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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 27, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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now the family friend under arrest. and breaking right now. crime scene tape blocks a san francisco staircase as police invest ga it reports of a body. and after a spectacular bay area weekend, temperatures are going to soar to summer like levels today, then we have an up and down pattern to talk about in your complete forecast. plus, a traffic heading toward the san mateo bridge getting tougher through hayward. we'll show you how the two crashes affect both sides of the bay. a live look outside this morning. the city by the bay lit up with the sun rise just behind us. monday, april 27th, you're watching "today in the bay." >> good monday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. we have update on breaking news. medical examiner just removed a body from a staircase in san francisco as we look live from that location right now.
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it's happening across the from the ritz carlton in the city's nob hill neighborhood. the death is not considered suspicious. in addition to that body, we know that a dog was led away from the scene on a leash. that staircase on stockton street is still blocked off while police continue to conduct their investigation. the situation in nepal is developing by the minute. right now more than 3700 people are confirmed dead in the wake of saturday's powerful earthquake. that number sadly expected to rise as rescue crews reach for most parts of the country. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez has been monitoring this story all morning long. she joins us with the rescue and relief efforts. >> good morning. a member of stanford emergency medical response program is headed over to help assess the situation there on the ground in kathmandu and depending on what they find a stanford team of doctors and nurses could soon follow. our search and rescue team were
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not deployed but these are some of the 57 members of the southern california counter parts who were deployed. loading up yesterday. they are in the air. should arrive in nepal later today. they're trained to use equipment to find people in the collapsed buildings and confined spaces. they're going to need those skills. this is va of one of the rescues. a man pulled alive from the rubble of a five-story building that collapsed in saturday's quake. many of the people which got out alive are now living in tents trying to stay away from the buildings as the aftershocks continue nearly as strong as the initial 7.8 quake. some of those aftershocks preventing planes carrying aide and aide workers from landing. medical personnel report cases of massive head and chest trauma and doctors are doing many amputations just to keep people alive. and this is what it looked like when that quake struck mt. everest trigger an avalanche.
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they are ducking for cover as the wall of snow came down on them. at least 17 people died there on mt. everest. there are still many climbers still missing. the head of our urban search and rescue crew task force two told us nepal's infrastructure and the fact it has third world conditions makes it difficult to get to people while they're still alive. and not just on the mountain here that we're watching, some villages are only accessible by foot or by helicopter. the american red cross already committed $300,000. . and every major disaster, the red cross says money is the best way to help and fastest way and we can direct you on how to do that at our website laura? >> that's right, kris. several organizations now collecting donations for victims of the earthquake. we have all of them listed including the red cross, as you mentioned. head to our website at uc berkeley students are
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springing into action hoping to provide a crucial service. students with nepali student association are rushing to get clean water to those in need. students have set up a go fund me page for their cause. they're also planning a vigil on wednesday night from 7:00 to 9:00. it's 6:04. this morning employees at google are going to head back to work for the first time since learning that one of their colleagues among those dead in nepal. friends say that dan fredinburg was passionate about climate change. he wanted to climb mt. everest to promote his organization, save the ice. he wanted to dedicate the group to orphans in nepal whose fathers, cher as on the mountain, were killed last year while guiding fredinburg and his group. >> he was in his early 30s. so if you want to talk about lives affected, if you've been able to live a full complete life, we could be talking a billion lives have been effected by this man. >> fredinburg was on mt. everest
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when the earthquake struck. he died from a head injury this he sustained in the avalanche. this deadly quake was long predicted. in fact, we're learning seismologists met just one week ago to talk about how to better prepare kathmandu for the next big one. coming up, lessons learned from those meetings and how other cities are getting ready. we will follow this story all morning long. kris sanchez will have more coming up. and for information any time head to we're website it's a heartbreaking story. this morning the community of discovery bay is mourning the loss of a 9-year-old boy stabbed to death in his own home. the suspect, someone the family thought it could trust. "today in the bay's" bob ridell is joining us live where a memorial is growing this morning. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning. that suspect is allegedly the older -- the friend of the older brother of the young boy killed here in the home in contra costa
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county. the sheriff's office arrested the 18-year-old man for killing the 9-year-old boy at his home here in discovery bay where you can see people from around the neighborhood have left candles, stuffed animals, flowers in memory of this young child. it's not clear why billy shultz stabbed jordan almgren. shultz was friends with jordan's older brother. spent the night here saturday night. according to deputies on sunday morning, killed the young boy at his home, stabbing him to death. the sheriff's office searched for shultz for several hours yesterday until he popped up at the kaiser hospital in ant ak to be treated for injuries related to this stabbing. it was an alert nurse who happened to recognize him and called 911. >> one of the nurses at kaiser happened to see it offen a social media post, suspect's photo, and recognized him as being treated in the emergency room. the deputies weapon over there and confirmed that, yeah, he was actually at kaiser emergency. >> reporter: friends of the suspect tell us that shultz had
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been kicked out of his father's home, was living temporarily at jordan's home, was at one point kicked out of there as well. again, as we mentioned, did spend the night there saturday night. deputies say they are investigating shultz' mental health background but won't confirm whether he was detained earlier saturday night on a mental disorder hold for someone who may be dangerous. jordan almgren was a third grader here in discovery bay. he's been remembered as a kind boy with a good sense of humor and a love for basketball. reporting live here in discovery bay, bob ridell, "today in the bay." >> thank you, bob. it is 6:07. happening today corinthian colleges will be forced to turn away 16,000 students this morning. the for-profit institution is shutting down. nearly 30 of the campuses today including hill college in milpitas. the department of education forced the closure after investigation into fraudulent practices. it's working to help students continue their education with other schools.
