon trial. their goal to spare dzhokhar tsarnaev's life. they will claim he was coaxed by his brother tamerlan. no word whether he will take the stand or not. a bus surprise. a four-year-old hopped on at 3:00 a.m. because she wanted a
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slushy. the girl told passengers she dressed herself and then just walked out of her house. >> she knew exactly where she was going, so she must have traveled that route before. the bus driver quickly called police and the child was reunited with her parents. well let's get down to business with cnbc's landon dowdy. good morning, landon. >> reporter: good morning to you. a new survey find americans aren't saving for retirement. they are putting away less than 5% of their income while 20% of saving nothing at all. the best savers the middle class. bank rate says it doesn't matter how much you make but how much you left over. volvo will build the first company in the u.s. they will announce where the factory will be located in a few weeks and production will start in 2018. volvo introduced u.s. sales to 100,000 vehicles a year. need a plumber or handyman amazon wants to be your one-stop
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this morning on "today," do you believe? a new series looks at faith in mechanic and the science behind prayer and spirituality. we take you now to sports with my friend betty nguyen. good morning, betty. >> good morning, milissa. it was a thrilling weekend with basketball. a pair of three-pointers down the stretch fuel the victory. coach k headed to final four fourth time matching john wooden for the most by a head coach. then there was this thriller. >> oh no! he's fouled. the first. 50% on the year. you can't make that up.
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>> that free throw sends ot louisville and michigan state, knock off cardinals 76-70. here is a look at final four. duke and michigan state open semifinals saturday before kentucky takes on number one seed wisconsin. the women's tournament south carolina defeats florida state and notre dame beats baylor to reach final four. gamecocks will face irish on april 5th. tonight competing for final two spots uconn and dayton face off followed by maryland and tennessee. just weeks after broadcaster craig came back his cancer returned. sager also battling flu. a puck to the head late in the second period of the game between the sharks and penguins. he left the game for stitches.
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but look at this. he returned later in the third period sporting the gash on the forehead. that, my friends, is dedication. meet isaiah michael fisher. singer carrie underwood posted this adorable photo of her and hockey hubby. caption, in the playoffs ready to get called up. #put me in coach. what a cutie. milissa, back to you. just ahead, the cutest video of the day and involves a jaguar. thrill seekers get a twist after a roller coaster gets stuck. you're watch "early today." when dad opens up the window what's the first thing he does? the tobin stance spring is in the air and pollen, dog hair... the sunshine looks like fairy dust. (doorbell) whoa! what's this? swiffer sweeper! swiffer dusters! removes up to 70% of dust and allergens. stays on there like glue wow! look at that!
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ask your doctor about stelara®. now for some entertainment news right here on nbc. the i heart radio award featuring taylor smith and madonna that brought down the house. ♪ >> artist of the year justin timberlake innovator of the year. jamie foxx getting heat for all too personal joke about bruce jen are. >> bruce jenner will be here doing musical perform answers. he's doing a his and her duet all by himself. look, i'm just busing your balls, while i still can.
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>> twitter exploded fans called the joke disgusting and trans phobic. foxx has not responded. new trailer out, one putting his foot in his mouth. former bond james moore denying idris shouldn't play bond because he's not english. justin bieber tells how hard his life is. unless you're stupid i don't think you would think it's easy to be who i am. just use your head you'll understand that my life is not easy, not having privacy. >> am i stupid or not stupid i'm confused. fast and furious meets bambi, saturday"saturday night live" version of a disney classic. i'm milissa rehberger, this is "early today," we hope it's just your first stop of the day on nbc. i'm always talking with my hands so they have to look their best... revlon colorstay gel envy ™ a revolution in modern nail enamel. now, in just two steps, i get what i want. first, our base coat and vivid color
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leading the news in the houston chronicle robin williams wife and children head to court in estate fight. attorneys for both sides will appear before san francisco judge today. they are arguing over who should get clothing and other personal items belonging to the late actor. robin williams committed suicide last year. in the "new york times" gnc to strengthen supplement quality control after new york state attorney general's office accused gnc and other retailers of selling herbal supplements fraudulent or contaminated. some other stories we're following wrestlemania 31 in full force sunday.
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>> john cena is here at wrestlemania. >> and so was the rock. some of the biggest with the ladies over the end, steph rollins new heavyweight champion under a flurry of fireworks. that was cool. revelers at amusement park got more than they bargained for. riders on coney island -- >> scary to be on it. >> they had to walk down 85 feet. >> you feel like you're on a 100-year-old roller coaster. >> some left emotional. >> i don't know whether to laugh or cry. >> the roller coaster first opened in 1927. a jaguar cub is the newest edition to the san diego zoo. the cuddly cat born earlier. it spent its first day exploring surroundings hanging out with mom. across the globe, these guys
4:28 am
are the world's only surviving panda. triplets at eight-month-old starting to eat solid food getting a taste for bamboo. looks like they have grown attached to their caretakers as well. triplets born in july and said to be in good health. look how cute. >> it's difficult for them to survive in the beginning. now that they made it to eight months, i think they passed danger. >> now chubby and happy. look at them go. >> we all should be. >> a look ahead now. president obama heads to boston today. he'll take part in a dedication ceremony for edward m. kennedy institute for united states senate. kennedy served in the senate for almost 47 years. also attending vice president joe biden, first lady michelle obama, members of the kennedy family and current and former members of congress. happy birthday to seattle seahawks richard sherman who turns 27. singer celine deion 47 rock and
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rolleder eric
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the search is on for a uc berkeley student missing after a weekend in southern california. what friends are saying. plus a south bay battle between students and school leaders could make it all the way to the nation's highest court. and jetblue this morning, what the airline is saying coming up. a live look outside at the bay bridge. it is monday, march the 30th and you are watching "today in the bay." and a good monday morning. it's 4:30. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. lots to get to on this monday. first say good morning to meteorologist christina loren. how was your


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