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but some students say only advice they've received so far is to pick up their transcripts. time to check your microclimate forecast as we give you a live look outside of san jose and we know that this weekend we saw some rain and also some sunshine. it was a lot of activities going on over the weekend. >> that's right. >> now we're just gearing up for a little bit of heat today. >> i think so. i want to check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. >> it is going to be a warm day. good morning to you. hopefully everybody was able to get outdoors this weekend. that rain mostly came through saturday morning so we had a beautiful saturday afternoon. same for sunday and because of those showers that rolled through, oh, my goodness, our air quality is looking really good. we are kicking off this "spare the air" season as of today. temperatures in the 50s. 54 degrees in san carlos. 51 degrees, good morning, oakland. i want to show you this gorgeous sun rise. the sun is now up over san francisco. this is from our castro cam.
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really pretty start to the day here. look at palo alto. this is where we get to live. it is so inspiring on a monday morning. just a beautiful start to the day here on the peninsula. and look at this, lake tahoe where we accumulated over a foot and a half of new snowfall. yeah, you can see that mountain looking really good for this time of year. now, squaw valley did have to close their doors on sunday. if you have a chance to get up there over the next week you're still going to see some of that new fresh powder. for us today it is going to be warm. much warmer than where we ended up yesterday. as of lunchtime your day park forecast shows you 70s on the peninsula, low 70s for the east bay as well. and 76 degrees at noon in the tri-valley. up to 88 degrees. a little bit on the warm side in the tri-valley later on today. 86 for the not bay. 81 in the south bay. just as quickly as those temperatures come up, they are going to crash for tomorrow. i'll take you through your up and down weather ride this week
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coming up in your full forecast just moments away. right now though good monday morning. always making it a little bit more pleasant. here's mike inouye. >> try and keep you away from what's unpleasant but that would be hayward because of the traffic flow there. this is the south bay. here we go. looking over toward hayward, southbound 880 jams up from san leandro down toward a street. we had a crash at wynton blocking your fast lane, just moved to the shoulder minutes ago and farther south as you make your transition past a street we do have another crash which made it to the right shoulder. everybody is shifting right, heading off of 238 and san mateo bridge. bad timing, bad spot. and that's the bad slowing. that's the worst of it for the bay. as you make your way over to the san mateo bridge, also a stall that was reported right, that should be cleared from lanes. that's keeping everything at bay over on the hayward side making the peninsula looking a little clearer right now. a little late for that build at the foster city side. we'll show you that foster city live camera out there and we see an easy drive so far across the
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san mateo bridge. as the crashes cleared in hayward, we should see more traffic heading over. live look at live camera. light volume just starting to build. southbound heading down toward that bridge. northbound heading toward another bridge, the bay bridge where the metering lights are on. standard backup in the maze and up toward 580, 24. northbound starts the build in earnest over the next 20 minutes. sfeed will start to dip 101. not a big deal. 680 right now up toward 880. seeing the volume increase. 101 in the north bay, san rafael southbound side and looking at a build here. novato slowing but that's it. nice easy drive down toward the golden gate bridge. >> hello monday morning. >> four more to go. up next, pretty amazing video of some softball size hail causing some major problems for people in texas. business news. the most valuable company on the stock market. reports its profits. we'll tell you what to look for coming up. (scal): good day, m'lady!
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coming up on 6:14. a look at the day's top stories. investigators will conduct a mental health check on the 18-year-old a accused on the deadly stabbing of a 9-year-old boy in discovery bay. deputies say the suspect's father recently kicked him out of his house and he was staying at the home of the victim. thousands of college students waking up this morning to learn school is closed for good. corinthian college abruptly shut down the remainder of campuses including hill college. number of dead is sure to rise in nepal where many still unaccounted for this morping. the official death toll right now stands at just under 4,000 people. facebook activated its safety check features shortly after the quake hit. >> scott mcgrew, it encourages people near the quake to check in with family. >> facebook mobile app is tracking you, right?
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if it defected you were in the earthquake zone you got an alert suggesting you let everybody know you're okay. it works on the desktop, too, it's a way of checking in and lets you know here at home if any of your friends are in the effected area. none for me personally but if i were there -- there were people in nepal i could reach out and see what i could do to help them. the world's most valuable company opened the financial books this afternoon. apple reports profits and while we'll hear a lot about the sale's success of the iphone 6 probably won't hear anything about the watch. people said if that it wanted a bigger screen, apple gave it to them. i'm sure we're going to see some phenomenal numbers on the 6th. quarterly reports do by definition look backwards so we're going to be looking back before there was an apple watch. it came out after the most recent apple quarter which ended in march. we'll hear more about this in the summer report though don't doubt during the conference call we'll try our best to ask anyway. you big is apple?
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apple is twice the size of the next biggest company on the s&p 500. that index and the nasdaq index both at all time highs. tomorrow we get san francisco home prices. those will no doubt be another stunning number. and then yahoo! this morning is in new york city. they're talking to advertisers about the soon to be released yahoo! products. the tv business calls these up fronts yahoo! calls them new fronts. katie couric is going to be there. she's a yahoo! employee now although yahoo! has trouble getting her out to see that video. she doesn't come up, say, on twitter or facebook or things very often. >> all right. katie couric, the new face of yahoo! there. thanks very much, scott. my gosh, we've got softball size hail going on. and i just -- yep, i'm okay. i just got glass all over me. we got to get out of this. yep, that just happened. >> you better get out of that. isn't it amazing? softball size hail just bust through the windshield of a car driving through a storm in
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texas. one of the passengers put on goggles to keep glass from getting in his eyes. more severe weather is expected in that area today. but, boy. >> nasty lookinging windshield there. live look outside this morning. it's like strokes on a painting outside the bay bridge. simply spectacular. >> nice start to our day, christina. >> temperatures are going to be warm later on. the there's something you want to do outdoors, maybe walk the dog, go for a nice walk yourself, you you want to go so as early possible inland. otherwise, hitting the mid 70s later on today in san francisco. 74 degrees there. hopefully everybody had a great weekend. back to work, back to business and temps are going to be warmer this week than any other day. in fact, it's going to be really warm out in the tri-valley, 88 degrees as high pressure is now firmly, i meaning, firmly in control of your weather pattern. ocean ac negated for today. 86 in walnut creek. 74 in san francisco pra.
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big changes as of tomorrow. big ridge of high pressure starts to back off. for us, that means an 8 to 10-degree cooldown just between today and tomorrow. you can see here by wednesday cooling you off even more so, average high this time of year, 73 degrees out in the east bay valleys. we're going to be above average just about every single day this week but not too bad. today will be the warmest. as we head through the next few days in san francisco and san jose, not bad. 70s by tomorrow for us here in the south bay. from 81 to 74 degrees. just over 24 hours. 76 degrees by wednesday. then temperatures gradually climb as we head throughout the end of the week. if you're wondering about the weekend, if that's what helps you pull through the workweek it's going to be lovely out there. comfortable conditions. wide spread 70s for us. south bay, the peninsula, san francisco might hit the low 80s in the tri-valley on saturday. but cooling on the way for your sunday. let's get you to work. you've got to work for that weekend. >> that is the carrot that many of us hold in front of us.
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over here, looking at the single worst spot for the bay area. southbound 880 from san leandro down toward the san mateo bridge. 880, tough drive. both moved to the shoulder. a total of nine vehicles may have been involved. quite a bit of spectator slowing possible. see recovery of stalled west 92 to make things worse if that is your route across the bay. but the rest of the bay, the peninsula side moves very smoothly because traffic held up over in the east bay. in fact, we're looking at a lighter build overall. here's the tri-valley southbound 680 through pleasanton. same thing for sunon. widen out your look, north of the san mateo bridge, the only other slowdown is bay bridge toll plaza slow for 580. live look out there. start with the bay bridge toll plaza and see the backup here. metering lights were turned on about 537. on the peninsula, light volume
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for the rest of the bay. northbound 101 past willow and san mateo and the city. and we'll look at the south bay with 101 as well. we do have a slight build forming now from north 680. all of the way up to 880. nothing dramatic, guys. back to you. >> thank you, mike. >> this morning investigative unit taking a closer look at important decision facing many new parents. what to do with their newborn's umbilical cord blood. is it worth it to pay thousands of dollars to save that precious resource? good morning. le. >> reporter: good morning. many parents, myself included, get bombarded with brochures that can make you feel guilty if you don't pay to store your baby's cord blood. some critics say this is an insurance policy you're unlikely to ever need. we went to the largest private cord blood bank in the world to better understand the science and the business. cod blood registry is based in san bruno. the company is trusted with 500,000 cord blood samples that it stores in a lab in tucson.
6:21 am
the ceo tells us the technology is changing quickly and that about 100 families have benefited from the stem cells from their baby's cord blood. the american academy of pediatrics discourages parents from paying for it. it's unlikely your child's own stem cells will be useful in treating the illness. they will be better off getting stem cell donation from someone else who doesn't have that same illness in their blood. here in california if you deliver at certain hospitals you can choose to donate your baby's cord blood to a public bank where it becomes part of a national registry and it's much more likely to be used to save a life. we have more on both private and public cord blood banking. the pros and cons all in our report. just go to our website at and click on the investigation's tab. guys? >> victokyvicky, thank you very. if you have a tip, give us a call.
6:22 am
or you can send us an e-mail. at 6:21. speaking of babies this is an incredible story. a baby rescued from the dumpster 25 years ago meets the man who saved his life. that wasn't the only emotional reunion. the story is coming up. a live look outside this morning of that sun rise in the bay area. temperatures on their way up. we'll have much more on that, local news in your community right after this.
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take a look at this. massive fireball caused major problems for a busy los angeles freeway this morning. yesterday a double tanker truck hauling more than 9,000 gallons of gas on the 710 when it jackknifed and burst into flames. the driver escaped with minor injuries. the freeway should reopen by mid morning. still trying to repair it. >> do a double take seeing that thing. okay. 25 years ago an officer there saved a baby's life. now the same officer has helped him find his birth parents. >> in 1989 officer found a baby barely breathing behind a trash bin in santa ana. he picked up the baby, breathed into his lungs and ran to a nearby pair met tiramedic for h. fast forward 25 years when he met the boy he rescued, now a
6:26 am
young man named robin barton. reports of their reunion caught the attention of barton's birth father who had been looking for his son for years. yesterday they finally met along with five of barton's new found sisters. >> i was raised as an only child. >> yeah. how does that even feel? >> that in itself is -- just adds to the -- easy how amazing this situation is, this journey unfoldsed a lot quicker than i expected. >> barton was able to speak to his mother by phone. santa ana police say she was deported to mexico several years ago. >> incredible story there. the opening bell just minutes away. we're going to take an early look at the numbers. and more on our developing story. relief from thousands of miles away. what the u.s. is doing to help nep nepal, next. live look outside from san bruno mountains of the san francisco city scape there in the early morning hours. it is 6:26.
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good morning. today feeling like summer out there. then we have an up and down weather pattern to tell you about. weather whiplash coming your way. >> we do see what struck over on the side of the road. nimitz freeway. bigger issue is farther north down toward hayward. we'll show you the slower spot
6:30 am
for the bay. >> let's take you to the opening bell on the nyse. my goodness, iron man and everything. over to the nasdaq, can you beat that, nasdaq? let's take a look. well, somebody we don't even know as business gets under way. >> rather wealthy man, no doubt. the buzzer to go, a live look outside our own beautiful bay area. today is monday, april 27th. this is "today in the bay." >> from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> good monday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. more on our top story this morning. root now rescue crews in nepal are struggling to reach remote area where's they fear more victims could be buried beneath the rubble. this as the world is stepping in to help in any possible way after that massive earthquake. "today in the bay's" tracie potts joins us live from washington, d.c. this morning.
6:31 am
tracie, the federal government is monitoring and developing the situation very closely. >> exactly, laura. they are also sending in supplies and people to help but we just don't know how quickly they may be able to land. earlier this morning india had a couple of c-17s turned away in part because there had been concerns about earthquakes, aftershocks, and the landing of those planes, those aircraft. but also they just don't have a lot of space there. so we've got to c-17 on the way with 70 people. disaster assistant team, search and recue teams that are so desperately needed. several journalists on that plane. we're told by the pentagon 45 square tons of cargo. this will be food and water and medical supplies, that the people there need. but again, as one official put it, it's one in, one out. and with a lot of countries trying to fly over those supplies, it could be a while before they actually get on the ground.
6:32 am
>> tracie pots live from washington. thank you very much for that upda update. the bay area is sending help to nepal. right now a team from stanford is ready to go at moment's notice. kris sanchez will have more on that side of the story and the latest developments from that part of the world coming up in ten minutes. 6:32. it's time to switch gears, check our own microclimate forecast as we take a peek outside. this is a look of the bay bridge from the distance in emeryville. christina joins us now with a look at the microclimate forecast. things are going to heat up. >> it is going to be warm out tr later on today. good monday morning, everybody. temperatures right now mostly in the 50s. we're going to get to the numbers in a moment. i want to talk about other numbers though courtesy of the rainfall that we accumulated over the weekend. we hit over a half of an inch of rainfall up in napa. as a result, we're still doing okay in terms of our rainfall for this season. now, it's actually a good sign we needed the rain. we also needed the snowpack.
6:33 am
that's just what we have not seen as we've headed through 2015 together. look at this. you're at 100% of average in mountain view. and this is all courtesy of that recent rain. 92% of average in san jose. 2015 has not been that bad in terms of our rainy season. we just had warm systems come through. not a lot of snowpack. we're going to update you on everything doubt related as we head throughout the next probably couple of years together. it's going to take a long time to get through this drought. every bit that you can conserve will help. 50 degrees, good morning, livermore. 53 to start the new day in san jose. you can see from the live picture of pacifica. no cooling clouds for us this morning. as a result your temperatures are going to warm up rapidly. really pretty sun rise here. and we're looking toward a comfortable day for the first part of the day. uncomfortable later on today. a little too warm as we get into your afternoon with temperatures climbing into the mid to upper 80s inland. talking about the low 70s for
6:34 am
you. low 70s at best at the coast. even san francisco getting into the mid 70s for today. cooling clouds will return by tomorrow. we've got a good looking day for your tuesday. tps drop more for wednesday. the climb is right back up towards the end of the week. i'll show you how that looks where you live in just moments. right now, get you out that front door. >> good morning. we're trying to ease into the bay area's weekday commute but we'll look at the worst spot. slam down on the brakes southboundle 880 from san leandro and san mateo bridge. two earlier crashes have cleared. the big jam that was going on at 92 has moved itself down toward union city out of high ward. that is a pretty typical stretch now. also showing slowing westbound 92. there was a stall. heading across toward the peninsula we have a late field for that commute because those folks were held up in hayward. showing you the two arrows. 680 and 880. almost back to normal slow in toward fremont for most of those
6:35 am
freeways. look out there as well for the south bay. map shows you a smooth drive for 101. i want to show you the camera where we have the slow spot for our sensors. slowing from capital expressway up here past 680 and 880. that's your typical morning build. not so bad for silicon valley overall. we will show you that shot. now the sun is coming up into our eyes -- into our lens. that's at the back of these people waiting. you can see the glitz off the rooftops and headlightses. filled in from basically 580 and 24 across the bay. speed sensors are moving ale. top of your screen is slowing for antioch. no problems other than the typical build for the upper east shore freeway from richmond and bay bridge and look over on the north. we're at speed from san rafael from the golden gate bridge. >> what a gift for a monday morning. >> my gift to you and also from all the folks driving on the roadway. >> glorious words. thank you, mike. gets what, apple releasing its earnings later today. how are the markets going to
6:36 am
react to that? they've been open for a few minutes no you. >> that's right. let's check the numbers. >> good morning. apple will report at 2:00 after the closing bell this morning. apple a big part of the nasdaq, the nasdaq and the s&p 500 at new records this morning. let's check wall street as well. the nyse moving up 60 points. 18,138. so we'll be waiting for apple at 2:00 this afternoon. the stock market's most valuable company. laura and sam? >> just after the market closes there. thank you very much, scott. a random act of kindness in the wake of a deadly tragedy. up next, how a man's faith in humanity is restored after he lost almost everything in a landslide. and live look outside from san jose. we've been showing you the incredible vistas of sun rises throughout the morning. just going to get better.
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thousands of people are expected to attend the funeral of a baltimore man who died of serious injuries after police took him into custody. 27-year-old freddie gray died last sunday due to a spinal injury. baltimore police officers tackled him during a pursuit for an undisclosed crime. his attorney says that officers severed gray's spine when they took him down and now gray's loved ones will be joined at the funeral by several white house officials. opening statements begin in the capital murder trial of james holmes. he's accused in the deadly rampage at a colorado movie theater three years ago. the jury will decide if he was sane when he opened fire at the midnight premier of the batman
6:40 am
movie "the dark knight rises." holmes killed 12 people and injured 70 others before his rifle jammed. he could face life in prison, con tyfinement in a psychiatric institution, or death. this morning the defense team for convicted boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev will try and convince the jury that he should not be put to death. attorneys for tsarnaev will likely try and paint a picture of a troubled young man influenced and ultimately pulled into the terror plot by his owner brother. in order to get the death penalty the jury must be you nan no mouse in decision. it is 6:40. life has certainly turned around for a man who suffered more than his fair share of tragedy. it's all thanks to a selfless and anonymous gesture. >> tim ward lost more than his farm during last year's mudslide in washington state. he was buried alife. his wife killed instantly and
6:41 am
lost four of his five dogs. he learned he still had to pay off $360,000 mortgage on a home that was now gone. anonymous donor has stepped no to pay every cent of that mortgage. ward calls that giant gift life changing. coming up, update to our developing story, the devastation in nepal. rescue crews sift through the rubble as the number of dead rises by the hour. truly shocking crime in the east bay. a young boy 9 years old stabbed to death at a family friend under arrest this morning. let's take a live look outside. sun brighten your day just a bit even though the lights are on at the bay bridge toll plaza this morning. we're back with 15 minutes of nonstop news, traffic, and weather after the break.
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back to our developing story. new video of the moment that devastating earthquake struck nepal. people were inside a restaurant struggling to get out to safety. as of now more than 3700 people are confirmed dead but that number is expected to rise as the crews dig through the rubble. the video that you're see ing there is unfortunately that of a body that was found in san francisco. we're now finding out that it was in fact a woman's body found near stockton street very close to the ritz carlton in san francisco. we'll have more on that story? just a moment. really the story of the weekend was that devastating earthquake in nepal. we've been seeing the video
6:45 am
coming in of all the -- just trying to handpick through all of this rubble, trying to find what is left. >> the tremors and the aftershock still very much a real issue for people. living there it's going to be take an international effort. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez has been following this every step of the way. she has new rescue and relief efforts. >> good morning. we know that aftershocks are preventing some planes carrying aid and workers from landing but this plane made it out of nepal carrying babies, preemies, who will now get care in hospitals in israel. meanwhile, rescue teams pulled a man still alive and conscious, he had been trapped in the rubble of a build until kathmandu since saturday's 7.8 quake. he is now among the more than 7,000 people who survived but who are seriously injured. more than 3700 people though died in the quake. many of the people who got out alive are now living in tents trying to stay away from the buildings as powerful
6:46 am
aftershocks continue to rock the region. in government hospitals medical personnel report cases of massive head and chest trauma and doctors say they're having to do many amputations just to keep people alive. this is what it looked like as the quake struck mt. everest at the top of your screen. that is a wall of snow that just buried people on the mountain. we know 17 people died on the mountain and there are still climbers who are missing. survivors are being rescued by helicopter two at a time. helicopters are the only way into some of the remote villages as well susually only accessibl by foot. our search and urban rescue team was not deployed but these are the koubtder parts. they deployed. they were loading up yesterday as you can see on your screen, they should be arriving in kathmandu shortly after today. they are trained to use equipment to find people in collapsed buildings and confined
6:47 am
spaces. a member of stanford's emergency medical response program is also headed to nepal to help assess the situation there. depending on what that person finds, a team could follow as well. google has activated its person search -- person finder to help people connect with the feeks who are in nepal and they've also cut the cost to call nepal. usually costs about 18 cents a minute to call from here to there. google cut it to one cent a minute. bay area companies trying to help. >> you'll talked tbt stan tord feel and the uc cal students trying to get fresh drinking water accept over to nepal as well. after seeing all of this death and destruction many people asking themselves how can they help out, just show us the way. several organizations are now checking donations for victims of the earthquake. for a full list and more on what you can do to lend a hand go to
6:48 am at uy berkeley students are springing into action hoping to provide a crucial service to earthquake victims. students association are rushing to get clean water to those in need. those students have set up a go fund me page. this morning employees at google will head back to work for the first time since learning one of their colleagues is among the dead in nepal. friends say dan fredinburg was passionate about climate change. me wanted to climb mt. everest to promote his organization and planned on dedicating his climb to a group of orphans in nepal whose fathers shepas on the mountain were killed last year while guiding fredinburg and his group. friends say he had so much more he wanted to do. >> he was in his early 30s. so if you want to talk about lives affected, if you've been able to live a full complete
6:49 am
life, we could be talking a billion lives affected be i this man. >> fredinburg was on mt. everest when the earthquake hit. he died from a head injury sustained in the avalanche. this might be hard to belief, but scientists say they saw this destructive quake coming. just one week ago dozens of scientists from around the world gathered in kathmandu to figure out how to better prepare nepal for the next big quake. seismologist says this is exactly what many thought would happen but didn't think it would happen so soon. in 1934 an earthquake claimed more than 10,000 lives. experts say seismic activity has bigger affects on different parts of the world because of building construction in those areas and population. our coverage from nepal continues on the "today" show. richardi thinkle is on the ground. for the latest information any time visit
6:50 am
it is 6:49. time to check our microclimate forecast. look at that. the sun is shining over the city by the bay, san francisco. christina joins us with a look at our forecast. >> good morning to you. temperatures right now are really pleasant to kick off the new day, new week. and we have kind of an up and down roller coaster ride to go through together. right now we're in the 50s. by lunchtime today into the mid 70s. just about everywhere you will be at 78 at noon in the north bay. 69 in san francisco. then we will round off the day at 86 degrees up in wine country. 88 degrees, just 2 degrees shy of the 90s out in the tri-valley. so do keep that in mind. it is going to be very warm to finish off the day. here's the reason why. big ridge of high pressure firmly in place. no marine layer. no natural coolant off the pacific to keep things nice and comfortable. for us as the winds move, from land to sea, we have all that ocean air just pushed right back out. that marine influence entirely negated for today. temperatures will certainly
6:51 am
reflect back. your weather headline tells a story. summer like heat for today. tomorrow, the numbers will plunge. getting into tend of the week, up and down ride to go on. i will show you how it looks on a bar graph. for example, this is the east bay valley. down to 78 degrees by wednesday. into the mid 80s by thursday. on our way to the upper 80s and the warmest inland valley spots, by friday. the good news is that's it. after we get into this friday, what you will notice is the temperatures steadily cooling just in time for our all important bay area weekend. 70s for most of us on saturday. just one 80 on the map here in the tri-valley. you will be down to 77 degrees by sunday. even out in the warm spots. right now let's check your drive, here's mike inouye. >> the san mateo bridge and now we're seeing a good build, a good slowing volume traveling over to the peninsula. look on your maps. pretty standard pattern. we do have slow for 92. in fact, a late build for the
6:52 am
san mateo northbound 101 because all the folks held up in hayward for another time. two crashes which have cleared and now we have your typical slowing for the nimitz, hayward and fremont for 880 southbound. same thing for tri-valley, typical pattern. no big surprises. the south bay, 85. 87 slowing up northbound in no direction. northbound 101, the slowing starts earlier. right around capital expressway. no incidents reported but we do have a steady build all of the way up toward sjc international airport. we will show you the areas north of the 92 and looking at a slower drive. bay bridge toll plaza, west 80 through richmond and the berkeley curve. no surprises through about oknt concord. in the north bay slowing southbound 101 through san rafael. the green stretch, oakland. let's look out there and show you it's no lie. we do have a nice smooth drive past the coliseum. there's haze in the air but some of that is caused by the air quality and some of that is
6:53 am
monday. we all all have a little haze. back to you guys. >> thank you very much. 6:52. heartbreaking story in the east bay. this morning the community of discovery bay is mourning the loss of a 9-year-old boy stabbed to death in his own home. the suspect was some of the family thought they could trust. bob ridell is live at the home where a memorial is growing and no doubt the brigrief has got te huge for this family. >> reporter: the sheriff's office is investigating the mental health background of the 18-year-old suspect to see what role if any that might have 58 ledgedly played in the murder of 9-year-old boy yesterday morning in discovery bay. >> he was really kind. he was really nice. >> the little boy was a very cheerful boy. he played basketball out in the back. >> reporter: friends and
6:54 am
neighbors are remembering 9-year-old jordan almgren for his kindness, sense of humor, love of basketball. he was stabbed to death yesterday morning at his home here in discovery bay. the suspect, his older brother's friend, 18-year-old billy shultz who had spent the night here saturday night. it's not clear why shultz allegedly killed the young boy. deputies say they investigating his mental health background. but will not confirm whether he was detained earlier saturday night on a mental disorder hold for someone who may be dangerous. here's one of shultz' friends. >> i just saw him at the gym. >> friends of the suspect tell us that shultz had been kicked out of his father's home, living temporarily at jordan's home. was at one point kicked out of there as well but as i mentioned, was allowed to spend the night there saturday night. the sheriff's office searched for shultz for several hours yesterday until he popped up at the kaiser hospital in antioch where he was being treated for injuries related to the stabbing yesterday morning.
6:55 am
it was an alert nurse who rrecod him and called 911. bob ridell, "today in the bay." >> heavy hearts this morning. thank you very much, bob. happening later today, a i have ji ahead of what same-sex marriage supporters believe is an important hearing on the future. u.s. supreme court justices tomorrow will listen to arguments about the right of same-sex couples to marry in four different states, kentucky, michigan, ohio, and tennessee. ohio federal judges have previously upheld gay marriage bans in each states. today's marriage equality vigil is scheduled for 6:00 p.m. outside mountain view city hall. 16,000, that's how many students corinthian college is turning away this morning. over the weekend, the for profit institution announced it's shutting down nearly 30 of its campuses today that includes college in mall pit tasilpitami. the move blind sided many students. >> i went online this morning to
6:56 am
see if it was anything that mentioned anything whatsoever about it. i was still able to log into all of my closes. nothing was mentioned about the school closing, about not being able to con my classes, nothing. >> the company says it's working to help students continue their education with other schools. some students say the only advice they've received so far is to pick up their transcripts. south bay leaders today will call on california to loosen up the rules on creating more drinking water. san jose major is going to join others in asking state lawmakers to waive restrictions currently preventing recycled purified waste water from replenishing natural aquife are rs. right now the state only per fits recycled waste water for outdoor landscaping and for industry. another positive day for the markets this morning. >> good morning. >> good morning. depending on what apple sarks sam, this afternoon could break
6:57 am
even more tomorrow. apple is part of the nasdaq index, actually part of the dow and s&p 500 for that matter. it reports its profits this afternoon. we're going to hear a lot about the iphone 6 here. not so much about the watch. the watch didn't hit until after the close of apple's last financial quarter. now let me take you over to the, in yse, marvel rang the opening bell. mike inouye points out if you look closely, that's robert downey jr. just left of the date there. that's iron man over on the right-hand side. we're confused why you can see both of them in the same room at the same time. >> should have just come in costume and kept the illusion alive he is iron man. final check of the top stories. the number of dead sure to rise in nepal where many are still unaccounted for. after saturday's 7.9 earthquake. the official death toll right now stands at just under 4,000. investigators will g b. conducting a mental health check on the 18-year-old accused in the deadly stabbing of a
6:58 am
9-year-old boy in discovery bay. debitys say the suspect's father recently kicked him out of his house and he was staying at the home of the victim. police in san francisco are investigating the death of a woman woman. her body was found on the staircase of the nob hill neighborhood. the death is not suspicious. reminder, you you can stay connected any time. just download our nbc bay area app. you can also connect with us on facebook, twitter, and instag m instagram. let's check in with meteorologist krst lchristina l >> temperatures right now, out the door forecast shows you we are in the 50s. 53 degrees in the north bay. 52 in the tri-valley. 54 degrees in the south bay. remember, we're always posting updates on facebook and twitter when it comes to your changing weather pattern. 88 degrees in the tri-valley for today. 74 in san francisco. right around 81 degrees in the south bay. this is not going to last long. by tomorrow, those temperatures tumble. if you missed your full forecast
6:59 am
we'll have it for you every 15 minutes throughout the "today" show. >> impressive numbers. thank you. mike, you used adjectives like breezy today and nice and smooth. how are things looking? >> for many spots in the bay, those adjectives apply, let's get out there because there are a couple of spots now. to south bay starting to build. in earnest over the last ten minutes a lot of slowing for your northbound rounds. 208 northbound and continuing up toward cupertino. crash north 101 and sunnyvale. reports of a motorcycle wedged under a guardrail. the rider is up and walking around. there will be spectator slowing. slow for the san mateo bridge. no real drama as far as colors. pattern is typical. let's show you the live shots, can jose, 101 at 680. moving up in the san mateo bridge we talked about that slower spot. we showed you the live camera away from us is westbound toward the high rise and the peninsula. so 101 through san mateo now shows that build northbound first and then southbound will follow. and then we're looking at the north bay as well. southbound to 101 through san
7:00 am
rafael, smooth drive. we head the vehicle was just cleared. >> okay. it looks like the weather is nice out there today. good way to start a monday morning. >> we will have a live report from nepal coming up on the "today" show. good morning. breaking overnight massive death toll. more than 3700 now killed in that earthquake in nepal. rescuers desperately searching for survivors in the rubble of a country in ruin. after shocks fraying nerves. up on mt. everest new video of the avalanche that nearly buried base camp. we'll talk to survivors still on the mountain. shattered. >> my gosh. we've got softball sized hail going on. >> a driver caught in a massive hailstorm in texas, tornados touching down near dallas,


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